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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "From tragedy, strength."
Sigil: A lighthouse set against a half circle, the left quarter a rising sun, the right the moon.

Established in the sixth month of 1008 AR, House Malespero was formed from the remains of several minor noble houses which had been devastated by recent tragedies. The scions of these fallen houses were granted nobility and privilege, purpose and place, and welcomed to the island march of Nilanza to serve under Marquessa Lianne Malespero, formerly Pravus, who had ruled the march under her liege's name since the destruction of the treacherous House Argento in the ninth month of 1006 AR. Each new Malespero brings with them their own traditions, but Nilanza's people remain strongly rooted in their history as corsairs, merchants, wine-makers, fishermen and ship-builders. They are a lively and mercurial bunch, as varied as the house who now keeps watch over them.


Name Rank Title Description
Lianne 1 Marquessa, Countess of the March Countess of the March of Nilanza
Pasquale 2 Voice The Marquessa's Voice & Minister of Warfare
Carissa 3 Malespero Family Minister of Population
Leonora 3 Malespero Family Lady of Nilanza
Darian 3 Malespero Family Lord of Nilanza
Haizea 3 Malespero Family Nilanzan Mirrormask
Valerius 3 Malespero Family Count of the March of Nilanza
Rebecca 3 Malespero Family Lady of Nilanza
Volya 3 Malespero Family Lord of Nilanza
Macario 3 Malespero Family Lord of Nilanza
Ramona 3 Malespero Family Godsworn Family
Claudia 3 Malespero Family Lady of Nilanza
Venturo 4 Malespero Household The Marquessa's Protege & Seneschal
Chiara 4 Malespero Household Agent
Agostino 4 Malespero Household Minister of Agriculture
Neilda 7 Ally Native Nilanzan
Medeia 7 Ally Native Nilanzan
Juliana 7 Ally Extended Family
Murdoch 8 Known Commoner Moneylender
Pero 8 Known Commoner Swordsman
Rylan 8 Known Commoner Apprentice Whisper
Duarte 9 Associate Count of Bravura
Mirari 9 Associate Corsetina Associate
Jackson 10 Forgotten Argento Captain - Missing Presumed Dead

Ruler: Lianne

Minister Category Title
Pasquale Warfare General
Carissa Population Representative
Agostino Farming Executor
Venturo Loyalty Seneschal

Land Holdings


Description: The Marquis of the city-state of Nilanza, or Count of the Nilanzan Marches as the Lycene often call it, presides over the proud, ancestral home of many of the finest corsairs in Lycene history. Now a vassal of Setarco, the city's early roots can be traced to a safe harbor for corsairs that raided Lycene and Thrax shipping alike, until the growth of Thrax's might at sea forced them away from their waters, and many turned to the growing profitability of legitimate mercantile pursuits.

Recently conquered by House Pravus due to House Argento's treachery and placed under the rule of the new Marquessa Lianne Pravus,

Landmarks: In 1007 AR, as part of the Pilgrimage Path, the Marquessa Lianne has funded the construction of House of Vows in honor of Limerance. While it has seen many prospective couples visit it from all over Arvum to make their wedding vows before the god, it also sees a great number of knights and lords make the pilgrimage to take their vows of service, or visit the House to make a vow before the gods.

Trends: With a special place to honor Limerance, Nilanza has started to undergo a subtle transformation due to the amount of visitors. It has grown closer to the Faith, and while the Lyceum in general enjoys a salacious reputation due to their willingness to bend vows, living under the shadow of the House of Vows has begun to give Nilanzans a reputation for honesty that's unlike most of the Lyceum. 'As honest as a Nilanzan Mirrormask' is a new phrase that's started to catch around the Lyceum, to mean someone that's unexpectedly virtuous or surprising in a positive way.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

Part of the Kismet Carnivals.