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Lord Macario Malespero

"But why?"

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Scion of Heretics
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 10/3
Religion: Pantheon (Tehom)
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: olive

Description: Macario is a Lycene rogue with dark hair and a dark glimmer to his eyes. His smile gives nothing away. Tall and lean, he possesses a dancer's natural grace and wields a quill with artistic flourish. His patrician features speak to nobility and his aristocratic bearing leaves no doubt that he knows his own worth.

Personality: Macario has questions and - charming to a fault - he is most happy to tease the answers out of his unwary prey. His study of the law and the Thirteenth is really a study of people: how they work, their motivations and desires, and how they respond under stress. It is no accident that he chose a vocation that allows him to be compensated for prodding others and craft laws based on his observations. He thrives on new acquaintances; each has secrets to be unearthed. Macario is in every aspect meticulous, disciplined, canny, and circumspect. He knows he must earn nobility where others are handed it. Ambition makes him bold; intelligence makes him wise.

Background: Macario was a young child when most of his family was quietly executed for high treason. The noble house he was born into was stripped of land and titles and quietly reclaimed by its liege, House Hawkmour. Very few were privy to the truth, to the secret trial which condemned his family for their foul practices of demon worship and blood sacrifice, their crimes kept secret to prevent panic among the populace and keep rumors of such foul practices from spreading.

He was raised as a ward of Hawkmour, which allowed him access to wealth and education if not quite privilege, lacking any nobility of his own. Learning the truth of his parents' crimes at a fairly young age, he focused his studies on theology and law, trying to resolve his feelings about the complexity of the situation and how it was handled. He has a habit of questioning the world, of asking why, of testing others' answers to his inquiries against his own scrutiny and understanding. He found Tehom's faithful most welcoming of his constant questions and eventually joined their ranks. His desire to understand what justice in particular means has given him great legal acumen and made him a skilled advocate.

As he came of age, he sought to move out from under the hand which raised him but never quite called him one of their own which meant either leaving the ranks of borrowed nobility or finding an avenue toward elevation. While possessed of no ties to Nilanza or its reigning Marquessa, he offered to swear his loyalty to Malespero in exchange for a title, comparing himself to other scions of fallen houses who were now part of their motley march. It was a comparable situation, his family rightfully stripped of its name and nobility two decades prior while other Malesperos had lost their land and family in recent war, but the Marquessa has taken a risk on him all the same, finding value in his talents.

Relationship Summary

  • Calla - She teased at being mostly harmless, and in that jest, I knew she was trouble.
  • Porter - I'd rarely consider myself ridiculous in humor, but he brings out my worst-self in that regard.
  • Martino - Childhood friend, we were a troublesome pair, now reunited and uh more mature.
  • Sloane - Walks on a razor, defiant of the edge.
  • Calista - We flirted to spite the other. Fate will have the last laugh. We'll be better for it.
  • Mabelle - Avoider of advances, charming friend.
  • Camilla - Therapeutic Dancer
  • Caspian - Personal trainer.

  • Family:
  • Medeia - Socially speaking, clearly one to emulate!
  • Lianne - Effortless leadership, style, and grace. The best marquessa.
  • Sunaia - Brother's wife, complicated.
  • Apollo - Former Whisper, New Duke Consort.
  • Pasquale - Opposites, chasing the same type.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Venturo - The luck of the family, he makes things happen.
  • Cesare - Keeps ahead of the storm, does it in style.
  • Gio - Never let him forget he did fortune telling that one time.
  • Noah - Giver of relationship advice.

  • Protege:
  • Aella - Spiritually adventurous. Attention grabbing hair. Dedicated to her house.
  • Name Summary
    Aella A gentlemen and charming, two qualities that most certainly could have woman swooning by the boat loads. However, he also has a view and perspective that is refreshing which makes him a good ally for any northerner to have. Glad to have walked into the Shrine of Gild today, I've been blessed with a patron.
    Amanita Strong and silent type, perhaps. Thankfully it is my job to make conversation, and if I can look into his lovely eyes while I do so? A benefit in my favor.
    Amari Tall, interesting and rightfully concerned about ghosts. We should all be so.
    Anisha Lord Macario Malespero is an interesting study. He embraces all that is Lycene and contrary, it would seem - as befits a Mirrormask. But not, I should say, in a baleful way. No, like the rose whose prick of a thorn is but an accent to its scent and beauty, Lord Macario carries himself with a casual elegance and just a hint of hidden danger. Prick my thumb, why won't you, my lord?
    Austen Lord Macario seems to know a lot about plants, which never bodes ill. A friendly man, with a fine respect for farmlands.
    Calista He was not at all what I thought he was going to be. I expected the worst. I got the best.
    Calla He doesn't seem to believe me when I said that I'm harmless. Clever man.
    Caprice Unintentionally elusive, I think - always leaving when I'm arriving or the other way around. Fascinating from a distance, so far!
    Cristoph A put together and well composed lord of House Malesepro. Seemingly dispositioned toward roguish smiling and accepting of jokes, even ones relating to executions
    Decius Cunning, intelligent, and very smooth, with an innate charm about him. I wonder if he is married?
    Desma Protege of my cousin and a Lawyer. That makes sense.
    Duarte I must get to know this man better. Such humor and wit while three sheets to the wind? Imagine what we could accomplish sober.....On second thought, don't.
    Ember I have the distinct impression that Lord Macario does not wish to get on my bad side. For that, I commend his good sense.
    Esme Oh! They are engaged. I am so out of my element. He seems as if he is fun though, so I cannot fault fun. I'm sure we will be the greatest of friends.
    Evelynn The apparent mint plant enthusiast. Which seems very specific but I can't blame him. They do smell lovely. He seems like a lot of fun too.
    Fredrik A young man who still remembers his childhood. I envy him and his spirit. I should take a page from his book.
    Gawain Quick to greet and converse with a stranger. Affable. Likely has a sharp sense of humour in there somewhere, though possibly had the edge taken off it for my benefit.
    Georgine I honestly don't know what to make of this one. It's like he fluidly adapts to each individual.
    Giada I feel like he needs a bag of peanuts and a good seat.
    Grady A diplomat like myself, from the sound of it, but perhaps a diplomat of a different sort.
    Grazia Lord Macario Malespero is a lawyer, and he professes a strong interest in all things alcoholic, but he doesn't seem to notice all that much about what people are actually drinking. Though that's hardly surprising. He'll just have to work harder to make a stronger impression.
    Graziella A man of law, there is a chance we'll end up working together if he gets involved in the 'trail of the century' as I've taken to calling it. Lord Macario seems a capable man, I'm sure he'll do very well in Arx.
    Gwenys His idea of camping is wildly different from my own.
    Ilira I think he thought he would have himself a tastey morsel with which to play when he first laid eyes, but I shuffled his cards instead. That's no claim against him, I like the Malespero Lord! He's delightfully devilish, exquisite in both dress and manner, and gorgeous. A partner in flirtation, if nothing else.
    Jaenelle I am not sure if his time spent in the Courts is what gave him a gift for story telling, or if the other way around and he is better before the Courts because of his ability to spin a tale. It matters little for he is talented doing both.
    Kaia My husband's friend and a delightful flirt like most Lycene men! He is witty, stylish and most amusing. I look forward to getting to know him more.
    Katarina Perhaps a bit too quick to jump in, but at least he has the good sense to realize it when he has.
    Keely He seems kind and amicable. Much more outgoing than the other Malesparo Lord I met, but with less bird, so I think it balances.
    Kia This one is a charming trickster I feel, but also seems friendly. He didn't appear to mind sharing his potato drink with a Prodigal commoner such as myself, and that's appreciated when the attitudes of so many towards us are poor.
    Lenard Lord Macario Malespero seems like a man who has known difficulty, and is now keen to avoid it as much as possible. Regrettable but understandable.
    Lianne Questions, plural. Meant to challenge. Plenty of possibility.
    Lore A most intriguing lord of the Lyceum. And he has *excellent* taste in wives. Time will tell if he has excellent taste in proteges as well!
    Mabelle A polite man, seems close to religion or traumatized by it. I've yet to decide. Well mannered.
    Martino Have known him for utterly years, the Malespero Lord ending up now here in Arx so. Truly. I am delighted. A few things to smooth with him but, eventually, he will be utterly perfect.
    Noah Okay, he's not so bad. But DUDE. DUDE. Bro code
    Oskar Quite a jovial lawyer, jumped straight into things and offered his professional insight /while/ teasing about. That's a rare breed.
    Porter Some from the south think that they're more clever and amusing than they are. Lord Macario actually IS clever and amusing. And also a gifter a mint. I'm sold.
    Reese A Southern Lawyer Lord who is charming with his words and ways and knows sometimes it is a good idea to be armed!
    Sabella There is something about him that is mysterious, more then meets the eye. His words are thoughtful and he seems very passionate about his duty to the Compact. I welcome more deep, meaningful conversations with him in the future and wish him well in his legal briefs. Hopefully his wrists don't hurt too much with all the writing.
    Samira He probably doesn't understand the nuances of life down in the Lowers, but then again, why would he? He has an interest in art in order to 'offset the stuffiness', so that's something I can get behind.
    Sira Tall, dark, and fast talking. I bet that comes in handy as a lawyer.
    Sloane A whip, coiled at rest.
    Sunniva A Lord of seemingly good humour, and with an excellent knowledge of herbaceous subjects.
    Svana A Malespero lawyer who was brave enough to visit the Lowers, from what I gather, and who has a knack for conversation that I have not yet mastered.
    Venturo The Lord Malespero certainly has a large personality in life, something I can respect. One can only wish him luck - and sobriety - on his meeting later on today.
    Veronica Lycene and a lawyer... Who would've guessed. However, he seems keen to splurge all of his confessions and sins to me. Perhaps because I'm an Inquisitor I have that affect on people or he's a poor lost soul with a guilty conscience and a knack for being a terrible lawyer. Only time will tell, but something tells me this will be an interesting turn of events.
    Vitalis Hale-fellow-well-met and a practioner of law - interesting conversations ahead.
    Zara Exceptionally amicable. He seemed fond of our hosting him in the Sleepless Knights, perhaps he'd enjoy being a guest in a Valardin Dinner one day.