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Thesbe Aryn

"Meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words."

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Traveling Seamstress
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Aryn
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 21
Birthday: 11/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Tailor
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Delicate fine features surround those distinctive cerulean eyes. Long, braided honey blonde locks twist into a practical knot at the base of her neck. Tan, sun-touched skin that's got a brush of freckles. A proud nose and pink lips that rarely smile. Her body is statuesque and willowy with a generous bosom that she hides under her dresses. Lean athletic arms move down to tailor's hands that is calloused from pricking with needles. Her long legs have a runner's strength that go down to calloused feet that have walked the roads sometimes barefoot.

Personality: She's the silent partner in their twin duo. She lets her sister flirt and talk while she assesses. Her careful demeanor lends to holding back rather than rushing forward. She is the level-headed one out of the duo. She takes care of her sister's costumes. Making sure that everything is just right. And don't mess with either of them because this young woman has a staff that's brutally efficient at knocking down her foes.

Background: My mother was a merchant's daughter who didn't have a practical bone in her body. She wasted her inheritance after her grandfather died and she failed trying to run the business. She managed to get herself indentured into the Blackshore House, being a serving girl in the Keep. She was only indentured for five years, but managed to catch the Blackshore Baron's interest. Needless to say, we were born nine months later, myself and Iseulet. The journal her mother took while at Blackshore, the secrets she learned are enough to cause one's hair to rise.

Those cerulean blue eyes marked us as one of the Baron's by-blows. While he didn't deny his parentage, he certainly didn't seem to be interested in doing more than passing coin to my mother to see we were taken care of. I don't hold any illusions that he cared about us. He was paying for her silence. Thank goodness for the extra money that because mom probably would have sunk herself back into debt if it wasn't for that. Years later, when I read the journal, I understood that keeping one's tongue silent was important.

Mother ran a pub on Blackshore Isle with the help of Wiles Denning. She served those sailors coming in and out of port. He kept the books, and kept an eye over us girls. My sister didn't always like him because he was strict but he tried to do right by my mom and us. Of course, their conflicts, Wiles and my sister made things difficult. Once she came of age, my sister wanted to leave the Isle, have a grand adventure. Knowing too much about that my father made me want to leave the isle as well. Plus, someone has to keep this production afloat. This latest idea, to seek out our cousin to find a place in her fealty, first good idea I've heard from my sister in a while. I'm sick of sleeping on the road. It's time to put down some roots. Perhaps my knowledge, the journal can be a way to ingrate myself with the new baroness.

Relationship Summary

  • Iseulet - My Twin - So alike and yet so different. I wish I could be more like you at times.
  • Name Summary
    Mabelle A bright eyed and inspiration seeking seamstresses, my favorite kind. I look forward to seeing her future works.
    Medeia She is an instantly likeable woman, and when she becomes comfortable? She blossoms like a flower. I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes.