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Vassal of Grimhall

Words: "From Darkness, Light."
Sigil: A crescent moon in front of a purple starburst on a field of pitch.

House Seryn, founded 1011 AR is the new principal House of the Island of Estroch. After military and diplomatic missions to the Island, a Keep was built and the new Barony was granted to Iseulet Blackshore, a long time servant of House Grimhall and protege of the Duke, who shed her old name for ‘Seryn’ meaning ‘the Dancer’ and the name of a principal star in the constellation Draco, founding her own family and House in direct fealty to House Grimhall.

The native people of the island are few and far between, as before House Grimhall claimed the lands they were heavily predated upon by Eurusi slavers, leaving a scant few hundred behind. Since then, the island has been repopulated by former thralls seeking a new life, nearby prodigal tribes, as well as, if rumor is correct, ex Eurusi slaves, seeking a better life in the Compact.


Name Rank Title Description
Iseulet 1 Marquessa Marquessa; Countess of the March of Estroch
Siobhan 3 Minister of Elune Sword of Elune
Thesbe 3 Minister of Elune
Maerigan 3 Minister of Elune
Dacian 5 Trusted House Servants
Ksenia 7 Sworn Commoners
Sorena 7 Sworn Commoners
Vanora 8 Trusted Ally
Valdemar 8 Trusted Ally

Ruler: Iseulet

Minister Category Title
Valdemar Income None

Land Holdings


Description: The Island of Estroch is a vaguely crescent shaped island to the east of the rest of the Mourning Isles. It’s natural rocky barriers protect a fertile jungle island known for its natural resources, such as purpleheart wood and exotic spices. Towering jungle mountains give way to rolling hills and fertile floodplains that haven’t been properly farmed since before the Reckoning over a thousand years ago. Ruins of stone dot the thick jungle, most over taken completely by the dense jungle growth - possibly never to be reclaimed again. Ancient labyrinthine mines carve their way through the heart of the island and beneath, untouched and unexplored since the island sank several hundred feet during a cataclysmic event that remains a mystery - or possibly just a story, or myth the natives have held dear to their hearts for an indeterminate amount of generations. A long dormant volcano caldera lies beneath the waves of Seirenia Bay, giving the lush barrier islands of Soleila and Altaira many natural hot springs that are responsible for many tourist destinations as well as a thick, shielding fog nearly all year round.

The city of Elune lies toward the center and widest part of the island where the newly built picturesque keep of pale stone and purple heart wood has been built beside Izarra Bay, a large natural deep water bay that allows for large ships to dock fairly close to shore.

With the influx of Eurusi former slaves and the strong support of House Grimhall, Estroch has been established as a march.

Landmarks: Shipyard

Part of the Seacoast Watch of the Mourning Isles, built in 1013