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Duchess Sylvie Zaffria

Tragedy is just opportunity, really, as long as you are willing to use it.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Etiquette Battering Ram
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rubino-Zaffria
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: olive

Titles: Zaffria Duchess of Gemecitta

Description: Sylvie has a classically composed face, every line clean and sharp with a certain edged beauty. A high forehead is interrupted by arched, dark eyebrows set above wide, almond-shaped eyes of a smoky grey. An aquiline nose slopes gentle towards pillowed, pink lips formed in a soft bow. Her cheekbones are high and pronounced enough to cast shadows, with her jaw angled sharply into a small, round chin. Her hair falls in loose curls, a dark auburn that holds a violet-red when it catches the light just right. She is tall with an abundance of curves at her chest and hips, paired with sun-kissed skin.

Personality: Sylvie is bright, smart. She has a sharp edge of wit that can be painful to be on the opposing side of but that only gives charm to her flirtatious side. She is fiery, free-spirited, tempestuous.

Background: Sylvie was born the only child of the powerful Zaffria family. It is fairly known that she was a doted on and indulged child, raised as the acknowledged heir to her father Duke Marco Zaffria, co-ruler of the city-state of Gemecitta. A rather brilliant if mercurial child, it is said that it was only desperation that drove Marco to agree to marry his only daughter to Rubino's heir and eldest son, Zaccheri, though it was a lovely celebration for nobles and commoners alike. It was a passion-filled two years of marriage, with just as many public fights as there were displays of affection. Yet, after two years, Zaccheri died suddenly and left Sylvie a widow and his younger brother, Valkieri, the heir.

With a future that seems destined to be intertwined, Sylvie was sent with Valkieri to Arx to represent their houses. Valkieri soon ascended to the title of Duke after a tragic, unforeseen accident on his father's part and Sylvie's father soon announced his abdication of his title right after. They seemed to alternate between ruling together and in contention thereafter. That is, until one day, Sylvie seemed to evacuate the city as the Bringers of Silence gathered to approach and abdicate her own title in favor of her cousin Dafne, without word of warning or without being seen again, even when Valkieri died in Gemecitta months later.

No real sight or word of Sylvie had passed in the city or the Compact, until 1016; now, as the moon hangs in the sky during bright summer days, she has returned to Arx and has taken up residence not within the palazzo of Gemecitta, but in the Nox'alfar embassy, with the explanation that she has become part of their court since she left her title and life behind a decade ago.

Relationship Summary

  • Fergus - Impressive Prince
  • Acacia - Stunning and Impressive Woman
  • Esera - Liege in Bloom
  • Aislin - Interesting Explorer

  • Friend:
  • Aureth - Entertaining Storyteller
  • Joscelin - Ambitious and Clever Crafter
  • Niccolo - Burdened Voice of Velenosa
  • Dawn - Kind and Strong Regent

  • Family:
  • Valkieri - Politically Partnered Brother-in-Law
  • Cara - Grief Shared Sister-in-Law
  • Dafne - Naive, Young Cousin
  • Name Summary