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Vassal of Velenosa

House Rubino
Words: "Ever poised."
Sigil: A black falcon striking on a field of crimson.
Nickname: Falcons

Rubino, led by Duchess Grazia, rules from Quartz Hill. This is not artistic liberty, but rather name for the large piece of quartz that has always jutted up from the hill, an almost magical piece that the Rubino family built its castle around.

House Rubino is known for being ruthless players of the game, if such a thing can be notable within the Lyceum houses. While they usually have the means to help their neighbors, they never forget a debt owed to them and always come calling for payment. They are not a well-liked house, but they're respected within the Lyceum.

House Zaffria
Words: "Stand like a stone, change like the wind."
Sigil: A white feather floating below a sky blue drop on an azure field
Nickname: Winds

Zaffria, led by Duches Dafne, rules from Crowned Hill still, so called by the scattering of granite rocks around their castle that can be called a 'crown' if one is feeling artistic. They are known for being witty, surprisingly charming vassals of Velenosa and have often had family serving in various positions to their liege house for many years.


Name Rank Title Description
Sylvie 1 Duchess Duchess of Gemecitta (Zaffria)
Grazia 1 Duchess Duchess of Gemecitta (Rubino)
Marli 2 Voice
Dafne 3 Noble Family
Nebulosa 3 Noble Family (Zaffria)
Lysander 3 Noble Family Voice (Rubino)
Salvatore 3 Noble Family (Zaffria)
Samuele 3 Noble Family
Gian 4 Trusted Servants
Seymour 4 Trusted Servants
Iovita 5 Noble Vassals Lady Igniseri
Quenia 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa Igniseri
Luis 5 Noble Vassals Lord Igniseri
Ariella 5 Noble Vassals Lady Igniseri
Leena 5 Noble Vassals Lady Igniseri
Ennettia 5 Noble Vassals Lady Igniseri
Yelana 5 Noble Vassals
Videl 5 Noble Vassals
Juliana 5 Noble Vassals
Teireno 5 Noble Vassals
Amieli 5 Noble Vassals
Xanthe 5 Noble Vassals
Cara 6 Beloved Relatives (Rubino)
Cadenza 6 Beloved Relatives Cousin (Zaffria)
Fecundo 6 Beloved Relatives (Rubino)
Miranda 6 Beloved Relatives (Rubino)
Terese 6 Beloved Relatives
Zebulon 7 Known Commoners
Catalina 7 Known Commoners
Alessio 7 Known Commoners
Lucita 8 Friends and Allies Baroness Saik
Serena 8 Friends and Allies
Volya 8 Friends and Allies
Magden 9 Forgotten Commoners

Ruler: Grazia

Minister Category Title
Auda(RIP) Income None
Aiden(RIP) Warfare Minister of Warfare
None Loyalty None
Seymour Productivity Minister of Productivity

Land Holdings


Description: Gemecitta, the two cities, was born of two city-states that joined in union so long ago that the only reminders that they were ever separated is the evidence of a crumbled wall of quartz that traces between its two hills and the fact that the city is ruled by two Dukes, rather than one. It is said that supposedly the Zaffria family and the house of Rubino arrived in the Lyceum to settle at the same exact time. Except that the head of Zaffria at the time climbed Crowned Hill from its northernmost side, and the head of Rubino climbed Quartz Hill from its southernmost side. When they both reached the top, the two men stared stubbornly at each other and neither house would budge for hundreds of years after. It is still the same now, with neither ruling Duke daring to leave the city on the fear that the minute he has left the gates, he will find them shut behind him. The joined city-state is among the largest in the Lyceum, having once been two. It is rich in granite, marble, and quartz, though its rocky land does not lend itself to farming. Instead, they raise what livestock they can alongside their quarry industry. Despite their hold on the quarry industry and being the largest of the city-states, its downfall lies in its power structure, which relies on being co-ruled by the Duke/Duchess Rubino and Duke/Duchess Zaffria. It is likely this reason that only once has the city-state ruled the Lyceum, and only once was there a Grand Duke Rubino and Grand Duke Zaffria. Well, that and Velenosa’s skill in keeping their title.

Landmarks: The Great Road

Trends: Duchess Grazia recently has opened new ruby and diamond mines. Stone from Gemecittan mines are providing much of the masonry for works along the Great Road.

Some of Clan Stormstorm has bent the knee and become prodigals, settling in Gemecitta as commoners.