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Lady Beatrice Malespero

Legacy accounting: Will you have been an asset or a liability on the world's balance sheet?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Reformed Smuggler
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 12/3
Religion: Agnostic
Vocation: Steward
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Dark
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Seneschal of Nilanza

Obituary: Missing. Was last seen by the gate guards leaving the Ward of the Lyceum.

Description: Beatrice is a pretty young lady with exceptional facial features and a slim but feminine figure. She makes the best of her Lycene heritage, putting herself together in a carefully crafted way when she makes public appearances. Her coloration makes her a stand-out among nobles: with dark, thick hair, dark, thick eyebrows, tanned skin, and glittering coffee-colored eyes. She dresses to compliment her body, with the eye often drawn to her narrow waist and long legs.

Personality: Beatrice. Beh-ah-tree-chay. And that's /Lady/ Beatrice. This is a woman that sharp and witty and perfectly poised. Not always proper, but always proper for the situation, and always quick to upturn her nose and take note of bad behavior. It isn't that Beatrice is mean or petty, she is merely very aware of her own standing and that of others. After all, unlike most of her peers, Beatrice has done more with her life than be born. She earned her nobility, and so she demands the respect she is entitled to, and just the same expects other nobles to act respectfully. (And no, she's not going to admit there were some odd circumstances to her ennoblement, she earned it!) At the same time, she was born common, and knows what it's like to be in a tiered world, where privilege is so real, and so many do not have it. She does her best to respect commoners just the same, and encourage them toward greatness (all without acting common herself, no that wouldn't do at all).

Background: Beatrice's parents ran a shipping business out of Caith. The family did well enough, though at any given moment their entire fortune was wrapped up in some expedition or another, or it was drained to repair a ship, or something else meant constant scrimping and saving. As she grew, she watched her parents celebrate new deals and weep when a ship was lost. She saw how the pair went to bed every night exhausted. She watched as years and years of grueling, painful work netted them almost nothing. Beatrice decided that was not the life for her.

The woman was allowed out of the warehouses and away from the ledgers when she turned seventeen. It wasn't that she wasn't an excellent bookkeeper, she just wanted to see more. She was soon first mate aboard one of her mother's ships. At twenty-one, after a most unfortunate accident during a storm, Beatrice's ship was out a captain, and she was quick to take the job. By twenty-three, Beatrice was soon raking in piles of silver, all off the books and without her parents' knowledge. Beatrice had learned quickly the fine art of smuggling. She had fallen in with the Argento family, who ruled Nilanza back then. After financially supporting a failed attempt to overthrow the Pravus family, Argento was hurting for funds. They turned to illegal goods, and Beatrice became their primary mover. It was good, easy, fun work.

In the next couple of years, Beatrice left her family's company to work exclusively for Argento and oversee their ports and smuggling operations. Things were going well, until it seemed the Pravus family had figured out everything. Fearing Beatrice might flip on Argento, the family ennobled her. If she was an Argento herself, they reasoned, she'd be seen as guilty. She would be unable to turn against the family without getting herself imprisoned or worse. And they were right.

Beatrice fed information to the Pravus family. She saw the coming wave. She knew this would only end one way. And when the soldiers came to collect her, as they came to collect every Argento, she went into her cell with chin held high.

A year later, Beatrice has emerged from the dark of her imprisonment. In that time she not only convinced Marquessa Lianne that she was the one who had turned against her oath-breaking family, but that she was also ready to serve once more... not to mention too useful to have locked away. Beatrice was declared innocent of treason, and the time she served plenty to cover her other misdeeds. She surely wouldn't pick back up her old illegal ties, not after being granted her freedom! No, surely not. Now, she is still a noble, sworn wholly to House Malespero, and eager to get Nilanza back in proper order.

Relationship Summary

  • Belladonna - Captivating
  • Sebastian - Evocative
  • Valentina - Titanic
  • Viviana - Criminally lovely

  • Friend:
  • Reese - A lover of books
  • Selene - Sand Whisper

  • Ally:
  • Venturo - Beer's iron man
  • Agostino - A loyal bond

  • Family:
  • Lianne - Liberating, luminescent
  • Pasquale - From tragedy, strength

  • Deceased:
  • Arianna - Shine bright, dear heart
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A blend of poise and wit, she seems the type to navigate social settings with ease.
    Calypso Oh, this one looks like fun.
    Charlotte Exactly what I expected from a lycene. No kindness. No compassion. Interested in only bringing others down.
    Esme The Lady Beatrice could never offend me, well she could, I hope that's not a dare. However, I'm sure we are to be fast friends.
    Gaspard Very sociable, lady Beatrice is eager to show more about her culture and opinions regarding different matters. Looks like someone who knows how to enjoy a drink or two.
    Helena Lady Beatrice is as lovely as she is clever, and one of my favorites, brightening any room lucky enough to have her grace it with her presence.
    Korka Talkative and welcoming, she seems like a good person to have on your side in a conversation.
    Lianne Precisely the focused whirlwind I need at my side.
    Mabelle A cushion thief by her definition and I was witness. She looks to be amusing though, I should try to know her when its less.. poetic around us.
    Martino The subtle charms and plays by the Lady Beatrice as utterly fun to be around. She will draw you in with a fine silver hook, have you bare all to her and still. You will not be done. Lycene women are an addiction and Beatrice is continued proof of that.
    Mirk A lady of House Malespero. I didn't have as much time to talk as I'd like, but she certainly has social graces - and the knack for talking about small things without revealing too much about herself.
    Norwood She spoke to the bees and likes puns. She is welcome in my household any day.
    Olivian Lord Dagger of Devestation. I see how it is. I'll REMEMBER THAT. Although, honestly, the Lady Beatrice has a quick wit and an excellent sense pf humor -- I hope that we shall be great friends.
    Porter I don't understand her name. Is it Beatrice and she just likes to pronounce it funny? Is it spelled that way too? So many questions, not enough time. Not enough drinks to understand it all.
    Ras Seems like somebody who says the sorta shit that slick sorta silks say even better than most slick sorta silks do. Not sure if she's -really- a slick sorta silk, though. Probably.
    Sabella She's quite lovely and witty and apparently a great lover of poetry! One of the only arts I have never been able to master, so I remain in awe of anyone who can.
    Sebastian A complex, captivating woman who keeps orbiting back into my life. Can she be trusted? Can any Lycene?
    Vitalis Truly a will-o-wisp walking amongst us. Time and distance have not dimmed her allure.