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Action Id: 3256 Crisis: Participants: Martino, Arman, Miranda, Mabelle, Santi, Kaia, Lycoris, Thea and Kamaria
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 15, 2019, 4:01 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 317
Military Resources: 117
Social Resources: 1100
Action Points: 30

Action by Martino

The brushwar between House Daveiga and House Fournier has been bubbling and most recently spilled over to seemingly affect a wedding as well. In light of such, and to ensure there is peace between House Malvici and House Laurent vassals, Lord Martino Malvici has been charged with organising a diplomatic trip near the border to avoid further conflict.

Martino is organising together groups of diplomats across Arx to come together and venture near the border, inviting both House Daveiga and House Fournier representatives together to forge out a peace. They will meet near Volkov Woods territory, picking somewhere with good height for visibility for the those travelling with them.

Along with Martino, will be several assistants and other commoners from Southport and the Household - along with those from House Daveiga, that he has come to know over the years as a Malvici Lord.

Action by Lycoris

As promised, Lycoris is applying her expert diplomatic skills to the situation at hand. She's here to look over contracts, offer advice and guidance, and promote peace between the two Houses. Most of all, however, she's here to support Martino and Aahana's efforts and not take control of the situation, but to help put out fires where she can.

Action by Kamaria

Kamaria is accompanying Marquessa-Consort Lycoris Hawkmour on her travels to lend her expertise in swaying minds. Being a commoner, she simply talks to the common peoples of House Daveiga and House Fournier to ease whatever tensions they may have and chip away at their hostility toward one another.

Action by Miranda

As with many events going on through the Lyceum and Arvum, Miranda is often called upon for her duties with the sword. As a Knight, she is happy to serve Arvum, the Lyceum City-States, her House, and her Family whenever they are in need. So, when the Malvici need her help, she offers it without hesitation. Her job? To help guard the diplomats, specifically the Prince and Princess to the best of her ability. She will represent Rubino-Zaffria in this venture, to both assist Southport in their efforts to mediate a peace and to those helping to calm the waters between Houses. Her primary responsibility is the safety of the diplomats and, as such, will bring some of her infantry along as well as a stand by in case things get really out of control.

Action by Kaia

Lady Kaia , who happens to be linked by her mother's side to the Laurent's, and to the Malvici's due to her beloved lover (and likely future husband), has found it in her best interest to have this matter of conflict between vassal houses be resolved as peacefully and magnanimously as possible --so it doesn't come biting somewhere dark in the near future. This is why, the charmingly clever young lady of Bisland, has agreed to join Lord Martino's skilled group of Arvum wide diplomats in hopes to provide both parties with tactful, prudent and judicious alternatives to resolve their conflicts. She'll use her undestanding sweet nature and cleverness to win over the hearts and minds of many and lead them to see reason.

Action by Mabelle

Mabelle is a Laurent Lady and House Fournier are vassals of theirs. For Mabelle, the conflict is harming local people which has led to her nursing instincts calling her to help. She will be attending Martino's diplomatic mission to seek them putting a stop to further refugees. She will be providing her insight and influence as a Laurent Lady, as well as setting up a nearby medical tent for those hurt in the war to seek treatment. She will be applying her social grace, statue and flirtatious nature to woo and win over the hearts of Lords attending the diplomatic meet from Fournier and Daveiga to influence their Liege.

Action by Santi

Santi will accompany the group as the Malvici representative, to ensure the house interests are maintained; and, also, he's more than happy to glower with all appropriate menace at anyone who starts to get uppity.

Action by Thea

As the travelling party may require protecting, should there be any danger present, Thea will be working with Miranda to ensure their safety travelling to, while at and from the meeting point. This will involve working with Miranda and the other groups' guards to ensure everyone is communicating, but generally to carry herself as a General of a small Malvici Troop. Keeping a close eye on things and stepping in to protect anyone from the party should they be threatened or attacked.

Should there be any danger, Thea will be working with Miranda as General of Malvici armies that are present and see to the safe extraction of the diplomatic convoy.

Action by Arman

With the call for diplomacy, Prince Arman has no issue lending his expertise toward the goals of peace. A silver-tongue and a mind for complex diplomatic affairs, Arman assists the party as another speaker set to hear the issues of the two houses at odds and discern an amicable resolution should one be available. Even as this is a peaceful mission, his guards remain firm at his side unwilling to let the Velenosian prince out of their sight and years of Lycene paranoia (and the recent death of Duke Asger) have Arman politely refraining from eating or drinking ANYTHING until it has been properly tasted by his guardsmen.


Roll Result: 245

Lord Martino's diplomatic mission is successful in several very important regards, even if it might not be everything they hoped for. Count Gael Fournier and representatives from House Daveiga meet, though Marquessa Magdalena Daveiga herself refuses to speak to Count Fournier or any Fournier until the individual or individuals who murdered her brother are brought to justice. But at least representatives meet, and allow the two sides to talk, and on the front of investigating and finding out who might be responsible, Martino does make some progress.

Martino discovers from talking to soldiers of House Fournier that they are as confused as Daveiga's people are and they actively looked for the guilty. Unless all of them are extremely good liars and all of them routinely practiced coming up with a good story that held up from hundreds of people, it looks like House Fournier forces weren't involved in the massacre. In fact, an overwhelming majority were committed at the time to a battle against Barbed Horn tribe Abandoned, with Countess Delphine overseeing the battle, when the massacre took place- which explains the lack of patrols that might have screened the approach of the Pilgrims. Lord Aramis Fournier, the normal commander of Fournier forces had been ill, and redeployed their remaining forces in home defense, and stayed clear of the roads during the time of the massacre, which left the pilgrims largely defenseless, while Aramis did a few patrols himself.

Kamaria finds the job of easing the common folk surprisingly easy- there's not as much popular support for a war as one might think, since their own livelihoods are at risk. Fournier commoners believe that Daveiga should pay restitutions, since they attacked an innocent party, and Daveiga commoners in Rivincita believe that the guilty must be brought to justice, but neither really want a war to continue.

No real violence breaks out, as Miranda, Santi and Thea watch over them. There's some tension of course, but nothing that feels very off- it feels like largely like very regular people, though the absence of Aramis at the negotiations is noteworthy.

And so the actual diplomats get to work, with Prince Arman Velenosa as an elder statesman, Marquessa Lycoris Hawkmour, the ruler of Brassfall March, Lady Mabelle Laurent, a charming Oathlander woman who has deep ties to the Lyceum, and Lady Kaia Bisland, a gifted diplomat who is tied to Malvici. It's not easy, as there is a lot of hatred now between Fournier and Daveiga, but due to the work from the other delegation and in particular Lady Mabelle, the Fourniers are willing to come to the table and Count Gael Fournier seems happy to put this behind him. The diplomats are able to score a major victory in getting the Fourniers to avoid demanding any kind of restitution, while House Daveiga and House Fournier agree for a ceasefire-in-place, with Daveiga withdrawing from the Wineroad Pass to the Lycene side of the border while camping in wait for a guilty party to be produced. It could still easily tip into violence, and Magdalena Daveiga implies she'll attack and try to take Cassyl to find answers on her own if Fournier does not produce the guilty within three months, but it's important- many houses in the Oathlands and the Lyceum were starting to mobilize to join the war, so a ceasefire prevents the spread and a ripple effect of turning it into a major war between two great houses.

For anyone at all interested in peace, it's a resounding victory.