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# Status Crisis Participants Public?
4040 Resolved Mabelle, Eirene, Cristoph, Edward, Nicia(RIP), Naka, Shae, Gwenna, Kritr, Rosalie, Kedehern, Rukhnis, Thea, Brigid and Ilsa True
3824 Resolved Cristoph, Jael, Norwood, Shae, Mabelle and Kedehern True
3688 Resolved Mabelle, Delia, Ailith, Dante, Felix, Cristoph, Jael, Edward, Alexis, Naka, Ryhalt, Athaur, Iseulet, Vicente, Sanya, Bhandn, Llewella(RIP) and Colette(RIP) True
3672 Resolved Kedehern, Norwood, Shae and Mabelle True
3669 Resolved Rafael, Michael, Lailah, Sophie, Laric, Isidora, Mabelle and Kaia True
3526 Resolved Cristoph, Calista, Ailith, Calypso, Norwood, Jenessa, Mabelle and Martino True
3330 Resolved Cristoph, Calista, Fiora, Norwood, Demura, Mabelle and Braden(RIP) True
3256 Resolved Martino, Arman, Miranda, Mabelle, Santi, Kaia, Lycoris, Thea and Kamaria True