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Action Id: 3330 Crisis: Participants: Cristoph, Calista, Fiora, Norwood, Demura, Mabelle and Braden(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 28, 2019, 5:51 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Economic Resources: 100
Social Resources: 500

Action by Cristoph

There's been trouble along the Lycene and Oathlands border for some time now. But with tensions continuing to flare between the warring houses of Fournier and Daveiga as they war with each other, Cristoph Laurent has decided it's time to wander down to the site of the conflict and try to diplomatically stem the flow of blood. And if he can get the road safely opened up again so that trade might resume between the Oathlands and Lyceum in that particular area, all the better. He doesn't go alone, bringing with him a portion of the Laurent army to help bolster the border strength as well prevent any 'funny business' and inviting several key speakers (ie: allies from the Lyceum) to help underline the value of peace talks over war.

Action by Mabelle

Mabelle is a Charming Laurent Lady and a very skilled Physician. In her view of things, the conflict is harming local people which has led to her nursing instincts calling her to help. Her mission is to seek them putting a stop to further conflict. She will be providing her insight and influence as a Laurent Lady, as well as setting up a nearby medical tent for those hurt in the war to seek treatment. She will be applying her social grace, statue and flirtatious nature to woo and win over the hearts of Lords during the diplomatic meeting.

Action by Norwood

Norwood isn't a key speaker, which is probably not too surprising. Instead he's coming to help lead and partition out those parts of the Laurent Army. His attention is focused mostly on highly mobile Calvary units that can split apart forces with less danger than infantry can. He isn't backwards in wading in when his arm is needed.

Less obviously the Baron is keeping an eye on Cristoph's back. Last time they were out with a group of Laurent's soldiers on a 'diplomatic' mission the enemy turned into centipedes and attacked. Just to be on the safe side Norwood will make sure Queensguard is in the right place if it's the proper time to glow. Whatever that is.

Action by Calista

Alongside her cousin, Calista offers her diplomatic expertise to assuage the tensions at the Oathlands/Lyceum border. Where there are open roads, there is business and business brings profits. Surely everyone can benefit from this. Tor has several businesses, including the Apothecary College which is world renown. Offering to assist with the development of new business ventures not only is becoming of the Duchess of Roses but also speaks of her Crown Ministry of Production.

Action by Fiora

As a representative of the Lycene side of things, Fiora Malvici also favors the stick over the carrot. She makes it clear with her icy demeanor what the facts are. The facts of how this all will inevitably turn out poorly. No matter what intentions are behind this, the result will always be the same. That result is a significant loss of blood, silver, and wine. That's her key tagline and she mentions blood silver and wine a lot, as she quietly and calmly bullies those in conflict towards a more reasonable solution. Where everyone loses less wine, silver, and blood.

Action by Demura

Demura is better with the stick than the carrot, but she's understand there's a time and a place for both. So she's going to do her best to go in convince them Fournier to see reason. Well, her reason. His reason is wrong, obviously. And how will she do that? But sitting him down and showing him what the compact, what Arx, what history will think of him. She will go over just how the general populous feels about this-- spinning a yarn in how the faith gets involved, in how the people back the faith, and how the templars and the knights of solace come march on him. Meanwhile, trade will completely dry up because the roads are being blockades, the merchants will go elsewhere, his people will starve, and then riot and... It's not a good luck he's got going on right now, and maaaaaybe he could stop pissing off the faith and the merchants?

Action by Braden(RIP)

Braden rides where ever he is asked to by Duke Cristoph. He was asked to ride for this. He is there mostly to provide safety for the nobles involved. One never knows what will happen on the road, or while at the boarder. He won't be much help for negotiations apart from staying out of the way, but much like on the journey there, he will be ready to ensure the Peers accomplish their task. And if all is uneventful enough, he might even get a chance to flirt with a southern woman or two.


Roll Result: 216

Duke Cristoph Laurent marches with his army to the site of the Fournier-Daveiga war, which at first makes both sides rather nervous- the forces of Laurent are considerably stronger than Fournier's and Daveiga's combined, which is an excellent way to get their attention. Fortunately, there's no violence, or any surprise attacks- Baron Norwood Clement helps a great deal in that regard, and frankly it doesn't hurt that the man has a reputation for fighting Abandoned, which is appreciated by many of the more hardline Fournier troops even if they don't really grasp the nuances there. Braden along with the rest of the troops is able to provide security, and tense moments between Fournier and Daveiga never quite spill over into violence.

Nicia's team was able to get Fournier to the table, and the tremendous work by Duchess Calista Fidante and Lady Mabelle Laurent as diplomats are able to get the two sides talking, aided by Lord Martino and his emissaries. Fiora looks appropriately spooky and intimidating, and critically Marquessa Demura Lyonesse, the direct liege of House Fournier demands that Fournier end this nonsense. Between all of them, Fournier is pushed hard, and Gael is more than ready to make concessions- Fournier was trying to rally other Oathlands houses to come to their aid to 'repulse these invaders', and without this intervention, the war WOULD have spread, and become a wide Oathlands vs Lyceum war. It is good they acted when they did. Between all the efforts, Fournier and Daveiga agreed to a ceasefire in place. Daveiga withdraws their forces to the Lycene side of the border and out of the Wineroad Pass, which frees Oathlands trade to travel again, so it is not purely symbolic, it's agreeing to surrender an important strategic position. Fournier for their part agree to not fortify the pass either, since the temptation would be to hold it in force. Daveiga however will not be satisfied until the guilty party for the pilgrims' massacre is produced, but is willing to agree to a several month cease fire to allow that to happen and some form of proof to be produced.