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Action Id: 3672 Crisis: Participants: Kedehern, Norwood, Shae and Mabelle
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 13, 2020, 9:02 p.m. Public: True GM: Kalakh

Economic Resources: 500
Social Resources: 1500

Action by Kedehern

Kedehern has been tasked by Cristoph to travel to the Shadowood with a diplomatic delegation of sorts to speak with the Abandoned Houses that have a presence in the area. The Duke suspects that House Durand has been pressuring them to join or be killed, based on information he's received from Marquis Kael.

As such, he hopes that Kedehern and company can reach out, and foster better relations betweens them, even absorbing them into the Compact if able, under the premise that it's better to make them allies than having them turned into a Nameless army that fights for the swarm. Kedehern will be leading the party, but he knows his strengths, and diplomacy isn't one of them, so he's doing what any good leader does, and delegating to those more suited, and trusting their own prowess to help carry any talks.

Action by Shae

Shae of course will help assist Kedehern and her future house. Agreeing that it would be better to reach out to the Abandoned Houses and gain their friendship. And possibly their alliances, and even getting them to join the Compact. To aid in this endeavor, Shae will use her natural charm, and empathetic understanding of others. To gage their initial reactions and help the group adjust how they approach them, so they can hopefully appeal to them on a personal and empathetic level.

Action by Mabelle

Mabelle will be using her charm and diplomacy skills to try to help Kedehern accomplish the mission that was given to him by her Duke, sate and join as many houses as she can to the Compact.

Action by Norwood

Norwood doesn't have a diplomatic bone in his body and Margerie is way too sick to be able to go. So Norwood is here, Queensguard on his hip. Like he has done for Kedehern's brother, the deceased Duke Edmund, and his nephew Cristoph. If everything goes to pot, Norwood will be there to cut them out of it.

Well, hopefully cut them out of it. That eventuality would be a good glowing opportunity Pimsly, proprietary of glowing be damned..


Roll Result: 55

The Shadowood is a bad place to be, but it's apparent why so many tribes have made their home there; for one thing, while it's a bad place to be, it's a very good place to hide. The first few days are frustrating ones as the group continuously finds signs of human activity and habitation, only to discover these signs are leading them in circles, always back toward the edges of the wood. There are whispers in the night, and strange sightings. There are odd rustling noises that turn out to be old wind chimes hung in trees. Shadows in the brush that reveal half rotted straw figures stood up on poles. Oh, they find a lot of unsettling things in the Shadowood, but what they don't find in the first few days are actual people.

That changes on day four. On day four, they encounter the Thistlerick tribe. Once it becomes clear their mission is a diplomatic one, the Thistlericks are unexpectedly happy to accommodate them as best as can be. As best as can be, as it turns out, is not very well, because the Thistlericks are a fairly small tribe recently driven away from their lands further in the wood, and their supplies are growing sparse. It's surprisingly easy to convince their leader to bend the knee; all he asks for in return is shelter for his people and a solemn oath on top of the usual oaths of fealty that House Laurent will guarantee their protection against other Abandoned tribes and Oathland Houses both--as there are still dark rumors in the Wood about other Oathlands Houses turning on and murdering Prodigals that have bent the knee.

The Thistlericks point them in the right direction, and on days six and seven they encounter several other tribes. These tribes are skeptical and wary, repeating the rumors of Oathlands Houses murdering prodigals and slaughtering Abandoned in their lands as accusations, rather than worries. Eventually the group is able to convince these tribes that their mission is what they say it is, and conversation warms...somewhat. The tribes aren't shy about stating their absolute disinterest in bending the knee, and distrust in the Compact as a whole, but if Laurent wants to better relations, they appear cautiously open to the idea...provided Laurent is likewise willing to agree to leave them be, they'll pledge not to raid Laurent lands, and they're quick enough to reassure the group that they have no more interest in joining up with House Durand than with the Compact.

On day ten, they find the Red Snakes. The Red Snakes are a clan nearly five hundred strong that pride themselves on their warriors, who have successfully defended their territory in the Shadowood for centuries. Most recently they've come under repeated attack by a number of smaller but nastier tribes, whom the Red Snakes claim are insane demon-worshippers probably aligned with House Durand. While they've held against this threat, there's some clear worry that this may not last. Much like the last tribes, many Red Snakes are initially wary and skeptical of the very idea of bending the knee, but this attitude abruptly changes when Tribe Thistlerick is mentioned. The chieftain of the Red Snakes immediately declares that the Thistlerick tribe is sheltering a murderer--who happens to be the son of the Thistlerick leader--and that if House Laurent is willing to turn the young man over to the Red Snakes for execution, she will pledge all of her people to House Laurent's cause and join the Compact. As a sign of good faith, she orders her head scout to brief the group on what they know about House Durand's activities.

This is...a bit of a problem. When confronted, Thistlerick's leader claims his son killed the son of one of the Red Snakes' most prominent warriors in what was apparently a heated, drunken argument that got out of hand, and that the entire thing was an accident. He claims the Red Snakes' pride won't allow the matter to be settled by anything less than death, and reminds the group that he's only asking for protection in exchange for his own tribe's loyalties. He will certainly not agree to bend the knee if House Laurent insists on his son's execution.