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Action Id: 4040 Crisis: Participants: Mabelle, Eirene, Cristoph, Edward, Nicia(RIP), Naka, Shae, Gwenna, Kritr, Rosalie, Kedehern, Rukhnis, Thea, Brigid and Ilsa
Status: Resolved Submitted: April 28, 2020, 4:08 p.m. Public: True GM: Tenebry

Economic Resources: 20000
Social Resources: 5000

Action by Mabelle

The Tina Laurent teaching hospital in Artshall is a project by Lady Mabelle Laurent and a joint venture of the Physicians, The College of Apothecary and The College of Agriculture. The hospital is designed to serve the medical need of the people of Artshall and the neighboring villages as well as offer lectures and a place where they can learn a new vocation, be it as a physician, a mercy or an apothecary. Research facilities lay ground for future developments, particularly of herbal uses.

The hospital will feature care and service facilities, including an operating theatre, lecturing areas, a large library for studies and information, a research laboratory and a large garden in the back of the building, planted by the College of Agriculture in order to assure the self-sustenance of the hospital’s herbal requirements.

In addition the garden will include plants and herbs that are recommended by shaman healers as commonly used by local tribes that have bent the knee to the compact and to the Laurents, in order to encourage their presence in the hospital as patients, students and teachers alike.

A shrine for the 13 will be built within the hospital and saplings will be planted beyond the garden to develop into a grove for those of more spiritual inclinations.

Action by Nicia(RIP)

While not any kind of healer, or physician, Nicia has been around enough to know what sorts of things might be helpful from an apothecary standpoint. So on behalf of the Apothecary College she provides insights into what might be needed to keep a fully stocked garden and lab for their purposes. She has even pledged to send over teachers to help establish the teaching hospital and train future apothecary students until such time as there are enough locals that might want to take over teaching duties, but also forge a bond between the hospital and the College to further everyone's education despite distances. As well as a promise to aid when needed in the event of a crisis.

Action by Shae

Shae has volunteered to help build and plant the Hospital's garden and grove. With Shae's knowledge of the land; including the terrain, weather patterns, and the like, as well as her mastery of agriculture. She will use all that she knows to find the perfect location for the garden and grove. Even better if there is already a grove or woods that she could make use of, nothing wrong with using what is already there.

From there she will gather on the recommendation from various Mercies, Physicians, Shamans, and healers the herbs and plants they believe will be needed to help their patients. For the uses of first aid, tinctures, liniments, slaves, teas and so forth. If she is able to find a grove that already exists, she will build upon it, adding additional trees that are used in healing. And if not, then she will happily create one various trees that are good for medicinal purposes, including: Alder, Apple, Ash, Beech, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Elder, Elm, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Basswood (Linden), Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, Rowan, Walnut, Willow, Witch Hazel.

In addition to finding the right place to plant the garden and grove, Shae would also make sure they are planted in ways that help provoke a sense of peace, to help aid in convalescing, and healing those that spend time within them. Including adding a greenhouse for growing more delicate plants, benches for resting on, and enjoying the garden. Birdhouses, and baths, and a couple beehives. To help keep the health of the grove and garden, and provide honey for uses in medicinal purposes.

And of course she would say a prayer to Petrichor after planting the garden and grove. Thanking him for the gifts he has given them all, and hopes that he will watch over them, and help keep them safe, a place of safety and peace for those in need of such.

Action by Brigid

Brigid, while not someone who is of a medical mind or has been trained, has come to lend her help in other ways. House Moore has been prosperous in their soil given certain experimentation conducted largely by House Champagne. This soil which is considered highly fertile, has been gifted to help foster the growth of medicinal gardens in which a bevy of plants can grow and the hospital will be able to always have a supply on hand. Further more, two snippings of a rare herb known as Frosthope have been gifted to Mabelle Laurent, it contains specific properties known for helping to fight back blight as well is it known for curative and anesthetic properties among physicians. A home for all of these places, however comes with six large raised planter boxes built from the mighty oaks of Acorn Hill.

Action by Cristoph

Cristoph is obviously very in favor of anything that's going to improve Artshall. He lends his stamp of approval for the project and also uses his extensive connections in the Peerage within the Oathlands and across the Compact to talk it up. He speaks not only of the benefits of such a project but about what an exemplary member of the Laurent family Lady Mabelle is and what's an incredible asset she's grown into.

Action by Naka

As Minister of Loyalty for House Laurent, Naka engages the populace near Artshall regarding the project and the numerous ways it will improve their lives. In addition to this education effort, he also elicits their input, particularly regarding local herbal lore, for the benefit of the planning and construction. If nothing else, he hopes to help them feel connected to the project from the very beginning, even if their suggestions are not forthcoming or feasible where given.

Action by Kritr

Kritr has been called in to consult on the Artshall Hospital project. He has been asked how to make the hospital more comfortable for prodigals such as himself. He is only a few years removed from seeing the Compact as the enemy, so he will use his considerable powers of persuasion to ensure prodigals that the Laurents have only the best intentions with their school and hospital. He will visit the newly inducted clans and tribes in the hopes of encouraging their healers to send apprentices and promising recruits to learn the Compact's methods of treating injuries. He is living proof of the scars that primitive treatment can leave.

Action by Thea

Thea is a combat medic. That's what she primarily does, anyway. So for the school, she will be teaching them how to set up field hospitals, properly and SWIFTLY care for those that have fallen and are wounded, and all the other quick things you should know. So please don't be squeamish! It isn't the first time she's taught such. Thea has also taught battlefield surgeons in Southport(action 3423), so she knows what she's doing. Southport's soldiers are being well taken care of, so hopefully she can teach others what she taught them.

Action by Ilsa

Ilsa, though she now resides in Arx, understands the difficulties of those who live far from modern conveniences when attempting to provide medical care. While she offers her experience as a doctor and teacher to the new teaching hospital she also offers her knowledge of traditional herbs and herbal remedies. A skilled apothecary, she offers lessons in the natural flora which can be gathered and brewed and crafted into medicine when one is far from more established medical care. It is her hope that by providing instruction on those medicinal plants which can be gathered in and around the areas of Arthall, she can create opportunities for those living in the outlying villages greater abiity to tend to the illnesses of their neighbours when travel to the hospital is not possible.

Action by Rukhnis

Rukhnis is always glad to hear of more institutions being founded to bring together and disseminate medical knowledge of various kinds, and she is going to enthusiastically offer her own assistance in this project. She will be working to draw up detailed curricula in her own particular fields of expertise, with a full course each on holistic medicine and epidemic disease. Between these two courses there will be both introductory material and more advanced content dealing with such matters as the interconnections of mind and body in the delicate balance of health; the influence of environment, climate, and the seasons upon the humours; the impact of diet and the prescription of special dietary regimens for people with various conditions and temperaments; the causes, diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis of a number of miasmic fevers and other epidemic diseases; and so much more! Each curriculum will additionally be extensively illustrated by case histories from her own work. In fact Rukhnis is, on the whole, far happier and more enthusiastic about putting together lesson plans, reading lists, illustrative examples, and teaching schedules than any sane person should be.

And then because apparently this isn't enough work, she's also volunteered to visit the teaching hospital for periodic lectures. Having trained in Eurus under a leading expert in the physiology of the eye, she's particularly glad to offer supplementary lectures about the eye and its various unique maladies, as well as providing demonstrations of surgical techniques such as the couching of cataracts.

Action by Eirene

Having assisted in establishing the Saving Grace Hospital in Arx, and being one of the leaders of the Physicians guild (at one point) Eirene knows what goes into establishing such an endeavor. She lends her expertise in medicine to make sure the administration is there to support the doctors first, not the other way around. She ensures the proper tools are being cleaned proper prayer sterilization practices to Lagoma. And she knows what kind of beds, operating tables, and supplies are needed to staff such a location.

Action by Gwenna

Gwenna could not be more excited to be allowed to attempt to help on such a promising endeavor, especially for her cousin Lady Mabelle and the Laurents. The Redrain isn't at all skilled in the areas of medicine or apothecary, with just a passing fancy in agriculture, but what she has sometimes been rather capable of is talking up the merits of such projects to help gain further support. Having been involved in no few building ventures across the Compact, Gwenna will use her experiences to do the same for The Tina Laurent teaching hospital in Artshall, and hope her words around the region and personal support assist in making it a great success.

Action by Edward

Curricula. Comfort. Medical administration. That all seems to be covered which leaves Edward to perform in what has slowly become a specialty of his own. Construction, costs, and logistics. While the physicians and alchemists and doctors decide how it will be run and what is needed to run after the place is completed he focuses on the process of building.

Using his experience in construction and logistics from prior projects he will ensure that the materials used to build the hospital are quality materials. That cost saving endeavors are not detrimental to the overall quality and structure of the building. And ensure that the laborers hired are capable of doing the work with an eye towards the overall quality that is expected of such a place where people come to seek better health. Additionally, Edward will leverage his considerable economic knowledge to keep cost overruns down and attempt to obtain supplies and construction materials for prices that allow an excess of materials to help with last minute problems that always come up in large building projects.

Action by Kedehern

Kedehern isn't much of a builder, or someone with medical experience. He does however, know how to get people organized, and working efficiently. He'll make sure that tasks are properly delegated, and lend morale to the workers' efforts, as well as make sure that logistics are taken care and running seemlessly. His skills may have been honed on the battlefield, but there's something refreshing about putting them to use on a work of healing, instead.

Action by Rosalie

Rosalie is going to be helping with the teching hospital that Mabelle is looking to have constructed in Artshall. More specifically, she will be helping with the creation and blessing of the shrine therein. Small, really more of a chapel than a true shrine, it will be crafted, at least on the interior, as a tridecagon. A 13-sided room, each wall panel bearing a small mural representative of its respective God, with a bas relief of the God's sigil at the top of the wall. Pews will be the majority of the furniture in the room, thirteen to be exact. Small pews, able to seat just a few people at each. At the front, a small altar where worshippers can leave offerings or where the resident Godsworn priest can offer counseling or tutoring. And a small bookshelf replenished as needed, filled with primers, a beginner's introduction to the Faith. Thin volumes offered in Arvani, each of the four shav'arvani dialects, even Eurusi.

The blessing itself will encompass each of the Gods, with an offering made at each panel before being placed into the altar.

Aion receives a request for restful sleep and sweet Dreams made possible through hard work and trust in the Gods, the wall panel brushed with crushed moonstone mixed with spring water gathered beneath a full moon.

Death receives a request for help with the transition from one life to another, of starting anew and being reborn into a new way, the wall given home to a tiny spider in its silken web.

Gild receives a prayer for goodwill and charitable thoughts to be granted to all who pass through the shrine, the wall panel brushed with powdered gold mixed with myrrh oil.

Gloria is given prayer for strength and honor to walk the proper path, no matter how hard it may seem at the time, the wall panel brushed with steel and cleaning oil.

Jayus receives a request for inspiration to guide those seeking answers or help to find what they need within the walls of the hospital, the wall brushed with a small rainbow of paints created from local flowers and herbs.

Lagoma receives a prayer for healing of course, but also for change to lead people to new lives and down new paths, the wall brushed with the soot gathered from one of Lagoma's eternal lanterns.

Limerance receives a request for love for new homes and new beginnings, and fidelity to the paths chosen and each other, the wall brushed with purest silver mixed with rose oil.

Mangata receives a prayer for new life and hope to spring as eternal and steady as the tides pull at the shores, the wall brushed with a mixture of crushed coral and local springs.

Petrichor receives a request for a fertile field of the mind as well as body, allowing new ideas and learnings to take root as well as the flora in nature, the wall brushed with powdered leaves mixed with sap from local trees.

Sentinel receives a prayer for order to rise from chaos and help to leave those who enter with a clearer sense of purpose and self, the wall brushed with powdered iron mixed with armor oil.

Skald is given thanks for his gift of Choice and prayer that those who enter will find their way to the Choice best suited for them and the strength to accept the consequences of it, the wall brushed with crushed metal from broken shackles mixed with a healing salve.

Tehom receives a request to give those that enter the strength to look at themselves and see those things within that they must acknowledge before they can move forward in their new paths, the wall is brushed with crushed stygian mixed with mirror polish.

Vellichor receives a prayer for the wisdom to embrace new paths and new teachings with open arms and in turn to share that wisdom with others, the wall brushed with dust mixed with ink.


Roll Result: 340

In Artshall rises the Tina Laurent Teaching Hospital, a grand endeavor planned by Lady Mabelle Laurent as a joint venture of the Physicians, the College of Apothecary, and the College of Architecture. Beyond library, lecture halls, and laboratory, the teaching hospital has a vast herb garden that includes both a shrine to the Pantheon, and, more controversially, a grove. Less controversially and more spectacularly, the herbs in the garden include Frosthope, an herb previously thought legendary. Lady Mabelle's deep diplomatic skills and the exciting novelty of the new herb means that the inclusion of more shamanistic traditions draws little more than grumbling, for the moment, and people with such beliefs alongside pantheon worship appreciate the nod. And the invitation.

Duchess Nicia Laurent, on behalf of the Apothecary College, provides insights into the best healing herbs. Baroness Shae Fortier provides the design of garden and grove, greenhouse and birdhouse and beehive, and, it is said, was key to the Frosthope planting. Lady Brigid Moore helps see to the soil. Sister Rosalie Redtyde sees to the design, dedication, and blessing of the new shrine, emphasizing each of the gods, and providing a small theological library. Duke Cristoph Laurent and Princess Gwenna Redrain promote the hospital as a wonder and a boon, while Lord Naka does similarly more locally, with a special emphasis on those who've recently bent the knee. Lord Kritr Clearlake intensifies this emphasis, providing propaganda for the Compact way of health. Lady Thea Malvici provides instruction in that Compact way of health, while Ilsa focuses more on herbal instruction. Rukhnis also assists with instruction and curriculum and scheduling, excited by the organizational challenge. Lady Eirene Malvici ensures that the administration prioritizes support for doctors and good medical practice.

Baron Edward Stormbreak sees to the economic efficience of the construction. Baron Kedehern Fortier sees to the morale of the workers and the logistics of that construction, as well as aiding his wife with the garden.

The hospital, once completed, is indeed a marvel, and the successful tending of Frosthope is truly exciting to the Arvani, even the vast majority who aren't sure yet what it is. It represents a fundamental success, and an exciting novelty, and a sign of ever increasing medical knowledge.