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Action Id: 3669 Crisis: Participants: Rafael, Michael, Lailah, Sophie, Laric, Isidora, Mabelle and Kaia
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 6, 2020, 3:10 p.m. Public: True GM: Tenebry

Silver: 50000
Economic Resources: 10000
Social Resources: 10000

Action by Rafael

'Our Mother of Glorious Change,' a Mercies of Lagoma convent at Pridehall

Investing in the Pridehall Chapter of the Mercies of Lagoma, Lord Rafael hopes that highlighting the Compact's more gentle, generous touch will enact widespread positive change -- and glory!

With the blessing of Bisland's Heads of House, the local Seraph, and the Mother Mercy, Rafael will facilitate a donation to the Faith in the form of a Mercy convent at Pridehall. Dedicated to the worship of the entire Pantheon with certain tasteful emphasis on Lagoma, the new institution will serve to instruct and induct new healers into the Mercies of Lagoma. Pridehall's auspicious seat near-center on the map will ensure that these 'Lions of Lagoma' will be primed to trek outward in any direction they so choose, enriching not only the Crownlands but the Compact at large. Traditionally, many Mercy members travel to Blancbier for their training. A central Crownlands locale will make a healer's education much more accessible to those unable to undertake such a journey.

A stone castle with aesthetics befitting its purpose, 'Our Mother of Glorious Change' will include space enough for indoor and outdoor religious services, educational and residential wings, and separate accommodations where Mercies and novitiates may tend to the Faith of the Pantheon's flock in instances when housecalls may be inappropriate.

Assist Summary:

I. Lord Michael Bisland, Voice of Pridehall, will acquire and gift the appropriate lands and see to financial incentives for merchants involved in the convent's construction.

II. As donated by the High Inquisitor, Prince Laric Grayson, a brazier housing the Eternal Flame shall be displayed at the top of the new castle's highest tower where it can be admired for worship even from afar.

III. Lady Lailah Bisland, Magister of the Vellichorian Academy, has offered to curate a library for the convent specially purposed for the study of Lagoma and the healing arts.

IV. Lady Kaia Malvici nee Bisland has volunteered to see that the convent's interior design is up to par with the quality standards that her noble tastes dictate.

V. Along with an incentivizing gift for the first class of students, Sister Sophie Valardin will foster comradery between the Pridehall chapter of Mercies and those in Arx by providing a portion of the initial faculty. Sister Sophie, Mother Mercy of Arx, will also oversee academic materials and supplies along with the help of Novitiate Mercy, Princess Isidora Valardin, and Lady Mabelle Laurent from the Physician's Guild.

Action by Michael

Lord Michael Bisland, as Voice of Bisland, certainly sees the need for Pridehall to further establish itself as the center of the Compact. Geographically, of course. Because that is what is true. It sits in the center of the Compact near a major arterial river. A chapterhouse of Lagoma's Mercies should have all the fixings, a covent is probably what others would prefer it to be called. Michael flexes political muscle for the project, getting advisors in the form of surveyors to find the best location for the castle. On the major avenue in Pridehall, near the city walls proper, with space for their own stables and exterior walled courtyard. The location is prime real estate in Pridehall, so it will take a good deal of negiotiation to buy up the landplots that the castle will be built. Michael offers both tax abatements for the sale of land as well as tax abatements for all the vendors who will be involved in the construction.

Action by Isidora

Of course Isidora would help with anything that would help the Goddess Lagoma. Though she is a much more quiet of her Valardin counterparts, her inner passions for healing and medical arts are things she thinks about. Isidora would take on the medical side of things making sure that this area is stocked with all the medical supplies and items needed to be 'cutting edge'. She would also make sure there is any training available there for those that wish to learn the path of Lagoma and healing.

Action by Sophie

Sophie will travel to this newly built Mercy convent when it is completed, and oversee that the supplies and teaching materials are appropriate to the task. She will help to supply seasoned Mercies from the Arx chapter to assist in the teaching. She will foster a strong sense of cooperation between the Mercies of Arx and the Convent so that this might carry into the careers of the students for many years to come as they scatter throughout Arvum to act as healers to the realm.

As a gift to the school Sophie intends to gift 200 gold filigree lanterns to the first 200 students to attend this Mercy convent to learn healing. Engraved upon the side are the words, "May Lagoma's light ever shine upon your path and grant you the strength to provide succor to those who need it. When we work together our lights shine brightest. - Sister Sophie Valardin, Mother Mercy of Arx"

Action by Laric

Of course Laric is going to get behind a Lagoma-centric project in the Crownlands; though the fact is never emphasized, he's been known to participate in ceremonies and recently contributed his time and personal labor to repairing her shrine after some guy, who definitely wasn't Laric, somehow basically burned it down.

In addition to making a significant monetary contribution, he finds a mason and a metalsmith to make a gilded plinth and brazier for the convent; when all is said and done, he'll see to it that the brazier is lit with fire brought from the Eternal Flame itself.

Action by Lailah

Lailah would curate a library with specific sections dedicated to Lagoma and Mercy training, along with other general sections. She would use her knowledge and training in teaching to select a cost effective set of books and other materials.

Action by Kaia

Kaia will make use of her leadership and command skills to organize a group that will ensure the interior spaces of the convent are functional, safe, and aesthetically superb and pleasing. The group of high-end decorators shall determine the space requirements and select proper decorative items, taking in consideration things such as colors, lighting, and the best of materials. No expense shall be spared in the execution of this plan - it is for the glory of the gods and their work after all!

Action by Mabelle

Mabelle volunteered to assist Sophie and Isidora with the curriculum from both the mercies medical training as well as apothecary basics. She will use her knowledge taught in the years of the Lyceum.


Roll Result: 270

The new castle rises with magnificence and flame over Pridehall, and prospective students, old and young, flock to learn the arts of healing. Pridehall sees an increase in population as a result, and the sheer amount of social capital expended on the academy greatly increases its standing and the fame of everyone involved for a time. A real alternative to Blancbier is very attractive, especially in the wake of the failed Great Road pilgrimage, and the building is so beautiful beside having no troubled history at all as yet.