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Deepwood Cider Tasting

Houses Deepwood and Mercier are proud to present a new joint venture: the introduction of Old Oak cider here in Arx, exclusively sold through Mercier family ventures. Come and enjoy tastings of both hard and unfermented ciders made from the apple groves of Old Oak.


Jan. 13, 2017, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Samantha Bethany


Silas Lazarus(RIP) Jeremiah Deva Larissa Pietro(RIP) Angelo Luca(RIP) Sabella Calandra Lailah



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Mercier Tea Shop

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Comments and Log

Bethany drops a dreamy blush pink and white bouquet.

Samantha drops a bottle of tangy, tart green apple cider.

Lailah allows a breif smile to escape for a moment towards Bethany, though it's gone as quickly as it came, her face a model of serene stoicism. "Thank you," she says, kindly. "In that case, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintence."

Samantha drops a bottle of slightly sweet, effervescent apple wine.

1 Grayson Guardsmen arrives, following Sabella.

Samantha drops a bottle of sweet smelling, spicy mulled cider.

Samantha drops a bottle of lusciously sweet, berry flavored cider.

Pietro sidles his way into the tea shop with an expression of curiosity plain on his face. He has never willingly set into a 'tea shop' before. It's possible that he finds the concept to be inherently unLycene. Yet here he is!

"Honestly - yes, I know Sam is going to arrive -" Bethany speaks up as she steps into the shop again with a vase of pink roses and snowy white apple blossoms. She sets it on a table. Then, turns, to brighten: "Marquessa! Welcome to my shop."

"Beth, I am so sorry - " Samantha begins, bustling in with a servant who carries additional bottles for sample tasting. There's some momentary fuss while that's sorted, and she oh's in delight. "And already people! That's wonderful." Cheek kissing happens in the interim, waves offered all around; she hasn't noticed Lailah yet.

Lailah nods pleasantly to Bethany and turns her head, facing Samantha's arrival and a rare smile blooms on her face. She rises from her seat to approach. "So good to see you again," she says with a warm familiarity.

Casting aside his moment of unusual and baffled diffidence in the face of flowers and lace, Pietro puts on his best grin and strides forward to greet his hostesses. "You have a lot of flowers," he announces, in case they missed them somehow. "Good evening, ladies! Samantha, good to see you again. I'm excited to try out some of your tastes of home."

Jeremiah is where he's been--sitting. Watching. And then Samantha arrives, and he picks up his things, packs them away, and strides over to attend and help(whether or not there's anything to help with). "Marquessa--and Minister!" he greets, warm but deferential.

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Bethany twirls about for the tray of sampling cups on the counter - while doing so, she narrows a curious look as if to see the title of Lailah's book - and she returns to set up the samples and bottles on various tables in the shop to encourage tasting and mingling. "We *do* have a lot of flowers. I was especially fond of the flowers in the gardens of the Velenosa estate, where I work, my Lord -" she answers Pietro Igniseri. "So I wanted to bring some of that brightness here."

Princess Sabella enters the tea shop dressed in a cerulean gown. She offers a light smile to all in attendance, unfamiliar with many there. She takes her time as she walks further into the room. She takes a breath, breathing in the scent of flowers and cider. She murmurs softly to no one in particular, "I adore cider."

Angelo's hands are clasped behind his straightened back as he walks into the tea-shop, his chin lifted and his chest puffed up as his wintry-blue eyes take in the sight with thoughtful consideration. He waits to determine ho is who -- though noting that someone calls Samantha lady, he bows his head her way. Another bow of his head is given to the room as a whole, to Sabella, Lailah, Pietro and other nobility he could've missed. When his head raises, he watches, quietly trying to determine who might be the hostess or host.

"Jeremiah," Samantha greets warmly, "Congratulations on your appointment. i'm so pleased you could come. We'll have to talk soon about the Physician's Guild meeting, but for now, enjoy yourself, alright?" There's a grin for him as well as Bethany, and then a little gasp as - "Lailah!" Oh, dear. The Bisland woman has a hug incoming. Brace for impact!

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Bethany beams, "Your Highness! It's such a pleasure to have you attend the tasting - please, feel free to sample as it pleases." She dips a slight curtsy to Sabella, murmuring: "If you adore cider and flowers - I feel as if you are precisely in the right company, your Highness." Next, polite - and curious - she considers Angelo. "Welcome sir. Please, be welcome to the Deepwood Cider tasting at the Mercier Tea and Curiosity Shop." Another bob of a sincere curtsy, "Mistress Bethany Mercier, well met."

Late in the summer night, Lazarus Mercier appears to support his sister's business with Deepwood. Two men, dressed in the uniform of the Mercier union scatter about outside the tea shop, preferring to sit outside as Lazarus enters the Mercier tea shop. He bows his head respectfully to those present but focuses his attention on his sister Bethany and her fiance Jeremiah. To Jeremiah, Lazarus gives him his hand for a hand-shake as he looks around, nodding approvingly to his sister.

"Of course, the Fidantes have the most famous roses. I'm pretty sure they can duel you for saying otherwise," Pietro says with a wide smile. He's only making this breezy joke because he thought he saw a Fidante slip in a moment ago. He scratches thoughtfully at the back of his head, rocking back on his heels as he considers the array of sights and smells in here.

Angelo checked perception against difficulty 15, resulting in 27, 12 higher than the difficulty.

Angelo moves towards one of the six-chaired tables and sits himself down there after a moment of consideration, lacing his fingers together as others make their acquaintances and conversations. He doesn't mind not being a part of that group, albeit he doesn't seem the like most introverted introvert. The joke of Pietro is not missed by the man, who elevates his voice in a mellifluous tone to chime in, "We all would, my lord. In the villa, we even have chocolate roses and chocolate decanters. Such is the Fidante pride on the roses." His lips spread into a smile, presumably awaiting an introduction that he gives to Bethany when she greets him. "Lord Angelo Fidante, thank you," he tells her in a soft voice with the ghost of a smile on his lips.

Angelo corrects himself easily, "Decanters shaped as rose petals, I mean," flicking his wrist.

Lailah is caught a little off-guard by Samantha's intensity, but it brings a smile to her face even, her own arms wrapping back around the other woman quickly before just as quickly regaining a formal composure, inclining her head then. "Heard you were hosting an event, and since arriving I knew I couldn't miss it."

"Of course--I plan on it," Jeremiah assures Samantha, backing off then--he mostly just observes for the moment rather than mingling too much.

"Lazarus!" he does greet, pleased at the sight of him, shaking the hand firmly.

"I consider myself too great a loyalist of your Duke, Leo Fidante, to ever risk a duel over the fame of your flowers, my lord Fidante," Pietro says with a little bow to Angelo. He straightens again with a wide grin as he adds, "Lord Pietro Igniseri. I'm a debtor on account of his heroic rescue of my brother and a few very good friends of mine a few weeks ago."

Bethany laughs, cheeks flushing. "Ever so true, my Lord," she agrees with Pietro. "Which is why I was ever careful to speak in generalities - flowers. Rather than the specifics of roses." A glance over, now noting that Angelo is a Fidante. Bethany adds, tone fond, "The Lady Juliet is a lovely friend of mine, my Lord."

Sabella smiles toward Angelo, and gives an appropriate greeting. She beams back at Bethany, "Mistress Bethany, it is a pleasure to see you. Thank you for the kind welcome." She makes her way to Angelo, "Hello, my lord Angelo Fidante. I am Princess Sabella Grayson. I don't think we have met." She pauses when she hears Bethany speak of Juliet, and she beams, "I know of the beautiful Lady Juliet as well."

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Samantha is just positively delighted to see Lailah. "I have to do my part as co-hostess, but please - have some cider, relax, meet people, and we'll talk soon. I think - you should meet Jeremiah, he's positively brilliant." She looks regretful but also determined for having to flit, and approaches others. "Your Highness, my lord." To Sabella and Angelo, "Thank you so much for coming. If you have questions, be sure to let me or Mistress Bethany know."

Lailah nods nod to that. "Of course," she agrees. "Who is Jeremaiah?"

"Ah, Lord Pietro Igniseri, the Voice of Granato," Angelo pleasantly greets Pietro with a warm smile and a bow of his head, "it is pleasant to meet you and learn of your loyalty to my lord cousin, the Duke of Tor. He is not only capable with the wits, with the politics and the diplomacy, but an impressive swordsman -- if that has not been proved over and over across the time." One of his hands extends towards the many chairs of his table, offering, "Why don't you join me, my Lord Pietro? I came here peerless, hoping to see this tasting for myself. It is one of my favorite things to do, come to the tastings." To Bethany, his own smile goes from the ghost of one, to a much more present one. The invitation to sit down is extended to her as well, with a gesture to one of the other chairs. "Lady Juliet has been a close friend of mine since we were children. Now that I am in the Compact, we have had a fresh flush of air. She is so caring."

Then Sabella approaches him. He rises from his chair promptly and bends his torso into a bow for her. "Your Royal Highness, it is a pleasure to meet you," he greets her, rising from his bow to sit down again. "How do you fare? I see we're all friends of my lady cousin Juliet, and apparently passionate about tea. That is a good start."

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Throwing himself readily into a seat at the table that Angelo has selected, Pietro stretches himself in the seat, crossing his feet at the ankles and throwing his arm over its back. He smiles slightly and adds, "Thank you, don't mind if I do. I've never actually been before, but I consider the Marquesa Samantha a friend, and I'm very curious to try out all of the appley fruity things Deepwood has to offer, since I'm afraid getting all the way to the March seems next to impossible at the moment. But believe me, the Duke's accomplishments as a swordsman should be a secret to none here, least of all me; he fought off dozens of traitors--" He has no personal knowledge of how many traitors, "--in saving the Regent and my brother from Everard's goons, and then of course there's the duel with the Sword of Velenosa that ought to be the talk of the town." His smile sunny, he adds, "I can speak no ill of Lady Juliet, either; a beautiful lady and a terribly helpful one."

Lazarus shakes Jeremiah's hand, offering him a quiet, "Congratulations." before turning away to look at those gathering in the shop. A glance falls on Samantha's pretender which brings a frown to his face and then it is diverted towards Bethany. He stays mostly still, next to Jeremiah, not engaging the crowd but watching them and watching Bethany interact with them.

"That would be me--Jeremiah Arvani," Jeremiah begins smoothly as an introduction to Lailah at Samantha's mention of him., approaching with a sharp nod.

"Minister Deepwood's my patron--I've been her secretary for some few weeks now, and I'm recently appointed to the Common Council," he offers with a smile. "And you're of the Bislands, I'm told--she's mentioned you all," he admit. "It's a pleasure."

Luca arrives, following Deva.

Bethany's is in mockingbird mode - flittering rather birdishly from place to place, filling cups of tart green cider to pass around. "The first that we have is Brush of Spring - which is rather perfectly named, I think."

Looking the very picture of sobriety, but maybe not fashionably put together, Deva arrives with Luca in tow. Her hair looks rather damp, and it has been haphazardly tossed into a high ponytail that swings free. "Meant what I said," she reminds her companion, wagging a finger in his direction with playfully bounced eyebrows. Spinning back around, she smiles wider and even hopefully so. "Gods, it smells glorious in here. I, ah, sorry we're late," she apologizes, generally, with a sheepish grin.

Gods, it's like juggling knives...on fire. But Samantha does her best, flitting in a much similar fashion to Bethany. As she greets Sabella and Angelo, she takes the opportunity to place a hand on Pietro's shoulder in greeting, even as she regards Lazarus with a measured but even smile. "Lazarus." she greets in a serene tone.

Lailah inclines her head towards Jeremiah, her brief hesitation and surprise nearly hidden. She moves over to join him, crossing the room confidently. "Is that so?" she asks. "That's quite an impressive accomplishment. Congratulations on your appointment. She's just told me you're quite brilliant, and I'm inclined to trust her judgement. It is good to meet you," she says, joining his place at the table, her melodic voice ringing clearly through the crowded room, her book clasped in her lap.

"Depending on how this tasting goes, my lord, I don't know if we will be able to stop ourselves from crawling to our carriages and setting off to sunny Deepwood just to buy more appley fruity things, won't we?" Angelo wonders of Pietro with one lifted brow, one of his wintry-emerald irises flitting over to the man. The edge of his lips curls with amusement, and then his attention moves to Bethany as she fills his cup with tart green cider. "Brush of Spring," he repeats thoughtfully, gazing down towards the liquid in thought.

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Pietro beams up at Samantha for her greeting. "You're getting some turnout, my lady!" he asides to her with bright and easy cheer. He glances across toward the other table, watching Jeremiah and Lailah. He gives Jeremiah a cheery wave of recognition because-- that's an appropriate noble way to greet people. He turns his glance back to Angelo with eyebrows swept high. "I think that if we were to do that, we might want to bring a few thousand troops to handle the Bringers in the Gray Forest on the bloody way," he says, "but I suppose that's terrible party talk, isn't it?"

"Thank you for the welcome, Marquesa. It is well to see you here," she says to Samantha. She hugs the woman warmly. Sabella smiles at the Angelo's respect toward her. "I am doing quite well, eager to try some different ciders. I hope that I can purchase a few bottles of my favorite. I drink cider almost every day." She takes the offered cider and brings it to her face. She breathes it in. She looks to the others in a silent ask to join before joining them at the table. Then she takes a small sip.

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Unfashionably late in fact, but Lazy Prince Luca looks unperturbed by this fact, and is just grinning a big, lopsided, amiable grin for the gathered. He too has dampness to his dark hair, slicking it back in way that frankly looks cleaner-cut than his usually unruly look. His style still shows the usual lack of care though, a Velenosan purple silken shirt rumpled and half-untucked, as if he dressed in a hurry, his pants of a black linen, molded over muscles of legs, though streaked with a bit of mud spatter. Maybe it was raining in some other part of the city? Or maybe he's just terrible about appearance. Regardless, he seems eager enough to drink, and is sliding arm behind small of Deva's back to start in blithely looking for place to sit or stand as appropriate to the rest of the people here, most of which he either doesn't seem to know. "So which of these are meant to be hard, and do we need to try the others?" He's murmuring aside to Deva that carries a little further than it should. This is what happens when Luca of the no etiquette does the things. Especially the formal, refined sort of things.

Lazarus clears his throat at Samantha's gaze. His expression blends into a contained blandness, bowing his head to her respectfully in a forced manner. Lazarus reaches for the bridge of his nose and rubs it for a moment before turning to Jeremiah to say softly to him, "Bethany seems to have everything in order. I am going to call it for the night. Tell Bethany, I think she did a great job." He pats him on the shoulder and then turns to head out.

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"I think generally the gentleman is the one expected to be hard, Prince Luca," Pietro says from his seat like a man with no dignity.

"I feel like I should have dressed up," Deva not-whispers to Luca, her gaze looking a little concerned as she really pauses to take in the room. Just as she's about to respond to Luca, turning to look for something to drink, Pietro's words make her -burst- into laughter. "Oh my gods!" A hand clamps over her mouth, but it doesn't help stifle her all that much. "That was fantastic!" Grinning at Pietro, she comfortingly squeezes an arm around Luca's shoulders.

"I rarely do argue down those speaking highly of me--it's not a habit I indulge in," Jeremiah subduedly returns to Lailah with a brief grin. "I don't think I'll begin now, no," he offers with a pleased murmur--and then there's a Lazarus.

"Yes--maybe grab some tea on the way out, and rest well," he advises Lazarus, eying him with a touch of sympathetic concern. "She speaks highly of the Bislands as well--and seeing Duke Gabriel at the assembly? It was something," he remarks subduedly--approving, and perhaps slightly intimidated.

"As far as I am aware -" Bethany replies to Luca with a bright smile for himself and Deva that join the gathering, "That all are hard ciders with the exception of the mulled cider. The Marquessa will need to amend me, if I am at all incorrect." She offers the pair a curtsy, and, upon straightening up swishes over to tend to her elder brother. "It's all right, Lazarus. I appreciate that - a pause "- that you came. Travel safe, brother-mine."

Silas arrives when Lazarus announces his departure. How timely! He comes alone and steps into the familiar tea shop with an audible clink of armor. "I hear there will be booze, thus I am here," he announces, though it might also have something to do with Bethany and Samantha being the hostesses. "Good evening, everyone," he greets with a bow to the room in general before moving to find himself a seat. He knows how hectic hosting can get.

Angelo doesn't seem too prone to make comments about political tensions or matters of the like when Pietro comments about the Bringers in the Gray Forest, but he gives him a faint smile and flicks a wrist towards the cup as he says, "It would be a dangerous trip, one I wish I can make one day, should I wish to truly bring myself a wealthy collection." Angelo seems very content to let Sabella at the table, giving her a warm smile and speaking to her in turn, "Do you, my lady? I am very passionate about wine -- our red wine being really special. Which of the ciders does my lady and my lord prefer the most?" The question is posed to both the nobles at his table. He follows Pietro's gaze to Lazy Prince Luca, giving him a faint smile -- but nothing else. He doesn't seem willing to make any comments to neither him nor Deva.

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"I think we can arrange something for you." Samantha says cheerfully to Sabella, "But relax and enjoy the tastings for now, hmm?" She hears Pietro's sally back and presses her mouth together thinly to keep from laughing. Oh look, new people! Lazarus' coolness is noted, but likely to be addressed later, and instead, she turns to the next set of new arrivals. "Deva...I'm so glad you could make it." A nod to Bethany, "They're all hard ciders tonight." she affirms offering Luca a smile. "Welcome," she greets, "They're more or less all sweet tonight, but I promise they'll pack a bit of a punch."

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Calandra arrives the cider tasting while adorned in a pale linen dress. Soft dark locks rest over her slender right shoulder. She peeks over the gathering, smiling a gentle smile that brings forth her dimples and touches her dark eyes.

Princess Sabella sips at the cider offered, "Mmmm....the flavors are not overwhelming, but pleasant." She reaches for a different one, and she takes in a deep breath, "I love the scent of apples and berries." She takes one sip, and then another, "The berry one is quite intoxicating..."

Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Deva before departing.

See, Luca was _trying_ to behave...sort of. He really was by his standards! But then Pietro, with that joke, and the strain to not break out in laughter was a thing that looked to nearly split the prince in twain. A strain that makes it all the worse when Deva is the one breaking out into laughter. The giggling, sputtering snickers that escape from Luca are all the louder for trying to be contained, and he's left almost falling over, leaning on Deva to catch himself and try to contain himself. "Ahem...yes...heh...well, thank you for having us, Marquessa. And gods bless you for your foresight." He's still trying to stiffle the occasional chuckle seeking to escape as he tries to move Deva along out of the way of attention of the hosts, casting Pietro a mock-glare that's too filled with delight in the cinnamon eyes to have any actual weight to it.

Then, just to ruin his night, another guardsman scrambles in to relay a message to him via whisper. Silas grunts in exasperation and reluctantly stands. "I'm going to miss having few responsibilities..." Still, he manages to swipe one sample before he withdraws back towards the exit. "Beth, Sam - I'll make it up to you later. Be well, the rest of you." He offers a casual salute on his way out.

"Glad to be here, Samantha. It all smells amazing, thanks for having me. Us?" Deva gives Luca an uncertain look, at the hip as they are. Is that a messenger or a squirrel delivering a note to the Redrain? Her face falls as a piece of parchment is delivered to her hands. "I--" Fingers lift, shoving loose damp tendrils away from her face. "Fuck." So much for being ladylike. "The-- the elves," she states flatly, gaze lifting to the rest of the room. "They're here." That's when she reaches for Luca's hand, clenching perhaps too tightly. "I, we, need to go."

Pietro seems a little absurdly pleased with himself for the strength of Deva's and Luca's reaction to his joke. He lifts his sampled cider, which has mysteriously appeared before him, and raises it in toast to Deva and Luca, before sipping from it. "I suppose I'll have to drink them all and find out," he says. "I admit, I enjoy the purity of straight up apple--" He sips again, puts it down, and laughs as he grins up at Luca and Deva. "Sorry, were we supposed to behave because we're in a tea shop? There are a lot of flowers in here."

Lailah nods, an amused smile appearing for a moment before she adds. "Father has always been something to behold," she agrees. "I can remember first seeing him as a young girl." she helps herself to a cup of cider, taking a deep sip, and seems to search for a few moments for something more to add. "How long have you known her?" she asks.

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Pietro sits straight, alerting not entirely unlike a hunting dog. "Did you just say the elves are here?"

Calandra peeks over to Luca, her gaze impish and her smile playful. She then turns her attention to Deva, dropping into a graceful curtsy that is directed toward the spirited princess.

Deva can only nod numbly in Pietro's direction. "They're at the gates." There is, at least, a fleeting but genuine smile for Calandra.

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Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

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"Marquesa Samantha, Lord Angelo, your highness, I'm sorry to abandon you, but I--" Pietro bounds up from his seat. "I've got to see this," he has no better excuse than this.

Bethany's head tilts, watching Silas enter - settle - and exit in a matter of moments. Matters of importance, she supposes, and she purses her lips with a thought. Before she can lose herself to her musings, she blinks, glances around - and pours herself a cup of the apple wine. "Go, see." She prompts, before she drinks.

Calandra's attention is drawn to Samantha now. She gives the Marquesa a gentle smile, before dropping into a curtsy. The delicate songbird then heads over to the drinks, seemingly eager to try some of the cider.

"I...thought that wasn't for days yet?" Luca's asking, a little stunned, brows furrowed and hand unconsciously moving to the somewhat plain saber hilt at his hip. A glance then to Pietro's leaving. And a wince as he looks to Samantha. "I...I apologize for our...well, interruptions. Perhaps we all could..." Yes, because there's nothing like moving a refined cider tasting out into likely crush of people going to see the elves. Still, whether the rest are coming or not, Luca's sliding hand down into Deva's not to lose her, and moving off quickly with an apologetic bow to the hosts.

Bethany picks up a bottle of slightly sweet, effervescent apple wine.

Angelo brings the cup to his lips and takes a sip from it, before making an "hmm-hmm" sound to Sabelle and Pietro. "It is really good," he agrees with them both, though then Pietro brings the Lord Fidante's attention to the news of the elves at the gates. His brows shoot high at that and it makes him sip from his cup again. "I wonder what manners elves have," he suddenly chooses to comment to the Princess as he greets Calandra with a smile from his table.

Samantha pauses a moment in the middle of greetings, eyes darting to Bethany. "Of course." she says, concerned. "I quite understand." Silas arrives, and then just as promptly leaves, and she allows herself a sigh, but there's a determination in her gaze. "Good evening, Calandra. Go on, try some."

"I'm sorry," Deva has a wide-eyed look, not unlike a deer about to keel over from shock. "The elves are fucking assholes," she tells Angelo the way out, with absolutely no manners of her own. She and Luca dart out.

Luca leaves, following Deva.

Princess Sabella tries the spicy mulled cider, "I adore mulled ciders and this one has a number of flavors. It wraps my tongue!" She then reaches for the green apple cider, and her lips purse in, "Eeeee!" She giggles softly, "Wow! Refreshing! It feels like my mouth is going to pop! I think this one is my favorite."

Bethany drops a bottle of slightly sweet, effervescent apple wine.

"Not overly long--I've only arrived in Arx at the start of the summer," Jeremiah subduedly confesses to Lailah, observing the multiple exits at the arrival of Elves. "I'm not the only fresh arrival," it seems, he jokes subduedly.

"And--did Bethany say you've only freshly returned?" he inquires curiously of Lailah.

Calandra smiles warmly toward Prince Angelo, her dimples appearing as she gives him one of her curtsies. Once at the table, she reaches for the berry cider. Calandra loves sweet things.

"They surely don't know sword from shield in matters of diplomacy," Angelo agrees with the voice of whomever called them assholes, rapping his fingers against the table's top, "but I suppose..." His eyes trail off towards the door in thought. "...we shall have to see what comes out of this one." He suddenly silences to taste the spicy mulled cider that Princess Sabelle so much enjoys, bringing it to his lips. They curl approvingly at the taste and he praises: "This is some -good- cider."

Larissa wanders into the Mercier Tea Shop with a thoughtful smile, having just heard the news of the Elves from a passing crier on her way here. She nods to everyone she knows as she makes her way to Angelo, slipping her arm through his and kissing his cheek as she murmurs a quiet greeting in his ear. She notices Bethany and Jeremiah and Luca with smiles of greeting before she turns her grin to Calandra "I'm sorry I didn't say more as you left, I didn't want to pull you in. Nor keep our Lord Angelo waiting much longer. You've been enjoying yourself I assume, my Lord?"

Angelo is overheard praising Samantha for: Her cider is really good.

Angelo is overheard praising Samantha for: Her cider is really good.

Lailah takes a sip of cider, nodding to the question. "I won't trifle you with the details," she says simply. "But yes, I've only just returned home. It has been a joy to see my family again. It seems there have been many recent arrivals in the city of late, you're right. Likely due to safety." Her eyes dart around, looking as people vacate and murmering of elves reaches her ears. "Though it doesn't stop some from getting overly brave."

Bethany picks up a bottle of slightly sweet, effervescent apple wine.

Calandra smiles after tasting the cider, seemingiy loving the drink. "Oh, it is so good." She murmurs softly. She then peeks over to Larissa. "Oh, it is no problem at all Softest Whisper and Prince Anglo is certainly not a man who should be kept waiting." She says in her softly expressively voice.

Samantha takes a moment to take stock, and then makes her way over to Bethany, murmuring to her softly.

Calandra is overheard praising Samantha for: Her cider is divine.

Samantha is overheard praising Bethany for: A fine venue, and a true partnership. What would I do without her?

Bethany inclines her head toward Samantha, head ducked, eyes slit as she listens carefully. Then, a small and agreeable murmur in return.

Samantha looks around. "Ladies, gentlemen, my lords - we're going to take our stock and close the shop, so that all who may wish to see the approach of the elves may do so. But Mistress Mercier and I thank you very much for coming, and when the cider comes into stock here at the shop, hope you will consider purchase."

Bethany is overheard praising Samantha for: Hurrah to my treasured friend!

"And it looks as if we might all get the opportunity to go stare at the backs of the backs of the backs of whomever's managing to see the Elves," Jeremiah comments rather amusedly to Lailah in wake of the announcement. "Still--it was a pleasure," he tells Lailah, taking a step back and dipping his head deferentially, starting to head towards Samantha then.

Calandra smiles gently to Samantha. "Thank you for much for hosting this Marquessa." She murmurs. The songbird then takes off, going to find the elves.

Angelo gives a pat on Larissa's back and lets her wrap her arm around his. To her kiss, he replies with the ghost of a smile his mouth's usually curved into and a whisper at her ear in response to hers. "The cider was good, and I met Her Royal Highness Sabelle Grayson," he tells the Whisperer, with a hand motioning to Sabelle at their table. "Have you met each other?" At what Calandra says, he only smiles -- even if he was called a Prince, which he is not.

As the shop is announced closed for the matter of the elves, though, he decides to rise to his full height. "Your Royal Highness, what are you going to do now?" he wonders of Princess Sabelle.

Lailah nods to Jeremiah, rising from her seat gracefully. "So it would seem," she agrees. "It was a pleasure, indeed. Any friend of Samantha is a friend of mine." she inclines her head again and turns, facing Samantha then. "Will you be attending? I'd like to join you if you are," she says simply, remaining rather dry and formal, though the ghost of a smile can still be detected on her lips.

The swish of skirts - fast and almost furiously determined in the immediate cleaning up of the unused cups. Leaving the bottles so that the guests might be welcomed to top off and drink up before taking their leave. Bethanay snags the kerchief from her hair, shakes out the flyaways, and snaps up her ledger that is just a little too filled with notes. Oh, wait - and back for a stub of graphite. Now, she is heading out.

Larissa grins to Calandra and then up to Angelo "You are certainly a Prince to me, my Lord" she grins and then turns to Sebella as she is introduced. She stands apart from Angelo for a moment and dips into a low curtsy "Your Highness, a pleasure to meet you. I do not believe we have met before and if so I must beg your pardon for my forgetfulness." she murmurs and then smiles as everyone begins to depart to see the elves "Well, shall we? I confess I'm full of curiosity."

"I do remember meeting you in passing once, but there were many people there," Sabella says. She looks at Angelo, "I would like to see the elves myself. I am not one to pass off adventure. Will you join me?" She then adds, "May I say that I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the cider as well."

Bethany drops a bottle of slightly sweet, effervescent apple wine.

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