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Viviana vs Nadia (Decathlon)

Viviana Pravus, Sword of the Silken City


Nadia Nightgold, The Rosy Gold Duchess

In a bracketed elimination match for The Twelfth Golden Decathlon Single Combat Event.


July 21, 2016, 3 p.m.

Hosted By

Viviana Nadia(RIP)


Dorian Marcas Kima Valencia Quirin(RIP) Talen Mirari Freja(RIP) Ophelia Gareth(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


I fought Duchess Nadia Nightgold on the tournament grounds for the Decathlon qualifiers. I fought with a token of favor from Princess Ophelia Velenosa, she with one from Princess Valencia Redrain. It's odd to say that it's the first time I've seen the woman in person despite exchanging correspondance with her many times. She's beautiful, which is no surprise, her armor was also rather exquisitely stylish, I'm almost jealous really. I think she's the first person I've seen besides myself who took the time and effort to fashion dueling armor that is also appealing to look at.

The fight itself was over fairly quickly, she has a lot of raw skill, but I suspect not the time to really hone it with her obligations as a ruler. It makes me worry that my own work as Voice will eventually start to eat into my own training time and I'll lose my edge. She kept fighting well beyond first blood, and displayed honor and bravery as well as her skill, I commend her highly. It is a far more remarkable person who steps into an arena when they suspect they are outmatched than than one who simply trains enough to be good with a blade. If I had to choose I would sooner follow Duchess Nightgold into battle than any master swordsman, bravery, conviction and a willingness to bleed for your House matter far more in a leader than speed with a blade.

...Of course it is a little easier for me to say that when I'm not the one in bandages.


Attended a spirited single combat. The stakes were for a continuing spot in an ongoing combat tournament and the process was combat until the yielding. The one struck thrice before the other yielded. I do not mention the contestants by name because I'm sure that I would make some error in etiquette when referring to one or the other. Probably making three or four times the error by doing it the way I'm doing it. In any case, they both did well and showed courage.

Kima arrives.
Valencia arrives.
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"But we can't be late...," Ophelia worried her little lower lip as she swept into the Tournament Grounds with her silken skirts pinched to expose her rustling ankles with her taciturn and wearied guard following her slowly. Untucking an embroidered handkerchief from within a tiny silken purse, she flutters it in the air upon her arrival in greeting, squeezing across the distance with those gathered to Viviana and Nadia both. She cozies into a seat along the benches, fanning at her face as she sweetly smiles, "I hope it's terribly bloody. But not so much that they ruin their pretty faces!"
Marcas arrives.
The western horizon is a wash of pinks and red as the sun heads towards the horizon. People of various classes filter into the touranment grounds as individuals, paris or in small groups as severs move around to offer simple refreshments and snacks. The tournament grounds themselves remain empty for now the compatants hidden away inside their respective chambers. Finally there comes a loud gong that echoes through the stands as a bell is struck to indicate the start fo the event to come.
Freja arrives.
Freja enters without much pomp, heading towards a seat in the stands with a polite nod to those she passes.
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Sweeping into the tournament grounds, Valencia bypasses the stands, instead setting a course for the judge's stand. "Princess Ophelia," she greets as she passes. "Won't you come sit with me? We can wager hair-raising things on our ladies."
Freja is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
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Kima arrives with a young lad in tow; the same one who had assisted her at the joust. The pair of them take a seat at the stands, with the knight talking and gesturing to this or that before waving over a passing server for food and drink for the both of them.
Marcas arrives and makes his way to the Far Stands. Looks like someone bathed! Look there, even his leathers and furs look to be washed! It's a miracle! The Redrain Captain posts up where he has a good view of everyone and everything.
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Dorian strolls into the tourney grounds along with the rest of the masses, wearing a faint smile as the man climbs up into a seat so he can get a good view while sitting at a far back enough distance to also overlook the crowd, to better see their reactions as well.
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A half minute after the symbol is struck, Viviana Pravus comes swaggering out of the pit into the arena, raising her hands to wave to the crowd before dropping them onto the hilts of her swords, as she moves forwards she pulls the blades free and sends them spinning up into the air in a display now familiar to those who've seen her fight before, duskstone and alarcite flashing alongside golden rubicund and ruby as the blades twist and twirl through the air only to be caught and sent back up to twist and twirl once more. The Southern fighter finally catches both and sheahes the Alaricite blade as she strides over to where Ophelia sits in the stands and extends her blade towards the other woman in a clear symbol of asking for a token of her favor.
"Oh. Yay! I'll bring wine, Princess-Cousin." Ophelia flutters up to a stand then with bright brown eyes taking in the rows of benches until she waggles the very tip of her fingertip towards no less than a trio of servers and says, "You attend the Princess-Cousin. You attend me. And you attend the servers should one need refreshments." As Viviana approaches her from where she'd stood though, she blinks slowly at the measure with one hand curling against her sternum, "Lady Viviana Pravus... I..." With a steely bit of determinationa, she chirps, "May the Gods bless you with Victory, and Gloria honor your presence, Greatest and Most Beautiful Lady Viviana, Sword of Setarco." Fishing out the silken ribbon, she ties it with a questionable number of very pretty bows and then straightens with impeccable posture.
Gareth arrives.
"Make her bleed, but not her face," Ophelia politely implores.
Gareth will slowly come in upon the tourney grounds, or really stepping in amongst the stands, his movements slow as always, his gaze almost immeaditly moving to observe the Tourney grounds themselves as his expression remains neutral.. distance even.
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It isn't but a moment later after Viviana's entry into the arena that the Rosy Gold Duchess makes her way in from the opposite end with an unhurried sashay of her own. A gold-clawed hand is pressed over her brow to shield her eyes from the late afternoon sun as she surveys the crowd, the corners of her mouth tipped upward in a faint smile when she watches the Sword of the Silken City move to the crowd to collect a token of a lady's favor. She doesn't herself, a hand falling to her hip. "How romantic of you, Lady Pravus," she shouts, well-humored.
"Definitely not her face," Valencia voices her agreement, her expression mild as she watches Ophelia tangle ribboning into a semblance of luck and honor. "I've never seen Duchess Nightgold fight before, she's so personable that sometimes I forget that she fought in the vanguard at Stonedeep." She obligingly waves a pale red ribbon toward Nadia. "I can be romantic too," the young widow calls out in amusement. "Don't let Lady Viviana show you up."
Viviana bows to Ophelia as she accepts the token and winds it more securely around the hilt of her sword as she moves back into the center of the arena. "All part of my strategy." She calls back. "Now if I'm at risk of losing I can call for Ophelia to deliver a rain of arrows from above." She explains, twisting her body back and forth as she limbers up before bringing the tip of her sword up in a ready position.
Viviana wields Daybreak's Edge.
Unsheathing her broadsword of rubicund tipped in veined gold, Nadia gracefully strides towards the judges stands where Valencia resides, a vibrant laugh leaving her. "A princess after my own heart," she croons in good humor, chivalrously bowing her head as she extends the gorgeous blade, hilt first, for the princess. "You do me a great honor, Your Highness. Let's hope Lady Pravus doesn't go for my face right out the gate."\
Nadia wields a elegant rubicund broadsword adorned with a vein of gold that runs along the groove of the blade.
"Our tokens need a diamond. And a pearl. And maybe, just maybe, a feather, to complete how pretty they are for our chosen victors of the day." Ophelia slinks into position at the High Booth after dipping into a graceful bow before Valencia, sitting upon the very edge of her seat with a bright demeanor towards the field itself. "Yay! Arrows." A pointed look is cast down to locate her Velenosan-attired guard, the nod of her head curt, and her dimples showing once more. "Who do you think the people are placing their favors in? Or do they only want blood and entertainment? Both worthy causes." From the distance, she peeks through the multitude of faces below, landing upon Kima and Dorian, Freja and Quirin. Gareth gets an extra excited handkerchief wave.
Freja has an expression that is annoyingly stoic. Not a trace of emotion to be seen here by prying eyes!
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Viviana presents Nadia with her own token, tying the vividly hued ribbon to the pommel of the blade. "We should go make pretty favors after this," she agrees with Ophelia. Turning back to Nadia, she intones dramatically, "May you find glory in this day, and fight with honor, and if all else fails trip her when she's not looking because she's fast like a snake." She smiles mischievously before retaking her seat.
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(OOC) Valencia says: ACK, That's Valencia's emote.
(OOC) Nadia laughs.
(OOC) Valencia says: Always, man.
The symbol tones again and Viviana falls down into a fighing crouch, her body side on to Nadia's as she approaches.
"Your lady is cheating," Valencia accuses Ophelia almost immediately.
Ophelia willingly sacrifices one of her three hovering wine-servers by a whisper secreted behind her palm. In time, that poor and hardworking employee is winding their way down from the Judges Booth and slowly making their way towards Freja to offer her a wine and a single feather which looks suspiciously like it might be from a pidgeon. Quirin also gets offered a glass, though its questionable if it was through instruction or too much chirping from the dictator to make sense of it. "Let's have a pretty favor party after stealing all the very-very best jewelers and seamstresses and leatherworkers. And fletchers. Someone, unknown and mysterious, might want to give an arrow." A pause before she giggles, "It's me."
"Using the sun is a very acceptable way of fighting ones opponent. Or is it because she's so striking and stylish and pretty? Because that's just in her blood, dearest Cousin," Ophelia returns to Valencia, amiably.
With the vividly hued token fastened to the pommel of the blade, Nadia bends partway at the waist in graceful bow to the Redrain princess and crowd alike. "Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with her," she laughs, turning from the stands at the chiming of the symbol. Her eyes cut from it to Viviana, easily taking her place out in the sands, and settling into a relaxed stance.
Freja takes the feather, but politely declines the wine. A nod of thanks is given to Ophelia when eyes meet.
Viviana rolls 17 to attack, Nadia rolls 48 to defend.
Nadia rolls 27 to attack, Viviana rolls 89 to defend.
Viviana rolls 41 to attack, Nadia rolls 62 to defend.
Nadia rolls 10 to attack, Viviana rolls 65 to defend.
Nadia rolls 6 to attack, Viviana rolls 74 to defend.
Viviana rolls 35 to attack, Nadia rolls 47 to defend.
Viviana rolled 17 damage against Nadia's 8 mitigation.
Viviana comes on fast and her reddish gold blade flicks out as she nears the Duchess. Her first few strikes are probing, inquisitive but then they start to speed up as she grows all the more aggressive, blade's flashing back and forth as the exchange strikes and parries faster and faster, the red and gold metal blurring back and forth before finally Viviana backs up quickly, a small amount of blood dripping from the tip of her blade and a tiny gash opened in the top of Nadia's shoulder. She grins at the other woman, already breathing hard as she flicks her blade to send the blood into the sand.
"First blood!" Ophelia claps her hands together in animated fashion, swaying back and forth modestly as she rustles her skirts across her knees and comments to Valencia in quieter tones.
Talen arrives.
Mirari arrives.
Marcas watches the crowd from where he is positioned on the far stands. Arms folded across his chest, keeping an eye on things and on Freja. Though when the intensity ramps up and Viviana shows more aggression his attention zips there. Smiling when he spots first blood.
Gareth's hands will come together before him then, fingers wrapping lightly against the back of his opposite hand, lips twisting into a frown as he leans forward ever so slightly, gaze focusing intently on Nadia and Viviana, he'll shift slightly in his spot, maybe even look up once or twice in response to Ophelia's exclamations, but otherwise he'll be focused intently on the affair at hand..
Fashionably late-- or ridiculously unfashionably late-- as ever, Talen arrives at the grand tournament grounds with Mirari upon his arm, striding down the rows of benches towards the arena to observe the Decathlon battle between the Pravus and Nightgold representatives. A few murmured words are presented to the courtesan before he indicates with an arm towards the general benches, settling amongst them.
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Keen eyes assess Vivana's movements early on, and the duchess immediately rebutts the probing strikes blow for blow in a deft clash of tarnished gold and blackened rubicund. She remains on the defensive, an arm thrown up to slow the downward swing of the lady's blade, only to have its tip graze against the top of her shoulder. A shallow exhale is filtered out, and Nadia casts a wry smile toward the woman before pushing forward, readying to strike anew.
Mirari walks against the man with perfect poise, her arm linked in his, her eyes generally downcast except to watch the fray or Talen. She whispers back to him with a smile before primly taking her seat.
Valencia applauds politely when first blood is struck, though she doesn't cheer as loudly for her cousin as she has in fights past. Instead she turns to Ophelia, "She got lucky," she claims, her laughter softening the petulance of her words somewhat. "Duchess Nightgold's armor is quite pretty. Very daring, don't you think?" she asks her companion, sipping from her glass of wine as the two fighters separate for the moment.
Viviana rolls 32 to attack, Nadia rolls 58 to defend.
Nadia rolls 3 to attack, Viviana rolls 58 to defend.
Viviana rolls 36 to attack, Nadia rolls 36 to defend.
Viviana rolled 30 damage against Nadia's 33 mitigation.
Nadia rolls 3 to attack, Viviana rolls 32 to defend.
"Oh! It's the very-very prettiest. It gleams in the sunlight and looks so pretty with that slash of blood _my_ champion scored." Ophelia's lashes bat several times, before she wistfully comments, "I bet she bleeds red gold." Reaching over to accept one of the goblets from the two remaining dedicated servers, she sips from it delicately and then says, "Lady Viviana's armor doesn't show blood nearly as well. Both colors are bad for the forests, but they look stunning on the fields.
Viviana gives ground as Nadia comes back on, her blade flicking up and down to intercept her attack as she continually circles towards that slightly wounded arm. She ducks under a slash, hair whipping into the air as her own blade slashes out to deflect harmlessly off the Duchess' armor before the Lyceum lady is rolling backwards out of the way of any possible counter attack and regaining her feet, slowly circling the other woman as she watches her movements intently.
Mirari has left the game.
Quirin watches in silence, standing not far from the field itself, and just under the thin canopy covering the spectators. He leans on his walking stick but does not sit. He does hold a glass of wine in hand that has been courteously offered, whether through accident or design, but he has not taken a drink of it. He follows the action with evident interest.
Nadia anticipates the shift of focus to her slightly knicked shoulder. She drops low, booted feet kicking up sand as she twists sideways to take soldier through Viviana's aggression when her own blade fails to ward away the rain of strikes. "I see now why my men cherish the frontlines," she calls out to the Pravus that circles around her, her own body deceptively relaxed, blade tilted at the ready, moss green eyes unwavering in their stare upon her. "It's exhilarating, being in the thick of it all, anticipating every blow, learning your opponent intimately." She draws in a calming breath, before darting forward after Viviana once again.
Mirari has entered the game.
Viviana rolls 61 to attack, Nadia rolls 12 to defend.
Viviana rolled 29 damage against Nadia's 0 mitigation.
Nadia rolls 24 to attack, Viviana rolls 66 to defend.
Nadia rolls 16 to attack, Viviana rolls 38 to defend.
Viviana rolls 44 to attack, Nadia rolls 25 to defend.
Viviana rolled 83 damage against Nadia's 14 mitigation.
Mirari smirks as she shields her eyes from the sun. "Im afraid House Nightgold has chosen a game it cannot win." She looks with pride down at Viviana as the combatants clash.
"I am suddenly less enthralled about ever being on the front lines," Ophelia winces dreadfully at the collisions, sipping frequently from her own wine. Her dimpled smile remains more than prominent, though, verging on the edge of giddy. "But it makes for a good show, don't you think?"
Tehom arrives.
"Well, Lady Nightgold and I can at least bond on what it is like to be thoroughly skewered by the Sword of Setarco," Talen asserts, idly brushing a hand against the area on his thigh he holds a scar.
Ophelia is overheard praising Viviana for: Decisive fighting from the Sword of Setarco! Tokens of Honor must inspire true brilliance.
Talen is overheard praising Nadia for: You stood for longer than a single round with the Voice of Pravus, that is commendable enough.
Ophelia is overheard praising Nadia for: None can look as beautiful wielding a sword as the Rosy Gold Duchess.
Viviana flashes the other woman a grin. "It is rather exhilirating." She agrees before falling silent as the two of them move together again her brow creasing with concentration as the blades start to flick back and forth, her feet moving almost as fast as her blade as the dying sunlight flashes across their blades as they dart one way and then the other, she bends out of the way of one of Nadia's attacks just barely and flashes the other woman a smile as she backs up. "Nice backslash, I'll have to remember that move." She claims before she darts in again, a series of rapid feints and then her blade slashes across, finding one of those gaps in the other woman's leg armor and drawing a spray of blood as she cuts deep. She keeps moving and spins opening a slash across the other woman's stomach with blinding speed before the blood from the first cut has even hit the ground and then she's backing up quickly. "I think there would be no disgrace in you yielding at this point my lady." She says as the crimson drips from the end of her sword.
Mirari enjoys some form of drink from a waterskin she shares with Talen. The two of them seem to be amused by the smiles that punctuate their whisperings.
Gareth's hands will slowly continue to rap against his opposite hand, pausing only after the fighting seems to die down just a little bit, with Nadia left in quite a state, his lips twisting into a frown.
Talen clears his throat a small amount, taking the container and clasping it between his hands. The sudden anticipation of how Nadia will react has the swordsman himself leaning forward, narrowing his grey eyes and watching from the distance what is happening. "Rubicund bites and wears the blood it draws so very well, like a Lycene lady in the latest of high fashion-- it just /works/."
Mirari stomps her feet in applause. Unlike some of the other patrons, she is not horrified but delighted by the spray of blood. Her smug smile seems to indicate pleasure at the honor of Setarco being maintained in her lady's victories. "So polite," she remarks to Talen. "Someone is soon to owe me money I think."
Very few have tangled with Viviana's blades and came out unscathed, let alone victorious. The Rosy Gold duchess, in all her famed tales of leadership and rousing battle speeches, is no exception. When the Sword of Setarco leads with far too many feints, before coming in for the kill, the young commander twists herself sideways in a delayed effort to protect herself from the full force of the blade's deadly edge. Flesh is torn into, her leg buckling as blood splurts from the deep gash between a break in the armor, staining the gold accents of her leggings a sinister rose gold. She hisses out, barely registering Vivana's second spin before the strike upon her stomach cuts deep. The duchess wavers, but she stubbornly remains upon her feet, turning her blade upward, a staggering step made in advancement, but she stops. Begrudgingly, she concedes, "I yield to you, Lady Pravus."
(OOC) Mirari says: how does praise work?
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Mirari is overheard praising Viviana for: for showing mercy.
(OOC) Nadia says: What's the command to end it again?
(OOC) Talen says: +end_combat
Mirari holds her hand out to Talen. "And you shall now yield to House Pravus as well," she says with an amused grin. "Come come I am eager to go shopping with other people's money."
Viviana smoothly sheathes her blade as Nadia yields, another symbol banged to declare the end to the contest as she moves over to offer the other woman her arm. "Good fight my lady, you'll have to allow me to buy you a drink tomorrow." She tells the other woman. "Come, let me help you to return Princess Valencia's token, if we let it become dirtied she'll have both our heads."
Ophelia is upon her feet in an instant, among the first to offer a loud and inspired round of applause towards the two women upon the field. "You were both so-so brilliant and bloody and magnificent. Gloria be praised for such a showing, even if without arrows."
Valencia is overheard praising Nadia for: Honorable and dignified in a fight - plus her armor is to die for.
"Well," Talen murmurs, tucking a hand to his belt and untying his pouch so he might count out the coin he owes, "there are worse ways to lose money. I'll have you know, however, I don't often bet. I should be worried that betting on gold gets me a loss of it, however, should I not?" Exchanging the silver knights, perhaps a hundred in count, he then reties his pouch. "They both fought well," he insists.
Quirin stamps his stick upon the ground in applause for the fighters.
Kima gets to her feet, along with many other citizens within the stands, in order to lend her clapping and cheers to this event's winner - the Sword of Setarco. Though, no small few were cheering for Nadia, too. So there's no shame in suggesting everyone was praising both contestants!
Valencia is overheard praising Viviana for: Her talent with a blade is quite alarming. I think I mean that in a good way. You couldn't pay me to try fighting her though.
Quirin is overheard praising Viviana for: For a fine bit of bloodletting.
"Thank you for sharing your glorious booth for my viewing pleasures, Lady Cousin. I have an appointment to hunt someone, but if you have a party for tokens, I will be there faster than Lady Viviana's swords." Ophelia leaned towards Valencia, if only to try to capture one of her hands for a fond squeeze. She delivers her goblet into the hands of one of the attendants and dips into a graceful curtsey. "Love you!"
Gratefully, Nadia takes Vivana's offer of support without complaint, linking her arm through the Sword's as she begins the agonized limp off the bloodied sands and toward the sidelines. "We wouldn't want that," she agrees with a laugh that remains just as vibrant despite her state, an arm swung low to grasp her sheathed blade and extend it out to the Redrain princess to reclaim her token with a trembling grip.
Mirari says, "Yes indeed but no reward for second place." She raises a hand in salute then to Viviana as she pockets the coins. "Setarco!" She laughs and winks at her champion. "Shes more beautiful in battle than anywhere else," she tells Talen as an aside."
(OOC) Ophelia says: Princess-Cousin, please.
Quirin is overheard praising Nadia for: For refusing to quit at first blood. Then quitting before she dropped. No need to overdo it like a damn fool.

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