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A Parade of Ponies

Princess Ophelia Velenosa, with the help, support and gracious hosting of Princess Malorie Valardin and Duke Niccolo Velenosa are celebrating a spur-of-the-moment parade of ponies with the newest foals, all with drinks, appetizers and wines. It's suggested to bring the ability to socialize and laugh, because looking at horses isn't nearly as much fun as saying 'parade of ponies'.


Aug. 8, 2016, 5:15 p.m.

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Ophelia Niccolo(RIP) Malorie


Ida Nadia(RIP) Jaenelle Fatima



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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I take my path past the paddock at the Valardin estate on my way back and forth to the city about every day, mostly to watch the grey speckled foal that seems more inclined to lounge than much else. When the parade was put together, I couldn't help but go and see how he would do. I didn't stay long, as I had duties and am fairly ill-suited for events as refined as that. It was quite wonderful really and I ended up wishing I could have stayed longer. Princess Ophelia seemed nervous, but what a darling young woman she seems to be, so concerned her guests enjoyed themselves - even me! I ended up sending word to Princess Malorie about the foals and, no kidding, the speckled grey and white was the only one still unclaimed! Fate, must have been.

As the servants and guards look at one another at this unexpected turn of events, Malorie nods once, sending them off as ordered to prepare the parade. Word is passed to the trainers that there will be an exhibition of their progress with the halter training, and while most look confident, some have concern written over their features, most notably the trainers of the younger horses. The situation with Mystery seemingly escalates, the two-week old foal apparently having quite a time of it as the trainers hold him down, and Malorie explains, as chairs are carried out and arranged for the viewing pleasure of those present, "When they're older, they can buck to their heart's content, and we'll generally let them so long as there's no danger to a trainer or rider. They do it sometimes to show off. The problem with a foal is, if they buck to hard, they can actually flip themselves right over, landing on their back and causing themselves all manner of injury. If they land badly on their neck, they can be lamed instantly. So at this age, all bucking need be suppressed, which of course leads to a stressful situation for the horse, in which the urge to buck is even stronger." She bids everyone to sit, save for Nadia. "Duchess, if you'll come with me? And grab a couple of treats from that tray there, you're going to have your first lesson in calming and leading your horse. Everyone, pay attention - this could happen to any of you as well."
Ida arrives.
The efficiency of the guards and servants combined is to be commended, with token pieces of lounging couches carried out from rooms suddenly found lacking or hauled through the streets of Arx to match the given commands. One would be hustled just behind Ida. "Let's put some of them on the outsides for those who are scared and this one... let's put it right inside the paddock? Where's the wine? We nee... Yay!" The goblets are being poured with a mixture of Lenosian wines, a few assorted and unmatching ales and the occasional cup of tea to be served on platters with one of the white ones claimed by Ophelia's hand as she looks towards the wilder foal of Mystery.

"Blood could maybe serve like decorative paint? I don't think it would match the ribbons though and I'd feel very bad for any rider that got thrown off," Ophelia says, worrying her lower lip and then looking expectantly towards the entrance, "Parades are so fun."
Fatima arrives.
As the young white foal continues to buck and thrash against his trainers, Nadia watches on mutedly, her pale lips pressed into a pensive line as the situation worsens with Mystery's growing distress. "He's more spirited than I initially gave him credit for," she realizes, a hint of sympathy touching the duchess' features as she moves to do as the Valardin princess bids without haste. An assortment of apple slices and carrots are collected from a tray of a servant with a murmur of gratitude, gliding forward after Malorie. "I don't imagine blood makes for very good war paint on a horse as white as Mystery, Your Highness," she comments apologetically toward Ophelia. "Perhaps if it were a more prettier color, like a turquoise or a violet even?"
As the foals are held in place by their trainers, their halters firmly in place, the parade is currently held up as one of the foals, a white one named Mystery, is having what seems to be a serious attack of nerves, bucking beneath the grip of several trainers.
Ida Ferron, one of the Valardin smiths staffed at the manor, probably has passed the foals on numerous occasions. Perhaps not the greatest of social companies, it's doubtful she could resist the lure of a parade of ponies. As such, here she is and woo! She's got to quicken her steps to avoid from being in the way of additional couches being brought in. Once she's clear, she moves toward the paddock but doesn't move to take a seat just yet. "Blood tends to turn brown, after a bit your highness," the smith and pugilist remarks respectively, having overheard Ophelia, it seems. "That one's got some spirit."
The Velenosa duke watches Malorie organize the trainers, while also taking time to explain the current issue and address it. Hints of a smile touch his features, as those dark brown eyes linger in the Valardin princess. When she addresses Nadia, his attention goes to the duchess next, offering a dip of his head in encouragement when Malorie asks her to help.

Niccolo makes his way over to Ophelia, turning his attention then to his niece as she does her part in putting things together. "Impressive," he observes to her, when suddenly he finds a goblet filled with Lenosian wine in his hand. He reaches over to pat Ophelia's shoulder. "I think we want to avoid the blood part," he points out to the princess.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.
Jaenelle arrives.
"Turquoise... violet. Brown." Ophelia's forehead scrunches a little, thoughts drowned in a couple of sips of her white wine. She props her left hand against her hip, ushering a couch just behind her and Ida and easing into it. "Is brown not a good war paint? It could be color-changing war paint. I'm trying to think of optimism here. But yay! Couches and drinks. Sit. Eat. Are you hungry? We have..." She squints about a bit, "... Crackers? Cheese? I think those carrots are for the ponies, but all ponies should share if they aren't the Count." A warmer smile is given to Niccolo, before she looks back to the troubled white foal. "The Count needs to step in and calm his ponies."
Malorie leads Nadia over toward the anxiously whinnying foal. "Make room for the duchess," she commands gently, and the trainers part, one holding Mystery's harness so that the side of his head is flush against the fence, and another holds his flank, bearing toward to keep him from bucking too high, though at two weeks of age his muscles are built up enough to provide a challenge to this form of restraint. "Alright, Lady Nadia," Malorie says, her voice calm. "Go and touch the side of his head, and speak to him soothingly. You'll want to let him see and smell the treats as incentive, but mustn't give him any until he's calmed down." She turns toward those gathered, taking a step away to leave Nadia to the task. "I apologize for the delay, but I'd like you all to note that in situations like this, it's important to get it taken care of quickly, before other horses are drawn into sympathetic disorder. Horses are herd animals, and one in distress is often enough to send the entire group into a fit - this is generally referred to as a stampede."
"I am actually not well versed in war paint colors, your highness" Ida admits after turning and dipping her head to Princess Ophelia. "I favor blue and white, personally, but I imagine the hue of the house may have as much to do with it as the house charging in. Thank you, as well. The food and drinks look wonderful." She takes a few steps to the side so that her somewhat large frame doesn't block anyone's view of the parade. She watches with interest and Malorie instructs Nadia, the smith's head tilting with obvious interest. The Valardin princess' words that follow, as well, keep Ida's attention. "Ah. Stampedes I've heard of, but wasn't aware that's how that started. Hmm."
Jaenelle might be a few moments late to the event, though she isn't quite sure what shes actually come to. A quick peek is given to those in attendance, though her eyes are drawn to Malorie as she addresses those on the bow covered benches. She slowly makes her way towards the gathing of onlookers and settles to watch Nadia move towards the foal.
Spotting Ida, Niccolo inclines his head to the woman. "Mistress Ida," he greets and then he sees Fatima too. "Princess Fatima, good day. Welcome to this... parade of ponies," he offers, doing his best to match Ophelia's spirit as he gestures around. Offering a hint of a smile to Jaenelle when he spots her, along with a touch of a smile in his features."And yes, the carrots are for the ponies, my dear," he tells his niece, with a side glance to her. "The Count can be scary," he says to Ophelia. "So he might end up scaring that poor white foal rather than calm him," he points out. His gaze finds Malorie as she leads Nadia to the foal.
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"Hi! Welcome!" Ophelia stands from her couch with a sweep of her silken skirts exposing leather boots beneath, a dimpled smile given Jaenelle and possibly Fatima, if she's in the area. "They're training, though... what sounds better? Parade of Ponies or Stampede of Steeds? A stampede could be equally as impressive and fun to watch, right? Would you care for some wine? Cheese? Those little... cut vegetable things with the dill-sprinkled cream on top?" Looking towards Ida once more, she wonders, "Is there not enough blue and white? I was kind of going for a prismatic array of ribbons. Or to find as many colors as I could, because I ran out of colors. I don't have nearly enough random ribbons for impromptu decorations. Something to be fixed?"
Nadia trails Malorie toward the young fretful foal, pausing to hear the Valardin princess' instructions carefully before she presses the blunted tip of a juicy carrot betwixt her ringless fingers, slowly advancing upon Mystery from the right. As he gives off another nervous huff of air before flexing against his restraints to lead an envigored huff, the duchess gently clucks her tongue and pitches her voice to a soothing croon. "Mystery," she sing-songs in call for him, the corners of her mouth uplifted in fleeting smile when the foal's ears flicker and swivel in her direction, and his nostrils flare at the scent of the the treats. With a cautious step, she aligns herself near his head, her every moment slow and measured, as not to startle the young beast, fingers brushing against his snout tenderly. "Why are you making such a fuss, little one? It's only a harness..." Her voice lowers into presumably more soothing words only he and the trainers around her can here.
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"A parade sounds calming, a stampede sounds dangerous and not quite as welcoming as im sure you would hope it to be" Jaenelle tells Ophelia with a small smile on her lips from where shes settled. "I would continue calling it a parade." Her father in law is given a slight incline of her head in greeting after she notes his smile. "Wine would be lovely" she goes back to addressing Ophelia after. She looks a bit paler than normal, as if she is just getting over something.
Meandering up the path toward the paddock is Fatima, and as she's addressed by Niccolo she sends a warm smile in his general direction and nods her head. It's then that she sees Jaenelle and makes her way toward her cousin, slipping her arm in hers and whispering. "I'll show you the foal I purchased. She's beautiful!" Then her voice returns to normal and she says, "It's delightful to see you out and about. I thought you might hide away forever."
Ida returns Niccolo's node with one of her own. "My lord, Duke Niccolo," is offered respectively to the Velenosa as well. As it seems her words have given the wrong impression, perhaps, she blinks a few times at Ophelia and then shakes her head. "Oh, oaths no, your highness. I think all of the colors are represented quite well. I just meant those are my favorites," is explained as she inclines her head once again. "Truly, this event is quite wonderful, your highness. I don't often come to such things, but who could miss a parade of ponies? Well. Not I."
As the young white foal is coaxed down from his proverbial ledge, the trainers begin to organize the other foals - ribbons in the colors of the owner's house wound through the top of their manes and trailing proudly. In the lead is a young buckskin with regal purple ribbons in his hair, who some trainers seem to be addressing as 'Count', and then corrected by others to 'Badger'. He ignores his trainer entirely, prancing in place as if posing for the audience. Led into formation beside him is a champagne-colored horse that seems to be responding to a name that is altogether exotic, 'Zahara'. She tosses her head as the blood red ribbon is tied into her hair, her expression undeniably proud as the parade seems to be getting underway.
Niccolo's gaze linger on Jaenelle for a few moments, studying her, before he drinks from his goblet of wine. With another pat on Ophelia's shoulder, the duke walks over to find a place to sit himself. A spot where he can easily watch Malorie and Nadia at work. He drinks, and those dark brown remain on the duchess and her foal. His head tilts down, his gaze perhaps a little judging in how narrowed it's become. Or maybe it could be a studying look. It's only when the other foals start organizing for their parade, that the duke turns his attention to them. "Count Death looks pretty impressive today, Princess Niece," he says to Ophelia, before he drinks.
Ophelia's energetic hand guides a servant closer towards Fatima and Jaenelle, with a tray balanced with an assortment of pre-poured glasses of wine for their choosing. The latter Princess has her head tilting to the side, but as the duo closes in, she warmly smiles and provides a tiny bit of space. "I'll let you two talk a little. I can get apples cut if that will help, or if you'd prefer tea? I'm not very good with ailments, but someone is bound to be." She turns to beam a smile towards Ida and Niccolo, "And thank you! I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Pony parades should be more of a thing, before they get too large and fearsome. Especially if as Princess Jaenelle said, stampedes are dangerous. Horse parades sounds so very-very boring in comparison, doesn't it? Where's Dauntless? He needs ribbons. Or... warpaint."
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Slowly but surely, Nadia's ministrations have Mystery calming down, the trainer able to release the horse's flank. He strains toward the carrot in her hand, and Malorie looks back, smiling faintly. "Excellent. Duchess Nadia, I know you were looking forward to walking him today, but perhaps after the excitement of the parade is over? For now, he should likely remain under the attention of his trainer, in case of further incident while he's walking. Of course, he can have his treat before he joins the formation," she adds, moving back toward the crowd once the crisis is over, sans any blood.
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Jaenelle is not easily startled when Fatima moves to her side, accepting her escorting arm in her own. She smiles and squeezes the other woman's arm, "now now, I was out shopping with you for that beautiful outfit not that long ago, I am doing better I told you." She looks as the horses have begun to line up for the parade, "I shall have to get a horse of my own soon as well. Especially as I will drag Talen out again for a ride now that the outer areas of the city are open to travel once more."
Fatima calls over to Malorie, "Princess Malorie!" She waves to her and then her finger points to the champagne colored foal near the front of the parade. "The one with the red ribbon, that one is mine. Zahara. Isn't she simply stunning? I can imagine what a beast she'll be when she's full grown." She sighs and then turns her gaze more fully on Jaenelle. "I had an interesting chat with your friend and adopted brother after you left the other day. He's horribly inappropriate and charming at the same time. What a scoundrel."
Dipping her head again to Ophelia, Ida nods. "Indeed, your highness. I think it's lovely to watch them while they are so young," she says agreeably. "And if you might excuse me, I think I am going to get a better look from over there before I need to return to my duties. Truly, you should be quite proud, your highness."
Behind Count Death and Zahara, two more foals are beribboned and led into formation, a coal black foal that is notably more muscular than others, being called 'Dauntless' and adorned in majestic purple ribbons, and a sleek, snow white foal apparently called 'Hwit', her ribbons notably white as well, possibly denoting that she is not actually owned yet. The black foal noses the white one with a nicker, a friendly gesture, and she shies away - only to step into his personal space once he turns his attention away. Awww. Their trainers smile, but separate them by tugging lightly on their halters. The sound of music is sudden, a trio of musicians sitting on the paddock fence and sounding out a rhythm on flute and drums that is both upbeat and steady, and the first horses begin to walk past the crowd, their ribbons fluttering.
"Yes, yes, go go. I get a little excited from time to time," Ophelia concedes towards Ida with an impish bite to her lower lip. "Please, feel free to watch them. I don't mean to hover, but sometimes I hover." That hovering has her looking to Fatima and Jaenelle, inquiring through guileless eavesdropping, "Wait, wait. What friend and adopted brother is a scoundrel? Now I'm curious. Did you keep him?"
"That is one impressive looking foal, Your Highness," Niccolo points out to Fatima, as she identifies Zahara as her own. The duke drinks from his goblet then, sparing one last glance in Nadia and Mystery's direction. The conversation between Fatima and Jaenelle catches his attention, and the duke lets his gaze linger on Jaenelle briefly, looking curious. "Where is Dauntless," he echoes Ophelia's earlier question, dragging his gaze off Jaenelle to look at the foals once more. "Aha, there he is," he points out to Ophelia, unnecessarily so most likely. But still, there is a touch of pride in the duke's face when he sees his foal.
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Jaenelle looks towards where Fatima points, eyes taking in the foal with a nod of approval, "she is beautiful and I am sure will adopt the regal state of her owner with time." As the next are ribboned and lines up, and Niccolo motions to his own, she says, "and he is beautiful as well. When I purchase a horse, I shall have to ask you both for your approval since you clearly know how to go about this." At Fatima's words and Ophelia's excitement, Jae just shakes her head, "Prince Fergus is an interesting man, and his reputation exceeds him. I have given him back to his rightful sister."
The final pair of horses are walked out to the music. One of them, a chestnut foal with a beautifully glossy coat, seems to answer to the name 'Galley', and her ribbons are also in the colors of House Thrax. Beside her stands Mystery, the white foal having recovered from his earlier bout of nerves. Instead of ribbons, someone's braided a pair of roses into his white mane, their rosy red hue a stark contrast to his coloring. All six horses are led by their trainers past the crowd, first at a stately trot, then as the music kicks up a bit, they are allowed a bit of slack, the small herd of small horses cantering around the ring, kicking up an unfortunate bit of dust near where everyone is seated.
Ophelia delightedly claps her hands together at the music-drawn parade, exhaling with supreme satisfaction until conversation steals part of her attention. "Oh, oh. Is there a family loan in process? Can I join? Although I love my family very-very much, so it would have to be very temporary. Perhaps Princess Malorie and Princess Nadia could join and we could all exchange family members!" Ophelia comfortably finds a perch upon the same couch Jaenelle and Fatima might be near, crossing her legs and adjusting her skirts. "I will offer up my Duke Uncle Niccolo Velenosa," she declares. "Who wants him?"
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After quite smoe time spent ensuring her foal is suitably calmed and doted upon, Nadia makes her way towards the assortment of Velenosans and Malorie. A glass of white wine is procured, as well as a sliver of fruits served by an attendant dutifully overseeing the needs of the guests. "It's a shame Mystery will have to sit this out," she expresses her disappointment aloud, settling herself in for a seat, and sipping of her wine. "Count Badger," she starts to Ophelia, after looking in askance for verifcation on the foal's new name. "Looks dashing at the head of the the parade, Your Highness. He truly is shaping up to be quite the sportsman." A pause, absolutely delighted as she watches more foals led out, "Oh, isn't that adorable. Dauntless, and the other one, Hwit? They've already started to bond!"
"What a show off," Malorie says good naturedly as Mystery actually IS led out afterall, and with flowers in his mane to boot, as if he'd made the decision himself. "I imagine Rhapsody is at her wits end with him out of sight for so long," she says, though her expression betrays no actual distress as she watches the six horses show off their skills, albeit still on training leads. "Duchess Nadia, you're going to have your hands full, and Duke Niccolo, you're going to have my stables full, if Dauntless goes on as he's starting out, the little flirt!" She motions toward Fatima, "Princess, your Zahara is a natural show horse, didn't I tell you? Look how beautifully she leads beside the Count." She tells Ophelia, "This was a brilliant idea, I never would have thought to make a spectacle of it aft-" Her words are cut off by the encroaching dust. "Oh my, cover your glasses, everyone."
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Niccolo happens to be happily drinking his wine, watching the horses. Some of Ophelia's words catch the man's attention, but he lets his niece have her fun. That said, when he's offered by her, the duke turns again to her, lifting a brow. "How did I end up in this family loan service," he muses, but sounds more amused by the idea than anything. He glances at Malorie, and that amusement remains as he dips his head. "He seems to be good at it too," he offers, off the Valardin's accusation aimed at his foal. He smoothly covers his goblet, when the dust approaches, seemingly not bothered by it. "It's been very entertaining," he agrees with Malorie's praise of Ophelia. "But it wouldn't have been possible if you were taking so good care of them, Your Highness," he says to Malorie. "It speaks of your skill and knowledge when it comes to horses," he says, with a dip of his head.
Jaenelle slides a hand across her newly acquired glass of wine as the warming is told. Ophelia's words cause her to lightyly laugh, "though I am currently in need of a new adoptive family member, already being in a family as the Duke does hinder my taking you up on your offer. I would happily giving you my brother, Valerius, he is delightful company. Though you can only keep him for a week. Those are the rules."
"I look forward to the challenge," Nadia promises to Malorie with a warm laugh, her gaze drawn toward the conversation of family member swapping. "I would gladly offer my sister, Lady Lydia, up for a temporary exchange of family members. She's quite the social butterfly, loves all things pretty, and has an eye for fashion," she quips, eyes bright with humor. "What of you, Princess Fatima? Do you have a sibling to trade?" Her gaze shifts curiously to Fatima, a few sips of her wine made before she covers it at Malorie's warning of the incoming dust storm kicked up by the foals.
"Cover my wh-" Ophelia coughs, sputters and then waves her hand in front of her face back and forth before dissolving into giggles. "It could be worse, it could be... bird refuse or something," she says, wiping her mouth twice with the pads of her fingers and grimacing, "Pchth." Taking a small sip of her wine, her lips scrunch and then she politely turns her head aside and allows the liquid to leak out of her mouth and back into the goblet before handing it off again.

"My Duke Uncle is a little dust-worn now, but that's only to fit in with the rest of us," she advertizes, "And he has a commanding aura, will spoil others occasionally and has fine taste in wine and horses. How about this then, Princess Jaenelle? - I will give him to Princess Malorie, Princess Malorie will give a family member to Princess Jaenelle, Princess Jaenelle will give a family member to Duchess Nadia, Duchess Nadia will give a family member to Princess Fatima, and Princess Fatima will give a family member to Princess me."
Fatima laughs and says, "I have enough family to watch out for with my cousins." She looks to Jaenelle pointedly as she adds, "Including your brother. I've no interest in even more headaches! I could trade Jaenelle, but I insist she be traded for someone as pleasant as she is."
The little horses are brought into a formation in front of the crowd, and one at a time, they are led forward by their trainer. Count Death is up first, and he nickers gently, ears flicking this way and that as he seems to search the crowd.
"I'd be happy to trade Prince Aurelian, he does well in many climates though he prefers the stifling conditions of libraries," Malorie says, speaking of her brother as if he is some specimen of animal rather than an actual person. "He must be fed in a timely manner, as he lacks the self-preservation to care for himself once he has his nose in a book," she explains as the first horse is brought forward. "Oh look how well-behaved he is, Princess Ophelia won't you go give him a little treat for leading so nicely?" she asks as she applauds for the tiny stallion in the making.
"You have it all figured out, don't you?" Niccolo muses in Ophelia's direction, along with a single chuckle that is a reaction to how she handles the dust and dusty wine. He drinks from his wine, and lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "I'm amicable to this trade, all to make my dearest of nieces happy," he remarks, glancing over at Malorie and offering her a hint of a smile. He rises and walking over to Ophelia, snags a goblet of wine from one of the attendants, offering it to her before he sips from his. With a look to Malorie, he inclines his head at her words to Ophelia.
Jaenelle tsks softly towards Fatima, "I am not trouble. But I will gladly be traded away so you can have a new cousin who is just as charming for a bit. The whole point of the trade between Princess Freja and I were to show that everyone has maddening family and it might make us appreciate what we do have better. Im not sure if it worked, and my brother tends to hide with various women in tow and im not sure if she ever actually saw Princess Freja to make her appreciate Fergus. Valerius is the scoundrel."
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Ophelia gratefully accepts the new goblet of wine from Niccolo, though the surface is squinted at with suspicion before hand. Rising from her seat, after washing her mouth out with the vintage, she pads comfortably towards the paddock with a small sway. "You're looking for a promotion from Count already, aren't you? But you'll have to prove yourself on the field, because showmanship only takes one so far, my lovely lovely valiant very-favorite noble steed. You won't abandon me like that silly champion, will you?" Her curled hand is left to be scented, before she strokes at its nose with familiarity. It's only then that she reaches back to procure a carrot, peering before she presents the treat on the flat of her hand, "No nudging. We will have you live up to your namesake."

Turning back towards those seated, she beams a cheerful smile, "Thank you all for coming to watch the ponies and fall in love with your own all over again. Perhaps we can each give careful careful consideration to which family members we would most like to cast upon someone else shamelessly and for our own enjoyment and meet up again over more wine later!"
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"We'll have a family member raffle at an unspecified date," Ophelia decides, "But without the raffle part. We'll just add names and advertisements and then hand them out."
"Randomly," Ophelia adds.
The horses all come up to take their bows, before being led back off to the stables. Dauntless and Mystery wind up beside each other, the black and white foals moving in step as they go, roses and ribbons trailing as the parade comes to an end.
Jaenelle continues to look towards Ophelia with amusement as her small private joke with Freja has suddenly taken on a life of its own. "I am sure people will enjoy getting missives stating that they are being randomly traded to others. Let me know when you decide this should happen." She turns towards Malorie, "the foal that was walking beside Duke Niccolo's, is there a reason it was not purchased?"
Nadia rises from her seat as Ophelia gives the closing speech of the parade, the last of her drink downed with graceful sips before she passes it to an attendant. "It was lovely time, watching our little horses paraded about and prettied with ribbons," she says with genuine praise to Malorie and Ophelia. "It was a brilliant idea, and it all came together wonderfully - even after Mystery had his little tauntrum." A pause to cast a fond look toward Mystery trotting alongside the black foal, and hers is an expression of secretive humor as she watches on. When it all comes to an end, she's turning to make her regretful leave with pardons to the remaining guests.
Ophelia is overheard praising Malorie for: She has equestrian mastery and advertise-able family members.
"Yes, thank you all for coming," Malorie says after Ophelia. "Many of you are already owners, or possibly considering becoming owners. The last of the mares are birthing within the next few weeks, so if you're in the market, don't hesitate to speak up," she says, her fingers idly toying with the golden collar around her throat. "I'd like to remind you all that it's through your patronage that the Valardin stables are able to maintain such a prestigious pedigree, and so we look forward to your continued support, both of the stables and the horses in their training. If you've a mind to do so, always feel free to come down and volunteer, or send servants - we're always in need of more hands to brush the horses, talk to them, and just generally keep them socialized and friendly." She turns toward Jaenelle, mentioning, "Well, she was claimed, but her owner hasn't contacted me about actually supporting her training, so this week I'll be reaching out to her to see if she actually wants her," she explains.
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Ophelia is overheard praising Niccolo for: The Duke is always willing to participate, in parades, raffles and more serious things, like exchanging dirty wine for fresher choices.
Niccolo is overheard praising Malorie for: She honors the Valardin knightly tradition in her own way, and does an outstanding job of it.
Niccolo is overheard praising Ophelia for: She is capable of making almost everyone smile, and her impromptu ideas are quite entertaining.
Jaenelle nods her head casually, looking towards the departing horses and back, "if the owner does not come forward, I would be honored to claim her. She has clearly bonded with the Duke's horse, and I would hate to see them separated. At least if I took her, they would return to the Velenosa stables when they were old enough together." She smiles, clearly a softy for animals, "if possible of course."

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