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Redrain Fealty Dinner III

It's dinner time in the Redrain Villa! House Redrain puts the call out to all members of the fealty, the family, and their friends--heck anyone with passing reason to hang out with any of the bears--to join them for dinner. There will be plenty of food, the best whiskey the North has to offer, and of course, ample conversation. Maybe even an announcement or two.


Jan. 25, 2020, 2 p.m.

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Marian Llyr Gwenna Arcadia(RIP) Lucita Morrighan Rosalind Helena Lorenzo Khanne Dag Aindre Lenne Rowenova Cillian Volcica Vicente



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Dining Room

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Comments and Log

Ah, the dining room! It is a place of comfort and gathering, of warmth and family, and today is no exception. The tables have been polished and covered with beautiful deep red table cloths, the good dinnerware and crystal have been assembled, and a buffet of foods from all across the Northlands prepared by an arsenal of Redrain cooks has been laid out. Chilled summer soups to fresh salads; roasted venison and pork ribs rubbed with various spices and crusty hearty meat pies stuffed with savory garden vegetables and swimming in thick gravy; bowls of cut fruits from the gardens, drizzled with Artshall honey; and of course, a sideboard full of desserts from cookies to apple tartlets and every other confectionary delight between. But what's dinner without drinks? The libations flow from whiskey to fruit juice and then back again toward other spirits, and even coffee and teas. It is a feast for the senses, and one guaranteed not to stop anytime soon. The servants ensure fresh platters and dishes continue to make their way from the kitchens to the buffet tables, guaranteeing there is something for everyone at any given moment.

Elgana hasn't found a seat yet, but that's only because of the plate in her hands that is being filled with all of the good stuff. Her plate is stacked precariously high, but that doesn't seem to be an issue at all for the Redrain royal. "Yes to gravy always," she says with a laugh, holding her plate with both hands as a servant gets liberal with the gravy. Not wanting to hold up the line she moves, slowly, toward more food. There's still plenty of room--somewhere--on that plate!

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Elgana drops regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Marian had a meeting before the dinner so the warchief arrives at the event just as people are starting to enter the room. Her piercing green eyes survey the room until she finds Elgana, and then she gives a nod to let her know that she's there. Then Marian starts to circle the room, grabbing a plate herself but there's a restless energy to the warrior princess and her smile that she gives family and friends don't quite reach her eyes this evening.

Llyr's plate is not near as stacked as Elgana's, but he has some hearty portions. He has stopped, looking about for, perhaps, an out of the way seat to occupy before things get started.'

Gwenna looks positively /delighted/ as she enters the dining room. The handsome way the tables have been set and the scent of food and drink seem to draw her smile up wide. "Cousin, you have positively outdone yourself," she says to Elgana as she approaches the tables and takes up a plate. "I was just thinking how lovely some fruit and honey would be, given the weather." There's a roll of her eyes at that, along with a chuckle. Those along with a meat pie fill her plate, which she takes along toward a seat and sits, of course.

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2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant arrive, following Lorenzo.

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Arcadia flounces into the room, all energy and excitement. She waves away the guards and possibly gives the biggest one a shove out the door. Once they're gone, she beams happily and scurries over to the desert table. Honeycomb, candied fruits, truffles and then a big glass of whiskey are all collected before finding a spot at the table. "Good evening. I don't think I've ever seen this much food before." She flops into an empty seat and takes a bite of the honeycomb she collected.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Dag arrive, following Rosalind.

Lucita walks into the meeting, only a slight hint of shyness till she draws a breath and her gaze seeks out some familiar visages. A hint of relief shows on spotting Helena and Marian, then Gwenna and Mirk. "A good evening to you all. What a lovely arrangement has been made for the dinner. Do you know if my cousin, Princess Echo will be attending or is she off helping with another problem somewhere. Seems she is gone so often now.

Khanne gets chocolate milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

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Marian takes strawberry milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Helena gets strawberry milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

With her private quarters just down the adjacent hall, Morrighan arrives promptly with Rowenova in tow - complete with the furred and feathered companions so oft seen with them. The dame leisurely strolls in, yawning wide, boot heels tapping smartly over the floor, a companion to the soft metallic clinking of the various buckles and closures that keep her weaponry secured in their scabbards. She gives a brief scan of the room, to the array of faces of the crowd, a wave here, wave there, and with a soft mumble to her companion, meanders off to a lesser occupied table.

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Rowenova gets chocolate milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

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Gwenna, already seated with some fruit and meatpie claimed for good, she offers Lucita a cheerful wave. "I've not seen Princess Echo is some time, Baroness, and suspect she spends most of her time in Farhaven. Though it is summer, so travel is much easier these days." When Lorenzo enters, the affection on her expression is obvious. "I was quite hungry," is offered as, perhaps, an excuse for having come a little earlier than her husband. Spearing a bit of fruit with her fork, she seems quite pleased to see so many familiar faces and gives a few more waves to those gathering.

Arcadia takes strawberry milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Rosalind rushes in, her red hair flying behind her as well as--a larger man. Poor Dag."Sorry. Sorry! I'm here!" Yes, Rosalind is late. "I brought a friend!" Really, no one should be surprised. "This is Master Dag,"she introduces him with a big smile on her freckled face.

For the most part, so far, Llyr isjust moving a few things around on his plate as he watches folks arrive and go to the chest to pull out...fluffy things. He does pause and lift a hand to wave to both Arcadia and Rosalind at their arrivals, though remains quiet otherwise.

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"It gets harder and harder to keep it up! But thank you, cousin," Elgana says warmly to Gwenna as she artfully steps to the side with that full plate. Catching Marian's nod, she gives the Warchief princess a warm smile. "Marian! I'm so glad you could make it to dinner." Another sidestep has her moving around Llyr, giving him an approving nod from the looks of his plate. "I'll have to try a little of that if there's room after I finish this off." Slow and steady steps take Elgana toward a table, finally putting her plate down with a little 'whew'. She doesn't sit yet, as she watches the trickle of people coming in to dinner, all getting little waves and nods from the Redrain royal. "I'm so glad so many could make it to dinner."

Speaking for a moment with a servant, Helena is distracted from greeting guests, but soon enough she turns to find the dining room full of family and friends. Her face blooms with a bright smile. "Hello! So glad you could join us," she says warmly, tucking a strand of fallen golden back into a pin. She has a cup of whiskey in her hand, but no food, so goes to quickly remedy that, taking a little of everything before finding a place to sit down.

Rosalind takes frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Lenne takes frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Lorenzo makes his way into the dining room, all warm smiles for family and friends alike. He is momentarily distracted by the sumptuous buffet that has been laid out, but then a server presses a glass into his hand and splashes whiskey into it, which is really all he could ask for at this moment. "Goodness, is this all thanks to Elgana's planning? I'd suggest she plan more things, but she'd probably knock me on the head." He spots his beautiful wife, he turns his smile to her and steps over to her side. "My dear Gwenna, you look radiant as always. That bracelet is lovely... is it new?" If it isn't, blame it on a man being unobservant.

Marian finishes filling up her plate, taking some choice meats to soothe the inner predator before circling the room to do a quick pass by Morrighan and Rowenova to give a greeting before joining Gwenna at the main table. She makes a point of greeting each and every family member and faithful vassal. A servant is flagged to get her some mead. She comments as she settles in, "It's an amazing spread your highness..." Looking over at Elgana, "All my favorites." She looks to Gwenna for confirmation because the warchief doesn't remember saying anything to Elgana.

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Khanne walks into the Dining Room of the Redrain Villa looking... like she usually looks. She's wearing a very flowy gown of silk that feels as light to her as wearing air, in the colors of the mountains back home; white, grey, and green, along with lovely accessories and a dazzling pair of hairpins sweeping her braided and unbraided hair up off her neck, helping to keep her cool. She immediately spies some fluffy looking cows and her grey eyes get big, glancing about as if to see if anyone else spots them. Easing over, she slyly takes a chocolate colored moo fluff and tucks it into her arms. She takes a few steps away before she smiles and announces her presence by greeting everyone. "Hello to all from the best fealty in the lands!" Sheepishly grinning, spying some not-Redrains present as well, she adds, "and uh.. hello to everyone else to, who is at least wonderful enough to know they should come to this feast!" And what a feast it is! Look at all that food!

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1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Cillian.

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Rosalind takes frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Rosalind takes frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Dag's the sort of man who, when faced with discomfort, just gets irritated. It carves a deep frown into his already stony features and does nothing to soothe the barren air of unapproachability that lingers about him. Undoubtedly being invited -- and honestly dragged -- to a fancy dinner does very little for his comfort levels, but he plods along behind Rosalind all the same with the finality of a man sentenced to death. "M'lady, I really don't think this my sort of event," he mutters to Rosalind as he follows along behind her, slate gray eyes casting about defensively around him.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Mirk.

Prince Aindre Grayson arrives from the great hall of the Red Villa but he doesn't show up empty-handed. Or rather, it is his pair of gray-and-green garbed servants who bear an assortment of spirits unique to the Crownlands. They look to him for guidance and he gestures them toward the area where the other alcoholic beverages have been placed and then turns his attention toward the spread and the people surrounding it. "Wow, this looks wonderful. I am suddenly realizing how very lucky I was to procure an invitation." he says. He finds Princess Elgana in the crowd and picks a path over to her. "You've really outdone yourself here! I fear I may be in danger from the sheer amount of tempting offerings laid out." he tells her with a generous smile.

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Arcadia is handed a cow and her own eyes go wide and a soft squeal is uttered before a breathless, "Omigosh! he is so cute! I am definitely calling him George." She waves the little pink cow around as Rosa sits. "Hiya Rosa. Is tonight the night?" She looks at Rosa's legs as if expecting a dress to magically appear.

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Unceremoniously depositing herself into an empty chair at the dining table, Morrighan promptly eases into a comfortable slouch, though sling one arm over the back of her chair. The other busies itself half digging about her satchel in order to procure her ever trusty flask. It's lifted in salute prior to the twisting off of the cap, a nod offered to Marian afterward prior to a hefty pull being taken from it. "They've got quite a spread this time," the redhead remarks to Row, "I'll be interested t'see jus' how much o' it you can get down intae your gullet."

2 Bone Wardens, Eira arrive, following Volcica.

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Lenne doesn't exactly breeze into the room, which would shock absolutely nobody who knows her. She doesn't have an escort, so she is rather more wary of these events for it. Besides, she still carries a bit of a limp from recent injuries. So. No flouncing, of skipping, or sashaying. Just entering and peeking around the room, to see what's what, and who's who. And okay, maybe to look at the desserts table with a little bit of jealousy. Until she sees Arcadia picking out her eye-searing pink cow plushie. They're free?! She doesn't flounce, skip or sashay, but she certainly moves quickly toward the overflowing chest of fluff, to get her own. Introductions can wait!

Indeed, Nova showed up with Morrighan, doing so while dressed up in sheer layers of seagrean seasilk. She lifts up a greeting wave to all those here then immediately selects a whole range of varied foods (a little this, a little that) from the buffet table -- plus a whole bottle of a summer mead, too. She smiles brightly toward Lucita on her way, briefly bowing and somehow holding all the food plates she has thusly acquired without spilling anything. Once she stands up, she settles down beside Morrighan and quietly listens to the ongoing conversations. Though, when Mo talks to her she finally chirps, "That they do. I bet I can get a bite of every item in! And maybe a drink of each one, too!"

Rosalind grins at Dag,"It's alright. I promise!" Rosa is all enrrgy6znd barely breathes as she blinks at Arcadia, huffing,"Fine. You watch. I will not be in anything of the sort." The tall Ravenseye gasps at the cow and brightens,"So cute!" Already handing one off to Dag,"Here!"

Gwenna touches the seashell bracelet on her wrist and then glances up at Lorenzo, brows arched. "This one, dearest? If so, it was a gift from Duke Aethan Kennex to thank me for having been his patron," is explained with fondness in her tone for her friend from Thras. "A parting one when House Kennex was elevated," she notes further before stage-whispering, "I plan to have Elgana plan everything, bop on the head or not. Just look around!" She makes room for him to join her and then lifts her shoulders at Marian's words. "Perhaps we all have quite the same favorites? But I didn't say anything to her, so, as usual, she has planned perfectly." When Rosalind and Dag join, she wiggles her fingers to the Ravenseye before nodding to Dag. "Lady Rosalind! So good to see you. Welcome, Master Dag." Eating a few more bites of fruit, she dips her head to Arcadia. "I /love/ those colors on you, Marquessa."

Rosalind takes strawberry milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Cillian comes into the finning hall looking around to see who is present, he seems slightly hesitatnt like if he felt a bit out of place but he collects himself this being his first dinner to be at. He is dressed in his leathers well except for his shirt that is a white silk with the emblom of his house on it, he happends to spot Rowenova and heads in her direction.

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Volcica trails in just a little behind the others, looking about with mild curiousity-- especially at the cow plushies? She starts off towards Gwenna's table, though, and not straight toward the overflowing chest.

Lucita gets chocolate milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

"Put a plate in your hands and fill it full of food, and I'm certain that will change," Elgana calls over to Dag, giving the man a little wink. "Food will do wonders to make you feel like you fit in." And that plate of her own is calling her name. Just as Elgana is about to pull her chair out and sit, Aindre happens to find his way over. "Prince Aindre Grayson," she says warmly, turning from her chair to greet the Grayson. "I'm so glad you were able to make it. Find a plate and join me? We've just gotten started." This time she does sit, and it is in time to hear Gwenna's praise. Oh there's some laughter. "Not /everything/, I hope, dearest cousin! There are some things I shouldn't have a single hand in planning."

Cillian takes strawberry milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Lucita says, "The Kennex's are thoughtful. It is a lovely gift." Lucita murmurs gently then looks around at the others. "So many here I've worked with or visited over the last few years. I know the most of you. For those have yet to meet, I'm Baroness-regent Lucita Saik." A charming smile is given as she speaks. "Thanks for reminding me of this, Rowenova. I just may have to leave before it ends if it lasts very long. I'm participating in that concert later.""

Rowenova says, "Hopefully, the transition from feast to concert can be a smooth one."

Cow tucked under her arm, Khanne gives a bit of a look around the crowd after her greeting to everyone, perhaps trying to see where she should sit. But first... food. Heading to the table to take up a plate in hand and pick out some things to put on it, she idly chats with whomever might be nearby. A bit of salad, some fruit and honey, a cookie, a tartlet... a glance around herself and then another two cookies, one put directly into her mouth, whole. She smiles at the woman nearby, lips closed, cookie pressed against cheeks and takes her plate of nibbles to find somewhere to seat herself. "Mmf!" Her hand raises to wave to Morrighan as she heads that way, trying to chew and swallow the cookie evidence before she gets there.

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"Ah, of course," Lorenzo says with an agreeable nod to Gwenna. "I remember you mentioning he sent you a gift, but I don't think I got a close look at it. Though that reminds me, we should try to have a dinner with them soon as well. I wouldn't mind getting another look at the Duke's hat...." There's a touch of humor in his voice as he says this, but he well might be serious.

Arcadia sniggers at the mention of Kennex. "Lord Porter opened multiple glitter parcels the other night. I believe their entire house is coated in glitter. She smiles to Gwenna and gives a self-conscious brush of her gown. "Thank you. I never know what to wear to these type of things. It's gotten to the point where my maids get clothes out for me and I am not allowed a day. They seem to get a little twitchy when I suggest comfy old clothes."

Morrighan gives her legs an ample stretch under the table, ankles crossing, and looking very much like the epitome of comfort. She lightly ticks her head to the side, eyes tracking movement of those nearby, however her gaze eventually drifts to the wolfy scout - and her loaded plate. While not one to stuff her face, the dame does steal a pork rib, as there's no doubt a mini-buffet brought back to the table. The approach of Khanne warrants a glance sidelong to the shaman, and the pork rib is lifted with a mild wave about - and then is promptly gnawed on. "'lo Khanne," she mumbles around a cheekful of meat, foot nudging aside to kick out a chair for the Halfshav.

Cillian holds the cow he has received look at it with a soft smirk something the young man is not known for doing offten, "Scout Rowenova, I am starting to think you are avoiding me." he is trying to hide the teasing tone in his features as he watches the scout. He then takes note of Morrighan, "M'lady." hoe bows his head to be safe as he does not know everyone here.

Helena settles at Gwenna's table with a full plate of food. The pink plushy cow is set on her lap, but then she realizes he might get gravy on him, and so she tucks it behind her back as a bit of a lumbar support. This is why she's the scholar of the Redrain family, guys. "It's lovely! Lord Aethan is very amusing. Or at least I find him amusing, when I can tell he thinks I'm being ridiculous. He's much too polite to say it, though," she says brightly.

Proper ettiquette probably doesn't advice grunting at those above your station, but Dag's clearly never attended any lessons on the subject. When Gwenna addresses him, he does just that, bobbing a faint nod her way as he looks very much like he hopes he'll be dismissed. His frown only deepens when Elgana suggests he finds a plate, his gaze turning to regard her for just a moment before he lifts a hand. "I'm good," he claims, pausing for a beat before he mumbles, lower his palm, and bobs an awkward nod, "Er, Your Highness."

"Here what?" he asks of Rosalind as a plush cow is thrust towards him, his expression somehow finding room to turn even more dire as he pointedly does not reach up to take it. "What is that?"

Llyr sits, seemingly chatting quietly at the table with Marian for the moment. He picks at his food, but does not seem inclined to dig in heavily , preferring the chat to the feasting from all appearances.

"Hi Princess Gwenna!" Rosalind greets everyone else at the tables too as she puts food on her plate. "Oh! Lord Porter was clutching some painting to his chest at the--uh place where the Kennex people go. Said one of the Malvicis did it and the painting deserved to be burned and fed to sharks. He was super drunk,"she explains bursting out laughing. Looking over at Dag, Rosa tells him with the utmost seriousness,"Have a cow!"

Nova only beckons Cillian, letting out a Northern laugh after his smirky words, "What, why would I do that?! No, please join us." Says she as she lifts up her fork with venison upon it.

"I can think of few things you couldn't plan without stunning grace, cousin," Gwenna says to Elgana and grins. "Perhaps war, but thank the gods and spirits we have Marian for that." She smiles over to the Redrain War Chief at that, if briefly. "Truly, everything is beyond. Thank you so much for arranging the dinner." A belated wave is offered to Khanne, the Redrain's smile no less cheerful despite her tardiness. Lucita's remarks tug her attention back to the table. "Duke Aethan was my first protege here in Arx and I worked with the House quite a bit as they worked to elevate. He helped House Redrain, in turn, with our navy as well. I am glad that while we can no longer be patron and protege, we yet remain friends." When Lorenzo mentions the hat, she can't help but laugh. "We /should/ try to meet up with them for dinner soon." That said, she wiggles fingers next at Helena as she sits. "Right? And oh gosh. You know, I did not think the pink cows would do well, so I didn't have as many made. I might have to send a request for more." Dag's grunt draws her attention there again, but she is soon chuckling both at Arcadia's words as well as Rosalind's.

Lenne now pacified by having a coffee-brown and white fluffy cow hugged to her chest, she glances around the room once again. Okay. That's one excuse to drag her feet on actually going to introduce herself to people down. What can she use next to buy herself five more minutes before she has to grit her teeth and go actually talk to humans, and represent her house? Food. Food seems to be the answer. Yes. The girl has a conundrum with free hands, with Not-George. So the cow is soon stuffed into her physician's satchel, with just his horned head poking out of the front. Sure, satchels full of medicine are not the height of fashion. But the last party she was in had her getting shot through the hand with an arrow, during an attack by slavers. So. Off the girl goes, to load up a plate with all that honeyed fruit.

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There is more plate to Khanne's plate than food... other than two cookies and a tartlet. Really, the desserts and fruit take up majority of the food she plans to consume. "Morrighan. Fortuitous to see you here! I have something to share." She lifts a hand and tries to be dainty about brushing away an errant cookie crumb. "How are you?" She smiles too to Rowenova. "Rowe. Looking wolfishly beautiful as always."

Dag gets regular milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Prince Aindre's smile burgeons further at the warmth in Princess Elgana's greeting. Before he can even think of procuring his own plate, one of his servants appears with a small and diverse feast loaded up on one. He takes it with gratitude and finds a seat for himself next to the hostess. "I'm not sure I would have foregone it. The missed opportunity aside, the north is known for their gatherings aren't they?". Moments later, he takes the aperitif brought to him. "Besides, I have been solely in Bastion for so long. It's exciting to get out and explore the celebrations of other fealties."

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Oh! Another bright smile from Gwenna, this time as Volcica joins the table. "It's so good to see you, my lady. I meant to greet you when you came in, but...well." She lifts one shoulder in a quick shrug as if to say, rowdy northern parties, what can you do?

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Volcica slides on over to the food table, of course, to load up a plate with snacks and snag a drink. Then, she resumes her way to Gwenna's table, and finds a seat. "There's a lot of people here, Princess. I won't hold it against you." She shoots a small smile to Gwenna, but with so many people around, the Stahlben's a bit on the more reserved, cool side.

Dag puts regular milk fluffy northlands cow in regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Marian is chatting quietly with Llyr, engaging in the conversation. She pauses as she overhears Gwenna's reference to her role as warchief and gives a hearty laugh, "Well you keep me sane by handling the books and all necessary matters outside of the battlefield and training the troops. Thank goodness for that because I'd be terrible if you let me anywhere near the books."

At the mention of Aethan, Gwenna's former protege, the warchief grins and just has to raise her glass for a toast, "Your protege, Duke Aethan, has given us quite a gift this year, sending us our ships and helping train our new sailors that are manning the ship." She gives a wink to her fellow Voice, "Now if only I was a gifted admiral who knew a port from a stern..." Any misspoken words seem to give a hint just how little Marian knows about sailing."

"As you wish," Elgana says warmly to Dag, "but the offer remains. Plenty of food and spirits to go around." She leaves him to getting assaulted with plush bovine and looks around the room. Others are getting plates and settling in, so that pleases the princess. That warm smile turns back to Aindre as he is given a plate. "You did say you were curious about the northlands. No better time than the present to learn. Come, let me introduce you to some of my family." That plate gets picked up, and as a good Redrain, Elgana starts to herd Aindre off toward that promised family. "My favorite cousin, Princess Gwenna, and her husband, Prince Lorenzo, are just over here. I think she wants me to practice planning war next, care to help me with that, Aindre?"

Arcadia beams when she sees Vola, "Hi!" She bops her sister in law's side with the fluffy pink cow. "Ginny is going to love this." She jumps up and excuses herself. "I need more of that honey stuff. It's delicious."

Helena gets frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

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"They are too darling, truly. I almost wish there were a green one, given it's my favorite color -- besides red of course -- but a green cow would be a little disturbing, perhaps as if it were ill." Her nose wrinkles, but not enough to keep her from stabbing a bit of venison with her fork and bringing it to her mouth. "Very clever, and they do make me miss Farhaven a little bit. Especially in the summer! Farhaven is just perfect in the summer."

Rosalind sees Volcica and waves,"Hi Vola!"as she starts eating some fruit. She looks at all the people and contently sighs. Yep. Great. Drink drink. Love!

Lorenzo gives Helena a warm smile as she joins their table. "Duke Aethan seems like the sort who finds most everyone ridiculous, to one degree or another. But I admit I have found his advice and connections very helpful." He gives Gwenna a look that is part scold, part tease. "If you make one item that is fewer than the others, you are almost certainly going to create a higher demand for that one. Since everyone will view that one as unusual and rare. I thought that might have been your plan all along." He gives a smile to Volcica as she joins their table, and then to Prince Aindre as he is introduced. He gives a curious look to Marian as she mentions sailing. "I've been studying sailing with the Kennex's, looking forward to dear Elgana's plans coming to fruition. Is that something like what you're planning?"

Looking up and over to Helena when she overhears a bit of conversation, Khanne states, "in my experience, one should stay away from any creature that appears to be green when they are not meant to be green by nature alone." She then leans in to murmur softly to Morrighan.

Slowly, very slowly, Dag reaches out and takes the offered cow from Rosalind. "Right," he murmurs, twisting it around to examine it from a few sides. He looks as if he might be about to ask why he's been given a plush cow, but ultimately thinks better of it and just shakes his head, setting the stuffed creature down on the table in front of him in lieu of a plate.

Arcadia gathers even more sweets and slides over to the table with Marian and Llyr instead. She pulls a face "I've never loved boats. Too risky. At least traveling overland you are able to predict what sort of things you'll run into. Everyone talks of how they love the unpredictability of the sea, but that's what makes it so dreadful."

Lucita gives another warm smile. "Master Cillian, how is your wife doing? I have not seen Mistress Petal in a while. One of her assistants has been helping me with some clothing fitting. I hope all is well with her." And she studies the cow she is given and murmurs to Nova. "Lovely plushie, and the twins are old enough now they won't chew on it as it is the same color as chocolate." No one is intentionally ignored as she chats here and there with the others.

Lenne food is secured. Chilled fruits piled high, and stabbed with a little pick to save her hands. While nibbling, the wallflower scholar considers her prospects. Perhaps get some important Lenne objectives secured? Aren't these parties supposed to be about connections, and things like that? She certainly does have business with her shaman sisters. Khanne is... just far too scary. Volcica, then. Nodding resolutely to herself, she heads in the direction of the most populated table, to enact her excu... important future machinations.

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Marian overhears Lorenzo mentioning that he took advantage and got some sailing training while Aethan was assisting Redrain, "Really? Taking to the great open sea?" She motions to Llyr who's sitting at her table, "You two should talk..." There's a teasing gleem in Marian's eyes as she makes the connection." Marian raises her glass to quietly echoes Arcadia's words. She does admit to them, "Oh I got plenty on land to keep me busy anyway. What with those nomadic tribes moving back and forth over the borders before the winters hit." She shakes her head, "Gone damn silent since the frost melted. Haven't seen much there." She takes another deep drink and lowers her voice to continue talking to group at her table.

After Khanne's compliment, Nova quickly swallows the last bite and then smiles brightly to the Halfshav Voice. "Thank you, My Lady. You're looking lovely, too." She offers to share some of her plates with those near her, including Morrighan who already got some and now Cillian, too. Though, she does not say much more as she peers around while... feeding her own face, of course.

"I like sailing but I feel homesick for land if it's anything longer than a couple of days," Helena says with a smile. "I like to feel the earth beneath my feet, not hollow wood atop of moving water. I don't mind a day trip though. It's so beautiful out on the water." She takes a sip of her whiskey. "But we cannot have the earth without the ocean and we cannot have the ocean without the earth. Just don't stay too far away on your voyages, or we'll miss you," she tells Lorenzo.

Volcica takes frothy milk and coffee fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Cillian looks over bowing his head to Lucita, "Baroness Lucita." he greets in return, "Petal is well, she and Lily are resting till she is ready to return to the shop." he speaks of Petal having her child. "I will pass on your message of concern to her." he almost beams when he speaks of Lily and looks to the cow he put on the table. When Khanne comes over he nods to her "Vala Khanne." he stands and waits till she sits to retake his seat looking to Nova and snagging something from her plate and smiles. "It is good to see you my friend."

Gwenna can't help but laugh a bit again. "I much prefer the books over spears, Princess Marian," she says. "We would be doomed were I to approach the battlefield, I do not doubt. As for Duke Aethan, indeed. Who knew that a chance meeting in the training center would have lead to so much?" Eating a bit more of her fruit, she grins to her husband. "I'm so proud of all that you're accomplishing with sailing, my love. But oh, Lorenzo, I swear that was not the plan with the cows! I thought pink would be a little too soft for most, so simply had fewer made. Clearly an err in judgment that I won't make again," she declares and then turns to Helena. "Well, I could see if they'd make a green one, though a nice pale green one, like grass covered in dew, so it looks more natural." she rests one of her hands one her husband's a moment. "I always miss him, even if it's just a day," she says. A few nods are sent in Volcica's direction. "It's quite a gathering, yes, but I'm glad. It's not often we get to do so, what with schedules and duties."

Prince Aindre appears amicable enough to the thought of being herded around by Princess Elgana, leaving his plate behind as he rises from his seat though he is careful to find his summer mead in the departure. "I can see how it might be amusing to teach the art of warfare with the strategies of proper table setting. Given enough time I'm sure parallels between the two could be found.", he says, humoring the hostess of the gathering. Nearing Princess Gwenna and Prince Lorenzo he greets the latter with a similar smile and engages the former with, "Princess Gwenna, Elgana told me a great deal about your hard work for House Redrain when last we met. It is a pleasure to meet someone of such admirable dedication."

Rosalind hears the mention of sailing and perks,"Sailing is wonderful! It's freeing and makes you feel alive and just,"the Ravenseye speaks unsurprisedly of the sea. "It demands respect." Rosa begin piling more food on her plate as she talks. How much more can she eat?! She sneakily gives some to her dog, a sly grin on her face.

Lenne drifts over toward the busiest table, plate in hand, and cow at her side. She gives the chatting people a somewhat bashful smile toward Gwenna's gathered court. "Apologies for the interuption." The girl offers a small curtsey toward Volcica. Or half of one, given said plate. "Lady Stahlben. I figured I'd take the opportunity to speak to you, while you're here. I was hoping to steal away a bit of your time in the next few weeks. I've got a project I intend to set to work, in the next while, involving our shaman compatriots in the North. Centered at the Aerie of Storms, in Stormwall. Given that you are our closest non-vassal neighbors, it seemed right to speak to you early. And before bothering Marquessa Cady" Well, surely that's the first time in history someone has called Bonespire 'near' to anything.

Lorenzo places a hand on Gwenna's sleeve as a brief sort of taking leave, so he can wander over to the table where Marian is sitting. Over his shoulder, he remarks to Helena, "You're going to be asking to join me on a pleasure jaunt before too long," he assures her, before looking back to Marian. "Hearing Elgana talk about her plans made me think of things I might do to assist. No doubt Redrain needs someone dedicated to handling the matters of ships and ports. Even in times of peace, we can improve our financial situation with trade this way."

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Llyr does offer a nod to Lorenzo as Marian brings the man to his attention, but does not interrupt any on-going discussions. He pauses and does eat a bit, taking a moment to just take in the people and the conversations, though he does seem a bit hesitant.

"Princess Gwenna works such magic with ledgers that it makes me nearly green with envy," Elgana says as they arrive at their destination. She grins at Lorenzo at the talk of her plans. "We could definitely use someone who can actually do all of the sailing things that I cannot, that's for certain. I imagine you'd make for a splendid captain, Lorenzo. I have dreams of so many caravels ready to take to the seas for adventure on high!" Elgana deposits her plate before an empty seat and moves to give Helena a one-armed hug. "Sister, darling, and dear. It has been too long. I hear you are performing at the Bard's College soon?"

Marian salutes Gwenna as she mentions her love for the books, "Oh remind me after all this that we need to talk about building a more formal set of buildings off outside of Farhaven." She admits to those at the dinner, "We've gotten some interest as of late in our arena and mudwrestling pit here in Arx and it sparked an idea of mine." She takes a sip of her mead and then continues, "Got me thinking that the Oathlands are known for their knights. Other Great Houses have their special fighting forces." She shakes her head, "What the North excels in is their ability to adjust to the land, work with nature and respect the spirits. Shouldn't we teach a fighting style that captilizes on the natural contours of the land and use it to the advantage." She takes another sip, "I've used these techniques for years while fighting some of the more aggressive, violent shav tribes. These learnings should be taught to the next generation."

Marian pauses as Lorenzo brings up sailing and trade matters. She teases Gwenna, "Now see...I was going to start hunting pirates and destroying my enemies on the water and now you got me thinking on trade." She winks at both of them and it's clear that Marian approves of those thoughts.

Lucita gives a soft laugh. "All the talk of Caravals and I've not managed to add a dromond as yet to our little fleet. In time we'll get that done, just other things had priority.

"You would be surprised, Prince Aindre, just how much damage one can do with a fork," Gwenna tells the Grayson royal with a grin. "A sincere pleasure to meet you, your highness, especially as a friend of my dearest cousin. Who, clearly, speaks far too kindly about me. The House has made great strides due to know few of the family, herself included." She gives a quick wave of hand to the table before them. Her gaze lingers on Lorenzo as he moves to join Marian, that affection again on her expression. Looking back, she dips her head to Elgana. "Truly, your graces keep Redrain a House that people respect and regard highly. I wish I were half as able! Ah, but how I do look forward to many caravels someday!" Lucita's remarks make her nod. "It has seemed quite a boon of them lately, hmm? It is good to have things to keep working for, and sometimes other things simply have to take priority and there's not much to be done about that." Marian latter words make her laugh again. "And me thinking about ships!"

Khanne nods to Morrighan and taps her fingers on her arm. "I'll arrange it then. Expect to see some more info soon." She then smiles to Cillian. "Good to see you, Cillian. You are well?" Though she sits at the Dining Table, Khanne's attention span is fleeting today and she often catches bits of conversation from others not too far away. "You know... when I came to Arx, I was petrified of the ocean. Now? I've sailed over so many many many distances so many times, I feel a bit of love for sailing myself. Still, I do love the feel of earth beneath my feet." She hmms then and says to Morrighan, "which reminds me.. I need two outfits made... and if you are far too busy... do you know anyone who might do good work as well? You know you are my favorite." Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spots Volcica and Arcadia and gives them a wave.

"Oh, not me," says Helena, hopping up to give Elgana a hug and quick kiss on the cheek. "I do not sing in public," she says, looking quite mortified at the idea. "I do plan to go, to support our friends who are performing, of course." She offers a hand to Aindre. "Elgana's sister Helena. Well met, Prince Aindre. Elgana's told me nothing about you, which will have to be remedied swiftly," she says blithely.

Lenne raises her voice from quietly speaking to Volcica, at Gwenna's table, to address Marian. "Highness, have you considered speaking to Dame Leola and to the Lodge of Petrichor, for your academy? People closer to the lands, you'll not find. With many a scout, warrior and able outdoorsman amongst them. They might seem to be a prime initial recruiting ground, and source of teachers. And it just so happens they are trying to find home in further parts of Arvum. Most especially the North, I would think. It could be a mutually beneficial agreement, there."

Morrighan offers a nod in return to Khanne, head bobbing before she loosens a quiet yawn. She lifts her flask up to her lips, tipping the container forward to take a brief pull from it while her gaze drifts to those at the table. A polite upward tick of her chin is given in greeting to Cillian, then a glance sidelong to Rowenova to determine if the wolfy scout is distracted - if so, another bit is purloined from her plate, granted it's not all inhaled already. "I could, potentially, it may jus' be a while b'fore I can get any work done. There's a matter I need tae see to an' some research I need tae do. If'n it's a big order with multiple pieces it might be a few weeks b'fore I could start. Depends if'n you wanna wait."

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"I am well Lady Khanne, a bit of sleepless nights but I am told it will get better once the baby is older." spirts he hopes thats true, he looks to Nova nodding his head to something she says and then hmms, "I have been one a boat once, I am not sure I wish to do so again. I rather be on the ground or in the trees."

Nova pretends to be distracted as Morrighan steals food from her plates. Yes, plural. She jokingly reaches where the empty space remains where the rib once was, and then she looks mock shocked that it is gone before looking this way and that way!

Gwenna bobs her head a few times after Lenne speaks. "Dame Leola has already contacted House Redrain regarding her project, which Princess Helena here is already working with her on. I suspect once her endeavor is complete, we could see about relating them once firmer plans are made for the academy for certain."

This time, a slice of venison, all of it plopped into her mouth - and causing quite the protrusion in her cheek, but Morrighan glances to Rowenova, noting her dismay at missing food. There's a small shrug of her shoulders and a squinted look given to Khanne, all with mock accusation. Perhaps _she_ stole the meat....while the dame chews.

When Lenne asks Marian about the lodge, Helena tips her head in that direction. After Gwenna speaks, she nods in agreement. "I'm in the process of finding the resources and teachers in the north for helping with that project currently. I am very excited to be able to do what I can to make it work for both the Lodge and our northern people," the princess adds. "I'm not a member of the Lodge as such, but Petrichor is very important to me, and I see the value in their work."

Nova glances askance at Morrighan then Khanne then gawks back at the empty spot where the missing food is, and then she does not move, as if suddenly catatonic, but then she cannot hold this for too long and cracks up. Sir Floppington wags lots in direct response to the hearty laughter.

Marian gives a thoughtful look to Lenne as her words cross over to grab her attention, "Hmmm, yes, we did offer to help Dame Leola with her efforts. However, I'm not sure if she's looking to go a more military bent or not." She grins at Gwenna as she confirms who's focusing on that effort, "Yes, Princess Helena..." She switches back to her idea around nature and fighting, "Well, I wanted to work with the Spirit Walkers to see how we can help strengthen this disciple." She sends a glance at Khanne who's sitting at another table, "Anyway, I wanted to use this new college to also funnel champions into the arena so show off the unique fighting styles of the North." She nods to Elgana with a fond look, "Might even warrant a few events to draw the interest. The mud wrestling that my sister, Monique, helped with got a positive reception."

"I very likely might be surprised at the level of casualties one can find with a fork. Perhaps if some venture is undertaken to teach warfare with dinnerwar we'll ask you to consult on it.", Prince Aindre tells Princess Gwenna, humor in the tone he takes. When Princess Helena introduces herself, he turns briefly to Princess Elgana and gently accuses her, "You never told me you had a sister! Are there more siblings in hiding?" with some small, almost teasing surprise. He looks back to Helena, "Well met, as you say. My life is quite the open book so I am sure we will have little trouble satisfying your curiosity. Do you like dry reading?". His smile is briefly almost a smirk at the jest.

Cillian reaches over to pat Sir Floppington chuckling him self at the goings on between his table mates, seems he is not the only one who picks from the scouts plate. "Some time NOva you should come see the Caribou, we only have a few but I am hoping soon we will have more since we have a few mating pairs."

Vicente enters into the dining room and his, his face flat and his hands slowly scanning over the gathering. There's a moment of what appears to be serious consideration of walking back out. His eyes narrow, he glances over his shoulder and he even half turns but then he turns back around. He still doesn't look any more expressive but he does make his way in.

"No? I must've been daydreaming when the concert was mentioned to me, then. This summer has been far more tolerable than the last few," Elgana says as she gives Helena another little squeeze of a hug. She looks toward Aindre for a moment before she says to her sister, "Haven't I? I swear I mentioned the Prince Aindre in a letter. Well." There's some gesturing between Helena and Aindre then as she says to them both: "Sister, Aindre. Aindre, my darling sister, Helena. She's a poetic genius and one of my favorite people in all of Arvum. Prince Aindre is freshly arrived, so to speak, from Bastion. He's also quite curious about the northlands, so I've promised to be his right hand in learning all he can." That smile turns teasing as she adds for Aindre's benefit, "I do have an older sister, Agatha, as well as a brother who went rather errant, Leif. He gave it all up in the name of the gods and serves as a Templar now." There's a hint of sadness there, but it doesn't linger too long.

"Oh! Congrats, Cillian, on your child. I... have to be honest, I only know from babies what my friends with children tell me, mostly, so far. Even though Arik keeps telling me I need to give him nieces or nephews..." Khanne looks back to Morrighan and shares a brief murmur before looking quizically at the squinty eyed look. "What?" A brief look around finds Rowenova looking around for someone at fault of something and well, clearly all Khanne eats is rabbit food and sweets, so it was definitely not her.

"Not big fancy outfits... really just two gowns and shoes to go with, or something. One gown for sure and the other is... up for debate. I am sorta patient! I've been looking for awhile already, but we shall see!" She looks up again and over to Helena. "The Lodge? I am a member. Oh! Their expansion! Excellent." She smiles.

Glancing at Rowenova then, she asks with a look over her shoulder towards Dag. "So who is your friend that you brought?" And when she is looking over her shoulder, she sees Marian looking at her. "Hi! Which... strengthen what?" She lifts a hand and uses her other as if she is holding a pen, mimicking writing on paper, as if to ask Marian to talk to her later about it.

Lenne inclines her head toward Marian, at that talk of being unsure if they wish to be more militaristic. "They aren't a martial order, especially, no. But the Crovane lands have had the pleasure of hosting the Lodge for many years. And I can say from personal experience that I've met some incredibly formidable folk, there. Of the sort that any right-minded enemy would be terrified of meeting in their home territory, in the wilderness." A little sly smile tugs at her lips, then. "Besides, I don't expect they call Dame Leola the Paladin of Groves solely due to her arboricultural skills. So one never knows."

Lucita says, "Dame Leola is one of my house ministers and a very valued one. She has so many skills and contacts as you mentioned. " She is keeping an eye on the time, having already explained she will need to leave in a short while. She grins a little as she says, like Khanne, picking up comments here and there and responding to them and hoping she is not missing any addressed toward her. "Fancy outfits can be fun, or a headache.""

@emit Nova tries to gawk again about food being stolen but then just laughs it off and does not seem to truly mind. She back pats Cil one time, quite firmly, but not when it might choke him (of course). "I would love to. Thank you for allowing Sir Flop and I to be a part of finding them. I do want to check in to see how they are, as well as your little one, Lily, too." When Khanne talks about Arik's bothering her about children, Nova cracks up off to the far side, but she soon recovers once addressed. "I invited Baroness Lucita over there, but she will need to head out soon for the concert in which she will be performing. I should go to that, to hear the history that will be sung and told there." Realizing the time, Nova starts to stuff herself silly with food, a bite from this plate, a bite from that plate, sometimes putting 2 or 3 items in her mouth at the same time and somehow keeping it from being gross by keeping those cherry-toned lips together.

Vicente hears the word martial and his attention seems to perk up over towards Lenne but when it registers that she has said, they /aren't/ a martial order, his attential shifts away and he continues to meander through the hall. He's managed to grab a glass of some alcohol and takes a quick shot of it. He glances around at all the various hanger-ons and and guards. Vicente gives a soft chuckle as he looks over the sheer numbers of people here.

Gwenna dips her head politely to Aindre, her tone serious. "I would be, of course, quite honored to offer dinnerware warfare tactics, your highness, if called upon." The serious expression that matched the tone crumbles shortly after. More truly, it is lovely to have you as a guest. I'm actually supposed to catch up with your cousin, Princess Lou, in a few days on something. I assume cousins, as we all almost seem to be," is said with a chuckle. The words from Lenne and Lucita draw a few more nods from the princess. Turning again to the latter, she smiles. "Fancy outfits are sometimes hard to find, indeed, but when you do? It's almost magical. The concert is later today, isn't it? I'm hoping to attend, Baroness. I don't think I've had the pleasure of hearing you sing in person." She notices Vicente and offers the latest arrival a wave of her hand in greeting. "There is plenty of food and drink, as well as conversation," she offers kindly.

Cillian smiles at the thought of Arik bugging Khanne, "I have not seen Lord Arik in a bit, I do hope he is doing well?" he looks to Nova, "Would you like some company? I find myself trying to get to thing more lately. Though I will admit the last one I was at was attacked. I am glad I was at the lodge to help when it was."

Rosalind's attention is everywhere. Gods and Spirits! Her large hazel green eyes see who Gwenna is speaking to and finally--the Ravenseye gives up. With a stand and a smile on her tan freckled face, she introduces herself to everyone she doesnt know,"Hello! I'm Lady Rosalind and. Ros or Rosa though to most everyone. Nice to meet you." And with that, the tall redhead plunks herself back in her seat, reaching for more venison. Nudging Dag, Rosa grins,"Hey! Doing ok grunty?"

Arcadia hears Khanne and Cillian and gives a snort. "Lord Arik thinks the answer to everything is to have more babies. I get a letter every few weeks asking if I'm having another yet from him."

Lenne calls out toward Vicente as well, after Gwenna does, to add onto her greeting, to the party. "Also, the chest full of complimentary plush cows, Lord Fidante. Should you desire them. We'd be remiss at hosts not to mention." Because surely, the incredibly stoic and serious Vicente will be just the sort to want to have a bright pink, fluffy cow doll. They will doubtless be the rage with all of the brooding, blood-red old warriors, this season.

Looking very out of his element, Llyr finally decides to focus on the plate he filled earlier. He does seem attentive, but he's not inserting himself into any of the conversations actively just at the moment.

The look in her cobalt-blue eyes is a bit distant as Nova continually shovels food into her own maw. As though she were thinking hard about something and her eating were becoming mechanical and not hindered by any potential of fullness (if that is something that Nova can possibly experience). She soon blinks then she swallows down this last bite, "Of course, please join us." says she to Cil. Then, what Arcadia says tickles her, and so Nova lets out another Northern laugh once more. Cleaning off the last item of one of her plates, she gets up and heads for emergency packing of a few wooden boxes from her Messenger Bag, deftly lining those with meats and treats as if she were some kind of expert mason of food... getting those boxes efficiently and effectively packed with no wiggle room and no space left unfilled within!

Rosalind takes regular milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Vicente takes regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Vicente drops regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Marian waves for more mead at her table and then sends the poor servant to get her more food since she's busy talking to the folks at her table. She salutes Khanne when the hand motions note for the warchief to send her a note. She gives a quick salute. The mention of having more babies has the warchief almost choking and she mutters, "Thank the gods I'm done with all that." Then catches herself, "I have enough with my three lovely angels." She winks at the last word.

Though he's been silent, Dag has at least been listening to the proceedings with a fairly severe expression writ plain on his craggy features. So, when Khanne asks about him he looks her way. "Dag," he offers without waiting for an introduction on his behalf, his arms crossing over his chest as he tucks his chin in against his beard in a nod, "M'lady."

When Rosa nudges him, he looks her way then sighs, one shoulder lifting into a ponderous shrug. "Fine. Not much for me to contribute." A pause. "And I'm not much for making small talk." He glances off to the side, inspecting nothing of any importance, then looks back to her, "You know, I could have won that game. Would have earned me a bundle of silver." Staying true to form, he grunts in mild irritation, "Would have been handy."

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"Mm," is all Helena has to say to Elgana with a grin, regarding letters. She lifts a shoulder at the mention of Leif leaving the family. "We all must follow our paths. His was simply another trail that forked from ours, and is always a Redrain in our hearts." She looks around, dark eyes sweeping the family and friends present, one brow lifting at the unhappy countenance of Vicente, though not commenting on it. "It is lovely to see everyone in one place, and sad to miss those who are not present, of course. I regret I need to slip out, but look forward to seeing you all again soon," Helena says brightly.

Lucita finishes her meal and rises. She curtsies toward the ones who have royal titles and gives a beguiling smile. "Thank you for the delicious meal, the chocolate cow, and the delightful company. This has been a real pleasure but I do need to go before the concert producer decides I have a case of stage fright and decided to avoid the commitment I made to sing." She again smiles as she starts to head out.

"I mean... I do have to... someday. It's in the plan!" Khanne says about having a child... someday. "Just... " She shrugs. Thankfully, Dag gives her a reason to change topic again. "Dag! Pleased to meet you. I'm Vala Khanne Halfshav. Have you only recently come to the city?"

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Marian is overheard praising Elgana: Excellent hostess!

Vicente gives a bow of his head to Gwenna at her greeting and says, "I thank you my lady." And then over towards Lenne, another bow and, "Thank you my lady." He glances over towards the chest and rather discretely makes his way over towards the chest and almost looks as if he's taking one and placing it in his cloak.

Gwenna is overheard praising Elgana: An /amazing/ event, as always!

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Vicente gets chocolate milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

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Arcadia certainly pulls a face, "I have warned Lord Arik, one more letter and he may never be able to produce children himself." She takes another sip of whiskey before a messenger arrives and she's stuck looking at whatever nonsense someone has sent her.

Khanne grins at Arcadia. "I don't think he wants them... But, I am sure he wants to -be able- to have them if he chose. I hope he heeds your warning then."

Cillian stands up chuckling at what Arcadia speaks about Lord Arik shaking his head, "Vala Khanne, M'lady." he picks his cow up and heads to follow Nova out.

Rosalind grins at Arcadia,"I just keep telling everyone to bring me their babies and I'll teach them things. Then ship them back."

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Marian is still deeply engaged in conversation at her table. She murmurs her thanks to the servant as another plate of food and mead arrives to the animated warchief. Altough, at a certain point, there's a more serious tone to her joking as if she's talking about something that's important to her.

Lenne drifts further from the table, to follow after Vicente. He's a familiar face, at least. And an unintimidating one. The quieter and more stoic ones always are. "I didn't think you'd actually take one, Lord Fidante," the young scholar admits. Her voice takes on a somewhat teasing lilt, to it. "You have a hidden softer side that I didn't expect, Lord. I most assuredly approve." Her voice drops to a somewhat lower and more conspiratorial note. "Though, seeing your covertness, I must ask advice. What do you think my odds are on smuggling out an additional cow, for a gift? I do believe I'm relatively unobserved. I'm not exactly an attention-draw at parties."

Arcadia excuses herself discreetly and moves off, letters in hand.

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Dag nods to Khanne when she introduces herself, momentarily alleviating some of the grim solemnity that clings to his expression by way of being the bare minimum of polite. "Just the other day," he mentions on the topic of him being a new arrival to the city, "So far..." He shrugs, which is either a stellar endorsement or a grievous critique -- it's not really clear with him.

Vicente seems startled when Lenne sneaks up behind him with the stealth of the night. He clears his throat as he turns around and looks to Lenne and gives her a nod of his head in acknowledgement, "In truth, it's not for me but no one will believe such a statement I realize." His tone flat as it always is unless otherwise stated. He glances down to his palms briefly then moves to fold his hands behind his back and says, "You don't exactly appear the shy wall flower, or is this an attempt to put me at ease. If so that is very kind."

Gwenna dips her head in return to Vicente. "You are quite welcome, my lord," she offers in return and then finishes up what is left of her meat pie. "This has been quite nice, I think. Beyond the perfection of the setting, it is good to gather and talk about ideas and plans, as well as find people who might willing to assist. We all have are niches, so to speak. Mine clearly being numbers and diplomacy, but both can come in handy at times, should anyone have a need."

"Oh! There is something I do wish to announce," Elgana says brightly, turning to address the room. "Princess Sabella has decided to hold Taste of Arx again, so I am putting the word out here first and foremost that Redrain will be participating again. Which means I'm hoping that all of the Houses in the fealty will be willing to take part in some small way. It can be hosting a game at the main event for Redrain, or showing off goods and crafts, or food and drink, famous in your part of the northlands." She pauses there to let it all sink in before continuing, "I will also be reaching out to each House individually as I know not everyone could make it to dinner. Feel free to also pass along the word as well, get excitement stirring, and any interested parties can be directed to me. I'd love for this one to be greater than the last. There isn't a set date for the events, so everything is being played by ear for now."

Smiling at Dag, Khanne says, "ah! Well. Welcome to Arx. It can be a culture shock sometimes... I don't know what you do, like, for a living.. or anything. But..." She gestures in the vague direction of Spirit Walkers Hall. "If you have any shamanic leanings, we have a hall just that way. Princess Drea, Elder Mirk, or myself are available to talk to if you desire.. as are many of the shamans.... But yeah. Welcome!" She turns to look for Elgana then. "Princess Elgana... I must thank you for putting together this dinner. A beautiful success! I love when we get so many people together. Thank you."

Lenne shakes her head at Vicente's outrageous accusations. "I am a most honest girl, Lord. I assure you that I spent at least the first twenty minutes of this party attached to various walls. Florally. Then I said two words to someone who I had business with. Followed by mostly seeing if I could turn invisible in plain sight, until you arrived." She dips her head in a manner of confiding admission. "Truthfully, I find people of your temperament quite comforting to be around. And so, here I am! I'll even pretend to believe your talk of getting the toy as a gift. I do hope that this unnamed person enjoys him, Lord. They are quite soft and well-made." She reaches to pat the cow-head poking out from the flap of her satchel.

Marian looks over at Gwenna with a fond look, "I would not make a move without first talking to you because I need your clever mind to figure out how we can afford all the things I want to do." She takes a few more sips of her mead and waves off those that had to slip out of the dinner as they head out the door. She pauses as Elgana mentions the upcoming Taste of Arx and the game, "Hmmm, maybe we could show off bear wrestling techniques. I had a chance a while back to do it..." She gives a wink, "Long story..." But continues on her point, "But it's a pretty unique skillset." She then realizes it might not be those kind of games, "Hmmm...."

Vicente happens to give a glance over around the time Khanne mentions the 'shaman stuff' but it lingers very briefly. He then turns back to Lenne and says, "I will admit I'm torn between two people whom to give it to. One I believe to be possessive of me and the other not so much so." He lifts his hand to scratch at the thick beard that seems to be drawing close to being too big. He then stares at Lenne as he hmms and finally says, "No need to feel like you need to fit in, people will like you or not." And then with a momentary hesitation, "But of course that can be easier said than done." And then, "But unless you wish to speak of military tactics and strategy, I believe you will find me a dull conversationalist."

Rosalind glances at Elgana and grins,"I dont think a boat will fit in the house." She could be joking. Hopefully.

"Smith," Dag replies to Khanne easily, one hand coming up to mime a couple hammer swings as if it was at all helpful. "Armor, mostly. Few other things." He looks at the indicated 'that way' with mild interest, but doesn't seem to necessarily leap at the knowledge. If he does have shamanic leanings, he apparently isn't terribly gung-ho about it. ""Preciate it."

When Elgana mentions the Taste of Arx, however, he perks up. Or at least he does the Dag version of perking up, which is to say he looks her way and scratches at his jaw beneath his beard. Looking somewhat pensive, he turns back to face the plush cow that still sits where a plate should be, staring at him as he stares back.

Gwenna brightens at Elgana's announcement and clasps her hands together. "Oh, how wonderful! I have just the game in mind, I think, since I didn't assist much last time around. Maybe I'll even make a few paintings of Farhaven," she muses before turning to laugh a little once Marian speaks. "Well, we shall see how the silvers pan out, hmm? As well as what His Grace thinks. I have every hope he will find great merit in all these projects and endeavors we hope to accomplish." That said, she does push herself up from her seat. "I did tell the Baroness I would try to make her event, so if I'm not needed for further business, I think I might try to go do that? If I am needed, well, I can just get another plate since I'm already up," she quips and chuckles. "Though I feel like I haven't gotten to speak to everyone half as much as I hoped." Vincente's remarks about military does tug her attention. "We are hoping to do something in Farhaven that would touch on military tactics and strategy, actually. Those, however, are Princess Marian's areas of expertise," she says with a nod toward the Redrain War Chief.

Marian does admit to being military focused when Gwenna brings her name into the conversation, "Yes, I'm rather focused singularly on our defenses and enemies." She shakes her head and complains, "Which seem to be growing since the snow melted last spring." She takes a sip of her mead and calls out to Dag, "Armor...hmmm, well I keep wanting to see if we can figure out some new techniques around hardening our leather armor to get closer to some of the plates but run lighter."

Khanne finishes the nibbles on her plate, then rises from her seat at the dining table. "So sorry I have to go... I truly enjoyed this and..." she looks around, frowning as she sees Rosalind, Vicente, Aindre, Lorenzo, Llyr, Lenne, and others whom she did not get a chance to talk to. "I wish I had time to talk more with everyone, but for now, I have some business to attend." She pats the head of her cow then and smiles. "And thank you for this. I want them all!"

Gwenna wrinkles her nose a little. "Things in the Northlands have been rumored to be a bit more interesting as of late. Perhaps to be expected when the last of the snows are gone and travel is easier." When Khanne moves to depart, she gives a cheerful wave. "Thank you for coming, Vala Khanne! Please give my regards to Elder Mirk, if I might ask as much."

Lorenzo gives Marian an amused smile. "Are you planning to develop some new sort of material for armor? There has been word of so many different materials from different parts of Arvum, it's hard to tell which is best or most cost-effective." He gives an affirmative nod to her as she takes her leave. "It was good to catch up with you on this topic. Please do drop me a note if there's anything further we should discuss." Out of the corner of his eye, he catches sight of his cousin Khanne, and he sends her a smile and wave.

"I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and hope that everyone will be as excited as I am to showcase what makes the northlands the absolute best," Elgana says warmly, her dark eyes moving about the room to take in interest. "The Taste of Arx was a wild success last time. I'm certain we can outdo ourselves with little effort." As her gaze lands on Rosalind, she laughs. "Make a smaller boat? I'm curious to see what Ravenseye might do for the festival." Khanne gets a nod and smile. "I'm glad to see so many faces. It's good to get together like this, we should do it more often."

Lenne's gaze follows Vicente's, when it drifts toward Khanne. She seems to be ready to speak up about something on the topic of shamans, but alas, Dag seems uninterested. Drat. She returns her attention to the old warrior, and arches a brow. "Possessive, is it? Well done, Lord. Dare I ask who the lucky girl is?" The talk of fitting in seems to bring a more sober mien, to her. She bites her lip for a moment, before answering. "Normally, and for most of my life, I didn't concern myself with such. But things are very different, since coming to the city. Friends are a great strength and comfort I'd never thought to gather, before. But, I am blessed with more wisdom on the topic now. So I know it's worth the attempt. Flowering on walls, though my nature may be." She tilts her head toward Gwenna, when she talks about military strategy. "And there you have it. A topic perfect for you, Lord. And if not, I'll be happy to speak of the effects and causes of our rearmaments, across the Compact, of late."

Rosalind looks aside at Dag and grins. Yep. Such a good to dra--bring him here. Hearing Khanne, she waves to her,"It was good to see you! We'll chat soon!" And man can she chat!

Lenne takes regular milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Vicente turns and offers his arm to Lenne before he moves to address anyone else. His face is flat though and not especially welcoming from appearances, "Will you join me my lady." He takes a momentary pause and says, "Vicente if you please though." His eyes only momentarily shifts about and he adds to her, "I had anticipated seeing someone else here and need some northern blood to accompany me." There's a pause, he's unflinching in his expression, "The possessive one is Lady Silvana." He looks up to those military people so that they know he has not forgotten them while he awaits his companion.

Khanne lifts a hand to Lorenzo and Gwenna, offering an "of course," to the latter.

Khanne gets regular milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Marian takes chocolate milk fluffy northlands cow from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Khanne snags another moo on her way out the door, murmuring as she does, "for Caleb."

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