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Seaside Soiree

Join Houses Velenosa and Fidante for a beach party of such extravagance that it cannot even be called a 'beach party', but has instead been elevated to the status of 'Seaside Soiree'. Come for the over-the-top decadence, stay for the opportunity to drown your enemies while they're out on a pleasure swim. It was just an accident! Calm down, and have a glass of fine Southern wine.


Aug. 10, 2016, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Calista Esera


Fergus(RIP) Larissa Isolde Edain Lydia Acacia Caprice Kieran Niccolo(RIP) Talen Margot(RIP) Jaenelle Gustave Denon Kima Gareth(RIP) Jacinthe Alistair Audric(RIP)



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Comments and Log


The Grand Duchess and I co-hosted a little Seaside Soiree the other evening down by the beaches. I have to admit that while the whole affair was extravagant and spectacular, it made me long for the Southern Shores. The party was well received. Her Grace, Esera, was ethereal in her scantily clad gossamer gown of which I was totally envious but that is because her grace is just a beautiful and striking woman and could wear a potato sack and still appear flawless and sensual.

I could name all the people that were there in attendance because I've come to know many of them by now. I was touched to see the Whispers out and about though Isolde greedily stole them for her own nefarious purposes. Who could possibly deny the charming Mirrormask? Certainly not I! His Grace, Duke Niccolo was also in attendance with his protege Mistress Acacia. Master Talen Artiglio was ill prepared for sand but still made an appearance to support his liege lady and myself. Lady Kima Saik was also there and I've come to learn she was conversing for a while with a sellsword by the named of Audric. I do not know him well, yet. Lady Lydia, Princess Jaenelle, Lord Gustave, Prince Gareth, Prince Fergus and Prince Kieran were also present and while I know I did not get a chance to speak with each of them individually, I certain saw them frolicking about the dunes and in the waves. My sincerest hope is they enjoyed the evening and were not -too- scandalized over the Lycene affair.

I spent a little bit of the evening on the Southern Dunes speaking with Inquisitor Alistair. The man seems different for an inquisitor but then again, I've never truly had the pleasure of getting to know one other than knowing who they are and should they come looking for you, run the other way. He's a pleasant man, serious though. I filled his cup, twice, before stepping away.

All in all it was a great party. I have Grand Duchess Esera to thank for offering me the opportunity to join forces with her. I cannot even begin to express what an honor it is to be in her company. Next beach party will have more than just food and wine. There needs to be a bit more mischief.


Grand Duchess Esera held a joint event with mind-blowing largesse alongside Lady Calista Fidante. The seaside soiree was in homage to some of the parties found in the south but remarkably more tame than usual to suit the modest tastes of Arx and its citizens. It's still too early to tell how much is too much for these slightly more reserved individuals, but steadily, one step at a time, they will learn to appreciate the charm of such freedoms we encourage.


The beach was overtaken with flowers and silk, with couches and fine wine and Whispers. Oh, the beach parties in Lenosia were more scandalous, by far -- but in Arx, all cultures meet, and not all cultures are as daring as the Lyceum. Still, it was beautiful, and Lady Calista, my co-host, was beautiful in kind -- she shone bright as the stars overhead. She will rise high in Arx, I'm sure of it.

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Esera stands at the beginning of a marble pathway laid down in the sand, tile by tile, and scattered with roses. She is dressed in a gown of aquamarine silk, the color of the sea beneath the sun. Half-transparent, that gown offers the scandalous illusion of her figure beneath it. Or, more than an illusion, perhaps. She greets her guests as they arrive, with a smile and a glass of wine.
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On one arm, Talen walks, on the other, Larissa walks. Isolde guides them both, sauntering like the cat that caught the canary. "Esera, my love, you have forgotten you most important accessory!" She motions to Talen, kissing his cheek gently, shooing him off to attended her sister, her date for the evening clearly the woman on her arm. They wear matching outfits, which are... well, novel to anyone but the Lyceum, the criss-crossing bands of fabric, covering the best bits. Isolde acqueices to -some- modicum of propriety, wearing a robe of strips of silk, the fabric offering peeks.
Surrounded by gleaming skin, writhing dancers and expensive beachwear all around, it would be easy to miss Jacinthe. The Whisper courtesan has chosen simple and demure for her swimming attire, wearing a silk knee-length shift of virginal pink secured by white ribbons over each shoulder. It perfectly sets off the gold of her skin and the long, wavy bronze hair that is left loose down her back. In bare feet, she has the appearance of a maiden sacrifice or new bride approaching her husband's bed. And certainly, there is a shine in her eyes, pleasure and anticipation both showing as she walks the path to the sand, studying the lanterns, the torches, the gossamer tents.

But, more importantly, she studies those in attendance as well. Beginning with Esera, their hostess, who receives the courtesan's curtsy and the full warmth of her smile when Jacinthe rises. "Your Grace," is pitched to be polite murmur behind the others who address her-- sisters take precedence!-- leaving the Whisper clear to slip by.
Audric arrives without the usual accompanying set of shady-looking mercenaries. Being near water is probably too much like being near a bath. He's not even armored for once, stripped to the waist. He's kept the hat, though. And a sword. The mercenary takes a look around for the briefest of moments with his usual lazy grin before heading taking care of the most important thing: procurement of alcohol.
Niccolo approaches the beach, walking down the path with Acacia on his arm. While his features remain as schooled as ever, his expression shows pride and curiosity both. "This is very, very nice," he says, his words aimed at his companion as they approach. Seeing Esera, he smiles in her direction, with a small incline of his head. "Your Grace," he greets her respectfully and then turns to see Isolde, Larissa and Talen.

Amusement flashes through the man's features as Talen is sent to Esera, his eyes lingering on his other daughter. "My dear Isolde," he greets her. The duke takes a moment then to look for familiar faces.
Kieran strides down the marble tiles towards the area prepared for the soiree. He wears a white linene shirt laced up the front and a pair of brown leather trousers. His feet are bare, as he left his boots behind. Who wants sand in their boots? He looks up at the beating sun and frowns at the nemesis of all red-haired people, before smiling at Esera as he approaches and gives her a bow, "Your Grace. It's a pleasure, as always."
Lydia is dressed for an evening on the beach in a light, airy linen gown, with long sleeves and a slender skirt. ( ). Her steps take her towards Esera with the rest of the arriving crowd, and the lady approaches her with a broad smile on her face. "Your grace, it's such a pleasure to see you. Thank you so much for hosting this."
Clearly, no one has ever explained a beach party to Prince Edain, He show's up dressed, as he would be any other day. His heavy blue tabard with the white dragon, over a darker grey shirt and leggings. He looks around the beach and sees... well quite frankly he is over dressed. However the lovely Last Lady of Tyde that he is escorting to the event looks far more festive than he. He leans over and remarks to her, "I am clearly not well prepared for this..."
"There's some games I'm never quite going to be able to get good at... throwing parties this lavish is certainly one of them. Blessed ffu--" The rest of the curse is extinguished by a murmured noise with Acacia's lips curving into a slight smile once they near, splayed fingertips hazarded towards one of the lanterns before encroaching company pulls her attention back. As they approach the Grand Duchess, her hand uncurls from Niccolo's arm, presenting a bow of deeper respect and a similar one towards Isolde and her companion. A strategic sidestep aside has her procurring two goblets of wine, the first sipped from and then offered towards Niccolo's hand, the second drank from more heartily while she loiters within his shadow.
Talen is a remarkably violent looking ornament on the arm of Isolde, a man wrapped in obsidian leather, polished steel and carrying weapons of exotic metal both. When Isolde all but throws him in the direction of Esera, he wordlessly transitions from one Velenosa princess to the other, though he lingers more like a sentinal in the vicinity of the Grand Duchess once he's bowed respectfully for his liege lady. "Your grace," he emits. With his mirrored helmet under his spare arm, the Lenosian man is cradling it. As one after the other come to greet and pay their respects to the hostess, grey-blue eyes watch them almost hawkishly. Kieran is given his due, a bow as well, the occasional other prince or princess likewise provided such.
Margot whispers to Edain as she's escorted in by the Prince, all bedecked in her lovely, pearl accented gown and jewelry. She glances around at the decor and smiles faintly. "Back home such a gathering would have a great deal more rum and fist fights, and I would be asked to depart shortly after I arrived." She pauses to look up to Edain. "Apparently we are both ill prepared."
Ever a man able to creep through a crowd, Audric all but appears behind Talen once he's procured two cups of one. He claps the Sword on the back in greeting, which is a feat with both hands occupied, before thrusting one glass towards him. "Talen, my good friend," he says, then pitches his voice to a faux-whisper. "You know it's very hard to swim in armor, right? I've tried. Mostly when I've had to jump out of windows. Miserable business, I have to say."
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Kima makes her way from the Lyceum Ward to the beach, and as she approaches, the light of the numerous torches and fire reflects within her eyes. Entwining her fingers together to hold them demurely beneath her chin, the blonde smiles and proceeds along the walkway in order to give her greetings to the night's hostess - one of them, anyway! A loose, flowing robe of silk bearing floral patterns obscures whatever Kima might wear beneath it, and upon her feet are sandals.

"I wonder," she says, overhearing Audric, "Is there such a thing as self-defenestration?" Arching a brow, she adds on. "It's just seem to have such a relation with windows..."
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Whereas Isolde strove for a modicum of decorum in her outfit, Larissa, the Princess' chosen escort for the night, was left with nothing but the few peach strips of fabric that covered her body. If she was at all uncomfortable with the attire chosen for her, it doesn't show.. indeed there is nothing but pride and pleasure spilling from her smile and her eyes as she hangs delicately and prettily from the arm of Isolde. As they near Esera the young Whisper bows her head respectfully "Highness, what a marvelous little delight you have for us. My gratitude to you for such a lavish fete" As the area fills with other faces she nods and greets as she goes - though upon seeing Jacinthe she breaks into a familiar grin and wiggles her finger at her fellow Whisper.

Dressed up in Velanosian style, displaying bold sensuous colors similar to those of the oversized pillows gathered about near the shoreline. Denon Whisper joins the rest of the gathering, offering proper greetings to the hostesses. His attire shows off some of his phsyique, mostly his arms which are toned and fit enough for someone who keeps in shape but not the type of a proper athlete. His clothing is simple and light, able to be shed easily if he need to swim. Once the expected is tended to he awaits the formal start of the festivities.

Edain raises a brow to something, that Margot has said, "Rum and fist fights? It sounds like Goodwoman Ida would enjoy a Thraxian Beach Party." Edain says this not in the least bit motivated by the prospect of getting to see the Oathland's champion pugilist knock out a burly Thrax sailor. He straightens his tabard and says to the young woman with him, "Shall we go and greet the gracious hostesses?"
Like always, there must be an inquisitorial presence somewhere.. or perhaps Gareth is here representing the Grayson family. Either way, the Prince Inquisitor makes his way across the shoreline, slowly, of course. The man's shuffling gate doesn't make for beach going a pleasurable experience, yet it seems the Grayson prince is just showing up to immeaditly make his way to the tents.. and then plant himself amongst the pillows. Dressed in a scandelous robe.. or really the same old number of gray and brown.. the Grayson prince is dressed the same as always, his gaze just as cold.. as always.. so on and so forth.
Fergus arrives.
So many faces, so many important names. Jacinthe fortifies herself by claiming a cup of wine from one of those circulating trays-- the best accessory when one is on a course to nod, smile, perform slight shoulder-deep bows and otherwise acknowledge one's social superiors. It's all sweetly done, of course, to match the sweet shade of pink she wears, and sometimes subtly done as well. Acacia, for instance, receives a small curled smile when she's spied in Niccolo's shadow, before that fellow receives a dip of the Whisper's head. Talen too receives a nod, coupled with a moment of dubious study for hsi choice of beach attire. The thought of all of that armor in this weather leads to a sip of the chilled wine.

Far less formal is the way she drops her hand and slides a finger-wiggling wave back towards Larissa, Jacinthe's own faint grin hidden behind the lip of her cup.
Esera keeps on smiling, keeps on passing glasses of wine -- at least, until her sister arrives, and sends a swordsman after her. "You're inappropriately dressed for a beach party," she informs Talen, gravely, in approximately the same tone you might inform someone they'd been diagnosed with a serious case of death. "How're you going to swim? How'll you ever get the sand out of your leathers? Five years from now, you'll still be getting sand out--" She's disrupted from her rant by Niccolo's arrival. She gives him a quick, fierce hug.
Margot nods to Edain, "In Maelstrom it would be on a boat, and the part Goodwoman Ida would not enjoy is not being allowed to stay past sunset. Women are not allowed to fight back home after all. But yes, lets."
The Inqusitiorial Minitorium is still working on requisitioning the proper beach wear for spontaneous sea-side questioning. Alaric arrives in a similar manner as his fellow inquisitor, the unmistakable uniform of the Hoods his choice of attire for this fine evening. The man steps towards Esrea and gives a bow, before producing an invitation that he raises a brow to. "I believe I have your co-host to thank for this. And where is she hiding? Did you bury her in the sand?" Alistair questions as his intense gaze sweeps the crowd of gathered party goers and nobility.
Talen twists his head sharply in Audric's direction, the hand on his sword manipulating the pommel as if ready to draw. Though, when it seems to be Audric, he settles soon enough. "Master Audric," he returns in a far more foraml manner. The glass offered is considered at length before, finally, he reaches and clasps it with the clawed gauntlet. "Thank you," he issues in simple reply. To Esera he replies matter-of-factly, "I didn't actually plan to swim," he adds then, "nor climb upon a boat, or even consider the prospect of such. Princess Jaenelle would have a small coronary were she to see me within anything encroaching a personable vicinity to a sea vessel, you see. I'm quite content to remain on the shore." Looking to the liquid, he sniffs it openly, no qualms with making it obvious he doesn't trust Audric's liquor offered. Then, satisfied, he drinks after a simple sip. The various looks in his direction are given unequal stares back, stormy eyes harder than most. "It's not even that hot here compared to back home," he tells Audric, "they look at me as if I'm mad. Try wearing leather in Lenosia."
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Kieran, having given his greeting moves towards the water. He spots Gaeth and smirks, "Your Highness. Do you also have an ongoing battle with the sun? I fear I shall be redder than my hair by tomorrow." It doesn't stop the Redrain prince, though, from beginning to disrobe. Unlike the Lyceum nobles gathered, he isn't even going to play at teasing, as he goes straight for nudity. Of course a Redrain would roll their eyes at having clothing just for bathing. How impractical and ridiculous. Once reoved of his clothing, he runs straight for the water of the river.
"Papa." Isolde grins, guiding Larissa over toward her father, and his ward. "This is Mistress Larissa of House Whisper, and simply delightful. Larissa, darling, this is my father, Niccolo Velenosa, and his ward, Acacia." She perks up. "OH! Larissa, my sweet, I have something to talk to you about, and..." She scans the crowd. "Mistress Jacinthe! Would you join us, please, darling? We were ships passing in the night last eve, and I have a proposal for you and dear Larissa here. Unless mixing business with pleasure is unwarrented?" She glances around, making note of others here, but not feeling the pressure of being a hostess at the moment, she just plots and plans.
He has made the promise to get out more, and certainly not to be press ganged. Given that this seems to be less family friendly fare, Marquis Gustave Blackram has left his daughter with her tutors. Flanked by two other equally large men from his homeland, he moves first to greet Valardin's house head. After all, sans Telmar it is his liege in presence. "Prince, good to see you. I hear congratulations are in order. Lady Margot, a pleasure to meet you." He says, having dressed plainly in the black and bone white of his house but at least having chosen something in a bit better repair. And he's sans armor or appropriate skull splitter, something that one of his countrymen seems ot have on standby in case of madness. Acquiring the requisite glass of wine in short order. For now he seems content to hang waterside, letting the din of introductions and kisses and hugs and clasping of hands die down to a dull roar before he starts meandering.
"I have this -problem- with windows," Audric says to Kima. "They're a handy means of egress, especially if I've recently set the building on fire. Not that I usually do that, but it does happen from time to time." He turns his grin on Talen, then. "I'm not a poisoner, never fear. I'm more the 'have several men jump you once you're drunk' sort, if I have to partake in assassination. You're perfectly safe! And I've tromped around Lenosia in full armor. Absolutely miserable, but I'd rather be protected than comfortable, I have to say."
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"But the /sand/," Esera emphasizes, with incredible dismay. Her own gown is insubstantial enough it'd be lucky to last the night (lucky enough to even be described as a gown, truth be known) -- to say nothing of any sand. She is so distraught that she passes Audric three glasses of wine. Good luck, Audric.
There is no such thing as being fashionably late to your own party! Calista appears from behind one of the tents where she was speaking with a servants. However, anyone with a keen eye can see the young woman might be adjusting her sumptuous teal silk gown that while not sheer, it certainly shows a lot of sensual flesh, tantalizing the eye while it skims close to her sinful curves. Her dark hair is left loose where the night breeze licks through her curls as she moves towards the guests. She moves to Esera's side, greeting those who are already there beside her.
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Niccolo accepts the goblet of wine from Acacia, dipping his head to her. He's about to drink, when suddenly Esera is hugging him. He lifts that goblet, to ensure it doesn't go spilling all over the place and laughter, something rarely displayed by the duke, overtakes him. "My dear Esera," he says to the young woman, formality forgotten during that moment with a hint of a smile, as he wraps his arms around her. That goblet of wine hasn't spilled one drop. And when the hug ends, he's drinking from it. "Thank you, Acacia," he finally says to the young woman who brought him the wine. He turns his attention to the new arrivals with some curiosity and inclines his head approvingly. "Very well attended," he remarks quietly to Esera. Catching Jacinthe's dip of her head, the duke returns the gesture, before his attention turns to Isolde. "Well met, Mistress Larissa," he inclines his head.
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Her greeting given, Lydia wanders further down the beach, pausing as she does so to grab a cup of wine. It takes her only a little while to spot Gareth. She watches him for a moment and the interaction between Gareth and Kieran mutely, and then she grabs another cup of wine and begins to stride towards the dour Grayson prince. "Highness, may I join you?" She asks with one of her charming smiles. Then, without waiting for permission, she lowers down into a seat next to him and offers out the glass of wine. "I come bearing refreshement!"
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The voice of Isolde finds Denon's ear as Larissa and Jacinthe are both called aside leaving him to be the odd Whisper out as it were. The courtier makes his way over to Calista as she arrives and nods respectfully, "Hello My Lady, seems quite the gathering. Your attire is beyond suitable to the occassion if I may say as well. Is there anything I can get you?"

Having not had much notice, and a messenger interrupting a drink-induced nap, Fergus comes scowling toward the beach area, clad in... full steel armor and the minute he begins stepping out into the sand there is a look that says he knows he made a bad move with having not changed out of his armor before coming. A grunt of annoyance and Fergus moves to find a drink, not moving to really interact with anyone for the moment.
Looking up, and I do mean up, at Gustave, the Prince of Sanctum bows his head, "Good to see you Marquis, and congradulations to you as well for your excellent performance in the Decathalon. I was glad to see you representing the Oathlands so honorably. Thanks to your efforts we placed very well in the overall standings." He turns to Margot and says, "Lady Margot Tyde, might I introduce, Marquis Gustave Blackram, leader of the mighty warriors of our northern border." He looks back to Gustave, "We were about to greet the hostesses if you wish to join us."
Gareth has settled down admist the cushions and pillows underneath one of the tents, the man sitting quietly, watching, and unmoving from his spot. As Lydia approaches, he'll offer a slight dip of his chin to the woman then as he motions around him vaugley, though his gaze focuses intently on her. "There is much space about.. It is unlikley I will be able to use it all." Gareth will then twist his lips into a frown as he looks then to the proffered glass of wine before smiling slightly. "We shall.. consider thy company refreshing.. I abstain from such drink."
"A man shouldn't be harangued so for his choice in..." Kima eyes Talen up and down, extends a single finger, and finishes with, "Attire. Even should he wear leather at a beach party. After all, isn't it in the spirit of our people that we buck trends?" Kima gives Audric a sly wink, even as her attention is grabbed by Calista's arrival.

"Soon enough," the blonde adds idly. "You're going to see little merchant princes and minor nobles flitting hither and thither upon the sands in the gross approximation of functional leather armor." Her arm rises in a wave, and she chimes quite happily, "Calista!"
"Princess Isolde. Courtesan Larissa. You both look stunning." Acacia greets towards the linked ladies both, her head inclined in an easier nod and a near roguish grin. There's a sparse moment where her gaze trickles towards Niccolo, lips quirking as she pairs it with a moderate shrug, assuring aside, "I'll return as ever, your Grace. Or I won't be far off."

"Perhaps it was the bears," Acacia's voice could barely be heard, hushed as she departs from Niccolo's side, crossing behind Alistair to impart them with an easy transition through the crowds themselves. Lofting her goblet of wine towards Denon in acknowledgement as she passes him, she presents a bow towards the Lady Calista with hardly a break in her swaggered stride and then steps comfortably towards Jacinthe, "I won't loiter, Courtesan Jacinthe, but I felt like you needed someone appropriately shady to stand next to in order to really bring out the shine in your attire, love. Allow me for a beat."
Jacinthe pads on bare feet to where Isolde stands, the grin she'd worn for Larissa tempered into a sweeter smile for the lady she escorts. "My lady," she offers, plucking the silk shift away from her legs in order to sketch one of her ubiquitous curtsies to the Mirrormask. "Duke Niccolo, Mistress Acacia, Larissa." Did she catch everyone? Probably not but curiosity leads her back into the fray, away from pleasantries. She tilts her chin up to return that smile to Isolde. "Business is so often pleasure for those like me, my lady. How can I help you?"
Jaenelle was here the entire time, though she might ave taken a moment before the rest arrived to wander a bit down the beach. As the fire is lit and more people arrive, the woman makes her way back towards where the festivities have begun. Her sandals are in hand, though she does not look to be much in the mood for any sort of swimming today. Her eyes search the beach, perhaps for someone in particular, though she does not make her way towards any specific person yet.

Falls into a feminine bow, as curtsying what amounts to nothing more than a flashy bikini just looks awkward. Her smile is rich and warm and matches the delight in her gaze as "And you, Highness. I find myself completely swept away by your entire house hold it seems, how lucky I must be." she responds to Niccolo and flashes a warm smile towards Isolde "I think little you offer would be unwarranted nor unwanted, Princess. But lead and I will follow" she murmurs and flashes another grin to Jacinthe, possibly even looping her arm around the other Whisper as it seems they were to be pulled off by Isolde.
Margot nods to Gustave, "A pleasure to meet you as well Marquis, I am surprised it's taken so long for us to become aquainted. I hope you will on a less crowded occation take sme time to tell me of your efforts in the north." She nods to Edain. "But as his grace says we are off to meet our hostess, please, join us."
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Isolde motions for Larissa and Jacinthe to join her, spying Denon, she waves him over as well. "Master Denon! If you are not otherwise occupied, I'd be honored if you would join us as well!" Isolde is collecting Whispers, obviously, and seems amused, even if there's a touch of actual business in her manner. For one who can wear what she is, and actually conduct business, is a better proof of her pedigree than any title could ever be.
Talen exhales a blast of air out of his nose, perhaps a humorued reply to something Audric says. "There's a blessing for light armour in that," says the Sword. As the trio of wine glasses are given from Esera to the mercenary, he watches with due interest how that is managed and balanced. "Good luck," he says aloud, mirroring thoughts from the crowd, gifted aloud. When his attention shifts over the crowd, he seems rather receptive of all details, trying to absorb as much as what is going on as possible as is his duty. "There are half a dozen people who might want to hire you someday," he tells the man, "do you intend to use this for networking? There's quite the possibilities. I can try and introduce you, if you like. Otherwise, march toward anyone who looks jealous of another."
There are quite a number of people this evening and it is of course making Calista's adrenaline flow! She turns now towards Kima and greets the noblewoman with a kiss to either cheek. "Kima! Thank you for coming. You look beautiful as always." There is a little nod of her head towards Audric and naturally a sly grin slithering upon her lips as she looks over Talen.
"Prince Kieran." Gareth will finally respond as if noticing the man.. and his nudity.. perhaps intently ignoring the.. pecularties of his dress. "The sun is of little issue so long as I do not go out in it for too long. I would suggest you maintain a similiar level of cuation."
Alistair sniffs at the air at the little quip from Acacia, the man glancing over his shoulder to the woman as she passes by him. "Remember lots of things get lost at sea." He says in passing warning to her before he steps up to the two hosts, Esera and Calista. He gives a deep bow to the two of them, "Grand Duchess. Rose of Tor." he says the two before he produces the invitation that was sent and returns it to Calista. "A fine affair for the city, I trust my presence will only make it slightly cloudy..." he says before he steps away, to linger as Inquisitors do, always watching...
"Truly you overshadow anyone you stand beside, my lady Acacia," Jacinthe manages to aside to the woman in question-- and the devil of mischief is in her eyes as she flashes her a brighter smile. Before she's drawn off to the side, arm in arm with Larissa, cup of wine held high to avoid spilling a precious drop as they navigate the sands.
Calista also takes Denon's arm for a moment and offers him a smile. "Nothing for me at the moment. Enjoy the evening for now. I will come look for you in a bit."
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"Oh trouble," Niccolo muses when Isolde calls the Whispers over. He shakes his head and chuckles once, drinking from his goblet. A small dip of his head is issued to Acacia at her words, the duke's gaze lingering on her and she splits off to mingle.

Spotting Jaenelle returning to the gathering, the duke steps towards the young woman. During his walk, he sees Calista and lifts a hand to offer a silent greeting in her direction, before his attention turns back to his daughter in law. "Your Highness," he says to Jaenelle in greeting. "Did you find anything of interest in the waters?"
"Oh, I don't care what anyone cares to wear," Audric says to Kima, grinning. "It's just worry for a friend accidentally taking a dip and then being stuck like a turtle on his back." The grin is aimed at Talen again, then - and then Esera hands him several glasses of wine. He manages to not spill any of them. Somehow. But it's very awkward. He doesn't speak until he's got them settled, and even manages to take a drink. "Oh, I'm quite alright. Still getting my bearings, then I'll start making introductions. I'm very good at spotting jealousy and applying my wares. It's almost a reflex."
Esera smiles at Niccolo, and it is a smile as radiant as the dawn. "My dear father," she answers him, in kind. "It's so easy to lose yourelf in the water. I pray you will not stand on too much formality tonight." She glances back at Talen, in his armor. "And what if I go for a swim?" she asks. "What if I swim out into the deep, and you lose me?" She keeps handing Audric additional glasses of wine, and while it may be the case that she's still distraught about the idea of sand in leather armor, it's entirely more likely she's gauging his capacity for juggling.
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Denon nods to Acacia, as his arm is taken by Calista and says, "Of course My Lady.". He then nods to her and Kima both saying, "If you will excuse me, I'll the two of you to catch up." as he then makes his way towards Isolde and the other two Whispers, "How may I assist you Your highness?" as he draws closer with a formal bow to Isolde.

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The cheek kisses are returned! Muah, muah. Kima takes both of Calista's hands within her own, gives them a small squeeze, and offers the younger woman an encouraging smile. "Everything looks superb," she says, releasing her hands as Calista turns towards Denon. It was well timed, too, as the blonde takes the opportunity to reach for one of the glasses of wine Audric has been dubiously accorded the honor to...guard.

Dipping her pinky into the liquid, and then examining the nail for several seconds, Kima takes a sip.
Jacinthe's words ensure that Acacia's focus tracks after her, the slash of her grin renewed as she huffs out a bemused breath and idly shakes her head. But it's Fergus that she wanders to, collecting a glass of Lenosian wine along the way and extending it towards him, "This isn't really your usual fare, your Highness, but if you drink enough of it, it might do the trick. It's kind of spicy. If you'd like me to keep my eye out for other refreshments, I can. I'd offer to defend your zone, but your choice of armor looks like it might do the trick itself. It's reminding me to watch slash spar you in the future, you know."
Dropping down to sit on the sand, Fergus begins to unbuckle pieces of his armor, piling piece by piece on the outskirts of the sand until Fergus is down to just the light undershirt and trousers he wears under his armor, everything else left in a pile. He stands and moves to begin walking along the sands towards the water.
Well, it seems that the Lady has conscripted him for service of a different sort. He nods to Edain. "The marathon was no surprise, I've done my share of long marches. The swimming...rather perplexed me, admittedly. Its a long ways to the river from the Cloudspine." But still he follows in the wake of Edain and his company for the evening. "If you wish to know of the north, consult the Redrain, though my own little corner of the world has its charms, or so I like to think so." He says with no small amount of backwoods...hills pride. "Well then, to greet the hostess."
Jaenelle dips her head towards Niccolo as they meet in the middle, "My Duke" she greets in responce. The hand not holding her sandals is lifted and turns to show the seashell in the center of her palm, "I am sure I could have found more, though I did not wish to travel too far away. Somethings found are not always good." She gives another smile, looking around, "and do you have a date for this evening?"
Talen might normally aim to help the one in plight but, with Esera playing her game and Audric her toy in that endeavor, he simply watches with a morbid curiousity for the same. "Ah, very good," the Lenosian male says of the Valorus Few's captain and claim before he replies to Esera. "I wear light armour, your grace. I will remove my helmet, shed my sollerets and gauntlets and dive in after you. If you get lost in the short time that short time I fear you will drown," he admits then, as if this detail is beyond his control. "The solution is not to run into the sea when I'm looking the other way. It's not a challenge I'm issuing-- try not to get yourself killed at this beech party. I'm constantly reminded these are quite safe."
"Unless Mangata herself wishes to swallow us whole," Kima tells Talen helpfully, gesturing with her wine glass to the ocean beyond.
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Pausing in his advance towards the waters, Fergus turns his attention to Jacinthe, taking the offered drink, he glances around. "It looks like I might have to invest in some sort of swim wear, apparently people wear clothes when swimming here..." Fergus grunts and takes a drink before eyeing Jacinthe. "Did you say you wished to spar with me?" He had not really been paying very close attention.
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Calista lifts her glass of rose' wine in Niccolo's direction. She also offers a tip of her head in kind to Acacia who is never far. As the people keep arriving, Calista continues to tend to them and making sure they're hands are full with wine and food.
After facilitating a proper introduction between Lord Gustave and Lady Margot, Prince Edain approaches the line where the hostesses are greeting people with his two compatriots for the evening, "Lady Calista, Grand Duchess Esera, you both look stunning tonight. Thank you very much for hosting such a festive occassion." He bows respectfully to each of them in turn, "I hope you will forgive me if I do not stay long, I am fairly certain this gathering has always pushed me past my frivolity threshold, but I wanted to great you and thank you both for the open invitation and the lovely gathering."
While not a juggler, Audric -is- adroit at improvisation. Once he starts to worry about dropping a glass, he passes a few off to some unfortunate who happened to be wandering by with an overly enthusiastic. "Here! Enjoy some of the best wine," he says, though his grin's a little less 'lazy enjoyment' and more 'take this glass before I try to bite your throat out.'
"Then I cannot swim," Kieran noted to Gareth before heading off. The prince sinks below the water for a few seconds before emerging in chest high water and running a hand through his red hair. He watches Fergus prepare to swim and shakes his head with a smirk. "Modest, cousin?" He then futilely splashes some water in Fergus' direction, though, the man stands well away from him.
Margot smiles faintly to Gustave, " I was born in the northern isles. Not the Tundra of the Redrains either but still a harsh and unforgiving place that had it's own cold beauty in its day. The charm of hard lands is rarely understood by those who are cradled in lush green meadows." She trails off to follow to Calista and Esera, curtseying deeply to the dutchess, and offering an amicable nod to Calista. "It is a lovely party, thank you both for hosting it."
Between departing from the 'front' of the party and scaling one of the dunes of the beach, Alistair procured a glass of wine. One hand clasped behind his back he sips at the sweeted drink as his gaze sweeps across the party goers who enjoy the festivities. He notes those clad in more martial dress, to those who seem to have forgotten this was a beach party, all compared to the ones that ache for attention in their little ways. Whatever mental notes the man makes only he knows, though the intense gaze with which he watches isn't that warding against people approaching him.
"So you're saying I'm doomed, then," Esera answers Talen, with a light laugh. "At least set the helmet down. No one will steal it." She watches Audric with a gaze that is rather sharper than it is amused. By the point he's passed off enough glasses, she stops passing off glasses of her own. "I apologize," she says. "I did not mean to press you into service. Please -- enjoy the night, and the water." She smiles to Margot, and and answers her curtsey with a curtsey of her own. "Lady Margot," she murmurs. "The sea reminds me of home. I'm sure it reminds you, too."
"I'll avoid formality tonight, for you," Niccolo calls back to Esera, as his steps put him closer to Jaenelle. He studies the seashell with idle interest. The hand not holding his goblet reaches to touch it, fingers following its lines and curves. "Sometimes one doesn't have to travel far to find what they're looking for," he points out, and off those words and at her question, the duke turns his eyes to Acacia, as his protege mingles with others. "I decided to bring my protege with me tonight," he shares with Jaenelle, tilting his head toward Acacia. "It's a good chance for her to spend some time with some important people," he says, "but really, I enjoy her company," he lifts his shoulders. "My daughter wants me to be less formal than usual," he idly observes.
"Not everyone wears clothes, your Highness," Acacia replies towards Fergus, a bolder grin shed towards the water, "Though you probably shouldn't take my own opinion in polite company. I do believe last time we met, he half called me a coward for not being more than willing to face your blade." Sipping indulgently off that red vintage herself, she concludes after casting a wink his way, "I feel the need to make good on that. Will you swim then?" Audric's antics briefly call her attention, before she's focusing further upon Fergus. "Or wait until you're more intoxicated first? How bold are you?"
Margot nods to Esera, "It does Your Grace. The smell of salt in the air, and the cool spray of the waves makes me a little homesick I admit. I am glad I am not the only one who aches for it."
Jaenelle looks towards Acacia as Niccolo points her out, and she smiles in the woman's direction, "I don't know if she needs your help with meeting important people. She has a way about her that almost makes you want to steal a ship and drag her along for the ride. I have not stolen a ship yet" she says quickly, in case he gives her that look. "It was just mild musing of women after glasses of wine were given. I just like to see your eyes squint each time its brought up." She nods her head then, once more smiling, "that is true, about things being closer than you assume they are. Sometimes we forget what we have access to. I must agree with Her Grace, you do need to relax."
"Yes," Talen tells Esera in a lie, blatantly so. "You're doomed if you stray too far, so don't," he bids of the Grand Duchess. Despite his boldness he does as he's bid almost instantly, turning about and propping his Mirrormask-inspired helmet onto a nearby rock. "You gave it all away," he then says accusingly of Audric when he rises, noticing how the glasses of wine have been ferreted away. "What did you do that for?" Clearly he'd promised a fate to at least half of those dozen glasses. Draining his current, he hands it off to a servant and waits patiently to accept a second from Audric's smaller collection now. "It's moments like these that, while I won't swim by my own accord, I will accept another glass of wine."
"Bold? I have no problem going without clothing, though most southerners seem to have an issue with it." Fergus takes another drink and then hands the drink toward Acacia, as he is pulling his shirt up over his head, Kieran is splashing water at him and the scowl deepens before his haunted gaze finds Kieran, having been blinded momentarily in the removal of his shirt. "Cousin, you ass... I was wearing armor earlier, it is just taking me longer in my aging years to strip down." He drops his shirt and then begins to undo the ties of his trousers bfore his gaze moves back towards Acacia. "If you faced my sword with you knife, I might have to call you nuts next time." Fergus informs her before glancing around, as if looking for someone before he lets his trousers drop.
Calista dips into a poised curtsey as she greets Edain and Margot. "Prince Edain, Lady Margot, thank you for coming. It is wonderful to see both of you here. I hope that while your stay may not be for very long, you will enjoy the food and wine, your highness." Calista then turns to Margot and murmurs something, "We must go shopping soon. I would love to design some jewelry with you."
Esera supplies Talen with a glass of wine, almost by instinct. In fact, it's her own. She passes it off to him, nonetheless.
"Oh, no need to apologize, Duchess," Audric says, giving the woman a bright grin. "I always enjoy surprise methods of testing skills that don't get used much. I've not had to juggle glasses of liquor since... it's been a bit. Since before I held my current post, at least." He takes a long drink then, draining most of a glass. "It's a -party-, Talen. I'm just spreading the joy around. I do that on occasion, when the mood strikes me. Call it a fit of whimsy."
The Inquisitor Alistair's gaze focuses on Talen suddenly, drawn to the movements of the Sword like a raptor drawn to prey. Though his gaze is less on the man himself and the Mirrormask styled helmet that he places upon the rocks. His lips form a slight frown, though the Hood washes it away with a sip of his wine.
"We both know very different waters," Esera says to Margot. "I could see the sea from my garden, and it always seemed soft, and sweet. A thing of beauty." She smiles to Audric, her eyes bright with intrigue. "You know my Sword, then?" she asks him. "You know my family?"
"That was certainly what I had said at the time, your HIghness, but tch. As long as you don't sever part of me that I favor-- which is, you know. All of me. I'll dispose of your wine for now and fetch you a fresh one after. Enjoy your time with Prince Kieran." Acacia remarks easily towards Fergus, accepting his wine with a secondary grin and a toast towards Kieran. Her lips twitch with mirth as his trousers drop and she clears her throat a little, eyeing the distance between him and Kieran. Swerving to look towards Jaenelle and Niccolo, she questions to the first with feigned innocence, "How many men do you think will strip and get into the water, your Highness? Should we add more to the list, before the talk of ship stealing resumes?"
Jacinthe kneels on a swath of linen very kindly provided by the attendants of this little soiree for Mirrormask and Whispers. She sits back on her folded feet, all smiles and sips of her wine while attending to whatever it is Isolde is plotting over here. Sadly, such focused attention means less given to the events occurring some small distance away, no glances winging towards the main clump of participants yet. But the courtesan appears amused-- that's a positive sign when scheming, right?
Margot nods to Calista, "Indeed we should, I found a few lovely silk shops recently I should like to show you." She nods to Esera as well. "The sea I saw from my window in Maelstrom was a much harsher thing Your Grace but no less beautiful."
Kieran laughs at Fergus and shakes his head. "Don't lie! you were ready to swim that way until Acacia and I called you out." As the man removes his clothing completely, he gives a light clap above the water. "Now get those creaking bones in the water, so we don't have to see your 'sword'." Poor Fergus.
Isolde lounges indolently with the Whispers, selfishly taking all of their attention, but she seems like a cat that caught the canary, eyes sparkling behind her mask.
Kima finishes her wine, deposits the now-empty glass upon the tray of a passing servant, and...lingers. Yes. She is lingering for the moment.
"Oh, she definitely can take care of herself," Niccolo agrees with Jaenelle. "Acacia is quite remarkable," he adds, with a touch of pride in his voice, before he drinks from his goblet. He had started squinting at the mention of a stolen ship, but when the princess calls him on it, he can't help but chuckle. "You're probably safe to steal a ship tonight," he decides. "I'll just look the other way." There's a wry quirk of his lips, almost a smile. "Relaxing is not something that comes easy or naturally to me, I'm afraid. But I do indulge, every so often."

When Acacia joins them, he lifts his goblet at her, sparing a glance at Fergus and Kieran. "It's going to take a good amount of wine before I join their number," he muses with a lift of his shoulder.

Denon sits on the linen laid out with Isolde and the other two Whispers. He sits with dignity, obviously listening to the conversation but isn't showing any signs of what he thinks yet about the topic.

With a smile for Lady Calista, Edain says, "Thank you Lady Calista, I think I will do just that. Enjoy a quick drink before I have to go." And that said he bows again to Calista, "I have heard that there are many lovely beaches near Tor, so I hope that an event such as this fills you with fond memories of home. Thank you again for your hospitality." He turns then and bows again to Esera, "And thank you as well your Grace for hosting sharing your love of the sea with us all." And that being said, Edain steps back and leaves the hostesses and however else to mingle as well.
"When it is this long, they call it a spear." Fergus does not run into the water, he pauses to give Acacia a nod. "Thank you for the brief chat, had I known stripping down would send you running, I would have waited a moment or two longer to chat." He then begins a casual walk towards the waters and in the general direction of his cousin, his battle scarred body slowly begins to be hidden as he walks out into the waters until he is just to about above his waist and he dips down under the water and stands back up out of the water, spluttering and wiping a hand over his now wet face.
"Yes, a little reminiscent but not exactly the same. I have come to love the beaches of Arx as I have loved the ones near Tor." Calista explains to Edain. Then when others aren't looking, the Fidante practices a bit of stealth and steals not only a couple of glasses but murmurs to a servant to bring her a bottle. She moves with effortless grace over the sand until she comes across the Southern Dunes to take a seat beside Alistair.
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Talen graciously accepts the wine Esera grants him and then, sipping it without a second thought, he levels his steely gaze on Audric. "If you say so, Master Audric. Parties are generally more exciting when you've had more wine. Still, this'll do," he says of the one he's recently acquired by the archduchess' own design. Watching Kima's lingering he stares there for a second before he prompts, "Get another one," in an almost too-bold insistent order. "You don't drink one glass of wine and stop. It's illegal," he lies.
"Oh, aye," Audric says towards Esera, taking up a new glass once the first is finished. "Some plans with Talen, and I've done some work with your sister. Lovely woman, the Princess." He grins, then bows. "I apologize, I'm being rude. Captain-General Audric of the Valorous Few, at your service. I keep thinking about creating a quick little catchphrase for us, but it might be a touch on the nose."
"All of them, by the end. Except Prince Gareth" Jaenelle says to Acacia, eyeing Niccolo and his comment about what it would take for him to do so. "Shall we order another cup" she asks the man helpfully, a smile of innocence lighting up that cherub face of her's. "Speaking of..." she looks around and flags over a server for a glass of wine for herself. "I shall make it my mission to see that you are relaxed and calm tonight, Duke Niccolo, so I shall not steal a ship or allow Talen anywhere near one as well. You will enjoy yourself" the tiny women almost commands the man in her desire to see him have fun.
Gustave seems content to hide in Margot's and Edain's shadow for the present, the latter of which is almost a convincing attempt. Not shy so much as finding others conversation the far more interesting...and oceans and seas being something of a foreign clime. While Talen may voice opinions about singular wine glasses being illegal, the Blackram seems content to nurse his with a dogged, frugal bent. He does however incline his head towards the Lady Fidante. An island of familiarity amidst southern luxury and dare one call excess.
Kieran snerks at Fergus, "You do yourself little credit. A ballista ight be more appropriate." He snickers and shakes his head at the bante, before splashing more water towards Fergus then trying to swim languidly with little direction. "I will say that this one thing that the North should have more of - warm seas to swi in. Hot springs, while nice, aren't exactly the best for swimming."
"I'm hardly running, your Highness," Acacia retorts back towards Fergus, grinning more than ever at his quip from her drier placement upon the beach. "And I'm certainly here. If I miss your goblet of wine when you've had enough of the waters, you can berate me. It's been awhile since we've had a solid drink or two, after all. Besides, you encouraged me to approach you once upon a time-- and I can hardly resist that. Are you going to let Prince Kieran get away with that splashing, though?" His partially consumed wine as handed off, and her own now-empty one was quickly exchanged for a fuller one.

As she passes near Jaenelle and Niccolo on her way, she mentions, "That's permission however, your Highness, for boat-stealing. I merely need you and your cousin to finish plotting so I can ease my way aboard free of blame."
Jacinthe dips her head and lifts the cup of wine for a sip. While she indulges in the chilled beverage, her eyes cut to the side for a brief and idle survey of the beach, its occupants, those who've entered the water and those who still abstain.
"My sister is the loveliest," Esera says. As Audric introduces himself, she walks up to him, close enough to kiss him upon the cheek -- which she does, and murmurs to him, just the same. Then, she walks past him, barefoot through the sand, into the water, knee-high. Thigh-high. The wind off the water catches in her hair, worn loose, in waves.
Margot nods slightly to Edain, her head tilted towards the prince, a few quiet words passing between them. Her hand lifts to wave to Jaenelle and Niccolo through the crowd before she looks around for a wine baring servant. "Indeed."
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"It is called...pacing yourself," Kima says to Talen. "You see, the water does look inviting. Why come to the beach with so little on only to stare at it meekly?" She waves her hand, then, as if to dismiss something. "If I drink too much now, then..." Her shoulders rise in a shrug.

"However," Kima smiles serenely, and beckons over a nearby server. A glass of wine is requisitioned, and the blonde holds it forth to the Sword. "I'll have this one for you when you finish what you have." Her gaze tracks Esera as she makes her way towards the water.
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Audric goes still for just a moment - probably just flat surprise, before Esera brushes past him. Then he lets out a laugh, his grin growing even wider for a moment. "I think I have a lead on the both of you," he says, to both Talen and Kima. "Though given that I grew up on awful Boroughs firewater, I'll consider it an acceptable handicap."
Edain makes his way to one of the passing servers awkwardly gets a glass to drink, offering one to Margot and claiming one for himself and then asking the servant to take one to Gustave. Edain takes a breath then and throws back the glass of wine like one night a shot. Someone is obviously feeling very out of place right now.
Esera glances back over her shoulder, and it's Kima's gaze she holds -- for just a moment, challenging, bright-eyed.
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"Well a ballista I hear is a bit difficult to aim accurately, I have pretty decent aim, unless I am intoxicated." Fergus informs Kieran before he tries to make up for Kieran's splashing with a bit slap of the water to send a big spray toward his cousin. As Kieran begins to swim languidly off, he lays out on his back, trying to float and only half-succeeding, with his bottom half floating, his top wanting to sink under the water. "Dammit." Fergus decides to just walk through the water without any direction. "If it meant having only hot springs and not ocean front property, I'd still go back north."
Talen lets his gaze drag over Kima in brief admiration but he lingers not for the barest moment longer than is proper. "Pacing oneself is acceptable," he says, a man of duty, "but not drinking is inexcusable." When Esera wanders toward the sea he speaks to Audric, but his attention doesn't leave his liege. "I confess a certain intolerance to that slop, it's just a little too... basic. Too raw," he utters. "I prefer a process to produce an actual drink, not lap up whatever moonshine some fellow kicks out of his shed."
Niccolo offers a faint grin to Acacia as she walks by, his eyes turning to Jaenelle, studying her for a few moments as he drinks. "It will take a lot of wine," he repeats to her, amused. "It wouldn't do to break your heart over seeing me have fun, Your Highness. So fun I shall have," the man tells her, with a dip of his head. "You too should have some fun, you know," he tells his daughter in law. "It's kind that you care for others such, my dear, but you're allowed to enjoy yourself as well."
Margot stays close to Edain staring to relax a little from her foul mood from earlier in the evening, letting herself blend a little more into the blurr of nobility. She lifts her glass to Edain and then takes a drink from it.
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"Ah, my decision is made for me," Kima declares. Thus, the wine is pressed into Talen's hands without much thought for whatever else the man might be holding while the silk robe she'd had draped over her shoulders is removed with a flourish and instead draped upon Audric's.

"Take good care of it for me?" She asks, mouth forming into something of a pout before she says, "And mayhaps the Sword of Lenosia needs an education in the devil drink. Which, while raw, could never be described as basic." Then she's flouncing off, clad in lace done in a most delicate, beautiful design that only just barely maintained someone depraved mind's idea of modesty. It's surely to be ruined now that the knight is diving like a seal into salt water, but fashion is both pain /and/ destruction.

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Acacia quietly sucks on her teeth, before stepping to the side, speaking quietly with one of the servers and navigating a tray of appetizers from them. It's becoming a thing. Idly drumming her fingers, she balances it when she strolls casually back through the crowds without knocking it against anyone, presenting it to the trio of Margot, Edain and perhaps Gustave with half a bow in the process. "Fruit? Cheese?" She narrows her eyes slightly over the tray. "... That little vegetable thing with the piece of fish on it? I'm not... actually sure what that is." Brandishing an easier smile, she delivers, "Your Grace. Lady Margot -- you look gorgeous as ever in your pearls. Marquis Gustave."
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From her perch on the Southern Dunes, Calista watches as more and more people take to the waters.
Perhaps surprisingly, Lydia seems to be having a pleasant conversation with Gareth, because as she rises from where she had set next to him, she does so with a pleasant laugh.
Jaenelle drops her sandals where she stands, shifting the shell from one hand to the other to take the wine glass from the server. With the shell hand though, her fingers wiggle in Margot's direction, blowing the other woman a kiss soon after. She turns back towards Niccolo, taking a sip of wine, perhaps needing it before she speaks, giggling softly, "I promise I will have fun. Is this your way of telling me to go off and mingle with others?"
Kieran notes to Fergus, "That just means you need a more experienced and skilled crew working your balista." He spots Esera and his directionless swimming suddenly becomes much more directed. He heads towards her and watches her laugh a bit, as he also chuckles and says something quietly over the water as he prepares to slap water in her direction.
Gareth will raise his hand slightly then as he offers a nod. "LAdy Lydia.. It was.. enlightening to speak with you." Gareth will state before looking beyond her then to the waters edge, his hands resting in his lap as he watches the water.. what is it? Splishy splashy?
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Audric makes no pretense of not staring for longer than is proper. Even a little bit. Then he looks over at Talen and grins, taking a drink. "At least people aren't still handing you glasses?" he asks, then lets his gaze wander a bit, around the crowd. And since Edain seems like the most uncomfortable there, off goes the mercenary! "If it's not too impertinent, your Grace, but you look like you're about to bolt like a rabbit," he says. "More wine?" He offers the Valardin Prince one of the spare glasses of wine he somehow still wound up with. "I take it beach parties aren't your favorite?"
Margot looks over Acacia, "Thank you, I had them harvested from the waters near Maelstrom so I would always feel close to home." Her hand lifts to touch one of the pearls in her hair before her head turns to look up to Edain. "Shall we?"
Talen extends his strong, tightly bound arm wordlessly to Audric as the robe has so recently been deposited on him, "I suppose. Though in truth, for those who have been handing you them, I would not be offended. Do you wish to swim? I can take that for you," the Sword of Lenosia offers, as if he is volunteering to become drinks storage /and/ a cloak room for Lyceum nobility. "You can frolick and spout water like a Setarco porpoise, if it pleases you. You /may/ have to remove the hat, however." This, it seems, amuses him. The glint of light on his clawed gauntlets is given as he adjusts his arms, draining his glass of wine and setting it aside soon enough. Perhaps the heat is taking its toll on him, his need to hydrate not quite acknowledged and instead a thirst for alcohol working as his alternative.
Starting back toward the beach after having dropped under the water's surface and coming up nearer the beach, Fergus begins walking back up onto the sands, stopping to pick up his trousers and shirt, he casually walks back toward where his pile of armor is, stopping, he pulls his trousers back on and ties the ties on them , but leaving his shirt off, his scarred chest still on full view.
Eyeing the tray pressed between them, Edain says, "I think I'll have some cheese." Apparantly he too is unclear as to what the vegetable 'thing with fish' might be so he wisely avoids it.. "Thank you Goodwoman Acacia." He looks to Audric then and offers a wane smile, "Oh no thank you, I am afraid I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to drink. And this is all more fun than I am used to. In the Oathlands we generally consider a party to be sitting quietly and praying about what we are thankful for. Maybe we'll sing a song. Sometimes we kill a boar, then we pray and sing about it... 'Eat, pray, sing' is our general rotation on such things. Thank you very much for the offer. I still owe you a meeting some time, if my memory serves, but I hope you will forgive me if it is another night." He looks to Margot then and says, "of course, Lady Margot."
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Talen looks in Edain's direction with a certain degree of horror. Horror in his eyes, absolutely soul crushing. "How do they live," he breathes aloud.
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Esera lifts her gown up over her shoulders, swimwear revealed beneath it. She pins her hair up, messy -- just in time to be splashed. If she was only thigh-deep before, she moves deeper now, water up to her waist (and in her hair, dripping in rivulets down her neck, and arms).
Edain looks to Talen, "Well, Boar is damned tasty you see."
Jacinthe tosses her head back and laughs, a bright clear sound that carries well near water. Something is said to the little gathering all arranged so prettily on that field of linen. Then she rocks from knees to heels, rising in a fluid movement so she can curtsey to the masked lady who's held the attention of the event's resident courtesans for so many minutes. It would appear the audience is over, for the Whisper in pink silk is withdrawing to rejoin the beach gathering.
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At some point, Lydia kicked off her shoes to expose her barefeet. Now, as she leaves Gareth's spot, she hikes up her skirt and pads down the sand on the beach. She stops a few feet away from the actual water, letting the highest reaching waves lap at her toes and then she tucks her skirt up higher and begins to wade into the water. "It's so /warm/!"
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Kima splashes Kieran, having arrived not too far from Esera. "Most ungentlemanly of you," she teases of the red head.
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Audric waves a hand. "Of course, your Grace," he says. "I'd hardly talk business at a party. You just looked a touch miserable, so I wanted to make certain you were quite all right. I hate seeing people uncomfortable." He gives Edain a grin, then turns to head for the water. "I'm not taking off the hat just yet," he says to Talen as he passes, wading right on in."
Niccolo looks at Jaenelle with fatherly eyes, and a touch of a smile on his features. "You should," he says, leaning and whispering to her, before he air-kisses her cheek. Drinking from his glass, he looks at her, dips his head and steps away from the princess. His left hand comes to rest behind his back, while the right one carries the goblet he's been drinking from. He makes his way toward the southern dunes. "Lady Calista, Inquisitor," he greets the two he runs into.
Alistair stands atop the Southern dunes, idly conversing with one of the hosts of the evening, Calista. He motions a bit to a few of the party goers. Likely pointing out various witches, warlocks and traitors. Or possibly commenting on their outfits? Either or...
"I'm certain he was trying to accustom me to the water," Esera offers to Kima, diplomatically.
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Gustave takes another glass of wine, because his liege has after all furnished it. Tact and all, which causes him to finish the first glass and be working on the second. Margot gets a nod and a chuckle. "Indeed, my daughter is always hoping for Thraxian pearls. Perhaps it is her desire to have a little something from every family. She ever the cosmopoloitan creature." Acacia too receiving a nod. "Ms. Culler. I was most impressed with your seamanship. Many know how to handle a lucky break, few can handle hardship with grace or style." Hostile environments, something of a Blackram intimacy. On overhearing Talen's comment the Marquis lets loose a bark of laughter. "Come up to hill country, we'll show you a party. Its hardly so...colorful as this, but strong drink and good fights and outlandish stories are our bread and butter. We just put on a strong front so our southern lords do not impose a tax for being overly boisterous." A glance over at Edain. "With all due respect, My Prince."
Calista rises from her seat at the dunes and greets Niccolo with a warm and inviting smile. "Your Grace, are you enjoying yourself this evening? May I introduce Inquisitor Alistair. Inquisitor, this is my liege, Duke Niccolo Velanosa." She makes some introductions and allows to say, "I happened upon the Inquisitor the other day while shopping for jewelry."
Calista adds to Alistair "And yes, I'm very eager to get wet."
Talen collects the robe Audric had been in charge of and, when he heads for the water, he turns back to Edain and his claim. "Yes," he concedes, "boar is... but only in that instant. You can liven up the rest, your highness. You truly can. You must come to more parties held at the Velenosa estate," he says diplomatically, "we can educate you. There is hope yet for you and your kin. Perhaps you will invite Princess Alis, too. If we get to them while they're young, our dearest friends can be appropriately learned in the southern manner." It's almost a promise.
Acacia struggles to keep a straight face, abruptly chuckling despite herself though she politely turned her head aside rather than ruin the tray of delicacies, both known and unknown. "I'm happy to assist, your Grace. Although I admit, I would've loved to hear one of the songs, that seems kinda cruel to ask. I'll figure out the mystery of the fish at another time once I find a suitable person for experiments." Eyeing Audric aside with a secondary grin, she inclines her head and then looks towards Gustave, "You do me great honor, Marquis Blackram. I wish my exploits were even slightly as fun as yours, but I'm afraid there's much to pay. If you'll excuse me for a moment though, I owe someone a glass of wine or I might lose my ambitious wager of being aware. If you're free later though to chat, my Lord--?"

After a single bow, Acacia departs somewhat from the sides of the trio. It's done with a deliberate purpose, the tray exchanged for a full goblet of wine. A single glance is slid curiously towards Alistair's gestures, but it's Fergus who she's greeting again with a bit more haste, "I'd say that you have horrible out of the water timing, your Highness, if I felt I could get away with it. Can I get away with it?"
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The lanterned pathway is soon home to new feet as the copper-headed Caprice meanders down it. A bit fashionably late, of course. Her usual light and airy movements are slowed and precise this evening, so that she can take in the sights with a few to-and-fro flickerings of emerald green eyes as she makes her approach.
"How does one have horrible out of the water timing?" Fergus asks Acacia as she comes over with some more wine. He glances around to see if he had missed something when he came out of the waters.
Jaenelle has been dismissed and told to play nice. With a playful roll of her eyes, she dips her head towards her departing father in law before bending down to collect her sandals, still enjoying the sand between her toes. As she moves once more along the edge of the water without too near, she finds the half dressed Fergus. With a slight bow, she looks down at the man and grins, "hello my favorite adoptive brother, how was the water?"
Margot smiles to Gustave, "Well I shall try to remember to send you some Marquis. Now if you will excuse us..." She turns a look up to Edian.
Alistair turns to regard the approaching duke, the Hood taking a moment to bow in proper order to the man. Glancing to Calista at her words and giving a little shake of his head as he sips his wine. "My Duke. Good evening to you. I believe I have met your protege before... she has such amusing questions for the Inqusition..." he says, the sternness of his gaze at odds with the seeming playfulness of his words. "But I did encounter the good Rose of Tor here... looking over the selection of what Arx has to offer compared to her home across the Split."
Edain smiles to Gustave and says, "I would like to see one of those highland parties someday Marquis. To be honest I am suprised the Duke of Telmarch allows fun anywhere beneath his watchful eyes. You will have to at least tell me about one next time." And that said he nods to Margot, and quietly he makes his way out.
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"Oh, we have met," Niccolo tells Calista, with a hint of a smile for her, one that he extends to Alistair, inclining his head to him. "We seem to be run into each other at events, Inquisitor," the duke says to the man, with some amusement. "And you, my lady," he tells Calista. "Few can stand next to my daughter and shine as brightly as she does. Today you get close. You and her both did an excellent job putting this together," he tells her, with pride and a glance in Esera's direction.
So many people in the water now! Jacinthe has finished her wine, the empty cup passed off to a mingling attendant as she surveys the scene. True, there are those of interest still left on the shore, but the night is warm and the water beckons. The courtesan debates only an instant before she gathers herself to run down to the border between beach and lapping waves, legs flashing golden beneath her silk shift, hair streaming bronze behind her. Silk wasn't made for immersion but it does cling in intersting ways as she ventures deeper.
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Talen does catch sight of Caprice over the way and, in a silent gesture, he raises a gauntleted hand clasping wine in greeting to the Velenosan virtuoso. "Cousin," he calls, "you're late," he accuses half-heartedly. "You've managed to pull yourself away from the workshop, however, so you're forgiven-- mostly. Do go get a glass of wine, won't you?" The wry voice emits this even as he looks to the goblet Kima had handed him and sips from it, unashamedly. It's easier than fetching a second.
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Calista places a dainty hand to the exposed center of her chest. There may be a touch of bashful blush on her cheeks but with the dim lighting from the torches, it is hard to see. "Your grace, you honor me." She bows her head softly to Niccolon and offers to refill his glass of wine with the bottle she procured earlier. "I'm so happy you are enjoying yourself. I was telling Inquisitor Alistair how I am looking forward to swimming a bit later. I wanted to settle in first. Perhaps I might convince you to join me."
"Very gracefully and as befitting of one's stature, of course. Or in masculine form? Really, pick whatever adjective flatters you the most, your Highness, so I can take special note of it," Acacia replies towards Fergus with a bolder grin. Turning somewhat in her stature, she casts a look between Jaenelle on her approach, her head inclining respectfully. "I'm curious how the water was too." As her gaze trails after Jacinthe, she remarks with a hint of amusement, "Perhaps you got out too soon though. Will you join him in the waters, Princess Jaenelle, if he returns to them?"
Gareth is still here, watching quietly, whether it is the people in the water.. or the few who have not yet indulged.. or perhaps refused to.. for other more pressing concerns, THe Grayson Prince is watching, always watching, his calm, composed expression.. mixed with that cold, direct stare.
Esera dives down beneath the water, disappears beneath it. A moment later she resurfaces, her hair clinging to her face and neck, dark and wet. She does not linger in the water much longer, but returns to the beach, to take a luxurious seat in the sand, hands outstretched behind her, legs crossed at the ankle. She watches her guests with interest, both those in water and on shore.
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Glancing to Jaenelle as she approaches, her offers her a welcoming nod of his head, drinking from his goblet of wine. "Jaenelle, I am well enough, I got to wave my spear around in public and didn't get in trouble with any inquisitors." Fergus notes Jacinthe running out into the waters and he grunts. "I talked with her the other day, interesting woman." Fergus comments as an aside to Acacia.
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Niccolo is overheard praising Calista for: Lady Calista is one of the Lyceum's finest jewels, one that shines ever so brightly. One that I'm sure will continue to shine for many years to come.
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Caprice easily catches sight of the gauntleted hand gesturing in the air, steps slowed no longer as she walks directly in Talen's direction, a smile already upon her lips. "Late? Perhaps," Her voice was warm, a quiet chuckle on her lips, "Or perhaps the party simply started too early." It was a quiet tease to her cousin, eyes flickering downward to the goblet Talen holds in his hand before she meets his eyes again. "I think I'll wait a moment on the drinks. Have I missed quite a lot?"
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"You honor yourself," Niccolo mildly corrects Calista, with that touch of a smile dancing on his lips. "And my daughter, and our family," he dips his head to the young woman. "Swimming seems to be rather popular tonight. Expected," he muses, with a glance to the waters. "You should definitely indulge, I'll have to decide if I wish to do so, when I've had some more wine," he says, looking around the area.
Jacinthe doesn't go too deep into the water. That shift, its hem floats, and /she/ is playing the demure role this night. Once hip-deep, she pauses to begin twisting her hair up. Without pins to secure it, the heavy weight of it is knotted loosely at the nape of her neck. That task done, she tilts into a clean sidestroke that carries her a little away from the splashing going on over thataway, seeming to enjoy the exertion for its own sake.
"Nonesense," Talen replies in an abrupt decision, extending that goblet to Caprice without a wordless insistence. "You have missed your princesses capturing the eyes of everyone here. The Grand Duchess, Prince Isolde and Princess Jaenelle are the ensaring every iotum of focus at each turn possible. Why don't you go and join her grace? I'm sure she would be overjoyed to see you in the city once again," he tells her. "Assuming you haven't already met with her upon your arrival. We should talk sometime soon," he says then, however, "it's been too long. I would even dare offer you a hug it's been that long," a rare thing, "but I am not fit for it at this time." A dozen items are held and he's the epitome of an armoured soldier.

Leaving the company of Isolde, Jacinthe, and Larissa, Denon returns to the soiree looking for anyone not currently in the water to see if they have need of anything.

Alistair does not seem like he will be heading in to enjoy the waters of the ocean. Perhaps he can't swim. Or there is some Inquisitorial edict that forbids such silly actions. He drains his second wine glass of the evening, putting the sweet drink away without a flinch. "It is a lovely event." Alistair says in agreement, though he is not one to heap praise upon praise in such noble fashion. He watches the politics play out, not join in it. "Go. Have fun. Enough for me as well." Alistair encourages of the woman.
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Jaenelle slowly shakes her head towards Acacia's suggestion, "I am not sure if I wish to swim or not. Time will tell though I suppose if the wine makes me daring. The last time I was in water it did not go over well. though I doubt there are any ropes for me to be dragging to shore this time." She looks back towards Fergus, "I am glad to hear that your spear got some fresh air. The Gods only know that the leather and armor you wear sufficate it with smells. You might have saved it from falling off completely." As she says this, she still looks quite innocent, beaming at Fergus.
Calista is again touched not by Niccolo's words but also by his praise. "Thank you, your grace." She pauses for a beat then looks to Alistair. "And thank you again for coming out this evening. It was nice to run into you once more." The sensual Fidante turns to Niccolo and extends her arm to him. "Perhaps you could be so kind as to take a stroll with me then, your grace. I don't have to run into the waters just yet."
"Do Inquisitors arrest Princes for spear waving, your Highness?" Acacia's mouth twitches once more with mirth towards Fergus, though she pitches her chin downwards in a half-hearted attempt to conceal it. Swirling her wine about within her goblet, she casts a look towards the waters, remarking in return with a hint of a warmer smile at a lower toned whisper, "Mmh. But yes, Courtesan Jacinthe is something else, I'd say. I actually figured that you and her would get along really well. How do you like the wine, anyways?" Slipping a look towards Jaenelle, she mentions, only after a snerked bit of laughter, "--Prince Fergus was one of the first people I met. Adopted brother though? Are you collecting family members, your Highness?" From afar, her gaze trails towards Gustave to gauge his position, but she keeps her focus otherwise upon the two.
Esera drags her fingers through the sand, idle. She's no stranger to a hostess' duties -- no stranger, certainly, to the spotlight. But for tonight, at least, she has withdrawn from it, and seems content to watch as the waves roll in.

Finding the hostess herself alone, Denon makes his way over and offers a deep bow, "Is there anything I can get you Your Grace?" waiting to see if there is indeed anything.

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"Jaenelle decided she did not like her brother, and my sister decided she did not like me, so they switched brothers." Something seems to dawn on him and he glances back to Jaenelle. "Speaking of which, quit talking about my spear, sister." Fergus looks back toward Acacia then. "It was a brief meeting I had with her, but decent enough conversation." His bared shoulders shrug and he glances to his goblet. "Did you do something to my wine?"
With Margot and Edain gone, Gustave watches the revelers until a new instinct awoken by the Decathlon siezes him. Walking up along the beach towards quieter strands, he finishes that last glass of wine, but not before saying his good byes to Acacia. Content that he will be seen in case of emergency but otherwise not disturbs, he strips to the waist and wades down into the water. One of his knights tossing him his long spear. And so the Marquis dives, content to immerse himself in waves and his own heartbeat.
Jacinthe can't be here just to swim. And she isn't, not truly. There's a method to this madness of brief lack of sociability, visible when she ceases her stroking and rises out of the water with that sweet pink shift clinging to her body, revealing through shaping itself to her rather than through translucency. Courtesans. They simply cannot help themselves. Tucking damp, wayward wisps of hair back behind her ears, she scans the shoreline and then lights with a smile. Acacia is spied with Fergus, the pair waved to before her gaze slides over Niccolo, Calista-- and then back to those in the water nearby. She laughs, hesitating only briefly before beginnig a slow stroke towards the frolickers.
Niccolo gallantly allows Calista to take his arm. "Of course," he says, drinking from his goblet. "You've been making sure others are enjoying themselves, what about you, my lady? Are you enjoying yourself? Is this," he gestures around them. "What you expected it to be?" He wonders, walking with the young woman.
Caprice blinks a few times at the offered goblet, but takes it after a moment's thought, shaking her head with a small smirk for her cousin. "It has been too long," she agrees in a musing sort of way, her smile trying wry as he mentions the hug, "I will remind you of your offer another time. Such a pity that I've missed so much already." The goblet is soon lifted, a very small sip of the wine taken before it's lowered once more, her eyes shifting attention towards the beaches and the others who have gathered, momentarily resting her attention on Esera there alone on the sand before looking back to Talen. "I've not a chance to meet with her Grace yet. It was very late when I've arrived, but I'm settled in now."
Esera answers Denon with a shake of her head. "It is kind of you to offer," she says. She smiles up at him, a smile calm and distant as snowfall. "I'm fine. It's another Lady's evening -- I wish it to be so. Please bring the Lady Fidante all the happiness you're able."
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Audric gives Kima another grin as the pair start to walk back to the shore. "I'd stay, but it's payroll we're talking about," he says. "Have to make sure everything's shared out properly. Have a fantastic rest of the night, no?" He gives a general wave to the crowd before heading back towards the city.
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Lydia wades and watches the frolicking further in the water for a few minutes more and then she begins to back away towards the shore once more. "Be careful!" she calls out to those in the water. "Try not to drown, but ...I should go, Nadia will /kill/ me if I drown!"
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The Inqusitior watches as Niccolo and Calista depart towards the waters, the man slowly stepping back off the Southern Dunes to return his wine glass instead of just dropping it into the sands of the beach. Inquisitors hate demons and littering! The man briefly glances over to Gareth, inclining his head in recognition to his fellow Hood.
Gareth will slowly raise up then from his spot under the tent admist the cushions, brushing himself off as he stands slowly, still watching the water games.. and fun.. and whatever else that can be considered before he casts a glance back behind him.. towards the city itself, expression still neutral.
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"I love my brother, and Freja loves you, we just needed a change" Jaenelle says to Fergus, as if explaining once more the reasoning behind it all. "But now, i've given you back, and you miss me, how could you not?" She sighs forlornly for him, because she isnt quite sure he is capable of showing the deep emotion needed for such heartfelt loss. "I shall leave you though, dear brother, to talk with Mistress Acacia all about Mistress Jacinthe's virtues" and she quickly adds on, "and your spear."
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Denon nods to Esera and says, "If that is your desire, though I was hired to entertain whoever needed it most not a single individual. I would not wish to see a beautiful woman sitting alone. Are you certain there is nothing I can do, even if only to join you for a conversation?"

Isolde stands from a rather quiet, intimate conversation, holding out her hand to Larissa, and grins at the woman, scanning the crowd as if looking for a variety of targets. "Let us give proper greetings to my sister, shall we, darling?"
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"I'll conveniently have forgotten," Talen promises Caprice at the continued discussion of any such body contact and then extends his arm toward Esera, saying then, "Go, say hello to your liege then," he insists, "and take that with you, yes. I'll disown you if you come back and it's not empty." Satisfied by his bidding of the seamstress, the Sword of Lenosia then spots Kima climbing from the water and opens her robe, splaying it in readiness for it to be worn, or even just reclaimed.
"It might seem that I'm alone," Esera says to Denon. "I promise you, I never am." With a flick of her wrist, she gestures down the beach. "They are all here with me. Don't you ever like to just -- listen? And watch?" She smiles, peaceful. "I do, sometimes."
Acacia's gaze had drifted towards Esera and Denon, the striking figure of the Grand Duchess stealing her focus briefly. But she's soon leaning forward fractionally, eyeing Fergus' wine with a twinge in her brow. "Nooo, your Highness. I potentially could, if you'd request it though," she gathers, her dark eyes rising towards his features for a momentary study. "Is something wrong with it? That's a pretty grave offense and I swear we've been over the course numerous times of how I really, really enjoy my life. Tch. You're cruel. I hope this is payback for me not drinking with you lately." As she looks back towards Jaenelle, she huffs out a quiet breath and then wonders in jest, "You're leaving your brother solely to my horrible care, your Highness? Is this revenge for the switch back?"
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Calista threads her arm in Niccolo's and bids Alistair adieu. She looks back to the Duke and smiles fondly. "Yes, absolutely. I do have a secret to tell you though.. Shh, don't say anything." The young noblewoman pretends as if she's going to lean in and whisper something utterly salacious in Niccolo's ear, but instead she feigns the murmur and casually says "I was terribly overwhelmed when I first arrived. I was running around making sure everything was in its exact place. And everything was, except for my dress. Bless our servants for helping me."

Denon nods to Esera saying, "I can see the joy in such simple acts yes. My parents ensured I had such an appreciation long before I even learned what a Whisper was. I shall not intrude further on your time of reflection and relaxtion Your Grace." noddingbefore turning to head on to someone else with less company.

Taking a momment then to look once more over the assembled group, Gareth will slowly make his way along the beach then, slowly trudging his way through the sand as he makes his way back to the city, apparently content with the process of things at is.
Kima finds herself another glass of wine once she's out of the water and Audric has gone on his way. She'll look for Talen, if only to relieve him of her robe. - And...look at that! "Oh, you're good," she says with a wry grin. Kima turns, putting her back to him, then slides one arm into a sleeve, followed by the other. "My thanks, master Artiglio." Pushing her hair from her brow, Kima glances about. "Look at that poor man over yonder, all on his lonesome." She gestures to Alistair. "Care to join me in making his acquaintance?"
"You are very kind," Esera assures Denon, in a murmur. "A credit to your House."
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Alistair watches as Gareth moves to depart, the man making no attempt to stop him as he turns to sweep his gaze along the party. He does not hear nor notice the words of Kima... few people eagerly go to greet an Inquisitor... regardless how lonesome they look. Lonely Inquisitors are likely the best kind you can find though. The worst being a pack with some confessor dogs yapping about them. The man of the Faceless Mask surveys the crowds quietly, watching the fun happening within the waters of the ocean with a passive expression of rote sternness.
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"I'll simply have to remind you over and over. Eventually I'll jog your memory," Caprice shines a smile to Talen, before she dips her head in a slight nod, eyes straining not to roll at the idea of being disowned. "I promise not to shame you," she says with light sarcasm, before drawing away from her Cousin's side. Her approach to Esera is slow but direct, the copper-headed seamstress stopping short of her liege and Denon as well. "Good evening, your Grace," her voice was quiet, polite, as she dips into a respectful curtsey to Esera.

"Your honor me and the Whispers Your Grace, thank you." is uttered by Denon as he leaves the Grand Duchess, nodding to Caprice as they pass. Spotting another standing on their own he makes his way over towards Alistair, "Can I get you anything?" politely.

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Talen stoops in the best bow he can manage, lifting one side to allow each slip of fabric over Kima's respective arms until she's clad in the silk once more. Looking in Alistair's direction even as the knightly Saik noblewoman indicates him, a shake of his head is given. "I'll leave you to his company. I am not the most sociable this evening and in fact, I must retire shortly and leave the rest of the elite contingent to watch over her grace. There are preparations to be made back at the estate. I trust your swim was satisfactory though, Lady Saik."
Esera smiles up at Caprice, and holds one hand out to her, beckoning her closer -- to join her, in the sand. "It's been too long," she says. "I've missed you, since I left Lenosia. Are you settled? Are your quarters to your liking? I do not know the palace here so well as I knew the one in Lenosia."
At the mention of a secret by Calista, Niccolo leans in, just a touch. He lifts a brow and pretends to be listening to a whisper. "Ah," he slowly nods. "Overwhelmed or not, what matters is the end result," he glances around. "And that speaks for itself," he says, patting the young woman's arm. "I'm glad to see you and Her Gra--my daughter, spending this time together," he shares. "She's fond of you, you know."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Esera before departing.

Larissa nods to Isolde, a soft smile that was more coy than delicate spread across her face "I would like nothing more.." she murmurs, hailing a tray of drinks and ensuring Isolde had all she needed before making their way towards Esara, Denon and and Caprice where they wiggled their toes in the sand.
"Do you think he's going to catch something, your Highness?" Acacia turns her gaze back towards the waters from Jaenelle, visually combing the ripples as she anchors her left hand to her hip and drinks sedately of her wine. "The Marquis entered with a spear, I think." There's a faint pause, before she tacks on, "A real spear. ... A weaponized-- Well, it looked like he was going fishing."
Jacinthe has had her fill of swimming and-- with the great exodus of swimmers venturing from water to shore-- she follows suit, slopping out of the light current. There is no /properly/ graceful way to slog onto a beach, though she does her best with little hopping steps. As she goes, she lets down her hair again to wring moisture from it, leaving it in a bronze rope over one shoulder. Are there towels? Hopefully there are towels.
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The knight snickers, shaking her head as she says, "Most satisfactory. I shan't keep you then, Sword of Lenosia." Stepping away, Kima gives a little finger waggle of a wave. "Instead, I shall hope to catch you another time." With that, she hones in on the Hood. Oh no, that profession won't save you, sir.
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Jaenelle looks over her shoulder, casting both Acacia and Fergus a smile, "I have been told mingling is good for me, so mingle I shall." It isn't even her party, but old habits are probably hard to break. As Acacia mentions Gustave and a real spear, Jae lifts a hand and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Every. Single. Event. This man...." Not her party. She just smiles and moves closer to the dunes, towards Alistair. She looks him over, and smiles, "I'm not sure who you are."
Calista leads Niccolo near the water's edge but isn't so mischievous enough to pull him into it. Barefeet leave imprints in the sand but quickly fade away with the rolling tide. As she looks up to Niccolo once more, the evening wind kisses her face, pushing back the long dark curls that once hung over her bare shoulder. Her smile brightens and her fingers give his arm a tender squeeze. "As I am fond of her and House Velenosa. I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am to be co-hosting with the Grand Duchess." Her shadowed emerald eyes sweep across the shoreline until they fall upon Esera, moon-bathing on the quiet strand. "And now you honor me with a stroll upon the shores at night!" Calista fans herself with her free hand as she shivers gently against him. "I'm quite the lucky girl."
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"It has indeed been far too long," Caprice agrees warmly, taking the offer to join Esera there down on the sand, tucking her skirts underneath her as she settles. The goblet that her cousin had gifted her was set to the side as she seats herself, attention fully on the woman beside her. "I apologize for not coming to see you sooner, my arrival was later than I expected. But I've settled in well. My quarters are very comfortable, thank you," she smiles, the gesture soft but full of warmth, before she tips her head in curious concern, "Have you been faring well?"
Talen bows his head and upper-half of his torso out of respect for Kima and then, turning aboutface, he starts to climb the dunes. Mid-way, he veers off to a collection of Velenosa guards and gives thme their due instructions before he continues on his way, making his way from the beeches.
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"Caprice! My one true love!" Isolde practically drags Larissa over, grinning at the Virtuoso. "Gods breath, have you been missed. Esera! It's Caprice!" As if her sister hadn't been talking to her for some time. She grins and kisses Caprice's cheek, then Kima's, then Talen's, then Esera's. "Everyone, this is Larissa, of the Whisper House. She's utterly delightful and I'm determined to win our private wager." She laughs warmly. Sister, darling, this is a delightful event. Where is my sweet Calista? I should congratulate her as well." She bahs as Talen runs off, the silly wrong timezone. "Acacia, my darling, come here! No one should be alone on a beach."
Alistair glances sideways to Denon, "No. I believe I have reached my limit for the evening." he says in regards to any further wine. Of course he looks like he could put down a lot more then two glasses of wine. "Is the Lady of Thrax enjoying the likeness of the Prince Inqusitior?" Alistair asks with a raised brow before he turns to glances to Kima as she approaches. "My my. I must teach the other Inquisitors my tricks... everyone comes to speak with me..." Alistair glances past Kima though, watching as Talen departs, the man's gaze hovering upon the display of the Thirteenth that he wears. "You are Princess Jaenelle Velenosa." He responds, a slight bow of his head. "I am Alistair, of the holy order of Inquisitors." He even says that with a straight face, holy and all.
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Jacinthe casts a laughing glance over her shoulder at Kieran but then she is shivering her way into a towel held for her by an attendant. Wet silk might be pretty but it does nothing for heat retention. Which is why, once she's securely cloaked in wicking cloth, she pads on sandy feet towards the bonfire. Small smile and a dipped head are offered to those she passes but with everyone paired, partnered and grouped, the Whisper is content to dry a little before she ventures back into social territory.
"You're very pleasant company," Niccolo admits to Calista, with a look toward the water. "So if you're lucky, then so I am," the duke tells her. However, the sound of a familiar voice mentioning a familiar name catches his attention. "I believe my dear Isolde is asking for you," he starts leading them that way. "She would not forgive me if I kept you from her," he notes with amusement and dips his head to Calista. "Let's join them."
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Kima dips into a curtsey, fixing upon her features a most innocent expression. Which should be illegal in and of itself because Kima is really rather good at it! "Ah, you have me at the disadvantage. Knowing my name while I am quite unaware of yours." As Kima extends her hand for Alistair to take, she follows his gaze after Talen. "Quite the man, yes? I do believe he does charity work for little orphan children."
"I am" Jaenelle says to Alistair, not so shocked he knows who she is. Perhaps in her mind everyone knows who she is. "But did you know that before I was known as Princess Jaenelle Velenosa, I was Princess Jaenelle Thrax, and also I adore opals?" Perhaps she is just trying to catch him off guard with the excess information. "And red wine is my favorite" she decides to add, grinning slightly. "It is a pleasure to meet you Alistair, of the holy order of Inquisitors. Please don't look at each of the guests as if you wish to drag them somewhere and ask them a million questions. It is a party after all, there will be time for that later."
"I get lost in the waters sometimes, your Highness, but talk of wagers? And my name? How could anyone ever deny you?" Acacia drags her gaze with fleeting reluctance away from the vision of the seas themselves, padding backwards a few steps and then pivoting with an easier cadence to her stride towards the Princess Isolde. Presenting a warmer smile that's transitioning to a grin with every step, she bows formally before the assembled group, "Grand Duchess. Princess. Courtesan Whisper, again. Mistress Caprice-- I've heard stories of your artwork through fabric. On to wagers again?"
"Oh, we /cannot/ have that." Calista concurs and leans up to press a kiss to Niccolo's cheek. "I haven't seen Isolde since I first arrived then she took to business or pleasure, or both. Who can be certain." There's a teasing little wink as she allows Niccolo to lead the way. "To the Dunes, My Duke."
Alistair bows his head to Kima as well. "Lady Saik..." he says, not immediately taking her hand, keeping his own clasped behind his back. Slowly a black gloved hand slips to take hers before raising it up to his lips as if to kiss, though the motion is simply mimicked and not completed. He pays his respects but he is not a noble and will not pretend the part. "Does he now? How interesting. We have had a recent explosion of new orphanages... so many of them have been ventures to avoid paying proper taxes." he states cooly. Jaenelle is soon offered a glass of red wine which is lifted from a tray being carried by a passing servant. "You ask the Crow not to fly. Not kind. Regardless. I have not asked a single question while here." He is playing nice.
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Larissa lifts a brow as Isolde goes on about kissing cheeks and waving her hands about, she was exquisite, of course.. Even half nude and half masked there was an air of something that radiated the beauty and strength of the position she held. Indeed as Larissa looks around at all that gathered and mingled, she was almost humbled by the layers of strength and beauty and wit she was assaulted with. It was a feast! A FEAST! "Duke.. my Lady" she grins to Niccolo and Calista as the walk up to their small gathering. "Such a pleasure to see you again" she grins at the later... "May I bring either of you refreshment... olives perhaps?" she suggests... "Or any of you at all, it would be my pleasure as I have a certain wager with a certain someone I am quite determined to win this evening..." she purrs.
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
Esera brushes her hands off on her thighs. Sand clings to her fingers and her legs, and glitters in her hair. "It's been a beautiful night," she offers in greeting. "I'm glad you could all be here. Summer won't last forever."
"Tax evasions, you don't say?" She tsks, shaking her head, which causes wet ropes of hair to sway back and forth. "How dreadful." As she had come equipped with a glass of wine, Kima can happily sip from it without care! Or maybe just a little care.
Winter is coming.
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There is frolicking, and then there is diving. There is an earnestness as Gustave swims further out, descends deeper. Spear poised in case of predation. After a stretch of time even the Blackram must arise from the depths, surfacing, throwing head back and clearing eyes as hair becomes more akin to cured seaweed. A few dives later he seems to have produced no fish, but emerges from the water completely soaked but all the more refreshed for it. Removing himself from the water, he shoos off attempts to shirt him and instead grabs a bite to eat, stretching languidly as the last sip of his second glass for the night are finished. Ah right, there is the matter of socialization. No doubt his daughter will be somewhat ill tempered if he has not done at least some of his schmoozing. Strength and wit he may have in some measure, but it takes a certain eye to ascribe beauty to the Marquis. The lynchpin of this gatherign seem to be Larissa and Caprice, so he joins the former as any wise forager would. For where there are Whispers, there is good food and conversation no doubt. "Making devils bargains?" He asks in a low voice. "A testament to your craft indeed." A fistful (well his fist anyway) of olives grabbed to hopefully last him the night. "Good evening, Grand Duchess. I would have made my well wishes and thanks earlier, but you have a certain gravity about you that makes such a prospect difficult at times."
"She will be very happy to see you, I'm sure," Niccolo assures Calista with a touch of amusement. Once they reach the small gathering, he dips his head to them. "My dear, I brought you a present," he tells Isolde, holding Calista's hand and presenting her to his daughter. He looks between her and Esera then, and he simply and honestly smiles.

"It won't," he agrees with Esera. "If you all would excuse me, I'm about to steal my protege. I brought her here, and I haven't had a chance to entertain her properly," his eyes fall on Acacia. "So I'm about to correct that," he offers his hand to the red haired woman. "Join me," he says to her.
"I'm afraid the spoils to the victor are between Larissa and I, but the wager is to see how many eyes, how much attention we can collect." Isolde laughs, richly, grinning to the others. "And so, I come to fawn over my family and my darlings, because I am a wicked cheat, and my sweet Whisper has no idea." She kisses Larissa's cheek, the wicked grin making her eyes sparkle beneath the mask. She moves to Niccolo and kisses his cheek. "Papa, welcome back." She kisses Acacia's cheek. "Thank you, darling. Forgive my rudeness earlier, but I knew I must capitalize on the chance to present my proposal the the Whispers before their evenings were claimed." She cups Calista's cheeks and kisses her lightly on the lips. "You are glorious darling, congratualtions on this event." She returns, looping Larissa's arm in hers. "Soon, I will be throwing an event for the Whisper house. I hope you'll all attend. It's going to be -magnificent-."
"A gravity about me?" Esera asks Gustave. She bows her head to him, lashes lowering like smoke to hide the fire of her eyes. "I have done you a disservice, if you feel this way. Please accept my apologies. A hostess should never be ... difficult."
Acacia stepped back a half-pace, boots sinking within the sand as she unfurled the short missive and scanned over it. Sealing it back up with a single fold, she'd turned her head at the arrival of Calista and Niccolo, the bow of greeting near habitual at this point. A warmer smile is initiated towards Isolde at the kiss, "Your Highness, you've already fulfilled many wishes of mine this evening, you know. Just earlier, through messengers. Handy things, they are." Niccolo is given only a half-beat of study, before she lays her hand into his outstretched one, "Your Grace."
Jaenelle takes the glass of red wine from Alistair, smiling over the lip before taking a sip. "Crows are brilliant birds. A little too smart for their own good. They know when to fly and when not to, I think, so I am glad you equate yourself to such a bird, Inquisitor." A brow arches at the talk of tax evading orphans. She looks at her wine, then at the man, and then offers a smile to Kima, "I have no idea what that means. None at all."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.
Esera obliges her sister, and gives her the whole of her attention and her gaze -- looks at her as though she's her world. Looks at her like she's consumed by her. Mesmerized.
Isolde touches Esera's cheek. "And this is why you're my favorite sister ever, darling."
"And only," Esera notes, fondly.
Isolde shhhhhs. "Favorite."
"Yes. Terrible things. Exploiting the goodness of Orphans. They were dreadful places... barely run at all. Mostly a shack and a name. I despise such exploitations..." He declares simply and looks to Jaenelle. His lips pull slightly in the thinnest smile. "Nothing to worry yourself with Princess. Less an orphanage is built upon an Opal mine I guess... enjoying the warm waters while Summer lasts?" He asks with a slight nod to Esera's statement.
Niccolo takes Acacia's hand, inclining his head, but with eyes lingering on the exchange between the sister while showing a glint of amusement. "Gods be with you all," he says, and deftly, he links his arm with Acacia's while leading her away.
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"You draw people in. Through title, charisma, the fact that you are easy on the eyes. Though I should hardly presume to educate you on something you are no doubt quite aware of." Gustave says in between the occasional olive, popping them into his mouth only to slowly extricate the seed in as subtle and clandestine a manner as he can. "There is no disservice. It is more my way to avoid the mass than it should be yours to extricate yourself from those driven mad by your charm." He says with a roll of shoulders. Watching the interplay of siters with a a slight titch upward of lip, particularly as Niccolo and Accacia extricate themselves. "A good man with a commendable story. May my life be only haf as interesting as his own."
Caprice leans back just a touch, her head tipped as she takes a moment to study Larissa, before returning a look to Isolde with a small smile. "It seems she had no idea who she was wagering with," Caprice says with a small laugh, "You're sure to have all the eyes, your Highness. And hearts, as well, as soon as I'm able to dress you once more." A little pride in that. There's a momentary glance to Gustave as he approaches, a quiet study to the man who has approached Esera, before she returns her attention to the Princess and her liege once again.
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"No one is driven mad by my charm," Esera says, with a laugh that disappears in the wind. "You'd be happier out there, in the water, wouldn't you?" she asks. "You don't need to pretend to be something you are not. I would not demand it of you. I would not even ask it of you." She rises, in a shower of sand. "Win all the eyes for me, will you?" she asks Isolde.

Larissa gives Gustav an appreciative grin "But that is the magic of the Whispers, we don't need the devils to make our bargains... we make them glitter and shine all our own." she teases, standing comfortably in her proximity to Isolde and delicately and quite deliberately traces a finger down the woman's spine. "And you've given it away... And since they are all your friends and family... a fact, by the way, that did not go unnoticed" she sniffed pointedly "They are all now socially obligated to give the attention to myself, lest the favor of you simply because of your familial ties be known and I fear that would be most unbecoming... especially at such a grand soiree. So I think..." she grins at all those gathered around them "It can be fairly agreed that I win? Hmmm?" she hums with lofted brow.
"The world is full of such evils, is it not?" Kima asks, giving Alistair a knowing look. "Sometimes..." She gestures towards the water. "It is even reflected back at us. I wonder, can one truly know anything, if you cannot first know oneself?" The wine glass is brought back to her lips, only to stop before ever quite reaching its destination. "Things to ponder, brought into life with something so simple as a particularly styled helm. What was that about opals?"
Esera gives Larissa a look sharp as steel at the suggestion her praise might be unbecoming.
Jaenelle looks Alistair over for a brief moment, nodding her head at his words. "I think" she begins very slowly, as if considering her words carefully, "that the protection and well being of orphans throughout the city, opal mines or not, is very much my business. As an orphan myself, though much later in life than most of these children, their well being and care is left to everyone to see to." She then smiles just as slowly, "though perhaps you are correct, why should I worry about children."
Kieran is still out in the water swimming about. It seems his splashing scared everyone off and he has the whole sea to himself.
Isolde shivers a little and she looks to Larissa. "Caprice is the best tailor ever. I would highly recommend you and your bretheren seek out her services as much as possible. You know my Umbra? Her doing. She's utterly magnificent." She laughs and eyes Gustave and Esera. "Sister mine, -I- am driven mad by your charm, out of sheer jealousy that I have but a fraction of your ease. DO not let her put you off, Duke Blackram. She is utterly entrancing, and I do not blame you for your interest." She slips an arm around Larissa's waist, laughing, her hidden nose wrinkle evident by the way her eyes. "What can I say, darling, there is no rules to a wager with a Velenosa princess. I would be a poor reflection upon my sister, as hostess, if I did not acquiece and allow you to win."
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"I could not face my little girl without being able to describe your gown, how effortlessly you and the lady Fidante organized this, Grand Duchess. She very much looks up to you. I am happiest when she is happy, though it is true that left to my own devices I do prefer simplicity." Gustave responds with a laugh, though there is a bit of a sincerity in his smile. Larissa's grin simply gets a step back and an appraising glance, though there is a twinkle in his eye. "Fae dust in your wake, spreading lascivious half-promises and phantasmic half truths? I would ask your secret, but I think somehow the very magic you describe would be lessened for it." Having said that, he looks over at Isolde, hands resting at his sides between olives stashed between the fingers. "I was perhaps unflattering even as I attempted to be complimentary. My people have an old belief that predates our conversion that one must weigh a compliment with a tease or the vaguest possibility of insults, lest the spirits become jealous and conspire to take them away. My apologies if I have upset or given offence."
Somehow that intense look focuses completely on Kima as she plays with her words, becoming clouded and suspicious, as she alludes to the unknown. Despite his eyes being a bland brown, little special about them, there is a piercing quality to them that one expects of his profession. Many Inquisitors do not concern themselves with such matters of the immaterial.. but perhaps Kima found one of the only ones that has. "Indeed... even a wine glass." he says as he taps a finger on the side of her glass to send a note through the crystal. "I can assure you Princess all the offenders were properly dealt with, and the children were taken care of." He remarks to Jaenelle.
"You do me a great honor with your praise, your Highness," Caprice murmurs to Isolde, but there's clearly a bit of preening from the redhead at the compliment, her chin just a touch higher than before. As Esera raises, so does the seamstress, brushing her hands gently down her skirts to rid herself of the sand that's accumulated as she stands. "I'd be very pleased to talk and assist you and yours," she says to Larissa as she takes a moment to truly *look* at the woman, pursing her lips, "I could dress you in beautiful art. It would be inspiring."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.
Esera smiles at Caprice, and it is a smile of unspoken promise. She takes the woman's hand in hers, a show of warmth and welcome, and then releases it. "Will you all forgive me if I return home?" she asks. "If you would like to bring your daughter to visit," she adds to Gustave, "I would welcome her. Though, I would not wish to disappoint her."
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The knight matches that gaze, perhaps not exactly in intensity, but in pure brazen boldness? Surely. "Even a wine glass," Kima repeats, lips tugging into an easy smile. "Now," the wine is quickly finished with the ease of someone completely familiar with the stuff. "While it was my pleasure to make your acquaintance, inquisitor..." And here Kima turns to give a little bow to Jaenelle. "Princess Jaenelle, I must bid you both a fine and lovely evening."
Caprice's attention returns to Esera, and she gives the woman's hand a squeeze in return. "Would you let me walk with you, your Grace? I should be returning home myself, I still have a bit of settling to do." She looks back to the Princess and Larissa, "Forgive me for scurrying, but I should get everything in order so that I can start my work again. There is much work to do, after all."
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The Inquisitor inclines his head ever so slightly. "Until next we meet Lady Saik..." he responds cooly and evenly.
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The Whisper throws her head back and laughs a genuine peel of laughter as she squeezes her companion for the night and shakes her head "I'm not at all sure I approve of winning by simple acquiescence, it feels far too much like... like... betting on something as droll as wine. However.." she mused, narrowing her eyes just a bit "Perhaps you simply /want/ me to win? Hmmmm?" she wonders, grinning as her attention is pulled to others as they speak in turn. Another smile is given to Gustav, light and easy as she nods along "Indeed indeed, every such thing.. however your mistake is in assuming we would tell our secrets at all. Somethings are not even for .. whispering" she teases and falls upon Caprice with an expression that could only be described as predatorial. "So Yooouuuu are the divine creature I've heard so much about. A pleasure to meet you, I would love nothing more than to be adorned in the fantastical creations I've seen and heard so much about. I look forward to meeting during a time we might discuss such things."
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Jaenelle looks mollified at the Inquisitor's words, nodding once more. She dips her head towards Kima as the woman prepares to move away, "be well Lady Kima." She then once more turns towards Alistair and finds her smile again.
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Alistair does not smile. It is simply his nature. If he does smile, they are brief, fleeting, a ghost of a smile that shows that the man does have some emotion beneath the black hood of his profession. "Princess. I shall send word if I find any beautiful Opals..." he offers. Not saying if said opals will be forcibly taken from some poor merchant or jeweler.
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"I'd be glad for your company," Esera says. She retakes Caprice's hand, to lead her down the beach and back to the city, footprints left behind in the sand.

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