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Southport's City Carnevale

Down in the City of Southport, every-so-often a travelling Carnevale reaches and the good Citizens of the city party. People adore the travel of the Carnevale for the superb performances, the large number of games and attractions. The drink that seems to not stop.

Come one, come all! Come with your missing pieces and your extra screws. Come those with courage, tender fears, song and strength. With cheer and good delights. Come to the City's Carnevale and be welcome - Lintoll the Faire Master.

OOC: Planned to be part 1 and introduction to a few PRPs based around this Carnevale and what's occuring. Curious to start? Come along! Or drop a mail/page to me!


April 12, 2020, 2 p.m.

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Outside Arx - City of Southport - City Square

Largesse Level


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