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Jewelers of Ischia - Siren's Call

Rubies and other precious minerals of Ischia are renown for their brilliance and clarity. For generations, rival jewelers have competed for contracts with miners and pirates to acquire the finest materials. The competition, however, is fiercest for influence with nobility, who magnify the reputation of Ischian jewelry throughout Arvum and the world.

Recently, tensions between the Moreno and Salvino jeweler families have broken out into violence. It is also reported to the rulers of Ischia that a significant amount of rubies and precious metals have been stolen from both shops, with each accusing the other of theft. When talented singer brings apprentices from both families to The Siren's Call Inn, any travelers from Arx are likely to be in for an exciting evening.

[OOC: Part I of an investigative PRP open to anyone. Please mail Dio if you know ahead of time you plan to join.]


July 16, 2020, 10 p.m.

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Mabelle Monique Ryhalt Ailith Ophira



Outside Arx - Ischia - Morisco

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The wide open windows of the Siren's Call allow a cool sea breeze to waft through the inn, as bright stars illuminate the skies above Morisco where not covered by the clouds. There are a great number of sailors, craftsfolk, fisherfolk, musicians, shopkeepers, shipbuilders and general people of Ischia, filling the benches, tables and bar of the inn.

Servers pass through the crowds, gathering coins and passing out rum, wine and various other liquors. "That's him," says a young woman, with gleaming black eyes, pointing to a young man with blonde hair and luminous blue eyes. "He sails with Tancred on The Runner. He has the voice of a seraph."

"Cute too," says her lightly freckled friend, while a large man with a hairy belly hanging from beneath his vest says loudly, "Th' songs 'ad better me bawdy!"

"Aye!" comes a chorus of sailors nearby.

Noticeable as well, amid the flirting couples, sailors and other craftsfolk, are two groups of apprentices serving two of the most prominent jeweler families of Ischia: the Moreno and Salvino families. Though separated by some sixty feet of floor space, tables, chairs, drinks and people, there is a palpable tension between the two, felt in the occasional dark look or rude gesture. Above all though, the atmosphere is one of excitement, and Alyosha looks a bit nervous as he stands beside Captain Tancred and the Luigi, the first mate of The Runner.

One does not simply walk into a tavern called 'The Siren's Call' and not expect to have an exceptional rum experience. Upon one of her visits to Ischia, Mabelle manages to slip into the place to avoid some heat and drown herself in her favorite drink as she takes in the local populace, eyes set on the bard, but occasionally looking at the tension point.

Sparkling jewels? Of course there's a Monique. It would have to be something bright and shiny to lure the Minx to sea. Dazzling like a gem herself, the Greenmarch Lady sweeps in behind Mabelle, decked out in dragonweep and stygian, star iron and steelsilk. Everything about her screams 'you want my business, you want my influence', and she offers to those arriving with her, "Goodness. This place is exactly as I'd pictured such an incredibly important bastion of jewels," there's a note of awe to her tone, paired with an ingratiating, radiant smile.

Ryhalt other business has brought the Duke today, passing through the crowds outside the tavern with the comfort of a sailor and not a trace of his Farshaw heirlooms upon him. Though a stranger to the region, he tilts his head slightly at the tension in the air of the room as he enters the Siren's Call. A wry smile flexes his lips as he navigates to a free table. Soon enough he'll flag down a barmaid for a drink and settles down to wait for whom he is expecting.

Risen tensions of quarreling renown merchant families lend to the grapevine of gossip which reaches the trading hub of Arx. Having overheard the news spilled nearby the Crafter's Guild, the young Legate's heart broke when asked to lend assistance. Not one to turn from a request for help, Ailith finds herself at the Siren's Call -- a place to begin and one this eve offers a rare performance by a singer. She quietly slips through as much as one of her height and standing can muster being unnoticed, and takes a seat to the rear of the room. Her simple cloak is hung over the back of her chair and she sits while adjusting the folds of her traveling robes of service. One look and it's obvious by symbols alone that she is of the clergy. Ailith smiles gently and beckons for a server, requesting a tankard for rum, while she glances about for any familiar faces.

Rolling in with a swaggering countenance, the ocean swept Seraceni moved in with a lithe grace. As if the roiling of the sea commanded limbs, the serpentine suggestion of form was confident and on display in form fitting decadence Ophira moved towards the bar. There was some who might take note of her presence, the ravishing creature in silks and thigh high boots that had seen it's share of salt was a fitting creature for such a space and hazel eyes flickered attentions in a wanton perusal. A rum was ordered, nonchalant and with a smile that beckoned and dared others to come hither, was placed on lips. Idle attention however were towards the main source of tension, all the while looking forward to hearing a talent vocalist perform.

Noticing the saphire-inlaid ring of House Laurent, a young woman in a white tunic and leather pants comes to stand beside Mabelle. "Good evening, My Lady, I couldn't help but notice your ring. My name is Lucianna -" Aloysha steps onto a stage, and the room is filled with drunken cheering.

Monique's attire and demeanor turn half the heads of the Inn, and a bearded young man soon approaches, with several men and women behind him. "What will you drink, My Lady?" he asks smiling. "We are the finest jewelers in Ischia, and see that you can appreciate the finest work."

A few of the sailors who arrived with Ryhalt, among them a middle-aged sailor named Fabrizio, says, "Come and drink with us, m'lord," giving a wave of his hand. As crowds begin to form around Mabelle, Monique and Ophira, who finds herself surrounded by Seraceni sailors, drinking rum and enjoying it to the greatest degree.

"Legate Ailith?" says Alyosha, beaming ear to ear. The attention of the entire inn then shifts to Ailith. "I can't believe you're here!"

"Sing!" yells the hairy-bellied man in the back.

Mabelle slides the fingers of her left hand over the fingers of her right hand, smoothing out her rings in either a way to hide them or to draw attention, it is not certain. "Good evening Lucianna, I think I will join my friends over there", as she finds herself surrounded, seems the power is in numbers because its certainly not in her own skills to defend herself, "But if you can get me some really, really iced rum that would be lovely". She rises and moves toward Monique and Ophira, despite her hips not quite swaying the same way and settles in their surrounding. Ryhalt receives a smile and a beckon and Ailith? Just a look of shock.

"For a time." Ryhalt grins at the invitation to drink, snags up his drink from the table top, and unfolds his length from his chair. Thus he joins Fabrizio and the other sailors drinking, soon laughing boisterously with them and smoothing into their conversation. From time to time he looks over the tavern, discreetly searching. One of those times he sees Mabelle, he doesn't give way he recognizes her other than an oh-so-slight lift of one of his eyebrows. Then something at his table pulls him back and he pounds a fist on the table, laughing and taking a drink.

As she's being greeted, Monique's gaze comes to rest on Ailith as well. There is the flicker of something sharp, maybe even grumpy, before the Minx wills it away and replaces it with a fond smile and nod to the Legate. But it's to the jewelers that the Minx of the Marches responds first, pitching her voice low so as not to disturb the calls for singing. "So I've heard, you know. That your work with rubies and silver is unparalleled. But of course, I've also heard some other things, that my commission might be misplaced before I can even wear it," the Minx pouts lightly. "What can you assure me about that?" All this, even as the Minx moves towards Ailith's table with her new entourage.

An appreciative glance towards Monique before watching Mabelle slide towards the two of them, that favorite whistle issued but it is softer given the current company and seeing the attention that has been garnered seems to cause the Seraceni to straighten a bit but smirk is still vulpine in nature. A familiar Ryhalt gets a glance but nothing else but then the Legate is called out and a brow checks, " Well didn't the Siren's Call just become the best place to be!" Was exclaimed, before attention was called towards Alyosha, the Siren of Setarco sizing the singer up with no small amount of intrigue.

There would be rum and yes, she would very much be drinking it with her Seraceni sailors. An aside to Monique feeding into her questioning, " You'll find no better than in Ischia but I'll let the experts speak for themselves and perhaps they'll even let you see a sample of their work?"

An evening spent unrecognized seems far more unlikely as Ailith's eyebrow lift with the widening her eyes during mid-sip of her drink. Her gaze, from over the rim of her tankard, slowly rises to the stage and politely, Ailith sets her drink down to greet Alyposha with one of those quiet waves of a hand and warm smiles to the crowd to suggest -- yes, yes, but please give due attention to the host and nobility present as well as the singer performing.

When Monique nears, the Legate warmly says, "M'Lady, I should have expected your presence. If there's any who has the economic skill combined with the value of a jewel and knowing real from fake ones, it would be you. Most in Arx have followed your fashion trends. Perhaps, tonight you'll find one the city will rave about?" She then beams at Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, you're here as well? Now it is for certain, the Oathlands shall set the trends."

Dio GM Roll checked charm(4) + performance(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Aloysha shoots the drunken sailor a look, and says to Ailith, "I am very glad you're here, Legate." He clears his throat and reaches over to grab some rum from one of Ophira's sailors.

To Monique's question, Tullo, and apprentice of the Salvino family, says, "We are taking measures to make sure nothing happens again." His eyes shift toward Lucianna, and his jaw clenches.

"I will, My Lady," says Lucianna to the lady of House Laurent, and nods to a young man beside her who moves for Mabelle's rum. "I was hoping," she says, walking with Mabelle, and, distracted by noticing Ryhalt, bumps a woman among those speaking with Monique. Splashed with wine, the woman, whose name is Mercedes, tuns with a look of fury on Lucianna.

Suddenly Alosha's voice fills the Inn, clear and warm like a summers afternoon. A huge press of people surge forward to hear better, and many drinks are spilled.

Mabelle walks before Lucianna, but turns as the woman begins to speak to her, "Hoping?", she flashes a warm smile to the girl, curious to engage her as she lingers halfway instead of creating a cluster of nobles. A 'moment' signal as she winks to Ailith and her attention turn entirely to Lucianna, as Mercedes turn toward her.. Mabelle almost tries to soothe the woman before people charge forward and her own gown is at risk, Mabelle pulls Lucianna backwards with her to avoid the crowd.

Dio GM Roll checked dex(4) + brawling(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Monique's vanity is soothed by Ailith's words considerably. Vain Minx is vain. "That, but also to view the livelihood of my new patron, Marquis Dio Seraceni, and see how I might infuse the local economy." Completely altruistic. "What brings you, esteemed Legate?" She turns next to Tullo, full of charm and just a hint of a cheshire grin. "What sort of measures, sweet man? Do they involve intrigue? I do love intrigue," she murmurs, her voice low and intimate, a side grin for Ophira's conjecture. "I would certainly enjoy seeing a sample."

Ophira leans back with elbows propped atop the bar, sipping upon her drink with attentive sights moving over all those pushing and shoving themselves around, even that which is unknowingly done and catches the enraged look. A glance is given towards the lad grabbing the drink for Mabelle, before attention is grabbed by the song briefly and the skill in which it is sung. All the while it would appear like she is utterly calm and composed, enjoying the turn of events and a grin is shard with Monique before the Seraceni takes another sip of rum, looking in the crowd for weaponry hidden in the masses. Where the heck was Anne when you needed her?

Ryhalt turns his head to the sound of the singer's performance. Seeing the surge in the crowd, though, he remains in his seat. With the singing and the noise of her admirers, he loses track of what threads of conversation he can pick out about rubies nearby.

Ailith nods with an encouraging smile at Mabelle in hopes such tension can be defused. As her hand clutches the handle of her tankard, she tosses back a quick draught of the rum, a gesture mimicked from days spent with sailors or one notable Highlord of Thrax. Still elegantly polite, she dabs a cloth napkin and waits to swallow before responding to Monique and Ophira. "Then I must thank your patron for encouraging your appearance for I am quite out of my element with jewels -- aside from recognizing good craftsmanship or ideas that would honor our pantheon." Ailith's eyes glisten with mirth and she glances at Ophira. "If you take this seat, my Lady, you'll be out of range from most chair throws. I tend to select my seats carefully else my guards will lecture me through the night." A tease and she makes a moment to watch Ryhalt. "Lady Monique, do you know why the Duke is present? I assume he arrived with a delivery of his finest coffee and . . ." She shrugs and then whispers with the Greenmarch noble.

"Hoping you would model our latest neckalce, My Lady," says Lucianna looking relieved. "Sapphire and silver like no one has seen." There is a cracking sound, and Lucianna stumbles forward against Mabelle, as a shard of Mercedes wine glass nearly touches her face. Lucianna looks horrified and then enraged! She turns quickly to face her assailant.

"We know where to find them," says Tullo to Monique, his eyes shifting with some wonder to Ailith. "We're just waiting for Vanessa to give the word," he says, nervously stroking his beard. My Lady, we have a collection and if you could -"

Someone at Ryhalt's table gets bumped violently, when people nearby move out of the way of Mercedes hurled glass. Alyosha keeps singing though, and most are still drinking, singing along, and laughing as the young sailor carries on a well known Lenosian love song. A couple people rise from their seats as Lucianna grabs squid from the bowl of a passing server. No sooner is it in her hand, then it is thrown at Mercedes, and several people are spattered with squid juice, among them one of Ophira's sailors. "What the fuck?" he says, turning around drunk and angry.

Mabelle checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 40, rolling 61 higher.

Mabelle's eyes round when there is suddenly pieces of glass and squid ink and people throwing stuff at each other. She raises her hand, trying to keep her composure and says with a smile that doesnt even look like a smile, what is that? "If one of you get even a little piece of ink on my gown, I promise you, you will be drowned in bills to cover that damage, to outlast generations". She's smiling alright, but her eyes say something else entirely, as she lays a hand on Lucianna with rather firm grasp.

A glance towards the Legate with a smile, " While I appreciate the offer, I'd be mighty surprised should someone find it wise to hurl something my way." Attention hones in on one of her sailors, " Oy, boy-o! Keep it tight and under control." Came loosely, there was no menace behind it but there was enough of a bite to get the warning across.

However, attention found itself back on the singer continuing the song and it was there she took another sip of rum while those charming and dashing spoke to the jewelers and managed the situation.

Monique leans in to make her reply to Ailith, something like consternation crossing her lovely face before she smooths it away, straightening just in time to watch squid fly and glass crack. The Minx places herself before Ailith smoothly like a shield, though she makes a reply to Tullo as she does it. "I would never turn down the chance to see it. But of course, it might be difficult, given all," the Greenmarch waves, "this." Her green eyes drift speculatively to the singer who keeps on singing, and narrow. Just a touch. "Legate, perhaps you might speak with the crowd, remind them of staying in the Gods' good graces?"

Ophira checked command + war at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

Ophira checked perception + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Once her hand is upon Lucianna, Mabelle's smile turns more soothing and soft and she meets the girl's eyes, "Oh I do like sapphires, I would certainly love to parade it around Ischia". Shock

Oh, look, a brawl in the making! He hasn't been in a brawl in, well, years. Watchful, Ryhalt glances in the direction of where the bump at his table originated. He ducks some of the flying drink and chuckles to himself. What had he gotten himself into today?

Ailith sets aside her tankard in favor of rising from her seat and carefully -- in that very pronounced manner of an ehem, arches her eyebrow at the crowd to gently say with a warmer smile -- "My dear patrons, if you could, I came from very far away to hear the voice of your fair Alyosha, who is spoken of having a voice liken to our bardic Devotions. And a voice, I may ask to join a choir in Arx for a Limerance concert. All I ask if a few moments of consideration toward our singer?"

Ailith checked command + propaganda at difficulty 30, rolling 56 higher.

Ailith checked charm + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

As Monique gestures about the crowd, Tullo is nodding yes, when a dark complected young woman glides up to the Minx. "My Lady," she says laughing dismissively at Tullo, and then turning back to Monique. "I apologize for subjecting to this brute and his lies. There are far finer things in Ischia." She throws her rum in Tullo's face, and the man begins immediately to retaliate, but, not wanting to hit Monique, ends up spilling his drink on himself. As Ryhalt, backs away from a group of sailors and apprentices who begin to grab and shove each other, but they are almost instantly dispersed by the threat of Lady Mabelle Laurent. Those who had been angry a moment ago were afraid of whatever insane cost would be levied upon them to match the austoning raiment of the Lady of Artshall. Then an aura of dignity and enjoyment fills the room at the words of Ailith. Sleeves and hair are released, and many drinks are called for from all over the bar.

Alyosha clears his throat. "I don't think I can go on," he says, blushing. Some one boos. Someone else says, "Lady Ophira!" and suddenly there is the chanting of "Siren, Siren!!" from many in the crowd.

Mabelle scans the room with calm eyes as things begin to settle down. Amused by the call for Ophira, Mabelle uses the distraction to turn to Lucianna, initially checking, "Are you harmed? Not that you would be with such a throwing arm", she quirks her lips to her. She indicates the general atmosphere to Lucianna, particularly the last interaction around Monique and she asks her, "What is going on with those groups? They seem to be at odds", she states the obvious, awaiting her necklace.

Saved getting entangled in the pending fight by Mabelle's threat, Ryhalt chuckles and takes a drink in silent praise of her. With order temporarily restored, he listens for the answer to Mabelle's question. Knowledge is silver.

Monique looks between Tullo and the woman who just doused him and chuckles softly. "It's as if neither of you believes I have enough money to go around. I think I might be slightly offended. But please, why don't you work together to the benefit of both? Is there something that keeps you from doing so?" Her eyes stray once more to the singer. "Perhaps we ought to invite him over. He strikes me as someone worth knowing," this, low, to Ailith and Mabelle, as calls for Ophira to sing chime out.

Ailith appears satisfied by the etiquette and genuine admiration of respect toward the singer on the stage -- and so, sits to begin drinking her rum once more. The chants for a siren causes twitches at the corner of her lips. Ailith chuckles and bemusedly joins in by rapping the side of her tankard in rhythm to the call for a Siren performance. From over her shoulder, she glances at Mabelle, Monique, and Ryhalt to be reassured they are fine in the thick of such a rambunctious audience. And the three find ways of ha doing the situation. Grinning, she asks of Monique, "I think you have the right idea." And at that, she beckons to Alyosha to join her table and mayhap discuss a merry tune or tale.

There is a look of surprise on her features but it is quickly masked, glancing to Alyosha there is a check of her brow before slowly she downs the rest of her drink. A glance towards cohorts brief though it is to signal she was going to try her hardest to be a distraction. Decorous coat that Ophira wears is removed and tossed towards a Seraceni sailor, revealing the soft flowing cotton blouse beneath and highlights the silk pants that hug form. Dusky flesh is on display, eyes flash winsome and beckoning as silky raven black waves are shaken loose to tease just above hips. Feline smooth the Siren of Setarco ascends, leaning in to set a playful kiss to Alyosha's cheek, " Can we not get another round of applause for this handsome crooner?" A cant of her head," Let me see if I might be able to give you all some sweet and wild dreams this evening."

Ophira's voice begins out with a deep husky soprano seeking to still the raucous crowd, there is a seductive lull to the way she weaves a tune that speaks to the blood and quickens the pulse, reminding many of perhaps the passionate embrace of a lover. The tale as it would go is of a woman who is known as the Jewel of the Oathlands and the many men who tried to dim her shine until a man of the sea, a well known swashbuckling lord whose reputation as a Pirate lord stole her away to where she was able to shine brightest - Ischia. The tale was perhaps a favorite and common one on the island for it had odd similarities to a particular Count and his late wife.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 49 higher.

Ailith p

"She hit me!" says Lucianna to Mabelle, looking equally shocked and wrathful. Ailith's speech has some effect on Lucianna, but she stares daggers at Mercedes. The simmering peace of the legate lasts until Alyosha doesn't sing. Vittoria, the woman beside Monique says, "They're beneath your notice, My Lady," and Tullo says, "It's because they're stealing from us. It's fucking shameful. We don't steal from our own."

Then Lucianna from beside Mabelle shouts, "You're stealing from us! May the gods curse Salvino!" A loud murmur passes through the room, so in support, some in offense. Hands tighten around drinks. The servers carrying squid quickly move away.

One of the sailors beside Ryhalt says, "It's always like this in Ischia, m'lord. There's a jewelry gala or some such coming up. Good money for the family that might have one such as yerself wear their craft."

Then the voice of Lady Ophira Seraceni pours out over the souls of all in the inn. A number of people just listen, dumbfounded, and many who had looked on each other with hatred, can hardly feel their drunken state shifting toward carnal pleasures than violent outbursts.

Mabelle gazes at Ophira, mesmerized as she listens to the tale of the Jewel of the Oathlands. Her own expression turns sad and she almost loses sight of the objective. She then stirs into alertness when Lucianna SCREAMS into her ear. Mabelle turns crystal eyes upon the girl and rubs her ear in purposeful gesture, staring at her a bit, "Alright, you are not neutral. I am pretty sure there are enough jewels to go around. I for one would be very interested to see a piece, or ten. But maybe to someone who wont make my ears ring unless its with information", Mabelle feigns moving away, but she isnt, really.

The song steals Monique's breath, and it's a moment before she can form a response to Tullo and Vittoria. "As a /former/ thief," Monique emphasizes the word former deliberately, angelically, "I can tell you, I used to steal from Telmar tradespeople and dress up in the guise of a Valardin tradeswoman to throw them off the scent while I did it. Do you have any concrete proof? I'd be happy to offer my services of investigation into the matter as a completely neutral third party. Perhaps, for a lovely necklace made by both talented families?" The Minx turns on her charm. "I could wear it to the King's masque and make sure all knew exactly who to go to for this latest fashion."

Ailith plants her chin upon folded hands, elbows bracing on the table. Eyes glaze over, misty, as the lucid tones pull the Legate into the Siren's song -- a tale as captive and sparkling as the Jewel. At the final note, Ailith brushes her knuckles at the corner of her eyes before joining the astounding applause. The calls by Lucianna and Tullo are met with a curious and befuddled expression as she serenely reminds, "Such accusations and threats have a tendency to draw in your liege and voices to decide the outcome of this disagreement. And the decision may not be to anyone's liking. Both may lose for being caught by lies -- or isn't that the case in the Lyceum?" She glances at the other nobles for confirmation as Lycene, and Pravus, tend to be a bit of a confusion for her. "The nobles present," a motion to Mabelle, Monique, Ryhalt, and Ophira, "do each present skills and talents uniquely fitting to serve as a fair minded judge -- if you so wish to civilly present your cases."

"Is it?" Ryhalt flashes a grin at the sailor speaking to him. "Such a lively place." There is a hint of wistful regret in his voice, for a way of life no longer his, but his grin doesn't falter. "Jewelry gala? My daughter's getting to the age I need to think about making her such things. I always enjoy patronizing those with the skill to make wonderful things." This he says, saving half an ear for whatever the underlying dispute is about. "Is there truth to there being theft of chose baubles?" Back comes that wistful look in his eyes as Ophira sings, it isn't his first time in the Lyceum, he's probably heard a song like it, if not so bewitchingly sung.

As the song comes to an end, there is a dip of her head and if there is a glimmer in her eyes in honor for whom the song had been sung, it could perhaps just be tacked on to the glittering mystique of the Siren,"Shall I request our crooner to return and sing you something far more lively?" A smile is flashed, glancing towards the others: Mabelle, Ailith, Monique, and Ryhalt.

Ailith is overheard praising Ophira.

"But my Lady," says Lucianna to Mabelle, with a heartbroken look, "we put our whole lives into our work, to make the things that will be cherished and passed down through the lines of those who shape the world. Like you. Who has not heard the name Mabelle Laurent?" A aging sailor glances at Lucianna. "Who?" he asks. "Who matters," adds Lucianna.

Tullo strokes his beard as Monique speaks. Vittoria narrows her eyes at Tullo. "Business is cutthroat, My Lady. If the Minx of the Marches, the Savior of Sungreet were to wear a bracelet from our shop, people will speak of it for years, and seek us from the Compact and beyond," she says to Monique. "Aye," says Tullo, "but we're artists, not thieves. Please come by our shop, My Lady. You are renown for your wisdom and wit, and we'd be grateful for your advice. Perhaps," continues Tullo, "you can speak the truth to your patron and seperate these traitors from their lives."

Ailith's words touch the minds of many who hear it. "Let the Legate and the nobles judge and be done with it!" bellows a tall, broad woman who seems less than thrilled to have any interruption to the song of the Siren of Setarco.

"Aye, m'lord," replies the sailor to Ryhalt. "If yer daughter should prefer silver or gold, rubies, or sapphires, I can tell my cousin and he can shape 'er somethin' special." At Ryhalt's question, the sailor nods. "There's too many upset fer the rumors to be false. Someone's been stealin' something. Bet Lady Ophira wouldn't mind see what's what."

As Ophira glances to those around, Alyosha applauds loudest amid the din. Ophira's sailors are drunkenly cheering, and people seem like they want to dance.

Lucianna probably worked on that pout for years and it works on Mabelle too, "I cherish jewels I assure you, never a piece escapes my eye. I'm just saying there is room for both and I would love to see your work. Show me the way". Rounding her eyes, Mabelle then realizes she is due on competition, she mumbles aside to Ailith, "Judge? I'll likely want all of them...", she sighs and supposes, "Fate wills it". That is not a pun.

"I couldn't judge the situation without investigating it first. I'd have to visit both shops, and make inquiries in darkened alleys." The Minx waggles her titian brows salaciously. "I don't suppose there's anyone who would be willing to show us around to such places as would fit the bill?" Monique asks sweetly. "A representative from each family, and then someone else, with more intimate knowledge." Her eyes drift once more to Alyosha. "Perhaps someone with a beautiful face and voice, the better to keep us engaged?"

Ryhalt chuckles. "At the moment she prefers everything that moves, so unless there is some truly exotic materials in them..." He shrugs slightly and has himself a drink. "I'm sure she'll grow out of it soon and settle on a more metallic taste." Maybe! He makes a hmming sound and nods to the answer to his question, he starts to answer, but catches wind of the desire to have him help assist in judging the matter. There is an slight twitch at the corner of his mouth in a grimace, the only sign that his own plans needs must be put on hold for the moment. "I do have intimate familiar with markets, I am game to look."

Ailith smiles softly as she states in agreement, "Lady Monique is fair minded and wise to remember even a judge by the Faith, honoring our Sentinel, that all sides must be investigated in order to view the full picture. A rash decision now could cause further insult. I'd encourage both families to be open to these upholding nobles of the Peerage. If it it shall settle your hearts and minds, I will sit in on their deliberations."

Monique checked charm + seduction at difficulty 10, rolling 156 higher. Monique rolled a critical!

There is then a laugh at the cheering, rolling her eyes before flashing a playful grin as the Siren then starts in on a song that is different - a careening upbeat jig that is both saucy and lively enough for dancing. It tells of a Velenosian Countess who was found in loving circumstances with a Pravus Knight, but the woman then finds out that her husband has been paying the Knight the entire time.

All the while Ophira sings, hoping the other four are able to work their investigative magic though her name is heard by a sailor, mind already working over what exactly she'd need to ferret out or who needed a tickle of her blades.

Ophira checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

"I will be happy to, My Lady," says Lucianna to Mabelle. "Might we meet at the eighth hour, before or shop opens. They say," she adds softly leaning very close to Mabelle, "that you have a room in the palace?" Lucianna studies Mabelle's face, reading it in a desperate attempt to ascertain truth from her reaction.

Vittoria crosses her arms, a degree of frustration on her face for not winning Monique. Tullo doesn't look pleased with the 'representatives from both houses' bit.%f
The sailor beside Ryhalt chuckles. "Aye, lord, when she's interested, ye let me know." He smiles, and it appears he has one - no two missing teeth. A number of other jeweler apprentices look on Ryhalt greedily as he speaks to those making plans.

"Yeah, what the Legate said!" shouts a young woman wearing a pendant of Limerance. "Ok," say Turo to Monique with a sigh. "We're happy to have you, m'lady. Tell us when you will be at our shop. It's Salvino Jewelers. Ask anyone, and you'll find us." He bows to the Lady of Greenhaven, and then turns to hear the song of Ophira.

When the song finishes, an elder couple approaches Ailith. "Thank you for keeping things merry, Legate. You've kept our Inn in one piece. Do you drink rum?"

Mabelle bows her head thoughtfully to Lucianna, "Eight hour", her gaze turns toward Monique, Ailith and Ryhalt, "Are we splitting into different shops? or are we going to visit them together?". Shiny shiny, cant miss any of it. Mabelle's eyes sparkle and her fingers begin to itch. She curves her lips to Lucianna and lowers her voice to her, "I do. A gift from the Marquis for when I feel like sailing on vacation instead of traveling home by land. If you want to make sure it sparkles from wall to wall, you are welcome to", if the girl has an angle, it will come out with the confirmation.

"Safety in numbers, no?" Monique posits to Mabelle. "And better chance that we'll get into a bidding war and the fabulous merchants here will benefit!" She positively beams radiantly in the jewelers' direction. "Wonderful. We'll all be by, then. Oh, this has absolutely been worth the boat ride! Legate, will you join us, too? It will give me time to flirt with you."

Ailith glances down at her nearly empty tankard since the couple mentions . . . "I drink a variety of liquors in honor of our Goddess Mangata. Mainly a cider drinker but when among such skilled sailors, rum is a must. This one has a hint of an unique flavor. I imagine it's unique to your inn?" And in a low tone, she says to the couple, "It is my pleasure to lend a hand in the merriment. Gild shines forth today by your charity."

Ailith flushes well to the roots of her hair and side eyes Monique as a sputter comes forth -- "You are worse than Bliss, Lady Monique. I swear the pair of you are in league with another." She snorts, amused, then serenely nods as though coaxed and dragged by wild horses -- "I shall join you since you asked so nicely. Thank you for the kind invitation.l

Nodding to the sailor, Ryhalt grins affably. "I certainly will. Somewhat like a bracelet would be excellent for now. Some sort of ivy design, if you have green sapphires? Think on it." Catching some of those greedy looks, he chuckles to himself. "Seems I will have to come back at a later time." Easy, he unfolds himself from his seat and strides over to stand next to Mabelle. "Shopping with Lady Mabelle, my accountants are blissfully unaware how close the arrow's landed this time." He grins at Mabelle, light teasing.

"If we are to be judges, all of us looking at the same thing at the same time would be the fairest method." Though, he does have a chuckle at Monique's take.

It is then as plans are cemented and things firmed that Ophira bows as the song ends, taking herself away to collect her coat, down a shot of rum waiting for her, and then follow the group as if she'd been paying attention all along. Shopping? Jewelry? Draining the Seraceni coffers? Brilliant.

Lucianna claps her hands together, and beams at Mabelle. "It will sparle /wall to wall/!" she says with supreme confidence. "My Lady!" "M'lady!" a chorus of new voices vie for Mabelle's attention. Everyone around Monique bursts into laughter, turning to glance at the Legate of Concepts.

"Aye, m'lady" replies the older woman to Ailith. "Our Siren's Secret is the finest rum in Ischia." She glances towards Ophira to confirm her words. The sailor near Ryhalt raises an eyebrow when he speaks of the ivy design, and several of the apprentices perk up their ears. As Ophira jumps down from the low stage, there's more wild cheering. Luigi takes the Seraceni Lady's place and beings to play the lute. The people are then clapping, and, not long after, dancing.

As people starts calling her name, Mabelle laughs and cooperates, "The room has six walls, send the bill to the palace", she chuckles as she steps around the gather more offers, if only to help with the investigation later

Ophira is overheard praising Dio.

Ophira is overheard praising Mabelle.

Ophira is overheard praising Monique.

Ophira is overheard praising Ailith.

Ophira is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Ailith is overheard praising Monique.

Ailith is overheard praising Mabelle.

Ailith is overheard praising Ryhalt.

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