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Like-A-Rowenova Feast and Game Night!

Come to the Golden Hart for a feast and night of games. Trophies will be given out for three separate events as we find out who is most "Like-A-Rowenov!" when it comes to letter writing, arm-wrestling, and drinking.

OOC: To save time in the letter writing event, please come to the event with a letter already written. Letters should be a topic or directed to something or someone that interests Rowenova. If you need an idea for the letter writing, send me or Rowenova a @mail.


Aug. 29, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

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Rowenova Rosalind Svana Lisebet Harlan Emberly Philippe Baelos



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare arrive, following Rosalind.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty -1, rolling 35 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 6, rolling 27 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 5, rolling 42 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty -1, rolling 31 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 6, rolling 33 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 5, rolling 38 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 4, rolling 30 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 3, rolling 38 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 2, rolling 38 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 1, rolling 39 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 0, rolling 43 higher.

"All right, I spent a lot of time in the Golden Hart kitchens cooking up a feast for everyone." Tarik say as he walks in the crowd, "So I hope everyone enjoys their meal before the game." Tarik smiles softly, "So everyone grab a bite to eat before we start with the first competition."

Stepping out from the tree-covered shadows is none other than Scout Rowenova who gazes around at the amazing food as well as the booze collection then ultimately focuses upon Tarik. She steps closer and goes to firmly hug him, "Thank you for doing this." says she in a quieted tone, the kinda voice that often denotes being deeply touched.

Rosalind hurries inside with a gasp,"Did I miss i--"but she pauses. "Oh wow! This looks great,"Rosa exclaims with a grin. She's already heading over the food for tarts and pudding. "So--How much do I get to take home,"the tall redhead is asking with a bright smile on her scarred cheek.

Svana rides in on her gelding, pulling a small cart behind her. Unloading it reveals babies. She smiles over at Nova and Tarik, holding two squirming babies. "Thank you for having this feast and party for our Rowenova!" She says to Tarik. Immediately Rowan starts to make grabby hands at Rowenova, and Elanne starts babbling to anyone who will listen. "Please do be careful, they crawl now. They tug hair. They have teeth."

Harlan arrives, following Lisebet.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty -1, rolling 52 higher. Rowenova rolled a critical!

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty -1, rolling 36 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 6, rolling 24 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 5, rolling 28 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 4, rolling 30 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 3, rolling 55 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 2, rolling 41 higher.

Lisebet is looking highly fashionable as she and Harlan arrive, late, but perhaps just fashionably so. "Where is my wonderful 'Nova?" she calls out, acheerfully. "And hello, everyone. Sorry we're late!" She's on the arm of Duke Harlan, which of course means he also looks incredibly fsshionable, just by virtue of standing next to her. "I hope we haven't missed too much yet?"

Harlan beams brightly with Pride. Of course he does! How can one not be proud when they have the lovliest little Duchess attached to their arm. He offers a bow as they enter the Hart, "Greeting all! What kind of fun and game do have?" The duke asks.

"No problem, my love." Tarik peers over the food again again, "The problem was going around town looking for the ingredients that the Hart kitchen did not have." Tarik peers over at Rosalind, "Take as much as you want home with you. There is nothing like food that you can enjoy the next day." Tarik grabs himself some raw salmon and berries before sitting down. "I hope everyone has prepared a letter."

Tarik goes to the dancefloor and states, n}350 "For those who don't know and those who do, Scout Rowenova is a profilic letter writer. Her letters are truly amazing! So for the first contest, you have to write a letter that is most like Rowenova. It can be about Sir Floppington, her Morien Man, working for Lork Arik, or she can give you a topic if you get stuck."

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards arrive, following Emberly.

"No problem, my love." Tarik peers over the food again again, "The problem was going around town looking for the ingredients that the Hart kitchen did not have." Tarik peers over at Rosalind, "Take as much as you want home with you. There is nothing like food that you can enjoy the next day." Tarik grabs himself some raw salmon and berries before sitting down. "I hope everyone has prepared a letter."

Tarik goes to the dancefloor and states, 350 "For those who don't know and those who do, Scout Rowenova is a profilic letter writer. Her letters are truly amazing! So for the first contest, you have to write a letter that is most like Rowenova. It can be about Sir Floppington, her Morien Man, working for Lork Arik, or she can give you a topic if you get stuck."

Rosalind is NOT dressed in her usually leathers and feathers this evening. No. She's in a tunic and leggins. And boots. Her bright copper red hair is in a loose braid. Looking comfortable. Hearing Tarik, she quickly turns, her cheeks stuffed with food. Chimpmunk-ish. "Letter?!"she swallows with a loud gulp. "Er..."

After Tarik steps away, she draws her gaze from him then looks to Rosa, "Well, that will be up to Tarik, unless you mean to be like me and just take the food and run away!" She lets out a little laugh before stepping closer to Svana, reaching out her niveous/strong arms to possibly accept Rowan into them if let. "Duchess and Duke Ashford! Welcome!" she calls out with a bright smile. "I am right here! Also, yes, as my Morien man says, you can write a letter as though writing from my perspective. You can read it or have the option, if you dare, of... letting me read it to the crowd." She lets out a little laugh.

Emberly did not mean to come into an event practically right as a contest is being delivered. She chuckles as she pets her dog and her eyes move over to Tarik wide eyed and in hopes shes not called forth to write!

"I vote that we can also make speeches in lieu of letters! I have a letter. But it's in my mind," Svana says, as she gives Rowan over to Rowenova. "Look little Rowan, here's your Row!" She pats the little boy's bottom and takes Elanne to start getting food, laughing. "I'm not sure if I can properly bring Rowenova's delightful thoughts to justice... this is no contest for me." She kisses the little redhead's hair and moves to bow to Harlan and Lisebet, while taking note of Emberly. A nod is given and a smile, but Svana is intent to get one of each for herself to eat of all the delicacies, along with pudding for the six month olds.

"Yes, speeches are fine." Tarik smiles softly, "Scout Rowenova is also one of the most flexible and compassionate people I know so we can allow for speeches that are like letters.

Rosalind hurries over to get give her letter to Nova,"I'll let Nova read mine,"she declares with a grin. Does she STILL have food in her mouth. Stored away?! Hurrying over to Svana, she goes to steal a child but not before waving to the others,"Hello! I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Ros or Rosa for short though." A smile breaks through on her face. Freckles and a rather large claw marked scar on one cheek. Her demeanor entirely friendly.

Lisebet grins at Harlan, and then comes over to Rowenova, with a bit of amusement. "I have to admit, I did not sleep as well as I ought, and I am not sure if I should - but I am quite willing to give it an attempt," she says.

Rosalind checked wits + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Svana checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Emberly checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Pickle have been dismissed.

A beautiful songbird have been dismissed.

2 Harthall House Guards have been dismissed.

Harlan checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards leave, following Emberly.

Lisebet moves to the center, and she glances at Rowenova, with a big smile. "I think you're very brave, Nova." She pauses, and takes a moment, obviously concentrating. "I went to the Bovine Grand Prix," she says, sounding a bit excited. "It was the best of times! The cows raced their best, and it was a very funny time." She pauses and then adds, "My cow was the bestest, but of course she didn't win. She was too busy trying to find the cabbage that my Morien man had for her, and forgot she was racing. That's okay, I am still beyond blessed, we had a wonderful time." Lisebet's little story is quite nicely put together, and there's a definite skill at performance on show. "What if we find a way to teach all the cows to race better? Maybe we could use the help from all the freed thralls and refugees. I bet they know something special that would help!"

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards arrive, following Emberly.

Svana takes her turn, grinning at Lisebet. "That's a tough act to follow, m'Lady." The woman with the heavy Northern accent does her best to adapt Rowenova's tone of voice even if the accent isn't spot on. "My friend Svana Grayhope is so silly! She thinks that it's a big deal that her water broke all over my sofa, but I got the stain out with alchemy! How magical is that?" Svana asks, putting a hand on her hip. "She named her son after me, which is really neat! He's my special little man forever and always but I love my little Elanne too!"

Tarik applauds, "Extra points for mentioning Morien man, and her desire to help people. Tarik smirks, "I like your Rowenovesque mannerism too. Tarik writes down the points in a log as he awaits for the next contestant.

Oaty, a white Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Philippe.

Svana continues, "Did I mention that I once told Svana that all the women who left Asher's apartment were quite satisfied...? Especially judging from the noises I used to hear being his neighbor! Funny, they got married later!" Svana, as Rowenova, makes a jaunty little move and giggles. "Svana gets me and we talk about things together, even if it's just complaining! Plus she comes over and eats my extra food!" Svana-Rowenova pauses, putting a finger to her lips. "I should send over mango tea soon and remind her to drink her tea!" Then she hops over in the direction of where she left her plate, Elanne still on her hip.

Tarik laughs and lets out a deep laugh, "Uhmm, that was very interesting." Tarik coughs a few times to regain some focus, "I believed after that performance that Rowenova is a dear friend to Svana, and Svana is having a lot a fun in her marriage too. Tarik writes down some notes, "All right, who is next."

Philippe ends up in the Golden Hart again. It's a warm hall on a cold night. He makes his way over toward the fire while a runner moves to get the old man his usual block of cheese and ale. He is nothing if not a creature of habit.

Emberly raises her hand "I will try, though my speech is now a poem .. is that ok?"

"Yes, a poem is okay." Tarik nods.

Nova carefully accepts Rowan from Svana as well as the letter Rosa bestows (which Rowan helps her hold), Nova merrily chimes. "Speaking your letters is absolutely fine with me, indeed!" She hears out Lisebet, doing so with a heartened smile and a satisfied nod her way. She almost comments, but then Tarik actually says exactly what she was going to say, and so she only adds, "Also, your regard for the cow and how you knew that I would not care about whether we were racing or not if there was food to be gotten -- food is serious business, especially food from my Morien man -- was quite good! Also, some of the assistants and the gardeners are former thralls and/or refugees. Well done!"

While rocking the namesake child, Rowan, Rowenova -- who apparently holds the baby boy the right way with his wee noggin fully supported -- holding the namesake child (apparently correctly with his wee nog fully supported) is cracking up about Svana's speech/letter. "All of those are TRUE STORIES. Extremely like me, indeed!" Then, she tells Emberly, "Very okay!" before then further commenting to Svana. "Rowan and Elanne are so precious!"

Rosalind is listening while shoveling food AND drinks in her mouth. She grins over at Svana, stealing the baby. Again. "When do I get a rosa baby?"

Emberly checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Emberly checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Emberly has decided on a love poem! though its not just any love poem, its about... the love between a girl and her faithful pup!

"I remember..."
"Every time you look at me"
Emberly picks pickle up to look into his eyes.
"I remember.."
"Brown eyes saying, "I love you"
"I remember.."
"When you're lying next to me"

"I remember your snuggle says it too"

"I hope you know, somehow can tell"
"You make my days much brighter"
"All I need is for you to be there."

"My heart aflutters"
"I am complete when you are near"
"My Sir Floppington - the Soulful Hound"
"my darling forever and always."

Emberly sets the dog back down and pats it.

Svana hands over Elanne, who stares up at Rosalind and immediately tries to touch some hair. "Soon enough, Asher and I hope. We're trying to expand our little family." She sips the drink she got and looks over at Rowan who is grinning up at Rowenova, showing his precious little teeth. He's getting big enough to hold up his head himself and he does so, looking around at everyone - especially Tarik. Svana looks at Emberly, raising a brow - then she starts to clap her hands.

Philippe claps for the poem. Clearly he appreciates dog-based poetry.

Emberly giggles a little as she moves to sit near Philippe, a smile to her lips "hello!" she calls to him happily.

Nova certainly appreciates dog-based poetry, too! She awws softly with a heartwarmed note to her vocal tone as well as a soft smile afterwards, too! Then, she looks down to Sir Flop who wags up to Emberly and Pickle, doing so with that Soulful Gaze as well as gentle swishing of his long, hound tail.

Tarik claps several times as a huge grine comes on his face, "I think everyone here knows that I am just working to get the level of love that Sir Floppington holds in Rowenova's heart. " Tarik nods, "A very excellent poem." Tarik peers around the room. "I believe we still have one more competitor for this competition." Tarik turns to Phillipe, "Please, enjoy the feast and stretch out your arm for the next event.

Philippe rolls his shoulder at the mention of stretching out his arm. The cold's hell on his joints. "I shall, thank you," he says to Tarik, and nods to Emberly. He lifts his drink in salute to her, settling back by the warmth of the fire.

Rowenova says, "I have a letter here from Myself to Tarik. By Lady Rosalind. Here goes!

My Dearest Morien Man. Today, I went to this awesome party! Don't worry though. I brought back enough food to last us weeks! Well, at least me, but I'll share! Everyone complemented my outfit, you know that suite I had made. Sir Floppington even escorted a woman home. He's such a gentleman."

So far, so good. Nova half grins. "Also, I had Rosa come visit me in the lab today. She tried to blow sh--stuff up." She briefly peeks to Rowan then Svana then back to the letter, apparently skipping the explitive for the child's sake. "This next part, I am not so sure on, but I will read it because it is hilariously worded! 'She tried to blow it up. Not tried. I'm sure it was an accident. But 'it'," Another explitive skip for the child! "... almost went up in flames! Not sure how I would have explained that. But, maybe I should teach her, and she can NOT do it." Nova lets out laugh after laugh. "In the lab..." Then, she tells Rosa as an aside (not part of the letter either), "I will teach you OUTSIDE the lab!"

Lisebet grins at Svana and claps. "Oh that's well done." Emberly's poem gets a laugh and more clapping. "That's excellent, well done!" she calls out to the two. She finds a drink for herself and one for Harlan, passing it over to her husband. She sips her own drink, as she listens to the continuing "Like-A-Nova" items. She and Harlan settle into seats, making themselves comfortable.

There seems to be more! Nova carries on. "Have I told you how hot you look today?" This, she seems to direct from the letter as written to Tarik there. "And, I can't wait to get home and show you! And lay around naked all day. Love, Nova." Then, she lets Rowan have the letter before laughing aloud. "Well, close! I wouldn't lay around all day!"

Rowenova says, "But, after we are married, I will find moments of the day where I can be laying around naked, just not the whole day!"

Emberly blushes a little as Nova carries on and she pats both puppers as she smiles to Philippe "how are you doing?"

Emberly has joined the table by the fountain.

Harlan takes the drink from Lisebet with a smile and kisses her on the cheek, "Thank you dear. And thank you for the praises on the Grand Prix!"

Rosalind grins at Nova and Tarik as she tries to remove the hair from the baby's fists. "Oh! I get to really learn?!" Like Rosa just realized this was said. HA!

Rowenova says, "Yes, but you can't blow up our home!"

Rowenova says, "So I'll take you to the Stone Quarry where we did Arvani Fire!"

Svana smiles over at Lisebet, perhaps a touch shyly, oddly enough; particularly for someone who just gave such a rousing speech about certain things. "Well, thank you - but really, you did tremendously!" She munches happily on some food, using her table manners. Though she almost spits it out immediately as soon as the words 'lay around naked all day' are spoken about Rowenova. Her son is then waving the letter around and Svana laughs. "Rowan! Slobber on it!"

"The work continues," Philippe says to Emberly, which is his common answer to his condition. "It has been some time since I saw you. I was less grey then. All is well?"

Bob, the chartreuse parakeet arrives, following Baelos.

Tarik eyes widen and says, "Well, it also seems I will be having an exciting marriage life too!" Tarik looks down at the scores. "There were many wonderful letters, speeches, and an excellent poem too." Tarik says, "I believe all of you reminded me of the beauty, nobility, compassion, her desire to helps in a variety of ways." Tarik grins and shakes his head of all the stories dealing with alchemy, "But, the winner who is Most-Like-Rowenova is Letter Writing is Duchess Lisebet Ashford.

Tarik drops Like-A-Rowenova Writing Trophy.

Emberly nods her head "I had to leave Arx for my finishing, just got back into town, you need anything for the house? I ran into the Courtier who told me not to be a stranger." she laughs looking over to Tarik with a little giggle. "yeah Duchess lisebet!"

Emberly is overheard praising Lisebet.

Tarik gets Like-A-Rowenova Writing Trophy.

Harlan waves at Emberly with a smile, "Hello Lady Farshaw. Good to see you again."

Philippe seems to find the idea mildly entertaining. Emberly gets Philippe's one allotted smile of the day -- a thin and wry thing that doesn't last long. "Hands, stone, iron, and cattle," he says. "Chevalle always needs much, my lady. We are never as prepared for the winter as I would prefer. Better this winter than last, I admit, but it was a long summer of work. But I imagine any house would say the same, so I am not unique among the Compact."

Lisebet's cheeks go just a touch pink, but she smiles broadly. "Oh, my, thank you! I will treasure this, as I treasure Rowenova."

Harlan narrows his eyes at Rowenova, "Trying to steal my wifes affection?" He says with a grin and teasing tone.

After much laughter, Nova finally recovers, side stepping to the food table and carefully situating Rowan upon one hip, since he seems able enough to keep his own noggin up. "Well done, Duchess!" she calls out! "And like my Morien man certainly said: very good letters and speeches, indeed! You all know me well, even after having only known me so long!" She smiles softly toward Emberly for her doggo poem which still lingers in the scout's heart before she looks back Lisebet's way. "You always say the sweetest things, my friend!" And then the scouty lass piles up a big plate of every meat dish (for this first round), doing so with one hand as the opposing arm continually carries baby Rowan.

"All right, I have won a lot of silver betting on my Rowenova on her arm wrestling prowess." Tarik says, "So we are going to see who is most like Rowenova when it comes to arm wrestling. Tarik continues, "I hope everyone didn't tire out their arms when they were putting food in their mouths, because you are going to need to be at your best."

Svana claps for Lisebet with a mouthful of food, swallowing it down. She watches Rowan and Elanne carefully as she hangs back quietly and then shakes her head. "No, no arm wrestling for me. I'll probably end up breaking mine."

Rowenova says, "And yes, Tarik, you are going to have an exciting marriage! Just you wait until I show you all my research in the library! And hah, Duke Harlan!"

Rosalind looks up to Tarik and sighs. "You keep ruining my food time,"hopping to her feet to try her best at wrestling. "I will!" There's a grin on her face, naturally.

Emberly looks up and she laughs softly at the next game. "I will loose but you can count me in... too bad its not an Alchemy challenge." she says with a giggle

"Remember to lean," Philippe advises Emberly.

Harlan raises his wrastling arm, "Can I play?"

After getting a food plate she balances on one hand while a baby is being balanced on her opposing hip, Rowenova meanders closer to Tarik before then softly smooching him upon his nearest cheek. Then, she smiles brightly. "Everyone can play!"

Emberly laughs a little to Philippe "they dont mention arm wrestling as part of Oathland lady training." she still smiles before she moves to get in line

"It's unofficial," is Philippe's claim.

Lisebet is going to rest on her laurels, er trophy, this time. "Your turn," she says to Harlan brightly. And as Emberly enters, there's a laugh. "Oh no! How do I decide who to cheer for now?" she asks, plaintively. Fake plaintive though, as she winks.

Emberly has joined the line.

Harlan gasps in mock offendedness to Lisebet, "You won't cheer for your huband?!"

Rosalind has joined the line.

Baelos has joined the line.

"Or my cousin?" Lisebet replies impishly.

Emberly looks to Harlan, before her eyes land on the prince and she flushes a little "ooh boy.." she chuckles shyly

Harlan has joined the line.

Harlan pouts at Lisebet, "I though unconditional cheering at all arm wrestling competitions was part of our marriage contract..."

Baelos Redrain arrives late and a few drinks in, true to form. Now that the weather is cooling off, his shirt is actually mostly on - but it is all relative. He seems to have timed his arrival: "I am here to arm wrestle!" He annouces, to no one in particular.

Harlan checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 53 higher.

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Emberly checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Rosalind checked strength + brawl at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Lisebet chuckles, as she watches her husband. "You know I always cheer for you, Harlan," she admits, finally. "But I might also cheer for Lady Emberly."

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 3 higher.

Svana scoots over to Rosalind and takes Elanne, trying to spoonfeed the little girl some pudding. "This should be rich," she says. Elanne is a little hoover once she tastes delicious pudding. "More pudding for us while they all break their arms, right?"

Harlan sits down and offer his hand in preparation for wrastling with Baelos. "Ready Your Highness?"

Emberly sits down to try this arm wrestling thing. She looks over to Baelos and then she chuckles lightly looking back over to Rosalind, joining her small arm with the others... "ready?" she says as she starts to push on the signal.. her arm buckles a little and it looks as if she was evenly matched.

Rosalind is ready to go when Elanne is gone. "But--I want pudding,"she gasps. Taking the hand of Emberly and bracing herself, Rosa gets her stance. And--moves her arm. All the while eyeing the food. "Of course,"she says with a friendly grin.

Booze Table is now unlocked.

Rowenova gets Whiskers on Kittens, a fruity pink margarita in a lovely decanter from Booze Table.

The Redrain is always ready to arm wrestle, even on evenings like tonight where he is a few hours into his ale. He grins widely from behind his beard as he sits across from Harlan. "Just a moment!" He takes a pull from his flask, and then nods. "Right then, let's have it."

Harlan strains against the younger prince for a moment, At first just using his strength to hold the prince at bay. Letting Baelos tire himself out a bit.

Emberly grins a little as she actually wins! She looks over to Phillipe with a wide smile and a shift of her feet as she looks onto Harlan as he wrestles down the prince.

@emit For once, Nova is not out there trying to wrassle everyone and their arms off, but that might be because she is enjoying the show. Or maybe she just knows that Harlan would probably beat her! She settles down somewhere which is equadistant between those who have chosen to sit out, and she sets her plate where she can eat from it and sometimes offer things to Rowan if Svana gives the okay look that certain things can be had. Like the pudding Elanne got. Then, Nova half grins about the banter between Lisebet and Harlan before then momentarily smiling to Philippe before gazing out toward the competition! There are definitely glances being snuck toward Tarik, though, every so oft!

Emberly checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Svana is passed a drink somewhere, by someone. She holds Elanne against while she feeds pudding and watches the arm wrestling. Elanne tries to take the spoon for herself, getting into that armwrestling battle she didn't want to have. She nods over to Rowenova when it's okay to feed Rowan - but she trusts the other woman to make sound judgments. "Look, Prince Baelos is going to get his rearend whipped."

Harlan checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

While people are competing, Sir Floppington tries to make friends with Pickle.

Baelos is not known for his attention span. He doesn't tire out so much as notice Emberly and Rosa, and the former looking his direction. The moment of distraction is all Harlan needs, and the prince is defeated. He seems undeterred, and reaches across with his free hand to slap the Ashford on the shoulder. A moment later he is over by Rosa and Emberly. "Hello there, Rosalind. Who is your friend?"

Philippe has gotten comfortable by the fire. He's got a block of cheese that he cuts bits off with his dagger once in a while and plenty of ale. It is a good evening. Rowenova gets a courteous nod. The old man has an instinctive good opinion of field soldiers.

Tarik eyes widen at the result, "All right, I am bit surprise." Tarik says, "Final round is Due HArlan and Lady Farshaw." Tarik says, "Even Scout Rowenova is known to lose in arm wrestling, so do not feel too bad." Tarik points the the drinks, "Anyways, you get to pick first what you want to drink in the last competition."

Pickle is all too happy to be making friends and sniffing hellos, and waggling his tail.

"Good game your highness!" Harlan says with a smile and goes over to ready himself for Emberly, "Take it on me Lady Farshaw?"

Rosalind waves to Baelos, smiling. "Baelos! This is--uh--"Large hazel green eyes look to Emberly. "Emberly. Right?!"

Sir Floppington happily sniffs and nose touches with Pickle, doing so whilst wagging his own tail. He moves to bounce a bit on his paws, and then moves to try to zoom around if Pickle wants to run with him!

Emberly looks over to Harlan her eyes glittering under her red locks. She smiles shyly to the prince, "Emberly, yes .. Lady Emberly Farshaw." she gives a perfect little curtsy so charming and filled with formality. She turns to try and wrestle Harlan as she bats her long lashes his way a moment "dont hurt me."

Lisevet just shakes her head. "Don't break each other too badly," she teases.

Tarik leans over to Rowenova, "I am glad you are enjoying yourself, my love." Tarik says, "Congratulations, Duke Harlan." Tarik hands over a trophy to Duke Harlan before starting the next and final game. Tarik grins, "My love can drink a lot of people under the house and over the house, and back under the house again. So this final competition is to see can you hold your drink like a strong and beautiful northern woman."

Pickle barks, barks and play lunges bowing and then racing with the older dog.

Tarik drops Like-A-Rowenova Arm Wrestling Trophy.

Tarik gets Like-A-Rowenova Arm Wrestling Trophy.

"Remember," Philippe calls out at Emberly. "Lean."

"Thank you for you both showing up." says she to Lisebet with a soft smile, doing so whilst carefully situating Rowan onto her lap before feeding him the things that she thinks 6 month olds can have. She maybe asks Lisebet for the advice on that, too, since she has children of her own, but Nova does not. "Indeed, it is true. I do sometimes lose. It is so the enemy might try to underestimate me and so I will have the upper hand later." She shifty eyes. Those dogs zoom by, and Nova and Rowan both let out a quick laugh at the two. "Congratulations, Duke Harlan! The Ashfords are cleaning house!" says she, before she softly awws about how Tarik has presented these competitions with the preambles that he says. That last about her being strong and beautiful certainly earns him an appreciative smile.

"Fascinating." Baelos replies to the news. Apparently a Farshaw is a subject of interest to the Redrain, or at least it is for a short while as he watches her attempt to arm wrestle Harlan. Glancing back to Rosalind, he quirks a brow: "How is it you managed to lose to her? Not our night, I suppose." He winks and raises his hand for another drink.

Svana moves over to get more pudding for the babes, taking her drink with her - and moving to sit with Rowenova so she can help her feed Rowan too. Of course, Elanne tries to subvert the spoon into her mouth. "Quit it, your brother has to grow too! So pushy. You must get that from someone else." She looks over toward Baelos and shakes her head. "He reminds me so of Prince Kieran, it's unreal."

Rosalind checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Rosalind takes a piece of food and chucks it Baelos. "I like eating tonight,"laughing at him. "And besides, she could be vicious. That's how!" The willowly redhead is all smiling, cheerful. As is her usual self. Looking over at Svana, she snorts. "I'm telling him you said that!"

Lisebet checked willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 96 higher. Lisebet rolled a critical!

Emberly checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Svana yawns, standing up and gathering her children just as Elanne starts to get irate about the spoon situation. "I think we've had enough fun this evening. Thank you, Rowenova. I hope you had a good evening tonight," she says, smiling. She leans down to kiss the other woman's head.

Lisebet chuckles softly, and goes to get a drink. "I am up for a drinking game." The petite duchess is quite certain she will lose, of course. She side glances at Harlan, fluttering her lashes teasingly. "You will carry me home, yes?"

"His brother is the Prince of Farhaven. He is much more important and responsible than me." Baelos grins at the comparison to Kieran. He seems fine where he is at his table, taking the bread chucked at him and having a bite after he finishes yet another drink.

Emberly smiles a little to Baelos "hey I knew I was going to loose, did not expect to make it that far." she laughs looking to Lisbet as they mention drinking contest and the small Lady decides to try again! Well one can at least say she attempted to participate!

Nova leaves the food alone long enough to give Svana a snug from the side, "Thank you for showing up. It means a lot to me, and you made me laugh, too. Thank you for that, as well! Hope you have a good evening." She helps Rowan back up into his mother's arms now.

Drinking contest?! Rosa is down with that too! "I'm failing as a northerner aren't I?" She glances at Harlan and Lisebet, still not sure who they are really. "Farshaws? I heard that right? Nice to meet you!"before looking at Svana and pouting. "Fine! But you owe me drinks and things later!"

Tarik nods to Svana, "Thank you, Svana." Tarik says, "And please let us know if ever need someone to watch over your kids.

"Fine!" Svana calls back at Rosalind just as Elanne starts really throwing a squaller.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

Lisebet downs her first drink and then turns to Rosalind. "Oh, my manners! I am so dreadfully sorry. I'm Lisebet Ashford, though it used to be Lisebet Farshaw. And this is my husband, Duke Harlan. A pleasure to meet you." The downed mug is set on the table, and at the moment it seems Lisebet is perfectly holding her liquor.

Nova picks up her food plate. She also gets up and starts to make the rounds (between bites of course). She stops by Philippe, "Hey there, thanks for showing up to my celebratory festivities." says she with a big grin.

Harlan laughs at Lisebet, "Yes I will carry you home dear. Guess I am designated walker tonight." A big grin. He smiles at Rosalind as Lisebet introduces him.

"All right it seems that three strong women are for the challenge, and everyone has made it past the first round." Tarik raises his hand, "Contestants, it is time for the second round. Drink up."

Lisebet checked willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 11 lower.

Rosalind checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 6 lower.

Emberly checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

"I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye! But you can call me Ros or Rosa though." The redhead easily introduces herself, pleasant. She reaches for some brandy this time, downing it rather fast. "This is really good,"she decides. Drinking it faster. "It's nice to meet you both,"before plopping herself down. "This was too good..."

"Duty calls!" Baelos comments as all the women start dropping like flies. Whether that means an actual duty or that he just has to step outside into the alley to smoke some haze is anyone's guess, but in any event he ducks out.

Tarik walks around and checks the glasses and tries to think which person went down first. Tarik goes to raise a drunk Rosaind's arm, "The winner, Lady Rosalind is most like Rowenova when it coms to drinking." Tarik places the trophy nexr to her.

Tarik drops Like-A-Rowenova Drinking Trophy.

Tarik gets Like-A-Rowenova Drinking Trophy.

Lisebet gets another drink. She's not even sure what it is, but it smells good. She takes a sip, and then she downs it, before she wobbles. It hits her quickly, making her woozy and tipsy. "Okayyy," she manages, "Maybe that wasn't such a good idea."

After hearing who won, Nova sets her plate down and lets out a cheer for Rosa. "Good job!" says she before helping to bring Lisebet back to Harlan's care, should the duchess be okay with it.

Rosalind blinks over at Tarik and Rosa, all while hiding a burp behind her cup. Taking a exaggerated bow, she waves and smiles,"Nova outdrinks sailors, I've seen it!"

Stands in front of everyone. Tarik holds his hands together, "This feast was part of marriage quest I had to take, but I wanted people to have fun with some games too." Tarik bites the corner of his lip, "But, more importantly, I wanted to honor my love and the woman that I love marriage quest or not. She has done a lot to help me, especially with my research." Tarik winks at Rowenova, "I am looking at spending many hours during other types of research with her after we are married, but I digress." Tarik grabs a glass of White Bear, "So raise a glass in honor my love, Scout Rowenova, and I thank you for coming to this feast and game night.

Tarik is overheard praising Rowenova: Best of future wives and best of women

Tarik is overheard praising Harlan.

Tarik is overheard praising Rosalind.

Tarik is overheard praising Lisebet.

Emberly attempts the drinking contest and it looks as if it was her first time drinking anything stronger then tea. The small Oathland gorl wavers and she praises those that should be

Emberly is overheard praising Rosalind.

Emberly is overheard praising Harlan.

Lisebet groans a bit, and waffles. She has a glass in hand but it's empty. She doesn't seem to notice, as she raises her glass up. "To Scout Rowenova!" she calls. She does not fuss as Nova brings her back over to Harlan's care, settling in.

Philippe lifts his glass in salute when Tarik calls for a toast, or at least when he thinks a toast is being called. "To Scout Rowenova and Tarik," he says. "A fine couple, strong and proud."

Emberly is overheard praising Rowenova.

Rosalind lifts her glass with a loud cheer. "To Scout Nova! The person person ever!" This is shouted quite loudly, a very northern noise, one that everyone should be familiar with, by te way!

After making sure Lisebet is secure and with Harlan, Nova waves farewell to the departing prince (Baelos). Then, she half grins with a hearty laugh to Rosa. "Tis true!" After that, she picks up her plate of food and pauses to smile to what Tarik says, doing so with affection in her eyes before she tells those praising the two of them, "Thank you, all of you." She is certainly esteemed, "Thank you for thinking of Sir Flop, too." says she to Emberly before the doggos come zooming in to find their human companions.

Lisebet is overheard praising Rowenova.

Harlan holds his drunk wife close. "Have fun my love?"

Lisebet is overheard praising Rosalind.

Lisebet is overheard praising Tarik.

Emberly has left the table by the fountain.

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards leave, following Emberly.

"I have had a lot of fun," Lisebet says, enunciating very clearly. "But I think you should take me home now."

After waving farewell Emberly's way, Nova eventually settles near Tarik, and then she quietly mentions. "This was wonderful. Thank you so much for this."

Harlan Sweeps Lisebet off her feet and holds her in his arms. "Like this? All romantical and stuff?" He smiles at everyone, "Thanks for letting us join. Ashfords as always are the champs again!" He grins.

Rowenova says, "Thank you! Good job, both of you!"

Rosalind waves to everyone as they go to leave. "Nice to meet you all!"her words a bit slurred. I mean, she DID drink a lot, quickly. "I hope to see you again soon!"

Rowenova says, "And you, too. Thank you, Lady Rosa! I loved your letter! Great work on the drinking contest! Farewell to you!"

"Just like that," Lisebet says, with a nod. she manages a wave for everyone. "Thank you all!"

Lisebet leaves, following Harlan.

Tarik dips his head to Rosalind, "Thank you again,Lady Rosalind!"

Rowenova says, "And you, too! I don't think I caught your name?"

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