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Former Thralls and Ways to Help Them

Dame Sameera Coldrain is holding a get together to discuss former thralls. She is not looking to discuss how to free current thralls, that is not part of her deal. She also has plans to help former thralls find their place outside of thralldom. She will discuss her plans to work towards building a village for them and what she believes will get to the point it can be done. All are welcome, that want to help. She will have those who just wish to complain about thralls and Thrax leave. This is a discussion on how to help former thralls not to deal with complaints about Thrax ways. This is Sameera's way of keeping herself busy during the siege.

OOC: I have all sorts of grand plans for this!


April 28, 2017, 3 p.m.

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Ford(RIP) Merek Kahlana(RIP) Samantha Valencia Juliet(RIP) Carita Remi(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Thrax Row North - Coldrain Hall - Atrium

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Mischief the monkey, Mirrormask Woman, Valencia arrive, following Remi.

Fidelia Fidante, A Lady-in-Waiting arrives, following Juliet.

THere is no fancy decor to Sameera's shop. It is simply how it normally looks. The only difference is Sameera has moved the tables to be closer together. Before the jeweler is a pile papers and notes.

Merek walks into the shop, and takes his time to adjust what he has on, his silks, beneath the armour. He finds a place to settle into a seat, and looks forward to where the Dame is. He has come to help it seems!

Juliet steps inside with her lady in waiting, talking low. Pausing as she slips in to take in the small changes, and offering a nod of greeting to the hostess, and any other guests, before moving closer to the tables. She doesn't quite take a seat yet, though. Fidelia, meanwhile, browses the wares.

There is no smile from Sameera, she doesn't do that. Though, the Dame does stand up and give a terribly done bow to everyone. She patiently waits until people have decided where they are going to sit or stand or browse. "Welcome." says Sameera. "I am not good at the sort of thing so if you are looking for bells and whistles I'll wait until Count MAximilian, LAdy Ariel, or Marquis Ford can properly host. OTherwise if you are good with me I'll get into things."

Would anyone really be surprised to see Sam in attendance? Surely not. In the Marquessa walks, on the back end of Sameera's declaration. Smiles are offered to familiar faces, save Juliet, who if permitting, gets a quick kiss to both cheeks before Sam moves to take a seat.

The door to the shop is pressed open by Remi's outstretched right hand, The man holding it open for the Vixen beside him as he watches her slip past before looking over the little gathering. The man making his way finally in listening to the words so far as he idly looks over some of the things within the store.

Remi pushes the door open and holds it for Princess Valencia and she steps inside. Moving with a smooth, easy stride, the little raven-haired princess makes into the room, her southern red silks embracing curves and swirling gracefully off her hips and about legs. She turns a smiles at to Sameera and offers a warm and sweet smile to Merke, before moving to offer Juliet a warm and gentle hug. "I am so very glad to see you here, my most beloved of Juliets. You look very well. You know Prince Remi, yes? I am not sure if you remember each other from," she pauses. "It was a distracting time to make introductions," she concludes and leaves them to speak to each other.

Juliet permits kisses to her cheeks and gives them in turn to both Samantha and Valencia. Giving the latter a squeeze, and a smile. "Darling Valencia, a pleasure to see you as well. And, well, aiding the downtrodden is a matter of some interest to me, no?" She muses, then gives a nod to Remi. "Prince Remi. From when I was flirting with the brunette, no?" Quirking a brow at the man. "Good to see you here, as well."

Then, as Sameera speaks, Juliet fixes the broadest part of her attention on their host, giving a small nod in agreement to her terms.

Since there is no objections or resistance to dealing with her Sameera starts, "I doubt many of you know me. I don't leave the Thrax Ward or here very often. I am not a people person. I am Sameera Coldrain, the bastard sister of Count Maximilian Darkwater. He recently burdened me with a knighthood." Yup, Sameera views it as a burden. Though, given the sword at her hip she takes it seriously. "I have been discussing ways to help former thralls find their place in a world they are potentially unfamiliar with. The life of a thral is.." she pauses, "..Difficult. For me it was a life time venture until I was freed by Count MAximilian." She pauses, "I won't go into details but life was very difficult for the count. So, when Marquis Ford asked me what I would suggest for helping Thralls find their place in the world I suggested a half way house, of sorts. In the form of a village. A village for former thralls, managed by former thralls. It will be on the island I was granted with my knighthood. Coldreach. This is going to be a long, difficult undertaking and a lot of dealing with THrax people and their ways."

"An excellent notion." Samantha agrees. "My own County of Pearlspire was created with exactly the same intent, generations ago. If you'd like, I can put you in contact with Count Orrin."

Carita enters with very little notice, with a folio beneath one arm. She finds a place to sit, does so, and proceeds to take notes.

Merek continues to listen on with interest, and he nods a small bit. He doesn't comment on the matter of Knighthoods or much else, instead seeming intent on the facts of what Sameera intends for the thralls. He looks aside at Samantha and quirks his brow, but then his attention is back on the front.

Juliet furrows her brow. "The goal of a released thrall should be the successful reintegration into community as a free person, no? So when you say a halfway house, I presume this is a temporary thing for those who join, pending their wish to move on. I admit, I'm curious about the integration part if they are to solely interact with other people who are former thralls." She looks to Samantha, offering the Marquessa a small smile, before returning her gaze to Sameera. "I'm willing to listen, however."

Valencia listens quietly to the exchange, her hands resting delicately upon her lap. She seems to not Juilet's question and looks to Sameera her thoughts on the matter.

Remi looks briefly to Juliet giving a small not to the woman before he is shifting his focus over the others in attendance. His gaze though doesn't linger long upon an one person before he is looking over a selection of rings plucking one up to tuck it away before a pouch of silver is dropped on the counter. The man's gaze then shifts to focus intently on Sameera. "And what plans do you have in place so far to help those like you? That have moved past the life of thralldom? I ask because I do wish to help.." The man giving a brief pause before continuing, "Thralls are an important part of our culture, Especially those that manage to make it through such ordeals and can.. Have a chance at a new life. One still within Thrax..They are part of our history, And those that are free part of our future free to carve out a new life.. If they wish to."

"Just to note, I have zero interest in dealing with current thralls. The majority of them are as that for a reason." For Sameera is more traditional than one might think of someone who has been a thrall her whole life. "Besides, despite having a brother who is noble I am not one so it is not within my power to makesuch grand gestures as to promise freedom to them." THen Juliet's question Sameera, "Of sorts, yes. I will not say they have to leave. If they wish to stay in the village they are welcome too. IT is more like a safe haven, I suppose. Most thralls are not use to choice, freedom even. THowing them into society often has themfleeing the only home they have known for a variety of reasons.. THose reason are not my interest. The interest is giving them a place they can go too that is a haven, a way for them to get the skills the need to survive while working their own land, building their own homes, creating their own clothing and so on. Basically, I want to arm them with skills and ways survival as a free person. Help them find their niche. Some might want to be the one who manages the curren thralls, some might want to be stewards, some might wan to take up a craft and so on. This will take a lot of work setting upt he lands and builds, and gaining the resources while managing it (I was told econmics, stewardship, and agriculture are great factors in this as well as resources). I will welcome any and all who have a desire to help them. I am not, as a warning, looking to fit them in all scieties unless they want to be. They are people of THrax so I will be looking at Thrax cultures more than others but if a former thrall wishes to join, say, the Grayson fealty or the VElenosa, or Valradin, or Redrain, I want to make it so they are a productive member and not just a drain. Same with the plan for my little village."

Samantha considers.,"I may have misunderstood the intent; my apologies. It has not been my experience that those thralls who have already either been freed or ran to freedom are struggling in terms of skills and opportunities. The two thousand Old Oak has accepted have managed very well. But an intentional community designed around the idea of aiding in integrating them, helping the thralls who inevitably in the future will become free have a safe place to adjust to the notion while also being a hub for opportunities within Thrax holdings and without would be a good thing for many. At least, for the ones released rather than run away."

Carita finishes up her notes after Sameera's lengthy explanation, pauses to add some more notes before she shuts the folio and makes an exit.

Remi's head gives a small shake hearing the initial words of Sameera, though he remained silent until the woman was through talking and gave a moment of pause. The man listening further as Samantha speaks up before he is looking to the departing Carita his brow lifting slightly before he whispers to the mirrormasked woman with him. The man then shifts his focus back to the meeting at hand and Sameera, "We should discuss this further, Perhaps in a more private location where there aren't.. such suspicious.. actions." The man motioning towards the door before he adds, "But I do wish to help you in this, I have.. certain paths that could be explored and provide training and a chance at a life fit for those born of the isles. And where they might find their voices once more."

Merek leans back, and seems to think about this all for a moment. "... I," he watches Carita. "That was concerning." Back to Sameera, "In any case... I think it is a worthwhile endeavor. It seems the main intent is to integrate them into serfdom within Thrax once Thralldom is over, after they have learned what they need, and to help them, in general, become productive members of society understanding of the rights and such things." He then dips a nod, "I am more than willing to assist with this endeavor." He does not talk down on Thralldom, no matter how much he might dislike the thought. Though some might be happy in such lives, who knows? He has offered his help in any case. "It will certainly be... Quite the task, to undertake."

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Juliet nods, and looks to Samantha. "I find myself in agreement with the Marquessa. It's difficult to discuss this without getting into the nature of thrallhood and the implications it has had for Thrax as a society, but I will try." She purses her lips. "I commend efforts to help former thralls find a home, and I commend efforts to give them the skills they need." She looks from Remi to Merek, and gives a small nod. "You speak specifically of helping them find skills. Which would mean trades. Which would mean rising above being unskilled labourers and serfs, though serfs - usually supplanted by thralls in Thrax regions - will still be needed. I'm unfamiliar with whether or not free men and women are hired at all for manual labour in Thrax lands. It doesn't seem too widespread, given the portents of doom Princess Donella foresaw if Thrax were to replace their thralls with serfs." She notes, drily. "That's more wide-ranging, but, again, haven or not, some of the freed people will want to move on. And those, I suppose, are the ones that become interesting for me."

"You would not be gaining former thralls within Old Oak if there was no struggles or inability to feel safe within the fealty of Thrax people. There would be no reason to 'escape' the people sword to the Thrax family if all was well for former thralls." points out Sameera to Samantha. "Life as a thrall is not gentle nor is it often considered inviting. THose of us who were thralls were indebted for one reason or another. I inheirted the debt my mother had with my father." The tone Sameera speaks of both her parents is filled with venom. There is no love loss between her and her parents. "I am not going to encourage former thralls to leave Thrax lands but I am not going to be a person who forbids it. Commoners have, to my understanding, are freeer than nobility in some aspects and, at the same time, chained far more than thralls. I am not very familiar with the world outside of thralldom, so having someone who can help me to understand would be welcome. When Carita leaves Sameera watches her but seems unbothered by the former Whisper's actions. Then to Remi she nods, "Whenever you wish I will meet with you to discuss this in as much detail as you feel the need too. As often as you like." Then to Juliet, "Skils are not always trades. Being a diplomant is a skill, handling money is a skill, interactign with people is a skill, becoming a Whisper could be considered a skill. Anytihng can be a skill, beyond a trade. Without a way to assimilate into free society and be productive and give back to thrax the disappearance of thralls /is/ a portrait of doom. I am, however, still not looking to eraticate thralldom. THat is not in be power to attempt. What is, however, is helping thralls and forming their haven. Count Maximilian has granted it. The very long term goal is to create such a village for each vassal of the Thrax Family. For now, however, I am focusing on one. IF the village for Count Maximilian does not succeed the chance of future ones will be even lower."

Samantha shrugs. "Let her go." This regarding Carita. "Discussion of the progress of thralldom has been a public topic of concern within the Compact for years. It's just only in the last few people have been inclined to discuss it openly." With that, she notes, "I suspect many will want to go elsewhere and leave Thrax for a fresh start. Especially escapees, considering all they need do to be free is cross a border and pledge fealty to the resident noble. That is, quite literally, how Pearlspire was formed, generations ago. Some may want to go to your island, but perhaps not as many as you think."

"I do not mean to be rude or ask silly questions, but I am not very well versed in the practice. But may I ask questions," Valencia asks gently.

Remi does add before falling silent for Valencia's question, "I will help those that earn their freedom or are given it, But not those who escape.. They are part of our culture and an important part. Those that find a way out and earn it.. Do what is near impossible. They deserve the chance for a better life if they make it to that chance."

Valencia , hearing no objection continues. "If the practice of keeping thralls continues, what keeps those who are as open to the idea of librated thralls, if you will pardon the term, from going and taking the thralls who escaped there into servitude? And what of those who are continuing to serve under the practice or are born under it? Do they remain as thralls? How does one earn freedom and how is it economically beneficial to allow them to do so?"

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Valencia corrects herself with a little blush, "Not as open to ending the practice, I mean."

Merek looks aside to Valencia, and to Remi, and then to Sameera after he hears Samantha's words on Carita. His emotions are not revealed. But his mind is definitely on one-hundred things at current that he'd like to say. He leans back, and listens.

Samantha murmurs to Valencia, "Escapees do their best to get to non-Thrax lands so they can offer fealty to the resident noble. It's the very sad reason why there are so many bodies, frozen to death or drowned, in the bay between Tyde Island and Deepwood's northern shores. Can you imagine it? Being so desperate for freedom that you're willing to risk freezing or drowning by swimming across a body of water in the dead of winter?"

Barbara, the stalwart Stormward secretary arrives, following Ford.

Juliet's brow furrows, deeply. "It's an interesting project to say the least. I'll be willing to see where it goes, but I remain a little dubious. Admittedly, most of my misgivings are looking at the consequences of your village, rather than your immediate goals." She notes, to Sameera, with a smile.

Ford steps into the shop, Barbara at his heel. He makes his way deeper inside, listening to the various conversations.

Remi's brow lifts hearing the words from Samantha, "Are you admitting to perhaps harboring property of House Thrax? at best and at the very worst theft of Thrax Property? Because such could cause terrible issues between houses if you are openly admitting to such and offering such to those who work our lands and often are at the oars on some of our ships." A pause is given and he looks to Valencia, "Thralls can find their freedom either by being released or by paying off their debt if there is one. Others are prisoners of war that rather than being killed are given their lives under the watchful eye of the house. It really does depend on the situation and the thrall in question. It is perhaps not pretty but it is part of our culture and part of who we are."

"Prince Remi has the right of what I was going to say." says Sameera. "I don't expect the village to be anything big or grand. THat is never the intention. It is a safe haven for former thralls is all. Once they are no longer a thrall they have the freedom to do as they will. Go to where they want, find their own way with no help, whatever. Those who have not been a thrall as long as I have will feel the need for a place with fellow thralls to gain their self sense." Then to Valencia, "THose who force someone who has been freed of their debts for no aparent reason goes against our very nature. I am not aiming to help those that 'escape' thralldom by other means than being granted so be their leige are no better than criminals." So says the woman literally born and raised in thralldom. "I believe ti has been ruled debts are not inherited anymore." to Remi she looks to confirm this or not. "So no one can be born to it anymore. A thrall pays their debt to the lord they are indebted too." The words of Samantha cause Sameera to frown and to say, "If all you are going to do is continue to create discord between Thrax people and those not, then it might not work for you to be here and listen to my attempts to better the lives of former thralls. All thralls handle what they are faced with differently. Some escape and do not work to paying their debts and die as a result. You are judging the way of Thrax people by only what you see. Do yuo spend time with our people in general? Or you just basing it on what you think is right?" This is clearly directed towards Samantha. Then towards Juliet her attention shifts and she nods, "Which is a valid concern. Helping with the plans will help me, as someone who thinks only of helping the former thralls and giving them a way to be productive, help me negate consequences that could potentially happen and find ways to deal with it."

Kahlana looks around the shop she pauses looking over the necklaces. She looked a bit surprised at the people here, perhaps not having heard of the event. The woman lingers near the cases her eyes shifting over the wares.

The little fox frowns at Samantha's description and she lowers her eyes in thought. "So your aim is to solely help those who have legally been freed from their thralldom by gifted release or payment," she repeats thoughtfully. "And these people may choose their own destiny, whether that is to return home to where they were first taken, to integrate into broader society or remain in this village, yes?" She looks distinctly uncomfortable with the idea of people being property. "It is an interesting idea. Will the House and Crown support the formation of this village?"

Valencia claims that

Ford checked command + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Juliet checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

"The aim." Ford starts, "At least for the plans that Sameera and I have been working on, is to offer a place for freed Thralls to re-acclimate back into the life of citizenship. The aim, is to give them a genuine chance to start a new life for themselves without simply tossing them back into the world without a pot to piss in, if you'll excuse the phrase. I'd like to start applying this community in Stormward, as a test, to see if it's viable. If it proves itself to be something that will work to the benefit of the former Thralls -and- the community at large. Then we can start to expand. Right now, no part of Thrax, not Stormward, not Darkwater, not Tyde can afford to simply free Thralls en masse. The economy will collapse. And that effect will be felt throughout the Compact. So this is a means to beging easing the reliance on Thralls. So that perhaps one day, we can survive without them."

"People are not property." Samantha says calmly, "And House Thrax is aware of the situation concerning how escaped thralls are able to succeed in doing so. You see, while it would be very wrong for non-Thrax to invade and and free thralls because they have sovereignty over their lands, so to do the nobles of other Houses. Which is why thrall hunters arre welcome in so many places. As for interfering with Thrax and my acquaintanceship with Thrax culture, ask your brother. Or Princess Donella. Those oars you have rowed, those ships you sail in, and those siege machines you have built? Were made from the wood of my March. I am, in my way, quite invested in Thrax's future, both economically and as a human being." A nod to Ford. "No one truly dedicated to abolition would want Thrax to fall into economic collapse. It is a very slow evolution."

Juliet quirks a brow at Remi's statement, then gives a nod of greeting to Kahlana. "Lady Crovane, isn't it?" She inquires, politely. "Welcome. We're discussing the matter of resettling former thralls into productrive lives." Then, she looks back to Remi. "The Compact recognises the right of Thrax to keep their own laws of punishment, but does not recognise the keeping of thralls as valid outside Thrax lands. Any thrall that steps outside of Thrax lands is considered to be like any other commoner, free to offer their fealty to a new liege." A beat. "The Thrax Ward -is- considered Thrax lands, of course, but I understand that House Thrax has a tendency to only bring Thralls with something to lose -to- Arx, explicitly because freedom is such a very short way away." Juliet nods in agreement with the Marquessa. "While we may find the practice of keeping thralls distasteful, Prince Remi, both the Marquessa and I are servants to the Crown, and I am a member of the Voice of the Compact. I am intimately familiar with the complexities involved in abolishing the practice, and the rules the rest of the Compact keeps to when dealing with the matter."

Kahlana looks over to Ford, she raises her eye and she considers "I could use a skilled handmaid if you are looking to fucken employ someone in need. I mean, Croven, Redrain, Nightgold have been loosely tied to Thrax, I could offer employment somewhere I am sure." she says as she looks over one of the neckpieces and smiles slightly "fucken beautiful"

Ford moves over to Samantha, "Then instead of telling us that Thralls are wrong to keep, Marquessa, and putting an even deeper wedge in an already sensitive topic. Sameera and I are working to alleviate this, so help. Stop telling us the institution we're trying to fix is abhorrent and simply help us fix it. Pointing fingers isn't going to get anything done."

Kahlana smiles to Juliet, and she nods her head after she spoke her words, she falls quiet and she listens.

Merek looks over to Kahlana, and lifts his brow a small bit in complete confusion. Then he looks to all the people speaking, while he stands up. To Sameera, and now Ford, he states, "You will have my support, both of you, but this is getting a bit too heated than what I expected. I'll write up some writs and documents on seeing funding to you, I've little experience with... The more intricate details of such a thing. But I'll stand with you," he offers. He then adjusts his Iron Guard cloak, and seems like he is about to leave, mostly just waiting for reply.

Ford nods his head graciously to Merek, "Thank you, Merek."

When Ford comes in Remi's eyes settle upon the man, A brief dip of his head given as he listens closely to the man's words. A small smile curling his lips, "And as I was telling Sameera here, This endeavor of hers is one I support and may be able to help with in my own way. Through some of my contacts on various vessels that they could learn a new life one fitting of the isles if they chose it. But that would require a more private discussion to go over details about of course." The words spoken simply by the man before his attention is shifting quickly back to Samantha. Remi actually openly laughs at those words from Samantha, His head giving a small shake as his eyes narrow upon the woman. "Then it shows how little you know of our culture or the view of thralls within it. They are property in their own way, Is it right? Perhaps, Perhaps not. That is not for me to decide, It is part of our culture and that is what is important to me. And before you talk of your woods, and the wonders that they have given. Your woods have given nothing to my ships, And you to presume that it provides for all Thraxian ships is foolish and errogant. Now I am not so diplomatic as some of my family, But you keeping bringing up their complete freedom has me sorely tempted to go fuck yourself, But since that's frowned apart in these parts and so as to not offend your delicate sensibilities will say this. Have a lovely day lass." A dip of the man's head given before he is glancing back towards Sameera, "If you wish to discuss helping those that earned their freedom or have been given it I am all ears and willing to help. But so long as the discussion continues to return to trying to work towards freeing them all? I will not help in this endeavor or discuss it further." The man then pulls the ring he had gotten from the shop when he first came in looking it over with a small smile. "Good work.." The man tossing the ring up only to catch it moments later before he is turning and heading to the door stopping just long enough to offer to Valencia, "Think I should go before I cause any issues or more diplomatic problems vixen. Fuck, and I thought the seas were dangerous." Amusement showing in his tone as he slips on past her.

A mild look of relief crosses Sameera's face as Ford arrives. She did indicated, after all, that she is crap at socializing and such. To him she murmurs, "I did mention that if the village on Coldreach works I will be aiming to expand it to all vassal lands if they allow it." Sameera leaves dealing with Samantha and her concerns to Ford and instead continues on her path, "As I said.. I entirely want as much help as possible from people of all walks of life. My experience outside thralldom is limited. I only know what would have helped me and what /did/. My circumstances were different than some. I am the sister of the man who freed me and the daughter of the man who put me in debt. So, I was freed with much ill will towards the Darkwaters." Then when Remi moves to leave and notes to her she says to him, "Of course. Message me when you're free and we can meet to discuss things and I'll do my best to answer any questions you have."

Samantha sighs. "I wasn't pointing fingers. I'm simply pointing out some of the issues that could crop up with regard to your plan. And then when questions were asked and accusations were made, I addressed them." She quirks a brow. "Ford. This is unfair of you. You've always known my stances, and if you didn't know about my contracts with Thrax, I can't help that. I think you know I was - I am - prepared to support you."

"Your Highnesses," Merek states towards Remi and Valencia, then to the rest, "M'Lords, M'Ladies," he then inclines with deep respect to all present, making sure to follow proper respectful protocol and encompass them all. Then without getting involved in the argument, excuses himself then quietly with little added. Meeka meets him at the door, and he does take his time to ready a small note, then has her deliver it onwards, as he walks out after the assistant.

1 Iron Guard, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Ford nods his head to Samantha, but not before shooting a glare of daggers at Remi as he leaves, "You're right, Samantha. So, let's set ethics discussions and stances aside for the time being and discuss how we can make this endeavor a success. We can't get that done if we continue to bicker about the semantics. So." Ford lifts his chin and looks to Samantha, Valencia and Juliet, "Solutions. Ideas."

Valencia listens quietly to the discussion, her expression mild and thoughtful, though she offers a gentle smile to Kahlana as she arrives, recognizing her as the woman who helped to defend her sister-in-law. She nods to Remi as he decides to depart and turns thoughtfully back to the discussin at hand.

"Some principalities in Thrax do now forgive debts upon the death of a thrall." Juliet offers. "That is the kind of thing that promotes goodwill and a gradual shift. It'll slowly lower the thrall population and encourage the hiring of serfs." She looks between the various people present. Gesturing to Kahlana. "The lady Crovane raises an excellent point in her offering to hire a handmaiden. A shift in attitudes needs to be instilled. The Marquessa is doing her part, and I believe that, forming collaborative services and seeing to it that Dame Coldrain's village is a success is a means of so doing it." She quirks her lips. "Perhaps Black Mountain could begin to offer trade goods guaranteed to have been made by free hands, people compensated for their time. A lot of the tariffs put on Thrax goods may well be lifted in such cases, thus encouraging a shift from thralls to serfs, naturally." Juliet shrugs. "I could certainly bring the matter to the Duchess Fidante and see if she'd be interested in having imports to Tor from Coldreach, guaranteed to be produced by free men and women."

Kahlana looks to the Princess, she takes a step closer to her for the time, knowing her from the battle with the bringers. She helped protect her after all.. her eyes move from one Thraxian to the other and she grins a bit. as her eyes wander over Juliet with a small smile as she is acknowledged.

Mischief the monkey, Mirrormask Woman leave, following Remi.

"The basics." Samantha suggests. "Has there been a survey of the island and its holdings? Determination as to how many people it can sustain?" She offers a nod to the Lady Crovane. "Crovane mines are some of the best in the world for ore, minerals, and the like. What if you could expand your labor force, increase production? We did something similar with the lumber contracts."

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Sameera before departing.

"Pardon my question, but clarity is so imporant to me. This will be with intention of ensuring viable, sustainable change," Valencia asks, her expression pensive but polite. "The people that are helped here will not just be forced into poverty and minal work to support us or to starve in the streets, yes? It is one thing to promise a better life and another to ensure it. If we are about ensuring this through teaching, support and opportinties to intergate or return to their homes to serve the realm as a whole and live good lives, it is a wonderful idea. But how do we ensure it?"

Kahlana smiles and she nods her head to Samantha "I am sure Duke Crovane would like the idea, I will bring it to his ear." she tells the woman before she looks back over the wares. "can you make a Mirror Necklace?" she asks to the person (if there is one) behind the counter.

Ford shakes his head slightly, looking over to Juliet, "We're a long way from fair trade goods. And this isn't about trade, or goods. As of now, I believe Tyde and Kennex are the only houses thus far that forgive debt upon the death of a Thrall. expensive. It's hugely expensive." Then he looks to Valencia, "They'll be given the same advantages as commoners. This is simply to reacclimate them into citizenship. To be entirely frank, it's not a promise of a better life. It's a promise of an actual life. It would be insane to handhold every thrall that exits the program until they're successful. Not even Grayson has those kind of resources."

"I can not make any promises about Black Mountain and its plans, as that is under Count Maximilian not me." Then to Juliet, very specifically this time, "I would not complain at that. I can assure anyone from Coldreach will be free. I am no noble, despite who my family is, so I will not have thralls. Besides, my goal is to help former thralls and their village I want to form give back. Forming a direct line to giving them a way to earn an income will help that." Then to Valencia she starts to respond but Ford covers it. "I believe Darkwater does as well. I just happened to be born before the changes were made."

"A mirror necklace, my lady?" Juliet asks to Kahlana, interest drawn. She puts a hand on the counter, stepping up next to the Crovane. "Forgive me," She gestures to the ring of mirrored roses on her hand. "I have a certain Lycene fascination with mirrors." Shooting the woman a grin. Looking over to Ford and Sameera. "If we can make a trade deal with Coldreach Village that sees to it that we give priority to their goods, because we know the goods are made with free hands, then we may be able to help ensure the village's prosperity, and Dame Sameera some aid in the next step of her project. Whether other Thraxian principalities wish to follow suit is up to them."

Samantha laughs suddenly. "Lady Crovane, if you think it a good idea, do yourself a favor and don't tell the Duke who gave it to you. Claim it for yourself, or he might not be inclined to listen." Samantha then regards Ford, noting, "We'll need to speak later about Kennex and Deepwood economic ties. I would happily help buffer Kennex prosperity in such a fashion." She nods. "It's a recent addition on the part of Count Max." She adds to Sameera, "And if you wouldn't mind, please convey my regards to him."

She nods, "I see. It has potential, but it sounds like there is much to still consider in this, I look forward to hearing more," Valencia concludes seeing that me meeting seems to be breaking up now. She rises and stop by the counter next to Kahlana and glances down and then up again to the lovely woman, "So many lovely things, yes," she whispers with a little wink. "Thank you again for your brave deed, my lady. You are a remarkable fighter."

"I don't generally pass on messages. Mostly because by the time I give myself time to ovey them it is days later." To the hidden forge her head tilts, "I take little time from my forge. I will try to tell him sooner but I make no promises of it because you will liely interact with him before I do" Then to Juliet Sameera focuses once more, "No thrall will be creatign anything on Coldreach. IT will be devout to former thralls. I would feel obligated to put my duster through the gut of my brother if he were to sully my plans by sending thralls not freed of their debt to my island."

Kahlana grins to the Princess Valencia as she gives her a complement and she nods her head to the other things said to her. Her eyes flicker to Samantha and she grins a little before she looks back to the Lady who dose work. Her eyes move over to Juliet "yes I recently found out.. you can see bringers ... they cast no reflection so getting me something with a mirror in it would be nice." she smiles to the Princess on her way out "it was my pleasure Princess!"

Ford looks to Samantha and nods, "Of course, I would like to open up economic ties once more. After the.. issues and the rather vocal out cry, it will be nice to get back to comfortable standing."

"Well, I won't make a promise until we know what Coldreach can produce, but if it is anything at all that Tor could find a use for, I am sure I can convince Duchess Calista of the wisdom in investing in this venture." Juliet assures Sameera. Giving a thoughtful nod to Kahlana. "Well. Just don't rely overtly on the mirror. Fiendish foes have used that trick before, and it isn't necessarily reliable." She instructs the northerner. Then looks from Valencia to Kahlana and back again. "You stood in harm's way for Princess Valencia? My thanks, my lady. Her highness is quite fond to me," She offers, with another, brighter smile. "I am doubly glad to have made your acquaintance, then."

The Lady Fidante glances over to Samantha and Ford, offering them both an encouraging smile, but doesn't interject in their discussions.

"Thank you so very much, Marquis Ford, Dame Sameera," Valencia offers them both a warm smile, Ford being offered a delicate hand and then she turns to continue to say her farewells to the lovely ladies present. "My lovely Lady Juliet, you I know I will see soon," she give her an affectionate hug and nods warmly to Marquessa Samantha, "Marquessa, lovely to see you as always. You must come see me at the Hart sometime. You as well, Dame Sameera and Lady Kahlana, if it pleases you, I would very much like to invite you to join me at the Hart sometime as well. I would very much like to get to know you a little better. Please say yes and come when you can."

Ford lifts Valencia's hand to place a single small kiss on her fingers before nodding and smiling, "It's always good to see you, Valencia."

Kahlana nods her head to Juliet, "made sure her and Princess Ann were safe and... there friend Lord Edward." she says quietly .. "Too bad I could not get any marriage purposals from it, but there is always next time." she chuckles good naturedly. She quiets as she moves back to look over the necklaces.

"Princess." Samantha returns the nod, and offers a grin to Ford. "Always explosive, seeing each other, isn't it?" She teases. "Come for supper sometime soon and meet my husband."

Ford laughs slightly, biting back that innuendo, "I'd love to join you for dinner, simply send word."

Juliet gives Valencia a squeeze in turn, seeing her off, and laughs a little to Kahlana. "Well. I suppose that depends on what you're looking for in a spouse." Juliet muses, her eyes glittering as she regards the woman. Glancing over to Samantha. "Are we still on for... Whatever we decide it is?" She inquires, politely.

Sameera falls silent now since the main discussion seems to be over and people are talking about social things. Which she does not really deal with. To her forge Sameera moves to get to work once more

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