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Tokens of Victory

Not to be slow to celebration or profit, merchants have cropped up in the lowers selling drinks, food, and tokens to celebrate the victory of the city. Even while many mourn, they are here to make a living. The Commons Square in the Lowers is party to the largest such stall, a man selling rings and pendants in unique styles to celebrate the city's victory. Made just for today.


May 9, 2017, 2 p.m.

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Larissa Halsim Desiree Kahlana(RIP) Graham(RIP) Mira Merek Agnarr Thena Katarina Asher(RIP)



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

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Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

His wanderings in between business find Agnarr drawn to the commons square when there's talk of fancy trinkets. He might be less recognizable in less than full armor, having gone for only a helmet, a tunic, an arming doublet, and simple hose and boots, but his bearing and mien are rather unmistakable.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kahlana before departing.

Larissa arrives with a slow meander through the destitute streets of the boroughs, a Mona Lisa smile tugging at her lips as she takes in the scene with a fair balance of eagerness and heartbreak. Eagerness for any excuse to celebrate and spend coin on trinkets and baubles and heartbreak for the ruined city she had returned to. A smile and a nod is given out here and there, dimples flashing for any who caught her eye. She pauses at the largest stall, a hand reaching down to stroke along Charlemagne's mane as she watches on curiously.

Mira Matessi, the lawyer from Merchant Road with fox-red hair, is dressed down for a trip into the Lowers. A short black skirt swishes at her knees and her red blouse is tied in a knot beneath her bust, with a black silk choker about her throat and tall boots that come to just below her knees, leaving them bare between the black leather below and the swishy skirt above. She has a small purse with her, looped over her shoulder, and she's perusing the stalls with interest, as if looking for something specific. Two arched bangs bounce above her glasses, rimmed in gold.

The sky is calm, and the city is still recovering from the violent siege that was so very recent, but that doesn't stop merchants from plying their trade. Some might call it opportunistic to celebrate so recent a victory, others are reveling in it, and the center of it in the Lowers is taking place at the stall in center of the Commons. It is makeshift, being run by a gap-toothed man with a stringy black beard and too much food in his belly. He shouts out to passer-bys, gesturing to the assortment of rings and pendants in his stall. They're all so very different from the usual designs, if of simple materials. "Come one, come all, to Abicar's wares! Celebrate surviving the historic siege of Arx, celebrate the victory, celebrate finding new love in the wake of it all! If you havn't yet, these rings will help you!"

Thena is on her way home from Iron Guard business, still in black leather armor...okay, she's basically always in black leather armor but she has the 'done now' look about her of someone officially off the clock. The new crop of merchants in the Lowers Square is bad enough but now here's one with a crowd, and she's looking for the best place to slip through the crush.

Filling himself a horn of ale from a stall and paying a few coppers for it, Agnarr wanders with drink in hand in typical northern tradition, standing by the back to watch Abicar from a small distance. He doesn't need to come too much closer - he can see over pretty much any crowd anyway.

Desiree makes her way through the streets ready to see what is for sale. She wears a simple blue dress and seems interested when she hears about the rings for sale.

Asher - now Grayhope, not Morrlin - has a vested interest in the Lowers, enough that he's decided to check these merchants. Many of them feed on the poor's naivete, or the ignorant common folk. Worse, it's usually after a tragedy, making sure that it sounds like such a good thing. So Asher, crappy leather armor and gold earrings both, is perusing the wares, specifically the jewelry. Is any of it actually real? Or is it made of scrap, to make the most profit?

Kahlana makes her way into the area, she looks about, her own body dressed in fine leathers and armor. The Champion looks ready even though the threats have recently ended.

Asher checked perception + smithing at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Mira ooos at the rings, her blue eyes lighting up as her eyebrows lift high. Wandering over to the stall and the guy with the belly and beard, Mira tilts forward a bit, turning her head this way and that, as if trying to get a better sense of depth perception on the baubles. "These are wonderful!" About as ready for battle as a gopher, the Lycene woman looks enthralled by the pretty little bands on display. She looks up, her bust pressed against her knotted blouse as she's still tilted forward a bit, cooing at the stall-keeper, "Where did you get this one? Can you tell me anything about it?" Fluttering her eyes just once, innocently, her gaze is locked on the man, her smile innocently demure.

Asher looks surprised at the craftsmanship of many of the pieces, and he's taking great pains to be seen by the vendor when leaning over to eye the jewelry more closely. "Oh aye, fine pieces, these. Fine make. Did you fix these yourself, sir? Or rather, make them?" He's looking at the vendor with a knowing glance but his smile seems to at least be attempting to show sincerity. "I know a few Silks what might like these, that I do."

Larissa steps up to get a closer look at the wares - a brilliant smile offered to Mira as she glances at the ring the other woman has chosen "That is lovely isn't it?" she murmurs in admiration. "What are they made of?" she asks the greasy haired merchant. There seemed to be a humming excitement around her stall, and perhaps she ought to be suspicious but... for once, oddly, she wasn't. Certainly she could not fault the boroughs for taking advantage of any situation and in truth she believed all of the city could benefit from a little spending, a little celebration, a little something... more. - Another smile is offered to Asher as he speaks, inclining her head and tucking her little smirk back in place.

Around isn't working so Thena settles for through and squishes her way amongst the onlookers and purchasers with a string of murmured apologies. She catches sight of Asher in passing and struggles her way back in his direction specifically to flash a bright smile at him and say, "S'up, Grayhope?"

The merchant, self-described as Abicar, gives a broad smile at so many coming to his cart. "Please please! Find something lovely for such lovely people. All prices are fair at Abicar's wares." He turns his gaze to Mira, waving off her inquiry about the ring being special. "If it catches the eye of one so sweet, then it is more special than anything I could say of it. I will tell you what, if you buy another ring I will let you have that one. Two beautiful rings on a beautiful girl, one for each hand." He looks over to Larissa, offering a shrug. "Some of this, some of that. We make no claims of being the finest, all wares are only tokens of celebration for the victory of this great city. Please, buy some for your friends! This sale will only be today!"

Pretty things for a pretty lady. And a pretty sellsword. Agnarr shuffles closer to the merchant to inspect his stock and pick up one of the rings to eye it.

Kahlana moves closer to the cart after surveying the crowd, her eyes linger on the wares and she tilts her head as Larissa says they are of good craftsmanship. "I wish I could afford something like that." She says before she notes Agnarr walking up to the cart, and she grins a bit, stepping closer to him.

Mira looks like she's about to say something flirty back when suddenly Agnarr is *right there* and Mira blinks, scooting aside and bumping into someone else as she tries to make room. "Hey!" Frowning up at the Northman, she puts her fists on her hips, "Some of us are trying to make a purchase here. You can't just go and pick up random rings." Frowning a moment longer, Mira turns back with a swish of her skirts, smiling brightly at the shopkeep, "Well, what about this one?" She picks up another ring and looks it over, smiling, as she inspects the inside of the band.

Asher leans over near Mira to look at more rings, pondering. "My word! I hope the gentleman who made this is alright. Seems to have cut himself on his tools when he was making it!" He even points to the ring in question, and Asher is making a big show of it. And then casting a false concerned look at this 'Abicar'. "I hope that the maker didn't lose any fingers over a ring... Such a shame, in that irony." His voice is grave, and implying violence might ensue if the vendor doesn't do something. As Thena gets his attention, Asher looks over with a smile, this time genuine. "Oh just inspecting a competitor in trade."

Larissa flashes a little grin to Agnarr as he picks up one of the rings "Mmmm yes, that's rather striking. It brings out your eyes" she dimples, teasing perhaps but the compliment was genuine. A wink is given to Mira "What do you think? Shall we give in?" she wonders absently before turning to Abicar "And what deal will you give me, then?" she wonders, lifting a few necklaces up to light. "I would take several, gifts for friends, if the price is agreeable" she offers and then pauses to look at Asher "What do you mean, cut himself on his tools?" she asks - sending a sudden wary glance to the overfed merchant.

Abicar calls over to Kahlana, seeming to smell the risk of profit slipping through his fingers. "Ah, but you can! You can! Our prices are so low you are almost stealing from me." He gives a heartful sigh. "I give so much, but I cannot help it, this city MUST have celebration. That is the way of Gild, is it not? Come now, a show of coin please. A trifling expense for a trifle you will want to keep always." At Asher's concern Abicar is caught by surprise for a moment before quickly laughing it off. "Ah, there was a thief. A thief this morning. That must be the ring he took. I do not suffer thieves. He is alive, do not worry, no need for concern. Let us talk of happier things. These rings were all custom made just for today, by those who suffer for having no stalls of their own. They trust Abicar to sell these wares to you, you fine people, so please. Won't you make a purchase?"

"Eh, he'll be gone soon like the rest of this lot and you'll still be here. I wouldn't worry about him," Thena tells Asher, leaning forward to look at the rings as well with mild interest but certainly not reaching for them. Especially because, "What, they've got blood on them?"

Desiree eagerly looks at the rings. She takes a closer look at one of them. "I do like the look of this one." She pauses and turns her attention more to what Asher says.

"Tits ain't going to buy it either, no need to keep showing them at the front," Agnarr retorts to Mira rather plainly at her complaint, given his height gives a better view of said goods, though they don't distract him. He turns one ring around in his hands, admiring the craftsmanship and giving a look Asher's way, but he's not particularly concerned or worried-looking - besides, the ring he'd picked up can barely fit on his pinky. He sizes up Abicar. "You get these from the dead Shavs, or the Compact soldiers?" he wonders of the merchant in a blase fashion.

Thena checked wits + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 26 lower.

Larissa checked wits + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Agnarr checked wits + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 23 lower.

Desiree checked wits + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 7 lower.

It's too nice a day to be stuck inside, and so Graham has decided to check out the wares being offered at the square today. The tall young man looks about at the stalls that he passes not in the search for anything in particular really. He looks up as well to see if anyone he knows is here.

Mira blinks slowly at the merchant, arching a bit with a fold of her arms under her breasts, "Made by people without stalls of their own? Wouldn't you need a smithery to forge a ring?" Sort of boxed in by all the people crowding around now, Mira leans forward to carefully set the ring she took back down. Then she glares up at Agnarr, huffing, "Excuse you." Refolding her arms indignantly, she hmphs, eyebrows furrowed. Not that there's a lot she can do to address his complaint, but still.

Asher points to the ring with dried blood on it and nods. "Oh a thief, you say? Well we can't have those of course. Think you might recall his face?" At that point Asher calls out for an Iron Guard. "Have to take crime seriously, after all!" But then Agnarr is saying exactly what Asher is thinking. "I was thinking from dead nobles actually, there's quite a lot of them. Soldiers would be unlikely to wear jewelry to battle because they get in the way of weapons, while Shavs aren't exactly rich." He shrugs and looks to Thena. "Wouldn't really care if it were the Branded, but stealing from Compact corpses isn't okay with me."

Asher checked wits + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Graham checked wits + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 27 lower.

Kahlana checked wits + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Thena shoves both her hands in her pockets and sort of assumes when Asher calls for the guard he doesn't mean her, because she is /off duty/. "He could've had the decency to wash the blood off first," she notes in an undertone. "It's not that hard." A soft tsk under her breath for Abicar's ignorance.

Kahlana shakes her head to the Merchant, then she laughs a bit as she looks over to Asher before she giggles a little deeper, "but I have no silver, none, whatsoever you see, spent the last dime on my lovely necklace after the Armor and things, it is a lovely set dont you think?" she asks before she watches those around her buying pieces.

"How DARE you make such an accusation." Abicar waves Agnarr away from his stall. "I would never stoop so low. I have every reason to trust in the craftsmen who provide my wares, and you have no basis for scaring these good customers with such talk during a time of celebration." Despite his words, Abicar has begun to sweat. He pulls a folded cloth from his belt, swiping it across his brow. Bringing back out his gap-toothed smile Abicar turns his attention to Asher. "You do not believe this madness, do you? These are simple wares. I will be happy to describe the thief to you, just please, stop frightening my customers." When Kahlana reveals she is broke, she ceases to even be acknowledged by Abicar. Other people to talk to.

Graham makes his way through the crowds ending up near the stall where it seems many gather jewlery is the item of the day. The soldier looks and well listens a little to what is going on though he'll continue his approach noding his head in greeting should any look his way however.

"Man wants your silver, not a pretty smile," Agnarr advises the Crovane thusly (and, with a glance, seems to include Mira in that assessment), backing off somewhat even though for the most part he simply rolls his eyes at Abicar's rebuffal, probably seeing the merchant as no threat whatsoever. "In truth, pretty things," he does concede, but he looks at Asher and tips his head once. "Could be. Might do to listen to the man some more."

Larissa that smile of hers stretches upon her face, but suddenly it seems far less kind than it had a moment ago. Larissa was a Courtesan, a scholar of society and people.. of expression, of intent. She was a player of games and people both and it was rare that she missed when she was being played as well. "Come now darling..." she purrs at the Merchant, stepping as close as the stall would allow "Surely there is more to these than simple baubles.. Something...." she muses, taking one of the rings and dancing it across her fingers... "Something special, isn't there?" she ponders, cutting a smirk to Asher. "Blood and metal ... that's an interesting combination for any little bauble. Tell us more" she coaxes...

Asher chuckles. "Then it is interesting to note, my fine merchant friend... That most of these rings are made by different people. Different markings, different qualities." He shrugs. "And you expect us to believe that all of them would give you such a good price on them that you could sell them so cheaply and still make a profit?" His smile sours. "You talk of Gild but you steal from the dead. You disgrace yourself and disrespect multiple gods. Sentinel sees your crime, merchant, and it is not one of necessity." He grimaces and turns to Agnarr. "Could listen but his words versus your eyes... I think we all know the truth when we see it."

1 Champion, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

Mira sulks, looking like she was actually planning on purchasing a ring before the whole ruckus started. At another comment from Agnarr, Mira's eyes widen and her whole demeanor turns indignant, stamping her foot, "It's just a shirt! Not everyone is from the North where you'll die from cold if you show your nose outside, you know!" She points up at the sellsword, her back to Asher and largely forgetting about the rings for a moment, "And I *have* silver, thank you very much."

Mishearing Asher's comment over her shoulder, she whirls about, facing him instead like she was just betrayed, "You too?!"

Kahlana nods to Agnarr and she laughs a little "well he would not get it anyway, rings still have fingers in them." She tilts her head and she pokes him lightly before she looks over to Asher and she smiles a bit to him before she looks over to Mira before looking back to the shopkeeper

Merek has taken his time to take a call from the messenger coming for a Guardsman. Hawk Division's people arrive with the Officer as he comes through into the area. He looks around a bit, noticing the stall, and people gathered around it, as he moves towards that direction for a moment.

"True enough," Agnarr concedes to Kahlana, minding the poke little into his arming doublet and giving a shrug down Mira's way as he retreats a little to leave the guard to handle it. "Fair enough. But don't look it," is his candid claim.

Desiree gives the ring a closer look with a frown after hearing some of the others. She then gives a curious look to the shopkeeper without voicing any concern.

The conversation makes the eyebrows of the young noble arch. If indeed the accusation is true, it is aweful or well more than that really. Graham doesnt have words for that really its bad enough all the losses sustained and damage to the city, without things like this. "Greetings." he says finally breaking his silence though speaking more to the group than to any one particular person.

The merchant Abicar straightens, resting a hand on his chest above his sizable belly. "I must confess, but not to the horror you accuse me of. These rings were carried here from elsewhere, and were sold to me by refugees. I will admit to not being a man of jewelry myself, but I know a time of celebration when I see it. You want to cast your suspicions on me for focusing on the good of a day of celebration, on trying to let us enjoy this time of victory after such hardship? You wound me, and you bring sorrow. You say I am a man who has forgotten Gild, but your bitterness is a poison to Jayus. Please, spread it here no longer." He points at Asher and Agnarr, "Your coin is not welcome." Abicar looks over to the newly shown Guardsman. "These two are harassing my customers with baseless theories. Please ask them to leave, good Guardsman."

Merek checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 27 lower.

Thena checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 29 lower.

Larissa checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 40, rolling 1 higher.

Desiree checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 40, rolling 9 higher.

Kahlana checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

Graham checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 11 lower.

Mira checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 40, rolling 17 lower.

Asher looks over as the guards arrive, and looks relieved. He takes a step, just one, to the side. So the guards can have a look. At Mira he looks confused. "...Me too, what?" At Abicar, Asher laughs. "I could make better pieces in my sleep. I just want to make sure that the poor aren't swindled. That the common rabble like myself aren't buying the heirlooms of an honorable soldier or citizen of the Compact. The siege took many lives, and the dead of all kinds ddserve to rest in peace. I doubt the gods look favorably on graverobbers." He looks to the guard. "Is there a way one might check to see if these pieces bear signs of being from noble Houses?"

Asher checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Thena sighs and wriggles away from the booth as more onlookers and some of her co-workers close in. She'll wait on the fringes of the crowd, curious to see what happens next.

Mira smiles and waves to Graham, momentarily forgetting her anger at Agnarr and Asher. "Hello." Tilting her head, she hrms, glancing over at Abicar, "If you came for jewelry, it looks like you're out of luck." She shrugs a bit at Graham and glances back at Asher in annoyance, turning toward him, "You know what you said!"

Desiree shakes her head as she looks from Abicar to the guard. "They weren't really bothering me. I was interested in what they had to say especially if they're right about where it came from."

Agnarr checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 29 lower.

"Grave robbing? That is a serious accusation," Merek states after a moment, and turns his attention to Abicar. "Can I look at the wares?" he asks. He then takes a moment to notice Mira, "Please don't make a scene," he calls over to that whole situation, while he runs a hand through his hair, and then takes a moment to look closer at the rings. He nods to Meeka a moment who comes with him to assist!

Larissa glances over to Graham as she approaches, an inclination of her head in his direction "My Lord.." she greets with a quiet murmur. She was returning after much time away and was eager to meet the many new faces that had arrived in her absence. However... her attention returned to the merchant as one lone, sharp brow is lifted. A hand is placed upon one of the guards as she murmurs in her throat "They are doing no such thing... I think perhaps there is more to our friends story than he is letting on." she places the ring back upon the table and levels her gaze at the round belly and greasy hair and smiles. "Try again, do. You're still sweating.." she notices. "Your breathing is erratic. Do you know what I think? If these are not baubles of the dead, then perhaps they are something else? Perhaps they were given to you by someone?" she suggests. "Come now... " she pleads prettily. "I'd so love a reason to buy them from you"

Merek checked perception + smithing at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Kahlana nudges Agnarr, "hey... look these.. are from our brethren." she frowns deeply "your robbing the Corvane? The Redrain? And the Halfshavs?" she shakes her head as she points out a few of the things she knows before she shakes her head "for shame."

"Could be imports," Agnarr reasons Kahlana's way, but himself seems rather skeptical about the whole situation, paying little attention to Abicar now and not moving away even if he's been asked to leave. Someone will have to do the moving. "Doesn't got the look of a northman to me," he concludes of the merchant, "No stench of whiskey."

"I hadnt specifically come for jewelry." Graham answers though looking from the stall owner to the others. "I just over heard a bit of the conversation, and had to come over to see what was going on." He looks back as another approaches. "M'lady." he looks before realizing something "My appologies, i'm Lord Graham, Stonewood." He introduces shortly though not typically seeing himself as needing a title and such.

Asher looks to Mira. "I have no idea what you're on about, truly. If you could explain? So I know what I'm apologizing for." But his interest is still caught in the vendor and his wares. Which may or may not be stolen. And steps back a bit so he's able to see the interactions but also have a quiet conversation with Mira.

1 Champion have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Meeka have been dismissed.

Abicar dabs at his brow a moment before gesturing for the Guardsman to help themselves to reviewing his wares. "As the guardsman's keen eyes can surely tell, not being blinded with distrust as yours are, nothing here is stolen from a noble or any other such depravity as your mind might conjure."

Merek checked mana + theology at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Mira whispers at Asher, looking annoyed with arms folded and hips aside. She even points at him, then Agnarr, and tosses her hand.

Kahlana shakes her head, she looks to the corvane ring and she reaches up to take it while the others are arguing. Hey it belonged to her kinsman and she believes it was stolen. So the Northern woman steals it back.

and walks away.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 1, rolling 18 higher.

"You say something?" Agnarr makes sure to bump to the side to peer down towards Mira while Merek sees to legitimacy.

Asher checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 1, rolling 17 higher.

Kahlana checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 1, rolling 45 higher.

Merek takes a moment to slide his fingers through the fingerless part of his gloves, then he reaches to pick up one of the rings after looking over them all. "No special maker marks... It all seems cheap, not from any noble." He then takes a moment to run his fingers across the ring, and seems to take a small breath, before he exhales. There is a look like fire when he opens his gaze. "Something isn't right here. None of this seems to even be from /Arx/ judging by the craftsmanship." He then takes a moment to lift his fingers up and snaps them, "Take the man to the cells and save him for Inquisition questioning. And... You don't need to be gentle with him if he 'resists'." There's a nod, and his Guards will approach to roughly take the man if possible.

Mira acks as she's bumped into, stumbling aside a step! When she sees its /Agnarr/ of all people, she scowls, "You! And I /said/..." She thinks about it, "Well, it doesn't matter what I said, but you're still a jerk."

Merek has rolled a critical success!
Merek checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

He will nod to the whispered words and return in kind "So it would seem, though I mostly didnt want to be left inside on a day like today." Graham answered though things are rather loud and confusing with the many discussions going on at once. "I am not sure i'd buy though with any chance this all might be true." He shakes his head "In fact I would not."

Abicar's eyes go wide. "Wait! Wait! I've broken no laws, I assure you! There is no cause for this, I am just a humble merchant!" The guards move in on the panicked overweight man. "Please, take my wares if you must, but Abicar is friend to all! The Inquisitors, I have heard the stories of what they do to foreigners! If you send me there, I am a dead man! I beg of you, show mercy! In the name of the all the gods, mercy!"

"Ain't the first time I've been told that," Agnarr allows down at Mira, watching passively as guards encroach on the apparent foreigner, lips pressing together.

Larissa frowns, her gaze never leaving Abicar. "Not from Arx..." she murmurs and then turns to Merek. "May I take one of the rings? I have a friend of whom knows much about foreign objects. I would of course relate my findings to you immediately." she asks of the inquisitor - following a nagging, little hunch. "You could try honesty..." she suggests to the merchant, glancing back to Merek. "While keeping in mind that I can likely tell if you're lying."

Mira blinks, the cries of the merchant grabbing her attention. "Hey..." Brow furrowing, she repeats, louder, "HEY!" Stomping over to Merek, she glares, folding her arms over her chest, "What justification do you have for tossing him to the Inquisitors? This man should be in a normal jail or expelled from the city, not tortured. What is wrong with you? I'll have words with the Iron Commander over this, on behalf of the Court and the Gods."

Larissa frowns towards Mira and steps forward with a gentle coax to her voice "My Lady, while your passion for justice is certainly admirable the Iron Guard can not be put to blame for doing their job. Already it is often a thankless task, don't you agree? Certainly if the Inquisition finds the man innocent then what harm is there in asking a few questions? Every word from his mouth thus far has been a lie, of that I am certain. If he does not wish to confess what truth he is hiding I think that must be the only recourse - but certainly I think he will appreciate your services if you are offering them to him. It must be a comfort for him to know that at least someone is willing to put faith in him... even if we are not." - then she turns back to Abicar and lifts her brow "Unless of course you would like to offer us the truth now - while keeping in mind that I can likely tell if you are lying."

Merek takes a moment to look aside towards Larissa, and considers her for a moment. He then reaches to one of the rings, "Take it then," he states. He then looks to Mira, "The Inquisition are the investigators, not the Iron Guard. And if the accusations are true, then it is a job for them." He then holds up his hand, towards his Guards, "I'm feeling merciful." He looks up for a moment, "You will be put into a cell, until the Whisper here finds out what she can from examining the rings. However, if she finds anything... At all, you will be delivered to the court for trial, and the punishment will be great." He then pauses and sighs.
    Merek shakes his head a bit, "But... If you admit to your crime, as she has asked, we will perhaps seek lenience. I can't believe that all these people are wrong, and I am a very skilled smith, have been for years, so keep in mind I know very well the craftsmanship of such objects, and can usually tell from whence they came." Beat, "Your choice... Because if she does find something, and you still deny it, this will not go well for you."

Graham steps to watch and listen as justice or well the long arm of the law is sought for this stall vendor. He has no such expertise on craftsmanship, but he too can hardly say that all here are wrong in what they've found. "I believe that a fair offer for information." He agrees after the offer to speak the truth is given.

By now AGnarr has fallen quiet, merely observing.

Mira corrects, coolly, "The punishment will be according to the law." She looks sidelong at Merek as she says that... But then she looks to Abicar, "Which will probably end up being great if you are found guilty and don't confess before hand." She lifts her hands, "And I'll be pretty pissed as well if I represent you and you aren't being honest with me."

Asher pipes up from the back, "And make sure to take the rest of the pieces as possible evidence! They stay here and they get taken! This is the Lowers after all..." Just to make sure that the rings might go to their rightful owners.

The merchant, held by guards as he is, is sweating profusely from the brow. The fear is very real, there is no illusion or trickery there. "Abicar is telling the truth, he swears. I purchased those rings from refugees here in the city. I did not ask where they came from, and I did not mean any harm. You can see how cheaply I sold them. I wished no great profit, only enough to survive. Please, the Inquisitors are cruel to foreigners. I will be made to disappear! I have family to care for! Please!"

Asher thinks a few moments and sighs, moving up. "If he is telling the truth, then he is merely a man with poor judgement, and the real thieves are out there. Maybe getting information from him is a prudent idea? The who and the what." Merely suggesting things of course. "And if he is innocent then... I'll provide recompense for his troubles, and then some. As an apology."

"I know the law," Merek tells Mira after a moment, while he takes a moment to shake his head a bit, and looks towards Abicar. "Refugees... Very well then. I'd like the name of them," he states, while he takes his time to motion to the Guards, "Take him to a cell, take the rings and make sure the Whisper here has access to them and of course any other investigators that the Crown deems worthy." He shakes his head a bit, and then turns on his heel a bit. He looks over to Asher, "Fair enough."

Sparte GM Roll checked wits(4) + manipulation(5) at difficulty 60, rolling 15 higher.

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