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SCOUT: Shav Shores of the Saffron

A Lycene barony is alarmed as the heir apparently secretly took a military detachment and traveled to the Saffron for unclear reasons, and has gone missing. They fear Skal'dajan activity.

((Significant risk, combat and outdoorsy characters. Second version of the event))


Jan. 17, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Apostate Cristoph


Cristoph Armani Brianna Reese Domonico Volcica Avita



Meyneth's Dynamic GMing Room <OOC Room>

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Comments and Log

As tensions continue to mount and war looms in the future, Lord Enzio Rosati and Lady Sienna Tavani have journeyed to the Saffron Chain to engage in some adventuring prior to their marriage. The goal is to see, in true Lycene competitive fashion, who can find the grandest treasure as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, both parties of gone missing and now need to be located. A group of adventurers traveling on Count Domonico's caravel or on Lady Armani Gilden's ship find out about the troubles and end up docked in Pieros, in the Saffron Chain, to see if they can assist in the search. They're tasked with tracing the steps of Lord Enzio, starting from the place he was last seen. Pieros.

Armani looks to the ocean as she tosses some money into the waves, she looks confused, "no clue what that means water." she murmers to herself as she sighs "cant you like light the way? That would be much more helpful!" she grins a little before she looks to those who sail with her she smiles feeling the wind in her hair as her ship travels alongside Dominico's

Brianna isn't amused about this rescue mission. Two Lycene nobles doing dumb shit on the eve of war? She paces the deck of the ship as it pulls into port, like a caged tiger. She really shouldn't be too irritated. After all, she had to be rescued shortly before her own wedding. No one ever said Brianna /wasn't/ a hypocrite.

Reese is along on Domonico's ship. The princess is adorned in her normal pink and ivory. She has pink ribbons braided up in her golden locks. Her clothing is subtly armored and designed for ease of motion, consisting of white leggings and a tunic. She has a blade at either hip and a bow strapped to her back. Reese stands on the ship's front and hmms softly. "I think we should unboard." She says to anyone nearby.

Armani gets The Siren's Scale cuirass, The Siren's Scale pauldrons, The Siren's Scale cuisses, The Siren's Scale greaves, The Siren's Scale gauntlets and The Siren's Scale helm from The Siren's Scale backpack.

Sailing on Tempest always puts the usually serious Domonico in a better mood, regardless of the weather and the Magnotta Count spent most of the time on deck overseeing the ship, which he does with his customary skill. Sails, crew, ballista and catapult. All get inspected daily by the Admiral to his satisfaction. It would be noticed too that every day he would also... hang off the side of the ship by a rope to run his hand through the sea but everyone has a quirk right?

When they docked at Pieros, Domonico took the time to kiss the prayer beads and Mangatan charm he carries and murmur some words of thanks to the Azure Queen. Turning to the passengers he transported with him he nods once and says, "So Lord Enzio Rosati? Where would be the best place to start looking?

Volcica lingered near Brianna the whole trip. She definitely does not have sea legs, or any tolerance for the heat of the Saffron. she is most definitely happy when they dock and she can return to solid land, even if it is in such climate! Dark eyes look around the docks with interest, but the Northern shaman is silent, looking to the more.. diplomatic? social? of her companions to lead the way.

Armani hops off of the ship and has her feet touch the ground she looks around the sands mostly for sea treasures.. the pirate within her cant help it. Her eyes were drawn to where the waves greet the shoreline and she looks along it

The ships are docked and the party can disembark into the outpost of Pieros, built by House Pravus to begin exerting their control over the Saffron Chain. The area is surrounded with the sort of things you might expect in the area. Other people of the Compact arriving, sailors, ambitious merchants, and some others who appear to live at the outpost. There's a tavern and inn nearby, which is a promising place to ask around. After all, where do people like to go first after a long journey by sea?

Reese unboards the ship, moving with her warrior's grace. She looks over to Armani, having a polite smile of greeting for the woman. She then gives the area a quick study, trying to get a feel for things here - she is looking for anyone who might be present upon the docks, the beach and so forth. She also tries to notice what all ships are at the docks what standards they have. She looks over to the Tavern. "That seems like a good place to explore." She murmurs to the others.

Grand treasure? Epic adventure? Lycene love??
This sounds just like Avita's kind of party!
It seems like just yesterday that the newly arrived Lady met our dear Armani ... wait, no. That was this morning. The point is, they've become fast friends, obviously, as at the mention of this excursion into the wild waves to track down this wayward pair has her chomping at the bit. "Don't tell dear Dio, mm? Knowing him he would only worry." She speaks to Armani as she paces her way toward disembarking, a vague smile on dark lips. She pauses then, turning her head to glance toward the other woman, her brows raising. "... Actually, you should tell him. When we return, I can go off and learn more of the rules of the game of Arx, and he can have a taste of his own medicine and drive himself mad for a while."
Ugh. She's chatty.
Once they're off and away on the docks and Reese makes mention of the tavern, the Ischia native gives a broad and winning smile. "And so it begins." Without so much as a question as to what she's meant to do, Avita is headed that way.

Obviously the nearest Shrine to Mangata would be Domonico's first choice but he follows the gaze of Reese and nods in agreement, "Where most people coming through the docks will end up." He looks over to his second on ship and nods, "Ano, make sure Tempest is secured and resupplied then make sure the crew have some time to rest. Don't let them get out of hand though, we may need to leave soon."

With that the stern Magnotta Count strides off alongside Reese towards the tavern.

Brianna links her arm with Volcica's and heads down the gangplank. "I'm heading to the inn," she informs her companions. "It's probably the best place to ask questions, and maybe get a real meal."

Armani looks her way "you should had at least asked Ciro to accompany you" she says "where is your weapon anyway?" she wonders before she turns to follow Reese, "anyone ever heard of a Ulral?" she wonders

Reese looks over to Avita, nodding in response to her words. She then turns to Domonico, giving him a nod as well. She starts in the direction of the tavern. The princess attempts to keep watch as they move. She tries to notice if anyone seems to be watching them especially close or following them. She tries to note if there are many soilders around them, if many are armed and the like. She then looks over to Armani, shaking her head. "That doesn't sound familiar to me."

"My dear, if I cannot drink it, eat it, or otherwise find a way to imbibe or injest it to absolutely magical effect, chances are I've not the foggiest." Avita admits in response to Armani's question about ulrals. Whatever that is. The bit about the weapon is completely ignored. After all, if you don't answer a question, it was clearly not meant for you.
"Ciro is otherwise occupied, and I don't need his help." She insists, finally, a soft sniff of indignation acting as some rather firm punctuation to her statement. "I've got you, after all. I'm certain you're just as good, my new friend." She casts Armani another of those broad, cheek-dimpling smiles before her attentions can shift back to Reese. The Princess may have a keen gaze that can catch the suspicious amidst the mundane, but this Seraceni Lady seems perfectly oblivious to the dangers here. After all, she's been here many times, and only once did she end up in a crate being shipped gods know where.
"Well, hello! Lady Avita Seraceni," She introduces herself cheerfully, hustling a bit to catch up to the much more battle-ready woman. "A pleasure." This is, of course, repeated to anybody that gets too close.

Volcica offers a faint smile to Brianna as they link arms, and keeps stride with the Halfshav. "I agree. Inns are usually a good place to ask after people." She looks over to the others, dark eyes tracking after Reese, Dominico and Avita. "So are taverns, really." Both good choices!

Armani frowns a little to Avita, "where /is/ your weapon or leathers... or......" she sighs a bit as she follows the others in - sticking close to her very unprepared friend

When they cross the threshold into the inn, it takes a moment for their eyes to adjust to the dimmer lighting of indoors. There's quite a few patrons milling around, sitting at tables and the bar, enjoying their drinks and conversation. A few patrons look up and give the entering party a look over, considering them. Assessing. But then it's dismissed as conversation resumes again. The smell of hard liquor, ale, and wine hangs in the air. The bar is manned by a gruff looking fellow. He's clean shaven, but stubbled on the jaw. A long scar runs over the one air. He's wiping down a spill. Others of note, some chatty young sailors from the Mourning Isles leaning against the hearth and an extremely disinterested in woman looking out the window.

(ooc: Feel free to interact with these PCs, you can use social rolls, streetwise, or investigate. Rolls at normal. The tavern and inn are one building. Beds upstairs.)

Domonico hmms as he keeps pace with Reese, the military man in him noting what he can see in way pf preparations for war and the soldiery that might be seen. "Ulral? Never heard of the name," he says in answer to Armani as they enter the inn and he sweeps his gaze around the room slowly, assessing the patrons just as they themselves are assessing him. "I'll talk to the sailors over there," he says.

Reese continues to the Tavern, moving with her easy grace and keeping her watcheful gaze. She looks over to Avita, having a smile at the introduction. One that briefly touches her blue eyes and brings the shadow of her dimples to briefly bloom. "Princess Reese Grayson." She says. "I been told that Lord Ciro is my cousin." She adds, keeping her voice soft and looking to Avita for a moment before looking ahead and then around them. She slips into the tavern with the others and looks over the room. She takes a seat which happens to be near the disinterested woman. "Greetings. Do you know if the food and drinks are decent here?" She asks.

Brianna introduces herself to Avita with a nod. "Bri Halfshav," she says, before heading in to the tavern. She makes her way over to the barkeep and orders a stout. "Any Tavanis or Rosatis come through here lately?" she asks.

Armani ahahahas as she looks to Reese and she smiles a little "Lady Armani Gilden" says the gilded woman all sparkles. She looks about and she looks over to Bri as she jumps in to ask she watches the features of the others

Brianna checks command and manipulation at normal. Brianna is marginally successful.

Reese checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Reese is successful.

Armani checks perception and empathy at normal. Armani is successful.

"Volcica Stahlben," follows after the other introductions. She holds up two fingers to the bartender, to add herself onto Bri's order. Otherwise? She just looks around at the faces, at the tavern.

Volcica checks perception and investigation at normal. Volcica is marginally successful.

Domonico checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Ah, a group of sailors. Perfect!
Avita is more than pleased to have gotten the introductions out of the way, and her rather flighty attentions have now shifted to the shifty drifters. "Well, hello..." She begins just as she had before to all the others, amber gaze flicking from one face to another, "You seem to be a fine group of strapping young men, and I confess I'm a little bit lost ..." She frowns slightly, "Unfortunately, I'm not the only one. You see, I've gotten myself seperated from my friends." She glances over her shoulder at the others, then back to the sailors. "My -other- friends," She clarifies, "And we're trying to find them, but ... dear me, I'm woefully unexperienced in these matters. I don't suppose you could assist?" Her dark lips curl in a vague smile as she continues, "As you might have heard, Tavani and Rosati ... family names, indeed, but it's what we're trying to find."

Avita checks charm and manipulation at normal. Avita is successful.

The barkeep looks up from the mess he's cleaning, looking Brianna over for a half-second before he pulls her order for her. He rolls his shoulders to her question, "Yeah. We had some people that resembled those names come through here." While Brianna is beginning to chat with the not incredibly talkative barkeep, Armani can rather easily pick up that he recognizes those names from the flash of recognition that passes over his face. The lack of surprise. Volcica notices a message board on the wall, the kind local notices are posted to.

Domonico and Avita are approaching the sailors by the hearth, they're sizing up the Count rather openly before Avita distracts them. "You got a lot of friends," the one replies with a laugh. "Want a couple more?" he asks, his voice dipping low. Though they're glancing at Domonico to see just what kind of friend he is. But he doesn't seem to be menacing them or anything, so they smile politely. The mention of the people passing through garners a 'huh. "Oh, those friends? Yeah. We heard of them. Wedding party! Real fun. Split up and headed in separate directions, I heard."

The disinterested woman at the window, looks slightly more interested when the flashy Grayson princess turns up. She sweeps her with her eyes before taking a drink, "It's good enough. You come here often?" It's obvious by her tone that the woman doesn't really think that Reese comes here all that often. But it's a conversation starter, nonetheless.

Brianna sips her drink, slipping the barkeep a little extra coin. "How long ago?" she asks, pushing a stray red curl behind her ear. "Any sense of where they were heading?" Her Northern accent sounds out of place this far south. "We don't mean them any harm. Their families are worried."

Domonico checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Critical Success! Domonico is spectacularly successful.

Avita checks charm and manipulation at normal. Botch! Avita catastrophically fails.

Brianna checks command and manipulation at normal. Brianna is successful.

Reese checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Reese is successful.

Volcica checks perception and investigation at normal. Volcica marginally fails.

Reese looks to the woman with thoughtful attention. "I never been here before." She says softly, before having a gentle smile. "I am Princess Reese." She adds and well such might be already known to some. She adorned with pink griffins after all. The sword of Grayson hangs from her right hip. Reese is far from subtle when it comes to who she is. "May I ask who you are? I came here looking for the missing wedding party." She adds. "Cousin of Pravous and would like to be helpful to them."

Armani leans in to the barkeep as she sees the recknision in his eyes, "would you mind pointing me in the right direction?" she asks without beating round the bush.

Volcica steps over towards the message board, taking her beer with her. She starts to look through the notices for anything particularly interesting.

Armani checks command and diplomacy at normal. Armani is successful.

Avita leans easily against the hearth as one of the men begins to speak, amber gaze catching the light in some mimicry of the smoldering embers that can usually be spied amidst the ash, her smile slowly growing at the question of wanting more friends. "One can never have too many friends, my dear. Of course, once we've found my missing fellows, I'd be much more able to focus upon my own wild adventures with..." It's about then that Domonico is approaching, and whatever spell she was hoping to weave on these gentlemen is shattered in distraction. "I'm sure we could..." Her eyes flick to Domonico, back again, and then right back to him, her brows creasing in a severe fashion. "... Keel the... haul, and hoist, uh..." She stops, heaving a sigh and turning to cast an appropriately baleful look his way.
"... You know, you're really cramping my style." She informs him, before flicking her attentions back toward the men. "... Where were we?" She squints, before straightening herself, "Ah, yes, I recall now. We were battening the keelies and foisting the battards."

Domonico gives Avani a 'look' in return and then back towards the sailors, sharing with them a familiar look of disapproval at landlubbers trying to sound like they can speak like a sailor.

"Excuse Lady Avita. We've only just pulled into dock and not everyone is made for a life at sea correct?" He touches the charm around his neck instinctively at that before he continues, "If you know which direction they headed in, especially the groom then that would be appreciated. Also... get yourselves some rum, courtesy of House Magnotta."

Brianna and Armani are speaking with the barkeep, who seems largely uninterested in the dealings of nobles that rush off into the wilds to adventure for their wedding. Enough that he just sort of starts walking away, but Brianna's continued speaking to him, stalls the man. "Not that long ago." He rubs the stubble on his face, sighs. "I don't know about the lady. But I think the lord was going to head into the jungles." Still a bit vague and seems fine ending things then. When Armani gets right to the point, he huffs. He seems to understand they're going to keep asking questions until he answers. "East of here. Into the jungles."

Volcica discovers that no one EVER cleans the old message off of the notice board. So while everyone is chatting away with the barkeep or sailors or a mysterious disinterested woman, she's digging through these notices. She ends up with a bunch of them in her hand. Someone /really/ wants a parrot with a purple crest on its head, if that's even a thing. Is it? Who knows! But right when she's about to give up she pulls a notice that seems to indicate people have been striking east to explore the nearish jungle.

The disinterested woman smiles mysteriously at Reese, "You'll need to buy me a drink first before you get my name." Then she knocks back the one she had initially. A glance is given around the bar, the conversation reaching her ears. "Seems your friends are asking a lot of questions. I'll tell you this. The lord's party came in, had a fine celebration. Then he decided he'd strike east to see if he couldn't find something suitably grand for a wedding gift. Took his people with him."

The sailors really want to know what Avita is going to do with all the keeling and hauling and hoisting and-- they seem confused when they don't find out. When she stumbles. There are confused looks and when her eyes turn to Domonico, so do theirs. They understand this look that he gives them, there are nods and some soft, amused laughter. The moment is easily smoothed over. "Oh, those folks? Yeah. He was in here with his party awhile back. He checked out those notices over there and decided the best direction for him and his group was east! Right into the jungles. Pretty dangerous out there, my lord. If you're looking for him, you should be careful."

Reese looks to the woman, nodding in response to her words. "Absolutely, a drink." She says. She then orders the woman whatever she wold like, pays for sucha and tips the server. She tries to get her name if possible before leaving. Once they seem to be getting information though, she is rising to her feet and seeming ready to move. "Thank you for the help." She adds softly.

Armani nods her head as she pushes away from the bar, she looks to Reese "East Highness." she says as she moves briskly to the door.

Reese turns her attention to Armani, nodding in response to her words. "Thank you, Lady Armani." She says softly.

Brianna slides the barkeep an extra few coins and goes to confer with her traveling companions. "Jungles. To the --" she nods to Armani. "East. Just so." Two northern ladies going into the jungle. She glances at Volcica. "Jungle. Wonderful."

When it seems that the information is forthcoming anyway, Avita's sour expression shifts right back into that charming smile of hers -- practiced and perfect, just as one would expect from any Lycene politician. She doesn't even call Domonico out on calling -her- out for not being a sailor. Gauche. The party has what they need, they have a direction, and when it seems that everyone's about to head on out, she leans toward the gathering of sailing folk and asides, "Lady Avita Seraceni," Her voice low, her hand offered for what she can only assume is worshipful knuckle-smooches, "Do send word if you're ever in Ischia, won't you? I've always a need for strapping men that know the tides."
Whether said knuckle-smooches are given or not, she gives a wiggly-fingered wave in their direction before drawing both hands upward to put her -own- smooches on her fingertips before playfully flinging them at the crowd. She then turns, and begins to pace toward the door.

Volcica nods, holding up her flyer. "Did you know, Bri, that they might have purple-crested parrots here?" Those dark eyes are bright at the idea of getting out of the little town.

Domonico bids farewell to the sailors before regrouping with Reese and Armani. "Looks like east is the way to go. I will gather necessary supplies from Tempest for a trek and get what we don't have bought. Make sure everyone has plenty of water though."

After thoroughly speaking with those inside of the tavern, the party is ready get on the road again after picking up whatever appropriate supplies they need. They strike east from Pieros, heading into the jungle that Lord Enzio took his adventuring party. Did he find riches out there on the overgrown paths and barely tamed wilds? Or did he find ruin! This is what they're here to find out. The weather is very sticky and the path they follow initially isn't the greatest, but it's certainly travelable. The sounds of birds and insects rise up all around them as they head further, attempting to recreate the lord's path in the most reasonable eastern direction.

(ooc: perception + survival or investigation at normal for tracking)

Brianna checks perception and survival at normal. Brianna fails.

Domonico checks perception and survival at normal. Botch! Domonico catastrophically fails.

Volcica checks perception and investigation at normal. Volcica is marginally successful.

Avita checks perception and investigation at normal. Botch! Avita is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Reese checks perception and survival at normal. Reese is successful.

Armani checks perception and investigation at normal. Botch! Armani is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Reese heads with the others in a eastwardly direction. She is now rather quiet, looking about as if trying to keep a sense of their surroundings. She looks to the ground of the path, seraching for prints. She looks to the brush and foliage near them, searching for damage from people walking past and trying to gage how old any prints are and how long any plants have been disturbed, if she finds such. She searches for animal prints as well.

Volcica is so much more interested in the jungle! She's doing her best to look at as much as possible, taking in the vegetation and any wildlife that happens by.

Armani has no clue really outside of the city, she seemed to have followed Avita, because it seemed like the right thing to do. she went searching for something, hopefully they didnt find themselves in a bear trap.

Gods, look at those birds! Brianna is awestruck by the colorful parrots. And this is much different than tracking someone in the mountains near Whitehold. Birds. Amazing birds.

Avita is clearly on a course to nowhere, busying herself by marvelling in some internalised glory, smiling to herself as she follows blindly along.

The jungles are dense, there's no understating that. It's also damp, there's been rain. Other people have walked these paths since Lord Enzio and his party came through. So it's not incredibly surprising that there's some initial difficulty picking up traces of them. Volcica finds something on one of the prickly bushes that they pass, a bit of clothing that got stuck. It's not much, really. But it's something. Reese has a little more success, because when Volcica finds that bit of stray cloth, she notices some disturbances in the the ground just beyond it. Off the trail. Footprints that have not been disturbed, enough of them that it could be a party of people.

(ooc: check perception + investigation/survival at normal the electric boogaloo)

Domonico's contribution to the tracking thus far was... less than minimal which was expected as he was taking more of an interest in making sure that the Ladies are kept moving in the same direction as the rest of the group, obviously following the one who seemed to know what she was doing. "Princess Reese? Found anything yet?" he calls as he uses his spear as a staff of sorts to help him walk.

Domonico checks perception and survival at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Armani calls out "Lady Avita, did you see this flower?" she asks as she leans in to pick something brightly colored. "I wonder if there are any more?" she asks as she gets herself lost, not realizing she is lost. "I wonder if I could find an exotic pet." she says quietly as shehears Volcia she moves back onto the path and she joins the others.

Reese checks perception and survival at normal. Reese is marginally successful.

Volcica checks perception and investigation at normal. Volcica is marginally successful.

Armani checks perception and survival at normal. Armani is successful.

Avita checks perception and investigation at normal. Avita is successful.

Reese looks over to Domonico, nodding in response to his words. "Marquis Domonico, yes their prints." She says in his direction. She starts in the direction of the prints, pointing in their direction.

Volcica plucks the bit of fabric from the prickly bush, calling out to her party. There's relief when Reese sees tracks, and the shaman once again falls in to follow!

Brianna checks perception and survival at normal. Brianna fails.

Brianna really likes these birds. She shifts uncomfortably in her leathers. This is a whole new level of humid. She picks a few samples of plants and flowers to take home with her to show Caleb. "Good find," she says when Volcica and Reese find the prints. She squints I got he jungle in the direction the prints seem to be heading.

After the initial discovery of footprints and scraps of cloth, the party is able to take this much more overgrown path. It seems like Lord Enzio thought that literally chopping his own path through the jungle would be The Way To Go. As they move, they all see various things. More footprints. Spots where the vegetation was hacked by blades to bring them deeper into the jungle. Brianna is a little distracted by the birds, but that's okay. They're making forward progress. Rather abruptly, the path opens up some, dumping them into a clearing. For all that Armani and Avita were distracted before, it's the pair of them freeze first before stepping out. The tracks of Enzio's party meet something else here, more tracks. A different group. And the ground is greatly disturbed.

Reese looks over to Volcica with a brief and yet still gentle smile. She seems to be in serious mode right now. She then turns to Brianna, giving her a smile as well. The princess continues along the path of the prints. She looks over to Armani and Avita as they freeze, noticing the change in the prints.

Domonico follows the lead of the main party, his eyes sweeping the surrounding jungle for indication of any threats before he notes the disturbed ground and hmmms, "Is there any blood? Maybe a struggle or fight happened here."

Armani looks about and she smiles, she listens to the jungle and she draws a little breath looking around for traps or clues as to what happened

Armani checks perception and investigation at normal. Armani is marginally successful.

Brianna checks perception and survival at normal. Brianna fails.

Reese checks perception and survival at normal. Reese marginally fails.

Brianna frowns at the signs of a scuffle. "Shavs, you think? Or... jungle pirates?" She looks at the Lycene among them. "Are jungle pirates a thing?"

Reese glances at the ground and then lifts her gaze to Domonico. The princess seems a bit baffled though. She then turns to Brianna. "I never heard of jungle pirates, but I would so not be surprised." She says. "I am not quite sure what happened." She then says, looking to the others with hopeful expectation. Maybe one of them will understand the prints better.

Volcica pauses with the rest of the group, but for the moment it seems like she's focused on.. something else. Distracted, with brows furrowing a little.

It's kind of a mess here, something certainly happened. But it's a struggle to pick out just where anything goes. Getting around the edges of the clearing, Armani can find where the footprints pick up again. And off to the side, in the bushes? A person wearing the livery of House Rosati. Not good. But from there the trail picks up clear, distinct. Because there's no hiding this kind of disturbance and clearly the people doing the moving didn't care.

Clarification: a definitely dead person.

Armani looks about she points out to Reese and Domonico "I think I see something over there, a person on the ground of house Rosati.." she says as she guestures and leads the others that have been looking

Reese sucks in a soft breath, looking in Armani's direction and nodding. "Good eyes and this is not good. Not sure how long ago this was, but be on the alert everyone and ready to fight if need be." She then looks over to Avita. "Lady Avita, if you wish, I would be honored to help defend you if we are attacked." She says. She then turns to Armani. "Do you what direction the tracks continue in, Lady Armani?"

"How ghastly..." Avita murmurs to herself, pulling herself away from... well, herself ... long enough to observe the findings. There is a frown that tugs at the corners of her mouth as she looks over the fallen fellow, taking a step or two backward, hands clasping against her abdomen. She just stares at it, unblinking, unmoving for long moments. It's Reese's voice that finally pulls her free from that haunting reverie, a rapid blinking wetting her eyes as she refocuses on the warrior woman. "I would be most pleased to accept, my dear, I seem to be ... a little out of my depth..." That's an understatement. Her hand flicks out, letting her sleeve fall toward her hand now that the cloth is freed, bringing it to cover her mouth and nose.
"My dear cousin would be terribly put out were I to die." A moment of pause, "... but, just think about the weeping masses at my most stately funeral." It's clear the planning has just begun.

"Poor wretch," Brianna says, not getting too close. "Gods know how far they all could be by now." Getting a bit out of smell range, she says a quiet prayer to the Queen of Endings.

Reese looks over to Avita, nodding in response to her words. She seems thoughtful for the moment. "Well I certainly do not wish for your cousin or the masses to weep, Lady Avita." She says in a gentle tone and her words are followed by a smile. The smile fades as she gets a whiff of the death smell, making a face. "Oh, this was a bit ago." She adds.

Armani pales "well our job was to find the missing noble not persue who may have done it no?" she asks as she looks between the others, "what would you all like to do?"

Reese looks to Armani. "You make a good point, Lady Armani." She says in the woman's direction. "But if we find who did it, we might find him. I think we should continue to follow their prints." She says thoughtfully.

Domonico nods to Reese's summary before moving to direct the group towards the direction indicated by Reese.

Domonico nods to Reese's summary before moving to direct the group towards the direction indicated by Reese.

Volcica checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Volcica is marginally successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Volcica does not take a permanent wound.

Volcica checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Volcica is marginally successful.

Volcica remains capable of fighting.

While the party discusses their next move, the man continues to remain there on the ground. As one would expect! Volcica seems to be a little distracted, but fine as they investigate the deceased. Until very suddenly, she's not. She looks desperately, horrible ill. It's abrupt and seems to come from no where. Like a rock, she drops down to her knees.

When Volcica drops, Brianna drops down into a crouch to see what's wrong. "Cica? Hon?" She hands her a water skin, looking around to see if there might be something else going on.

Reese seems shocked by Volcia suddenly dropping and a soft gasp escapes from her lips. She looks pale and reaches for her silvery pink sword, drawing the weapon. The princess leaves the Grayson sword undrawn. Looking to where Avita is, she takes a step in her direction even while studying the area.

Reese wields Devotion, a silvery pink alaricite short sword.

Domonico wields Raptor's Reach, a rubicund-tipped cornel-shafted Dory spear.

"Oh dear," Avita offers her most helpful insight, "You don't look so good, darling. Can I get you a refreshment?" What is this, a dinner party? Come on now, Avita. "Someone?" She turns about to look toward those that had been carrying supplies, "Some water, mm? Perhaps some fruit juice? I'm certain I've got something that could make it more interesting..." She begins patting herself even as Reese is approaching, stuffing her hands into small pouches and pockets that dot her apparrel. "Around here somewhere. Are you a rum or wine woman?"

Armani looks over between those that are gathered around, her eyes move to Avita hopefully, "are you a healer?" she asks then Avita speaks and she shakes her head nope, not a healer.. She herself looks lost as to what to do for the other Lady

Domonico notes Volcica's sudden drop in pain and immediately sweeps his gaze around the jungle, searching for any hostiles as he hefts his rubicund tipped spear up. "Is she alright?" he asks tersely.

Reese looks over to Avita and her blue eyes widen for a moment. "Lady...." She says in her direction. "Be on alert. No drinks now." She murmurs. She looks over to Volcica with concern. "I don't think we have a healer wrong, unless I a wrong. I hope I am wrong." She says.

Cristoph has called for a check of perception at normal.
Domonico is marginally successful.
Reese is marginally successful.
Armani marginally fails.
TIE: Avita fails. Brianna fails.

"Mm?" Avita looks toward Armani, then down at herself, and up again with a quirked brow. "Er, no, my dear, I can't say that I am. But, if you've matters of diplomacy that require attention, or a strapping young sailor you'd like to get out of your hair for a time, I can shine like the guiding star I am." Provided she doesn't have to use sailing terms, and so long as Domonico doesn't cramp her style out of nowhere. She offers her most winning smile, but then remembers that there's something amiss and redirects her attentions back to the dire scene unfolding.
"I'm concerned, truly I am," I mean, just look at her. Backing away. Concernedly. "But, short of the finest rum you have ever had, I've very little to offer."

Armani looks as if she was trying not to loose paitence as she looks to Avita, "perhaps you should help her back to the Inn?" she asks hopefully.

For the moment, Volcica is conscious but considerably out of it. She seems to be /very/ ill and holding back on being physically sick right in the middle of the clearing. She doesn't take any drink right now. Meanwhile, this has caused a bit of a stir in the jungle. Namely that the group's attention has focused. There's the sound of people approaching, quite a few few of them. It's Domonico and Reese that catch those whispers with enough time to give out some warning to be aware.

Reese has her silvery blade drawn. She takes a step in front of Avita is able to do so. She then looks over to Domonico. "Guard Volcica?" She says to him. "Incoming.." She says to the others.

The Seraceni Lady can't help but pull a bit of a face at that suggestion, giving the very ill Volcica a sidelong glance, her fingers coiling in abject horror as her hands are pulled toward her chest in uneasy fists. She looks like she might cry. Avita's nostrils flare as she takes in a quick, sharp breath ... and immediately regrets it. "These are new shoes..." She whines, under her breath, amber eyes glistening with defeated dread. "Oh, very well, for the good of--"
Reese steps in front of her, and Avita appears rather taken aback. She shouldn't. Reese has said she'd be protecting her if something happened. ... wait. "Is something happening?!" Why is she even here?

"'Ware the jungle!" he calls out and barks orders for his crewmembers to draw blades and protect the flank of the party while he moves closer to Volcica, spear raised defensively as his eyes search for danger.

Armani wields a naval cutlass balanced for throwing.

When she heard Reese say that word, Brianna is up, axe in hand. "What direction?" she asks the princess, her head on a swivel. "Get down," she hisses to the unarmed and unarmored Avita.

Armani shifts her own blade out and she moves to stand beside Domonico, the other navel commander has the Gilded one moving up along side him. She crouches a moment as she looks around hoping to see what might be coming their way.

Avita shall dive for the bushes, and then make her noodly-armed attempts at dragging Volcica in with her whilst the more, uh, 'able' of people actually set about doing something useful. Apparently she didn't need any more encouragement than Reese has provided.

Reese looks to Brianna and then points in the direction the sounds are coming from. Rather than drawing closer to the source, she seems to be getting ready to take a stand here. She looks to Avita as she drags Volcica toward the bushes, nodding in approval. "Lets form up together in frotn of the bushes." She says to the others.

Brianna wields wicked wildfires one-handed waraxe with deer hide wrapped handle.

The danger comes when a group of armed warriors breaks through the brush in various directions, surrounding the little scouting party. There's a pair of archers that train their bows on the group and the others are using a variety of melee weapons. "House Ulral claims you!" one of the warriors calls out. "Seize them!" They don't look friendly, they look like the type of people that would kill a man and leave his body rotting in the brush. They rush into the clearing, aiming to grab and subdue members of the party. Several attempt to descend upon Avita and Volcica as the one tries to maneuver the other.

Brianna checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Brianna marginally fails.

Reese checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Reese fails.

Armani checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Armani marginally fails.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

".. I'm sorry," Volcica manages, weakly following Avita. "I thought I could talk.." She's whispering, settling down in the bush. Not very helpful, or informative.

Reese looks to the gathered warriors, her cheeks still pale and her expression troubled. She tries to stand in front of the bushes and she tries to protect Avita and Volica. She does her best anyway, but the princess seems unsettled and to be struggling at the moment. "We are not going anywhere. I am the Sword of Grayson, surrender and stand now. This is your only warning."

Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Domonico is successful.

Reese checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Reese marginally fails.

"I'm not sword of anything, but I can guaran-fucking-tee that I will ruin your day," Brianna growls as she clashes with her attacker.

Brianna checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Brianna is successful.

"Not at all, my dear, not at all." Avita speaks to Volcica, hushing her in her attempts to keep her close and guarded. She has no earthly idea what the other woman is talking about, but she does know that the less talking there is, the better things will be. Of course, that will be something conveniently forgotten as soon as this is over and she is, once again, able to regale the masses with tales of her greatness.

Armani checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Armani is marginally successful.

Domonico stands his ground as he moves between the attackers and the non combatants, Raptor's Reach jabbing out to stab at his attacker, with a well timed thrust. He doesn't bother exchanging words with them however as he concentrates on the battle.

Volcica checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Volcica fails.

Avita checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Avita is marginally successful.

Domonico checks command and leadership at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Reese, Domonico and Armani are engaged in the fight, to varying degrees of success. They're a bit outnumbered at the moment, which is troubling. But for now they're holding steady and largely avoiding injury. Unfortunately, Avita and Volcica over in the bushes seem like maybe they might be easy to grab if the can. The shav that reaches for Avita is unsuccessful at dragging her away from Volcica. But the other woman? She grabs the Stahlben from the bushes and starts hauling her out. Bodily. "FOR DOMINUS ULRAL! HOUSE ULRAL WILL RISE."

Brianna checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Botch! Brianna catastrophically fails.

Armani calls right back her eyes on fire, a new hope eatched into her eyes ""The Ulral will never get what they want, no matter how hard they try." Wasnt it that she has asked about earlier? Funny that - she brandishes her weapon to hopefully help fend off the attack

Armani checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Armani fails.

Reese checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Reese is marginally successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Domonico is marginally successful.

Domonico checks command and war at normal. Domonico is successful.

"Volcica!" Brianna tries to put herself between the shaman and her attacker. She trips over some roots and lands on top of them both. "Fuuuuuuck!"

"..Ulral.. Kal'kul'raja--" Volcica mutters, cutting off abruptly as shes grabbed and dragged. She's weak, sick, but she flails at her would-be captor.

Avita checks charm and diplomacy at daunting. Avita is marginally successful.

Armani checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Armani fails.

Reese checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Reese is marginally successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Domonico is successful.

Brianna checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Brianna is marginally successful.

"Oh!" The sound from the bushes is a startled one as hands come grabbing at Avita. What began as fright has become righteous indignation in but a moment's passing. "How -dare- you!" Touching the goods without so much as buying her a drink is apparently where the line is drawn. Killing people? It happens. But -this-?
No, ma'am.
She's about to continue when Volcica is grabbed instead, and she reaches in desperation to no avail in an attempt to halt their claim. "Wait!" She calls, shuffling quickly to her feet, new shoes irreparably ruined by this godsforsaken mucky little jungle. "Come, there are grander things which can be offered, aren't there? A tale you clearly wish told! I can be your voice, I can spread your word, if you would but unhand my companion and put down your weapons! Surely you can see worth beyond a single body in this, the worth in a cessation of conflict ... in the lives of your own comrades?"

The sound of swords ring out across the clearing. There's the sound of arrows from the two archers, most aren't hitting. But one does strike Armani straight in the shoulder. Domonico's call to his soldiers sounds true, their momentary surprise at what's transpiring shaking off finally. They commit themselves more fully to the combat, making it, easier, hopefully to press forward and get themselves out of this situation. Meanwhile, something surprising happens by the bushes. The woman has Volcica thrown over her shoulder and she seems intent on EXITING this area complete, crossing the combatants and disappearing down the path they didn't get the change to explore. Instead, she pauses, hearing Avita's words. She's halted right there, listening. For now.

Domonico directs his soldiers to secure a flank properly as a group, narrowing down the area that the others need to focus on. With a well practiced move, the Magnotta Count flicks the blade of his attacker out of the way with his spear and then thrusts forward into their throat. Crisp, clean kill.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Domonico is marginally successful.

Brianna is back on her feet, tangling frustratedly with her opponent. She roars, twisting and trying to get the upper hand.

Reese has her silvery pink blade lifted and is busy fighting. She still seems pretty concerned, all pale cheeked and worried. She listens to Avita's words and feels encouraged though. She looks impressed too. Reese doesn't have time to comment though. She then turns her attention to the man with Volica. She keeps fighting on.

Reese checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Critical Success! Reese is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Avita checks charm and diplomacy at daunting. Avita is marginally successful.

Volcica tries to twist and flail, pushing and beating ineffectually at her captor.

Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Critical Success! Domonico is spectacularly successful.

Reese checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Reese is marginally successful.

Cristoph has called for a check of dexterity and medium wpn at easy.
Brianna is successful.

Cristoph has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at normal.
Brianna is marginally successful.

Even Avita is vaguely surprised by the fact that the woman stops. For a moment, she's actually shocked into silence. It's beautiful, if brief.
"Certainly, we could fight until the very last of us lay bleeding here in the mud, with nothing solved and hope all but lost. You have a cause, do you not?" She questions, hands idly picking at leaves and twigs that have stuck themselves to her clothing, flicking them aside. "You wish something for your people." She nods shallowly, "That is a noble thing, but your methods lack refinement." She continues, "We all wish to be heard, so... please." Her brows rise, her genuine plea stretching on as she tries desperately to keep her, and in turn Volcica, here with her.
"... Let me hear you."
Her eyes flick toward Reese, and then back again, waiting for the next strike.

At this point in the battle, about half of the enemy are still standing but several others are laying on the ground, bleeding out. "We'll take you! Like we took the Lycene!" One of them calls out. Meanwhile, inexplicably and rather surprisingly, the woman that Avita is talking to, continues to stand there. "We wish to see the Compact unite around House Ulral!" She begins and this begins to descend into some rather impressive ranting, most of which revolves around capturing them all as slaves to sell to the Eurusi. And possibly gives Avita a clue as to what happened to Lord Enzio.

Cristoph has called for a check of dexterity and medium wpn at normal.
TIE: Brianna is successful. Domonico is successful.
Reese is successful.

Cristoph has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at normal.
Brianna is successful.
Domonico is marginally successful.
Reese is marginally successful.

Reese seems to have recovered from being all unsettled. The princess is starting to fight with great skill and grace. She knocks out another one of the attactors. She is bleeding just a little from a very minor wound, but appears to be okay. Reese is a much more hopeful warrior princess. Avita's words seem to have encouraged her.

The attacker striking at Dom looks surprised at how the Magnotta Count seems to effortlessly sidestep their thrust and then has a flash of pain as the hard wood shaft of Raptor's Reach smashes across their temple, knocking them cold in a single strike.

Apparently the twisting and flailing and being carried around has finallu caught up with poor, sick Volcica. She can no longer keep the contents of her stomach inside her, and vomits.

Now Brianna's found her stride. She stomps on the instep of her opponent, throwing him off balance just enough to open him up for a devastating blow to the neck. She pushes him aside, heading for the person trying to steal Volcica.

Brianna checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Brianna is successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Critical Success! Domonico is spectacularly successful.

Reese checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Reese is marginally successful.

Reese makes one last attack against one of the remaning archers, rendering a wound that is not deadly. She did intend to kill the archer and anyone watching her closely would realize that most likely. That being said she looks over the wounded foe and hmms softly. "Lets keep this one for questioning." She says. She doesn't swing again.

Reese looks to the bleeding archer and then to Avita. "Want to ask the questions?" She asks of the lady. "I bet he knows where the groom is." She keeps her bloody sword drawn for effect. To help encourage him to speak.

An arrow thuds into the ground nearby and Domonico's head snaps around to spot the archer, frantically trying to nock another arrow. It was not to be however as with a grunt of effort and a heft of Raptor's Reach, the Count hurls the spear at them. It strikes true... and hard, the rubicund tip penetrating their chest and pitching them off of their feet, impaling them against the tree behind them and leaving them hanging there... quite, quite dead. He looks to his companions and nods once.

Reese then peeks over to Domonico, seemingly very impressed. "Marquis, you are an amazing warrior. I knew that, but still I am impressed." She says before looking over to Volcica her concern lingering. "I am impressed as well Lady Avita your voice can stop a captor in her tracks, literally."

Volcica crumples to the ground as the lady holding her dies! She coughs, slowly picking herself back up.

There's a jarred jerk to Avita as the rambling of the captor is suddenly ceased, her muscles visibly tensing, eyes squinting to near shutting without fully blocking the newly leveled carnage, a spattering of blood painting a bold arc across her pale face. She just stands there, a hard swallow given as she collects her nerve. It's no simple task. This has all been very, uh, exciting.
Yeah. We'll go with that.
Her nose crinkles at the wafting aroma of Volcica's lost lunch so near to her, another hard swallow doing everything it can to stop her from adding to the buffet nobody ever wanted. She turns her head toward Reese at her question, giving a shallow nod of her head. "I can certainly try. There is yet hope that they have kept others alive. They were attempting to take a hostage," She directs toward Volcica, shifting her attentions now to the half-dead fellow that's been left for questioning. "I would wager it wasn't the first time they took someone alive." She starts on a ragged pace toward the man, her gait easy, though her thoughts are anything but. Still, appearances are everything, and she can put on a half-decent show when pressed.

Reese looks to Avita. "Very good point. The groom might still be alive." She murmurs softly. She looks over to Volica. "I think we can carry her back if we need to." She adds.

Avita checks charm and diplomacy at easy. Avita is successful.

The foe that Reese took down and left alive (for the moment), lays bleeding on the forest floor. He's quietly muttering about his house, his dead comrades scattered in the clearing around them.

Reese seems thoughtful. "We want to know where the groom is and if he is still alive of course, but we also want to what this house Ural? Is that what they said? What that is and who they are associated with." She says softly to Avita.

Domonico leaves the impaled archer hanging there for a the time being before he moves to try and help the injured with his rudimentary medical skills.

"Your fellows have fallen," Avita begins in her approach, her demeanor casually shifting to something more severe, an intensity in her heated gaze that demands the attention of the bleeding man. "Still you hold. A noble man, with a cause that I do not understand. If you would help me, perhaps I would help you... but, before I can, you have one of ours, and I need him returned. Your House, your ideals, your plight ... if you do not aid us, it could well die here." Her brows lift, "With you."
It's a threat, certainly, and the veiling is terribly thin, but the tone of her voice is a careful, cloying thing. "Tell us where you are keeping the Lycene, and then... once he is in our keeping, you can tell us what you wish the world to hear." She nods her head toward Reese, but never turns her attentions from the man she now questions.

Reese listens looks to Avita and the injured archer. She still has the pink blade drawn. While the blade is adorned with a hugging Griffin and Dragon, roses and hearts, it is also coated with blood right now. Some of the blood is this archer's. She stands there, trying to keep the man aware of her presence.

The man is barely clinging onto life, with blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth. The idea that his house might fall and disappear, that all they fought for could be lost, weighs heavily on him. He blinks owlishly up at Avita, then beyond her, to his dead friends. "West of here. Not far, follow the path. All alive. We kept them-- kept them to sell to the Eurusi. For slaves. To fulfill the prophecy. We must... we must.. our destiny. To lead the Comp--" he takes another shuddering breath, his eyes fluttering. He begins to caught up more blood and then he's still again."

Reese listens to the man's words eagerly and tensely as trying to process every piece of information. When the man coughs up more blood and then falls still, she sighs. "Is he dead?" She asks in the cold voice of a princess who has killed many. She is likely more concerned about the information than his life. "I guess we head west." She then adds.

Volcica looks over to the archer, watching as he speaks about a prophecy. After a moment, she pipes up. "..What prophecy?"

Domonico checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Domonico fails.

Domonico checks 'recovery treatment' at hard. Domonico fails.

Domonico hmms as he looks off at the direction indicated, "Sell to the Eurusi? Hmmm... we might be able to prevent this and maybe even intercept some of their forces. Gather everything up for now and prepare to move out."

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