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My Kingdom for a Hero!

Word spreads throughout Arx that Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa has been kidnapped during the cover of shadows by a dastardly pirate crew named Filthy Acts done for Discounted Prices! The horrors! The call has been put forth to any within the Compact who wish to attempt to save the Archduchess before she is fed to some small creatures. Social and Military minds alike are encouraged to try.

(This is a competitive obstacle course! There will be paths for both social, mental, and physical orientated characters to participate so dont worry you might not have the skills)


March 9, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Deva Teague Lenard Cerelia Merek Martino Drake Sorrel Thea Reagan



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log


What a curiously fun event that might be, a Kingdom for a Hero.

Especially with news that our dear Archduchess is under threat? Oh we Lycene have to step up and show our best to save her.

A large boat looms in the center of the tournament grounds, the prop surrounded by a moat of icy water and further obstacles that are between the participants and the Archduchess a top a crow's nest above the arena. Each person who wishes to try their hand in saving Jaenelle are encouraged to line up so the first task is able to be read. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my little course" Jaenelle announces from her perch. If you wish to particpate, please let the judges know!"

Deva showed up early to get a good front row seat to watch from. She's probably been pregaming given the drink in her hand. As Jaenelle begins the introductions to her event, she applauds and whistles a few times to get a good hype going in the gathered crowd.

Teague walks in slowly dressed in his armor, his hand is resting on the center of his belt besides his longsword and that ax, as he moves forward now swiftly. His eyes studying the course, as he nods towards the woman of the crow's nest."I wish to challanege!" His voice is booms out of his massive frame, as his grin is loopside with the idea of so much fun, as he strides forward now to join the line with a fist high in the air."House Charon, will show you what we are made of!"

Lenard walks up with a smile, waving to the audience as he approaches. "I, Prince Lenard Valardin, will do my best to be the hero you need." He announces himself, clearly entertained by the prospect of this challenge.

an immaculately dressed assistant named Johannes, a slightly embarrassed courier called Guido, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker arrive, following Martino.

Cerelia steps inside and looks around at the others in attendance. She looks to judges. "I don't know how well, but I'll participate." She gives them her name. "Cerelia Pontelaeus."

Merek walks along and into the place, while he takes a moment to adjust the scarf which he wears as well as the belt about his waist. The man nods while he finds a place to settle in, and relax waiting for things to begin, seeming like he will participate.

A murmur of excitement goes through the crowd as a duelist from the Champions Guild enters the Tournament Grounds.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Stepping smoothly into the grounds, fingertips fussily adjusting his shoulder sash over the pleated doublet, the Lord Martino crosses the floor. Angling his chin down to the icy waters, mmming to himself, his chin angles to the judges before bowing slight, "Lord Martino Malvici and here to save the Archduchess."

From her position, Jaenelle watches those who enter begin to move forward as the judges take their names to write them on the ledger. "Lord Teague Charon, to compete!" is called out, followed by, "Prince Lenard Valardin, to compete!" It seems as when names are written their intentions are being shared with those watching. "Mistress Cerelia Pontelaeus, to compete! Sir Merek Black, to compete" the judge states after Merek gives a nod. "Lord Martino Malvici, to compete!"

Calluna, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Drake.

Drake has joined the General Seating.

Teague throws his arm up as he looks at Janelle."You will be well saved with this group." His hand motions to the others, as his head is thrown back as he howls out with mirth. His braids is moving quickly, as he looks around at the others."Let's have fun, and pushes ourselves. I'm looking forward to this." His right hand is coming up to thump on his chest in a battle cry.

Drake heard about a heroism competition, and he wanted to be there.... so he came as soon as he could get free of other house duties and participate. So far, it looks like things are set up well... and being in a bit of a rush to make sure he's not late for signups, Drake arrives, nearly forgetting about the Highhill dog that's followed at his heels. He's got his dragon cloak on against the cold, and also because, at least he thinks, it does strike a fairly heroic figure.

The judge points towards Drake as he enters and approaches, announcing loudly, "Lord Drake Wyvernheart, to compete! We shall begin in two minutes if there are no others who wish to join."

Drake has left the General Seating.

Task One:

Each contestant is faced with a lonely guard standing on the shore, his job is to make sure no one gets too close to the docks where the smaller boats are held that the pirates use to move between land and where their large boat is anchored off the coast. Choose your path:

Option One: Sneaky-Sneaky

BE THE SHADOWS! If they can't see you, they can't stop you. Find a way around the guard without being observed to gain access to the dock behind them. Avoid left out ropes, creaky wooden planks, making stomach noises because you forgot to eat before you left the house.

@oldcheck dexterity + stealth at 20

Option Two: Sweet talker, you.

You know you shouldn't be there, but you don't care and walk around like you own the place. Now you just have to convince the guard that you own the place too. With honeyed words, manipulate the situation in your favor. Once the guard totally agrees with whatever you say, you now have access to the docks.

@oldcheck charm + Manipulation at 20

Option Three: Help me, help you!

You have a way about you. You know the ins and outs of the most obscure law or treaty or agreement made 45 years ago between two people in a back alley that was written on a sheet of paper tucked into a trunk and only discovered three days ago because a bird found it and brought it home to make into nest material. You are quick thinking, you are capable. Find a way past the guard.

@oldcheck wits + law at 20

Lenard checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Teague checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Cerelia checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Martino checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 44 higher.

Teague moves forward with a look around as he gets down low to the ground, starting to move behind the guard. His massive body seems to somehow blend into the shadows, as he is moving without a sound. His hand resting on the ax, as his fingers start to trace along the wooden of the ax shaft.

Sorrel comes to watch to see how the efforts to 'rescue' Jaenelle go, grinning a bit as she sticks her hands in her pockets and moves to where she can watch the grounds fairly well.

Drake checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

Crinkling the corners of his eyes to the fellow participants, Martino's dipping his chin to each before mulling over the place. Fingertips drawing over his chin, the faint growth touching over his ungloved hand, before stepping towards the guard, "Oh good guard. I see this is /where/ I left one of the boats. See I paid a good fellow, a good Messere, to settle it somewhere and well..." Flickering his wrist out towards one boat Martino is adding, "There it is. The Watery Treat."

"A hero always arrives when he means to," says Drake, who was almost late and is trying to spin it as a good thing. (He looks relieved.)

Now comes the first challenge... and there's a few ways he could get past this. Technically he could bluff. He's done that before. But Drake fancies his chances at stealth... which has availed him in past adventures. Not many people know he knows how to sneak (but, that's how sneaking works, isn't it?). Though he initially takes the attention of the audience when he enters the arena... he's soon blending in quietly and not drawing much attention at all.

Lenard isn't inclined to manipulate people, is not too well-versed on law, and so stealth it is. He's got the physique to be decent at it, but the skill is lacking, and so he has several close calls despite being very careful not to get seen, but eventually he manages his way past.

Cerelia is obviously not stealthy as the bridge creek with nearly every step. She stops with a sigh, and tries to go slower while she steps over obstacles.

"That boat?" The guard asks Martino, looking over his shoulder and then back to the Lord. "I've just got here" the guard answers next in answer to whether the boat was infact left here and for what purpose. "Hey, Bill" he calls out to the guard that is meant to be guarding the area where Drake has been instructed to go, "come here! I have someone who says there was a boat left for him, know anything about that?" And off goes Drake's guard to deal with Martino's to solve the issue, leaving the area unguarded for Drake to simply move without fear of being seen.

Teague's guard remains where he is but turns his attention towards the first two to help, allowing the large man to slip by unnoticed. The guards before Lenard and Cerelia's areas are a little less distracted, but never the less allow both to slip past. Literally. Lenard manages to find a patch of ice on the wooden dock and slips, though unhurt, and Cerelia all but stomps by without care for quiet, all but demanding the guard to say anything! All in all, everyone gets through, some a little better off.

Now that each contestant has managed to make it past the guard, which will be in so much trouble once people find out they failed and people WILL find out they failed, they've reached the pier where the small row boats are held. There are many like this boat, but this one is yours.

Task Two:

Travel across the icy moat in your small boat without drowning first.

Option One: Boat? What boat?!

The water isn't that cold. You can handle it for a few moments, really. You have taken the less dry method by leaving the boat there and swimming for the perfectly placed rope ladder hanging from the side of the ship. You are strong, you can make it and the boat will only hold you back. Though...if you get in the boat and use your arms like oars that is kinda like swimming too? However you make it there, its quite physical.

@oldcheck stamina + athletics at 20

Option Two: I have people for this.

Perhaps you convinced the guard that you really belong here. Perhaps you spot someone coming back from the ship or heading towards it. The one thing you do know for certain is you are not rowing this boat out to the ship. In your best "I am the boss here" voice, you begin to convince another to escort you over to the ship, doing all the work for you.

@oldcheck command + leadership at 20

Option Three: Plan B

You reach the end of the pier. You see the boats lined up. You see the large ship in the center and understand that is where you have to go. You also see the hidden walkway leading to the ship from the other end of the moat. You've decided to avoid the water altogether and walk around instead.

@oldcheck perception + investigation at 20

Drake checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Cerelia checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Martino checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 58 higher.

Teague checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 53 higher.

Teague stares down at the end of the dock as his body is ready now, as he grins like a wolf. Leaping forward now in his leather armor, moving quickly into the iced water. His massive body is built for such tasks, as he starts to paddle with a wild force trying to be the first over there, his eyes staring towards the target.

Being good at swimming, Drake doesn't really consider for a moment there might be some other way to get there. The only thing holding him back is the cloak - it does look heroic but it tends to take on a bit of water. If not for that he'd probably get there faster, but, it's just as well. He's at the side of the boat successfully in due time. Still relatively stealthful in his approach.

Lenard checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Flickering a smile to himself, Martino's head is dipping to the guards before turning to lead himself further in, "Oh don't worry I can see it. We'll arrange it to be sent elsewhere, just left my coins on board." Walking further over the docks, to the end of the pier, there a deep inhale follows as a hidden walkway is spotted, "Oh good. These are /far/ too good to get wet." Reaching up to adjust his wreath over his hair while leading down the staircase to avoid the water.

Cerelia looks to the guard with a confident smile. She looks around at the ship. "This ship is where I'm supposed to be." She tells the guard a convincing story about working on the ship.

After recovering from that slip, Lenard looks at his next problem. He could swim or row, but he spots someone else and instructs with the ease and confidence of a natural leader, "Take me to the ship." His tone brooks no disobedience, his posture is that of someone who has no doubt he has every right to be here and make that demand.

Kane arrives, following Reagan.

Merek checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Subtly placed towels have been lined up along the deck for those who decided to swim across the water, giving the dripping a means to dry themselves. Jaenelle does not want people to come down with anything and die in the process of saving her, people would be appalled. Martino is left to his own as he moves away from the boats and around the path, allowing the guards to go about their business since he is no longer an issue. As Martino finds the path, so does Merek, and the pair sneak around the water.

Cerelia and Lenard reach the end of the pier at around the same time, and those working to tie the boats to the area lift their attention. The guards let them through, so clearly they belong. Both are rewarded with snappy salutes as the deck hands stand at attention. They both sound as if they have every authority to get a ride to the ship and therefore a boat is supplied to each and off they go. Perhaps not as fast as Martino's walk or Teague's dip, they make it to the other side without issues and find themselves with the rest on the deck of the large ship.

Merek looks to the guard and begins to sneak along him, while he takes the time to work his way along. What can he do about the boat, well he will walk around, he doesn't feel like swimming at the moment. All the same he takes the time to make a way along the task. He's not as skillful as some, still he's not exactly failing the task.

You've made it to the ship however you've managed to do so and face your next challenge. There is an intricate lock at the base of the crow's nest, the last thing standing between you and saving the poor Archduchess who watches on with a mixture of emotions as to what has occurred thus far in the adventure. Some people's children.

Task Three:

Find a solution to your lock problem by any means necessary.

Option One: Bash it

You have found you really don't have time to figure out the tricky lock system. Someone's life is in danger and you need to save her this instant, lock be damned!

@oldcheck strength + Weapon skill of choice at 20

Option Two: Solve it

You have seen this before, you know how to solve it. It might take a few minutes but without any interruptions you should be able to unlock it in no time, no human sacrifices or odd dance moves needed.

@oldcheck Intellect + legerdemain at 20

Option Three: Negotiate it

This lock did not put itself here, and someone on this ship knows how to unlock it. You'd rather not ruin any future alliances between the pirates and the Compact so you've decided to go a more soothing route. You discuss what is needed to get the lock removed and the Archduchess returned, you come to terms that are good for both parties, and all seem good!

@oldcheck Composure + Diplomacy at 20

Teague checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Lenard checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Martino checked composure + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Cerelia checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 53 higher. Cerelia rolled a critical!

Drake checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Teague climbs up quickly now as he starts to move forward, as he pulls himself upwards on the rope ladder, as he leaps down now looking around the boat. Trying to gauge his next move to rescue Jaenelle, from the evil pirates. His hand is moving towards his ax, as he flips it over his training wrap still on the blade, as he moves forward now keeping low to the ground with a wide smile. His hand is brings that ax forward to bash into the lock with a wicked chuckle, as he strides forward no long using his gift of stealth, it is time to rumble on the boat.

Merek checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Merek looks to the door, and while he seems to think about it, he takes up what looks like an axe which he keeps with him, then he swings that into the door, beginning to take it down with his pure willpower which is put into the hands. Wait, was he supposed to only take out the lock? He takes out the whole door.

After making it across, and spotting the lock, Lenard draws his sword and puts it into the lock with force, twisting the blade after destroying the mechanism to open the door. Who needs lockpicks when you have a sword.

Drake does avail himself of a towel, but... not for too long. Most leather will allow the water to fall off after a fashion. This is purely for the stands. The next obstacle is a lock, and... well. Drake would rather not resort to 'violence' in a friendly competition but he's honestly not that bright about picking locks. So he - like many others - goes for the brute force approach with his rubicund blade.

Cerelia is in a hurry. She doesn't hesitate. She takes her sword and manages to hit the lock in just the right spot to break it in one hit. She quickly moves to the get the door open.

Martino inhales slightly, stepping to the base of the crow's nest with a light hum. Angling his eyes up towards it, "Well there is our fine Archduchess it seems." Turning his attention for a fleeting moment to the lock, there is a low nod before making his distance from it, the door and the others to find a pirate or member of staff, "Excuse me... ah you there. There seems to be a lock on the door and, well, it would be lovely for it to be unlocked. See the Archduchess is - very - valuable and the last person who sort of... annoyed House Velenosa had a lot of wine." Leaning slightly closer, Martino's voice drops dramatically quiet, "Too much wine. If you catch my meaning. Mm?"

Jaenelle offers a wiggle of her fingers towards Martino, laughing at his words. Fun times. Her attention shifts after one of the pirates unlocks the lock for the Lycene Lord to those who have taken a more direct approach to the situation. One after the other pulls out their weapons and in no time the other locks are incapacitated and the participants are free to move about once more in their task to save Jaenelle. "Mistress Cerelia," the Archduchess calls out, "next time I wander away from the city, I might take you for protection!" The lock in particular does not seem to be getting fixed any time soon.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

The crow's nest has been unlocked and each particpant now has access to the ropes which lead up the mast. As they climb, reaching the Archduchess, Jaenelle looks at them with a grin as she claps for them and how far they've traveled.

"You have all done so well, though there is one more task in which you must complete. You see, I was never kidnapped. In fact, I am the Queen of the pirate crew known as the Filthy Acts done for Discounted Prices! Your last task is to convince me to come with you, and leave the life of crime behind."

@oldcheck Any stat and skill and sell your reasoning or action at 30

Use your imagination!

Teague checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Martino checked charm + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Cerelia checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Drake checked charm + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 52 higher.

Teague looks upwards at the Archduchess as he grins at her."For you have learned many skills that the compact will need, also you now have a shiney new army it seems. Come help us raid our enemys, and we will give you the best of plunder under our banners. You will, be a strong pirate queen and rule your people with an iron fist. I know! For, how long did it take you to build such a crew, now let's put them to work!" His voice is billing out of him with a powerful force, as he grins up at her his eyes twinkle with mirth.

Thea ventures onto the grounds, pausing at pirate queen? Queen of pirates. Calling out, she teases,'"Are you a distant Malvici cousin,"before making her way to watch whatever is going on.

Lenard checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Reagan is but a simple spectator today, watching the festivities and all those participating. She is quiet, back straight and hands folded in her lap as she watches.

"Well it is very simple, your highness. A duel. The winner shall follow the path of the loser, by right of excellence." The Prince offers his stance, "And if you fail to agree to this, I have no choice but to claim your life as I cannot allow you to walk free." He still has his weapon out, "Whenever you're ready."

From the audience, Sorrel calls out to Jaenelle, "Don't do it! A life at sea suits you, Archduchess! Convince them to join you and sail the seas doing mischief up and down the coasts!" And then she laughs brightly, because she's hardly part of the contest and seems to be enjoying the display.

Cerelia puts on her ship captain role as she tries to convince the Queen to join her. "Forget being a pirate, we'll still go sailing. We'll find lost treasure, save some people from ship wrecks and just enjoy the sea. It'll be great. Think of what we can do together."

"Oh my, my fair Archduchess..." Martino's fingertips are pressing into his shoulder sash, his hand spreading over his heart as he angles his torso forward, "Surely as Queen of the Crew you seek someone on the land who is there for..." Fleetingly directing his eyes from the floor, Martino's gaze settles upon Jaenelle's eyes, "Listening to your fine tales over a bottle of Rum. I have - just - the drink as well, saved for the perfect Queen."

Jaenelle checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Drake knows there's competiton in this battle of wits, too. He hears Thea call out from the corner, and laughs a bit as she shouts toward Jaenelle. But it doesn't break his stride. The rescue part was the part he looked forward to the most. Playacting or not, this is the kind of thing he always felt he was suited for. The idea that the woman would be a little dangerous... well, that's part of the appeal. "My Lady - Queen, then--"

Drake still has his sword out, as if he's about to strike her down in fact. There's a twist of his wrist as he sheathes it, and then, he puts his hand around her waist, instead. It is not to physically carry her. A drink is one thing, but Drake goes right for the gusto. He looks down at her first before looking into her eyes directly, and pulling her closely. "There are other sins a clever woman could commit with a knight."

Merek checked intellect + theology at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

"The gods will look kindly upon you if you come back," Merek mentions, nodding a bit. "Besides, they will be willing to understand, the Faith will bring understanding while we seek a new path for you!"

Thea smiles a bit at both Drake and Martino, offering them a finger wiggle. She watches with great amusement, not EXACTLY sure what is going on as she was late and all. "Is this a better sin struggle,"the Lycene asks.

Alberico, the Malespero aide arrives, following Pasquale.

Jaenelle shifts her attention towards the crowd as Sorrel urges her to bent them to her will, but she sighs heavily, all the dramatics. "Unfortunately they are correct, I must leave such a life behind and retire from piracy. My luck can only hold out so much with these shining examples the Compact has to offer."

She turns towards Drake, sighing again all dreamily, "please do share. You had me at 'Queen'." She extends her hand out to allow him to help her from the mast, and once down she offers a curtsey to all the heroic rescuers.

"While you all did a beautiful job in how you handled yourselves, and it is clear that you are all able to think on your feet, handle every situation that is thrown at you with grace and strength, I must announce the winners.

Lord Teague in third place slowed for nothing until the job was done. Someone you wish by your side if ever in doubt, a man who is capable of inspiring.

Lord Martino in second, barely. A delicate approach, one with cunning and care. Thought before you acted, spoke with authority and class. A deadly foe yet unwavering as an ally.

In first place, by a single point, Lord Drake. A man who is constant in his determination and drive, someone who is balanced in every decision and wise in his choices. Lord Drake is my hero."

Teague claps for the others as his eyes gleeming with joy, as he nods towards drake and Martino."Well done, that was fun." His voice is booms out, as he grins at everyone else for a moment, his hand is clapping now over his head, as he does a little quick jig, as he looks at the crowd as he spots Reagan now, with a wave and a red blush in his cheeks, that is quickly fades.

Avalanche, a fluffy mountain pup, Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel leave, following Deva.

"Ah alas, well played my good Lord Drake and Archduchess." Straightening himself, Martino is pulling his sash over his shoulder before turning his chin to Teangue, Cerelia and Lenard, "And well fought. We have all saved the Archduchess so there is much to celebrate." Crinkling the corners of his eyes, the Malvici Lord spots afar to Thea before tisking to her, "This Malvici knows how to get near to winning."

Drake holds on for a second longer.

Then, thus being declared the winner - by a point, and by a look he wagers - he steps back, and gives a bow to Jaenelle. And then one for the audience.

He looks at Martino, directly, with one raise of his brow. "Close competition, I will say that." Then another nod to Jaenelle. "An excellent choice of character."

Drake is overheard praising Jaenelle: It's an honor to rescue you.

Teague is overheard praising Jaenelle: A good old fashion rescue!

Cerelia claps for the winners as they are announced. "That was great. It was fun to compete with all of you." She gives another look around before she continues on her way.

Thea rolls her eyes at Martino's comment. "Im not sure what youre implying there. But well--but do better,"she teases. Looking up to Drake, the Malvici Congratulates him. "Why doesn't this surprise me?"

Martino is overheard praising Jaenelle: Pirate Queen and fine host

Now with the saving complete, and the winners announces, Jaenelle grins towards the winners, "you are rewarded a boon, within reason. Feel free to ask for a favor, within reason" she repeats, eyeing Martino especially, "when you would like. Now off my ship!"

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