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Impromptu birthday party

It's Marquis Cirroch Sanna's birthday. He's wandered off to the Traders Tavern. Party there.


March 24, 2021, 6:50 p.m.

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Calandra Patrizio Kiera Sabella Tila Carmen



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

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Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

The doors open to the tavenr and in strides the Marquis of Sanna. Coat is swiftly handed off to his assistant, shouting across the bar "Whiskey! Now! It's my birthday pub crawl. And you're up next!"

6 Grayson House Guards, Maureen, an unflappable nanny, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

"I can do nothing but agree," laughs Calandra, returning Patrizio's playful grin with one of her own. "What is family if not for teasing those closest to us? If we can't mess with them, who -can- we?" she asks of the prince, dark eyes wide and amused. "I'm quite glad too, your highness. I--" Anything she was about to say seems to be cut off at the entrance of a party. Her fingers falter in their harp playing for a beat or two, and suddenly she laughs again. She leans to murmur something to Patrizio, a smile upon her lips.

Patrizio lifts his attention at the sound coming through the door, that low chuckle from him as he's considering Cirroch coming in, and there's an amused shake of his head as he's stealing another sip. "That is the point of family - teasing and protection in equal measure, one would like to think. The kind of people who will have your back, and hand you your head now and again, but all in fun on the last." There's a faint twinkle to his eyes of amusement before he calls over, "Many happy returns, my good lord. A pub crawl, you say?"

Cirroch is at the bar, the whiskey is still being poured as they have learned that their glasses are just too small for him. Luckily he brings his own and they simply need to fill it. He'll chatter on while they take their time. Petroc is off to the side of the bar while the Sanna guards have taken a table and enjoying a moment of not having to play catch the Marquis as he dashes off to another tavern. Yelling back to Patrizio, "Prince Patrizio! My friend and teacher that you're also a dashing head of hair that can hold a sword!" Cirroch might have had a few to drink already, "A pub crawl for another cycle of my years this side of the dream!"

Harp aside for a moment, Calandra takes an opportunity to order a glass of red wine -- which is certainly a choice, when you're wearing pristine aeterna. "Marquis Sanna, congratulations on your birthday. May it be an evening full of warmth and joy for you," she murmurs, pressing a hand to her heart as she bows her head. "Whisper Calandra," she adds in a brief but smooth introduction, her smile radiant and effortless. "What are the other destinations on your list, I wonder?"

Kiera walks into the tavern at quick pace, having received some kind of notice that it was her friends birthday, at the very last minute so that of course no proper gift can bprepared or procured but she greets her friend wwarmly the most happy of birthdays, my friend

Patrizio laughs quietly as he's taking a sip from his significantly smaller cup, though there's no lack of amusement on the prince's features when he's considering that greeting from Cirroch. "Then it's a great occasion indeed - I've done more than my fair share of them about Arx, since I arrived." Not something perhaps for him to brag about, but there's the note of being self-pleased at having made his way about here and there. To Calandra, he smiles approvingly at the order, even as he's contemplating the others who're pouring in.

"Cousin-Marquis, I heard it is your birthday!" Princess Sabella's cheerful voice fills the tavern as she spots Cirroch. "I cannot stay long, but a party is exactly where I would like to be. For at least a short while." She smiles brightly as she approaches the bar and orders a white wine.

Cirroch puts his right hand to his heart and nods to Calandra, "Marquis Cirroch Sanna of Giant's Reach. It is a pleasure to meet you Whisper Calandra." He turns when Kiera enters, "Lady Kiera!" The little of whiskey that has made it into the goats horn is grabbed at, pulling the horn away from mid pour. The bartender appears strong in their determination to keep pouring the whiskey as to not spill any, finishing right as Cirroch is about to walk off with the horn. "Cousin Sabella!" He's taking a long sip from the goats horn, then wiping his chin a little with the back of his tunic sleeve. "It's good to see you both!"

There's a thoughtful pursing of Calandra's lips as she watches Cirroch, head tilting to the side and dusting dark curls past a shoulder. It seems she is going to enjoy her wine for the moment rather than play, and she watches the new faces entering with a keen eye. Her expression remains friendly with a smile on her lips, in the fashion one would expect of any Celebrated Whisper. Her glass is lifted toward Patrizio as she shares a few words, and that already refined posture straightens a fraction more.

Patrizio tips his cup briefly to the others coming in, even as he's settled where he'd been, the quiet conversation near the fire with Calandra as a counterpoint to the more boisterous Marquis as he's ushering in others to celebrate as well. Not that the prince's smile has dimmed one watt, however, and he's contemplating the matter. "You've been blessed with a great many joys of late, my lord," he says with warmth to Cirroch,even as he's nodding warmly to Sabella as well in greeting. "A blessing, so many riches to draw joy from."

Tila enters the tavern, her face aglow with excitement as she drops a curtsy before going to Cirroch. "Happy birthday, Brother!" She gives him a careful hug, making sure to not spill his drink. She settles back beind him, smiling at the guests.

Kiera opts to order a hot cider but as her friend has reason she does not sit but moves to geet the others in the establishment "A pleasure to see yo again Princess Sabella and then she turns a widesmile on Patrizio "we seem to have developed a pleasant habit of running into each other and then to his female companion with curtsey 'I don't believe we've met I'm lady kiera wyvernheart. That's a lovely instrument. I suppose it would be an impossible challenge to coax a nothern reel from a harp

Calandra checks composure and performance at easy. Calandra is successful.

"Tila!" Cirroch is not paying any attention to the concept of /protocol/ or what he was once told to be how to a proper Marquis is to behave in public. He's not sloppy drunk, just happy drunk. Though for the Marquis this is a fine line. Recieving a hug from his sister he turns back to Patrizio, "Yes, many blessings, with soon some fun! We just need to find a charity, otherwise it'll appear that we're simply offering to launch people." He turns back to Tila with a broad smile, "I've secured a location, and was suggested a netting rig akind to what is used to catch fish."

With a pointed smile for Patrizio, Calandra takes one more sip of wine before setting it aside to exchange it for her harp. "Lady Kiera, a pleasure. Whisper Calandra. I'd be happy to indulge as long as you promise to dance." With a twinkle in her eye, she then begins to play as much of a northern romp as she can muster on a harp. Not the usual instrument. She sings along though, her voice vibrant and lively and hopefully prompting enjoyment if not outright dance.

Once she has her wine, Sabella turns to greet the others. "Lady Kiera, Prince Patrizio, Lady Tila, and Whisper Calandra!" She gives everyone a smile before finding a spot to settle herself. "Lady Tila, how are you finding the city?"

Tila gives Sabella a curtsy and a smile. "I find the city busy, just as I remembered, your Highness. I hope you have been doing well."

Tila nods to Cirroch. "The rig could work. We will need to test it a few times with some heavy objects to make sure it does not move or fall apart."

Kip, the smart-mouthed agent arrives, following Carmen.

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Carmen comes in from the street, leaving her jacketed cloak by the door. She turns to make her way to the bar, pausing suddenly at the revelry.

Kiera makes a valient try enough to show that someone had tried to teach her some steps but her feet mangle them horribly, but she seems undeterred despite being perfectly sober and gestures to cirroch "come show me how it's done properly. She reaches a hand to cirroch

Cirroch is standing by the bar with a large goats horn of whiskey that is nearly emptied in his concept of a sip. Nodding to Tila, "Oh, I've got ideas for testing!" Smiling as he looks over to Kiera and Calendra in their attempts to play a Northern song upon a harp. "Whisper Calendra, a grand attempt. More gutteral. From here." He taps his abdomen, then lets out a low growl. "Like that!" Again smiling. Then Cirroch is taking a last /sip/ of the horn, handing it back to the bartender for a refill and is off to attempt a dance with Kiera.

Cirroch checks dexterity and performance at hard. Botch! Cirroch fails completely.

"I think it depends on the occasion. Though yet again, that makes it sound as if my reputation proceeds me," Patrizio quips playfully to Calandra at the comments about dancing, even as he's gesturing to the server, for another glass of whatever it is that he's having. Something strong, no doubt, from he hint of colour that's not from the cold outside on his cheeks. Sabella's greeting gets a warm chuckle and the lift of his brows. "Your highness, good to see you once more," he says with warmth. "And my Lady Tila as well. It's good to see you settling in."

"I am glad to hear it, my lady." Sabella says to Tila, glancing at Kiera and Cirroch as they move off to dance. "Is there anything you need assistance with as you settle back in?" Her attention flits to Patrizio, warmth in her expression. "How have you been? Busy, I imagine."

"Marquis, I'm afraid I must insist I not strain my voice so. You bear your weapons, I bear my song. I'm happy to help with your pitch though," Calandra looks over at Cirroch through lowered lashes, a small smile on her lips as she pauses between songs. Her wine is claimed again, and a few more words spoken to Patrizio with a brief lean.

Tila curtsies to Patrizio. "Thank you, your Highness. It is good to see you again."

She turns back to Sabella. "Not at the moment, but thank you for your concern, your Highness. I will contact you if I require assistance."

Cirroch looks at his feet and then to Kiera, "Which dance was it?" Then he's trying to step forwards, though crosses his feet. None of this dance seems to be on purpose. Though it doesn't appear to bother him, as he continues to make something up on the spot. Is it a traditional dance? No. Is it flailing about with music? Yes.

Kiera smiles up at Cirrochas he joins her. "shelooks over at calandra I think she's doing splendily" In the meanwhile her feet are becoming completely tangled in his and she falls agaist him as she attempts to wave in greeting to tila

Calandra winks playfully at Kiera, watching the woman dance with a fond expression. There is another smile for Sabella across the way, fingers aflutter in a gesture of greeting for the princess. For the time being, she maintains a steady beat on the harp, playing more vibrant affairs than the instrument normally calls for. But she is nothing if not flexible.

Carmen cautiously eyes the flailing dancers as she makes her way to Tila's side, leaning in to whisper conspiratorially, "What are they drinking?"

As Sabella is preparing to say something in response to Tila, her children's nanny approaches and alerts her to a need back at the mansion. "My apologies, I must go attend to children. Happy birthday, Marquis!"

6 Grayson House Guards, Maureen, an unflappable nanny, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Cirroch stops dancing and catches Kiera, settling them both properly on their feet. Upright. "I think that this is not the dance that I was thinking of..." There's a wave to Sabella as she is leaving. "More whiskey would make this fumbling go away."

Tila shrugs at Carmen. "A little of anything at this point. If you're afraid of it, you should be fine. If you want some, I think the amount is the most important."

Carmen throws a dubious look at Cirroch before going to the bar and retrieving his drinking horn. Turning, she places it in his hands. "I doubt your step will steady, Lord, but at least if you get drunk enough that you see several floors, try and step on the one in the middle."

Patrizio chuckles, but there's a mournful look from him when one of his centurions clears his throat and... the prince does nod to his soldier. "I suppose that's my cue to head out into the cold once more as well," admits he, as he's slowly rising from his place, and inclines his head to Calandra. "It was a pleasure bumping into you, and I hope to do so again in the near future." The jade eyes turn towards the dancing Marquis, his sister, and his companion, before he offers up once more, "Happy celebration, my lord. And give my best to your wife."

Patrizio has left the Table by the Fire.

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Cirroch looks to the woman in front of him through one squinted eye, then smiling as he recognizes the drinking horn and places his right hand to his heart, well it was to go to his heart, lands closer to his shoulder. "Marquis Cirroch Sanna of Giant's Reach. Thank you for bringing me the goat." He looks over to Tila, "Tila, are you doing well with your small glass?" Then a nod to Patrizio as the prince leaves, leading him back to Carmen. "And what is your name, other than helpful?"

Carmen flushes briefly, looking forlorn that she forgot her manners. She bows her head. "Carmen Harol of the Crimson Blades, at your service Lord Sanna. Rarely do I meet a man who names his drinking implements, though I suppose it's as fine a weapon of war as any."

Tila waves to Kiera. "I haven't started yet, Cirroch." She chuckles, turning to the bar and getting a glass of wine from the bar. "Better?"

Kiera to carmen "Lady Kiera Wyvernheart, one of the voices of high hill and scholar by profession not dancer obviously. i suppose if they were auditionining for court bufoon perhaps

"Carmen Harol of the Crimson Blades. Good title there." Cirroch smiles as he begins to take a long drink (Sanna sip) from the goat's horn, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his tunic. He turns to Kiera, "This is Lady Kiera," he then points to Tila, "That is my sister Tila," pointing to Calandra, "And Whisper Calandra on the harp." He turns back to Kiera, "Sasha would tell you that I have none of the balance that is needed for a dance, unless and axe is in play."

Carmen looks at each in turn, bowing her head respectfully. Her eyes fall back on Kiera. "You may be selling yourself short, Lady Wyverheart. I'm sure they can teach you dancing at your university, if you wish it." She bows again to Cirroch. "In the Blades I'm known as the Bloody Mercy, a title I prefer."

Tila smiles at Carmen before sipping her wine. "Cirroch, you just have to imagine you have an axe."

Pluck pluck! Calandra is still playing, although not quite singing -- she's got wine to work on when her hand gets the opportunity. She smiles pleasantly at those gathered, but seems to have drifted into a thoughtful silence while idly performing.

Carmen says, "I don't think the Lady Wyvernheart is enthusiastic about being handled like an axe...""

Cirroch smiles back to Tila, "I could, though we'd need more room to dance within... Maybe a seat for a moment." He takes a chair and manages to find the right one to sit upon. Looking to Kiera from the table, he smiles with an answer for Carmen, even if it wasn't a question. "She's small enough..."

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