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Sanna Dinner V

Cirroch is opening the doors to the manor and other than airing out the manor, is also having plently of food made. Come join for a meal and light conversation. The Sanna House Chef is preparing foods traditional to the March, along with perfecting their flame roasted honey glazed fruits.


June 12, 2021, 2 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Sanna Manor - Giant Hall

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Comments and Log

High summer in the city has the Sanna Manor's doors to the Giant Hall opened from front to back, creating a passage for what little breeze exists to filter through the hall. The Sanna's chef has crafted another masterpiece of foods from the march mixed with those found in the city's market and wharfs.

The hall's newly finished renovations are shown off, from the large slabs of marble running the front of the hall, leading to the libray and ballroom, to the running risers of black stone with carefully placed slivers of gems placed within the redone hearth to shine as stars in the nights sky when a fire is within. Then at the end of the hall, light filtering through the picture window behind the House Seats, balconies overlooking the hall with large plush velvet couches above the Eastern and Western sides of the hall.

Ansgar and Oscar stand by the Family table, dressed in their kitchen aeterna whites ready to serve the meal from the buffet laid out in front of them.

A large platter of smoked salmon sits in the middle of the table with rolled elk dumplings running the width of the platter, a pickled vegetable vinaigrette salad including pickles, red onions and green peas, upon another platter sitting alongside the salad are deep fried dough patties covered in a ground sugar with honeys and fruit jams set into bowls to be severed over or on the side. And finally, a large barreled bowl with several slices of various fruits bobbing in a deep sweet lemony smelling liquor with laddle ready to serve out to tankard or glass.

Cirroch stands in front of the rebuilt hearth, arms lightly crossed behind his back, wearing a honeysilk tunic with cascading dye leading from shoulders to waist in dark evening mountain black to deep garnet crimson red, then layered panels of silk of Sanna colors draping into a tight skirt with darts along the side to allow ease of movement. A cheerful broad smile sits upon his face while waiting for guests to arrive.

"Cirroch!" Aella comes in without much fanfare, taking in the space, the offerings, her eyes widening in appreciation. "What... Amazing." She takes a slow turn, looking around at everything. "It smells as good as it looks." She gives the man a small bow before collecting a tankard of whatever the fruity liquor is and snags a dumpling up in her fingers for a bite.

Cirroch smiles to Aella then as he's about to speak is cut off by a high pitched yell comes from the ballroom, with another echoed from the library. The yell from the ballroom is followed by Dado charging into the Hall wearing a black hood with two deep blood red bone buttons, black tunic and leggings. A dagger is in his right hand and small axe in his left. As he charges into the room, he readies to leap over a guest, instead coming to a halt. Lowering his hood, "Where is everyone?"

From the library charges Esben, wearing similar clothing, dropping to his knees and sliding across the newly lain marble stones, pivoting in mid slide to look to his brother while pushing his hood back. "What...?"

Dado looks to Esben with a shrug.

Cirroch looks to both of his guards and his shoulder slump. "It was a worthy attempt guys. Though the weather must be that level of /nice/ in which our friends are off doing something else, or their duties have them busy." He looks over to Aella, regaining his smile, "Thank you for coming Aella."

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