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Music enthusiasts and those in search of relaxed entertainment are invited to enjoy the unique acoustics of the Redrain Villa's Augury for the first part of an intimate summer string concert series. A picnic reception in situ will follow with light refreshments. The evening's performance, featuring the talents of 'The Symphony of the Air,' will support the charitable work of Heart in Hand, with donations accepted and encouraged, though not required.

OOC: There will be a YouTube playlist of the program's curated musical selections, which will be posted to the OOC board afterwards. We'll do three pieces of music and maybe an encore. Headphones are recommended for your listening pleasure.


June 4, 2021, 9:15 p.m.

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Raimon Deva Mikani Isabeau Cirroch Mabelle Amari Amelie Gianna Denica Emberly Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - The Augury

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Heath, a Highhill Mastiff Puppy arrives, following Amelie.

Amelie arrives, following Raimon.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Myfanwy Llanelli - An Alluring Lady's Companion arrive, following Mikani.

Raimon arrives, with Amelie, having journeyed here from the Lodge. Still a bit dusty from the trail ride, Raimon still hopes to fit in well enough. Coming from one set of trees, to another!

3 Thrax Guards, an ostentatious curator named Sivas, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, a reserved assistant named Stojan arrive, following Denica.

As guests begin to arrive to the Redrain Villa, they are shown through the hallways to the beating heart of the household, where flickering light greets them, bouncing and shattering off the water's surface. Donella stands beside the door, the sounds of a stringed group tuning and retuning their instruments washing over the space in a murmuring susurration. "Good evening, please come in, get comfortable. We don't stand much upon ceremony..."

While Deva -did- get herself dressed up and presentable for this, she's not really playing the part of ladylike anything. That's Donella's job! Instead, she's seated by the pool, barefoot with her feet in the water and a growing puppy sprawled across her lap. There is also a drink in her hand that's half-empty, like she's been pregaming this for a while. As faces start to enter, she greets with an increasingly intoxicated smile and wave of her glass. "Sounds great already!" she tells her sister-in-law across the way, sounding cheerful enough.

Mikani enters actually wearing a dress. We are all shocked. She grins as she walks to find a seat glad to be hearing the music already. Even if it was a warm up.

Isabeau steps along, offering Donella a greeting smile as she enters, "Thank you for throwing this, your Highness. You're looking lovely." She smiles seraphically to the other woman, here to support the event supporting Heart in Hand, a cause she is becoming well known for championing. This evening the duchess is wearing an opalescent gown, rubies against iridescite glittering at various points of her person.

The warmer weather has gotten nearly unbearable, and thus Cirroch strides into the hall with silks draping over him in a deep plunging neckline of a sleeveless tunic and tightly wrapping paneled skirt both in Sanna house colors. The guards were given time to work on exercises, being still in the ward, only Petroc follows along seeking a spot near the doors to rest while Cirroch nods to Donella upon his entrance. "Princess Donella." A nod to Deva as Petroc hands the whiskey bottle directly to Cirroch. "I've got refills ready when you're done with that one Deva!" With whiskey in hand he seeks out a seat.

Well Mabelle is already in a ballgown so why waste it? Clad in quite a puffy honeysilk gown and armed with dawnstones and gold to match, she makes her way into the Augury having read a last moment's history about the location. The lights on the pool catch her attention as well as the lovely music that fills the room. She spots Donella and smiles to her, "Thank you for having us, Your Highness", with a sketch of a curtsy, pleased to see so many familiar faces.

Amari arrives and she smells delicious, like a cinnamon bun. Not that the aroma is strong enough to be wafting from her by any means, it's just a subtle scent. With her is a very small, very cheeky goat who just smells like a goat with a dandelion garland around her neck who has had a bath in the last week or so. Owing to her fine looks and brushed fur, she has a proud gait and bouncy step. Frankly, she looks a bit haughty and it's up to Amari to be polite and stop to curtsey to the host of the evening, Donella and smile at those she's familiar with.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Amelie leans in to speak with Raimon as they enter. The young oathlander dressed in her usual very plain looking leathers. "I was not warned you would drag me around to be social when I became your protege your highness." She says in her droning monotone voice. Her redrish brown gaze sweeps across the room, observing who else is at the fete. For now she sticks close to the Thraxian Prince, but does offer a small wave to Mabelle and then her Duchess Isabeau.

Gianna strides in clad in a sleeveless shirt and adorned with leaf and branch themed praseodymium jewelry. That she's already worn before! She sweeps her gaze about quickly until she finds Donella, and the corners of her lips curve up in a faint smile. She inclines her head to the princess, bowing slightly at the waist as she does so.

The young Thrax enters flanked by guards and assistants, wearing some gown someone's dressed her up in. Her head is head high, and her features are stoic. All expect her eyes, they are wild and carefree. It seems a last minute decision, as Sivas chases Denica trying to hand her some piece of jewelry she shrugs off. Rather, her attention diverts to Donella who greets guests. It cracks her serious lips into a smile, and she stops to greet the woman. "Sister," she murmurs affectionately to her, before dropping a less boisterous, "I promise I will...," there should be another word there, and yet there is not. Rather Denica shrugs her shoulders and leaves it at that, a wink and she leaves the woman to her hostess duties, as she struts through the Augury, keeping her staff chasing the young woman as she makes her unofficial entrance.

Cirroch has joined the beneath the honeycrisp apple tree.

"I'll need it, Marquis! Maybe a couple of bottles, actually," Deva assures Cirroch with the classiest of laugh-snorts into her glass. She's totally fine. Totally. Twisting at the waist, she sniffs dramatically in the air and looks around. "SOMEONE has been hanging out with their baker!" And then she waggles a finger at Amari and grins from ear to ear. "Who is that?!" Obviously she's referencing the goat with wide-eyed glee. Even her dog, Ava, scrambles to get a better sniff of the Keaton arrival(s). "I like your dress, Mabelle!"

Mikani has joined the beneath the honeycrisp apple tree.

Donella calls over to her sister by marriage, "I USED to stand on ceremony, as you know, but it always seemed to result in fist-fights over the soup course. And I happen to like most of the staff, these days-- NOT YOU, EINAR." She points at her eyes, and at the young man skulking away in a hurry. He knows what he did. Refocusing, Donella greets Isabeau, and says, "I do apologize for the very short notice, but when you can get the musicians and the venue, what can you do?" After a pause, she says more broadly, "Please find a blanket and make yourselves easy, get a glass of something to refresh you. We'll be starting momentarily!" She applies a warm expression of welcome to Cirroch and Mikani, to Gianna dressed for the sweltering weather outside, and finally her sister by birth, whose cheek she kisses. "Denica, you came! Wonderful!"

Mabelle smiles are flashed around to Amari and Amelie as they enter, her nose following Amari like the children that followed the piper, "Are you hiding cookies on you?", Mabelle wonders as if its a trick she learned from her hounds. Her hands grasp the puffy skirts of her dress and she admits to Deva, "It might be a bit much for tonight, but I was trying it on and did not wish to take it off", she grins, a wide one that is directed to Cirroch, Isabeau, Denica and Gianna as well. She's all smiles and finger flutters.

Raimon whispers on back to Amelie: "Aye, see, it's much easier to drag my own self, if there's others relying upon me to so do." Raimon grins. Raimon's overdeveloped sense of 'help others' comes 'to the rescue,' it would seem. -Not- that he minds overmuch. As social events go, this one's pretty good! There's water, so, Mangata is happy. Lots of Trees, lots of people he likes. . . "See? This isn't so bad!" It's not. It's really not!

Subtle, or not subtle, Denica unhooks a small slender flask from her hip and she uncorks it. Taking a sip, a long sip, she puts it back, as though nothing happened.

Isabeau smiles towards Amelie, dipping her head in a gentle nod towards the Steelhart and smiles over at Mabelle. For her part, she makes her way over closer to Mabelle, "You look excellent, as well. I can't blame you for not wanting to take it off."

Gianna accepts a glass of something refreshing. She really doesn't care what, it just has to wet her throat. She inclines her head to Amari, another ghost of a smile appearing. The goat's given a bit of a wary look. Mabelle she nods to as well, pausing to take in the outfit. "Hmm. I like it. So many jewels though. I hope they're not pokey."

Cirroch chats quietly with Mikani beneath the honeycrisp apple tree, nodding to Amelie, Kiera, and Mabelle with his gentle irresistible smile.

Mikani laughs as she chats with Cirroch. She nods her head to Raimon with a smile and a wink before turning her attention to Cirroch.

Mabelle teases Gianna with sheer amusement, "Well how else am I to send away unwanted suitors? If you want to see really pokey, come to one of the Valardin armoured fashion events. I love your outfit", she watches Gianna's tight abdomn with a grin and turns to Isabeau, "Darling duchess, you will put me to shame soon enough, you look magnificent". Her hand reaches for the drink handed to her from her girl.

"Ah, yes. The soup course. A regular spark of war. But probably not worse than spilled ale, technically?" Deva wrinkles her nose and holds a hand out, palm down, wobbling it from side to side. She nods understandingly at Donella at any rate, and scoops the fluffy terror that is her dog to her chest so Ava doesn't try to tackle anyone just yet. "I don't think there's a thing as 'a bit much' -- wear what you want! Wear what makes you feel awesome. I'm glad you did," she grins at Mabelle while perching her chin on the top of her dog's head, so she can look out at the others through the points of the creature's ears.

Amari stops to very plainly look Mabelle over, and nod approvingly over her ensemble of spidersilk, mirrorsilver and stygian. "Amazing, as usual, Lady Mabelle." As Isabeau nears, she's also scrutinized, but with a smile. She decides, with a quiet aside to the Laurent, "You've some competition. You look wonderful, Duchess." Gianna is spied, and given a bright smile but this all seems to annoy Marigold somehow. The little goat turns and headbutts Amari's shin and baahs in a way that sounds immensely impatient. "Well, of course I'm going to introduce you. Princess Deva, Princess Marigold. Who is this little one?" The puppy, she means as she comes to a stop at the edge of the augury pool.

Amelie kind of grumbles to herself a little. She looks nervous. She almost never looks nervous! She could be climbing the walls of Arx and not look so nervous. She gives thr other women here a once over and leans back in Raimons direction, but not looking at him. "You let me come woefully underdressed." When she spots Kiera, she looks a little relieved to see her cousin of sorts, giving her a wave. But all in all she looks like a fish out of water.

Donella crosses quickly to a central place where she can address them. "Firstly," she announces in her resonant orator's voice, "I want to welcome you to the Redrain Villa. Even if you live here in the Ward, or indeed under this roof, I hope that you find tonight's environment transporting." She pauses and takes a sip of wine from a glass. "As you maay have heard, tonight's performers come to us from a long way away with their new compositions, which they have drawn together for us n very short notice. Artists are at their best when their talents can do something that transcends the sensory, and that is why I think you will agree that playing for the cause of Charity, when they could be enriching themselves with the beauty they create is especially worthy. We will be accepting contributions for Heart in Hand, whose works I hope will become as near to your hearts as to mine."

"I've attended some and worn several highly fashionable gauntlets," Gianna informs Mabelle. She's staying where she is, because there are so many fluffy and-or furry things around and hair just sticks to black clothes. Especially umbra. She falls silent when Donella speaks, raising her glass to the Princess.

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A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

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A soft laugh bubbling from her lips as she gives a very gentle dismissive gesture at the statement, "Fashion is a collaboration of culture, not a competition." She demurs to Amari before smiling over at Mabelle and gesturing, "And I very much doubt that. It would take me years to catch up to your wardrobe, my Lady." She falls silent at Donella's words, her blue gaze turning towards the Princess with a brilliant smile tugging at her lips.

Mabelle chuckle at Deva, "Well I am glad you did not say 'wear what makes you comfortable' or we would be in a pickle", she winks to her and concurs with Amari, "I'm starting to get concerned", as she grins at Isabeau yet again, "Well it took years to build". The drink is quickly empty. What. Its summer. So what if its whiskey and another is collected while she listens to Donella and sends her girl to offer a donation. Mabelle bows her head to Gianna, "Oh I am certain you have and have looked magnificent. We should meet with regards to the Chapter, soon".

Denica is overheard praising Donella: A stunning hostess with a kind heart.

"This is Avalanche, and she is very--" Deva doesn't even finish the sentence, as the dog is quick to zip over to Amari and the goat and sniff both. Dogs. What can you do? "Princess Marigold is adorable," she gushes and holds a hand to her mouth, wide-eyed and admiring. "I don't even usually like small little things, but damn. Damn." With a low whistle, she shakes her head and makes room for Amari to settle in by her at the pool. A few low words are exchanged with an easy grin on her lips. "Could be quite the story to share if you did!" she laughs over to Mabelle with a shake of her head.

Donella continues briefly-- as briefly as possible because people came to hear music, not jib-jab from her. As she draws her veil off and she walks as she talks, playfully putting it over Amelie's head like a decoration as she passes with a wink. "Second, in such wonderful company it would be unfitting if we did not treat you to our hospitality while you are here, and so, feel free to talk to eachother and move about, and enjoy drink and fellowship! I want the activities tonight to feel seamless to you. So. Without further ado, I give you the performers, and dedicate the music to that which is holy in each and all." And with that, she too settles down to listen, as covers are drawn over half the light sources.

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Denica shifts her skirts, navigating them with deft fingers, stained at the tips with ink. A bit uncertain of the talk of fashion, she sees a few familiar faces and she offers a flash of her pearly whites to Mabelle and Isabeau, the latter she approaches. But when she hears Donella speak, a more sincere smile forms on her lips, and her eyes shine with admiration and pride. Turning her attention back to Isabeau, "Duchess Telar, I've meant to send missive since we met at the discussion, what weeks ago? I'm afraid that... well, I am unreliable at best," she says with a distinctly mischievous smile.

Raimon nods amiably: "Yup, sure did. -Because- you would rather spend those hours climbing than dressing four and a half times or hair-fussing. Obviously. So. Let's go talk to Kiera, and Mikani, and Cirroch, and those folk! -- You like them. As you should; they are awesome." Raimon thence makes his way on over to the cluster by the apple tree. Raimon grins for a half-second as Donella drapes her veil over Amelie. But he says nothing further. He's good with the silence, Raimon is.

Emberly enters the party a little late and she looks about her blue eyes roam over the crowd and she slowly makes her way over to sit somewhere to listen to the music. She smiles a little as she sways a littleas she listens

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"You're so fluffy Ava!" Amari enthuses in a voice one reserves for small children and cute baby animals. Marigold tries to look dignified under the onslaught of sniffing, and both eventually grow quiet to listen to Donella. I mean, yes, she totally does keep murmuring compliments to the floof puppy, but she tries to not be loud and disruptive about it. Soon, actually, she's settled in with Deva at the scrying pool.

Mabelle concentrates on the music as much as she can, spying Denica, "I heard that because of you there is a painting of a goat in the family gallery. Next to portraits of family", she laughs and looks at the petting zoo of Amari and Deva, "If I knew, I'd have brought my pets. All eight of them"

A pleasant, warm smile on her lips as she regards Denica, speaking quietly to not disturb the music when it starts, "Indeed, your Highness? I am flattered that you wished to, even if you did not." She gestures gently with her hand, "What did you wish to write about and I shall pretend I've gotten it."

Cirroch takes a moment from the conversation under the trees. Listening to the music, a faint smile for the notes as he closes his eyes and leans back while they musicians play.

Donella has invited people to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, something like a concert in the park and to speak if they wish, but it does make her smile as she sits near to Gianna to see that many are already drawn into the performance. "Cascade Springs? I am not sure but I was there when we helped to found the place, I believe... unless it is a different settlement by that name." Notes climb into the air, and flow like water. "We can ask the musicians afterwards, certainly? Why do you ask?"

Emberly looks to be enjoying the music herself talking gently to her family, she smiles, looking relaxed and content

Mikani checks composure at normal. Mikani is successful.

Amelie sticks close to Raimon as he goes to socialize, but she doesn't have any arguement for his assessment of thr fact that she probably didn't want to spend all her time getting dressed all fancy.

Denica looks at Isabeau "I believe it was to war with our minds, or maybe peace with our minds? Some sort of great conversation to be had," she murmurs thoughtfully. It could be that, it could be something else, she isn't quite sure at this point. It's met with a smile, so the intention is good. Her attention shifts to Mabelle and her eyes go wide as though she's said something that requires all her attention. "Oh no, that was not the intention!," she exclaims. "I just... sketched something on the back of a message. It was poorly done at that...," she blinks a few times and then shrugs. "I have... prepared something proper though, since my track record is well, pretty perfect when it comes to being tossed out or banned from people's homes," she winks, and there is no doubt some mirth in her voice, but the look in her eyes brings it all into question.

Kiera enters the concert late and quietly,scanning with her eyes, she almost tiptoes over to the tree where cirroch sits with others

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Donella inclines her head toward Kiera when she enters, wearing a bright smile. She closes her eyes as the bright clean notes go whisking along toward a conclusion, after briefly speaking with Gianna nearby her in the coppery flowers.

Mabelle sways lightly to the music, so serene she looks like she's about to sleep on her feet, must be all the work. When Denica exclaims, she outrightly stirs, "Oh well. Its up there", she chuckles, "I do hope you managed to sway a bee or two".

As the musicians slide into the second piece Cirroch opens his eyes to look around to see what others think of the selections. "Princess Donella! Amazing selections!" He then takes another long pull on the whiskey in his hand raising the bottle as cheers to those also enjoying the music and conversation.

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An eyebrow raised slightly at Denica, Isabeau smiles and offers a gentle gesture with her slim hand, "Of course, your Highness. Do you like tea? Or coffee? I am frequently to be found drinking either at Mercier's or Bold Expressions. Or If I'm feeling frisky, the Dire Bee. I'm usually longing to be distracted from work if I am out and about."

Raimon stops by the patch of orange poppies on the way to the apple tree, in order to personally compliment and thank the Hostess and Songbird. And then it's off to the apples!

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Emberly looks over to Denica and she tilts her head as she listens to her words she stirs a little before she smiles to Donella "great, selection indeed!"

Donella rises at Cirroch's call, and claps her hands for the musicians as their final notes fall silent. "Well played!" she says, giving to the composer and his players. The conductor taps his baton for the attention of the ensemble, and bows rise to playing position once again.

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Denica's thick dark brows knit together as she listens to Mabelle, she is distracted now and she has that look of someone who is plotting. Whatever circles around in her head is disrupted by Isabeau and she is happy to switch back into conversation, "Rum, sounds lovely," she adds quickly, shifting back to a more practice demure expression. "You are welcome to visit my gallery, I haven't opened yet, but it's in the Lowers, down on the docks, just let me know in advance and I can have a guard escort you there," she adds hospitably to Isabeau.

Looking at Denica for a long moment, Isabeau decides with some warmth in her richly timbred voice, "Oh, I would like to see your gallery. Perhaps you could give me some advice on a project I am working on, your Highness. If it is not too much to ask for, of course." She smiles as her blue eyes shift back towards the music, obviously enjoying the sounds pouring forth with appreciation writ on her features.

Donella leans aside as Raimon briefly speaks to she and Gianna, and clasps her hands together in appreciation and gratitude, her works lost though to general consumption as the music swells again.

"Advice is easy, but I cannot promise that is worth taking," she says with a little shrug, but her smile is good-natured and easy on her lips. "I am always willing to share what is on my mind, however," she adds more graciously, eyes alit with interest. "You've got me curious, I am always amazed by the projects that people take on and accomplish around the city," she says with sincerity. Her attention drifts to the musicians, a silent appreciation etched into her features as sounds drift through the Augury. Denica looks down at the scrying pool then back up at Isabeau, "exceptional," she murmurs her last word disjointed to the rest.

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Cirroch starts to clap, Loudly, from under the tree. If there was a conversation taking place here, he's deafening it to where people might need to use their proper voices to hear each other. Shouting, "LOVELY MUSIC THAT HAS BEEN PLAYED THERE!" Smiling broadly, then leaning back to the tree. Raising the whiskey bottle, "We're nearly out, where's the after party?"

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Donella rises again with the close of the music. She motions for the screen to be taken away from the performers so that they can give their bows. And the sight of them may be a shock to some; very young and very old they are, a few speckly youths, but largely children, and their aged teachers. "Most of the Symphony of the Air's performers have depended on the charity of generous patrons like you at some point in their lives. It is important that we SEE those around us in need of our kindness, and compassion. Either orphaned by sickness or conflict, wounded in battle, impoverished by hardship... they nonetheless deserve dignity. And our humanity. So if you have enjoyed tonight's performance, please consider a donation to Heart in Hand, so we can continue to do the important work that makes this sort of beauty possible. Please jin me in breaking open some of these bottles, as our performers will be mingling with us."

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Deva starts to rise from the pool, slipping wet toes into sandals so she can creep back through the rest of the villa. A few goodbyes are exchanged with Amari and Isabeau before she's fully upright, with a wave of her hand and a small smile. "That was beautiful," she lingers long enough to applaud the performers and Donella, and attempt to smooch the latter on the cheek on her way out.

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Leaving conversation behind, the Thraxian woman watches the performers finish their last song. A thoughtful expression takes her, and she claps her hands enthusiastically at the end. Lips curl into a small smile, and she pauses to offer a parting to Donella. Denica places a warm kiss on her sisters cheek, all the while she leans in and mutter something to her.

Denica mutters, "... are so beautiful sister. Thank you."

Gianna is overheard praising Donella: A lovely concert showcasing that brought some amazing talent to my attention.

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