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Heart in Hand Meeting

A meeting of Heart in Hand and those interested in participating in future events to discuss plans for fundraising and volunteer efforts.


Aug. 5, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Mabelle Malcolm Kiera Aella


Heart In Hand


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Mercier Tea Shop

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The upcoming Heart in Hand meeting would be a great activity to consolidate what we wish to do going forward. I do feel that we should increase our efforts in improving the lives of the less fortunate, by providing simple education, like agriculture to meet their basic needs. We should look for farmers who are willing to share their crafts, as well as nobles who might be interested in sharing part of their land. For the nobles, the repayment of rent on the land should suffice, assuming we can negotiate a suitable amount. As for the farmers, perhaps we could come up with some incentives for them to share their knowledge?

Isabeau sits at a table at the tea shop, quartered off for anyone who decides to attend the meeting of the charity organization. The table has been set with an array of scones, finger sandwiches, cookies, and small iced cakes as well as an assortment of different teas and a setting for each person who might attend. The duchess has arrived early and has a pile of papers ready and at hand, with her secretary nearby to both take notes and provide information as they go.

A sweet, seraphic smile is sent to those who filter in, with a gentle dip of her golden head as she says, "Welcome, welcome, thank you for coming. We have a few things on the agenda today to discuss and suggestions and so on and so forth, so please settle in, get your tea and enjoy. For those who haven't been with us before, this is just a meeting where we touch base, discuss what causes we believe best warrant fundraising and then settle on the form of event to throw for it."

Not actually part of the organization of Heart in Hand but always ready to support charity causes, Mabelle slips quietly into the meeting and sits in one of the back tables so she can slip out in case something arises. She inclines her head to those present and settles, listening.

Settled, with a strong cup of tea within a hand's reach. Malcolm absent-mindedly lifts a hand to press down his hair, smiling a little and possibly distracted.

Kiera comes to take a seat quietly but with a nod and a smile for eveyone at the table while she fixes tea

Malcolm has left the a round table draped in embroidered lace.

Aella is next to Malcolm, her long legs stretched out in front of her and crossed at the ankle. She has no tea. Just a neutral expression and a can-do attitude.

Malcolm finally removes himself from his reverie, blinking, and he offers a general good-natured grin to Countess Aella.

Isabeau hums in thought for a moment before beginning to shuffle through the papers at hand, "Now, as for our next event. I had some ideas. We were discussing the boat trip..." she looks over to Aella, "If you're still interested in that we can start the planning soon. But I'd also like to talk about throwing an event in memory and honor of our late member, Marquis Sanna." Her blue eyes sweep along those around, "If any of you have any ideas on what might suit for that...?"

Mabelle exhales mutely for a second and then raises her voice, barely, from the back, "Anything including mud, getting dirty, getting drunk and throwing cakes", she smiles quietly. Maybe in warmer seasons. Creating artistic mud cakes at the beach".

"What were a few of his favorite things?" Asking the question, first, with a tentativeness. Then Malcolm rolls his shoulders, and stops to listen to Mabelle. Offering a nod, "Mud and drinkin. Can't get better than that, I'd say."

Kiera hms "casual,outdoors, the marquis loved physical activity and good drink with friends"

Isabeau gives a little nod, looking over at Mabelle, "I think he would have enjoyed that in any season, thank you for the suggestion, Lady Mabelle. Perhaps we will wait to honor him until spring and do so in such a way." She continues looking to Aella about the boat ride question, chewing briefly on her lower lip, "Outside of that, I did receive something from Lord Jophiel, as he couldn't attend the meeting that I'll read out and get thoughts, and then it's all free-form ideas and so on."

"His children," Aella says quietly, about Cirroch's favorite things. "But aye," She turns her attention to Isabeau, "Can still discuss the boat ride. Near winter, though. Might be best left for spring."

Kiera adds in echpose smiles and nods "Anyone who saw Cirroch with his children saw a different side of the man. I know he wouldn't have objected to a more family oriented affair, particularly one that involved a mess

Isabeau begins to nibble a cookie, taking one bite, wrinkling her nose a little at something and then setting it down on her plate for a moment. She purses her lips for a moment. "Perhaps whatever we do will be to the benefit of some deserving children." she murmurs in thought for a moment, "Right. We'll be teaming up with the Golden Hart and Princess Valencia at some point. I've got to set a meeting up with her, and I have ideas, but I'll let everyone know more about that when it happens." She goes down the list before she continues, "Lord Jophiel has said that we should use the meeting to consolidate what we wish to do going forward. He believes we should increase our efforts in improving the lives of the less fortunate by providing simple education, like agriculture, to meet their basic needs. He is suggesting we set up a program where farmers teach others to farm."

Malcolm reaches to take a sip of tea, chiming in. "Heart to Hart, eh? Clever."

Mabelle curves her lips amusedly at something Isabeau says, "I see he has been listening", she chuckles, "I have my own projects for children and the education thing... well I think we had this discussion before. Either way I'd be happy to supply funds"

Kiera nods "I think we may want to speak to Brother aelgar who had similar aims to educate the poo. perhaps a collaboration with the scholars

"Aye, Shepherd's also willing to supply coin or resource for an agricultural program," Malcolm adds, then falls quiet. Setting down his tea in favor of flask. Splish, splosh. Back to sipping tea once more.

Isabeau dips her head in a slight nod to Mabelle, "It does sound like something that is moderately outside of our purview, however. While we would not object to funding such an endeavor, I think it is probably most effective if in place by those in charge of an area, as every place will be different with different crops and challenges." She smiles a little wanly at that, looking to Kiera, "I will send him a message. It's been a goal of mine to set up scholarships and grants funded by the Heart in Hand to allow those who couldn't otherwise afford it positions in more advanced schools."

Mabelle mentions, "Well they are welcome to attend our college of agriculture should you choose to go that path"

Kiera frowns as a messenger appears at the door "Excuse me"

Isabeau idly crumbs up the cookie she didn't seem to particularly enjoy with disinterest as she considers, "Let's go ahead and make our next event to raise something of a scholarship grant, unless someone has another idea. I'll proceed with speaking with Princess Valencia and see if they like that idea and hold something with them. Maybe Princess Donella's idea of a breakable auction." She tuts her tongue to the roof of her mouth, "Does anyone have any events or causes or anything else they think we should be doing?"

Aella listens as more information is shared about teaching and scholars and the Golden Hart. "Breakable auction?" That piques her interest.

"Grants to start-up farming operations," murmuring, Malcolm toys with the handle of his teacup, "Scholarships to the Agricultural college -- eh, what's a breakable auction?"

Isabeau gives a soft laugh as she looks around at those at the table, "Was no one else there when Princess Donella suggested we do an auction of things meant expressly to be smashed, crashed, shattered, or otherwise broken by the person who wins it?" She raises her eyebrows slightly, "With particular enthusiasm for the people who break their wins in the most creative way."

Aella shakes her head - definitely wasn't there for that. "Do that one." It's a very enthusiastic endorsement.

"Mmmhm," the Shepherd Duke agrees.

Mabelle tilts her head a moment, "That's an interesting concept indeed". She apologizes, "I will try to think of something in addition, forgive me I'm distracted, I should likely retire"

Isabeau gives a little nod and says, "Then that'll be our next event. We can call it... the Go Ahead and Break Our Hearts auction." She smiles a little at the pun. "I will say that I need help finding some crafters for the auction. We won't ask them to donate anything for free unless they wish to, but I will at least offer half the proceeds from the auction to whoever makes a thing." Isabeau sighs softly, "But if we've settled on grants for farming operations and scholarships to the agricultural college for this event, that's fine."

"Aye -- seems as though we have, my lady. And the name of your proposed event will catch the interest of the peers, for sure." Malcolm nods.

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