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A Sorrowful Rehearsal

A meeting and rehearsal for the play Lady Mabelle and Baroness Amari are putting together. Roles will be assigned, lines run, scores arranged and other details sorted. There may also be copious amounts of Artshall mead involved.

(This is a closed rehearsal, so performers only please).


Oct. 22, 2021, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Amari Mabelle


Orland Gianna Gwenna Zoey Mattheu Auda



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Performance Hall

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Comments and Log


I am quite excited about the play that Baroness Amari and Lady Mabelle are putting together. The first rehearsal went well, I think, as parts were decided upon and discussions about details were had. No few of us had a bit of fun remarking on the possible length of the play, but it was truly all in jest. I feel quite fortunate to be among such a gifted group of people and the story is an important one, as well as close to my heart personally. It was a long night, but the exhaustion I felt when I crawled into bed was a very good-feeling sort of tired.

It's rehearsal night! So exciting. Amari is here, and she has a script that covers each and every sorrow - all thirteen of them. It's a lengthy performance, which is why practice is essential. As performers file in, she beckons them down to the stage that she's sitting on the edge of. "Welcome! We have a lot of ground to cover. Settle in, and we'll decide roles."

Mabelle is there also, looking at that very very thick script, "How long is the play? A century?", she jokes and then grins at Amari, "Do I get a role or am I just the judge?", to the others, she offers a wide smile, "Hello everyone, thank you for coming! We're very excited to do this".

Orland had been informed what the play had been about before hand and shows up at the intended hour of the rehersal. Finding a place to stand before the stage, he casually folds his arms over his chest and looks toward Amari with a nod.

Gianna is already here. Really. She's actually walking up and down the aisles, sort of stooping down every so often to peer... under the seating.

Lamora, Quartz, a very sneezy kitten arrive, following Auda.

Dressed as she has been for months, in light armor, Gwenna makes her way into the performance hall. The Redrain appears to be in good spirits, to judge by the smile tugging up the corners of her mouth. She lifts a hand to wave here and there while offering a cheerful, "Good evening, everyone." Catching a bit of what Amari and Mabelle say, she chuckles. "I mean, we could hardly do only half of the sorrows. I'm sure people will be very understanding. We can all bring snacks."

Zoey smiles to Mabelle and Gwenna as she flips through her own copy of the script. "That is what intermissions are for, is it not?"

Mabelle snickers somewhat, "So many sorrows. I do love that story though, its so very fitting to be a play. Oh oh!!", she claps her hands, "I want to be Grimthog two head".

A tall Ravashari woman leads into the performance hall before Mattheu, both dressed in colorful loose fitting cloth, and bells jingling as they walk. Mattheu is in the middle of conversation with the woman as they enter, "...not like I'm threatened here, you can just take a seat and tell my sister that you watched me closely." The woman smirks at the young Ravashari lord as she takes a seat and says something to him in Ravashari with a soft laugh. Mattheu simply stares are her, "you don't have to be rude about it." He then turns to Amari, Zoey, and Mabelle, opening his arms as he gives a deep and flourished bow his bells singing out in their soft musical rhythm. "Baroness Amari. Ladys Zoey and Mabelle, it is good to see you again." As he stands back up he looks over to Orland with a soft grin, "Hello there. I'm Lord Mattheu Rivenshari."

Orland regards Mabelle with a smirk, "Grimthog does seem to be an interesting role. I had my eye on that one myself, if not Jonathan." His gaze sweeps aside to Mattheu who introduces himself, "Hello Lord Mattheu. I'm Lord Orland Amadeo, pleasure." His eyes flicker across the other faces present, nodding to anyone who acknowledges him.

Gianna straightens up from her post at the topmost bench, looking down at the newly arrived Mattheu and arching a brow. The Nightingale makes her way down the aisle, feathers at her shoulders ruffling.

Auda saunters in behind Mattheu, glancing around the room with bright eyes. She's very obviously curious about the other actors and actresses, but she sketches a dramatic little bow to those present. "Sorry I'm late! The bridge was busy."

"Some of the sorrows we might gloss over using the expositional device of Gianna, portraying the Seer of Jayus." Amari explains with a rolling motion of her hand over the script in her lap which doesn't look like it glosses over anything. Perhaps letting a lawyer write the script was a slight error in judgement, Mabelle. With the Rivenshari's introduction, she looks faintly ashamed of herself "Here I've skipped over introductions entirely. How thoughtless. As Lord Mattheu said, I'm Baroness Amari Redire. Welcome to this production of the Thirteen Sorrows of Jonathan Baseborn, the first Duke of House Laurent. Some of the roles have already been spoken for. Gwen Laurent, Princess Gwenna. Seer of Jayus, Gianna. Grimthog Two-Head, Lady Mabelle. Did anyone else have a character that jumped out at them?"

Mabelle wiggles her fingers at Mattheu and wonders a little at Gianna's response but instead she focuses on Orland, "Well you can be either! I just want the mask at the end. Its not like I actually have time to be in a play. So we already know Gwenna wants to be Gwen. What ab... no, Amari, I'm not in the play!", she laughs.

Orland raises a hand, "I'd throw my hat in for Jonathan."

Gwenna pulls her copy of the script from her backpack and then grins to Zoey. "Exactly! I do love a good intermission. A bit of drink, a bit of leg stretching..." The grin remains as her attention turns to Mabelle and Orland in turn. "He does make an intriguing character, for certain." She clasps her hands and smiles wide at the list. "I am just /sure/ I was named for her, but I've never asked my mother. What if I wasn't? I'd rather just believe I was." Mattheu's remarks make her chuckle again. "It took some doing to convince my own guards to remain at the villa," she says with a shrug. A dip of her head is offered to Gianna and then Auda as they come along the aisle.

"I will take whatever role the director thinks suits me," Zoey tells Amari. Mattheu gets a smile and a friendly flutter of her fingers in greeting. She looks again to Gwenna. "Right? Any number of good reasons for a break in the middle of a long production."

Amari winks at Mabelle, "Oh good. Kant would have been disappointed if you'd stolen the role of Grimthog from him. He won't shut up about it." Clerk Kant she seems to be referring to, the looming prodigal standing at the back of the theater holding extra copies of the script. He looks bored. Orland's thrown hat is nodded to, "Brave! Jonathan is a very important role. There's also Nelson Wyrmguard, Queen Alarice, Anthony Laurent, Duke Uthyr Durand, Lady Annalise Greyhill..." Who else? She's surely forgetting a few, so is soon peering down at her notes.

Mattheu nods to Orland, "Well met then." He responds to Gwenna next, "My sister is being cautious lately. Thus, I have an extra shadow now." Mattheu thumbs back at the Ravashari woman, "I've gotten her name and a whole lot of smirks. That's progress, but also my sister's hire." He turns to wave some hand sign back to them which is returned with one that makes Mattheu frown a little. Turning his attention back to Amari, "I don't have a part that jumped out, though am perfectly happy with playing my violin to accompany others."

Gianna nods when he role is announced. And she inclines her head to those that greet her. Eye contact and everything! That done, she strides up onto the stage and... well she doesn't strike a pose. But if it's possible to stand dramatically... she stands dramatically. Something to do with the hip, really.

Mabelle hums for a moment, "Queen Alaric and Lady Annalise are short roles, maybe I can do one of those in the Arxian production".

"Or they could be played by the same actress in different costumes," Zoey suggests after Mabelle. "I could do that, if it is agreeable."

Zoey says, "Otherwise I am happy taking just one of those two roles."

Orland puts his hands on his hips as he considers the comment from Amari, "It is an important role. But I've done very brave things in the last year, let alone in the last week. I think I can handle the stage after my wedding and it's not like I'm new at performaces. I've had bit parts before, I'd definitely like to challenge myself." He looks around at the other cast members, "If everyone is agreeable and no one opposes it or wants the role for themselves?" He gives them the opportunity to speak up! His eyes drifting to Mattheu, then back to Mabelle, and back to Amari.

There's a knowing grin at one corner of Gwenna's mouth. "Redrain guards don't smirk, though I keep trying to elicit them to do so," she tells Mattheu. Looking again to Zoey, she bobs her head. "I think intermissions give people a chance to chat about the production so far, too, and look all the more forward to what is yet to come." Regarding Orland, she dips her head to him after he speaks. "I missed the wedding and reception, though heard marvelous things about both. I imagine stepping into Jonathan's shoes will be an exciting venture. I've only been in a couple of plays myself before now." She glances over her script copy and thumbs through a few pages, glancing up to Amari and Mabelle now and again.

Gianna holds up her copy of the script and sort of flaps it a bit. "It's... very long. There might have to be refreshments."

Mabelle laughs, "Its long enough for us to serve them the next day's breakfast!"

Amari checks 'recovery check' at normal. Amari fails.

Gwenna can't help but snort a laugh herself. "One of the intermissions will have cots so everyone can nap," is quipped with amusement clear in her tone.

"Lady Annalise was an excellent swordswoman, so I wrote in a scene involving her fleeing with baby Jonathan and fighting formorian hunters. So bear that in mind, you'll need to be believable in a fake sword fight." Amari says without looking up from her notes, "Anthony could be played by a woman. They were all young at the time, Jonathan, Gwen and Anthony." Hearing Mattheu, Zoey and Orland in turn, she addresses them thoughtfully, "The violin will be perfect. When we run through some of the scenes, would you like to try and improvise? And if there's no objections, Lord Orland has the role of Jonathan. Lady Zoey, Queen Alarice or Lady Annalise, or both, if we're short?"

The critique about the script length is sighed over. Amari has to admit there's truth in it, "Let's run through it and cut out whatever drags. Gianna can sing the parts to Mattheu's violin that aren't exciting enough to act out and subject an unfortunate audience too. I just... was very thorough with this draft."

Zoey checks composure at normal. Botch! Zoey fails completely.

"We'll just... snip a bit," Gianna tells Amari with a little scissoring gesture with her fingertips. "Just a wee bit. A swordfight does sound exciting."

Zoey cannot help giggle at Gwenna's quip, her hand covering her mouth a second too later. She regains her composure, clears her throat, and nods. "Yes, that sounds good," she tells Amari.
She turns her head to Gianna at talk of swordplay. "Who might you get to choreograph the fight?"

Mattheu nods to Amari, "Sounds wonderful to me." then looking to everyone else in a broad announcement, "My music tends to be on the darker side for emotions, which should work out well for the play. I've been kindly reminded by my sister to give fair warning to others." He then proceeds to pull out an unimpressive wooden box, and a deep cherry red violin with an old out of place stain near the bridge.

Orland notes quietly, "I think it's appropriate that being an orphan, I can relate to Jonathan. Imagine if I had such a story to tell!" he smirks, folding his arms again, "Which as far as I know, I don't. Luckily, as it sounds like a lifetime of sorrow."

"..I could possibly just play all the Sylv'alfar? Annelise, and any others that don't necessarily get their own part?" She's skimming through the script again, piecing out parts. "Really, I'm comfortable taking any part needed, male or female." She pauses, looking to Orland for a moment. It's a bit of a thoughtful, amused look, but she says nothing.

Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from a simple leather backpack.

Mabelle twitches her lips for a moment, "Annalise in a sword fight? No no, pass, Zoey gets it". She grins at Gwenna then. "Well then its decided, about Johnathan, so who's Grimthog?"

Mattheu takes Vantuluimea from Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

Gianna touches a fingertip to her lips. There's a hint of a wryness to her expression, but it's gone. "Princess Sorrel is good with a sword," she tells Zoey. "Or I think Ilira is, too? I'm not sure. I hear things."

As Mattheu works on tuning the violin, his high C is a little out of tune and plings through the air as he winces to it. "I'm good with a sword."

Gwenna smiles wide at Zoey's giggling, though Amaris' sigh does make her look apologetic. "I kid, quite truly. It's such a wonderful tale and a few tweaks will surely keep it incredibly entertaining and at a manageable length. Some stories don't need to be watered down too much, because they don't really lull." Listening to the discussion as it continues between everyone, the smile remains in place. "This is starting to sound like it will be amazing." Gianna's remarks lead to the Redrain nodding her head, and then she waves toward Mattheu. "There you go. Princess Sorrel is also a performer, so she may have some suggestions for it in play-form as well."

Lamora have been dismissed.

Quartz, a very sneezy kitten have been dismissed.

"Strangely fitting. I think you'll be perfect." Amari agrees with Orland, and she has no objections to him playing Jonathan. "I'm sure I could choreograph the sword fight, or play Lady Annalise if we can't find anyone able to. Mattheu, if you're good with a sword... perhaps the Annalise's killer. He's not named in the Sorrows, but another story. He actually appears twice, I believe. He stole Queensblade from Annalise, and Jonathan reclaimed it." Tapping a finger lightly to her chin, she regards Auda curiously. "The Sylv'alfar have relatively small parts. Anthony Laurent? Duke Uthyr Durand? Oh, and we still need a Lord Commander Nelson Wyrmguard."

Gianna winces at the off note but doesn't say anything.

Orland looks toward Auda with a raised brow, then he notes, "I think with all the parts that come and go in each chapter of the story, someone can easily change costumes and do more than one." He nods, agreeing to that. He did expect someone else to potentially wish to play Jonathan and not hearing any opposition, his shoulders square up and he nods to Amari as it's settled upon. "I'm decent with a sword but we're not talking Lord Ian level of sword fighting. Choreographed fighting is probably going to be the best so we don't accidently draw real blood on stage."

Mabelle grins at Amari thoughtfully, "I can be Anthony, I know so much about bees", she grins at her, I'll even wear a beard if he has one!".

The off 'C' doesn't get much better, though Mattheu appears to be able to fix it where it's not / as terrible. / Then nodding with a soft melody of bells to Amari, "Choreographing shouldn't be too hard? We can use practice weapons and wear some light armor, then just play from there. As long as we both know who is to be fallen." He smirks softly in a laugh to himself, then brushing a few loose hairs back behind his head scarf. He nods to Orland about the direction of sword play, "Lord Orland has the right idea there. My sister would never let me live it down if I were to draw blood in an act of play."

"Lord Ian is why I asked the question," Zoey says as an aside to Orland. "Every time I manage to drag him out to a theatrical production that includes a sword fight, I get an earful from him about it." She smiles back at Amari. "I am more than happy to handle both, all the same. And I am sure we'll get through the show without any bloodshed."

"Yes, no live steel on my stage, thank you," Gianna sings out.

"We will make a great pair," Gwenna declares to Mabelle cheerfully. "Even if we die in the tenth sorrow." Looking back toward Orland, she says, "I think, for the stage and such, it needn't be Lord Ian level of sword fighting, right? Also, I'm sure some smith could make blunted swords so that you get the ring of metal without the edge that draws blood." Gianna's words make her consider. "Maybe...tin swords?"

Mabelle peers at Zoey amusedly, "Amari, uninvite Ian", she seems to be in an odd moody tonight before she declares to Gwenna, "We'll be the most beauitful couple indeed!"

"I was only thinking for ease of costume changes," Auda mentions to Amari. "I'm not sure I have the stature and physique for a Commander Wyrmguard, but I could do that, and-or Durand?" She gives a little shrug, apparently very easy-going about the roles she takes.

Zoey pouts at Mabelle.

Mabelle was clearly joking, as noted from her wink.

Amari laughs softly at Mabelle, "Why not? You'll have to wear a beard and a beret." Auda is sized up again and nodded to, "Durand and Nelson Wyrmguard if you like. With enough armor and a helmet, at a distance you'll look perfectly knightly." As for other practical considerations she agrees, "We can definitely do some costume changes between scenes and definitely, blunt edged prop swords only - tin, painted wood, I'm sure we can have some made. So no bloodshed, just the motions for dramatic effect." With that she stands, tucks the script under her arm as best she can (it's thick) and smiles, "Let's give this an attempt. Gianna! We'll open with you, giving the backstory to this tragedy. Mattheu, if you could provide a suitable sorrowful tune for that..."

Mattheu checks charm and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Orland settles against the stage, leaning his shoulder into it, listening to all the parts being settled upon. His attention turns to the sorrowful tune and his brow lifts slightly, his mouth about to open to say something but he chooses not to and closes his lips. "Was Jerome Laurent mentioned? I think he plays a key roll doesn't he?" He may have misesd that.

Mattheu nods to Amari, giving Mabelle a look with a tilted head. As his bells jingle, "I could see Lady Mabelle wearing a beard well." A smile on his lips as he tries to hide his laugh by placing his violin under chin and finding a tune. A few plucks at the dreaded 'C' then dragging his bow over the strings in a long low start somehow the 'C' fits in well with what he plays around with. "I think I've got something that can work."

Gianna licks her fingertip and goes back a few pages in the script. "Jerome?"

Orland nods, "The man who adopted Jonathan."

Gianna snaps her fingers. "Ah. Yes. That part. Do we have someone to play Jerome or are we glossing over that bit?"

"That seems a rather important role to simply gloss over," Zoey points out. "Perhaps we could recruit someone from the College?" She looks up Gianna.

"True, I think I'd considered glossing over it to a point, as that's another sword fight against sylv'alfar assassins and I thought the Annalise one the crux of the story. We're going to need a sizable number of assailants come to think of it." Amari tuts as she takes the script out and turns to the third sorrow wherein Jerome features. "We should try to keep it in, if we can find someone to play Jerome." She looks to Gianna as well.

Orland nods, "It does seem to be the cause for him taking on the name Laurent in the end, so I think some introduction to him, perhaps the start of the play?" He looks over to Mattheu, "Again because Jerome is essentially killed, it's possible someone who doesn't have a role show up until later on .. or is limited to a few scenes here and there, can play Jerome too."

Gianna is being looked at. She is okay with that. A quick exhalation. "Well, then. I can do some nudging, or... if you can think of someone who might be particularly good, people are generally flattered when you simply ask them directly. Or Orland can do it."

"If necessary, I think the timing would work out for me to play him, as well. It's a good idea to find someone, though." Auda nods, leaning against the stage near Orland and just.. listening to Mattheu play. "I can ask around, as well. I might be able to drum up an actor or two."

"There's also Valksaorouth, who kills Annalise and Jonathan later slays to reclaim his mother's sword and save Queen Alarice." Amari mentions, now that she's skimming through the script again, "...and of course, Duke Grimthog Two-Head Grayhill, the main villain in this story. If you can think of anyone who's a decent actor, and for those two, relatively tall and imposing..."

Mabelle teases Amari for a moment, "We should recruit Duke Cristoph to play him".

Orland exhales a breath, "I could see if Lord Savio wishes to perform too. He is usually into preformances, but I will have to check if there are other obligations that he committed too and that's why he's not here. Otherwise I'd suggest an open casting for the needed roles, post them to the College again and then perhaps the criers on the streets. The Black Rose Theatre may know a few capable actors too, that said."

Gianna nods to Auda. "That might work," she tells the woman. "And I can also think of a number of College bards that could use an opportunity like this. No-one particularly well-known." Her shoulders rise and fall in a feathery shrug. "Everyone starts building their legend somewhere, of course."

"I suppose it's our fault for not being very forthcoming about what the play was meant to be about, exactly," Amari admits, with a caveat, "There is a worry, and danger, that certain people and dark entities might not appreciate this history of the Elven War be made widely known. That's my way of saying, be mindful of that, and if that makes any of you uncomfortable, I'll not think any less of you if you choose not to participate. It's an important story to me, to us, and I think to the Compact at large, so I think the risk is worth it but that's up to each of you to determine for yourselves."

"I can see Lord Savio being into the Thirteen Sorrows. I bet he'd make a great Duke Grimthog, actually.." Auda muses on that for a moment, before nodding to Orland. "I was going to ask the Theatre regulars, yeah."

Mattheu listens to the conversation, "I mean. I've got some practice towards acting..." He mumbles softly something about hazards of being a Ravashari, "If we absolutely need someone, I can do it."

Mabelle nods quietly as she concurs with Amari, "I will understand it as well. It is a lovely story but not without its.. concerns".

Orland grins at Auda's suggestion, "And he's an amazing swordsman himself. So, I could see it, but I won't speak for him, yet. I think he'd do well with the role." He is at least advocating for his husband but there's some reservation too, not wanting to completely offer him up without first speaking to him.

Gianna drops down to sit on the edge of the stage, crossing one leg over the other. "I'm disappointed he's not already involved," she tells Orland. Auda, she nods to. A flicker of a ghost of an almost-smile there.

Sometime after Orland sent off a messenger, one returns and he scoffs a little, "Lord Savio is on board if you would have him." That said, he shake his head, probably musing over something or rather. To Gianna he notes, "I'm sure he'd be here if something else wasn't holding him up."

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"Perfect!" Amari is happy how this has gone so far, but there's more. There's the actual rehearsal part, and fixing the script. This could be a very long night. "Let's run through this. Sorrow number one! To your marks!"

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