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A Primer on Battlefield Medicine

Come learn the basics of responding to urgent medical situations in dangerous environs.

(OOC: A training and RP event; Medeia will be offering Teaching 5 discounted trains in Dexterity, Command, Composure, Perception, Dodge, Leadership, Medicine, Medium Wpn, or Small Wpn. All are welcome to come and RP regardless of giving or getting training.)


Oct. 10, 2021, 5 p.m.

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Ian Mattheu Pasquale Thea Roran Haakon Merek



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Eswyndol - Walled Courtyard

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Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

The training yard at Eswyndol looks chaotic this spring day: Eswynd warriors are scattered around in various stages of combat practice while others are putting on their most absurdly dramatic acts as injured people in need of emergency treatment. Medeia is standing and watching the display, one corner of her mouth quirked in amusement. "I appreciate their commitment to the bit," She says, mostly to herself. The lady is dressed in a modest aeterna gown that's been patched in several places - notably the upper left arm and left shoulder blade. A belt of medical equipment is around her waist, hair braided back from her face, gloves on, and as she turns to greet the arrivals for the lesson there is a brilliant smile. "Welcome! I'm so glad to have you here. Today we're talking combat medicine. And combat. I hope you've come ready to /move/."

In the chaos of the yard, Ian is a point of stillness. He leans against a fence, his bright blue eyes moving constantly as he takes in the scene. There's something subtly withdrawn in his flat expression.

The cascading noise of small bells jingling along in every step echoes through the hall to the outdoors before Mattheu manages his way out to the yard. A grin on his lips as he nods to the Eswynd warriors that stare at him as he walks out to the yard, "Lady Medeia! Your guards seem to have their eye on me? Is it because they still harbor feelings which the Ravashari have exerted to them in the past? Or because they are still confused how I can pack away the drink?"

Pasquale looks curiously to the controlled chaos around them as he makes his way towards the hosts. His clothing is particularly ill suited to any task that might require much in the motion which makes it unlikely he is here to directly participate. Alberico, one of his retainers, does go off to join the trainees however. "Packing away the drink is always the greatest of mysteries."

1 Templar Knight guards, a playful black tortie kitten arrive, following Roran.

Thea makes her way into Eswynd. She looks relaxed, more than she has in recent months. Probably a good thing. "Hey Medeia,"Thea greets with a brief smile. There's a nod to Ian as well. And Pasquale and Mattheu.

Ian nods to Thea from wherever he's leaning against a fence.

Roran enters the courtyard with a bright smile on his face and with a long arch of a wave says a merry "Hello!" to everyone.

"Lord Mattheu, I'm fairly certain it has nothing to do with the Ravashari," Medeia says with a partial shrug. "Nor is it the drink - they can pack it away themselves. It's the bells, likely." She glances over at her personal guard, Loryk, who gives a nod. "Aye, the bells." The Eswynder moves off to join the others on the field as Pasquale and Alberico arrive. "Pasq! Hello! You... Can have a seat, if you like," She motions to the benches near the rail, "Or you can watch from the fence. It's good to see you." The lady gives THea a grin. "Come to stab a few people or teach them how to sew up wunds? Both?" Likely both. There is a grin on her lips as she turns and gives Roran a bow of her head. "Archlector Roran, what a lovely surprise! Welcome." Then, she turns to everyone and makes a broad, encompassing gesture. "I have brought together for you the best of our warriors to simulate a battle scenario for you. I'll be giving some basic instruction on how to manage yourself and help save the lives of others. Any questions before we get started?"

Haakon groans deadpan upon sighting Thea, "Ugh. They'll let any Countess in here, these days. Truly, the Compact faces dark days." He stands near Ian, ostensibly complaining to the Kennex.

Ian looks sidelong over to Haakon, then turns his head fully to give him an openly confused look. "Countess Thea? Has she done something?" Somewhere, far in the distance, the joke Haakon made sails through the air, having gone way over his head.

Pasquale glances to the suggested bench "Soon perhaps." he looks back to Medeia "It is good to see you too Medeia." Ian, Thea and Haakon all get polite nods before the joke makes him look to Thea again.

Mattheu nods as Medeia acknowledges that its the bells, and not something that he needs to be further on guard about. A look towards Ian and Haakon, "Your lordships," He gives both a deep flourished bow that is accompanied in a loud shattering of his bells in the dip. "I presume one of you would be able to help me with my ability to stay upright within a fight longer?"

Roran says "When I heard what you were doing here, I was absolutely delighted and just had to stop by to say good job." as he gives praise to Medeia. He goes to stand out of the way to watch.

Thea waves off Haakon's words, smirking. "Much like they let anyone into the city these day,"her eyes impish. Nothing to worry about folks! She smiles a moment at Medeia, telling her,"I can try to stab someone, though Im not in my usual armor." Her eyes drift to Roran, nodding,"Archlector. Hello."

Medeia's eyes flick to Haakon, her head shaking as she bites her lower lip to keep from laughing. "I think your wife may have told the guards that the countess is welcome on account of having been asked to be witness for the Wyrmguard heir." She is his wife. Talking about herself in the third person. Clearing her throat, she turns to Roran with a bright flush of color in her cheeks. "Oh! There was... No... Thank you. I rather enjoy teaching, and I decided it was time to offer lessons beyond just the herb primers." With a clap of her hands, she turns to the training yard, the Eswynd warriors all stopping their acts to look her way. "Alright! Those of you who were designated to be wounded, you've been given your roles. The rest of you, this is a battle simulation. Take it seriously, but do try to avoid thwacking any of the students, hm? At least, for this first round." She smiles as the men bow and take up arms. "Students, when someone falls, go to them. I can give some instruction and they will tell you their injury."

Haakon dips his head to Mattheu, "Aye, one or both of us." Then, to Ian as to whether Thea has done something, "I know not. Probably. I hear a body can't trust folk who deal with Prodigals and Kennexes".

Ian nods to Mattheu. "How to take pain, you mean?" He asks, blunt as ever. "I can teach you that, yes." He looks sidelong at Haakon again; it's probably gradually dawning on him that humor is happening here.

Mattheu nods to Ian with a soft jingling from the bells in his hair and upon head scarf. "Exactly. I wish to be a better meat shield for my family."

Pasquale lifts his eyes from the simulation to look across to Ian. "Are there actual formal techniques for that?"

"There's a trick you can learn to do with your mind." Ian replies to Pasquale. He detaches himself from the fence he's leaning against. Miraculously, it doesn't fall without him there holding it up. He returns his attention to Mattheu. "Let's go sit down."

"Afraid so,"Thea says after Haakon. "Though Im surprised Kennex allows me back most of the time,"her eyes landing on Ian. Thea hears Medeia and the mention of Witness and she grins. "So people are going to act broken? That sounds--great. Live dumm--er--demonstrations."

Pasquale gives a slight nod. "Well I for one am interested in hearing which tricks you use. If you don't mind a third?"

Mattheu pauses in his following Ian towards a seat and stares at Pasquale for a moment, "Erm. What do you believe we're to be doing m'lord?"

Medeia gives Mattheu and Ian a tilted-head look of concern, but there is definite interest as Pasquale expresses interest as well. Aside to Thea, she murmers, "I think we just call that being a mother," on the subject of mentally blocking out pain. With a shrug, she then nods and motions toward the yard. "Yes, live dummies." Her lips curve into a bigger smile as one Eswynder falls, wailing in a terrible performance. "And, there's our first."

Pasquale answers Mattheu with "Learning about pain and the techniques Ian uses to push through it." he looks back to Ian. "Did I misread?"

Ian nods towards Pasquale and gestures with an angle of his head towards the benches, a silent invitation. There's something subtly wrong about the way that he walks, an understated mechanical quality to his gait combined with his tendency to watch his own feet as he walks.

Ian has joined the intricately carved wooden benches.

Pasquale has joined the intricately carved wooden benches.

Mattheu grins to Pasquale, "Ah. You didn't misread. I've only heard the phrase /minding a third/ for--" the young lord gets a little red in the face as he trails off on that thought and is quick to follow Ian to the benches.

Mattheu has joined the intricately carved wooden benches.

Pasquale chuckles a little as he goes over to join the bench with Ian and Mattheu.

Ian sits down and starts talking to Pasquale and Mattheu in his low, flat voice, explaining something.

Thea watches the Eswynd guard fall and lifts an eyebrow. "Over dramatic,"she hushedly murmurs. "So much truth to that,"she tells Medeia with amusement.

Merek makes his way along and to the combat medic training to listen in, or maybe he has been listening, who knows. Either way, he takes the time to relax and watch.

When that first Eswynd warrior goes down, one of the others that had been standing back runs over to help. Medeia watches from the fence, waiting to see if they request any guidance on how best to help the 'injured' warrior. "They're hamming it up for me, and I can't tell if it is a compliment because they are having fun fulfilling my request or if it is an insult because they think it's stupid," Her response to Thea is thoughtful as she studies them all. The medic trainee calls out for assistance, so she goes over to the pair. "So, this warrior has taken a sword to his upper arm, the wound is deep and bleeding profusely. You will need to get armor and fabric out of the way so you can better tend the wound."

Thea isn't touching them, she's a medic. However, she will aide if needed. Seeing Merek, she nods her head. "Lord Merek. Hello."

1 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

a playful black tortie kitten have been dismissed.

Ian has taken Mattheu's hand and just casually put him into a wrist lock. Now he's holding it like that, looking into his student's eyes and talking in a low voice. Hopefully none of the medics are paying attention.

Mattheu appears to be easy to find a place of peace as Ian instructs him to then locking his hand and forearm into a lock.

Mattheu checks stamina and survival at hard. Mattheu fails.

Thea checks stamina and survival at hard. Thea is successful.

Medeia checks stamina and survival at hard. Medeia is successful.

Mattheu thought he had found a spot to relax to and hide away within. Though when Ian takes his arm and twists there's a loud yelp from the Rivenshari. "FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!"

Pasquale gives another of those soft chuckles from his seat near to Mattheu and Ian. "I dont think anyone could sit in a wrist lock for long without reacting the same way. It is one of those things where if you don't break it quickly you might as well just surrender."

Ian doesn't release Mattheu the moment he yells. Instead, he holds on for a minute or two more and keeps talking in his low, level voice, giving his student a chance to get past the initial shock of the experience. He does let go eventually, however. "It's a lot easier said than done, but if you practice, you'll get there." Then, to Pasquale: "I wasn't trying to teach him how to force his way out of it. It's just a means of practice that doesn't leave you dealing with bruises for days."

Pasquale nods to Ian before easing up to his feet. "Shouting helps some people." he offers to Mattheu. "Although I find it easier just to sort of step back from it myself." another nod is given to Ian. "It is always informative to spend time with you Ian." Time for him to head off though.

While Medeia coaches the trainee through the steps to tend a deep wound from a blade on the battlefield, she's also occasionally reminding him to focus and not get distracted by the fighting around him. As another fighter falls, she directs the medic to take note of that other fighter's location, see if another medic is getting to them, but to stay with their current patient until they have gotten them back into fighting form or off the battlefield. When done, she drifts back to the fence to observe the overall simulation. There is a glance toward the yelping, her eyes narrowing as Ian keeps Mattheu locked in place. She doesn't react once she's aware that everything is under control.

The training continues, with much drama from the Eswynd warriors and many orders given by Medeia.

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