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A Khati Storytime - Greed

In the Saffrons, it's highly important to share history and moments through storytelling. It makes an idea live on in the hearts and minds of the living while the teller one day will return to their ancestors. Part of a series of talks, the Warmonger of the Red City shares some stories of peoples from the Saffron. Starts as the sun will set and the fires are lit with the stars of memories in the sky looking down in Remembrance Square.

Tonight, the Seraceni of Ischia sponsor this khati story passed down where great beings such as dragons and angels teach us a lesson on greed and the bindings it can create.

Come and enjoy a story and traditional Saffron food and drink shared so it might live on in you. Clue shared afterwards.


Jan. 26, 2022, 5:30 p.m.

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Gianna Caprice Monique Avita Cassima Quenia




Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Remembrance Square

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Comments and Log

Gianna checks luck at normal. Gianna is successful.

Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne arrives, following Caprice.

Monique checks luck at normal. Monique is successful.

It's a winter evening in Arx as the sun has long since dipped while torches are lit among the white pillars here in Remembrance Square, casting a soft glow of gold while millions of stars above twinkle in cold silence. The moon is up high and quite large, sending a pale brilliance to the snow dusted area. Chilly!

There's a semi-circular gathering place with log benches around a large fire in a low lipped bronze firepit to give warmth to those attending. Throughout the storytelling, there's helpers that are offering on large plates all sorts of delicious things like flat breads and different dips and spices, while other attendants holding a large metal spike shave off succulently roasted meats on your flat breads to enjoy. Drinks too are brought, some hot some not.

There's a tall box about three meters wide and tall with a white canvas sheet, it looks like a stage of sorts but not for humans, something smaller. It's dark currently, not lit up.

3 Seraceni Corsairs, 2 Ischian Mariner, Faizal, A Judgmental Bearded Vulture arrive, following Avita.

3 Seraceni Corsairs, 2 Ischian Mariner, Faizal, A Judgmental Bearded Vulture leave, following Avita.

3 Seraceni Corsairs, 2 Ischian Mariner, Faizal, A Judgmental Bearded Vulture arrive, following Avita.

Caprice has joined the a large tree casting the perfect amount of shade.

Gianna strides into Remembrance Square. She is not a typical sight in Pravus ward, and tonight she's bundled up and clad in black with golden quills. While her expression is normally cool, tonight it is stony.

Caprice's footsteps are quiet; her clothes are loudly colored. A bit of her face shows from under her hat but the rest of her has disappeared under fox-fur red and Velenosa violet. Finding herself a place on a log bench, she tucks her layers close so as not to take up two seats for the performance.

Monique makes her way to Remembrance Square in the chill of fresh winter, wrapped in cloak and boots, making prints through the fresh snow. She gladly accepts a glass of something warm before turning to greet the other attendees. There's a low dip of her head to Gianna. "Nightingale. I grieve the loss of one of the College's finest. I'm sorry."

Avita arrived some time before the crowd, having found herself somewhere to settle in where she can listen to the story, and -- for once -- not draw attention to herself. Whatever outfit she has on is hidden beneath the voluminous folds of a powdery blue velvet cloak with winter wolf fur trim. There is an idle sort of pleasantry to her expression, for those that don't know her well enough to tell the difference in her moods.

Cassima has come to the storytime, and she looks about before settling. Her eyes draw over to Gianna and she smiles before she moves over to sit .. she has some attendants bring her a dish of things to snack on as she waits for the storyteller

Three myrmidons pass around blankets to only a few people. Avita and Gianna. Those blankets sure do look warm. They're the softest of wools dyed a deep green with bright emerald silk stitching in a faceted gem repeating pattern. Beautiful, warm, oh so comfy. Alas, too small to be shared by two but just right for one person to be toasty! Maybe they could be shared. You just have to try, right?

From out of the shadows and behind the box comes a terribly gaunt yet muscled figure painted completely black with unusual markings where far too pale flesh can be seen has symbols showing. Some symbols on his body are a large painted white moon, a blue male figurine, a green female figurine. Green and gold painted snakes wrap around him as well. The mask is most unusual, for where the eyes are, you see each eye actually glows with a pale blue light of their own.

The figure looks around the small crowd in silence before it reaches into a small pouch at its side, letting golden sand be flung on the snow and white stone as it glitters from the bonfire.

The pale glowing eyes watch as it walks around the semi-circle, looking right at you. From behind the mask the black figure speaks in a dead, stoic voice from decayed lungs as black long fingers with gold sandy dust sparkle with the light of the fire as if weaving a web. "We recognise those who came before us and on the lands we are on this evening and honour them, for their history is ours to guard and protect. And together, we step across the dunes of time, across the sands of the past and look back with our hearts to what once was and the stories are remembered. Of moments split apart but connected in spirit."

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers arrive, following Raven.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers leave, following Raven.

Gianna accepts the blanket from the myrmidon with a murmured word of thanks. She tucks it under her furs for an added bit of warmth and then accepts her own glass of something warm. "Thank you," she murmurs to Monique. An inclination of her head in Avita's directions before she turns her attention to the stage.

The stage screen behind the masked figure lights up like magic. The masked storyteller is standing before it while action happens behind him.

"We thank the house of Seraceni for hosting this storytime, may their names be praised and remembered for their care and guardianship of wisdom from the Saffrons and beyond. For if we can find some wisdom tonight and go away a little more wiser, then we will have unlocked a small tool to be used against greed."

And so the storyteller begins his story, walking along the gold-dusted snow.

"Before leopards had spots and tigers their stripes, the sisters walked within their garden and groves as all things sang to the song of creation. Destiny loomed high in the sky as the conductor of the wondrous song of creation and to ensure all sang together in unity as one, with its angel seeking out those who strayed and put them back on the right course. This was good, and the world went on."

The stage has shadows of a multitude of different plants and animals with two sisters walking through the world. But a large wolf on a cliff can be seen, howling by itself above a tiny pack of little wolves.

"At that time, the primordia Wolf sang her own song and did as she pleased, for while she loved to sing she had her own pack to lead and she led her own songs. The Angel heard the song and reported it to Destiny who spoke with the sisters."

On the stage, the moon's angel flies to it a moment as it flutters in the sky. The moon then grows bigger and the two sisters walk towards it. They all seem to be talking, if a moon shape can talk.

Gianna draws her furs and blanket more tightly around herself, her eyes narrowing at the screen. Maybe she is too grumpy for storytime.

Avita returns to nod of Gianna's head with one of her own, her hands clasping neatly in her lap as she returns to watching the performance. When her House is mentioned in their support of the Saffron and the stories they have to share, her smile grows slightly broader, head bowing a little more deeply, one hand lifting from her lap to press fingertips against her chest as though she would bow in her seated position. She does not, however, interrupt. In fact, she seems appropriately enthralled by the goings on here today, sunlit eyes watching with rapt attentions as the angel flutters by.

Cassima smiles softly as she listens to the story, she looks very enthralled in the story as she looks to the blankets with a gentle smile. She moves a little closer to the fire. She dose not interrupt but she listens to the story as it evolves and she looks on with some affection as she closes her eyes. She cant help it - always closes her eyes with stories.

"After many verses being sung, sister Dream worried that not all was how it could be as she desired to inspire and encourage her creations and children to be more, do more. And hearing Wolf's voice against the many, she was convinced by Wolf that all things should sing how they desired for they all had life and dreams of their own. Sister Nightmare didn't like this, it wasn't orderly and forbade it. But Dream spoke with Wolf and so Destiny was slain and his pale dead skull floated in the sky."

The moon shrinks and floats upwards after Wolf attacks it, and the sisters move off. From the moon's death, a cloud of insects fly away, a crown moves away and other things seem to erupt from the event. Many other figures can be seen, dragons and figures of all types, moving around in a garden in fright and chaos.

"The children of the sisters saw the death of Destiny and the world shook as pieces of its body fell. Some had a hunger gnaw at them deeply and desired the power that Destiny held and searched for the pieces that fell, a great hunger moving over many things and beings as some sought the pyros that was hidden away. Greed moved and grew."

And so the lights in the stage flutter and darkness takes the whole screen for a moment. Until, that is, a light shines and a female figure with others can be seen.

Cassima is overheard praising Seraceni.

Monique listens, rapt, to the story, leaning in with her lips just hovering over the mug of warm brew. So caught up, she doesn't even take a drink, for fear of missing a word or moment.

Gianna watches and listens; sometimes her hand strays to the golden pin she wears, the songbird holding the quill.

"There was at that time, a young and beautiful princess who was a queen to all green dragons as much as the white was king to all dragons. She delighted in tricks and follies, enjoying how it entertained her while others fell for her sharp wit. Not out of sheer malice, did she do these tricks. She desired to experience more, and after doing so much herself, how wonderfully funny and entertaining it was to move pieces that had their own free will to fall for her tricks and see what they do, perhaps they would surprise her. And as she had already tasted a bit of the power from the sister of the fallen, once tasted she wanted more. And so she moved across the world as only a mighty and great queen can do, seeking."

The light of the stage turns an eerie green for a moment, and the masked figure tosses something in the bonfire which sends a bunch of green sparkles upwards to the sky with a flash. The female figure transforms into a dragon and seems to fly high above in the clouds while the world dizzyingly turns.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Quenia arrives somewhat late to the storytelling event. Winter and cold do not mix with her which may explain the reason, that or the fact that she just got over a very serious injury and she's been taking it as easy as possible.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: There is a semi-circle of benches with a low lipped bronze firepit that has a large fire where a masked storyteller stands and talks. Behind the storyteller is a large yet odd looking stage without a platform, just a white canvas. It becomes apparent that the stage is for shadow play being done while the story is taking place. Throughout the story, there's attendants offering delicious Saffron foods and drinks to those gathered.

Quenia has joined the a large tree casting the perfect amount of shade.

"The Angel of Destiny was alarmed now, for his sacred position to guide the song of creation had been fractured. And as Destiny fell, the great Queen of Beginnings and Ends for the end of destiny had brought about the beginning of many more things. The angel of order fled as the song of Wolf rose higher and higher to keep that pale skull asleep in the night sky which is why we sleep at night. For while the great conductor of the song of creation may no longer be alive as we understand it, the presence still touches on this world and while it slumbers in the night sky to the song of Wolf's children, it makes us sleep. And so the angel fled and crossed the vast ocean, hiding among the elves as one of them."

The stage has a male figure that has wings and flies across a city and ocean, past forests and mountains until it looks like it's at a frozen throne. The lights are more blue-ish right now.

"The Angel of destiny fled and was sad, for his god was no longer and none would help him as death had not been encountered before. And so he went beyond and found a queen of such power, and she held a promise out to him. Serve her, and she would ensure that nothing further would change that he might find a way to undo what had been done. The Angel accepted and a clear light blue gem of zircon was given, as clear and blue as the coldest ice. And so the angel went out and continued serving."

The figure flies away from the frozen throne and across mountains until it arrives in a forest with little people. It's wings drop and the figure looks like the other little people.

Cassima opens her eyes as she is nudged and she pops some snacks to her lips.. She mmms a little as she watches the shadows a moment with a little smile "it is better with eyes open." she giggles and she leans in and she smiles as she watches the display "this is good." she decides and leans forth to put her elbows on her knees to watch

Gianna does finally take a sip of her drink, watching the flickering lights and shadowy shapes with gold glittering at her ears and fingers.

Quenia settles in among the benches and takes a seat on the edge of one of them. She pulls her warm garments around her, hugging them tightly to her. There's lots of furs there, covering the Lycene woman, as though she fears facing a blizzard. She also might have brought a blanket with her, which she drapes over her legs now to add to her warmth.

"And so the angel found elves, for things were changing. But it was here among these elves, that the mighty angel saw the most beautiful elf queen with emeralds in her green hair. He witnessed how she taught the elves the joy of tricks and follies which continue this day to relieve the boredom that comes from having done anything and everything already. The Angel saw all this chaos of these green elves and of course, found it terrible for his purpose is to bring order and while his god was asleep in the sky, he still desired to serve. And did he not find a new Queen to serve? A queen who promised that nothing would change so he might have an opportunity to undo the first murder? And so the great angel with great effort made a tremendous gift for this queen of the elves."

The stage has the male figure go off from the forest, past mountains and in a fortress that looks like ice as the lights turn a blue hue. It seems to be working over a table while a crowned figure watches from a frozen throne. It then flies away back to the forest and the lights turn an emerald green.

"The angel toiled on his task. A gift of near limitless value, for every emerald sparkled with the rare pyros she so coveted. He returned to the elves and their green queen and presented the gift. The green queen's heart was sparked with life, she remembered the taste of pyros like the sweetest honey and with great desire, she took the gift. But alas, with greed comes the bindings that aren't always seen when we reach out to take what we blindly desire. The Angel trapped and bound the great green queen and in doing so, hauled her to the beyond for she traded her immortal being for the precious desire of the beautiful and powerful gems. For a young queen who loved tricks and follies, she fell for one herself. And those emeralds became her namesake."

The masked figure throws something in the fire which explodes with a loud noise and sparkles of gold and green erupt and flash with popping noises. The smoke clears as the masked figure continues to speak.

"For ages and lifetimes she was trapped there until one moment a slave dreamed true, and dared greatly to walk out of the confines of his own dream to the beyond, to rescue this princess of the first children that was trapped in dark dreams. But the story of those two souls who acted as one as love strengthened them and how he freed her is a story for another time, this story is about the bounds that greed makes, but like all bindings, they can be broken."

At the tale's conclusion, Monique is on the edge of her seat, looking as if she would pay dearly for 'a tale for another time' to be now.

Gianna drains her glass, stamping her feet gently to warm herself.

Caprice's head tilts slightly as the story progresses - a sign of active listening. Further proof of engagement comes in the form of a tiny jump at the explosive, sparkly effect. She stifles the surprised chuckle and settles again, hugging herself as the brief pull out of the moment reminds her of the cold.

Avita is overheard praising Titus: One day I will get over my growing bitterness at not being better able to have these stories told and appreciated on a larger scale, but for now ... I will just appreciate Lord Titus's ability to tell a story. He never bores me.

And so the masked figure now stands in front of the stage and the stage's lights dim to just a low green. The blue glowing eyes from behind the mask are looking at each of you as snow again begins to fall silently and steadily. A chilling breeze floats through the Square as winter's fingers seem to search and find hold even under the most comforting of clothes or blankets.

"There are many stories where the khati have encountered the green queen. Each time, they paid a great cost and with corruption and greed, it weaves its way through all things and beings great and small. So be on your guard, lest you fall for her tricks and your folly entertains her. And should you come across a most beautiful and regal queen with green hair and emeralds, treat her with respect lest your bones be ground under her claws and her judgement dooms you."

"Greed is a powerful thing we must be on watch for, and we must thank those before us including the great green queen that we might learn, for no one is above or below mistakes. Greed has a power itself that robs you from making wise decisions and in your blindness, makes us fools. Greed's cost may seem tiny or not even there at the beginning, but it robs, steals, kills and destroys all that you hold and hurts others. Greed has us diverge from our purpose. So prize the wisdom in your blood and never want more than what our leaders and our mothers bid us to have and honour all of our mothers and sisters for they are the life bringers to this world. This story now is not mine to hold, but yours to live on in your heart."

And with that, the figure throws something into the fire and the flames turn green until they'll die out.

Quenia does not seem surprised by the ending of the story, and for a moment she remains quiet and thoughtful as she ruminates on the tale that was told. She politely claps for the masked storyteller, however, to show that she heard the tale and appreciates it.

Gianna manages to manuver her empty glass and applaud. "It will live on and it will spread," she tells the masked figure.

Caprice is overheard praising Seraceni.

Caprice is overheard praising Titus.

Gianna is overheard praising Titus: Thank you for the tale.

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