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~Dance of Blades~

Dance of Blades

~Come dressed in gowns to witness or participate in the Dance of Blades.~

Princess Terese Valardin is hosting an unique one of a kind evening of dancing but it's not your normal everyday typical dance. The dress code is restricted...If you want to spar you must do so dressed only in a gown and wielding a blade of sorts. Don't get blood on your gown when you are there.

Join Princess Terese Valardin and those brave enough to spar in gowns at The Academy of Chivalric Arts. Rumor has it there will be drinks, there will be blood and there will be a lot to talk about by the end of the night.

@mail Terese if you want to spar so she can have an idea of how many fighters there will be.


May 14, 2022, 3 p.m.

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Caspian Kritr Gwenys Gianna Celine Denica Gabriella Mikani Savio




Academy of Chivalric Arts - Hastilude

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Comments and Log

Terese is here standing at the enterence of the tournament grounds built here outside of the Academy. "Welcome all of you, so the idea is to duel while wearing gowns. I am going to let Caspian over see what attire is being worn and weapon used to make it a fair match. I was thinking only till first blood but I will leave that up to Caspian and the people whom wish to duel," she says after greeting everyone formally with a bow. Terese herself is wearing a gown, her favored longsword sheathed at her side.

Caspian twirls in his dress, feeling pretty, oh so pretty! he looks to the others as terese speaks, "first blood, first rip, first yield.. honestly its up to the people smashing weapons at eachother! Its all about looking utterly fantastic while wielding your weapons!"

Kritr has showed up wearing a blue-black kilt with a custom plaid. His tattoos extend halfway down his chest, shaved around each tattoo. He does at least wear boots and a belt so that the skirt doesn't fall down. "My first event here in the city was a melee in the Lycene Ward. I wore only a little more than this."

It it has to do with sparring, you can bet Gwenys will be there, even if she has to wear a gown to do so. The gown she did choose is an exotic leather affair in Valardin colors of blue and white, of simple but stylish design, showing off plenty of the Princess' scarred skin. She's wearing not one, but two swords, her favored tarnished greatsword slung on her back and Oathbinder, the sword of House Valardin at her hip. She nods to the instructions when her cousing voices them, "I'd prefer first blood to first rip, I kinda like this dress, actually."

Kritr heads over to draw a blunted greataxe out of the chest weapon rack. "Not going to draw a lot of blood with these." He gestures to Gwenys with the axe. "And blood can ruin a dress." Kritr adds. "I am Krit Clearlake."

"Alright the terms have been accepted it seems. You are more then welcome to use any of the practice weapons," Terese replies warmly. "Caspian will let you know when to begin and then we will go from there," she states, doing her best not to move around to much while wearing a gown herself.

Zane, a tall and silent servant, Robyn, an artful archeress, Vaeri, a Prismed Scarab Marine arrive, following Venturo.


Gwenys takes blunted practice greatsword from Weapon Rack.

Kritr gets blunted practice greatsword from Weapon Rack.

Caspian gives a bright smile to Gwenys, "Well.. not sure you can draw blood without getting a rip unless someone is being awfully nice!" he claps his hands together and grins, "since we are not using true armor i would suggest everyone grab some practice weapons. would hate to see an alaracite blade take someone's arm off!" he laughs and moves to the ringside. he looks to Terese to make sure they can begin but calls out in a loud voice. "Welcome my friends! welcome to Dance of Blades! The city is full of blade masters and warrior. Masters at arms abound! but few is the number of those brave enough and skilled enough to twirl in the silks of a gown while dodging the steel of a foe! so we welcome you to do just that! to test yourselves and to look so FINE while doing so!!"

Kritr wields blunted practice greatsword.

Terese gets red rose leather rose accessory from a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

Terese puts red rose leather rose accessory in a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

Terese gets blue rose hairpin from a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

Terese puts blue rose hairpin in a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

Terese gets practice gear from Armor Rack.

Terese drops practice gear.

Terese gets practice gear from Armor Rack.

Terese gets practice gear.

Terese puts practice gear in Armor Rack.

Terese puts practice gear in Armor Rack.

"There are many ways to get blood out of clothes," Gwenys replies with a bit of a shrug as she moves over to the weapon rack and pulls one of the practice greatswords from it, testing its balance with a touch of a frown before returning the other's introductions, "Gwenys Valardin" . Caspian's quip about ripping just gets a chortle, "That's why I went with short and sleeveless, less to rip." She'll stay quiet through the rest of his spiel, though.

Gwenys wields blunted practice greatsword.

Terese smiles and chuckles lightly as Caspian joins her and does the offical introduction. "Alright if you both are ready then take your places in the fighting pit," Terese replies. "Would you agree they are prepared," she asks Caspian as she awaits the dueling pair to prepare themselves for the first match

Kritr nods to Gwenys. "Lots of Valardin Princesses know how to fight." Kritr says. He gestures to Terese. "I fought your sister at the Gauntlet."

Gianna is apparently announced upon entry as 'Nightingale Gianna Delvecchio, Head of the Bard's College, here for the Dance of Blades'. Gianna is far too composed to give the person announcing her a funny look. She even tilts her head a little higher, like maybe she's enjoying this. In any case, she sweeps in clad in a juniper-green gown and sparkling emeralds.

Caspian moves over and inspects the pair, first to Kritr. he looks over the Lord and gives a nod at skirt. "excellent choice my lord. the whole ensemble is marvelous. both fown and not at the same time and the tweed is excellent!" he gives a bright smile, checking the training weapon before looking to Gwennys "and you.. well the words would not do that gown justice. And the corset just.." whe sighs dramatically, "i have a weakness..." he laughs then, stepping back and motioning the pair. "they are Ready! i present to you, Lord Kritr verses Princess Gwenys! Win or loose they both look simply Stunning!"

Gwenys drops a wink for Caspian and his weakness of corsets as she moves into the fighting pit, kicking off her boots as she goes. Squaring up, she takes a couple of practice swings with the practice blade before holding it at the ready, waiting for the fight to begin.

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Celine.

Kritr salutes Gwenys with the heavy axe, blunted. "I've never seen you fight Princess. I hope you are at least as good as her." He takes up a guarded position, so that at least he doesn't lose on the first pass.

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A reserved assistant named Stojan, 3 Thrax Guards, An ostentatious curator named Sivas, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, A nondescript man named Cato arrive, following Denica.

Celine arrives shortly after the start of the first matching, and quickly finds herself a place to sit on the benches that will give her a clear vantage point of the various pairings. She sits herself down, hitches her daintily shod feet to the bench in front of the one on which she sits, and plonks her elbows on her knees so she can prop her chin upon folded knuckles. "Yes, cousin! You have this!" she calls when she notes Gwenys is matched with Kritr.

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Perhaps she is punctual typically, or maybe not, still, the princess Thrax arrives late and with a light bounce in her step. It's obvious by the ever twinkle in her eyes, that this is a new place to her. Unfamiliar surroundings, soso she slips her hands into her jacket pockets, and relaxes her stance while her guards no doubt do a sweep of the room, even if it's mostly out of formalities. The short artist wiggles her eyebrows curiously as she sees a fight already under way. This is clearly why she is here, to watch the blow-by-blows that are to occur. Dressed appropriately or not, she probably has a few smears of paint across her dress, or that unfortunate white velvet. Glancing around, she finds an appropriate place to sit and saunters over in that direction, with a confident stride. Sitting down with little fan-fare she pulls out a small sharkskin covered flask, uncorks it and takes a sip as she waits for things to happen. Denica flashes a smile at Caspian, their presumable fight official, and waving a hand at Griffin and Gianna out of recognition.

Gwenys laughs at her opponent's last, a crooked smirk curling on her lips that tugs at the large scar across her cheek. "Well, you're about to find out," she quips confidently and leaves little time for him to contemplate her answer before charging in like the reckless fighter that she is, practice blade swinging as she steps into the swing with a half spin to follow through, her white ponytail bouncing along behind her as she makes contact at some point while dodging out of the way of Kritr's axe.

Gianna gathers her skirts and settles into a spot to watch. She gives a nod to people she recognizes, which is most people. "Who else is fighting?" she asks, her eyes on the combatants already at it.

Kritr is used to fighting in armor, the kilt he is wearing doesn't give him any pause, but the idea that he has to dodge Gwenys' blows in order to land one of his own is something he doesn't grasp quickly enough. She lands that first solid blow and elicits a laugh from Kritr. "Well STRUCK!" HE calls out, flapping at his buttcheeks to ensure that the blow hasn't rendered him immodest. "Again?"

Fiore, the Sarcastic Attendant, Vicenta, a fawn Highhill Mastiff pup arrive, following Gabriella.

Celine spots Caspian and Terese and wiggles bejewelled fingers their way.

Terese smiles as more people arrive and she offeres them a respectful bow in greeting before her attention is drawn back to Kritr and Gwenys whom are using some practice weapons to spar in their selected gowns. Terese's expression sparkles with the excitement of the spar, watching and not saying much other then politely greeting those who arrive late

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Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Ellis Avonmore - Steward and First Mate arrive, following Mikani.

The line has been dismissed by Terese.

Caspian applauds and cheers loudly, "Well done to both our fighters! we have our first victor! Princess Gwenys will take the honor of first blood!" he laughs merrily, "Clearly, the stunning dress gave her the advantage!" he looks to the onlookers, giving smiles and waves to the familiar faces. "Welcome one and all! There is barrier to entry save that you wear a dress! if you dont have one.. well you can wear mine an dill finds a robe or something!" he laughs loudly, "Do we have more fighters willing to test their blade and their dresses?! or shall we see the rematch!"

The line has been dismissed by Terese.

"Thanks," Gwenys replies, maybe a touch sheepish when the bout is over so quickly, but mostly just smug as she lowers the practice blade and offers a bow in Kritr's direction. "It was a pleasure, but maybe we should let others get their chance, hrm?" She adds, before retreating from the fighting ring and heading off to replace the training greatsword in it's rack.

Catching Gianna's question, Denica shrugs her shoulders as she sips from her flask, seeming content to watch people pummel each other. "No a clue, but I'll fight anyone, any time!," she announces, winking at no one in particular. Rather, she settles in and is probably going to be rowdy, but it's a spar, so why not. "Hit them harder!," she calls out, not specific in her announcement, but really she's just being encouraging. When Caspian calls for volunteers, this is her time to shine, she holds up a hand, "I've got a dress and a sunny disposition," she adds with a smirk.

Gianna tips her chin up and calls out, "I'll fight a match if need be." She projects really well.

Kritr puts blunted practice greatsword in Weapon Rack.

"That and it's been decided in order to protect limb and gowns we are using the practice weapons in the weapon rack. I will also lend my gown to anyone whom maybe lacking and find something else to wear," she offers. "Don't be shy if you would like to have a thrill of showing off your gown and skills with a blade," she states

Kritr strolls over to put his weapon in the weapon rack, crossing his arms over his bare chest to watch whoever is interested in going next.

Caspian points to Denica and Gianna, "The sunny disposition vs the Voice that is Heard!! grab some training weapons and join me in the ring!" he throws his arms wide, "We have a real treat my friends! Princess Denica of thrax, the Architect of Art herself and the Nightingale Gianna! And both in such Fabulous attire.. we friends we are blessed!" he beams a bright smile, motioning to the training racks to the two women.

Gwenys puts blunted practice greatsword in Weapon Rack.

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Denica gets blunted practice dagger from Weapon Rack.

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Denica wields blunted practice dagger.

Gianna gets blunted practice dagger from Weapon Rack.

Gianna wields blunted practice dagger.

Gianna has joined the Jousting and Training pits.

Gabriella slips in quietly and gives a warm smile as she gazes around the proceedings. This is where the action was, or so she heard. She fingers Gluttony idly, a curious expression flashing across her features. She leans forward as the fight draws closer to beginning, eager to see some good action.

Gianna rises from her seat and strides over toward the weapon rack. She selects one of the daggers, frowns, and then picks up another in her other hand. Then she swaps hands and puts one of the daggers back, apparently liking the other better. That done, she strolls over to the training pit and gives her gown's skirt a swish.

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Celine clap-clap-claps for Gwenys before pulling a face at what Terese says. She pulls her elbows from her knees and briefly lifts her voice that it might carry to her cousin. "I might be impulsive at times, but I'm wise enough to know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I'm happy to watch those that are more able than I." A grin slides across her lips and turns her attention back to the next set of pairings.

Hearing her name, the short princess takes a long swig from her flask before tucking it away. Shrugging off the white velvet jacket, she hands it to her assistant who folds it carefully. Walking over to the rack, she selects a practice weapon, exchanging it for the blade she normally wears on her waist. A grin is given to Caspian for his kind words before she looks at Gianna, "looking forward to this, I can't recall the last time I've fought in front of a crowd." And with that, she's ready to roll, leaping forward with weapon drawn and smile wide.

Mikani enters in a swirl of sea silk. She looks around at all the guests. She surveys her cousin she goes to his side. She elbows Caspian in greeting.

Gwenys is overheard praising Caspian.

Gwenys is overheard praising Terese.

Gianna inclines her head to Denica. "Probably more recently for me, over at the Hart," she says, her tone light. And then the bout begins, and her demeanour changes immediately, her gaze becoming more calculating and cold. She circles, taking measure of her opponent with a few quick strikes that don't land. The shorter princess is nimbler than the bard.

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There are two things that bring joy for Denica Thrax, art and war. Today it is the later and she is moving around the sparing floor, in a manner that is anything but princess-like. Her style of fighting is better served to the streets, but still there is an element of grace to it. Like she is almost dancing at times, probably because she is having fun. The practice weapon is unusual for her, but she wields it well enough, making sure that Gianna is okay, after each blow she lands. It's a friendly fight, after all! When the fight is over after her partner concedes, she gives Gianna warm smile, "well that was fun, well done!," she says ever encouraging as she waves her dagger to encourage others to par-take.

Celine sits up straigher and clap claps for Denica.

Caspian burts forth in a cheer, "Well done! Princess Denica and the nightingale, well done both of you! Princess Denica proves that she can wield a dagger just as nimbly as a brush and claims the victory! dont worry.. im sure the dresses remain unharmed.. and isnt that what we all are worried about?" his playful smile lights up as he looks to the crowd, "Who else would like to test their skill in the ring? Their skill with the blade and their footwork! dont let the dress tangle your legs up!"

Gianna assures Denica she is fine every time she gets hit - though a bit curtly, perhaps. When she finally holds up her hands and steps back, she announces, "I cede. Well fought," she tells the princess, inclining her head to the woman. She takes a moment to examine one of the more delicate bits of lace on her gown, her brow furrowing, but doesn't protest. And then she's returning her practice blade to the rack.

Gianna puts blunted practice dagger in Weapon Rack.

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"You are both better looking in a dress than I could ever be." Kritr agrees, clapping his hands appreciatively.

Terese smiles, chuckling as she claps for all the fighters. "Everyone is looking fabulous and doing amazing. I wonder whom might be next, Caspian, shall size up our next contestants," she states.

Mikani claps at the end of the duel.

Gabriella shows her appreciation through a round of applause.

From her seat, Gwenys adds her applause to the others for the bout well fought, adjusting her various weaponry on her person for maximum comfort.

Zane, a tall and silent servant, Robyn, an artful archeress, Vaeri, a Prismed Scarab Marine leave, following Venturo.

Celine cups her hands around her mouth and calls in the direction of the arena. "Cousin Terese! How about you and Champion Caspian test yourselves one against the other? A masterclass, if you will!" She grins, almondine eyes crinkling with amusement as she lays that challenge down. "I'll treat you to an afternoon of shopping should you win!" Now there's a offer that shouldn't be swept under the rug.

Returning back to her seat, she takes out her flash again and uncorks it for a sip. Looking contented, she settles in to watch the rest of the fight. She does offer a drink to her sparing partner, Gianna, should she want some. Otherwise, Denica seems content to watch the festivities for now.

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Gianna leans over to take the task from Denica with a hint of an almost-smile gracing her lips. Which is about as good as anyone ever gets. If she sniffs the contents first, it's surreptitious. A long sip is taken and she passes the flask back to Denica. "I quite enjoyed your performance at Artshall. I meant to send a note."

Caspian looks to Celina and laughs, "masterclass? only at falling on my arse! i tried to trounce around in highheels earlier and.. well it was not pretty!" he gives bark of laughter and points to mikani and Gabriella, "Fortunately, you will all be saved that horrible sight a little while longer, as we have our next two fighters!! Lady Mikani, a masterful fighter and looking stunning in her crimson gown vs Princess Gabriella! not to be outdone she is turning all the eyes in her own scarlet dress and CORSET! and we all know what6 i think about those!" he gives a warm grin and motions to the ring, "Come my friends come! lets see those blades fly and those dresses swirl!"

"Once eveyone else has had a chance to prove themselves if Champion Caspian would like to put on a show with me I will not turn down the challenge," Terese replies to Celine, but her focus is on the duels for now.

Mikani laughs at Celine's comment. "Caspian! You win and I will gift you with an amazing axe." She sides with her cousin as she steps to the ring to get her practice blade and ready herself for the fight.

Kritr nods his head. "I would like to see that. I have never seen the Champion fight in person."

Mikani takes blunted practice dagger from Weapon Rack.

Savio IS HERE. Fashionably late, in a purple mini-dress and heeled boots, all of which is worn with a confidence that suggests this may just be a normal day for him. He did arrive in time to gasp at Caspian, "What do you mean I missed the horrible sight?!"

Mikani wields blunted practice dagger.

Gabriella has to cover her mouth to stifle a laugh as she imagines Caspian falling over in high heels. She stretches out her stiff muscles before stepping from the bench and over to the weapon rack. It doesn't take her long to choose her weapon. She hoists a greatsword from the rack and heads into the ring.

Gabriella gets blunted practice greatsword from Weapon Rack.

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The non-gloved hand, which is altogether rather paint splattered does it's best to contain the amount of crinoline that Denica wears under her skirt. It's a task all of its own. Stojan returns with her jacket, but she waves it off, seeming to have warmed up from the spar. A smile forms on her lips appreciative of the compliment she receives and she exchanges one in return, "and I very much enjoyed your performance. The festival overall was such a delightful affair, it was inspiring to be surrounded by such amazing artists and performers," she says. Taking in a little breath, "this is exciting, I wonder how this one will go." Then she sees Savio arrive and Denica holds up her flask in toast to him, or greeting, or something one does while hoisting up a bit of booze.

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Gabriella wields blunted practice greatsword.

Spying Savio, Gianna tips her chin in his direction should he look her way. Thankfully Denica is also greeting him and Gianna is right nearby, so that's convenient. "It was, wasn't it? I ought to approach more people to join the College, I think. Though it's a shame there isn't a dedicate place for studying dance."

Denica puts blunted practice dagger in Weapon Rack.

Savio blows Gianna a kiss, mwah, that is both theatrical and sincere. Then he wanders over closer to the pair of them, Denica and Gianna, to inquire with amusement, "What have I missed? Duels for the legends, so far?"

Celine grins, not only for the pairing that's announced, but also for the vaguely promised matching of Terese and Caspian. She's offering a rippled applause for Mikani and Gabriella when she notes Savio's arrival and she instantly lifts a hand and waves it brightly to attract his attention as he moves closer to Denica and Gianna. "Princess Gabriella is about to test herself against the Lady Mikani, but then I do believe that your friend the lute-wielding champion will see how far his skills will serve him when tested again Princess Terese."

Gianna nods to Celine, though she notes, "Unfortunately I don't believe there are blunted practice lutes on the racks. Also, the idea of using a lute to hit things makes me wince." She shoots Savio a Look. "You hit things with instruments?"

Celine laughs to Gianna. "His lute made me wince too." Delivered deadpan.

"Caspian I am sure can give a lovely re-cap of all the matches as he prepares the next two fighters for the next duel," Terese says then chuckle lightly at the aspect of her and Caspian dueling later. "I think we shall still have to figure out who is the winner among all the pairs as well," she states. "I am sure we can find suitable practice weapons just like everyone else," she says

Taking a deep swig of whatever is in that flask, but given the flush on her cheeks, it's probably strong, the princess offers, "I once whittled the end of a paintbrush into a point and stabbed someone with it." It's a deadpan delivery, whether accurate or not, she offers that to the discussion of hitting people with instruments.

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"Fantastic," Savio praises with enthusiasm as Celine is kind enough to provide him with a summary of the events so far. At the Look from Gianna, he laughs, places a hand over his heart, and bows a bit to her as if in apology.

"This is my lute, of many notes
And you know it is my fondest hope
Not to treat it rough or wild
To hold it gentle, lovely, mild
Far from me to be careless, cruel
But in a pinch, yeah, I'd hit a fool."

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Kritr says, "Never underestimate the power of a sharp stick." Kritr says. "That's was the first weapon man ever had.""

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Gianna purses her lips gently and peers at Denica. "But why? I feel as though there's a story there."

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Gabriella raises her blade with a determined focus as she leaps forward in an arc of steel, her gown catching in the wind and billowing behind her majestically. Her first swing goes wide and she is only just able to twist out of the way of Mikani's blade. Another powerful swing soon follows and Gabriella is surprised to feel resistance. She almost drops her practice blade as she frets over Mikani. "I hope I didn't strike you too hard, you're not bleeding are you?"

Celine is overheard praising Terese.

Celine is overheard praising Caspian.

Mikani twirls the dagger in her hand a few times before she grips it well for the duel. She slides in close and misses Gabriella and is about to go in again when the long weapon strikes her. She laughs and sighs. "No. I'm fine. Good hit." Mikani praises Gabriella with a smile. "You did yourself proud."

Turn in line: Gabriella

Turn in line: Mikani

Mikani is overheard praising Caspian.

Mikani is overheard praising Terese.

Gabriella gives Mikani a warm smile before returning her greatsword and gliding her way to sit on the benches once more.

Kritr applauds again when that bout is over. "I don't object to another bout." Kritr says. "I've seen the style people are using."

Gabriella puts blunted practice greatsword in Weapon Rack.

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Mikani puts blunted practice dagger in Weapon Rack.

Gabriella is overheard praising Mikani.

Caspian gives a hearty cheer for the combatants! "Well done!! what a fight! it truly was so close! But with the very TIP i think Princess Gabriella takes this round!" he gives a grin to mikani, "i know.. sometimes that reach just seems unfair doesnt it." he laughs merrily before looking back to the stands. "Kritr has volunteered to go again! are there any who wish to dance with him?" he looks to Savio with a grin, "Perhaps my most illustrious Patron would! unless he is afraid of ruining such a fetching dress!!" in a lower voice to Savio he added, "you will need to teach me how to walk in heels later.. my ankles are still sore."

"Anyone wanting to spar again or spar for the first time, please stand over there," Terese says, motioning to where the outter edge of the fighting pit. "Once all the matches are finished Caspian might be challenging me," she states "Since I don't think he can turn down my cousin's request," she teases

Celine drags a linen-wrapped package into her lap and flips back the edges of the cloth to reveal the small picnic that she's brought with herself to the occasion. "Oh!" She pipes up on hearing Caspian toss Savio's name into the mix. "Yes. YES!" She points two fingers at her eyes, then points them at Savio's. "High heels! Show them how it is done!"

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"How do your ANKLES hurt?" Savio laughs, at Caspian's expense of course. "What did you do, fall off them? Caspian. For shame. For shame. But yes, I will be happy to take a turn at Lord Kritr if he wishes." He rubs his hands together, "What are we doing this to, first strike or to yield?" A grin at Kritr, "What d you say, do you accept?"

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Kritr strides over to get a smaller weapon this time from the weaponrack. "First touch." Kritr tells Savio. "I'm not the sort to yield easily."

Kritr gets blunted practice shortsword from Weapon Rack.

Kritr wields blunted practice shortsword.

Savio gets blunted practice shortsword from Weapon Rack.

Savio puts blunted practice shortsword in Weapon Rack.

Savio gets blunted practice longsword from Weapon Rack.

Savio wields blunted practice longsword.

Celine is overheard praising Terese.

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Caspian mumbled, "i swear every other step by ankle kept turning and it was like i was walking ON my ankles..." grumbles the rest inchorently

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Mikani laughs. "Oh poor widdle champion can't wear heels?" She teases Savio. "You know women learn how to do every dance a man does... but backwards and in heels." She teases Savio more.

Kritr strides back out and braces himself, guarding against Savio's attack.

"TOES Caspian, didn't I tell you TOES?" Savio scolds. Or tries to, it's difficult to scold when you're laughing. To Mikani, he wags a finger! "/I/ know my way around a pair of heels. Not to worry. You should speak to your cousin about this though!"

Mikani winks at Savio before looking at Caspian. "Need lessons? I'm sure I can give heel wearing lessons...."

"Don't even get me started on heels," Terese says with a shake of her head. "I shall keep my dignity by not attemping that today," she says. "Maybe Caspian and I can take lessons together," she suggests

Caspian nods to mikani, "i might at that.. i was thinking of getting some heels with little knives where the heels go.. but then i could barely stand up so i thought better of it.."

Savio wields blunted practice longsword.

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Savio takes to the appropriate area with Kritr, and when bth men are ready... the attack begins! First strike is Savio's, one that doesn't need to pull punches with blunted practice weapons like this, but he does grin and offer before standing down, "Enough, or again?"

Turn in line: Kritr

Turn in line: Savio

It's not entirely unfair exchange of blows. Kritr's lack of reach does him no favors though, and Savio lands the first and most telling blow. "I will let someone else go next." Kritr says. "I am still learning to fight one on one battles."

Terese gets a shimmering net of silver-wrought diamonds cast over a figure-hugging apricot mermaid dress jeweled in coral from a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

"It's all in the shoes," Savio issues advice about one on one fighting, with a little kick up of one heel. Listening to Savio is never a good idea, though, and especially not now.

Savio is overheard praising Kritr: Good sport, good tartan.

"Anyone else want another dance in the sands," Terese questions, looking about. "If not I guess that leaves you and I, if you shall," she says chuckling

Terese gets blunted practice longsword from Weapon Rack.

Terese wields blunted practice longsword.

Mikani kisses Caspian's cheek then slips out during the duel.

Mikani has left the Jousting and Training pits.

Caspian looks to the weapon rack to go find his practice blade, his dress (which he is totally wearing) swishes as he moves over, swaying his hips in a way that looked like it was meant to be seductive.. but honestly looked ridiculous. "Admit it princess. you just want to see if you can cut the dress off me!" he picks up the training knife and spins, his dress swirling out and his dagger flashing in the air and he moved i deftly. the blade caught the hem of his own dress and tugged it slightly causing him to stumble. "oh.. err.. im ready!"

Caspian takes blunted practice dagger from Weapon Rack.

Savio is overheard praising Caspian: He owes an apology to that gown.

Caspian wields blunted practice dagger.

Savio puts blunted practice longsword in Weapon Rack.

Gabriella crosses her legs and sits up straight, her interest in the coming duel clear.

Terese chuckles lightly as she smirks and draws one of the practice longswords, her own gown flowing more gracefully as she stands across from him and takes her stance. "Prehaps I am," she teases back with a little wink. "Would make the event memorable," she teases. "After you," she says, offering a bow before they start

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Savio is not laughing AT you Caspian, he is laughing with you! Well, maybe a little bit At. "What are you like?!" he cries, gesturing with both hands at the Seductive Approach to Terese that Caspian has made in his slinky dress! It's followed by the blade getting caught in the hem, and a stumble, and Savio buries his face in his hands while announcing to the ladies nearby, "I've failed him as a patron."

Terese checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Terese is successful.

Terese remains capable of fighting.

Terese checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Botch! Terese fails completely.

Terese is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Celine has left the Rising benches.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Walking in gown is hard for Terese, let alone fighting in one, it is her who really gets caught up in her gown as Caspian manages to land the majority of the blows, Terese only barely getting a hit in when she winds up triping and falling on top of Caspian, where he proceeds to wack her one last time. "Okay I yield," she says, chuckling and trying to stand and offering to help up the slightly squashed Champion

Terese puts blunted practice longsword in Weapon Rack.

Terese puts a shimmering net of silver-wrought diamonds cast over a figure-hugging apricot mermaid dress jeweled in coral in a twilight grey kit bag with dusky dragons upon the flap.

Kritr applauds again. "Well done." He allows. "Now I've seen you in action."

Caspian dances around terese, his dress swirling and slinking as he does so. oh its majestic, marvelous, captivating.. and entirely NOT because he was scared if he stopped moving he would tangle himself in his own dress. he lands blow after blow, only tripping himself up ocne or twice until the end. then.. oph how their graceful dance ends. as Terese lunges forward, landing a hit on him, his legs tangle up in the bottom of his dress. Betrayed by the slink! down the pair goes, terese landing squarely on top of him as legs and arms go splayed out like a squished bug under her. he manages to keep the where-with-all to bop her on the head once with the knife to win the fight.. bu to the onlookers nothign can be seen of the champions save for arms and legs.

Kritr says, "There are worse ways to lose a fight."

Celine might just be heard to groan a little as Terese gets owned by Caspian. "Let me tell you about /apples/ sometime!" she calls to her cousin, breaking off a corner of the pastry in her lap so it's small enough to pop into her mouth.

Denica is enjoying the fight, drinking from her flask, looking a little half-lidded as a result.

Gabriella laughs softly at Kritr's remark before giving the two fighters an eager cheer.

Terese checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Terese fails completely.

Savio's applause for the pair is genuine, amused, and laughing again as it ends in a flailing pile of fabric and limbs. "Honestly," he praises with hands out toward the both of them, "Be honest, isn't this really what we all came here to see? Exactly this."

Savio is overheard praising Terese: Practice makes perfect!

Terese in attempts to stand and help Caspian to stand as well Terese just winds up sliping and falling back ontop of poor Caspian as she is attempting to regain her composure laughing. "Are you still alive," she asks Caspian, not sure if she has officially squashed the Champion for good or not

"The think she is heavy enough to hurt you because she is used to wearing all that armor." Kritr notes.

Caspian checks stamina at hard. Caspian is successful.

Savio gets blunted practice longsword from Weapon Rack.

A cheery erupts for Caspian and Terese as they battle it out, and Denica seems ever delighted to watch. A little half-cocked, the princess covers her mouth with her gloved hand, the other tucks the flask away and clutches at her necklace. How demure. "Alright, anyone want to fight me?," she says suddenly, perhaps she's looking at the poet across the way, maybe not, but really, she's wiggling thick Islander eyebrows at Savio, lucky him.

Caspian goes to sit up as she begins to rise, "oh thank you. that wa--OOOOF" once mroe he is flattened underneath the woman, this time his limbs jerks slightly. his voice is muffled and he hopes with everything he has thats just a clump of dress in his mouth and not somethign else. "pwinceeff... wouldf you mind gewwing pofffhw owf mwee?"

Savio laughs at the eyebrow waggle sent his way and bows, "Nothing would make me happier. Champion vs Princess, round two? It's an entire theme! We love a theme!"

Caspian calls out from beneath terese "jwust swoo!"

Denica gets blunted practice dagger from Weapon Rack.

Terese checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Terese is successful.

Denica wields blunted practice dagger.

Savio wields blunted practice longsword.

The princess is up faster than you can say 'oyster' and she is shimmying towards the fighting floor. Sure, it's mostly a dance, and they are here to spar, but why not? It's that sort of shoulder shake as she snaps her fingers, perhaps it's her battle call. Her smile widens and she is snags a wooden weapon that she brandishes. "Don't hold back Amadeo!," she challenges and before she finishes her sentence the princess is barreling towards Savio. Does she fight like a royal? Nope, she's laying her moves down, shady and sharp.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Well you could try to help," she says, doing her best to finally stand up and then help Caspian to his feet. Finally after a bit of help from Caspian they are back on their feet and moving out of the way for the next pair of dueling partners. "Good fight by the way, sorry for squashing you," she says, blushing as she smooths out her gown and regains her composure to watch more spars

Gabriella stands and curtsies before making her way down the benches. "I had a lovely time but alas, duty calls. Thank you all for good times."

Savio blows Denica a kiss of her very own as he picks up the practice longsword again, "Wouldn't dream of it. Be careful though, or you'll get an awful song as a souvenir, win or lose."

Gabriella has left the Rising benches.

Fiore, the Sarcastic Attendant leaves, following Gabriella.

"What's the fun in being careful?," the princess asks, the smile on her lips widening as she starts to focus, knowing the bard is going to be a challenge. Light on her feet, she takes any opportunity to get a little silly, and so she throws in erratic little moves, just because.

Gianna has been pretty quiet for quite a while, sitting with her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands.

Kritr has left the Jousting and Training pits.

Savio promised not to hold back and he's not holding back, it's the fun of practice weapons! You're going to get bruised but probably not dead! If anyone ever wanted to see a princess in a puffy crinoline dress fight a prodigal in a purple bodice and skirt, now is absolutely the time. Savio does take the opportunity to tease her as wooden weapons crack together and knees suffer a blow or two, "You sure YOU aren't holding back?"

It's clear early on that Denica has her work cut out, and she seems to be thrilled to take on someone who's skill outshines her own. It's learning! Growth!! The princess is focused, light on her feet, she is especially short and she tries to use it advantage to Savio who is VERY tall compared to her. Each hit is felt, even when the practice weapons, and she moves her body accordingly. The smile never fades, she's having a great time and seems to enjoy a good fight. The rest of the world fades and she focuses fully on the Lord, watching him and his blade in equal measure. "Wielding words and weapons Amadeo? Watch out, you might cut yourself on your own wit!," she grins widely at that, eyes dancing with mirth.

Savio mmms, about cutting himself on his own wit. "No I won't, it's not that sharp."

Denica checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Denica is successful.

Denica remains capable of fighting.

Denica checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Denica marginally fails.

Denica is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Denica is overheard praising Savio: Words are a weapon, but a sword is pretty good too!

Denica is overheard praising Gianna: A performer -and- a fighter!

Denica is overheard praising Caspian: Great host!

Denica is overheard praising Terese: Great hostess!

Kritr is overheard praising Terese: A clever engaging activity.

There is something about a good fight that can sober one up, the hits, the dodges, it requires focus and the warmth of the rum begins to fade somewhere along the way. The princess has a focused look in her eyes, trying to get out of the way of those strong blows. Each one is felt, and a wince forms on her features, but it doesn't discourage her, no she's in until the end. The end comes eventually, it always does, and she is knocked down and cares little for the dust on her dress which fluffs around her, with so much crinoline. When she hits the ground, the smile broadens and she looks up at Savio, admiring the man's technique and probably his dress too. "That was so much FUN! Well fought and won!," she says a little breathless and a lot appreciative to him, and rather than standing up, she takes out her flask and sits cross-legged and takes a long swig of her drink, looking happy and content.

Savio is overheard praising Denica: Not to be underestimated!

Savio has to pay attention here as well, Denica is not an easy or helpless target, and she has a knack for evading the swings of the blunted practice sword! Many attempts do not connect or are glancing enough to just be a little tap, but in the end... enough blows do stack up to seat the princess in the sand. Savio laughs, using a free hand to fix one of his hair pins before he reaches to offer Denica a hand up. Or maybe he wants her flask, hard to say. "A pleasure, princess. I get the feeling this is not your first fight, dress or no dress, hmm?"

Caspian applauds, no longer being squished by the princess. "Well done both of you!! That was a marvelous display!! you did better than myself against Lord Savio countless times! you ever consider a career in Champions?! Its a type of art after all!"

"Everyone here today has shown such grace and skill," Terese agrees, hoping no one will even mention her triping several times and squishing Caspian. "If there are no other matches I think we can declare the offical dance over but everyone is welcome to look around the Academy if they have not had the chance or socialize here," she offers

Taking the hand, the princess hoists herself upwards with a little jump and then hands the flask to Savio. "There are things worth fighting for," she winks and then flashes a grin at Caspian. "Who knows! Everything can change in a moment. That's the beauty of life. No day is exactly the same! Thank you everyone, this was delightful!!," she says as her assistants Stojan and Sivas rush forward and gasp in unison at the sight of her pretty party dress. Looking aghast Stojan does not hand her the velvet jacket, rather he keeps it clutched protectively.

Kritr barks a laugh. "You're very kind Princess. Too kind. I showed neither grace nor skill."

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Terese gets Armor Rack.

Caspian gives Terese a bow, smiling broadly, "Thank you for hosting such a marvelous event! and for helping thin out my paunch" he tapped his stomach with a wink. "And thank you to all who took part! this was marvelous!!"

Savio puts blunted practice longsword in Weapon Rack.

Denica puts blunted practice dagger in Weapon Rack.

Kritr puts blunted practice shortsword in Weapon Rack.

Caspian puts blunted practice dagger in Weapon Rack.

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