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Time to Dance 2!

Have you been dancing the same three dances at every function for the last few seasons? Have you avoided events entirely for fear of boring potential dance partners to sleep in the middle of the dance floor?

Worry no more! Come to the Elysian Ballroom, brush up on the latest dances, and make new friends in the process.

All are welcome, come in comfortable attire and ready to have fun!

(OOC: I won't do random pairings this time for those who wish to attend with a partner. We will find a partner for those who come solo!)


July 15, 2022, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Aconite Mattheu Martino Nina


Teague Savio Poppy Dino Denica Enyo Lenard Theo Zoey Gaspar Kiera Tovell Fortunato Caspian Malcolm




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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Comments and Log

2 Valardin Knights, Renault the squire arrive, following Lenard.

What a night for a dance! The Elysian Ballroom is done up in true Whisper House style, the glitz and glamor enhanced by the attractive staff floating through like snowflakes in all white, silver, and gold bearing trays of strong drinks and decadent hors d'ouvres. As guests arrive from the driving snow outside, they are first greeted by attendants to take their outerwear, then by the hosts, who smile warmly and greet everyone by name and title, as it should be. Once inside, people are asked if they have come alone or with a partner, and then are directed to the dance floor to form a large circle. In the center stands Princess Keely Grayson, a broad and warm smile on her young face.

"Hello, everyone!" she tries to project her soft voice over the room. "And welcome to the second annual Time to Dance event! We hope to share with you some new dances that you can try out at this season's balls and formal events. First, Nina Autumndale has a solo dance to teach us, and then Duke Martino Malvici will be teaching a tango with Princess Denica Thrax. Prince Theo Velenosa will then assist me in a fun little dance called the Griffin Gallop, and then we will finish with a partner dance taught by Lord Mattheu Rivenshari. So, without any further ado, I give you Nina Autumndale!" She begins to applaud as she beams at Nina, backing toward the edge of the circle and then slipping out to the side to confer with the attendants and speak with Theo. It seems the young princess will be sitting out the first dance.

Teague is stands there watching it as he looks around nervous, his eyes darting this way and that as that mountain of a man waits to learn. His eyes move to Kelly, than over each of the others she is points out with her words. He nods slowly, as his hand are rest at his side tapping on his leg as he waits dressed in his armor of course, for one never to seems him outside of it in recent days. But his ax is nowhere to be seen, as he moves back and forth on the balls of his feet as he waits watching Nina waiting to learn this dance.

Cupcake, a cookie girl, 1 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Mabelle.

Savio is floating around here somewhere, you can tell because a weird Saffron accented voice calls out from one particular part of the circle, "Nina why are you so amazing?!" to welcome the first solo dancer! He is not far from Teague, and raises his brows at the big Charon lord before whispering to him.

At the appointed time... waiting first for the circle to gather, and the party to be properly underway, enters Nina Autumndale, Whisper and Suspire. Against the blustering cold of the outside, she is wearing a heavy coat of furs, but once she is within the confines of the ballroom, she removes it with a flourish to reveal quite a revealing outfit of honeysilk in pink and gold, with chains and coins of brass hanging from the weave. Her arms bear a decoration of bangle bracelets, and her feet are in sandals that hardly suit the chill weather.

Nina walks to the front of the dance circle, and spreads her hands apart. "Thank you for that warm introduction! Now, for this dance, you won't need a partner, but if you want to face a partner while you do it... I certainly wouldn't mind! This dance is a dance from the Saffron Chain which I'm very proud to have learned on my travels and I'm now bringing to all of you. If you have any uncertainty about your shoes, you can go ahead and remove them... and get your body all nice and limber, because we're going to shake... and shake!"

Nina drops Hip-shaking Step Dance.

Teague checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Teague fails.

Poppy steps in a little later, just in time to hear Keely announce the first dance. She grins wide and follows the others onto the dance floor.

Zoey checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Zoey is successful.

Zoey checks charm and seduction at normal. Zoey is successful.

Poppy checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Poppy marginally fails.

Zoey checks dexterity and performance at normal. Zoey is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Dino has left the most cumbersome of his things at the door, the outerwear that's kept him warm from the biting weather outside, and gone in to marvel at the Whisper House's ballroom. His eyes are searching as he takes in the decor, for someone or something, and he claps at the introductions made.

Teague checks charm and seduction at normal. Teague fails.

Teague checks dexterity and performance at normal. Teague marginally fails.

Dino checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Dino is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Lenard is successful.

Dino checks charm and seduction at normal. Dino is successful.

Dino checks dexterity and performance at normal. Dino is successful.

Poppy checks charm and seduction at normal. Poppy marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Savio fails.

Savio checks charm and seduction at normal. Savio marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and performance at normal. Botch! Savio fails badly.

Lenard checks charm and seduction at normal. Lenard fails.

Poppy checks dexterity and performance at normal. Poppy marginally fails.

Lenard checks dexterity and performance at normal. Lenard marginally fails.

Mattheu checks charm and seduction at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Denica checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Denica is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Denica checks charm and seduction at normal. Denica is successful.

Martino checks dexterity and seduction at normal. Martino is successful.

Denica checks dexterity and performance at normal. Denica marginally fails.

Martino checks charm and seduction at normal. Martino is successful.

Martino checks dexterity and performance at normal. Martino is successful.

"For the first step of the dance!" Nina declares, with good cheer - "Face your partner if you choose one, and then step like this! One, two, and three and four...." Nina goes through a sequence of stepping, with her feet out one at a time, poking out the slits in a skirt designed for such a dance and rolling her hips into every step so that the chains and coins on the dress shake and shimmer. "And with each step, roll your hips into the step like this! Then, turn... and repeat! One, two and three-and-four. Lift your heel and roll your toes!"

Standing off to the corner, crowned with a golden birds nest, the short princess Thrax is murmuring with Duke Martino, about something, that's probably related to the announcement involving both of them. When Nina begins her instruction, Denica quirks her thick island eyebrows and has no qualms about moving those hips, so that the feathers of her gown bounce about. It's all good fun and she seems pretty confident when she is capable, and equally so, when she is not.

Teague nods towards Savio as he grins at the man. "Good thinking!" He than starts to wiggle his hips as he rolls them slowly it is well akward is a understatement a massive muscled man trying to do belly dancing. His hip rolls moving, the steps all wrong as he steps forward, twice and than forgets the third. Than he turns around bending over his hands are on his feet as he starts to bounce on the back of his feet, as he grins at everyone. "THIS IS FUN DANCE!" His voice is comes out, and than he throws his arms up in front of him to do well it appears to be punching. He does not pause, he is rushing through the steps as one does in a spar or a battle, he has none of the subtle needed for such a dance.

Quietly, attendants walk around the outside of the circle, passing names to people who came without partners. Princess Keely stands off to one side with Theo, sipping something pink and bubbly and smiling from ear to ear as she watches everyone in a large circle around the dance floor learn Nina's dance.

Standing beside the Princess Denica Thrax, Martino's voice is escaping out a low laugh at a comment made before perking his attention towards Nina. A step forward, a swing of his hips causing the knee-length coat to sway along with him, there the turns quick and bends over. A slight creak, perhaps, but hands are upon his knees and soon up to his hips. Flickering a smile out, the smell of his exotic spices and Thraxian lime perfume rolling forth before that final step. Straight, standing, his shoulders shake causing the shash worn and stygian chain to bounce slightly but...

The Malvici Duke manages it. Casual evening. Not everything has to do with war.

Enyo's here, but hasn't made any attempts to follow along at the dance. Why? Because she's all thumbs and two left feet, plus, she missed where she's supposed to try it out instead of just observe. So she applauds the dancing, but skips the following. It's a personal failure of hers, it seems.

Lenard enters with a little group of knights, he's dressed not really for dancing but looks like he might have just come from some service and seeing quite a few already doing some type of strange exotic dance, he mimics it or tries. There's a shift of a hip and a step forward with a one two three, shake! His motions seem more martial. When others bend over, he seems to still be standing looking at the organised chaos with an amused grin like a tall flower not seeing the gardener coming to pluck. As chests and hips are shaken, he does a little too but it sounds more like someone shaking a sack of pans needing to be scrubbed in the scullery with the clanging of what the knight wears. "I think I'm the weed that makes the flowers here look absolutely terrific."

Poppy glances around when people start following Nina along. There is an impressed smile for Denica and her feathers and then a laugh escapes her lips at Teague's rushed belly dance. "You look like a snake Lord Teague." Her own steps cautious and at a time awkward, clearly not use to shaking her hips in such a manner, but she does beam with enjoyment as she moves.

Theo Velenosa takes a deeeep breath and then exhales silently as he sets down his now empty glass upon one of the room's trays. He stands near Keely and then rolls his umbra clad shoulders while trying to get himself a bit loosened up for the impending Griffin Gallop and the dances that are before it. Pivoting toward the Grayson princess, he murmurs something to her with a hint of a wry smile.

Zoey watches Nina carefully as she demonstrates the first step in the dance, then finds herself wishing her gown were a bit lighter than what she had chosen. With some quick thinking an help from her aide she takes of her shoes and ties up her dress in such a way that it still hangs attractively and does not inhibit movement before doing the same. She repeats the steps, her hips rolling in that same fluid motion Nina had exhibited, and after she grins to Lenard. "A weed is a flower growing in the wrong place, your highness," she tells him. "Perhaps you need only be transplanted."

Mattheu slips alongside of Dino and pulls him towards the dance circle with a grin, watching Nina go through the steps and settling alongside of Dino. A slow kick of his feet as he stays in place, following along to the instructions Nina shares with the group. as he then steps forward and turns and spins. A laugh escapes his lips as he steps, bends, twirls. Facing back towards Dino with a grin. Another spin, whether it was called for or not as he looks over towards Keely with a jingling nod before looking back to Nina. "This is an amazing dance!"

Though some of the dancers don't seem to ... quite have the beat right, most are doing a great job and seem to be stepping in time.

Nina turns to her accompanyist, who is playing a strong beat on percussion to help sell the motion of the dance. She's hoping the 'one two' and 'three four' will come out with each step.

But she is also not to be stopped from her attempts even for those that are failing to find the rhythm.

"Now, we're going to bend alllll the way over. Throw your hands up... then throw them down, and touch your toe. Leave your forward toe out like this... and pop your rear out in the back. Hmm-hm!" Nina demonstrates this by snapping her back in a way that tosses her hair, and bends over. "Now. This is the important part... you have to rise up... but slowly. Put both your hands on your forward leg and roll your back... Then pop your head up... and smile!"

The marquis-regent arrives fashionably late because, why not. He's given the name of someone he's to pair with and, alas, is not quite in time to learn Nina's dance. Dark eyes scan quickly for familiar faces before settling on no one in particular. And when Nina begins that second section of instructions, Gaspar is suddenly quite happy that he's not in the midst of things. Nina pulls those moves off well. Him? Would look a fool. Thus, he finds an empty wall for the time being and goes about guessing which face might belong to the name of his soon-to-be partner.

Kiera smiles and steps forward ,swaying her hips back and forth as she goes and then bends back.She's clearly not a professional at this but it may not be the first time she's ted something similar. As she she shakes she does so with vigor but blushes just the same

Dino steps further into the dance circle as he's tugged along, laughing a bit before settling into the first move shown off by Nina. He steps forward and laughs again, this time at Mattheu's extra spin, then bends forward into the second step. He's limber, and has no problem popping and slowly rising. He couldn't stop smiling if he tried!

Teague looks over at Poppy with a grin as he moves back to watch the others now with a loud chuckle. "It is like a snake yes, but I think she does it way better than me." His eyes moving over the other dancers with a grin at Mattheu. "Your a natural at this one Lord Mattheu, very impressed." His smile is so warm, as he looks over at Poppy. "It is a good work out." As he looks over at Kiera with a wide smile. "You are doing great Lady Keira. Very impressed!"

"Ohhh this isn't even from my part of the Chain, this is new, AMAZING," Savio enthuses, while hopping on one foot like a demented flamingo to remove his footwear. It's an uncertain prospect and anyone watching should be a little concerned. "Although it is similar -- to -- oh, why can't I get this boot off?" hop hop hop "Okay OKAY okay barefoot is the way to do this. Oh, shit this floor is cold. Ohhhh. No I'm okay. TEAGUE IT GOES LIKE THIS," Teague please do not watch him, Savio is not helping. Savio might be drunk but being as he is Savio, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Savio has no hips, if he did have hips, they would lie. He looks like a marionette with the strings tangled. "OH NO I don't have any coins or bangles," he suddenly realizes, as if in distress that this might be the wrong kind of attire. No skirt with flashy stuff to shake. So he pauses a moment to use a bard college pin to pin handkerchiefs to both sides of himself so that they can flutter, except it doesn't work right so they just kind of flap flap, and it is the least seductive thing any civilized person has ever seen. Nina instructs them to reach down.... and UP, and at this point Savio manages to get one of his many ostentatious rings snagged in the fabric of his pants, so he stays folded over. "Oh nooooo no no I'M OKAY this is a good dance, Nina."

How a man from the Saffron Chain can be failing this badly at a dance from the Saffron Chain, nobody knows, but Savio is doing a valuable service here for anyone else who might be uncomfortable or worried about their talents.

Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean arrives, following Aconite.

Poppy watches Nina and slowly sneaks her way over to Mattheu and Dino, she teases the two as she joins them, "If I hide behind you two no one will notice how terrible I am at this."

Trying to follow Nina's instructions, she rolls down but promptly standa back up. She laughs at her own awkwardness.

Mattheu nods to Poppy, then steps to the side when he should be popping and snapping. "Ah. That's all part of the fun Lady Poppy!" We all simply move and dance.

Mattheu checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 9 higher.

Once more Zoey watches Nina, pressing her lips together and making a faint "hmm" sound while she analyzes. Finally, after watching her dear friend Savio struggle with the same moves, she gathers up the courage to try it herself. She throws her hands up, bending forward over pointed toe, then sends curls bouncing as she tosses her head. Slowly she rises as she rolls back, but as she has managed to avoid excessive eye contact thus far, the smile is more for herself than anyone else.

"Now that's enough grinning. Let it all out and shake everything you've got... doubletime!" Nina says, and claps her hands a few times... then spins around and goes into some free style hip rolling, first from the bottom of her body, then shaking her chest, too, putting her arms into it. This is a vigorous and... well, potentially scandalous dance, depending on how much one puts into it, and it's definitely not the sort of dance one would normally do at court. But if she can get people excited and moving, and get the crowd worked up... every other dance should be a piece of cake!

The drums beat faster, hitting harder and harder to a crescendo...

Then Nina bows over again, this time, in a FLOP.

"If you were dancing for an audience--" she says -- "be sure to bow to the back of the house. But if you are dancing for your partner, your eyes are for theirs alone."

Rising her face back up, she then announces -- "Thank you and if you'd like to show this off in home, or in private... good luck and keep practicing!"

Savio is here for you Zoey! You cannot do this worse than Savio! He doesn't know he's struggling, however, despite the obvious evidence. Once he gets his jewelry unhooked from his attire, he appears to be shamelessly living his best life. "I will absolutely show this off at home and in private," he agrees to Nina's final words, whereupon one might feel a bit bad for Orland.

Zoey flips a coin and it lands on heads.

Teague chuckles as he claps for Nina. "Good dance. Thank you for teaching us!" His voice is booms out of the mountain of a man, as he grins as he looks over at Savio. "I think Lord Orland will love it. Do, it for him three times."

Kiera smiles to teague "I thank you kindly" Lord Teague" she says repeating the steps but dhe's distracted by something the time and laughing. She pauses in her own movements to watch Nia finish and applauds

Aconite smiles brightly from where she's watching, a wide smile on her face as she applauds softly. Laughing quietly at Savio's statement. The Whisper keeping somewhat inconspicious and dancing with Alejandro who after this most recent lesson is heading for the door making Aco laugh again behind her hand.

Dino turns his wide smile on Poppy and says, "No need to hide, you're doing great." He then casts his gaze around the dance floor, spotting Kiera and offering a quick wave that becomes the first part of the final shake and shimmy. And shake he does! The drumbeats carry him along into the finishing, sweeping, bow, before he lifts his eyes to Mattheu's.

"We will showcase the tango, to start decide who is the leader and who will follow. If you are the leader, place one hand on your partner's back just beneath the shoulder. Followers, put your left hand on your partner's back." Leading his right hand behind Denica's back, the Duke Martino Malvici is stepping slightly closer to face the Thraxian. For those keen of eye and distance, they would see about a good hand-sized distance between them. Quite close, really. "Left hand of the leader then holding their partner's right and we are in position."

"The steps themselves are quite simple... forward with your left foot." A slow move to start, Martino's left brushing past Denica's right leg. "Then forward with your right." A repeat, the same move once more. There an easy shift of his hips are following as he continues to share with the room, "Then forward with your left once more. We turn slightly." Guiding his left hand to the side, "The right with your right foot leaders. Bring your feet together and move to the left." A step to one side, a step to the other. All ever-so slow before passing on to Denica.

Poppy watches Nina and the flush creeps further up her cheeks. She deflects her awkwardness with a laugh at Dino's words "Thank you for the kind words." She gives a quick flick to finish and tries to look out over the room but the blush just increases and she quickly shifts back for the better dancers to take the floor.

Nina takes Hip-shaking Step Dance.

Savio raises both hands and agrees, "YES," with enthusiasm to Teague, before he eventually does unpin his impromptu accessories and fold them away, shoes back on. He's spotted Aconite over there and blows a kiss her way, mwah, before he determines that his partner is... the illustrious Nina herself! "Surely I'm not leading," some amusement there, though he seems he isn't dedicated to the point, and can probably steered either way.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Renault the squire have been dismissed.

Teague walks over to Keira now as he smiles at her with a bowing of his head. "Do you prefer to lead or follow?" He grins at her as he waits, his hands are resting at his side a bit nervous. That mountain of a man jumping for the first time truly into the world of dance!

With a grin and bow to Nina, "Thank you for sharing Nina." He then looks to Martino and the process of where to put hands, a look to Dino leaves him with a soft blush. "Shall you be leading then?"

As Martino steps to the center, Keely lights up and gently takes Theo's hand, beaming up at him. She quickly murmurs to finish their conversation, then turns to hurry over to the large circle around the outside of the dance floor. After some warm applause for Nina, she turns to face her partner and lifts both hands so they may assume the stance demonstrated by Martino and Denica. "Ready?" she murmurs, wiggling a bit in place before settling.

The band strikes up a sultry Lycene tango, the music flowing like warm caramel and filling the room.

Something about the beat of the drums seems to inspire Zoey, and Nina's call to freestyle has her first rolling her entire upper body so that her chest rises in an arch before her shoulders shimmy her upper body back down into place. She shimmies, she rolls, she spins with the intent of playfully ending right in front of her assigned partner, Lenard -- Wait, where did he go?

Having completed her lesson and being just a little flush, Nina looks pink in the cheeks as she walks over toward Savio, who was her designated partner for the partner dances. She approaches with her arms down at first, then raises them. "Oh, I'm happy to lead if you'd like me to. Shall we begin?" She locks arms with him, and takes the position as if intending to lead the dance, without a second thought to it. "Forward with the left, yes? Then... forward with the right."

There's a very slight upwards flick of her brows, then Enyo once more lifts her hands to applaud the instructor, and those brave enough to have tried the dance. When applause just doesn't cut it, she lifts her hands up to tuck her fingers into the corners of her lips so that she can whistle. It might be...a little bit loud, but she's very enthusiastic about praising the dancers.

However, this time when her cousin steps up to demonstrate she applauds a little louder. For a moment, then Enyo starts to look around to see if she can't spot someone that looks as alone as she does. It's a quick process of elimination to find her partner, and as soon as she does she starts to head in Gaspar's direction, "Hello there, Grumpy! Care for a spin?"

Poppy listens to Martino, but as people pair up, she looks left and right for a partner. Not finding one, she moves to stand against the wall and watch the others.

Theo takes his place upon the dance floor with Keely and is ready to learn this new (to him) dance. This won't be so bad if he can remember to relax his shoulders and so he makes the attempt to focus on the task while the princess decides who will lead. "Ready if you are." Because it's her toes that are at risk.

Aconite appears next to Poppy, "This isn't a dance you're going to want to miss." The tall Whisper smiles wide and offers a gloved hand. "Shall we?"

The tango is a dramatic dance, and while it is probably not something one would find at a ball in Maelstrom, the steps come naturally to the artistic Thrax princess. Before they start, Denica offers to the group, "when everything feels chaotic, that is the perfect time to dance," she says, and this is by no way any sort of real strategy, but merely her outlook on life.

Dressed in a golden gown, Denica moves gracefully, with intensity in her eyes, enjoying the art of it. There is a constant struggle, not to take over lead, but as Martino's dance partner, she allows him that liberty. Whenever there is opportunity to throw in a challenging move, she does. Step forward, step to the side, bend backwards, spin out and in, stop and make eye-contact (without laughing), the princess is in her element as she glides across the floor.

"Left, right," she calls out directions, "bend, spin," each time she does a move. "Feel the music. Be the movement. Let go. Break the rules!" The last part is her favourite thing to shout out, of course. Each step is over enunciated, so that people can observe the way she moves and ideally mimic it.

Kiera smiles as she approaches Teague "You can lead, if you like, It's what I'm used too" She offers placing her hand on the large man's back and grinning up at him

Dino watches Martino explain the next dance, moving his legs here and there to practice the steps, before turning to his dance partner for the evening to say, "Absolutely," about leading them. He reaches around to place his hand where it should go against the back, then lifts his other to clasp hands. And then the dance begins!

"This is why you're my favorite," Savio praises Nina as she offers to lead, and he falls in to follow her lead... doing MUCH better this time than last time, because like, JAYUS TAKE THE WHEEL, thank goodness Nina is here to steer. And issue instructions. And prevent disaster.

Aconitesmiles to Poppy when she demures and then spots Zoey and heads that direction. Clearly the Whisper isn't going to miss doing a good Lycene Tango. She's very much dressed for one.

Zoey notices Aconite approaching and seems to pick up on what is happening. She smiles brightly and holds out her hand. "Which of us will lead this dance?"

Grumpy? When has Gaspar ever been /grumpy/?! His brow furrows for just a flash as maybe one piece of a future puzzle is planted in his mind. Still, he recovers swiftly, as one might imagine and he looks over Enyo quickly before reaching for her hand. "I'd be delighted." Eyes roam and study, careful in their placement before they find their place on the dancefloor. The tango is one he's (unsurprisingly) very familiar with and, coupled with quick spin, pulls Enyo close to him as he starts following along with the music. His eyes are locked firmly on hers for the time being while the corner of his lips curl in a faint whisper of a smile.

Aconite beams and murmurs to Zoey, "Allow me?" She replies, spidersilk gloved fingers taking Zoey's hand and leading her to a spot on the dance floor and sliding into the position Martino is teaching. This seems to be a dance she's familiar with.

Teague moves with the steps his hand is resting where he was told but his steps are slowly not matching the music. That massive mountain smiles wider as he moves with Keira. "I enjoy the art of dancing, trying to learn it as of late. It is a new hobby of mine." He grins at Kiera, his body is relaxing trying to get more in tune, but still failing to copy the moves on the right time but he is doing better this time than the last.

"I thought I was your favorite, Savio," Keely calls softly over her shoulder, peeking that way as the dance begins. She ends up letting Theo lead, as the more Lycene of the two by a mile, instead just lending her performance abilities to the addition of drama and elegance to their movements. She turns her dark eyes back up to his face, her smile wide and affectionate. And that is where her focus stays, upon the arresting blue of his gaze after watching the steps demonstrated in the center of the circle. She whispers the steps to him, her feet anticipating his by feel alone and moving effortlessly out of the way should any missteps occur. Fortunately her ballgown is so floofy, no one can see his feet anyway. You're welcome, Theo.

Mattheu leans in to speak softly to Dino as they take to spinning and pulling one another closer within their dance. Following along where he is lead, a shift to his hips and laugh as Denica calls out to break the rules. Sliding back to bend over nearly to allow bells within his hair to curl and brush against the floor before steadying himself with Dino's strength and to settle back in against his dance partner for a spin.

There's a good chance Enyo's familiar with this dance, but that doesn't stop her from the looks shot towards Martino and Denica, just to make sure that they've not changed things up. She is, however, perfectly adept at letting Gaspar lead the dance, without the need to watch her feet or risk to his toes as they start to move through the steps of the dance.

"A number of people know they are my favorite and all of them are right," Savio assures Keely, in a manner that as usual suggests he might believe logic is not necessary as long as one powers through the lack of it with personable conviction.

"From there, we pick up the pace once more. Keep the distance the same, the tango is a fluid dance and needs that space to breathe." Martino continues the graceful steps once more, sharp green eyes of his angling down upon Denica's face as the left foot leads. A turn soon following as the hips move with some sway. Not at much as the last dance, not as openly visible, but with a sensual elegance to it. Faster than the first and second round, a spin of the Thraxian Princess follow's before the left hand is pulling slight on Denica's lower back. Fingertips questionably lower than where they did start as, well, the Malvici Duke takes an opportunity. Pacing them both back to the centre, to the starting mark, he steps back curling fingertips beneath Denica's hand to lift her knuckles to his lips. "And that, everyone, is a very basic tango. My thanks, Princess Denica Thrax."

Kiera lets teague set the pace and thouugh, she se steps, she adjusts to match him. The smile never leaves her face and her her eyes don't leave her partner unless spinning or bending

Aconite beams and murmurs to Zoey, "Allow me?" She replies, spidersilk gloved fingers taking Zoey's hand and leading her to a spot on the dance floor and sliding into the position Martino is teaching. This seems to be a dance she's familiar with. She seems taller, she's pulled her shoulders back and her chin up as she follows along with the Duke's instruction, though there's an added flare, her movements are smooth until the end where they are sudden and sharp with a distinct Torean flare. She does however bow over Zoey's hand.

Nina is no stranger to hip motion, and as the dance continues and she keeps in the lead, she simply doesn't exaggerate it too much, as before, but follows the pace. When things begin to move toward a spin, she looks at Savio... and her eyes sparkle a little. "Well, I'm not so strong, so if you will take the lead on the spin, we can go in for the dip! I promise not to fall."

Thank you, Keely, for hiding Theo's feet as he leads through the steps of this Lycene dance. He's surprisingly light on said feet and is able to move without stepping on dress, heels, or bumping into anyone else around them. His confidence seems to grow as does his smile when he looks at the Grayson princess while dancing. Soon enough, the tango draws to an end and yet he doesn't seem to let go of Keely's hand just yet-- probably because he's already thinking about what's up next.

As the dance comes to an end, the princess of Maelstrom seems capable to guard herself against Lycene charms and she steps back to lift both their hands up, to take a bow along with her performance partner, Martino. "Dance is expression, it can be dramatic and sensual, it can be fun and silly, but the main thing, is that you enjoy yourselves. If you feel good, you will feel confident, and if you feel confident? There is nothing you cannot do!," with that she retreats to find a drink.

Dino takes the lead confidently, though he knows his partner well enough to expect the rules to be broken. He steps, shifts his hips one way, then quickly the other, and bends at the sudden dip. All the while, his eyes alight, even as he steps away to make room for a flourish of occasionally graceful steps.

Tangoing in too late to dance this round, Tovell instead slips across the ballroom to find a space against one of the walls to watch the dancers cavort.

Savio scoffs at Nina, good naturedly. "What! You are fine. As if I've never been dropped on a floor before," he teases about her potential lack of strength. "But I am agreeable, of course, lovely one." He switches roles with a little spin that folds into the dance, and then he is in place to support as dramatic a dip as Nina wants to dip! They're bards, it'll be drama.

Zoey quickly catches on, finding the rhythm and following Aconite's lead. While not a dance she is intimately familiar with, growing up in the Crownlands and marrying into the Mourning Isles, she takes to it and her partner with ease and grace. She whispers something to Aconite as they move across the floor together.

Johannes, the impeccably-dressed Malvici maggiordomo, Marcel, a young Malvici assistant, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker leave, following Martino.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Ulbran Thug, Sivas, an artsy ostentatious curator, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man, Martino leave, following Denica.

Johannes, the impeccably-dressed Malvici maggiordomo, Marcel, a young Malvici assistant, Cosimo de'Malvici, the Southport banker arrive, following Martino.

Keely's fair cheeks take on a hint of color as Theo brings her hand to his lips at the end of the dance, despite this being the demonstrated ending pose. She smiles up at him and lingers for a moment, before giving his hand a squeeze. Clearing her throat, she calls out, "Everyone, please enjoy a brief intermission! There are plenty of refreshments available, and I will announce when the second half is to begin!

Keely checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty -1, rolling 18 higher.

Aconite finishes the dance with Zoey though she looks to the refreshment gesturing the direction of the foods. "I think I need a glass of water. I'm eager to find out what other dances we're going to learn."

"Thank you for the dance," Zoey tells Aconite, giving her a brief curtsey as the Whisper excuses herself.

A couple of soft words leaves Mattheu with color finding his cheeks at end of the tango dance with Dino. He seeks to hide his face at Dino's shoulder, then a small dip and bow. "Shall we find a drink before the next dance?"

Poppy spots Tovell and saunters over to him, a drink in hand and greets him, "Sir Tovell. Mind saving me the embarrassment of being a wallflower for the next dance?" She murmurs to him after, "You did miss my awkward shimmy shake dance earlier."

Teague walks over to the side after that dance as he grins at Kiera, as he looks around for a drink. "I will find a drink, would you care for one if I find one?"

Dino also bows at the end of the tango and nods to Mattheu. "Yes, I believe I saw a glass of wine or two somewhere around here," he says, which has him looking one way, then the other for a drink.

Having finished the tango, parting ways with the Princess Denica Thrax, the Duke Martino Malvici is soon crossing the ballroom to step to Zoey's side. Leaning forward for a moment, his fingertips are rolling out to Zoey while his Lycene voice draws low, "Might I, Lady Zoey? We have a few things to discuss over as well."

Miss Beazley a large fluffy dog have been dismissed.

Ugarte arrives, following Fortunato.

Zoey places her hand in Martino's and shares a smile with her brother-in-law. "Of course! I was beginning to think that you would never ask."

Savio has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Tovell had taken the moment to collect a refreshing drink of his own---there are cucumbers in it. He turns about with Poppy's address, flaring a chagrined smile to momentary life, "You'll be saving me the same," comes his reply. "---Awkward? Why, Lady Poppy, we're all here to learn. Where would the fun be if we weren't horridly awkward together?"

Aconite needed that water. She hands over by the refreshents and nurses a whole glass of water before she starts seeking out a partner.

Fortunato arrives, in umbra and gold and duskstone, a mix of glitter and shadow. While a Whisper, he is notoriously group-shy, and a rare figure at events. Yet and yet, here he is, near the door and examining the span of the room almost as if he'd never seen it before.

After a brief intermission, attendants begin ushering people toward the dance floor again as Keely and Theo make their way to the center. After waiting for everyone to get settled, the young princess clears her throat timidly and lifts her voice. "All right, everyone! We are going to do the Griffin Gallop. It is a modified waltz, that is very fun. Please do not actually kick your partner." Perhaps that will make sense soon.

She turns to face Theo, placing one hand at his shoulder and the other in his leading hand, and the band strikes up a rollicking waltz. One-two-three, one-two-three!

"It begins as a standard waltz, completing a full circle in four measures." The royal instructors begin to move, creating their own, smaller circle in the center of the larger one formed by their students.

Keely drops The Griffin Gallop.

Teague checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Teague marginally fails.

Teague checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Teague marginally fails.

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Poppy graces Tovell with a lopsided smile, "I can promise you it will be awkward, but I can promise with almost certainty I won't step on your toes." The look in her eyes says she definitely can't promise that.

Listening to Keely, she puts her drink down and waits for Tovell to ready himself to move to the floor.

Aconite happens to drift by the doors and smiles at Fortunato. "Oh look, a dance partner." She beams at the other Whisper, "Shall we?" She asks of him as she holds her hand out to him while stepping towards the dancefloor. "This promises to be an interesting one."

Theo stands beside Keely as she explains the details of this new dance, his gaze sweeping over those gathered before regarding her once again. When it's time, he pivots to face her and assumes the proper stance to begin what starts as a standard waltz.

Teague checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Teague is successful.

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Nina checks charm and performance at easy. Nina is successful.

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Gaspar checks charm and performance at normal. Gaspar is successful.

Aconite checks charm and performance at easy. Aconite is successful.

Poppy checks charm and performance at normal. Poppy marginally fails.

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Enyo checks dexterity and performance at normal. Enyo is successful.

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Poppy checks charm and performance at hard. Poppy fails.

"Ahah!" Fortunato returns Aconite's smile and takes her hand. "We shall. Although I must beg you not get your hopes up that I shall step with any skill." He walks to the dance floor with her all the same.

Dino checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Dino marginally fails.

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Mattheu has a glass of wine in his hand as he stands at the side to watch Keely show the next dance. A long sip of his drink before looking to Dino. "I won't hate you if you do kick me."

Savio could have danced with Nina all night! But he is tapped on the shoulder by a rather prodigal-looking messenger, and after a brief conversation, he shakes his head regretfully to Nina -- "I am being called away. Something I cannot procrastinate I fear, or you know me, I would. For being so rude, I will give you one I will do whatever you want token. Use wisely in the future!" He murmurs thanks to the lovely hostess as soon as he can catch Keely, as well, and slips out.

"Ah, a waltz." Nina looks at Keely with a nod, then back to Savio. She smiles at him as he seems to need to go, and bows. "Of course, I understand. Be well!"

As the lively music fills the room, Keely seems to forget she's instructing for a moment, busy grinning up at Theo while their feet hop to keep up with the tempo. But, after a moment, she glances aside and remembers they are in the center of the circle! Seamleassly, they turn to face outward, their joined hands parting to grasp the opposite so their arms are crossed before them. One-two-three, one-two-three, they spin and spin around!

"Now, you turn out like this, and grasp hands while continuing to waltz!" she calls out, a little breathless. It appears the pair have practiced this a time or thirty-seven.

Savio has left the Semi-circular Bar.

"Oh I can understand that Zoey, there are always more than one way to... deal with situations." Martino is stepping forward to rest a hand upon Zoey's lower back while another is upon her fingertips. A light step following in the traditional ballroom steps, one-two-three. Forming a box with a step towards the Kennex, a pivot to the side before drawing his voice lower.

Dino sips on his own glass of red that he's picked up, watching Keely as well. When Mattheu says what he does, his eyes roll back in his head. "You have no idea what door you've just opened," he says, playfully kicking at the man's ankle before the dance begins.

Zoey falls into rhythm with Martino, and as they dance they hold a conversation in hushed tones. She nods now and then, clearly understanding whatever it is he is telling her.

Kiera watches Kelly demonstrate carefuly, smiling broadly at the Princess' obvious enjoyment as she demonstrates with the velanosan prince

A few measures pass and Theo is preparing for the next bit of the dance, a lift with the illusion that he's bumping Keely right off her feet. He holds onto the princess, lifts when it's time, and then continues to waltz once she's back on her feet. The dance continues and he smiles down at his partner as they continue to move around the center of the floor with ease. "Not bad, not bad--" he murmurs more to himself.

Tovell joins with all the others in The Great Discarding of Drinks, taking Poppy's arm in answer before turning about to lead their way onto the floor. His first spread of ballroom one-two-threes are hesitant things, but well, he missed the first half. Everyone needs a moment to warm up.

Poppy moves onto the floor on Tovell's arm, a soft murmurs to him. "A waltz. I can do a waltz, it's the rest that may end in pain." Luckily, she's not bad at the waltz bit, and she steps around Tovell's missteps and makes them look okay-ish. A soft inhale and she speaks to him, "Now the hops and kicks..."

"And then yo--" but it is too late, Theo is 'bumping' Keely into the air with his knee as he spins her around, and she is laughing brightly. "Then you ju--" BUMP and spin! She is not instructing very effectively, so hopefully everyone is able to learn from their visual demonstration instead. Vibrant giggles bubble helplessly from the young princess as the Fox Prince bump-and-spins her round and round.

Mattheu playfully skips a step as Dino kicks at him while laughing and pulling him into the dance. Who's leading? Good question, they might both be fighting over that pleasure. Though the dance leads on and Mattheu takes a hop, failing to pull his feet in completely as they spin.

It is quite possible Fortunato has never waltzed, considering he does not quite have the timing right, nor is he quite able to follow Aconite's. He seems game enough, though. At least he steps the correct /amount/ of steps, even if they are not on the right beats.

Tovell warms up with Poppy's encouragement, slipping on around to her side with the others as the Gallop waltzes into its second act. Finally, something he makes look easy---it's all technique, and utterly lacking in the grinning grace that others have to offer. Of course he flies too close to the sun and full on BUMPs Poppy instead of pretending to as he makes to pull her into the aerial spin.

Aconite shakes her head, "Don't worry at all. This is for fun and I happen to teach a lot of people how to dance.. Surely I will endure." She seems mostly certain of it. And while Fortunato isn't quite as surefooted as her, Aco retains grace under fire. Tempering her steps to Fortunato's.

Dino just manages to set his glass of wine down before being drawn into the dance. He laughs and one-twos well enough to begin the waltz, stumbles into the next bit, then recovers with grace. It's towards the end that he fumbles a bit more, but since he and Mattheu are jockeying for the chance to lead, that's maybe understandable.

Poppy is tiny and when Tovell bumps her, she goes flying. A loud meet escapes her and as she steadies herself, her foot stomps onto his. "Oops. Sorry."

Caspian did his best to sneak into the hall, being so incredibly late. his face was bright with a smile, his eyes darting around to watch the marvelous dancing. Doesn't matter if people knew the steps or not, so long as smiles were had, the dancing was marvelous!

Being one who loves to keep time with the music, Nina keeps time for herself for a while, then folds out to the back of the dance to get a break and a drink. She did work up a bit of heat with her first dance!

Theo can't help but grin as the bump-and-spin portion of the dance makes Keely giggle-- her laughter is rather contagious in that he, too, laughs a bit toward the end of it. After the last few measures of the waltz are complete, he gives his lovely partner one final twirl and then dips her at the very close of the dance.

Keely slips the hand at Theo's shoulder to gently hook the back of his neck, her other arm sweeping down dramatically toward the floor as he dips her. They hold the pose, the princess beaming breathless and pink-cheeked up at the prince, for one breath, two, three, and then she rises with his assistance. "Do not forget your etiquette! Face your partner and bow or curtsey when the dance has ended." And she does just this, facing her partner and dipping into a graceful curtsey.

"Last but certainly not least, we have Lord Mattheu Rivenshari!" The soft introduction comes just before she gently secures Theo's hand and heads to join the larger circle again.

Mattheu drops You make me spin right round Dance.

Keely gets The Griffin Gallop.

Caspian looks around for someone without a partner, clearly wanting to join the frivolity. his eyes find Kiera and he offers a bright smile and a wave, a questioning look in his eyes as he approaches

"It appears tonight is about all of the spins, bumps, and hops." Mattheu grins to Keely and Theo as he steps back from Dino's attempt to playfully kick at him again. A silly grin is shared back to Dino, "It's my turn now." The colorful lord slips from his dance and date over to the band to have a quiet word about the next dance to be taught.

Mattheu starts to play upon a drum, then grabs a violin to show a couple of cords. A smile to the bards and small jingling bow to them before turning around looking at the room. He slips over to Dino for a quiet word as he then runs his hands into Dino's and pulls him to the center of the room behind him. With a small laugh he puts both hands to his assistant's shoulders then turns to face the circle. Placing his hand to Dino's shoulder and steps sideways until he is a arms width away. With a jingling stomp to the ground he looks over to him softly adding "Do as I do."

"If I happen to damage your feet unduly, you have my apologies and I will -- ah, personally fund any medical expenses," Fortunato tries. And he tries! He is very fortunate that Aconite matches his steps because except, bizarrely, at the climax of the dance, he is never where he is supposed to be and, further, he almost collides with Aconite on the bow. He is, at least, all apologies. "Gods. Ah. So sorry, so sorry. So sorry for not being at the House much either! I owe you much, I think. But perhaps not too many dances."

Poppy laughs brightly as she comes back to Tovell and stomps on his toes a few times. Finally it ends in a normal waltz and they recover. Sort of. She teases Tovell with another laugh, "I would of thought you'd have more grace. You might need more practice."

The near collision has Aco laughing good naturedly. "You're hardly a danger to my toes. Did I meantion I teach a -lot- of people to dance." She asks and oh's, "This one should be fun." She turns her attention to Mattheu and leans gently towards Fortunato to murmur something.

There is a flush of color in Dino's cheeks as he's led into the middle of the dance floor. Clearly, he wasn't expecting to be demonstrating anything tonight! It's a color that fades, though, as he takes his place and nods to Mattheu, giving a quick bow before stomping against the ground as well. "As you wish," he says.

Kiera smiles and waves at caspian from where she has been watching the waltz Ah I'm saved. I seem to have lost my partner She watches Matti's pre-dance performance with a soft chuckle

"How I wish I had thought to bring my bells," Zoey comments from where she stands beside Martino. "This would have been a perfect night for it!"

Mattheu looks around the room all around them before he starts, "This is one of the Rivenshari dances, full of mirth, energy, and lots of spinning. Best around a fire, ever more fun to bounce between decks of ships when they are tied together. And personally, I feel a good one to leave everyone with either more energy at the end of the night, or to be so tuckered out where the only remaining option is to slip between silk and sail with your dance partners." He shares that warm radiant smile with all, then kicks up a foot where he leans back and slaps at his boot back down to stomp his foot to the ground. Followed with a clap of his hands. His feet slip over one another as he kicks out in a run in place, bouncing along to the drums and violins. A wiggle of his hips as he leaps into the air and kicks back to slap at foot before landing and kicking side to side again. Mattheu stops, taking in a deep breath and nods in to the circle, "Next we make it a little faster."

In each bounce Mattheu speeds up the dance. Stopping to let bells sing their song, just as they start to quiet from his bouncing, he slaps at his thighs, then knees and back to hips in a rythmic manner before leaping up to spin and face his partner again.

With a deep breath, "That's the first part. Now for the fun. You will step towards me and I will spin you, then you spin me, then we both spin bringing us all into a circle where those that are leading the dance will stomp to center of the circle and those following will pull them back into a spin and spirited dance pulling each closer.

Dame Galina, the Graypeak Mountain dog, Sir Goofus, the Graypeak Mountain dog arrive, following Malcolm.

Caspian gives a laugh, placing his hands on kiera's shoulders as he watches Mattheu, "If i know anything about Lord Mattheu.. this dance is going to have us moving around quite a bit!" he offered a smile to Kiera then, "i will certainly do my best NOT to step on your toes!" with that he follows along with Mattheu once Kiera signals she is ready

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Standing beside Zoey, Martino is turning towards her while offering out his hands. Gathering the two together, as the bounce of the music picks up, so do the easy-going movements from Martino. A hop following as he bounds in slowly building circles, careful to not spin himself into being -too- dizzy.

Caspian checks charm and athletics at normal. Caspian is successful.

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Tovell checks charm and athletics at normal. Tovell fails.

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Fortunato checks dexterity and performance at normal. Fortunato marginally fails.

Nina is off to the side, but willing to sweep up a new partner into the dance as soon as Mattheu begins his round. "Oh, spinning! I like spinning." Wearing an outfit with lots of chains and metal means she'll make a good deal of noise too, even if it's not exactly bells. Upon the arrival of Duke Malcolm into the ballroom, Nina, who is otherwise without partner, offers a hand. "You are just in time!" she says with good cheer.

Dino checks dexterity and performance at normal. Dino fails.

Fortunato checks stamina and athletics at normal. Botch! Fortunato fails completely.

Dino checks stamina and athletics at normal. Dino is successful.

Malcolm arrives late, but is swiftly greeted and offered a dance, which he quickly accepts, "Indeed!" he responds and leads on.

Kiera checks charm and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Tovell leads off with the hopping and skipping shown by Mattheu... and does a decently terrible job of it. He struggles to match with the band's beat at first, but does begin to improve as the Rivenshari dance goes on. Returning to Poppy for the spin, he wonders a bemused, "Regret your choice of partner just yet, Lady Poppy?"

Fortunato speaks with Aconite in low tones, his expression shifting to a near mix of regret and concern, but it flickers on as the new dance is introduced. Flickers to trepidation, that is. "I am so sorry in advance," he says to Aconite, and proves to spin and bounce like a poorly weighted and poorly made top until he does, in fact, lose his balance altogether.

Nina checks charm and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Nina is spectacularly successful.

Nina checks stamina and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

Malcolm checks charm and athletics at normal. Malcolm fails.

Nina checks dexterity and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

Nina checks stamina and athletics at normal. Nina is successful.

Malcolm checks stamina and performance at normal. Malcolm is successful.

Malcolm checks dexterity and performance at normal. Malcolm is successful.

Malcolm checks stamina and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Malcolm is spectacularly successful.

Kiera checks stamina and performance at normal. Kiera is successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and performance at normal. Kiera fails.

Dino watches Mattheu carefully, since he's supposed to be up here in front of everyone showing off the dance, then winces when he sees what it involves. Maybe he shouldn't have gulped down that wine just before this. The first first hop and skip is fine, and he even gives a bit of a flourish for the audience. During the subsequent leaps, though, he comes down too hard on the edge of his foot, twisting it and falling into his dance partner, which makes the spinning part a little awkward.

Mattheu checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mattheu fails.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Ulbran Thug, Sivas, an artsy ostentatious curator, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrive, following Denica.

A little worn out from their dance, Keely gently coaxes Theo off to the side again so the pair can avail of refreshments and watch. The flush-faced princess grins and giggles happily while the pair seen to enjoy observing and remarking, several impressed looks crossing her face especially as she watches Malcolm and Nina.

Poppy laughs delightedly at Tovell's mismatched steps as she tries to match his steps. As they come back together, she twirls easily with Tovell. "I could be asking you the same thing. It is still fun though."

Taking a step with Malcolm, Nina lets the Duke lead the way at first, but clearly knows her stuff where it comes to dancing and spinning. Her first hop-skip is right exactly on time. But she doesn't let the eagerness get the better of her just yet, rolling into the skipping and bouncing step. Now there is a part of the dance where the one in the lead must do a spin, and Nina lets herself go slack just so so that she may be spun dramatically. She's quite light and in light flowing garments, and easy enough to be picked up and twirled.

Kiera checks stamina and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Zoey seems less concerned with being too dizzy, hopping and bouncing and laughing as she twirls.

Keely is overheard praising Nina.

Keely is overheard praising Mattheu.

Keely is overheard praising Martino.

Keely is overheard praising Theo.

Keely is overheard praising Denica.

Keely is overheard praising Dino.

Having been here all this time, after Denica's tango instruction, she slipped into the background to enjoy a quiet drink and observe. Vivid blue eyes come to life, and she is re-engaging with the scene around her.

Mattheu is spinning, stomping, laughing - so much so that he nearly misses Dino coming down to hard. As the man falls into him the pair tumble backwards a little before Mattheu stops them both and holds onto Dino while continuing to laugh. "You're alright. Here. Hold onto me." He picks Dino up in his arms and spins them both while turning in the spin back to the crowd, shouting in a laugh over his bells. "Like so. And then we repeat. Letting your dance partner spin you away." He looks to Dino, "Or you both spin together. Then you do the clap and dance solo again only to pull each other back and spin until you find your laughter."

Mattheu then pulls Dino closer and with the two of them sharing nearly a breath, starts to spin them both. Faster, and faster, around in circles they go. His laughter can be heard through bells finding their song and nearly drowning the drums and violins out.

Aconite stumbles a little as well. The dance is a bit of an interesting one, however she's here to gently catch Fortuano when he finally topples and she laughs quietly, "I think I get dizzy far too easily for this." She jokes lightly with the other Whisper, though she is clarly impressed by the skill of others nearby.

Kiera grins and nods at Caspianbut surprisingly does quite well in the early ging, hopping bouncing and slapping in rhythym as she reaches out to spin her partner Only then does she lose her center of gravity and bump into the man

Malcolm is a bit slow to catch the beat and stumbles a tad as he joins the dance. Fortunately between a very capable dance partner and a brief moment to think, the duke finds his footing and ceases to appear out of place. That is, at until the end. Malcolm apparently found his footing just right, and take the cue from Nina and as she goes slack, the duke spins expertly.

Caspian lets out a bright laugh as he begins to bop, hop and spin alongside Kiera. its unsure if he is really following the steps or just having a wonderfully merry time bouncing along with the music and dance.. but he is smiling and laughing all the same. "hahah! im lucky to have you as a partner, else i'd look even more ridiculous than i do! but this is the type of dancing that i do love the most" as Kiera bumps into him he grins, doing his best to move with ti and help her up "Now you are feeling it!"

Keely is overheard praising Whisper.

Aconite is overheard praising Keely.

Aconite is overheard praising Martino.

Fortunato recovers quickly (more or less) with Aconite's assistance. At least enough to stand. "The gods did not bless me with a storm-worthy head," he mourns. "I am only glad you are sturdy enough I did not take you with me! You are Softest /and/ a bulwark. But look at them spin," he says, his attention shifting to the other couples as well.

Martino is overheard praising Whisper.

Aconite is overheard praising Nina.

Nina is overheard praising Malcolm: Great dance partner!

Nina is overheard praising Keely.

Mattheu is overheard praising Keely: best patron, and amazing dancer.

Nina is overheard praising Whisper.

Nina is overheard praising Martino.

Nina is overheard praising Savio.

Nina is overheard praising Mattheu.

Mattheu is overheard praising Whisper.

Nina is overheard praising Denica.

Dino's foot is on fire, but he leans into Mattheu for support and powers through the first bout of spinning. Soon enough, though, he's exchanged a look of pain for one of laughter. Though he favors one foot over another, he continues to spin through the drumming, the violin, and the bells.

Malcolm is overheard praising Nina: Excellent dance partner!

Tovell recovers in the second half of the dance, drawing close to Poppy as they come out of the skipping and hopping to steady the both of them. As they find step together, he throws the lady into a powerful spin. She could keep going for days!

Dino is overheard praising Keely.

Dino is overheard praising Nina.

Caspian is overheard praising Kiera.

Dino is overheard praising Martino.

Mattheu is overheard praising Nina.

Dino is overheard praising Mattheu.

Caspian is overheard praising Keely.

Aconite is overheard praising Denica.

Mattheu is overheard praising Martino.

Poppy laughs and grins at something whispered to her as she spins away from Tovell. Delight evident as she hops and bounces and spins and spins and spins! Finally stopping and breathing hard, she applauds both Tovell and Matthue and the event in general.

Poppy is overheard praising Tovell.

Zoey is overheard praising Keely.

Zoey is overheard praising Nina.

Zoey is overheard praising Martino.

Poppy is overheard praising Mattheu.

Zoey is overheard praising Denica.

Poppy is overheard praising Keely.

Zoey is overheard praising Mattheu.

Aconite smiles to Fortunao. "Thank you for the compliments." She says before staring for a moment wide eyed as the dancers spin and spin. "You know it's easier for me to spin like that with a head full of wine. I've never had the opportunaity to just sit and watch it.

Kiera blushes and laughs with a hurried apology before taking the offered hand to bounce up and continue

Kiera is overheard praising Nina.

Kiera is overheard praising Martino.

Kiera is overheard praising Denica.

Kiera is overheard praising Keely.

Kiera is overheard praising Theo.

Kiera is overheard praising Mattheu.

"That is the trouble with hosting, administrating, moving the pieces in place and ensuring they stay in place," Fortunato muses, rambles, really, as he stands by Aconite. "Harder to just watch. Experience the flow without having to direct it. Watch the fly of fabric and hear the thump of feet." Three beats. "I do hope you get to enjoy yourself, I'm trying to say."

Kiera is overheard praising Dino.

Dino is overheard praising Denica.

Kiera is overheard praising Caspian.

Kiera is overheard praising Teague.

Kiera is overheard praising Zoey.

Kiera is overheard praising Aconite.

Once the dances have concluded, Keely is giving Theo's hand a gentle squeeze before slipping through to take the center of the floor again. "Everyone please give the instructors and yourselves a round of applause!" she encourages softly. "What a wonderful turnout! Thank you all so very much for coming, we hope you had a wonderful time with us and will have many new dances to try at upcoming events! Now, Whisper House has opened its doors to us, and welcomed us to linger and try out our new dances, enjoy the refreshments, and take shelter from the cold! Make sure to give the Whispers your thanks and, if you are feeling generous, show your gratitude via donation to these invaluable members of the Compact."

She smiles warmly one last time before vanishing into the crowd to mingle.

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