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AoW: Lessons Learned 1017

The Academy of War hosts a roundtable discussion regarding current and recently concluded events. If you have information that could be strategically important regarding current threats that you would like to ensure gets shared widely, please join us. All seeking to participate in good faith will be welcome, but anyone seeking to disrupt the proceedings will be asked to leave.

OOC: If you intend to disrupt the event, please contact me OOC ahead of time so that we can make it dramatic and ICly disruptive without being OOCly disruptive. Please skip it if your character's goal would be to show up and tell other characters they shouldn't be participating. Thank you!


June 17, 2022, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Natalia Rohran


Teague Raven Alis Rosalind Ian Evander Lou Adalyn Kael Richard Caspian Edris



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Academy of War - Headquarters

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

There is learning afoot, that is Teague's jam and it's about war. He is hear with literal bells on with a braided crown of orchis with bells. He walks over to a table as he slides down his eyes moving over the room. That mountain of a man is ready to learn, he is watching everyone and everything with wide eyes. With each motion there is a jingle of the bells, which seem to please him and bringing that mirth to his eyes.

Alphonse, a long-suffering assistant, Maggie, an energetic Mistward Labrador arrive, following Adalyn.

Late enough in the day that most of the Academy's day-to-day operations have ceased, the place is relatively quiet -- the setup for the meeting has been done, and those attending are the bulk of who might be present. There are some guards, though not many; at the door there are two posted. For now, those two are holding doors for people entering; as the meeting gets underway and the doors are closed, they will pause those entering long enough to bang on the door (big, loud, booming bangs) to give everyone in the room time to stop discussion as needs be. Tea, coffee, beer, wine, and cider are available, as well as fairly hearty snacks. Nothing to remark about, but good enough for grazing. Seating has been arranged in a circle at the center of the room, couches and tables and chairs and even a few benches, with all seats facing inwards, no podium. Right at the moment Natalia is hovering by a chair, and there's a large walking stick on leaned up against it.

As people settle, Natalia speaks up. "Good evening, everyone," she greets. "Please do take a minute to get settled in; grab something to drink and make yourselves comfortable. Given the number of people here we are not going to start out with the talking stick, though if we have a problem with everyone being heard, I will make use of it. If we do make use of it, only the person with the stick should be speaking to the group, and I will direct where it is passed. Thank you for coming, and I hope we can all get some use out of the time spent."

Ian has joined the a large wooden table.

Teague has joined the a large wooden table.

Raven wanders in, jade gaze flitting about with habitual suspicion before ambles towards the rear of those assembled and scans the sea of faces for a particular face, thin lips tugging downwards. Her attention swings towards Natalia when she speaks.

Raven has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Alis gives Natalia a wave and respectful bob of the head from the back of the room when she gets things started. Otherwise, she seems to be here prepared to listen and take notes. She is quiet and and tucked into a corner today.

Rosalind was here EARLY! She'd never been and wanted to see, so here she is! Grabbing a beer, she listens politely to Natalia. Polite and everything! When everything is said and done, the copper haired Ravenseye goes to have a seat.

Rosalind has joined the a large wooden table.

Ian has found a place near the back of the room to slouch in a vaguely disreputable manner, with the air of someone who's here to listen more than to speak. He doesn't really look like someone who intends on talking at all. He's got a flask, but no snacks.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Evander arrives shortly after the meeting had started. As a result he sticks to the back in order to avoid any attention to his late arrival. At the back to the room he meets Ian, who he greets silently with a soft clap of the shoulder. He finds a place to sit nearby and takes his seat, watching Natalia when she speaks.

The Tenacious Griffin nearly forgot about the meeting taking place in the Academy of War, and although Lou is not a member of the group, she strides right in like she belongs there all the same. She takes a moment to look around before getting settled.

Lou has joined the a large wooden table.

Teague nods with jingle jangle to those he knows before he is watching the stage now with a little smile. He is ready to learn, he takes out a journal with ready to start taking notes!

2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Kael.

Adalyn has arrived to listen, maybe to talk. Whatever her purpose is for showing up beyond listen remains a closely held secret. There's a respectful nod to those she recognizes before she goes to find herself a place to sit.

Adalyn has joined the a large wooden table.

Ian nods to Evander when his cousin takes a seat nearby, and then takes a drink from his flask.

Raven turns in her seat and searches, still clearly searching for someone.

Penver, an Oathlands squire, Colm, a physician's apprentice arrive, following Richard.

Kael is not late, rather he manifests from the courtyard area of the Academy. He is not without parchment in hand, which he is currently reading through with a frown. He tucks that parchment aside swiftly upon entering the expansive chamber. He greets Natalia with a respectful nod of his head before glancing across those in attendance. He spies the Princess of Sanctum and, with little delay, strides in her direction to claim a spot near her - and to discreetly share the parchment's contents with her. Naturally the others he is familiar with are greeted with a polite nod of his head as well.

Richard has been standing somewhere near the back, quietly and discreetly, or as much as one can be while wearing near full armor. Many in the crowd are nodded to, but it's the presence of the Valardin leadership that diverts his attention and position both, moving towards Alis and Kael with a bow to encompass both of them. "Your Grace, Marquis Kael," he greets each in a low voice. And then his gaze returns to the front.

Rohran follows in on Kael's heels, carrying several folios under one arm. His entire demeanor speaks to a man distracted by....something. He moves near Natalia, though not TOO near, and sets his folios down. Hands clasped in the small of his back, he waits, patiently.

Alis accepts the parchment while giving Kael a nod of greeting, only noting quietly. "I spoke with Princess Keely earlier today.", and moving her journal a bit to the side so that he can easily read whatever notes she's making of the meeting. "Lord Richard; it's good to see you here." A gesture is made to a seat near her and Kael. "Please, join us. I plan mostly on listening today but I hope you both feel free to add your observations."

Caspian trots into the Academy, looking a tad out of place among the general and other battlefield commanders. he give a smile, waving to familiar faces and offering bows as needed. he scans the room, spies raven, gives her a nod and heads across the room toward the shorter woman.

Raven turns forward once more and scans the others there. She doesn't have the air of someone who has a burning need to speak but her gaze is bright and attentive.

"Lord Wyvernheart," Kael greets Richard, rising from his position so he can dip his head to the other Oathlander. Yes, evidently it takes standing to do so. He begins to gesture to the table in offering - along with casting a sidelong look to Alis to make sure that this is fine and fair. She's made the invitation so he finishes with it, a slight smile offered to the other man. "Did you?" he offers, as an aside to Alis. His tone, while polite, indicates he is slightly thrown by the comment as if attempting to figure out what that has to do with the missive. Then? "Ah. Yes."

There's a nod given towards the guards at the door, who return it and then close said door. Natalia waits for them to thud closed, and then turns towards the group, settling in. "While we do have several discussion topics to fall back on if needs be, I would first ask if anyone has any stories that they would like to share regarding-- unusual enemies they may have faced, or situations in which unusual tactics were needed. It should be said that much of what is spoken here is likely to be metaphor and fantastical; please just allow people to have their discussions without challenging the reality of their statements. Preparing for imaginary enemies is part of our fun, here." There's a fairly impish smile offered after those words; and then she's scanning the circle. "Would anyone like to get us started? The floor is open." She sits.

For those that missed it, the seating for the event is in a circle. All together; there is no front row and no back row.

Raven's expression pinches and she slumps back, crossing her good arm over her slung arm and cautiously peering about, careful not to make eye contact amongst those gathered in the circle.

The Ravenseye scout makes her way to sit. Rosalind doesn't have anything to say, but she's quiet. So she she can listen.

Rohran clears his throat, interjecting from behind Natalia, "For those of you who do not know me, I am Lord-General Rohran Keaton. I apologize for my tardiness. I would like to piggyback on what Baroness Elwood has said. This entire exercise is a thought experiment. Nothing 'real' to worry about, here. If you have seen it, or imagined it? Let's talk about it." He motions to all present. "I know there are several of you here with personal experiences that would benefit us all to hear about."

Despite her intentions to remain mostly quiet, the silence from those gathered about fighting 'unusual enemies' prompts Alis to finally speak up. "Ah, well. If one wants to prepare to face something abyssal - like, say, an abyssally tainted unicorn - you might wish to train your willpower. You can expect to feel like your very blood is on fire. All of it at once, pulsing. So imagine feeling like pulsating fire is consuming you from the inside out. You're /going/ to go down - so you'll have to focus, and kill it before it can kill you just by it's presence." And then, there is more. "And say, giant amalgamations of.... dead people, into a creature? Like, a really large one? I could see a team of fast people looping ropes around the ankles and legs to try and trip it so it stops swinging its beefy 'arm's and sending people across the battlefield like a skipped rock over water." See? She's helpful. Also, back to taking notes again.

Caspian arches his brow slightly at the comment about the metaphor and reality of it all. he wet his lips, looking to raven and then the rest of the room, then to Rohran with a bit of a shocked expression. he kept his mouth shut thought as Alis began to talk, a grin then tugging at his lips.

Raven blink-blink-blinks and her head cants at Alis. Her lips purse and her brow furrows. She shifts restlessly in her seat and opens her mouth and then snaps it shut. Her nostrils flare and she decides to reach into a coat pocket and reach around til she fishes out a flask which is trapped between her knees to free up her good hand for unscrewing the cap.

Rosalind blinks as people talk. Now she's questioning if she should even be here--safely. But she takes a drink of her beer and listens. Still.

Alis shrugs at Caspian and Raven, a small smile tugging at her lips. What? This is all make believe right? She has an excellent imagination, okay?

"Thank you both," Richard responds to Alis and Kael in turn, easing himself down into a seat with a creak and clank of armor. As one might expect of a soldier, he seems excellent at waiting, eyes forward and thus oblivious to whatever parchment the Valardin leadership might be discussing close by. He seems set to wait for others to voice their thoughts, turning his gaze to Alis with a lift of brows in unhidden surprise, at least at the story of the unicorn. As she continues, he nods, slowly, and rises as she seats herself. "Lord Richard Wyvernheart, Commander of the Valardin Infantry. Though not personal experience, of late I have had occasion to speak with several people who have had experience fighting, ah, large creatures." Despite the assurances of the hosts, he is careful in his words, eyes flickering to Alis. "Such as Her Grace has described. Very large, unsettling creatures. To that end, I am working with an craftsperson who will produce a statue of approaching proportions, and plan to test out tactics on it. If we come out with reliable, positive results, I'd be happy to report back."

Teague leans back in the chair as he takes notes his eyes moving from Natalia to Alis and than to Richard.

Raven looks visibly pained, "It is said, in stories, that it's not always about brute strenght. Some tales tell of the abyss whispering to their wants, their fears, their hangups-and it loves cocksure foes. So some tales tell of heroes who didn't just train their minds-but sought help viewing themselves without varnish and coming to terms with their flaws or fears so that the abyss had less to exploit."

She exhales, "There is tell of something of the Gargantuans of Legion, from tales where heroes faced them before and the in this epic tale-siege engines were lauded as perhaps the most sensible way to face such massive monsters."

Rohran slides a piece of parchment to Natalia, though he doesn't really look at her, per se, as he does it. He looks, then, to the crowd, "We've all heard some VERY wild tales. Soldiers are truly excellent story craftsmen, are they not? One need only go out among the campfire at night in camp to hear all manner of wild tale."

"So. Lord Richard. Princess Alis. Both of you bring up massive creatures. Does anyone else have any ideas for how we might fought some sort of gargantuan beast? that can fly?" He smiles, blandly. "Theoretically, of course. Blackheart Raven mentions something interesting. What of specialized siege weapons that are, perhaps, engineered against such a foe? Is such a thing possible?" He sort of looks out at all present, the question posed to the room in general.

Caspian has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Evander looks to Ian, an odd expression on his face, as if he was a statue and had come alive momentarily. The color returning to his cheek. He coughs, reaching into his breast pocket to draw out a hankerchief which he uses to cover his mouth, "Legion... Doesn't their power come from their lack of identity? Could we not thus affect the strength of their army by some how acknowledging each clan or..." Evander says, stopping to clear his throat. His gaze shifts from the others.

"If you speak of giant creatures with wings that with their breath can turn a beach to glass and wipe out an entire city state with their inherent abilities, I'm afraid I don't believe we have the capability at the present to go up against such a thing. Imagine their size being so large I could literally march up its nostril, Lord Rohran, and you begin to fathom its size, let alone it's power." Alis says this all with a rather grim tone. But with enough confidence that it's obvious she's done some homework and isn't just speaking out her ass. Figuratively speaking.

Ian has managed to sink even deeper into his chair, and is currently probably a man who is imagining there being a lot more hard liquor in the flask he brought with him than there actually is.

"We would be thrilled to receive that information from you, my lord," Natalia offers Richard's way, a smile given to go with the words. "If there is anything we can do to help with that testing or the creation of art, the Academy would be happy to contribute money, time, or other resources, particularly if we will all benefit from it." She's not taking notes, but she's clearly paying attention, looking between people as they speak. She glances Rohran's way for the slid parchment, taking it up and glancing before rolling it back up and setting it aside. "I would also prompt," she says, "For anything else anyone saw that might have been effective. Tripping and ropework is proven; siege weapons are a good line to pursue. What else?" The question of flying things has her own expression looking grim, and she nods to indicate agreement with the Valardin Highlord's words. "As well, when these things were--exploded, can anyone speak to what was...left behind, that needed dealt with?"

Kael looks sidelong to Alis when she utilizes her imagination in such a fashion. The Keaton has an absolute straight face, but he _has_ been rather grim of late given the givens. He goes so far to nod his agreement before shifting his attention politely to Richard, listening to him now. When that statue is mentioned, his brows lift in unison. "I would be interested in the report, though I imagine most all of us are. I actually would not mind speaking with you concerning - and I mean no offense - if additional resources are required." Kael gestures, as if willing to try to assist in this matter as well for such a cause.

"You might as well name them," Lou says from the sidelines. "Gargantuan. I imagine most people are starting to name the creatures after the sacking of Bastion, where one was fought at the docks, and an additional three more were fought before the empty streets of the cities. There's more than just that amalgamation now though. The Traitor is now combining plants with animals and people alike. Some of such of those amalgamations were comprised of individuals of my own family combined with plants, and had it not been for Eirene's concoction to combat them, I dare say we might be well on our way to being such creatures ourselves." Lou looks like she might say something more, a name on the tip of her tongue, but stops herself after a glance to Ian.

Ian eyes Lou and says something in a low voice to her.

Raven exhales and bows her head to Richard, something like relief flicking across her features. She pauses to take a nip of her flask. Lou's account flicks a look a solemn, grim look and she chews her bottom lip.

Richard turns his gaze back and forth, as each person speaks. While he isn't noting anything down, he is paying close attention. He tips his head to Natalia. "I have it covered, but thank you for the offer," he replies. Kael's words likewise earn a tip of his head. "I would be honored, Marquis. I had previously spoken with your General on the topic," he glances towards Rohran with a nod, "But I would welcome yourself and your forces in such a session."

Rohran clears his throat, and he cannot fully suppress a shudder at Lou's words. His lips set into a line. Firstly, he looks over to Alis. "Such a task would be grim, indeed. A fight, perhaps, that cannot be won. Yet most of the people here would be called upon and duty-bound to formulate some plan to wage that war anyhow." He motions, to the crowd. "Ropes. Tripping. Siege weapons. Do we have any other ideas from which to formulate something like a plan?"

Another clearing of his throat. "And what if a winged beast with the elemental power to, say, control a blizzard were to attack? Anyone have any ideas, there?"

He nods to Richard. "In truth, my lord, I would like to speak at length and build an actual training area for that task."

Evander frowns, leaning back into his seat. He crosses his arms and listens.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Raven makes a face and gives Rohran a pained look. She suggests softly, "Since we have a tale in stories and the history of other stories, perhaps there is the arguement to be made that generals ought to make use of one-or more-scholarly advisors. If one were concerned with writing their own story about how they would face such threats the advisors of scholars would be invalueable for a number of reasons."

Evander shakes his head, leaning towards his cousin to whisper in his ear. He clears his throat softly and looks to the others, returning to pay attention to the conversation at hand.

Evander says, "There are weapons made specifically to destroy the Gargantuan of the Nameless."

Lou listens with a grim faced expression but after a few moments she speaks up. "If you're looking to damage to one of the sky lords, you might consider looking for the Sword of Dusk and Dawn. It was something we learned about during our first trip in Whitepeak, when someone originally from Uanna scribbled some writing in one of the administrative buildings. It was, essentially, about the history of the Traitor working with the Cardians to take out the Metallic Order, and how this one Uannna had escaped with the sword, but felt no where was safe. I'll be happy to pass along the seed of information I have, although considering the Traitor is siphoning the primum out of Whitepeak with giant clouds of bugs, I caution against going to the city. The last groups that tried to go there had their memories of the experience erased and new ones given to them and those that did not break free from the geas still get a bit twitchy whenever Whitepeak is mentioned. But, perhaps a library crawl or a deeper dive into the Unnan cultures - like the old settlement in the Lyceum - might prove useful."

Some combination of what Evander says and what Lou is talking about gets a slight wince out of Ian. He continues his quiet conversation with his cousin.

Richard looks briefly puzzled for some reason, as he glances to the side. That clears up after a moment. "You might consider talking to some of the Northlanders, General Rohran. They might have better ideas about dealing with the elements." He doesn't, however, look too pleased at the talk of skylords.

"I would be interested in having that conversation, Lord Wyvernheart, and others," remarks Kael in response to Richard. He shifts his attention back to the conversation at hand, dark brows gathering and his lips pressing into a thin line as he straightens. As that conversation continues, he near grimaces. Still, for whatever reason, he glances toward the Valardin Highlord seated beside him and after a moment of hesitation reaches forth to clasp her upper arm in brief. In the wake of Raven's comment, Kael chins her way to support her words. "These.. imaginative... wars are ones that go well beyond typical battlefield tactics and the advisement of scholars, historians, and even those well versed in child's tales are beneficial. I hope few would question that."

Raven grimaces at Lou's comment and again looks visabvly pained. She clears her throat, "PErhaps confer with scholars familiar in the tales of such beasts. There might be other ways that tale might end than in direct conflict with one."

Caspian looks to Evander and seems surprised, though suddenly more interested. the Story lou speaks of draws his attention as well. he turns his gaze to Evander and asks, "What kind of weapons would those be?"

"The scope of our discussion is in dealing with threats; this presumes all avenues of peaceful resolution have been exhausted," Natalia speaks up, clarifying.

Rohran shrugs helplessly to Raven. "Blackheart Raven, your idea actually has merit. We are hamstrung by conventions that we must all observe." He offers her a thing, not-exactly-happy smile. "But that is a fair point." He looks to Lou. "Would the Society of Explorers be willing to help connect those with these sorts of.....stories....with someone who can, perhaps, assist with research into that and other topics? Perhaps we can "

He points to Evander, "I do not believe we have met, my lord? Please share with us what sort of weapons that might be, as Champion Caspian suggests?"

Evander looks to his cousin, leaning back. He smiles, covering his lips with an handkerchief, "We are here to talk about the threat of Legion? Or is this a more open forum? There is a scribe, Py, who's work, I believe hold the key to combating Legion. Not all would have to be physical. There are ancient rites, songs that would free those held by the bounds of Legion and I feel that if I do not share this or at least feel that everyone is on the same page, we are going to keep having problems."

Edris slips into the entryway hopefully mostly inobtrusively, travelling dust still on his cloak. He takes up a place easily in the back, as if used to slipping into place in such a manner, listening quietly and politely.

Raven mmmhmmms and bows her head in aknowledgement to Natalia.

Evander looks to Caspian, "The Blades of Names."

Alis tips her head towards Raven, actually, in agreement with something she's said. And, with a roll of her eyes about something when she glances over at Kael after the arm clasp, commits a few words to paper by scribbling something there.

Evander bows his head to Caspian, "My apologies, Count-Consort Evander Darkwater."

Caspian nods his head slowly, his smile breaking to spread over his face "i think i recall reading a few stories about those! Though.. i had near forgotten about them!" he offers a bright smile, "Caspian Wild, i know its been some time My lord." he paused before asking, "It would be something of a treasure hunt to find these blades wouldnt it?"

Lou shakes her had to Evander when he mentions the Blades of Names. "They've been found, as far as I am aware. The Shield of Morien is one I helped retrieve and it is with the Inquisition at the moment for safekeeping. It was used during the Petrichor lodge event to defend against other sorts of attacks. We have, to date, only unlocked one thing it was able to do. The others are spread somewhere through Arx, though I do not know who wields them all." There's a pause as she receives a message from Willen. "Circling back to the Gargantuan, Princess Liara wishes to express her regrets that she could not make it, but that we had 10,000 soldiers enter Bastion and had catapults, trebuchets, and ballistas that were all rendered ineffective because of the unique talents the Sylv'alfar possess with plants. Vines encircled and restrained them all, as they know the weaknesses of their creatures."

"I am at your service, Marquis," Richard responds to Kael with a bow of his head, expert at that even while seated, out of heavy practice. He, too, looks interested in Evander's words, looking thoughtful. "In truth," he says, slowly, "I would think out unwise to seek out weapons that can kill a skylord. That would, in the first part, seem like provocation, and in the second, could be turned against us. I understand that not all skylords are our enemies. Only in a world," and here, he acknowledges Natalia's clarification with a dip of his head, "Where all other choices are closed to us, and battle is inevitable, would I advocate for such a step."

Lou notes to Rohran. "The Explorers are always happy to help with tasks."

Natalia makes a thoughtful sound for Lou's suggestion, then prompts the room, "Does anyone have thoughts on how our siege weaponry might be protected from such? What changes could we make?"

Edris folds his arms, his gaze lowering as the talk turns to the gargantuans, though it's more of a deeply listening pose rather than anything else. "During a scouting mission and in other circumstances of encountering that magic, the formulas developed to counter the vines and other plants worked spectacularly well," the Elwood knight offers quietly. "Incorporating that in some way to be protective as well to equipment might be a good idea."

Evander flashes a playful smile in Caspian's direction, "I am familiar with you, Champion but like I was saying..." He raises his voice, directing them to the others, "The blades are but one tool, one crafted by Tal and thus can be crafted by us. There are other means of undermining Legion but we must be open minded." Evander begins to say, becoming silent when Lou speak. He nods to her slowly, "Yes, but, ok, they need to be put out on the field, champions need to be chosen and given the Blades of Names. They do us no good in some vault." The Darkwater count adds and then abandons the topic as the conversation goes into siege weapons. He leans back on his share and whispers to Ian, waiting and reaching for the flask the second it comes out.

"Ask Eirene for some of her concoction. With it we were able to dispatch my family members that were tainted with plant matter." It might be noted that Lou's voice and expression are devoid of emotion as she makes the suggestion. It's simple. Matter of fact. Rote. "It seems to affect that plant matter, specifically. We rubbed it on our weapons. My understanding is that one of the people with us, Mark, found a way to get her more of what she needed to make several batches."

Raven nurses her flask and listens, jade gaze sliding between those as they speak.

Ian puts a hand on Evander's arm and says something softly, while offering his flask over.

"Finding good defenses against skylords is equally difficult. It's hard to fortify against something so powerful with only mundane resources. But probably still easier than weapons to fight with." Alis muses, nodding towards Richard then, to agree with him. More scribbling is done when Lou speaks about the special anti-plant concoction. "It might be interesting to see if such concoctions can be made specific to other things we'll face. How about some anti-insect weapon coatings. When the centipedes swarm you it would be super helpful."

Evander takes a small sip, passing it back to Ian. He tries to hide a chuckle, shaking his head at Ian. Looking over to Lou, Alis, and Edris, he listens, curious about the concoction.

Richard coughs, indiscreetly.

"The Shield of Morien will kill anyone working together to power it unless they can figure out an alternate way of doing so. And, unless you've got a proclivity for growing plants that can create primum and taking those plants with you somehow while not killing them, those volunteering to use the shield are doing so knowing they are sacrificing their lives in order to protect others." Lou notes to Evander. "Prlmum producing plants were what anchored the shield last time, so no one had to sacrifice their lives." There's a brief pause before she adds, grimly. "Magic always has a price. We do not know if the other weapons weapons have a price for using them." She looks to Alis and grins toothily. "I still say we get a barrel, put a pole through it, and squish them all!" Which was her suggestion for Bastion.

Rohran looks to Lou, interjecting, "Is there a way to grow, transport, or otherwise use this plants? A giant....planter box in a wagon, say?"

Alis writes something in really big letters across one of her journal pages, and then rips it out to hold up for Lou. 'TEAM SQUISH'.

Edris nods solemnly to Lou's words, especially the part about magic always having a price.

Raven says, "I've got some stories about it, Lord Rohran. Perhaps you may like to look at them, concerning this mythical thornweave."

Evander looks up to Lou, sucking on his tooth when she explains the main obstacle, "It is just about finding the right people; halfbloods, godtouched, lunatics."

Richard's expression seems to stiffen into something disapproving at the mention of magic. He finally draws out writing implements to make a quick note.

Evander clears his throat, raising the handkerchief to his lips. He says something to Ian, speaking softly.

Lou raises brows over at Rohran. "Uh. I am an explorer, not a gardener." There's a light pause before she adds. "But I can put you in touch with the person who spearheaded the growing of said plants and you can ask them your questions."

Evander says, "The main ingredient is the thornweave vines blood... So you would need to send hunters for it and from that create the solution. It has other things of course."

Rohran nods to Lou. "That would be VERY much appreciated." He looks to Evander. "Would it be possible to speak with you on this topic, my lord? After this discussion?"

Evander bows his head respectfully to Rohran and then nods, "Of course."

Raven points at Evander as if he has hit the obvious flaw in the pancea of Solution. She frowns as she discovers she's emptied her flask. She screws the cap back on, tucks it away and rises.

A deep reserve settles over Edris' expression. He continues to listen from his position of holding up the wall, but there's a certain restlessness to his being that is hard to suppress fully.

Natalia blinks at Evander's words, then laughs. It's an abrupt and startled thing, and she clears her throat afterwards and ducks her head. Nothing is offered up to the room, though she does glance towards first Kael, and then Alis. Then back to the circle at large.

Lou shakes her head at Evander. "The people of Morien that Copper gave the Shield to were mages of some sort or another. It was last used during the Reckoning. Every single one of them died using the Shield. And the only function we know that it can do is create a barrier that could be breeched with ladders, but would give enough protection to at least stall an attack and buy some time, assuming that the hammer of woe isn't involved."

Ian has started to look increasingly weary. He puts his flask away with the air of someone who's preparing to leave.

Alis gives a small shake of her head to Natalia, and then a smile. Nothing to add here!

The mention of Thornweave vines blood makes Richard visibly stiffen, glancing at Evander again. Natalia's startled laugh makes him look at her too, quizzically, with clearly no idea what prompted the laughter.

When Natalia is looking his way, Kael inclines his head toward the Baroness in response. It's a brief thing, that, and though the motion is different from Alis', the sentiment is more or less the same.

Evander nods to Lou, he replies, softly at her, "We all return. It is just a matter, like I said, of finding the right people but do not mind me," He slightly raises his hand, "I imagine there are entreaties that I do not know so I speak from a purely speculative point of view and I am sure the Inquisition and the Explorers know what they are doing. " Evander then turns to the others, looking at Rohran, "We can do this. All that it requires is that we become in touch with a part of us that we abandoned long time ago." His gaze raises to the others, "All of us. A very old part of us."

"Alright, everyone; I think we've all been given a number of things to think about, and it sounds like there are further quiet conversations to have. I am going to call the group discussion to a close," Natalia says, standing as she speaks, "Though we will remain with the doors guarded for several hours for those of you that wish to have your quieter conversations now. If anyone has topics they would like to see the group chew on, please let me know -- we're going to have a repeat of this topic a few times in the next month or two, so if we missed anything today there will be another opportunity. I am also accepting suggestions for practical exercises, if anyone has something they want our members to _do_ that's a bit less pretend and more practical."

Teague has been listening with his eyes moving back and forth as he bites into his lower lip so much to take in.

Ian braces on the table and pushes to his feet, then takes up his cane. Apparently leaving just like that.

Ian has left the a large wooden table.

Raven pauses and flashes Evander a quick, encouraging smile. Natalia is given a bow before she turns to go.

Rohran adds, as people begin to go, "Thank you all for your insight. I, personally, find it illuminating. "

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Lou gives Evander a grim expression. "Those people would need to be given a choice in the matter, and know all of the dangers, and willingly make that sacrifice to use the shield, no matter what combination you feel could work, or it doesn't get used." There's a very cool air to her tone as she relies to the Darkwater count. With that she abruptly stands up, her expression stormy, as she makes her way to the door.

Teague stands up from the table as he looks over at everyone as he waves to a few as he stumbles out with so much to think on for the evening. "Thank you everyone for sharing. I have much to think on now. I hope each of you stays safe. Have a lovely evening." As he heads for the door, he is no longer giddy even the jingle of the bells does not bring a smile.

Teague is overheard praising Natalia: FOR HOSTING a grand meeting!

Evander replies to Lou, "Of course, choice in all matters."

Rohran looks to Lou, adding to their little side conversation, "Many brave men and women call the Compact home. And some of those are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save their homes. It is an option we cannot discount."

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Caspian stand and folds the pieces of parchment he had been taking notes on. he offers a smile to each and bows his head before heading for the door

Kael is overheard praising Natalia.

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Natalia is overheard praising Rohran.

Alis is overheard praising Natalia.

Natalia is overheard praising Evander.

Natalia is overheard praising Lou.

Edris pushes off from his wall, offering courteous bows to both Lou and Ian as they move to depart, and a brief smile and respectful nods to Raven as well.

Natalia is overheard praising Raven.

Natalia is overheard praising Richard.

Natalia is overheard praising Edris.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Rohran is overheard praising Natalia: For putting together a highly informative story time!

Evander is overheard praising Natalia: She brought together great minds and gave me a platform to discuss an important matter, Legion.

Natalia is overheard praising Alis.

Natalia is overheard praising Kael.

Lou is overheard praising Natalia.

Lou is overheard praising Rohran.

Rohran is overheard praising Kael: For putting together a highly informative story time!

Penver, an Oathlands squire, Colm, a physician's apprentice leave, following Richard.

Rohran is overheard praising Lou: For addign a great deal wo the conversation!

Rohran is overheard praising Evander: For adding a great deal wo the conversation!

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Willen leaves, following Lou.

"May you both have a good evening," Kael says to the pair that is closest to him. He inclines his head deeply before pushing up from the table and navigating around it so that he can - from behind - tap Natalia's upper arm. No words, not even a break of his stride, but he has to bestow that little hint of affection her way.

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Evander remains, in case someone wanted to speak to him in private.

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Edris doesn't immediately move to depart, instead waiting for the crowd to thin a bit before offering a quiet smile Natalia's way once he catches her eye.

Rohran waits behind Natalia, watching the others go. His arms cross over his chest, and his face takes on a flat, impossible-to-read expression.

With a large portion of people heading out, Natalia huffs out a big sigh of air that takes with it tension, relaxing. She takes up her stick, sending a smile in Edris's direction in return for his, then looks up to Rohran. "Thank you," she tells him, though she doesn't specify what she's thanking him for. Her stick gets waved at the people still here, and then she's heading for her office to disappear into it.

1 Keaton Huntsmen, Sis, a redheaded morning person leave, following Natalia.

Offices <N> is now locked.

With no erupting thorns appearing out of nowhere, and Natalia headed safely into her office, Edris seems content enough to square his shoulders and make his preparations to leave, though he does offer Rohran and Evander a courtly bow as well.

Rohran bows politely to Edris. "Lord Edris. Pleasant evening."

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