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Unofficial Society of Helpers Open Meeting (Autumn 1017)

In light of recent events, Princess Keely Grayson and Princess Denica Thrax feel it prudent to call together another Society of Helpers meeting.

It is open to ALL, and there are no memberships or the like. If you want to be a Helper, you are one, so please do come.

If you have a personal matter you'd like to request help with, please send a note to Princess Keely with as much detail as you can comfortably share, and help will be requested anonymously. I will put you in touch after the fact.


This is primarily an organized plot sharing meeting - if you have a plot you would like to involve interested people in, this is the place!

If you have a SECRET and want help ANONYMOUSLY, you may share it with Keely via letter or me OOCly in a mail. I PROMISE to keep it confidential, only share the details you like and only at the meeting, and you will be put in control of contacting anyone who volunteers for help. I will never out you.

We will be calling for interest in running one of an offshoot series of events in topics like field medicine/first aid, crisis management, self defense, and so on. If you like teaching RP, feel free to volunteer and we'll get you set up!

At the end there will be a little group therapy sesh for any characters who are having a hard time with current events. The log will be turned off for it, but everyone is invited and welcome to stay so long as they are respectful. No antagonistic RP please.

Any questions can be sent via messenger or mail :)


July 3, 2022, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Denica




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Stormbird's Roost - Public Room

Largesse Level


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