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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar: Artshall Recovery Fundraiser

(Sunday Night Sip'n Spar: XXXXIX Fundraiser)

OOC: Please note that tonight's event is going to be more of a casual gathering that focuses on fun rather than the fundraising. For those who still wish to make donation, we thank you in advance. For more information on this evening's beneficiaries and how tonight's donations will be distributed, please see:


Join us as we gather and all stand together in solidarity and raise much-needed funds to assist three excellent causes in Arx.

Come one, come all for an evening of excellent sparring and company in the Hart's arena presented in partnership by his Highness, The Prince Patrizio of Pravus, and The Hart's honorary Sergeant of Arms, the Unrivaled Champion Caspian Wild.

Come and cheer or test your skills against some of Avrum's finest fighters.

All levels of warriors and fighting styles welcome (including archery, melee weapons, fisticuffs (brawling), knife throwing and more). Armour and weapons are available for those who require gear.

~ Donations of silver and/or writs to aid the Knights of Solace (as requested by Duke Cristopher of Laurent,) House of Thrax refugees (as requested by Champion Caspian and Prince Patrizio) and the Golden Hart are very welcome and graciously accepted. No gift too large or small. Every donation matters! ~

Drinks are on the house! All are welcome to attend!


EVENT UPDATE: This event was originally planned to assist with the restoration of Arsthall. His Grace, Duke Cristoph of Laurent, has requested that all proceeds from our event be donated to the Knights of Solace and so that is what we shall do. With deepest appreciation and thanks to everyone.


OOC PLEASE NOTE: As always, the Hart is open to everyone and all are very welcome to attend. This event was created to offer players a chance to relax and enjoy some fun with characters they may not otherwise have a chance to meet.

If you have questions, please @mail Valencia. Winners from past Sip'n Spars are listed at:

We hope that you will join us. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Sept. 18, 2022, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Valencia Caspian Patrizio


Kritr Ian Gaspard Aedin Thea Waldemai Triton Elora Rosalind Enyo



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Kritr shows up to the Sip and Spar in full armor, just in case that kind of spar is called for.

The weather is warm and toasty as evening falls upon Arx as the Hart's main hall and arena begin to fill with eager guests in search of a night of excellent sparring, good drink and excellent company. Valencia is in her element, seeing to last minute things guests and fighters file in. Smile and warm welcomes for everyone. The Hart's Sip'n Spar is about to begin.

Ian turned up a little bit early for the event, and thus, as people start filtering in, he's already sitting off in the corner with a glass of whiskey, slouched deep in his chair, his expression flat, eyes shaded.

It's an evening, a glorious evening in the city of Arx, and Patrizio Pravus is slowly strolling along the edge of the ring as he's clearly meant to be seen, the gleam of the various braziers and the like off his polished armour as he's making his way around to green those who are present. A glass of wine in his hand - something tame, clearly, to start with in case he's called for a turn upon the sands, and there are warm smiles for those he knows so well amongst those filing in to join for the evening of fun and sport.

Caspian is on the sands already, a smile bright on his face and leather armor donned for the night. As people begin to trickle in, he gives smiles and waves to each, sneaking a sip from his flask when he suspects no one is looking. "Come in, come in! come grab a seat! we will be starting soon! the bar is stocked and the seat cushions were plumped just today!"

Helm and gauntlets set aside, Gaspard has a massive tankard of ale in hand. With every small shift of his weight, the wood underneath creaks in pain as the large man mutters. Looking to be in a good mood, he wears a faint smile.

Since returning to the city, Aedin has made it her mission to recreate her firsts, as her time in Arx was short and boring in the past. Another first, attending an event within the Hart, as the Hart and events here were something a few had suggested when seeking advice. The Blackwood woman is all eyes as she moves through the establishment, offering curtsies to those she passes of notable title and polite head tilts to those without. Needless to say, all those curtsies mean that it takes her a moment to find her seat. She pauses, looking around for what is clearly the best, and decides to climb to the raised section so she might be able to see everything.

Aedin has joined the raised seating.

A smile to Patrizio as Valencia moves by a word of thanks to him. As Waldemai's assent to the rafters is noted, the little vixen can only grin. A nod for Caspian, her appreciate and trust in his work tonight written upon her face and a happy smile for Lord Ian who has arrived early this evening. "My Lord Ian, I am glad you were able to come. Thank you so much for being her," she offers with a gracious incline of head to the Kennex lord. "I hope Lord Wash will join us as well, and your lady wives. It has been far too long since I have seen your smiles." A gracious nod to Gaspard, too as he settles in with a tankard of ale suitable for a man of such notable size. "Welcome to you as well, my Lord Blackram. I am glad to see you have arrived."

Thea steps into the Hart, dressed in her leathers. Common dress for her these days to be honest. Seeing others, she gives a not and brief smile as she passes.

Thea has joined the ringside table.

Ian lifts his glass to Valencia, although his graven expression looks like it's been a long damned time since it last softened into anything like a smile. "Wouldn't be anywhere else. Wash's responsibilities have kept him home. Battle to plan for."

A smile in return from Patrizio for Valencia when she's offering up that wordless word of thanks, the press of his palm to his breastplate before he's dipping his head profoundly to her. Though a faint pained look when he hears of Ian's discussion of why Wash is not present, and he dips his head again. "May the gods keep him, and you, and all of yours safe," he offers quietly. "More, may they favour you and yours in battle, and may those faithful to the Highlord come through the storm stronger."

Ian's version of smile, all things considered, is enough to evoke a warm nod from Valencia. But it is not long before a new face, that of Lady Aedin, is noted. Again, Valencia smiles in welcome, then nods to a passing barmaid to make sure that the woman has something to drink. Thea arrives dressed for business and again Valencia smile. "Welcome, Countess. You look rather striking this night. I hope you will take to the sands. It is always a treat to see your skills first hand."

Gaspard lifts his tankard in greeting towards Valencia. "Glad I could be here, showing my support." says the man in a deep, bassy baritone. He takes a hefty swig, wetting his lips after and lowering the tankard to his knee. His faint smile eventually shifts into a serious expression.

Kritr gets a pitcher of beer to drink, settling in at the table closest to the fighting.

Clad in storm scarlet southern silks, Valencia moves to the center of the Ring of Valor. Offering a welcoming wave and smile, she holds up her hands and graciously inclines her head to the enthusiastic crowd.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams. Dearest friends -- please be welcome to my Hart and thank you for being here this evening. We are so very happy you could join us."

Stray, Stormcrow arrive, following Triton.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Triton arrive, following Elora.

Stray, Stormcrow leave, following Triton.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Triton leave, following Elora.

"Tonight, we are pleased to offer you the finest of martial arts and skills, proudly co-presented by Missere Champion Caspian Wild, our guest Sergeant of Arms, and his highness, Prince Patrizio of Pravus," the little Lycene calls out with a respectful nod to her fellow hosts and those who will be soon entering the ring.

Stray, Stormcrow arrive, following Triton.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Triton arrive, following Elora.

"Our compact has faced many dark days, but we are made of stronger stuff and will not fail to rise. And so tonight, in honour of all those who protect our freedom and stand and fight for us in any way they can we dedicate this night. Thank you for your bravery your sacrifice, your endless work and your service," she bows her head respectfully.

Aedin dips her head towards Valencia as owner of the Hart looks in her direction, and a quiet word is shared with a wandering server to order a glass of wine. Clearly she has decided to live it up this evening. She notes Kritr and offers him a polite smile and wiggle of her fingers in greeting before she turns towards Gaspard, "Lady Aedin Blackwood, a pleasure. Will you be participating?"

"And now, dear friends. Let us begin," she calls out now that the moment of respect has been taken and the crowd ready for the matches to begin. "Missere Sergeant of Arms! Competitors! Would please take to the sands," she continues with a smile. "Let spirits lift and voices rise. I now pronounce tonight's event open!"

As the Hart's arena fills with cheers, the little vixen gracefully bows her head and gracefully steps from the ring. The 49th Sip'n Spar has officially begun."

Triton wields a pair of dark brown caestus with gleaming alaricite bear claws.

Ian is already unbuttoning his coat and vest as the event begins. He shrugs off coat first, then vest, leaving them hanging across the back of his chair, leaving him wearing just a loose fitting long sleeved shirt. (And pants, so nobody get too excited.) Then, with a grunt of effort, he braces on the table and pushes to his feet. "Alright, Master Wild. Want to get this started?"

Kritr claps politely at the announcement. "49. I will be here for fifty. I am glad to be here."

Waldemai cheers from up in the rafters, holding his horn of ale high. "Hear hear! Let's have a good fight!"

Thea has left the ringside table.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, Spirit arrive, following Rosalind.

Aside to Elora, "Why he is stripping down? This is combat, right? Not..."

Caspian gives a bow to Valencia and a bright smile. "Let me start by thanking our most illustrious hostess!" he gives a grin to Valencia, "My friends, tonight is about a chance to drink, to laugh, to test ourselves, better ourselves.. and hopefully take home fond memories with the bruises! we are all friends and equals tonight!" he looks over to ian and laughs merrily, "Well, i cant say no to that! Lord ian has agreed to start us off this evening by honoring a request ive long had of him. namely.. i feel its my turn to be dropped in the sand by his blade! Come my friend! lets start the night with a show!"

Caspian has joined the ring of valor.

Triton grins and waves at his twin as ROsalind arrives.

Elora slips in quietly beside Triton, the little blonde dressed in blue black leathers alongside her husband. She even has a bow... and two dogs. Probably not at all surprising for those familiar with how the Ravenseye hunts. Or fights, maybe? She walks over to Valencia with a smile. "Good evening," she greets in her naturally softspoken voice. "Do we give our donation to you?"

Patrizio smiles warmly to Triton when he's hearing the comment made to Elora, and the prince contemplates Ian for a moment, before there's a glance back to them. "Truly, it's more that the good lord is attempting to make combat with him fair," offers he, in a tone that speaks to having been bested upon the sands perhaps, and a chuckle for a moment while he's taking another deep sip of his drink. And there's a turn of his attention to Rosalind when Triton waves, before he dips his head to the lady familiarly.

Caspian wields Freedom.

Waldemai has a tough choice to make. "Great opening show! I'll lay ... " he checks his purse. "One thousand on Caspian!"

Ian uses his cane to flip a sword in its sheathe up to his hand that was sitting under the table, and draws from within it a very long, slender blade made of a golden metal that seems almost to glow with its own light. Without his cane to serve as a third point of balance, his passage from his table to the ring is a little bit uncertain, steps executed with care, but he gets there.

Ian gets a long, slender goldsteel blade from Oiled leather bag.

Ian wields a long, slender goldsteel blade.

Rosalind comes bursting into the Hart just in time. "I made it, I made it!" She waves excited, grinning at Triton mostly, but to everyone else too. She knows practically everyone. "Hey El,"Rosa greets her sister in law, hurrying over to her sister in law.

Stray have been dismissed.

Stormcrow have been dismissed.

Caspian flips a salute to the man, offers a smile, and then drops into a fighter's stance. "When you are set my friend! and no holding back!"

Ian has left the corner table.

Ian has joined the ring of valor.

Ian lifts his sword into a lazy guard. "I'm going to be irritated with you if you blame your success on me holding back," he remarks in a casual tone of voice. His face has settled into a deep, slack sort of calm, but his eyes move fast.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Patrizio turns his head, the glance towards Waldemai before he calls out, "I'll take that bet! A thousand upon Lord Ian!"

A smile comes as Rosalind burst in upon the scene and it deepens as she greets her twin Triton and Elora. Valencia offers a welcoming nod and a pair of buxom barmaids hurry over to see new arrivals plied with good liquor. "Welcome, welcome. Please enjoy. I hope you will enjoy tonight. Will any of you be joining us upon the sands to night? she happily addresses Elora, Triton and Rosalind as the finish greeting each other.

Kritr thumps the table a couple of times enthusiastically.

Waldemai knows a royal when he sees one. He calls down to Patrizio, "Thank you, your highness. There's not such thing as a bad faight, and there's no such thing as a fight that can be made better with a little silver on the line!" Horn. Ale. Glug glug glug.

Briefly, Patrizio's hand lifts as if to tip a hat that he's not wearing - why would he, when he has such fabulous hair - to Waldemai. "Thank /you/, messere. May their offering upon the sands do good service before Gloria and the other gods, and may they do us all honour." Kritr's thumping gets a further grin from the prince, even as he's milling with the others, doing some job of ensuring that all are settled and helping to keep others in the know of the order of things on this evening.

Elora glances at Triton with a smile. "I think Lord Triton will. I can, perhaps, but I have a less conventional fighting style that might not work well for most." She motions at the two dogs standing at perfect attention to her side. For any who were at the hunt a while back, they might recognize the wolfhound as the dog that took down a bear. A full money purse is handed over to whomever is accepting the donations, and then she smiles when Rosalind swoops in. "Lady Rosalind," she greets her sister in law, eyes twinkling. "I'm glad you could come with us."

Someone who didn't know what they were looking at might have a really hard time understanding what the hell is going on in the ring right now. Because Caspian is definitely a skilled and dexterous fighter, but Ian? Ian's just... standing there. He takes the occasional careful step in one direction or another, but all that exciting, flashy footwork that fighters normally display, advancing, circling, retreating swiftly over the sands... Ian is doing none of that. Probably, Ian CAN'T do any of that. And yet somehow, he hasn't just been cut to ribbons. Maybe Caspian's going easy on him?

... But everyone else can see what's actually happening, can see the absolute artistry in Ian's handling of that long sword he's using, the speed at which he can make it move. Everything he does serve more than one purpose. Attacks might force Caspian to block or move in a specific way. Blocks might set him up for a followup attack. And this skill, together with the sheer length of that fine, light blade, makes him very hard for the faster man with the shorter weapons to get to. Which isn't to say that he goes untouched; early on, he's tagged on the hand, where the undeveloped hilt of the blade doesn't protect it. He gradually dismantles Caspian's ability to guard or dodge, so that the opening that he eventually capitalizes on with blinding speed is one of his own making. The blade becomes a blur of gold, and the sound of the strike is heard.

Gaspard nurses his tankard of ale, remaining quiet as he intently focuses upon the match at hand, lips pursed, gaze following the pair.

Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Valencia is overheard praising Elora: The first to donate to tonight's causes. So grateful. Thank you, my lady.

"Hi Valenica,"Rosalind greets with a wave. She waves to Kritr too as she plops down sitting comfortable. "Wait. Is Triton fighting? Are YOU fighting?" She asks the latter a bit surprised. Sorta. But then her eyes drift over to the dogs. Then grins. Watching the ring, she starts shouting in encouragment. Not even saying to who.

Triton grins broadly at Rosalind after Elora greets her. "Rosa. I hope yer tornado self is doing well?" He pauses when she speaks, then flips a hand her way. "I will not beat up my little suster, so no worries. Spank her, maybe, but only with love."

Caspian is an arrow of the bow at the start, launching himself toward ian in a flurry of blows and trying to outmaneuver the man. using a dagger as he is, his reach is shorter, but he does his best to make up for it with blinding speed. Still, as fast as he is, ian is simply faster. where Caspian tries to push him back, force him to go off balance, ian somehow manages to parry the blow and let it slide past. Again and again Caspian and ian parry and attack, back and forth until the opening is revealed and with thud, Caspian staggers back from the blow to make distance and collect himself. a smile can be seen spreading over his face "Well hit ian!!"

Aedin shifts from speaking to Gaspard when the fight starts, her gloved hands wrapping around her white wine after its been brought. Her eyes bounce between Ian and Caspian, though her attention is pulled towards Rosalind when the woman enters, and she beams brightly with a small excited wave at seeing the other woman as if they hadnt seen one another in a very long, six year period.

"Maybe?" Elora replies to Rosa. "It would depend on whether anyone is willing to face off against Onida and I. Aside from that, I can hide behind you and Lord Triton with my bow and bandages."

As Waldemai and Patrizio place bets, Valencia moves quietly throug the crowd. Pausing by Gaspard's table she smiles. "Will you be sparring tonight, Lord Gaspard? It has been some time since we saw you upon our sands," she asks with a warm nod. There is a loud cheer and she turns her eyes upon the flurry of activity in the ring.

Waldemai waves his horn of ale around. Watch out below! "A fine fight, just as we thought! All glory to Gloria!"

Elora says, "Where should we sit?"

Kritr greets Rosalind with a nod. "I'll fight Triton if that's what he wants." He says in an even tone.

Gaspard responds to Aedin in a slow, lazy drawl, "I haven't quite decided." And thus answering Valencia as well. "I may as well since I am armored, and I am here. The opportunity shouldn't be wasted...."

Rosalind waves to Aedin wave a big smile. "Hi Aedin! I HEARD you were back, but I didn't SEE you!" There's a snort at Triton, Rosa simply telling him,"Me and you both know you could never catch me. Ever. Also---Be nicer to your elder sister!" 2 minutes. It counts!

Gaspard then offers to Aedin, gaze ripped off the ongoing match, "Where are my manners? Lord Gaspard Blackram."

"Yes please,"Rosa tells Kritr with a grin. "You don't even take it easy!"

A chuckle, when Patrizio's drawing himself up by Aedin and Gaspard, the brief dip of his head to each of them, before there's the warmth of his voice to find them. "A pleasure to see you both. I hope that you're both enjoying, my good lord and lady. Had either of you thought of stepping upon the sands?" It's a question gently offered, even as his jade eyes do turn back to the dance being waged by Caspian and Ian upon the sands at the moment, a breath passing from him.

A cheer rises to the roof as two of Arx most formidable fighters show their skills. Valencia cheers as well, hands coming together to clap and cheer. "Bravo! A beautiful match to start the blaze that will fire all our competitors this night," she calls out with delight. "I am glad," she nods to Gaspard with a smile to Aedin as she joins the others. "I shall cheer for you of course," she nods and moves off to leave them to their pleasures.

"You'll never force your way through with the length of my guard," Ian warns Caspian, as the two fighters go back to testing each other's defenses, every attack matched equally. "Use your maneuverability to get around it." His voice is conversational, even chatty, which stands in start contrast to the fact that he is definitely doing everything in his power to beat the crap out of the man he's talking with. He, on the other hand, DOES become more aggressive as the fight continues, even to the point where he pays for it with a strike to the arm that easily sounds as bad as the one he just dished out. He can see Caspian sweating and starting to slow down, and this might have a lot to do with it. The hits the two men trade come more often as they begin to feel out each others' styles, and now Ian is sweating, too...

"Well now you have, you are quite fortunate," Aedin answers to Rosa with a grin and perhaps even a small pose just so Rosalind could really really see her in all her glory. "Well met, Lord Gaspard, and I shall have to give you all my best when you do. Consider this a favor in your advantage," she informs the man with a warm smile. There is a quick shake of her head when Patrizio approaches, "oh, no Your Highness. I am no fighter, and would not be able to hit someone even if they told me to." The small woman does not look as if she would even know how to hold a sword.

Caspian checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Botch! Caspian fails badly.

Caspian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Waldemai jumps up, spilling ale all over the rafters. "What a fight! Well done all!"

Gaspard wears a faint smile of thanks towards Aedin and Valencia, "Thank you both. I'll certainly need any advantage I can get. I see seasoned individuals."

Gaspard says up to Patrizio, flashing that same faint smile, "Prince Patrizio. Always good to see you, and I believe I will. Why not try my luck?"

Elora says, "Rosalind, where are you going to sit?"

Valencia is overheard praising Caspian: The finest of fighters and a most excellent Sergeant of Arms for the Hart. Bravo!

Valencia is overheard praising Ian: Always a treat to see upon the sands. Such skill is a rare gift indeed.

"Is it truly luck when one has skill, my lord?" Patrizio's grinning as his hand falls upon Gaspard's shoulder for a moment, that camaraderie of those who've known battle, and sparring, and the difference between such things. Though as there's the sound of the combat in the ring shifting, a glance that's turned towards Caspian and Ian, and then heavenwards, before the prince again makes a motion as he'd before, with that invisible hat of his.

It's over shockingly fast. There's never a sense of Ian having Caspian on the back foot. Both of them are sweating soon enough, both of them have taken some hits. The fight probably could have gone on for a lot longer, except suddenly, and without warning, Ian lurches forward, almost losing his balance from the speed of the movement, grabs Caspian's arm, and manages to put him on the ground in a move that probably would have looked way more elegant if a trained wrestler had done it. He's left kneeling on the ground as well, and snatches up Caspian's knife when it skitters from his hand, bringing both knife and sword up.

"There is always an element of luck in battle." Kritr announces.

Rosalind grins at Aedin,"Wanna sit with us,"she asks, already practically dragging Elora and Triton closer to the ring. "Closer the better,"she tells them with a nod of her head. Looking up, Rosa grins. "Have you ever fallen from up there?" She's genuinely curious. When Caspian and Ian are done fighting, the RAvenseye claps and claps,"Great job!" But then she's getting excited to watch her favorite person ever!

Caspian is sweating heavily as the fight drags on, slowing a bit as he works to take ian's advice. Hits are traded back and forth, though Caspian takes a good bit more than he gives to be certain. He thinks he spies an opportunity, and charges forward to capitalize.. but runs head first into the trap. With a single twist, caspian is driven face first into the sands with a whumpf and a puff of sand. For a heart beat, the man doesn't move. then with a groan, he rolls over. sand clings to his face and he spits a small geyser of the stuff from his mouth in a huff as his eyes wobbled a bit. "Good of you..oh no.. just one." he broke into a lopsided grin. and slowly hoisted himself back to his feat. "Well done! lets hear a round for Lord ian!!!" he scooped up his dagger and offered ian and clap on the shoulder. "Thank you my friend!"

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound have been dismissed.

Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound have been dismissed.

Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon have been dismissed.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

Waldemai sends a small purse down to Prince Patrizio when the fight ends. "Thank you, your highness," he says. "There's nothing so good it can't be improved with a little wager."

Ian cracks a brief smile as he offers Caspian's knife back to him; the smile is awkward and a little crooked, like his face has all but forgotten how. "Well fought. You alright?"

Kritr applauds again for Ian and Caspian. "Lord Kennex wins again!"

Rosalind has joined the ringside table.

The arena rises in calls and applauds as the fight comes to it's dramatic end. Cheers carrying to the rafters and beyond. Valencia rises too, her applauds and cheers coming with open delight at the display of skill. "Bravo! Well done!" she calls with an eye to Caspian as he calls the next match, after perhaps being checked over by the Hart's mercies just in case.

Gaspard chuckles lightly, saying in a deep, bassy baritone "Even then, luck will play a part. It could always turn at the drop of a hat." As he comments, he glances up at Patrizio flicking their imaginary hat with a curious tilt of his had, saying nothing. He looks back to the ongoing fight, up until it's ending point. "You did your best!" He hollers down. Aside to Aedin he says, "That was quite a show!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

A grin upon the face of Patrizio Pravus when Waldemai's sending the purse down to him, and his palm presses to his breastplate as he bows to the good messere. "Indeed, so long as the cause for which such a wager is given is a just one. I shall see your funds through, with more of mine, to the Golden Hart, for those who are in more need than we for such."

Ian has left the ring of valor.

"This is the first time ive ever been up here, but I do not believe falling is one of the firsts I wish to experience," Aedin tells Rosa before her nose wrinkles at the thought of breaking every bone on the way down. "I am Lord Gaspard's self proclaimed good luck charm, and I can't move until he decides he wishes to fight." She looks towards the man then as if she is now sharing this information with him as well. "It was, I was quite impressed. I wonder if Lord Kritr will use an axe. What is your weapon of choice, Lord Gaspard?"

"Of course I will use an AXE!" Kritr answers. "THIS axe!" He hefts his longaxe. "The question is what will I wear, full armor, or bare skin? And it's just Krit."

Caspian shakes some more of the sand out of his hair and the cobwebs from his head. "Aye! nothing a drink won't clear up!" he gives a laugh, "Was everything i hoped it would be! thank you!" he looks to the stands, "Next up, i believe we have lord Triton and Lord Kritr! but i think Lord triton was called away for a moment. Would any care to come down to face off against Lord Kritr?" he motions to the sands, "There is nothing wrong with fighting multiple times a night, if you are up for it, so dont worry about that!

Gaspard idly rests a large hand over the grip of Shepherd, his other still holding a tankard of ale. "A longsword is preferred, Lady Aedin. Though I am taking lessons in how to use a greatsword, per my families house tradition." Informs the man to Aedin, lifting his tankard to take a hefty swig.

Ian returns to the corner table and drops into a chair there. He sheathes his goldsteel sword and goes back to slouching in his chair. After a moment he pushes a hand through his hair in a way that also pushes the sheen of sweat that had started to form on his forehead back into said hair.

Kritr stands up, quaffs his pitcher of beer and claps a helmet on his head, striding into the sawdust covered arena.

Kritr has joined the ring of valor.

Gaspard grunts once, pushing up slowly. "Guess I'm up." He dons his helm and gauntlets, stepping down with a rattle of armor.

Gaspard has left the raised seating.

Gaspard has joined the ring of valor.

Gaspard wields Shepherd, a diamondplate blade.

Waldemai cheers for the next match. "May fortune favor you both!"

Aedin gives Kritr's axe an approving clap of her hands, "it will take me some time to call you that, My Lord." She is far too proper to forget titles. As Gaspard stands, she claps for him as well, "good luck, Lord Gaspard! It is a beautiful blade."

Kritr takes a moment to carefully wrap his axe, he doesn't want to accidentally hurt anyone, not more than he wants to hurt them anyway.

Rosalind dramatically sniffles at Aedin. "Fine. But I expect you down here when you're done being all being a charm or whatever!"

Elora has joined the ringside table.

Ian has joined the corner table.

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Peanut, an ugly pomeranian have been dismissed.

Caspian looks between both men. "Lord Kritr Clearlake! i've been on the receiving end of that axe before and i can attest it is NOT something to be misjudged! and Lord Gaspard Blackram! welcome my friends! learn from eachother, keep it clean, and most of all.. have fun my friends!! At your pleasure!" he gives a laugh, stepping back to let the pair have the ring

As the men take to the sands, Valencia joins the cheering. Dark eyes keenly watching them prepare to meet in the center of the Hart's ring.

Patrizio has taken a few minutes to refresh his drink, and returns swiftly to the edge of the ring to prowl once more, with that smile remaining upon his features. There's a lift of his glass once more towards the ring in salute, before those jade eyes turn instead towards the crowd. And another lift of the glass to Aedin, before he calls out, "May your being a good luck charm serve him well, my lady."

Elora settles down at the ringside table beside Rosalind. She isn't yelling, but she's definitely watching with a smile and eager eyes.

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Kritr wields Skycleaver, diamondplate axe.

Triton has joined the ringside table.

Triton has left the ringside table.

Triton has joined the ringside table.

"Being a charm?" Aedin repeats with a melodic laugh, "when one is this charming one can not simply shut it off." Her own wine glass is lifted towards Patrizio, "I have never been someone's good luck charm, so another first. We shall see if it works as well as I hope it does! Do you find luck to be something you rely on, or is skill something that you praise?"

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A bob of those brows, even as Patrizio's contemplating the fight that's breaking out upon the sands, before he draws a breath and lets it free. "I prefer to worry about my skill - why worry about those portions of it that are in the hands of the gods?" He's grinning, the brief turn of his attention from Aedin to Elora and Rosalind, as if to check upon them from where he stands, the glance to Triton as well, and then a return of that attention to Aedin once more. "Never rely upon luck, for it's fickle. Skill, that you can control."

Kritr and Gaspard clash once before pausing for injury. The more heavily armored Kritr though is the on who pauses at the injury, struck where he might have expected a bit more protection. "Well struck." He says, coughing once. But after Gaspard gives him a chance to regain his breath, he engages again with vigor.

Who is getting to close to the fight? Well that would be Valencia. So riveted to the current fight that she nearly trips and falls onto the sands. With a sheepish flush she ushers herself out with a furtive glance to make sure no one has noticed her faux pas.

After that well-struck blow, Gaspard is pushed on the defensive, avoiding Kritr's axe as best as he can. Every now and then he catches a grazing blow, grunting or wincing to add effect to them. Throughout the fight his breathing is controlled, his stance breaking only when struck. "Keen." He comments to Kritr, raising his sword up in guard.

"Luck certainly is very fickle, and people often give it more credit than they do themselves. People find bragging to be in poor taste, but I find that I enjoy people sharing the things they have accomplished. We often hear of the bad things far more often than the good, after all," Aedin tells Patrizio, though her attention remains on the fight before them, only wincing slightly each time a wrapped blade meets flesh to bruise the skin beneath.

Rosalind shifts her eyes. "I'm lucky someone,"a grin appearing. "I feel like I must be because I've been and survived some things,"she remarks with a big drink of whiskey. Oh yeah. "Tritin. Krit's chest hair? Just pull it..I don't think it's cheating if you do..."

Triton "Pull nipples?" Triton glares at Rssa as the world register. "That is not dignified!"

Ian has settled into a position leaning forward, elbows on knees, with his glass of whiskey clasped in both hands. He's forgotten the drink, wholly absorbed in watching the fight; his electric blue eyes are in constant motion, taking in both combatants as a series of very rapid, very fine details, one after another in quick succession.

Rosalind's suggestion of pulling out chest hairs causes Valencia's eye to wince and without thinking she seeks out the man in questions chest. At this appraisal she winces all the more, her expression certainly suggesting she might think that would be a dangerous proposition.

"I said CHEST HAIR,"Rosalind tells Triton with a scrunch of her nose. "Spirits brother! Those babies crying are effecting your hearing!"

Kritr checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Kritr is successful.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Kritr checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Kritr is successful.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Even a Pravusi need put on airs at times, and there's a playfully aghast look from Patrizio when he's hearing Triton and Rosalind, before there's a cluck of his tongue, and the reappearance of the famous smile. "Now, now. Let us hope that /if/ such a thing happens, it's because they've agreed as to the terms there." That smile's turned back to Aedin, before he makes a sound. "I think that there's more fun in gossiping about the bad, than the good, there is that," comes his voice, before he's moving off to see to others, and the brief craning of his head to peek up towards where Waldemai is settled, as if to see after the good messere's comfort.

Triton frowns at Rosalind's yell and then points at her, scwoling to Elora's dogs. "Bite her."

Elora looks at Triton. "Did you bring your steel battle gloves, my Lord, or just the cestus?" she asks her husband curiously. Then Triton speaks, and her mouth opens as if to say something. And then she does. "Chest -hair-, my Lord," she says gently, "not other parts of his chest. Though I cannot imagine it would be any more dignified." Her eyes turn to Rosalind with a light laugh. Due and Onida? They just blink at Triton and return to watching Elora like she's the centre of their whole world. Gotta love the loyalty of a well trained dog.

Triton's suggestion also draws a response, Valencia's mouth popping open and then another round of wincing to that. Glancing up she calls to Waldemai, "Would you consider my wager for the next match, missere?" she calls out perhaps to clear her head of the Rayvenseye fighting tactics.

The tide slowly turns in Gaspard's favor. The heavy armor both wear turns heavy blunted blows into tomorrow's bruises. Kritr is slowly driven back by the superior quality of Gaspard's blade.

Waldemai looks surprised that some asked him to bet! "I'll take any end of anything you'd like to put down, your highness!" He's been saving up for this.

Being forced on the defensive, Gaspard begins to build an opportunity to counter each and every time, analyzing Kritr's movements as he strikes out repeatedly, Gaspard ducking, leaning, parrying and riposting to strike back. Th e sound of metal screeching against metal fills the arena repeatededly, exchanging several blows with Kritr as he weathers the storm, a low growl rumbling forth as he begins to fight more and more fiercely the bloodier his bruises get.

Kritr checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Kritr fails.

Kritr is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Rosalind blinks at Patrizio. "Have you wrestled? I mean--pulling happens. Triton used to use teeth, but hes passed that now I think." She huffs at Triton, but grins at El's dogs. Reaching in her bag, she tosses them a treat. Looking to Elora, she loudly whispers,"He's growing deaf..."

"Then I stand for it. Would a thousand sit with you well?" Valencia calls up to the rafters as the battle in the ring rages on. "That is, if my ring still stands after these first few matches," she grins with playful approval.

Triton frowns at everyone and shakes his head. "when did playing with chest hair become more honorable than playing with nipples?" The man just looks lost, other than looking a little disappointed when he glances at the reluctant canines, then sighs and returns to watching the action with a smothered yawn. "Fine. I am wrong and the chest-hair-pulling is sensible.

Elora wrinkles her nose at Rosalind. "He's not. If anyone is deaf from screaming babies, it's me."

Patrizio, too, is made to wrinkle his nose when he's hearing Rosalind. "Some pulling does, but... I would frown upon it as a tactic. On the other hand, having known some of what my own family deals out in brawls in play..." There's the faint twist of that smile, even as he's taking a drink once more, and briefly lifts his glass in salute as the fight between Kritr and Gaspard continues.

And here is where we see that Aedin is not your normal northener. She looks shocked, eyes dancing between Triton and Rosalind as if she is trying to figure out if the conversation is actually happening. "Honorable matches!" she tells them both, "stabbing is honorable, not hair, hair anywhere! pulling."

Waldemai raises his horn, splashing a little since his ale bucket is about half-way down. "One thousand, aye, your highness, and win or lose a thousand more to the Golden Hart!" He stops to cheer for the fighters. "Well done, you two! Well done!"

Elora claps happily for the fight. "Well done, my Lords!" she congratulates Kritr and Gaspard. While her voice barely raises in volume, she's easily able to pitch it such that it carries clearly.

Gaspard slowly sheaths Shepherd, form sheening in sweat underneath his armor. He offers his hand to Kritr, "Well fought. I thought I was going to lose, truth be told."

Looking up, Valencia nods solemnly. Betting is serious business when it comes to acts of charity. "I hear and answer, sir," she agrees with another nod. "Who will stand for you on these sands? The right of first refusal is yours!"

Ian straightens up as the fight comes to an end, and, looking down, remembers that he's holding a glass of whiskey. He takes a drink.

The crowd goes wild and rises to their feet with great delight of what what has transpired on the sands. So, too, does Valencia who rises and cheers to both. "Bravo, my lords! Truly remarkable! Well, well done!"

Caspian claps his hands with a bright smile, "Well done my friends! well done in deed! that was a masterful fight and down to the very last blow i could not tell who would take it! it was marvelous!!" he looked back to the stands, "Lord Triton! are you still interested in your bought? do we have a volunteer to face off against lord triton?"

Valencia is overheard praising Kritr: A man not to be trifled with. A formidable force to be sure!

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Kritr stands up with a little help from Gaspard and shrugs. "As was said earlier. There is a bit of luck to every fight. Good to get my bad luck out of the way now."

Triton rises and wipes his eyes as though waking up. "No hair or nipples? Sure. But if it is R0sa, remember shw has a childhood iof traumatic memory and water her..."

Valencia is overheard praising Gaspard: A mountain of a man who moves with a terrible grace. Such a sight to see upon the sands. Bravo!

Rosalind stares at Triton as he leaves to the sands. "Meh,"she simply mumbles, but looks excited to cheer on her on brother.

Gaspard wanders up to the raised seating, refinding his former seat. Aside to Aedin, he wears a faint, genuine smile. "The luck was well placed, my lady. Thank you." As he settles back. He reaches for his tankard of ale, draining it down to the last drop.

Elora beams as Triton stands and straps on his cestus. "I'm excited to see how they do. Good luck, my Lord."

When nobody joins Triton in the ring, Ian braces on the table again. "Alright, I'm game."

Kritr has joined the ringside table.

Triton glares at ROsalind, although with no real malice or intensity, and comments only, "Sisters."

Kritr comes back to get his beer. "Good luck Lord Ravenseye." Kritr suggest.

Caspian Looks to the stands and beams, "Lord Triton! Lord Ian! im told you are next to the sands! come join me in the ring and put on a show that will be remembered long after this night!"

Waldemai sees someone drinking ale. "Don't mind if I do!" He dips his horn onto the bucket sitting next to him.

I'm happy to do it, but I am not sure it will be much sport. Count me willing, though. If Triton is willing to take her on, of course.

Ian doesn't bring his elegant golden sword with him as he makes his way to the sands. Just... his cane. ... From which he draws a beautiful, finely honed alaricite blade, while he's able to hold the wooden 'sheathe' part of the cane sword in his left hand, as a makeshift parrying dagger.

Aedin watches Gaspard return to his seat and offers another dip of her head in thanks for his words, "and thank you for humoring me and not thinking the stranger sitting beside you is a bit crazy. I promise, I'm not." Then she lowers her voice slightly to say something further with a grin.

Ian wields Heavy Cane.

Elora touches Triton's arm, a gentle thing that says something even if it isn't voiced.

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Triton aigns at Rosa andthen wanders to the ring to get smooshed.

Standing in the sands with Triton, his sword held at a careless angle, a lazy guard that must have driven some previous fencing master up the freaking wall, Ian says something to Triton in a low, level voice, free from any real inflection (unless 'thick isles accent' counts as inflection).

Triton raises his fists, nodding once ti Ian before shuffling in guardedly.

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Elora looks to Waldemai and Valencia, then she looks at Patrizio. "Would you care to bet, your Highness?" she asks softly. "I will bet five thousand on Lord Triton."

"Congratulations, Lord Blackram. You were as I remember. Thank you for gracing us with your skills," Valencia nods warmly as Garspard retakes his seat and a little blonde barmaid arrives with another large tankard for him. "And you, Lord Kritr. It has been some times since we have seen an axe used with such skill. I thank you."

On the edge of the ring, the prince of Pravus crosses his arms briefly over his breastplate, contemplating the bout that's about to occur upon the sands, the easy smile upon his lips... and a nod to Elora when he's hearing the call to him. "I'd be honoured to do so, my lady. Five thousand upon Lord Ian from my end." His arms uncross, as he bows slightly to Elora, and then turns his attention back to the fight that's breaking out.

Stray have been dismissed.

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Elora gives Patrizio a warm smile. "Thank you, your highness." And then she leans forward to watch her husband and Lord Ian face off, alaricite to alaricite. "This should be interesting," she murmurs to Rosalind. "It's the first time he's used the cestus like this."

Triton checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Triton fails.

Triton is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Rosalind is practically bouncing in her seat, watching her brother. She nods to whatever it is Elora says, but she's pretty focused.

The next two combatants take to the sands and Valencia's focus narrows. There's hard earned silver riding on this one. She grins up to Waldemai and lifts her chin waiting to see how the match will unfold, calling out her encouragement for both fighters. The crowd roars as both meet with a clash of weapons, the hum of excitement palatable in the arena.

A sound from Patrizio as he's watching the back and forth, and again, that glass makes the trip to his lips, as he's taking another drink from it. Jade eyes watching the back and forth between the two upon the sands, before he says quietly to Elora, "It's always interesting when it's Lord Ian. I learned far more being thrashed by him than I did in any of the fights that I'd won in honour of the hall in which we stand."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Fighting Ian has, in the past, been described as an infuriating experience, due to that fighting style of his, the way that he stands still, letting his sword form a blindingly fast shield of metal between himself and his opponent, little more than a lambent streak in the air between them. His expression is slack and calm as he faces the brawler, a single tap early on serving as a reminder that he's not to be trifled with. There are a couple of blows traded, a sense that Ian is sounding out his opponent's skill, and then suddenly his sword is moving. It takes a shockingly short amount of time for Ian to take apart Triton's guard and drive him to his knees.

Triton does his best imitation of Ian's Doom but the masterquickly takes the lead and down goes the bearling lording.

Waldemai cheers for both fighters. "Well done both of you!"

"Lots of people learn that lesson from Ian." Kritr roars.

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai: A heart of gold and a kindness that humbles us. Thank you, sir, for all your support.

Caspian trots onto the sand, his face breaking in a smile and clapping loudly. "Well done my friends well done!! both of you! My lord triton it was well fought! i have been on the receiving end of that blade just this night.. so i can feel your pain well. Well done!"

Patrizio cannot help but grin when he's overhearing Kritr. And more softly, "I think I still have a couple of bruises from the last one."

Waldemai watches his fighter go down. "Ah, well, it's only money." He has another big swig of ale, and sends a purse down to Princess Valencia.

Elora claps well, smiles for everyone. "If you will permit me to run to the bank, your Highness?" she asks Patrizio.

Triton rises with a grin. "It is good to exercise some." He bows once to Ian and then sways off in the general direction of his seat.

Ian sheathes his sword back into his cane, and waits for a moment to make sure Triton seems to be alright before withdrawing again. He moves a lot more confidently with that cane serving as a third point of balance, especially once he's off the slightly uncertain surface of the sands.

Triton says, "ooc apparently I do as well!"

A warm laugh from Patrizio before he shakes his head to Elora. "I know that you are good for it, my lady, and I would rather that you enjoy the spar this evening, than worry about such matters." The jade eyes twinkle for a moment before he says, "And the bank will be there in the morning, and we can settle up at such a time."

The crowd goes wile as one would expect with a new blood upon the sands facing a man who's reputation is well known and deserved. Valencia cheers, too, calling out in favour for both fighters. Looking up to Waldemai again nd she offers him a respectful bow of head in thanks for his donation. "I will see both our parts to the Hart's funds so we might ensure more spars in future," she nods with deep appreciation.

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Elora points at Rosa. "Go fight. Your turn."

Ian absently rubs his left arm after easing back into his seat again, where one of those hits he took courtesy of Caspian is probably on its way to turning all kinds of interesting colors.

Valencia is overheard praising Triton: A first fight upon the sands with a master of arms. With such bravery, this man will be one to watch.

Rosalind cheers for both fighters but then she hurries to hug her brother. "You still did great!" Then she starts to grow restless, fingers twitching. "I'll be around later." Thatcsaud, the redhead is out the door just as fast as she came.

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Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, Spirit leave, following Rosalind.

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Elora laughs softly as Rosalind flees. "Well then." She stands and walks over to Caspian, speaking to him quietly and pointing at her dogs. There seems to be a quesion in there somewhere.

Caspian beams up at the crowd, "We have a treat my friends! prince Patrizio will take to the sands himself! And crossing blades with him is our good lord Gaspard! come my friends! lets test your skill, our metal, and our luck this night!" he gives a cheer and then is pulled aside by elora for a moment.

Triton says, "l"

Triton says, "l"

Triton says, "l"

Triton says, "ooc :signs"

Triton says, "autosay"

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A breath slips free from Patrizio as he moves out onto the sands, the draw of that blade of his as he's limbering up a little bit, and there's an elegant bow for Gaspard. "My good lord, I am ready at your leisure."

Kritr salutes. "And I can say that I crossed blades with both of them!" Kritr says with joy.

Waldemai sees Prince Patrizio climb into the ring and calls out, if he's as good a fighter as he is a gambler, I'll lay a thousand on the Prince!"

Gaspard returns Patrizios gesture of a bow, slowly unsheathing Shepherd and letting it gleam in the sunlight. "Prince Patrizio, I wish you the best. On your move!" Before hunkering down into a combat-steady stance.

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Valencia looks torn as she watches Patrizio and Gaspard take to the sand. No one taking the wager, she speaks up. "I will take that bet. A thousand silver on Gapard, with respect to his highness, of course," she accepts the bet from Waldemai.

Triton has left the ring of valor.

Stormcrow leaves, following Triton.

Enyo makes her way into the arena area of the Hart, her hands tucked behind her and a very slight bounce to her step. There's a quick look around, notice taken of those on the sands, and then she makes her way in the direction of the bar.

Valencia again falls silent to the din of the crowd cheering and cringing as blows are offered and received by the combatants. Little nods and whispers of thanks are offered as some go and some arrive.

The flash of steel, as Patrizio moves, the limber moves of one who is certainly not a stranger to the clash of steel upon the battlefield, and deserving clearly of the gleaming armour that he's wearing in the midst of things. But there's a weightiness to the slash of that blade, when he's dancing - the strikes upon Gaspard are far less frequent than the misses, even as he's clearly more trying to dodge the flashes of steel that make it in under his guard.

Gaspard With measured precision, Gaspard handles his sword well under the pressure and threat of Patrizio swinging at him. He maintains a calm, measured focus, parrying in manuevers to gain the ground. He exchanges blows with Patrizio, metal screetching as they fight.

With measured precision, Gaspard handles his sword well under the pressure and threat of Patrizio swinging at him. He maintains a calm, measured focus, parrying in manuevers to gain the ground. He exchanges blows with Patrizio, metal screetching as they fight.

Ian has settled back into the position he was in before, leaning forward, his drink forgotten as he watches the fight with interest. He split his attention pretty evenly when Gaspard and Kritr were fighting, but now he's almost exclusively is watching Gaspard.

Enyo finds herself a drink, but then moves towards the seating to find herself a place to sit and watch. She lets her eyes wander over the combatants, but then turns her attention towards those that are present to watch the sparring.

"You're very good at this, my lord." Patrizio's tone is a hint tense, the armour doing its job to keep him from serious harm, but there's no mistaking within his voice that this isn't a walk in the park for him, and that he's liable to feel it in the morning. Another touch, here and there, the ringing of steel upon steel, and a warm laugh from the prince as his jade eyes watch Gaspard's expression. "Though I suspect you already know that, not that it shouldn't be said anyway."

There is a glancs aside to Enyo arrives and makes her way to the bar, a warm nod of welcome offered. A little grin is offered Aedin's way, the excitement of this match humming throughout the arena with cheers and gasps and attacks are offered back and forth.

Gaspard doesn't move often, but when he does, it's lightning fast in this dance of weaponry with Patrizio. "Thank you, my prince - you're solid yourself." As one of his would-be blows are batted away by Patrizio. He remains focused, not rushing Patrizio but slowly itching his way forward.

Elora smiles and nods. "Thank you."

Caspian looks around and begins to grab some leather gloves a few extra pieces of armor to strap on

Elora smiles and nods at Caspian. "Thank you." Their whisperfest over, she walks back to her seat and takes it, murmuring something to both dogs, affectionately fondles their ears.

Valencia's attention is soon interrupted by a member of staff. She briefly consults the roster for the next match and looks to Caspian with a hint of worry. "You are sure?" she asks with a gland to the man. "It is a spectacular match but I would not see anyone truly harmed."

And that might well be part of the trouble - Patrizio is nowhere near as fast as Gaspard, though there's enough quickness to keep him from harm, and a low chuckle as he's briefly parrying, before flicking out another strike, the soft sound that strays from his throat. "I might be a little bit too solid for anyone's good," he says with a strained laugh. "You're lighter on your feet than I."

Caspian looks over to Valencia as he straps on extra leathers and grins. "Quite so! it will be.. err... interesting! to say the least" he picks up some leather sheathing and wraps his blades and nods. "Yeah.. this will be interesting!"

Aedin watches the pair in the sand, finishing her glass of wine and declining another. Apparently her living it up only means one glass for the small woman. She looks impressed at the two fighting, both having their own strengths when it comes to how they fight.

Gaspard doesn't change his stance or the way he fights despite the fight dragging on, sheening in sweat underneath his armor as he breathes growing heavier. "And heavier." Remarks the knight to Patrizio. "You're....putting up a fight." Inhaling sharply after, lunging forward.

"My dear sir, you inspire and cause me terror all at the same time. I shall rely upon your judgement in this. This is your arena this evening, sir," Valencia offers with a spark of amazement and a respectful bow of head to the Champion. Aedin it brought to her attention again and she smiles. "Thank you again for joining us, my lady. They are formidable yes?" she nods to the men fighting fiercely in the ring.

Patrizio checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Patrizio is successful.

Patrizio remains capable of fighting.

Aedin's attention shifts from the sands to Valencia, and she nods her head in agreement. "It almost gives me the courage to take lessons. Almost," she repeats with a soft laugh. "I dont know if I would like the constant hitting though, it seems like a lot of work."

A heave of a hot breath, and one that's not doing a good job of hiding a groan as well, before there's another hiss of breath from the Pravusi prince. "I think, my lord, we could hack at each other all night, and end up with her highness' staff needing to convey us to rooms to recover," says Patrizio with an unforced smile as he does take a step back after another pass of steel. "Probably from both of us falling over, or the like. Would you be amenable to a rematch, either at a venue of your choosing, or at the next of her highness' spars?"

Elora stands and looks down at her dogs. "Heel." They split to flank the little blonde, heads lifted to watch every flicker of movement on her face. "Onida and Due are well trained, Messere Valencia," she says kindly and calmly. "I will not let them cause Champion Caspian real harm, and they will not want to inflict it."

Between heavy breaths, Gaspard circles Patrizio, eyes hardened into a stare. He drops a firm nod, lowering his sword as a pleasant smile graces his lips, offering then, "Of course, my prince. Likely the next time one of these events are held perhaps. You're quite the entertaining partner."

Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon have been dismissed.

Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound have been dismissed.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

"Oh, my lady, you should. A girl should have some ability to protect oneself in this world," Valencia nods encouragingly. "If you wish to learn the art, there are so many fine teachers. I am excited for you." To Elora's assurances, the little Lycene seems more relaxed. "I have faith in you both, my lady. For this is for pleasure and not real harm. Truly, it will be a remarkable match. We have not seen before. I wish you all luck," Valencia offers sincerely to Elora with an earnest incline of head. "Be safe and fight well."

"You're entertaining /and/ educational, my lord. I definitely need a hint of humbling on the sands now and again, to remind me that we've all our moments that others have us where they want them." A laugh slides from Patrizio as he sheathes his blade, before he's briefly settling his hand on Gaspard's shoulder. "At least allow me to buy you a drink, my lord, in honour of our bout."

"That was an excellent bout." Kritr booms agreeably, refilling his pitcher.

Caspian gives a cheer and enters the sand, bound in additional leather and grinning, "Well done my friends! well done! the resilience shown is nothing short of astounding!" he claps merrily for both

Waldemai cheers for both the fighters even though he's lost another bet. "Well done! Well fought! All glory to Gloria!"

Valencia cheers and call, "Bravo! Well fought, gentlemen!" as the crowd goes wild and calls for both the combatants called out from around the arena. The roar does not stop until they depart the sands to make room for Caspian and the next match.

Patrizio is overheard praising Gaspard: A spar well fought, my good lord. Until we meet again upon the sands, and give proper honour to Gloria.

Patrizio is overheard praising Valencia: Kind hostess of the Hart. My unending thanks for all you do for those deserving souls throughout Arvum.

Caspian clears his throat, "For our last match of the night.. we have a bit of an odd request! Lady Elora wishes to display her skill in beast training! I.. have never faced trained dogs before so.. this will be interesting!" he gives a laugh and unsheathes his padded dagger.

Valencia is overheard praising Patrizio: A generous host and a tour de force upon the sands. Honoured to have him champion the Hart.

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Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound arrive, following Elora.

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Patrizio is overheard praising Caspian: No greater Sergeant at Arms is there. Though next time, a battle with blades /and/ verse.

Kritr says, "Well, at least wear some heavy clothing." Kritr suggests."

Gaspard refinds his seat, settling down with the creaking of wood underneath.

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Caspian is overheard praising Valencia.

Valencia is overheard praising Elora: A lady of grace and skill. Truly one of the the most anticipated matches of the evening. Impressed!

"With me," Elora murmurs to her dogs as she starts walking towards the sands, stringing her bow as she goes, though she doesn't pull an arrow, not yet. Those dogs follow, glued to her legs and watching her face with rapt attention. Then she's down on the sands. "Onida, please smile for Champion Caspian?" she asks, looking at the wolfhound. The dog looks at Caspian and bares his teeth. No growling at least.

Caspian checks willpower at normal. Caspian is successful.

The growl from the enormous dog has Ian abruptly sitting up straight. He downs the rest of his drink in one shot.

Caspian looks at the dog and winces once, "thats a .. thats a lot of teeth." he clears his throat and falls into a fighting stance. "Right.. so im going to try and knock you down BEFORE your dogs can pin me down.. sound good?"

A blink, as Patrizio's taking up his glass again, when he's listening and looking over towards the sands, before there's the arch of a brow, as if he's concerned that he's not aware of what's gong on. Or that someone's given him a stronger drink to replace one he'd had earlier, even as he's calling for one of the lovely ladies of the Hart to bring Gaspard something luxurious to enjoy from the cellars.

Valencia draws a breath and is very still as she lingers at the side of the ring, dark eyes looked upon the woman, her hounds and the champion. A nod aside to the Hart's mercies and its staff as they subtly appear, focused and ready. All attention is upon the sands now. The Arena growing strangely quiet.

Elora nods at Caspian with a smile. "Very good." She looks at the dogs. "Harry him, do not harm." And with their command given, the dogs begin to prowl forward as an arrow is knocked on the bowstring by their mistress. Is it possible that the woman is nervous? Possible. But she's keeping quite a calm sense of command about her. She's working with animals after all.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Caspian wields Thrall's Fury, a diamondplate seax.

Elora wields noble cupridium bow with pewter and silver accents.

Elora checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Elora is successful.

Elora remains capable of fighting.

The match begins and so, too, does the cheering. Once the shock of it settles, the crowd is most assuredly rising to their feet. Calls for the champion and calls for the lady and her hounds get shouted from the crowd. Valencia remains watchful and quiet, lips pressed into a soft line.

Kritr is a little anxious about dogs himself, watching the fight with a more sedate manner and more drinking.

Ian has gotten a refill on his drink by now, and is taking a concerted interest in that.

The following of what's going on, on the sand, before a breath passes from Patrizio. This is not, mindfully, something he'd expected to see, but there's the furrowing of his brow as he's watching what's truly afoot.

Elora is, so far, the only one to have taken any damage, and the dogs seem to be going out of their way to do what they were told: snap and rush, harry but not tear. They prowl around Caspian, growling and biting AT Caspian rather than laying teeth on them. Good doggos. For herself, the blonde steps back in a more defensive position to attempt and keep Caspian at bay a little. What might seem like chaos to the spectators is actually controlled and orchestrated. She exhales slowly, shaking an arm that the Champion had hit. "Away to me," she calls, and the dogs begin to circle behind and in front Caspian as if trying to herd him in the opposite direction. Then she draws and fires again.

Caspian cant stop moving for fear of the doggos taking a bite out of him! at first, its all he can do to keep away from the jaws of the beasts. As he begins to get a handle on their pack strategy, an arrow goes whizzing past. Because of course it wasnt enough JUST to have dogs! now there are arrows. With a yell, he lunges forward landing a solid blow on the arm of elora as he hit the ground and rolls back to his feet, resetting to start the dance again!

Elora checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Elora is successful.

Elora remains capable of fighting.

Elora checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Elora fails.

Elora is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

The four in the ring move and circle like sharks in the water, Caspian somehow facing and fending off the menacing jaws of the hounds and Elora's arrows to press is advantage to great success. A cheer rises for the formidable feat, much of the crowd again rising to their feet to cheer.

Valencia's breath hitches and she braces as if it was she about to be given a tap by the champions blade, her eyes wide. It is clear her attention is fully on them now.

Caspian resorts to quite nearly running circles around the ring. The dogs are simply NOT letting him slow down in the least! everytime one nipped at him, he gave a yelp and launched forward a bit faster trying to find a way to break away and strike at the woman shooting arrows at him. an arrows thuds off his armor and he stumbles. the dogs quickly pounce, and its all he can do to scramble up and hurl himself bodily toward elora, tackling her down to the sand and pressing the covered knife close to her neck. "Yield?!" his question was almost pleading as he prepared for the jaws of the dogs

Elora checks command and animal ken at easy. Elora is successful.

Elora lets out quite the squeak as she's tackled by a desperate man running away from her dogs, a hand reflexively moving to the small dagger on her belt before reason checks instinct. "Release!" she calls. For someone as soft spoken as she is, her voice cracks through the air and both dogs sit down so fast that they skid forward a little. "I yield," she tells Caspian calmly, "but if you could please get off of me, Goodman?"

A breath sliding free, when Patrizio's watching how the fight is shaping up, and there's a widening of those jade eyes when he's watching how the moment resolves itself. And then a low chuckle, when Elora's seemingly admonishing Caspian, before there's a shake of his head with a smile.

Kritr says, "Well, she's going to need more dogs." Kritr mutters. "Four might do the trick.""

Elora says, "I have five."

Caspian gives a sigh of relief and then blinks, realizing WHERE he is. "oh right! sorry!" he scrambles off and flops into the sand, heaving his breaths and dripping in sweat. "Your dogs.. are.. scary. your control.. over them... damn impressive!" he chuckled weakly from the sand, "thank you.. for.. the experience"

Somehow, Caspian prevails though sheer grit, talent or luck. Likely all three. The crowd goes wild as Elora yields, the room thundering their approval of truly one of the most unusual fights in the history of the Hart's 49 previous Sip'n Spars. Valencia, too, stands and offers her applause, a relieved look offered to those she is near. Finally able to breath, she nods to Lizette who arrives with an apparently much needed glass of wine.

Elora sits up and dusts herself off, looking much more comfortable with the state of things when there isn't a man pinning her to the ground. That seems to have unnerved her a little bit, and her dogs have noticed. One of the, the red wheaton, he whines at his mistress. "I'm fine," she tells the dogs, eyes softening. "It's all alright." She then clambers up and offers her hand down to Caspian to help him up. "Thank you," she says, soft smile stealing across her lips, "for letting me bring them onto the sands. It's a new experience for them."

Caspian hoists himself up into a sitting position and grins, dusting some sand off himself and then rocking forward and back until working momentum to get up to his feet again. "Thank you lady Elora! and thank you to your dogs! that was marvelous... and im especially thankful to have not lost appendages!"

Waldemai has finished his ale and bet his pockets empty. "Guess I'll have to repair some armor before the next show," he says, climbing down from the rafters. "Great fights tonight! G'day, all!"

Elora grins at the wolfhound. "Give Champion Caspian a hug, Onida," she says. The massive dog trots over to Caspian and rears up on his hindlegs to drape his front legs over Caspian's shoulders.

Caspian is about to speak when suddenly the massive dog is rearing up and enveloping the man in a doggy hug. For his part caspian yelps in surprise.. then simply hugs the dog, burying his face in the fur with muffled sounds 'oh who is da best boy.. yes you are yes you are' coming from the man. When he is freed from the furry hug, he looks around the stands once more, and seeing no hands, hops onto the railing. "Lords and ladies, my friends! thank you so much for coming and making this night the fun it was! i pray the levity and mirth we had here tonight stays in your hearts. friendships and comradery will get use through the hardships we face. Be safe my friends, and i hope to see you all again at our next one! now join my in giving a round of thanks to our hosts!" he turns to Valencia and patrizio, clapping as he hops down with a smile.

Elora "See?" Elora tells Caspian. "He can be very nice."

Kritr stands and bows. "I look forward to the next encounter. I do."

Elora says, "Thank you for holding this. It was delightful."

"And too our most excellent Sergeant of Arms, Champion Caspian!" Valencia calls back with cheerful aplomb, her hand sweeping out to the man upon the sands.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards leave, following Elora.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Elora.

Ian slips out, weighted down, once again, by the cares of the coming war.

Ian has left the corner table.

Elora returns after a brief trip outside and hands a purse to Patrizio with very little fanfare. "Thank you, highness," she says simply.

Kritr has left the ringside table.

Patrizio offers up a smile to Elora when she's returning and there's a bow, the press of his palm to his breastplate and the dip of his head, when he's accepting it from her. "Thank you for wagering with me, my lady," offers he with a smile.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

A turn of his head, and Patrizio makes a similar reverence to Valencia where she's lingering. "Thank you, my highness, for holding this event for us once more. May the gods be pleased by what we've offered upon the sands, and may all those in need benefit from what's been donated this evening."

A breath slips from Valencia's lips. Another Sip'n Spar done. A smile for the Caspian and Patrizio as guests are thanked and bid a safe trip home. Stepping onto the edge of the sands, Valencia looks up as if to give thanks, but there's work to be done and she doesn't linger long. With a soft smile she turns and smiles again to the prince. "Thank you both for being hosts. I am so happy we were able to help people tonight. I am grateful. But now, let us toast our fine warriors and generous donors. This is their night and success."

Elora's blueberry dark eyes are warm and she offers a graceful curtsey of the Crownlands fashion. "Be well." She makes her way out, an unassuming little thing with two dogs stuck to her heels.

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