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Attack on Grimkin

After years of dealing with the scourge and treachery of House Grimkin and months of planning, House Grimhall and their allies launch an assault on Grimkin's March. Capturing that domain and forcing them to heel may make all the difference in the battles to come.

((Sorry for the numerous rescheduling, this hasn't been an easy time for me to run things. This time should be okay, however. I have all of the army details you sent.))


Dec. 17, 2022, 6 p.m.

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Quenia Dacian Ian Medeia Pasquale Lucita Savio Tesha Bonnie Caspian Valdemar Orchid Jasher Trevor



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Dacian wields Featherdraw.

Bonnie wields Shepherds Fang - the Blade of House Shepherd.

Ian wields Ashfont the Sword of Ashcrest.

Valdemar wields Widow's Lament.

Lucita wields steel dagger with musical score engraved on pommel.

Pasquale wields True Shot, an alaricite bow.

Caspian wields Charm and Grace, alaricite chain knives.

Medeia wields war trident.

Tesha wields wings from the ashes diamondplate longblade with elegant flames handle.

Smile checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 70 higher.

Smile drops Kennex Ship.

Ian has joined the Kennex Ship.

Smile checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 39 higher.

Smile drops Grimhall Ship.

Dacian has joined the Grimhall Ship.

Smile checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 73 higher.

Smile checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 60 higher.

Smile drops Saik Ship.

Smile drops Malespero Ship.

Savio has joined the Malespero Ship.

Jasher has joined the Kennex Ship.

Lucita has joined the Saik Ship.

Valdemar has joined the Grimhall Ship.

Medeia has joined the Saik Ship.

Bonnie has joined the Kennex Ship.

Pasquale has joined the Malespero Ship.

Caspian has joined the Malespero Ship.

Quenia has joined the Saik Ship.

Orchid has joined the Grimhall Ship.

Not far out from the shores of House Grimkin, Grimhall and their allies prepare an assault on their long time rebellious vassals to squash the threat once and for all. The outline of the severe stone buildings can be seen from their vantage but there are many ships still between them and their ultimate target.

House Lostlan seems keen on trying their luck as they've rallied to Grimkin's aid, along with some ships from Nightcove and Bloodbrook.

Among Grimhall's allies are Kennex, Saik, Malespero, the Isles Canines and Helianthus, who've slowly but steadily gotten their fleet prepped to join the war properly. There's other ships among the latter that may be familiar to those who were present in one of the battles at the start of the war. Ships with banners depicting bloody hands intertwined with one another. The vague features of a very angry gentleman is visible as the figurehead of one of the Dromonds.

Saik's fleet has been well prepared, under the guidance of Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, who is still rebuilding up her own fleet after the many losses she's suffered earlier in the war. She stands at the helm, passing along any orders that have come from Grimhall and Kennex, making certain that they do not lose any of the preparedness that they've arrived with. Every now and again she checks on Medeia and Lucita, making sure they are well settled until they must go into battle.

Dacian has helped out house Grimhall with the attempt to stymie the rebels shipping lanes and developing a sort of code for the merchant vessels... but as it is, here they were. Their efforts progressed them to this point in which an attack against the rebels was the only way forward. Dacian had joined the effort, not that he was on any of his merchant ships but he proved somewhat valuable to have around prior, so he's managed to get aboard one of Grimhall's ships. He's suited up in leathers and carries with him a diamondplate bow, though the hunter gone merchant gone banker is far from a skilled soldier, however another bow in the archers on deck is always useful. One would think.

Aboard the Kennex flagship, Ian has once again been put into command. Uncertain on his feet, as he always is, on the pitching deck of a ship, he hangs onto a taut line to reinforce his balance while he scans the sea. The presence of Helianthus ships seems to give him pause, ruffling the sense of control that he's otherwise been projecting. He scans them intently for... something, although it's not clear whether he sees whatever it is. Someone has to tap him on the shoulder to draw him back to the job he's supposed to be doing, but to his credit, he snaps back into focus quickly, and snaps out another couple of orders to be relayed to the fleet, as it draws up into formation in preparation to fight.

Medeia is, both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, among the Saik contingent. With Eswynd otherwise embroiled in the war efforts, the lady has answered the call to aid Grimhall - a promise made and kept - in what way she is able. She has brought medical supplies to help, but her trident is in hand should any foe find footing on the ship.

The Malespero fleet, whilst modest compared to some of the others, is close to the same strength it was when Malespero first sailed into the war although several of the dromonds have suspiciously unweathered patches on their hulls and several of the longships are either new or has been pulled from the fleet defending Nilanza's waters. The fleet sails in a well practiced formation. Malespero's lighthouse symbol proud upon flags and sails. On the deck of one of the Dromonds a command area surrounded by mounted shields and a special guard of marines has been set up and its from this vantage point that Pasquale has set up all the flags, lamps, and other things he believes he needs to command the fleet. He's well armored (clearly not planning to do any swimming) and has his crossbow ready loaded close by. Quivers hang around the area and from his belt, bristling with arrows, and his beautiful alaricite bow 'True Shot' waits nearby, ready for the moment it becomes necessarily.

Lucita adjusts her armor straps one last time as she silently watches the fleet progress and positioning. Her eyes close and lips move in a silent prayer. "Everyone ready?" She is in an out of the way spot from which she can get a good view as she speaks to those on her ship. "Every time I hope it will be such a decisive victory for the loyalists that the battle will be the last one."

Savio is not sailing under a Saffron flag today, but instead is aboard Pasquale's lead ship, with the Malespero fleet. And with his protege Caspian with him as well! He reaches over to fist-bump the Malespero lord in the shoulder and the sound is a light DINK against the diamondplate. "All this time and our first occasion in the field together," Savio muses in that weird Saffron accent of his. "Don't take unnecessary risks. Caspian, this goes for you as well, though I know you will not listen to me!"

There are big crimson sails on the water as well. House Telmar's fleet had joined as well. Leading them is Lady Tesha Telmar, the one-eyed woman has her helm off for now and the eyepatch she wears is rather pretty. Which stands out against all the armor she's wearing. "If you start taking bets on whether I'm conscious at the end of the battle I'll have you re-assigned to the Duke's children." she whispers to her guards that aren't very far from her. They exchange glances as she walks off and they shrug. Maybe they'd be fine. Or maybe they'd deal with children using them for canvas'.

Bonnie is steady on her feet. Her long brown hair is swept out of her face by a bandana. At present she has pulled herself half onto some of the various ropes and rigging to have clearer peek at the horizon but as the sails of the foes draws closer she drops down to the deck with a solid 'whump' and comes to stand on the deck a few yards from Ian. Out of the way but on hand.

Caspian Gives a laugh to Savio and pasquale. "Oh.. if im not taking risks.. i might as well go sit down in the hold and wait!" The armored man moved down on the deck, moving amongst the crew and helping prepare the boarding axes, hooks, grapples, and other implements they would need once the battle was joined. "One of these days, i'll learn how to shoot a bow. i always feel silly standing on the deck cheering on our archers while screaming 'sail closer so i can stab them!' " he laughs merrily, waiting for the battle to be joined

Pasquale checks command and war at hard. Pasquale is successful.

Valdemar checks command and war at hard. Valdemar fails.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Quenia checks command and war at hard. Quenia marginally fails.

Valdemar is commanding the Grim Fleet from the deck of the Song of Sorrows. The dromond might not be the largest ship in the fleet now, but it remains the one that the Duke is most familiar with. His ships are sailing in an aggressive formation; he's here on the attack, and there is no mistaking it. "Time to show Grimkin and their friends what we do to traitors!" he calls to the men aboard his ship as he watches the waters around them intently for further signs of treachery from their enemies. He then looks over at Dacian, asking, "You ready for this, Master Krosse?"

Trevor checks command and sailing at hard. Trevor is successful.

She may not be good at anything combat but ORchid is good at assuring people have what they need and offering thoughts. So, the Minister lingers quietly near Dacian and Valdemar but out of the way, more or less. She does say, "No dying, my Duke." Hey, even ORchid can be bold.

Jasher checks command and war at hard. Jasher marginally fails.

Wearing his tri-corn hat and his leathers, he looks deceptively like a sailor himself, but with the smirk Dacian throws Valdemar that's on the side of 'I think I'm Crazy' rather than joyfully prepared for combat, Dacian laughs with strain clearly evident in his voice, "All I ask is that you don't let them loot my body." He looks ahead, "And I sure hope you do have a plan." One hand on his side, the other easing back to take Featherdraw off his shoulder.

Prince Jasher Thrax, Sword of Maelstrom, is standing aboard the Kennex flagship. "This may be an interesting operation, Lord Ian. I believe the enemy may be prepared." He doesn't know for certain, just an assumption. "Let us hope it is a swift battle. I have no intention of prolonging it." After all, they are here to squash a rebellion. "Are you ready for this?" He asks of Ian and Bonnie, his eyes dead ahead. Diamondplate shines on his person, with his alaracite blade at his side, his hands resting on the pommel.

While the loyalists do not lack for allies, the Traditionalist defenders seem no less assured of their chances. A horn blows from one of the ships and the shouts are heard from various captains. Rallying cries promising of a better tomorrow, where they will restore the Isles to their greater days.

The confidence seems to unnerve some of the loyalist soldiers among the ranks who don't seem to have retained the confidence they had at the start when they'd set off. But only some. The rest are as determined as ever to defeat the enemy if it's the last thing they do on Aion.

The sound of the horn gets louder as the ships draw closer to one another and the shouts within the ships are heard with greater clarity. Archers begin to knock, draw and loose their arrows once they're within firing distance and men aboard the decks prepare to board enemy ships with gusto, readying the planks.

Pasquale breaks his study of the surrounding ships briefly when he glances at Savio "I'm hoping that you both take the risks for me." The need to send a signal over to one of the galleys distracts him for a moment yet he looks mildly amused when he looks back to Caspian. "Just try and stay out the water Caspian." The amusement fades as he studies the incoming loyalist fleets. "You can always hold a shield if you're bored."

"Yes, there is a plan, Master Krosse. Just stick with our other archers, follow their lead," Valdemar tells Dacian as he begins to walk the deck, making sure as best he can that everyone is in their places and ready for when they clash with enemy ships, giving an approving nod as gangplanks are readied. He carries Widow's Lament at this point rather than leaving it sheathed at his back, one hand on the handle, the other on the ricasso of the blade, so that he remains ready for that moment himself.

Quenia keenly watches the goings on of the other ships, frowning a bit when they start hearing and seeing some of what's going on there. "Prepare the shields!" she calls out to those on the deck, doing her best to ure they're able to protect themselves while manning the ship. "Be ready! Raise the shields!" come the other commands.

"A sound plan," Dacian confers to Valdemar, the archers themselves not too terribly far away as they wait to be in range of a ship to fire at.

"That's the plan," Savio agrees with Pasquale, though his gaze is fixed on watching their approach toward the enemy. "You know we'll do everything we can for you and yours, Pasquale, as long as we're still upright."

"I've been looking forward to this." There's a real, vicious delight strung through Ian's normally flat voice when he raises his voice to speak to his sailors. "A chance to put Kennex sailors against a bands of coward and thieves. LET'S SHOW GRIMKIN WHAT KENNEX DOES TO PIRATES!" The not-so-veiled reference to Grimkin's attack on one of Kennex's outposts doesn't go over the heads of Kennex's sailors, who burst into cheering, and throw their backs into the orders he starts to give for the ships to maneuver. He's always been what can be charitably described as a direct commander, and so his soldiers are fully prepared when his plan of attack is, as it always is, 'attack'. It's clear that every man and woman under his command is ready to go.

Tesha is driven out of reverie by the sound of planks. The woman starts giving orders, but they aren't as grand as some of the other times she's been here in the battles with Thrax. The woman sets about making sure her own sword is ready and shoots off a quick prayer to Gloria to watch over them.

The enemy ships get a long study from Medeia. She looks aside to Lucita with a thin smile. "I will do my best not to have Nightcove lay hands on me. Again." As some of the Saik sailors show uncertainty, she gives them encouragement and leads by example in preparing herself and standing at the ready.

Lucita glances toward Quenia as she issures orders and moves along the rails to help tilt the shields in place to protect what can be done of the sailors and soldiers aboard. A glance over toward the other ships checks to see they heard the orders of Quenia and are preparing. A nod to Medeia is given. "Indeed. I'll try to get between you and them if it comes to them boarding us or something."

Bonnie is roused by the brief but stirring battle cry and Shepherd's Fang is hoisted up into the air but the echo of the battle cry dies on her lips. With eyes wide as saucers her head whips back in a double take and her jaw drops to give life to the cry that should have been lifting from her throat. Instead she looks as if someone kicked her in the gut mid but her knife is still hoisted high. It is an incredibly awkward look though she tries to shake it off swiftly.

Orchid is still mostly quiet as she moves to help, well, more direct, those not involved with direct combat to assure the others are weaponed and armored up. Well, those on the Grimhall ship since, really, she can't do the same preparations on the the other ships since she is on the GRimhall one. Though, her glances to other allied ships does show her concern about assuring they are readied as well.

Caspian looks to Pasquale and smirks, "no promises! i am starting to think i do my best work after i have been drenched!" he laughs once more and then heads toward the edge of the deck, taking the advice and hoisting a shield as he awaits the joining of battle. "Listen to them.. they sound so confident! lets make them sing a different tune friends!"

As the ships get closer, the faint sound of an affronted "...not fucking pirates!" can be heard from an indignant traditionalist soldier among the Lostlans. They are an easily wounded bunch. The volley of arrows hitting the decks of the ship, thankfully not aflame this time, lead to cries of pain from those who hadn't brought up their shields in time and had found their necks impaled with a shaft. Grimkin ships, as one would expect, make for House Grimhall, deeming their direct lieges their greatest enemy while Nightcove ships seem keen to hit the Kennex fleet with a look of pure malice in their eyes. There's a figure among them, in a dromond beneath a Nightcove banner, familiar to most present. Prince Dagon Thrax with a beautiful alaricite sword in his hand. What was once the pride of House Thrax.

There's hardly time to dwell on this matter as the ships make contact and the boarding commences, swiftly followed by the clashing of swords and the screams of the dying.

Valdemar checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Valdemar is successful.

Dacian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Dacian is successful.

Valdemar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Valdemar fails.

Dacian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Dacian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Caspian is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Lucita fails.

Medeia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Medeia marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio is successful.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Savio fails.

Medeia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Medeia is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lucita is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia is successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tesha fails.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Tesha fails.

Bonnie checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Bonnie is successful.

Bonnie checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bonnie is successful.

Pasquale takes a single step to the side until he feels better protected by the shadow of the shieldbearers, Caspian included, around him. "You should have said" he tells Caspian dryly as the arrow hail plunges into the deck around them. "We could have had a morale boosting Caspian-Dunking party before we started." His eyes sweep over the surrounding conflict with life bright in his eyes, his expression that of a artist consumed by the art he loves. Once or twice he barks a command loud enough to crack through the developing din of battle but mostly his commands are passed through a man hired for that special ability to be extra loud. Most notably when he calls out to Savio "Careful Savio."

Laughter ripples over the Kennex ships at someone's denial of being a pirate in the moments before Kennex's fleet makes contact with Nightcove's. It's a good way to start a battle, laughing at the other side. Probably, anyway. At the last minute, the alaricite sword in the hands of someone on a Nightcove ship caught Ian's eye, resulting in a quick set of commands that put his ship in line to intercept that vessel. It's only as he draws Ashfont in preparation to clash with Nightcove's forces that he realizes who is holding said sword. "Dagon!" It's not so much him calling out to Dagon as a cry of surprise on his part, spoken while he's catching an incoming spear with his alaricite-clad left hand and bringing Ashfont down on the haft to snap it, followed by a sweep of his blade to clear that now-disarmed Nightcove sailor from his path.

As the Song comes into boarding range of Grimkin ships, Valdemar joins his soldiers on that side of the ship. "Grim! Grim!" he begins their war chant as he leads them into battle, which is soon picked up by the rest of them. Perhaps he is a little too focused on cutting down the nearest enemy, however, as a lucky blow or two make it past his guard /and/ his armor to draw blood when he hears a call that Dagon is present at the battle. This doesn't stop him from advancing, however, stepping forward along the gangplank every time an enemy warrior falls, stabbing forward with his greatword almost in the manner of a spear.

Dacian follows the commands issued for the archery section on Valdemar's dromond, the Song of Sorrows. He may not be a soldier like the others but his aim is as true as any and he side steps the volley that answers back. With a quiver of arrows set near by to grab, Dacian an keep at it, notching, pulling back, and then letting loose so the arrows make a nice curved volley into one of the enemy vessels.

Jasher checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jasher is successful.

Jasher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jasher fails.

Lucita brandishes her siangham toward the nearest enemy ship but holds back from throwing it. The opposing combatant is too far away for her effort to do anything but swish by very ineffectively yet with the hopes it will make the person hold back from rushing as soon as they are in proximity. As arrows start flying around, she ducks behind one of the shields on the ship rail and glances around to make sure water buckets are near by, just in case fire becomes involved. She looks toward Quenia and Medeia to make sure they are alright.

Th focus on cutting down enemies doesn't bother Orchid. she's been around Grimhalls since she was a child. She just continues to assure Grimhall Archers have arrows, melee have their preferred weapons and for if armor gets too beat up, a new set prepared.

"Stay steady!" Quenia calls out to the sailers before she notices another ship coming up alongside to board them. "Make them pay for those arrows, ladies and gents!" she calls out to the soldiers and sailors among the Saik decks. She makes ready to join in with the fighters as they are boarded, making a merry dance of her own among to fight back the traditionalist men and women. She deftly moves out of the way and parries incoming attacks while landing a few blows herself. It's not long before the decks start to become somewhat bloodied.

The startled expression on Bonnie's sun-kissed face is replaced with an air of righteous indignation. Not looking at the very Terrifying Ian she holds a knife in each hand and bounds forward looking for blood to spill! She ducks clear of the first volley and charges in. Blades slash and she follows through in their wake before pivoting only after to see what the damage on her foe is.

Medeia fumbles the placement of her trident as the ship is boarded, not staying steady as Quenia commanded (sorry). Still, she keeps her feet and avoids the blades that come at her in turn. The lady grits her teeth, stepping back to assess the situation better.

Tesha's only got one eye, but she recognizes Dagon. Who wouldn't really? She doesn't let that bother her. But she doesn't get the memo about the arrows until last minute when one connects with her arm and she grits out a pained grunt. Very ladylike. She manages to not get the head of the arrow imbedded that and it's just a blow that pierces skin and continues. "Make sure to keep focused!" she calls out.

Caspian ducks under a javelin hurled at him from, the oncoming ship. "A good caspian-dunking party is al;ways sure to brighten the mood! look see, even the enemy is trying to do it!" he laughs, even as an arrow thuds into the shield he carried. Finally close enough, he hurled the shield at the oncoming ship.. and it sailed wonderfully into the water. eh sighed, twisting past another few thrown weapons, "Alright.. so maybe shields dont make the best weapons.."

Savio is told to be careful as the ship begins to draw near enough to allow hand to hand fighting. "You don't need to worry!" he promises Pasquale, looking that way. "I'm always care--" Oops, he's in the middle of looking forward again when the shield of an ambitious boarder catches him with a blunt force trauma impact to the midsection. "AGH," Savio finishes that statement, as he falls ass backwards and repays the favor to the would-be boarder by cutting his feet out from under him in a spray of blood. Ow, but the boarder is the worse for it. Back to his feet. Dust off. "I'm always careful."

Pasquale checks command and war at hard. Pasquale fails.

Tesha checks command and war at hard. Tesha is successful.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Valdemar checks command and war at hard. Valdemar is successful.

"As have I, old friend." He draws his sword and he howls into the sky. "IN OUR WAKE!" Jasher calls the motto of House Thrax, and without much a care, he leaps into the battle. Yet, as he does so, he slices and cuts, yet is sliced and cut in turn. It's then his eyes see the Rogue Prince. "Dagon Thrax!" He points his sword at him. "You're holding my blade, traitor! I mean to take it back."

Trevor checks command and sailing at hard. Trevor fails.

Quenia checks command and war at hard. Quenia is successful.

Whilst the longships and three of Malespero's dromond's move to board surrounding ships, Pasquale's flag dromond attempts to stay outside of boarding range. The host of archers raining arrows onto vessels in support of the rest of the fleet. That arrangement is a touch messier than ideal, something that Pasquale will no doubt be grumpy about when he goes over the results from todays battle. His expression one of irritation as the dromond rocks under the impact of another vessel pulling in close enough to start boarding. "Push them off!" he demands without giving much in the way of instruction about how. His most immediate action a nudge to indicate he'd like Caspian to go join the vicious fight breaking out where the traditionalist sailors are attempting to board.

Those last commands by Ian, the ones that put his ship on a collision course with the Nightcove ship holding Dagon Thrax, had the effect of positioning several of his ships in advantageous situations, with galleys closing in with flanking positions, launching boarders on Nightcove ships from a couple of different directions at once. It's not inspired sailing by any objective standard, but for someone like Ian? It is.

The loyalist soldiers are starting to get into a groove as the battle rages onwards, the words of their commanders bolstering their every move. Some among Malespero's ranks begin to waver as the blood spreads through the decks, perhaps reconsidering their methods of attack. Trevor Helianthus' arm is grazed by a sword, drawing the words from him, causing a hint of consternation to grow among his men. Although he recovers, one of the dromonds under his captain's command is quickly swarmed by Bloodbrook forces who begin to overwhelm the fighters on deck.

Bonnie rocks up to her tip toes with her feet braced wide to steady her balance. Dark brown eyes seek out the figure Ian and Jasher call out and make special note of both he and the crew immediately around the traitorous Prince. It is only for three heartbeats and then she is once again a blur of motion once more.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio is successful.

Jasher checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jasher is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Lucita is successful.

Dacian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Dacian is successful.

Medeia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Medeia fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Ian is spectacularly successful.

Bonnie checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Bonnie is successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tesha fails.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia fails.

Dacian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Dacian is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Lucita fails completely.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Savio is successful.

Medeia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Jasher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jasher is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian is successful.

Bonnie checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bonnie is successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Tesha is successful.

Valdemar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Valdemar is successful.

Whether Dagon has heard Jasher's cries or not, his features are as stony as the walls of Grimkin's Tower. He deftly side steps a loyalist soldier that has boarded his ship and impales them with the shining blade from the side. There's no joy in the fight for the man but he seems long past regret as he readies himself for the next attacker.

"Mind your feet," Quenia calls out to the soldiers on the decks. "It's slick with the blood of our enemies!" She charges over to the next assailant, swinging too wide. She manages to miss them entirely. However, she continues to deftly stay out of the way of any swords, thus far.

Dacian covers Valdemar's advance at boarding a ship, sending a few more arrows into intended targets, wincing as it catches one man in the neck but not to the point of killing the man quickly though. Seems he has a bit of a knack for this after all.

The situation is chaotic, Medeia concludes. This is typical of war, which has the lady crying out in frustration as her weapon misses its mark again, and she is pushed back further on them ship's deck. The change in location fortuitously allows her to see a blade coming for Lucita, which she manages to knock enough to prevent the blow from being more deadly. "Luc!" Her voice rises in concern as she dashes to her sister-by-marriage's side.

Ian's expression has gone slack, the kind of deep calm that, on his face, means that he's become extremely dangerous. His luminous eyes spark, as though lit by electricity from within, as he cuts his way straight for Dagon. He flows (and sometimes stumbles, because it's still Ian on a pitching deck) around people who swing at him in an attempt to stop him. As such, the 'next attacker' Dagon winds up facing is his old friend and drinking buddy, not that Ian's in a position, just yet, to do any actual attacking. IHe brings Ashfont just in time to turn aside a strike, in the process getting close enough to Dagon to say something to him, words that are swallowed by the battle around both men.

Jasher swiftly moves his head out of the way of an arrow that was coming for his head! As Ian moves his ship on the collision course wit hthe Nightcove shp holding Dagon Thrax, the impact puts them all in a position to board. A blur of motion, Jasher's blade slices clean through the neck of his next attacker as he points his weapon at Dagon Thrax. He starts to move. Ian might not be in a position to do any actual attacking, but Jasher does not waste time with such words. Instead, he moves up next to him, giving him a nod. He looks at Dagon. "Tell me, /friend/." He shouts. "How much blood mut be spilled before your surrender."

Tesha's getting back into the swing of things. Both figuratively and literally. She's leading, but her swings aren't landing much today. Thankfully her being able to get out of the way of attacks is something that she's getting better at. "Should have brought more Telmarchers with us." she mutters to herself as she gets back into a fighting stance.

Savio hears the order from Pasquale to 'push them off!' and proceeds to do exactly like this, with a call of, "On it," back toward their commander! A swing of his weird evil weapon knocks one of the invaders back, and then the firm placement of a merciless kick dumps the bleeding invader into the sea. There is no hesitation to consider whether that poor invader might die first by bleeding or drowning, and he turns toward the next target.

Lucita eyes the sector of rail against which she crouches behind a shield. When a grappling hook bites into it, she springs upward, slashes the rope so the hook is ineffective then leans over the rail to jab the tip of her siangham into the throat of that pesky man trying to set up to board the Saik ship. This leaves her in a vulnerable position as a sword tip extends across the gap and bites into her left upper arm. Involuntary tears seep from her eyes as she gasps and pulls back to the safety of the shields. She looks toward Medeia after she looks at the wound. "It's not too bad. I can still use the arm. Maybe you can stitch it up later."

Bonnie flings herself over the railing once she climbs across and onto the deck of Dagon's ship. She makes the most of the wake that Ian cuts though she makes sure to cut Ian a VERY wide berth least SHE find herself in the Radius of Death that Ian weaves about himself. Her hair sways and swishes wildly with her energetic motions. Ducking low to evade danger and then springing up to cut from low to high then a hasty hop to avoid rebuttal or seek a new dance partner she makes it deadly but dazzling like a whirling dervish.

Pasquale moves to pick up his bow as the fighting on his flag ship gets less and less likely to be resolved quickly. Knowing that the soldiers will come his way sooner rather than later. His limp is still visible but he's moving well. He hasn't even coughed since the battle began, despite the sea spray present in the chilled air. His bow claimed he moves back into the shadow of his tower-shield wielding guardians. Eyes still on the fleet as a whole for the majority of the time.

Caspian vaults onto the enemy ship, charging forward with the rest of the boarders. the call to push them off is shouted and Caspian nods, "Will do!" he shoulders the nearest opponent off the deck and then the chain daggers fly forth, slicing through flesh and sending sprays of red across the deck.

It's hard to pin point the exact time the tides of battle had rapidly turned against the traditionalists. Perhaps when they underestimated the individual skill of the soldiers, including *gasp* the women combatants, before meeting a deadly end. Or perhaps it was when one of Dacian's arrows pierced Captain Rolan Grimkin through the neck, sending the men aboard his ship into disarray as the man's second and third were cut down by Grimhall soldiers. It's a blood sight but likely not an unwelcome one to the loyalists. Nevertheless, the rebels do not seem to show any sides of surrender or retreat and it's clear that Death has not had her fill today.

Marquis Grimkin armor is splattered with the blood of his foes and though he tires, his gaze locks onto Valdemar with seething malice.

Dagon meanwhile falters in his determined expression when he comes face to face with Ian. Whatever the Kennex says to him prompts a rueful smile. "My condolences. I differ, my friend. Whatever becomes of me, my children will remain safe." He takes a few steps back, glancing toward Jasher. "Cousin. I ask the very same of you."

Pasquale checks command and sailing at hard. Pasquale is successful.

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Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Quenia checks command and war at hard. Quenia is successful.

Tesha checks command and war at hard. Tesha is successful.

Trevor checks command and sailing at hard. Trevor is successful.

Dacian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Dacian is successful.

Pasquale slowly pulls Malespero's corner of the battle around to the point where he has a handful of ships freed from immediate combat, ready to be sent to support others in the chaos. A quick assessment of the situation for his ships and those of his allies and he seems to decide that its his ships that need the most help. Orders go out, disrupted briefly by one of the signallers taking an arrow in the back, and the ships shift to support each other. Most notably a couple of longships grapple onto the ship hassling the flagship, helping Caspian and Savio in their efforts to clear the decks of foes. Pasquale takes a moment to drag the signaller back into the area protected by all those shields before frowning over at the melee. He flexes his fingers on the bow, obviously thinking, and then shifts to the edge of the shielded area, where he's not quite as safe, to start sniping.

Valdemar checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Critical Success! Valdemar is spectacularly successful.

Pasquale checks dexterity and archery at hard. Pasquale fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio marginally fails.

There's not a lot that's more inspiring to a group of soldiers than seeing their fearless leader cutting his way to, and then in direct combat with, Dagon Thrax himself. And so it is for Kennex's soldiers; as one of Ian's seconds continues giving orders on deck, word passes through the ranks in points and shouts about what's happening on the Nightcove ship, and the soldiers keep up the pressure, determined not to let their leader down.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Lucita is successful.

Dacian may not have known which figure it was he had watched the arrow take through the neck but apparently it causes a bit of a stir on the opposing ship. The command over there starts to feel the effects of losing captain, second, and third hand. Not that Dacian would truly be able to pin point why and who they were. His eyes track Valdemar though and he continues to try to clear the way for him with arrow after arrow, as Valdemar gets closer to the Marquis Grimkin.

Lucita wields a slender siangham.

"Make sure to keep the lines. Push them off the ship if you have to and into the sea!" Quenia calls out to those who are fighting on the Saik ship. "Keep the ships in tight formation, and don't let any through." She's shouting some orders to the other Saik vessels, all while she continues to fight opponents from those that have boaded.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Quenia is spectacularly successful.

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"Push them back and off!" Tesha calls out to the Telmarines that are fighting on the deck. Maybe they might build the navy in earnest after this. She's trying keep the troops in their element and keep them in the moment. They didn't need to dally on other thoughts. The woman herself is trying to keep up with the fighting that is going on.

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Jasher scoffs at Dagon's words. "I will lay down my arms when your revolution is ended. All this is from you is the world's longest suicide note." and with that, Jasher charges the Prince across from him, attempting to cross swords with Dagon. There is no more time for talking. "You are no cousin of mine." Jasher openly disowns Dagon before the battle.

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"Traitor. Since you had the courage to come face me, perhaps you will die more quickly than I'd hoped. Justice would be to see you on a cross, presented to the sea," Valdmear growls when he sets his own cold gaze on the Grimkin Marquis. The Duke approaches him without hesitation, but at a deliberate pace, until he is close enough to strike, suddenly shifting his grip on Widow's Lament to hold the handle with both hands, swinging in a wide arc as he takes an abrupt step forward. A malicious smile curves his lips when he feels his alaricite blade cutting flesh, and he continues to press his attack on his wayward vassal.

Lucita's wound trickles blood down her arm and drips on the deck, not a great amount, just a small smattering here and there as she moves around to deftly apply her weapons, either dagger or the short spear to boarding ropes, aggressive soldiers. Then there is a lucky opening. As one soldier topples into the water there is a narrow gap through which the ship captain is visible raising his arm to give an order. With a lunge forward to give her siangham momentum, she throws it into the gap under the arm of the captain, that unarmored spot that is so vulnerable, and watches as he crumples to the deck of his ship.

Savio remains on the Malespero ship, doing his best to draw the attention of attacking boarders toward himself and not toward Pasquale! The attempt to draw their attention and hold it compromises his ability to fully take out an opponent this time, but in turn they seem to find him extremely difficult to get a meaningful hit on as well. The wiry Saffron islander is rarely where they expected him to be, but he can perceive just over yonder that SOMEONE is peeking out behind a shield wall. "Pasquale!" he warns, and there follows a repeat of the advice from the start of the fight. "Don't take unnecessary risks, go too far and it'll be hard to get you back!"

Ian seems to be briefly taken aback by Dagon's response to whatever he said, enough so that, for a moment, his lips part and his sharp eyes take on a wounded look. The distraction is enough that he doesn't get his sword up QUITE in time to parry when Dagon strikes him. He deflects the worst of the hit, but winds up sliced across the arm. This is enough to snap him back into the fight, however, and his counter comes on instinct, driving Dagon back to give him a little more breathing room. "This doesn't have to end with the three of us fucking killing each other, damn it." It's a... very different tone from the one Jasher is taking. Nobody tell Victus.

Bonnie works to stay WELL clear of Ian's swinging radius though for all her ducking, jumping, weaving and spinning she lurks on the periphery trying to keep anyone from coming up behind him whilst he is busy settling his grievances.

There is a moment in some stories where a person gets swarmed by those attempting to kill them and that person is able to aptly dispatch them. Yeah. That's the sort of moment that happens with Quenia. It might seem as though all at once a large group of traditionalist soldiers move in her direction and the battle rages on. Time seems to move in slow motion as Quenia slides between each one, dodging, parrying, spinning, dancing as her feet and body seem to all be in synch with each other and her arms effortlessly seem to do all of the work of swinging her sword and finding those spots that do the most damage, sometimes fatal damage, all at once. She keeps her cool and calm through it all, using that level headedness to guide her. It's her shining moment during this battle, the likes of which that will probably never be seen again. When she's done, there's several soldiers on the ground around her, leaving a large opening from where they one stood.

Jasher's lunge is angry enough, wild enough, to miss just so. He fails to strike Jasher, hitting nothing but empty space where Dagon used to be. However, there is a spark of metal when sword meets sword as Jasher blocks the counterattack, quick and precise. Jasher had almost forgotten that Dagon is a beast in his own right. But that was a moment of guard-letting that Jasher will not allow to be repeated. He notices Ian's words, and shakes his head, silently.

Pasquale sure does make an appealing target once he's outside that relatively protected area. A protected area that can't move with him lest it expose the entirety of the command crew to the scourge of arrows flying around the field. The Malespero admiral takes a few steps further down the steps, trying to get a good shot, before finally being caught by a boarding sailor who makes a heroic, or stupid, lunge for the heavily armored Pasquale. Pasquale flinches back away from it but not before a gouge can be scored into the cloth covered diamondplate covering his thigh. Savio is right there preventing the same man for having a better go at it even as the warning reaches Pasquale's ears. He looks almost guilty for a moment, like a boy caught with his hands in the cookie jar, but heeds the advice for now, since he needs to assess the situation anyway. Nothing at all to do with him getting hurt. Nope.

Caspian does what he usually does.. and defends by charging forward! best defense is a good offense right? so while savio keeps the people trying to board busy, Caspian does his best to desensitize anyone from boarding to begin with. With the small group of soldiers he boarded with, he slices and slashes through attackers, slipping out of the way or strike, and dispatching sailors with efficient thrusts. He breaks into a laugh, " Well look at that, I dont hear them singing now!"

The Grimkin Marquis calls out as he approaches, losing his otherwise composed and orderly gait in the carnage, as he makes for Valdemar. "You would call -me- the traitor? You who have become a traitor to traditions. Who relinquished the criminals indebted to you without complaint, who'd offered them sanctuary within your walls. You who would enforce the commands of a bastard usurper who--" His words are well practiced and surely whatever else he wished to say would have been just as eloquent. Unfortunately the words never come out as the Marquis loses his balance on the entrails of one of his lieutenants, topples toward the Duke, who side steps gracefully and slices the man across the back with ease while the once fearsome leader of House Grimkin fails to regain any dignity in his final moments.

The battle with Dagon is fearsome and the prince has a lot more luck than the Marquis had. No unfortunate accidents on the deck, although he takes some cuts as he tries to duck under his attackers' blades. A red gash is visible under his arm and the patch expands, though he's able to return the favor to Ian Kennex in kind. "If only I'd have known your pride would mean more than the integrity of our house. Our lands." It's unclear if he means either of the men or both.

For all the blood on the deck of the Saik ship Medeia stands on, she had contributed none of it. Nor have any of the foes she's faced - at least, not by her hand. For a lady married into the Isles, her sea legs fail her with every lunge, sending her trident off harmlessly. Her dancer's grace seems to be her saving grace in keeping her from harm where her battle prowess fails.

Tesha's swings are...less than desirable in this fight, but she's managing to dodge what comes her way. She might make it back home conscious for once! She sees how things are going on the ship and there is a little relief, not alot. She wanted the men to go home safely. She's not near where Dagon and others are having their fights, but she was hoping that whoever faced him down was going to live through it.

Lucita gets a sharp siangham from a subtly embroidered cloth belt.

Lucita wields a sharp siangham.

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Tesha remains capable of fighting.

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Valdemar lets out a mirthless laugh as he watches the Marquis fall before him. "One of our traditions is the keeping of oaths, such as those of fealty. /Traitor/," he reiterates sharply as his vassal dies at his feet. He then raises his voice for the soldiers of house Grimkin, "Your Marquis is dead! I offer mercy again to those who would lay down their arms! Only those leaders responsible for ordering you into this war must die!" He does not let his guard down as he makes this announcement, and when one of the Grimkin soldiers attempts to take revenge for his fallen liege, just managing to get past the Duke's guard and nicking him, he cuts the man down for emphasis, leaving him dying on the deck of the ship beside his Marquis.

"I've killed enough of my countrymen, Dagon. I don't want to kill you." There's real feeling in Ian's words when he says this, and indeed, his heart clearly isn't in this fight with his old friend. He swings on instinct to take advantage of an opening made as Jasher strikes, and then winds up... completely pulling the blow that probably should have connected with force, enough so that he leaves himself wide open to be struck, an injury that he seems to accept.

Dagon is one slippery bastard. Jasher can't seem to strike the man. His blade strikes nothing but air, but the Prince Dagon cannot seem to strike him either, his blade strikes against his, and though Jasher's feet slide across a slippery deck, he quickly spins on his feet, his sea legs well about him. Yet, he walks towards Dagon. "You wield the Sword of Maelstrom, Dagon. You have stolen and betrayed. All for what, a time of our people that has long since gone? The only way to continue is by moving /forward/. It is a dying way of life. It will die with you if you do not surrender now."

Bonnie is bleeding from somewhere but the cut she got apparently was muted by the adrenaline until the cold started cutting through her blood soaked clothe. She is busy enough trying to chase down her next opponent that she does not realize that either of her comrades are injured also.

"GET OFF MY SHIP!" Quenia practically bellows towards the enemy soldiers, in her best ordery voice possible. She continues fighting those around her, pushing forward. "That's it men! Keep at it. You're doing good. Don't let any of them push past you, and chase down the ships that try to get away! We are not going to hold back this day," she gives a rousing speech as she presses forward, encouraging her men to fight with heart and vigor. "We will not let slavery win this day!" Or, you know, Thralldom, but she calls it what she thinks it is. "Nor the agents of slavery." During the battle she stumbles over a body, leaving herself open for one of the soldiers to get a hit in at her side.

Pasquale sends out another barrage of signals and commands, checking to see if any of the ships is actually likely to free themselves up for more orders in the next few minutes (they arent) and then steps right back onto the edge of the protected area. This time however he doesn't try to get a better vantage position and instead starts peppering arrows into the area around Savio and sometimes Caspian too. Aiming as much to make people duck and dodge as he is trying to do actual damage. The guys with the swords get that pleasure.

Tesha's losing steam. Maybe from blood loss or maybe the cold, but, it's happening. She needed to get better about stamina, but she couldn't think on this now. Her blade misses what she was aiming for and she manages to get stabbed in the end of things. "My lady!" one of her guards call out after she is stabbed. But she stays conscious and brings her blade up to defend if anyone else attacks, "Get. Off. The. Ship." she grits out between bloody teeth to those enemies that are still around.

Look, Medeia should probably stick to medic ships. With Quenia bellowing, the flagging resolve of the enemy as Marquis Grimkin's death is confirmed, and all the other chaos, the lady is ineffective in battle. She's jostled and falls to the deck, scurrying to the rails and getting lightly trampled in the process. Her intent now is to simply stay out of the way until she's needed to stitch some folk up.

Kersplat! Sploosh! CruuuunCH! One by one Lucita shoves Traditionalist fighters overboard, smashing some with the hilt of her weapon, slicing boarding ropes as soon as someone commits to them and has no where to go but down. One gets a little too close and she mutters an "OUCH" as another blade sends a parallel cut along her upper arm. "There's enough of them bobbing around in the water, there can't be that many left aboard and their captain is dead. Think we can capture the ship?"

While the Helianthus forces end up routed due to some issues with communication and deaths of a few commanders leading to power vaccum. Trevor's wounds seem to have left the man weakened but despite it all, at least half of the ships he'd arrived with remain. Including his own.

Meanwhile, the announcement of Grimkin's death sends shockwaves among the rebels. There is a man who attempts an ill fated vengeance quest which ends as quickly as it began. All around them, the rebels can see the carnage that seems to have impacted them worse than their enemies. Perhaps they realise that to continue to fight is to forgo their lives to delay the inevitable. Valdemar's words seems to strike a chord in some of the captains who suddenly "remember" their oaths to Grimhall and lay down their weapons. The others seem aghast at this but the increasing number of surrenders drains their will to fight.

Nightcove captains, seeing this shout at the top of their lungs, "Fall back! Fall back!" Dagon, with Reafian still in his grip backs away after a blow that pierces the Kennex soldier. "Nor will you." He says before turning with a sudden quickness and making for the plank that connected with another ship. Perhaps hoping to make it to his Nightcove friends.

A Mercenary, among those that arrived with Helianthus, stands on one of Nightcove's ships, pummelling the captain with the handle of a sword while shouting, "Try to burn us alive do you?!" He may be recognised as the Captain of the band of Mercenaries hired by the rebels the day Thraxian fire was used.

Jasher checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Jasher fails.

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Ian lurches towards Dagon as he suddenly breaks away, but he's uncertain enough on his feet on a ship as it is before trying to scramble after someone, and he ends up stumbling and ending up on his knees, without any really easy way to get up again.

When Dagon suddenly runs, Jasher is in quick pursuit. "Dammit!" he curses when his hand misses Dagon completely. "Shoot him!" He calls to any archers on the ship or on the others. "He must not get away!"

Ian's lurch catches Bonnie's eye which then follows Dagon. There is a sharply barked impolite word and she takes after him and keeps chasing until he's over the railing. She spins about then and runs to offer Ian a hand up rather than to watch the wounded traitor retreat.

Dacian looks across the decks of all the ships fighting and while Valdemar celebrates his victory, Dacian is on the move. While he's not a soldier he's a fair marksmen. There's a particular glint over on that other ship over there which catches his attention, the battle of two princes. Dacian notches his arrow and decidedly tries to weigh in on which prince is the better. He quickly gets to the highest point on the dromond he's on, stepping onto her prow. He adjusts for distance... and movement as Dagon starts to race off. "It's not personal, it's business," he mutters under his breath as he lets the arrow fly. It's a hell of a shot. The distance would make some wonder if the windspeed would catch the arrow before it ever caught the target, but apparently he's factored all that in and arched his shot. The arrow comes whizzing downward from above to land in the retreating Dagon's form. The arrow has speed behind it when gravity helps it's descending arc and armor sometimes cannot help prevent arrows from becoming lethal factors on the battle field, much like this moment. Who would have thought... an arrow would be his end. But Dacian's arrow takes Dagon in the upper back and neck, the momentum doing well to severe the vitals there and dig deep down toward the heart. It might not be a swift end, but it is, an end.

Quenia has left the Saik Ship.

Smile drops House Thrax Reafian Longsword.

Ian takes Bonnie's hand and grunts as she tugs him to his feet. "Thanks," he breathes, gritting his teeth briefly against the pain of getting up again. After that, he approaches Dagon; a threatening twitch of Ashfont is enough to keep any Nightcove soldiers back. "Shit," he says, dropping to his knees again beside Dagon. He's seen enough battlefield injuries to know this one is beyond his ability to treat. "I'm sorry, old friend."

The arrow had struck true! A fine strike. He didn't see where that arrow had come from. But it was a damn fine shot - some might say impossible - all the same. Jasher approaches where Dagon had fallen, reaching for the Sword of Maelstrom to reclaim the weapon of his people. Then, he turns his eyes towards Dagon. "With you dies a revolution." He lifts his blade, and he sees Ian approach Dagon. "He is already dying, my friend. I recommend you let me end his suffering." He turns to Dagon. "Prince Dagon Thrax. My friend." He holds his blade high. "Have you any last words?"

Dacian steps back from the prow and turns away from the scene. He knows he got the kill shot and that there was no one who could come back from that, unless it was something beyond human calling, something divine.

Jasher gets House Thrax Reafian Longsword.

Jasher wields House Thrax Reafian Longsword.

Dagon falls to the ground as the arrow strikes him, through the back and out through his chest. He slumps the ground and begins coughing up blood. Staring down at his impales body. He looks up at Ian slowly as the color drains from his cheeks. "T--tel Arch--- on. Fuck --mself..." And he lays back as a slight smile curls his blood smeared lips.

Bonnie says, "Ah, Lord Ian you're bleeding..." She does not stop the Kennex Commander and instead looks away to grant him privacy as he bids farewell to his friend turned foe. Under her breath "Not used for it to be a sad thing to be victorious."

"Done," Ian says to Dagon. Lightning fast, he draws his diving knife and slices Dagon across the throat, then takes himself out of the way for Jasher to complete his strike.

Making his way back onto the Song of Sorrows, Valdemar is giving orders to be relayed to the rest of the Grim Fleet: what to do with prisoners, getting any captured ships secured, ordering scouts to the Grimkin island to see how matters are proceeding there. Then he catches word that Dagon fell in the battle as well, shot by an arrow from his own ship. After asking around, he finds his way to Dacian. Taking off his helmet, he has a broad grin on his face, "You're the one who got him, Master Krosse? Well done! I guess it is a really bad day for traitors!"

Tesha is looking very curiously over to where Dagon has been downed. There's someone trying to tend to the blood seeping from her wounds, but she's waiting to see how things go. There's a moment she almost shouts from where she is, but she keeps whatever words she was going to say to Ian and Dagon to herself. Instead, she watches as the man is killed and then looks back to her guards, "We sail for home momentarily. Tend to the men. I'll live." she whispers as she leans against the side of the ship.

Caspian lets out a cheer as the cry is raised that Dagon was brought down. "HUZZAH! A STRIKE FOR FREEDOM! A BLOW FOR THE COMPACT!!"

As one would expect, Bloodbrook, Lostlan and Nightcove ships, the ones not held or destroyed by the loyalist forces flee. Not toward Grimkin's March, but as far from the scene of the battle as they can find.

The last words are echoed into the air as color drains from Dagon's eyes. The blade from Ian was well-struck, and Jasher does not comment on his actions. Yet, his merciful act would not stop Jasher from doing what needed to be done: proof of death. He waits for Bonnie and Ian to step aside, and swiftly, Reafian is hefted into the air and brought down in a clean strike across the bleeding Dagon's already cut throat, completing the chasm and forcing the divide, freeing Dagon's head from his shoulders with a clean strike. A piece of cloth was torn from his cape, used to bag the head. "The Betrayer is dead! LONG LIVE THE COMPACT!" he joins Caspian in his cheer. "Let this be the fate of all who stand with traitors." He resounds. "Let Bloodbrook, Lostlan, and Nightcove flee for the far corners of the world at what was suffered today."

Seeing the battle is effectively over, Pasquale lets his bow drop as he watches Jasher, Ian and Dagon do what they are doing over on the Nightcove ship.

Dacian isn't privy to the killing a dead man, but he sort of blends back in with the Song of Sorrow's ship crew, helping to sort out who was alive and who could be pitched over the railing to feed the sharks. War is grim business. But war /was/ business.

Ian's expression is absolutely unreadable as he kneels on the deck and watches Jasher strike off Dagon's head and listens to elated shouting resonate from all around him. It's not his usual kind of flat expressionless, but rather intentionally stony, like he's locked away some deeper feeling.

Bonnie approaches Ian once more. Once again she offers a hand up-the other hand offers an opened flask once he is up on his feet. Her lips part as if to form words of condolence but then she just offers the flask instead of words.

Lucita is not on the ship with Ian and Jasher and the others. She just keeps her attention on the ships around her till the ones not captured sail away. Once things seem more stable she abruptly sits down though manages to avoid the various splatters of blood on the deck and broken arrows, splintered wood and other such hazards. She lifts her right hand to pull at the armor and fabric around the cuts on her arm and awaits her turn for a medic to check on her.

Dacian lifts his head to Valdemar, "I try to strike true when I aim. No one likes to let an animal live for too long after the hunt." He glances back over then nods at Valdemar, "There's work left to do though."

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