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Velenosa Family+ Dinner (January)

Come join the Velenosa family for dinner!


Jan. 3, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Lucita Pasquale Agostino Noah Keely



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Dining Room

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Comments and Log

One large table sits in the center of the room, enough eats and settings for anyone who wishes to join the Archduchess for dinner. Servants have already left platters of food which cover the table, a dizzy array of all sorts of Southern dishes that would be popular in the Lyceum. Bottles of wine have been scattered along the table between the food offerings, all opened and ready to be taken as wished. Servants have been given the night off it seems, and the dinner is a more quiet affair. Jaenelle has taken her usual place at the table, already with a glass of wine as she waits for others to join her.

Lucita has arrived on time, nicely dressed for the weather and along the way to the Dining Room has managed to neaten her boots, neatly folded her cloak over one arm and shaken clingy snow from the curls that escaped the protection of the cloak hood. A curtsy is given Jaenelle as she enters and glances around. "Good evening. Thank you for the invitation to join you for dinner."

When Pasquale arrives he has his fancy blackwood cane in hand but is not quite using it to help smooth out his limp. It might be a fashion decision or perhaps he just doesn't need it just yet. He's dressed in a style clearly influenced by the 'I just fell out of my carriage looking this good' styles of the Lyceum. "Good day to you."

Agostino slips into the dining room without drawing undue attention to himself, as much as possible. Smiling slightly at Pasquale, he then bows to the nobles who are present before taking a seat. "Good evening everyone," he greets quietly.

"Lucita, how nice to see you," Jaenelle greets the woman when she enters, not taking her eyes from the woman even as she stabs a piece of meat and drags it to her plate as if some mighty huntress and she has just killed it. "Pasquale, dont you look dashing, a good day to you." Despite the man wishing to remain in the shadows, Jae turns her smile towards Agostino, "Agostino, I dont believe we have ever had the pleasure of sharing a table before, welcome." Then she cuts the meat into pieces and asks at large, "we are all having a good day?"

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber arrives, following Noah.

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrives, following Keely.

"Why thank you." Pasquale responds to Jaenelle's pride with a small smile. "I will let Alberico know you approve." he takes a few moments to make himself properly comfortable before answering "I am actually. The winter is often miserable but today its been rather beautiful."

Noah takes Drink list, if you dare.

"No, your Grace. We've never met before at all, let alone shared a table. Though I did have the pleasure of meeting your husband a month or two ago," Agostino responds to Jaenelle, smiling at back at her broadly. At the question of whether they are having a good day, he dips his head slightly and adds, "I can't think of any reason to complain."

Lucita's waistline is obviously thickening though she moves as if to try to not draw attention to that. "A more restful one than has been the usual of late. The winter seas have slowed down some of the ships and slowed down the arrival of some of the usual reports and paperwork with which we must deal. It has given a chance to sort out some of the old musical scores though." She gives a little cheeky grin. "Which is likely most boring to the most of you to hear about."

It is time for the family dinner! Dinner is important as there is food. Noah enjoys food and thus he comes to dinner. He also tends to forget there will be people being hosted. This might explain why he walks in talking with his deep voice carrying through the hall. "Poison. I was thinking we could just skip dinner and get back to practicing for the children we aren't planning on having more of." Noah is, of course, walking into the area when he's speaking to his wife and it seems he's starting to UNbutton his shirt. "We could just forego dinner and I'll eat--" The words trail off as Noah just stops. He stops talking. He stops walking. His blue-gray eyes move over those assembled and he drops his hands away from his shirt. He moves forwards to sit near to Jaenelle as if none of this was said or done. Sort of a silent 'carry on'. Finally a nod of his blond-ish head. "Evening."

Looking every bit as flustered as anyone who knows her might expect, an apologetic Princess Keely Grayson is pre-flushed as she steps through the door, lowering her head to Jaenelle in a respectful motion prior to approaching the table. She tilts to sneak a familial peck to Noah's cheek on her way by, offering warm smiles to Lucita and Pasquale and a polite dip of her chin to Agostino before finally settling into a seat with a soft huff and trying to smooth the winter static from her otherwise prettily-coiffed chestnut tresses with delicate fingertips. Likely so as to minimize the attention to her late arrival, she does not utter a syllable while she settles.

Fortunately, she arrived AFTER her cousin and therefore entirely missed the near-performance he gave his wife's guests.

"You wound me," Jaenelle tells Agostino, pressing a hand to her heart in dispair. "I have hosted a few meetings where you were in attendance. How quickly I am forgotten." She grins afterwards at the man before her attention shifts back to Pasquale, "it is. I have never disliked winter myself. There is something lovely about snow." She dips her head towards Lucita's statement, "it has been calm, yes. As calm as possible with things going on in the Mourning Isles. But we all need to find things that we enjoy regardless, it makes everything worthwhile." Her eyes lift to the door as she hears her husband, and her head tilts slightly as he continues to speak. There is no embarrassment from the Archduchess as she cant help the slight smile pulling at her lips in total amusement. "Thank the Gods we are done having children." She then watches Keely enter afterwards, blowing the woman a kiss in return to the dip of her head, "Keely! It is lovely to see you!"

Pasquale's eyes go to Noah as he makes his rather dramatic entrance. Silence lingering about him for the several moments it takes Noah to stop working on his shirt buttons and start walking again. Silence that vanishes when he laughs, low and soft. "It's to be that sort of a party is it?" He makes eye contact with the others at the table, restrains a slight smile, and then tugs his wineglass closer to him. "A pleasure to see you Princess Keely. Baroness Lucita." he says in a proper polite manner. "Glad to see you again Agostino." a quirk of his mouth that reflects restrained amusement. "Noah."

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

Mar, the Magpie have been dismissed.

Lucita lowers her eyes toward the table and lifts her napkins to her lips to hide a smirk and feign not spotting Noah and hearing his words. She glances toward Pasquale and discretely winks his direction and does an admirable and diplomatic job of suppressing the laugh. Each of the others attending the dinner are greeted and she gestures toward a vacant chair adjacent to her should Keely wish to sit there.

Agostino chuckles and replies to the Archduchess, "Yes, I've definitely seen you before. But I don't recall us getting a chance to speak to one another during those meetings. I can assure you that you're quite unforgettable, though." He then turns his attention to Pasquale. "It is always good to see you as well, Lord Pasquale," he says before tipping his hat toward Noah and Keely in greeting.

Noah slides one arm around the back of Jaenelle's chair and stretches his legs in front of him. The ankles are crossed as he nods in greeting to each person. He probably used up all his social words. He hasn't buttoned his shirt back up like a slob. He will return the kiss to Keely's cheek before kissing Jaenelle's temple.

Keely should indeed wish to sit there, Lucita! "Baroness Saik," the quiet princess murmurs in a soft, fond greeting, her smile as warm as the velvets and furs wrapping her royal person. She looks curiously about the table as if to find the source of amusement that everyone appears to be sharing but, evidently not catching on, eventually turns her attention toward obtaining a drink for herself. Jaenelle's kiss is caught and clasped to Keely's heart for a moment, after which the young Grayson's smile broadens. "It is wonderful to see you as well, Your Grace," she replies earnestly. "Marquis Keaton sends his regrets and well wishes." Why do her large brown eyes flit aside to Noah here? It is hard to say. "Troubling matters in the Oathlands. How fares the Lyceum in these strange times?"

Jaenelle tilts her head to accept the kiss to her temple as if she has done so a million times before. "It is a shame he could not join us," Jae tells Keely, "we we supposed to have dinner together, and we never did. I feel there are many lost opportunities. Soon though I hope." She turns to look at her husband, "having a good day? Im sure its been amazing, but it never hurts to ask." She stabs a potato afterwards, popping it into her mouth as she looks around towards Keely, indicating the question is also for her as well. "I read that you were rediscovering older songs, Lucita, were there many?" she wonders.

Pasquale tells Keely. "I've not heard of anything new and urgent." before turning his gaze onto Lucita. Picking at his food as he listens.

Lucita speaks to Keely. "I think everyone has been trying to take a breather these wintery days before we have to face the challenges before us. Admittedly I have been oping some of the expeditions I agreed to accompany will not venture forth till weather is a bit more agreeable. Then responds to Jaenelle. "I found just a few. Some were rather personal and the few I sang to help others remember the times and the people who sacrificed so much... had put a damper on the gathering so I held those back, perhaps for another time. One is a song to a fallen Knight that Dame Leta Broadbent composed in the fall of 1007, after Silence-Btinger war. Much too sad to volunteer to sing for your dinner, Archduchess.

Lucita says, "I found old songs such as A Seal's Cradle-Song Lady Carita Darkwater wrote in 1007, Several from Guardsman Sparte, Princess Tikva. Bard Itzal though his are sometimes... er.. disturbing in nature. A few fragments of the Canticle of Dawn that Ysbail shared with me and some songs by ..I don't know who.. that Brother Driskel shared. It was an interesting mix of humor, poignant tunes, horror and faith."

Pasquale tells Lucita "It sounds like a fine song. I should like to hear it." he pushes his meal away, takes a sip of his wine, and then starts coughing. Coughing and coughing. He manages to set his glass down somewhere in the middle of this uncomfortable bout. Gesturing in a way meant to suggest he is perfectly fine when the notices that the staff, or dinner guests, start looking worried.

Noah is overheard praising Pasquale: If it was poison, it wasn't me.

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