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Allons a La banque

Ancient coins start start making their way to the black market. Perhaps the source can be tracked down?
Adventure for up to 4 people. Will have some social, some tricksy stuff, and maybe light combat if you're up for it.


March 23, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

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Vitalis Mikani Cassiopeia Lou Jan


Society of Explorers


Outside Arx - Crownlands near Graypeak - A collection of forested hills

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Comments and Log

The main guild-hall of the Explorer's Guild is a place for both quiet chatter and cheerful discussion - the finer merits of how to light a campfire, stories of explorations new and old, and occasionally a guest lecturer from other parts of Arvum sharing their experiences.

Today, a small handful of people sits in the comfortable inner chamber where trophies hang and ancient relics adorn the walls. The topic is varying, shifting and fluid, but it comes to a bit of a lull. One of those moments where you just run out of things to say and have to think about what's next.

Luckily there's a break just as the silence becomes almost overwhelming. A portly merchant woman, dressed in fine brocades and accompanied by a stern faced guard, is shown in by a junior explorer - a teenager named Carod. "Beggin' everyones' pardon," the pimply faced young man says to the senior explorers. "Mistress Bawing would like to ask a few questions. I said it shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Mistress Bawing offers a toothy smile and wriggles her ring-bedecked fingers at the explorers. "I told him it shouldn't be one at all," she answers for Carod. "You'll probably be dying to look at these."

Vitalis sits forward in the chair he'd balanced on two legs, standing smoothly as the chair legs crack down. His brow furrows in polite confusion and curiosity, a glance flickering between those gathered and back to the junior explorer. A smile, "Afternoon Carod. None at all." He tucks his hands behind his back and moves forward, "I'm curious, Mistress Bawing. What have you got?"

Mikani is sipping from her flask as she and the other explorers are chit chatting about ... well it's forgettable. Her head turns to look at the toothy woman. "I'm guessing it's the rings." Mikani states as she puts her flask away in her hip holster. "Are they old rings?" She asks of the woman.

Cassiopeia is here, because she loves adventure and she probably has a drink and a snack in hand. Even if there are none provided, she would bring her own, and plenty to share. Wearing a sunny disposition and a curious look in her eyes, she is mostly quiet but doesn't especially blend into the background either. Over six feet tall, she is dressed in vibrant armour that is exotic in its design. Sitting on a chair, she is leaning back, looking relaxed and comfortable as she listens to people stories. There's an ever calm expression on her face, like she's just observing the world around her. When Mistress Bawing arrives she looks up with anticipation of what the woman might share with them. Eyes dart between the others, looking at Mikani when she asks about the rings.

Lou had been reveling in the stories that were being told around the room, taking comfort in just listening to the tales. These sorts of things are a balm to Lou's heart, especially after the horrors of Bastion she experienced. She thrives the most amongst her supporters and is always in support of them in whatever way she can be, particularly when it comes to sharing adventures. Her attention easily goes to Carod when he speaks up, then her eyes shift to Mistress Bawing. "Anyone is welcome to speak or ask questions here at the Explorer's Hall, particularly if it might lead to some new grand adventure?" This she says with a wide grin, and her eyes go curiously to whatever it is Mistress Bawing might want to show and tell about.

Jan has been unabashedly sharing lessons learned from her own misadventures, some are definitely not dinner-or silk appropriate even given her own pedigree. A junior explorer herself she cedes to the more senior explorers scanning the faces of those gathered with open curiosity.

"Oh my rings? No darling, but yes. I had it set so I can show it off better," Bawing says with a gleam to her eye. She approaches the explorers and extends a hand. On it is a silver coin set in an off-set filagree of gold. A coin with the head of Alaric II. She slips it off and extends it. "Can you authenticate this, darlings? I want to be sure what I paid -so much- for is real."

Lou checks intellect and artwork at hard. Lou marginally fails.

Vitalis checks perception and smithing at hard. Vitalis fails.

Cassiopeia checks intellect and streetwise at hard. Botch! Cassiopeia fails completely.

Mikani checks intellect and linguistics at hard. Mikani is successful.

Vitalis, with hands still tucked behind his back leans over the proferred hand and squints, "Mmh. It appears to indeed be a coin, Mistress."

Lou is clearly not a smith and she's only just barely a passing artist these days, while she works on improving her skills for her statue. "I can see that it seems to resemble my late, older by many decades if not centuries cousin, but I'm afraid I couldn't tell you if it is real or not," she says with a regretful tone.

Cassiopeia goes to look while she takes a sip of her drink and some of the liquor backsplashes right into her eyes. It stings. She yelps. Putting down whatever she was nibbling on, she's rubbing her eyes with a hand. "Gah!," she exclaims, blinking repeatedly. "I think I need to wash my face," she says with closed red eyes.

It's a coin! In a ring. Well, it looks like Alaric II. Lou would know better than most what he looked like, family tapestries and whatnot, but it's far too shiny. Can't be real.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lou before departing.

Mikani looks at the coin when it is near her. "Well ... the inscription on the Coin is correct." She points to the words on the back of the coin. "During the time of Alaric the Second was the only time this was used on our coinage." Mikani flips the coin around. "It is Alaric the Second. But you are right. It's too new. There is no patina. It's too thick. A coin this age would be worn a bit from usage. I'd say this coin was only minted a couple of years ago ......" Mika frowns. "I'm sorry but this is a fake."

Jan looks over towards Cassiopeia "You alright there, Marquessa? That's not where that goes!" she offers helpfully offering a white clothe from a pocket. She offers a shrug towards the VIP visiting "Give it a good bite to see if it's real gold but more than that I couldn't tell you." She draws quiet then and siiiiips from her flask.

"I concur that it is definitely too shiny for something that's meant to be a relic. I'm sure that we've got some coins in our museum that you can compare it to," Lou speaks on the heels of Mikani's statement, motioning over toward the Explorer's museum that's located off the main entrance to the Explorer's hall. "I don't think we have any of Alaric II in there, but it'd give you an idea of what an older coin should, theoretically, look like."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lou before departing.

Vitalis winces at Cassiopeia's poor fortune and looks to Mikani, "Oh." He makes a sound in his throat and straightens, hands breaking their clasp behind his back to twist a cufflink, thinking. He is worrying some thought as he studies the others, ideas flicker-flaring between them. "Just this way," he gestures Carod and Mistress Bawing towards the exhibits. His brow is knit.

Bawing looks shocked. Her obvious pleasure at having such a rare token has faded into indignation. "That dirty little street-rat. They promised it was real. I KNEW it was too good to be true. I figure the -rest- of their little hoard is equally fake then. I ought to go call the Iron Guard right now!" She is about to go when Lou suggests they look at other old coins. "We can look, your highness, but I wouldn't want anyone else to be scammed."

"I'll, uuh, be out polishing the armor," Carod says, nodding to Vitalis. "Don't want to be in the way..." He skedaddles away.

There's a small smile as Cassiopeia keeps her eyes closed, but she can at least hear Jan and appreciates the helpful words (or not so). Blinking repeatedly, she tends to her eyes, since her Compact history is undoubtedly more blotchy than the others. But she's curious and she listens, finding a handkerchief and dabbing her face with it. "Well, I'm awake now," she murmurs, glass half-full.

Mikani watches the woman. "Where did you get it?" She asks curiously. "I mean I don't want to call the Iron Guard. They may not know they are selling counterfeit. They could just be middle men." Her eyes move around to the rest of the group wondering if they agree with her or not.

Lou pauses a moment in her interactions with the others to take message or two. The final one comes with a slice of cake squishy plushie, which Lou holds with some bemusement. As an aside, she says to Jan, "Jaenelle sent me a consolatory gift because of Noah's antics last night." She then turns her attention back to Mistress Bawing, scrunching her brow. "What sort of hoard did this little street-rat have?" she asks, taking an interest in the matter at hand.

Jan watches Carod skedaddles away and her gaze sweeps towards Lou and eyebrow cocks and her head tilts to show a rare moment of subtly from the General as she draws attention to the way the VIP's valet flees. She her attention then redirected scoffs but there is an approving grin twisting her lips, "At the risk of slandering a princess, It seemed to me like you enjoyed his company, pathfinder."

Bawing suddenly turns defensive as Mikani asks. "Just a.... art dealer." Her eyes shift around a little, clearly reluctant to talk. "Sterling reputation. But he had a selection of these, about ten-fifteen of them? I picked hte one I liked best."

That's what had Vitalis' brow all scrunched. The street-rat. He glances at Mikani, nodding. "A good point. Though I think a Guard would perhaps differ." Vitalis straightens at Lou's comment, mind sifting back to the evening before. "What did he do?" He shifts his gesture towards the door, addressing Mistress Bawing, "Please, Mistress, show us the way. We can send Carod for the Guard - as you say -- time is of the essence!"

As she catches up and hears the rest of the story, she frowns a little that this woman got conned, "well that's terrible. Do you remember what they looked like?"

Mikani smiles at Mistress Bawing. "I can understand the need for discretion, Mistress. I'm just curious and want to make sure that they were not cheated as well." She speaks warmly and calmly.

"I enjoy needling him, particularly when he uses the dreaded full first name which he knows will earn him consequences. Also, I had an Ida dagger and he hates when anyone else has her daggers and not him." Lou replies to Jan easily. Her attention goes back to Bawing though and she frowns. "I'm not sure his reputation is so sterling if he's selling knock offs, particularly knock offs of my late cousin." There's a pause as she adds, "Perhaps I should introduce myself. I'm Princess Lou Grayson, Voice of House Grayson. I'm not sure I like that someone is peddling the face of my cousin on cheap trinkets and calling them relics of old. How much did he charge you for the ring?"

Jan says, "So was he pretty, someone you weren't supposed to be talking to, or did he look like a suspicious dandy but one of your trusted attendants assure you that the poxed weasel was trustworthy?"

Jan says, "You didn't hump him too, did you?"

Lou checks command and propaganda at normal. Lou marginally fails.

Cassiopeia checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

Mikani checks charm and manipulation at normal. Mikani is successful.

Jan checks command and leadership at hard. Jan is successful.

Vitalis checks charm and empathy at normal. Vitalis is successful.

"It would, perhaps, be best for all if you'd be forthcoming with this information. We wouldn't want anyone to get mad at you for allowing others to get scammed, after all." Lou seems to put a touch too much command by her comment, bordering on sounding accusatory.

With her eyes a little red still, she manages to see again and she turns her warm smile at the woman with the most answers. Bawling. "Well, the more you tell us, the better it will be for everyone. We can help you out, but if the Iron Guard comes, they are going to lay suspicion on everyone. Working with us, well, we might be able to help resolve this and just talk to everyone involved and come out with a good outcome. We just need your help," Cassiopeia speaks with a gentle and encouraging tone, trying to help the woman understand the situation while keeping that sunshine in her voice.

Jan tilts her head "No one gets that defensive without having done something they KNEW was suspect, my lady." She lifts a hand "No one is here to judge you and everyone here knows it's true because each of us learned the hard way. Each of the seasoned explorer you see? They're seasoned by dumb choices. So unclutch those pearls and give us as true an account as you can recall and we can sort this mess out for you, yeah? Gods, if he's selling fakes he's either reasonably assured no one has ever seen one of these damn things OR he HIMSELF has seen one which means if we find the right fella and shake him enough we'll be able to find the genuine article. Your choice, my lady. Indignation or results."

"I am seasoned by learning from others' mistakes." Vitalis sniffs, "I never make mistakes. How very dare, Lady Kennex."

Jan says, "Ballocks! Man! You are wearing a honest to gods BERET! You can't look me in the eye and say that while you're underneath that fucking pan-holder."

The logical and valid arguments, especially those which flatter her, seem to be warming Bawing over to admission. But she's hemming and hawing, fiddling with her other rings. Then Jan whips her into shape with her more harsh approach. "There's a.... supplier," she says delicately, avoiding using certain words with unsavory connotations, "who sometimes offers rare findings for sale. He knew my love for old coins and offered to show me what he had. Said someone brought him a safe-deposit box full of them, old family heirlooms needing to be sold for an ailing grandmother, you get the picture."

She pauses and then says, "I can take you to him, IF you don't mention my involvement to the Iron Guard. And I get my ring back, fake or not, I paid him a lot." She answers the question with a scowl. "A. Lot."

"I don't think any of us are interested in taking your ring from you," Lou assures the woman from the sidelines. "And if you help us, we'll not say anything about your involvement to the Iron Guard."

Cassiopeia looks between Jan and Vitalis, "the only dumb choices are the one you don't make." There's a little smile at that and she takes a sip of the offending drink, because she cannot stay mad at it, too long. Then she looks at Bawling with empathy in her eyes, seeming to understand and then she breathes out. "Well, may the coconut crabs pick their bones clean," she says like it's a normal phrase for her. "I'm willing to help," she says to the others because Cassiopeia is a sucker for a sob story.

Vitalis checks composure at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Jan shrugs and looks around to the others gathered "Sure, why not. I can't speak for the rest but I have nothing more interesting to do and rest assured I am not interested in stealing from you. Or a fraudster. For two entirely separate reasons."

Vitalis frowns, first at Jan, drawn up even straighter in How Very Dare, his expression of offence not flickering, "You take that back!" Is he tugging the tip of a gloved finger, he might be. But then, Lou. He frowns at her too, eyes narrowed, considering. Finally, he nods. "I want to get to the bottom of this, at the least."

Jan's eyebrows shoot up "Oh gods, you were serious when you said you didn't make mistakes." Apparently having misread Vitalis response as mock indignation and not realizing it was sincere. She doesn't apologize but she at least evades his gaze as if she knows she's had a lapse in judgement.

The mistress Bawing is convinced. "Very well, follow me." She and her guard start to head out of the Explorer's Hall into the streets of Arx. She leads them to a shop in the eastern part of the city- far away from the Iron Guard's barracks. It's a two story building, crammed in with all the other buildings, and a sign over the door reads "Curiosities". A glass window with thick leaded panels shows some old candlesticks, a book open to an illustrated page, and a skull made of marble.

Bawing pushes her way through the door and into the shop, where a man with a pinc-nez pair of glasses on his nose sits behind a counter. "Odan, darling," she says, not -quite- in an accusing tone. "These fine noble adventurer sorts want to see the coins. Consider it a professional curiosity on their part."

Mikani crosses her arms and laughs under her breath. "I love me some coins." She smiles.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A Curiosity Shop in the city: A glass window with thick leaded panels shows some old candlesticks, a book open to an illustrated page, and a skull made of marble. Inside is a stuffed crocodile hanging from the rafters, along with more conventional taxidermied animals on the walls. Old plates, books, boots, and weapons are stacked in neat sectional displays.

Jan follows along unhurriedly and looking generally mild of temperament. Where it not that she's tall of broad of shoulder her presence would likely be unremarkable for now.

Inside is a stuffed crocodile hanging from the rafters, along with more conventional taxidermied animals on the walls. Old plates, books, boots, and weapons are stacked in neat sectional displays. The proprietor also looks old and slightly eccentric.

Mikani checks intellect and investigation at normal. Mikani is successful.

Lou checks perception and artwork at normal. Critical Success! Lou is spectacularly successful.

Vitalis turns away from Jan, shoulders shaking briefly, and turns, throat cleared. Ever so serious. His gray eyes are bright as they head out on Mistress Bawing's heels. They sidle into the shop and Vitalis immediately takes a left, moving through the room studying this and that, bored and exhaling gustily. In response to Mikani's statement, he gives the man a long suffering look, "She collects *everything.* What was it last season? Historical dioramas carved from soap? Or, was that autumn. I can scarcely keep up." He flicks his hand, airily and returns to study of the gathered goods.

Vitalis checks charm and performance at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Vitalis checks perception and investigation at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Cassiopeia checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

Lou seems to be quite interested in the artwork and the coins in the shop. She starts perusing the area, taking a look around to see if she can identify any real relics vs something that might be fake. The scrutiny in her gaze is rather extreme.

Ever ready to have a conversation Cassiopeia approached Odan and she looks at him with bright big eyes. Pointed excitedly at the crocodile, the Arakkoan says cheerfully, "we have lots of crocodiles where I come from! They are real jerks, you know. Like, intentionally mean and cranky," she says because this is small talk. "I love your shop! It's amazing. So many unique and fascinating things? Where did they come from? How do find stuff like this?," she chats easily to the eccentric shop owner, looking all curious and interested in what he has to say. "You know, I could use some nice pieces for the Palais, perhaps you might have just the right thing."

The shop is full of knicknacks and things which one might find in an antique store verging on 'second-hand store. Rugs, tapestries, vases, swords, old coats... Nothing more than a century old though. But there is something which catches Lou's eye in one of the display cases. It's a ring with the symbol of Gild and a pair of interlocked T's. The ring is a burnished gold, of excellent make, and seems far nicer than most of the other items in the store. The filigree work is nothing in the common style of jewelry preferred in the past hundred or so years.

Mikani spots a very old looking table and chair set. Something about the same time period, as, oh... Alaric II. Carved of good Crownlands oak. Some small chips which are around the top but it's in good repair for an antique of this age.

Lou continues around the room a bit more while others start talking to the shopkeeper. She stops at one particular place, leans in, and stares at something. She frowns deeply and shakes her head, clucking her tongue against her teeth. She turns to the shopkeeper then and asks, "How much for this ring?" she points to the one with the Gild markings, her eyes narrowed ever so slightly at the shopkeeper in a discerning look. As she asks, she makes certain her Grayson signet ring is showing on forward as she thumbs toward the ring in question.

Mikani looks around at the older maps and books. Some swords and the like. It is always fun to be in a second-hand store. "Oh crocodiles ... they can get big can't they?" She asks Cassiopeia. It is then her eyes settle on the table and chair set. Her fingertips brush the top of the table before she bends to look closer at it all.

Vitalis comes across an old ink-well in bronze with the initials TT on it.

Cassiopeia wiggles her blonde eyebrows at Mikani, "oh yes, very big, like thirty feet!," this may not be accurate, she is probably exaggerating.

Jan scans the shop, those in it, and generally keeps an eye on things for anything very obviously shady but leaving the more senior explorers to investigate.

When he sees Bawing he turns a little frosty. "What coins, madame? I don't do much trade in old coins... Whatever can you be talking about? " But Odan smiles at Cassiopeia and answers in a creaky voice, "Oh, people bring them in for sale or consignment. I have a nose for old things. That musty smell is a perfume to me."

When Lou asks, he gets VERY antsy. "Oh, my apologies, that's not for general sale." He reaches into the display cast -very- quickly to grab it. Clearly looking panicked.

Vitalis cocks his head, picking up the inkwell and giving it a closer look. He slews his gaze over to Cassiopeia, "Thirty feet," his hand flutters to his throat, "That's ghastly. Is THAT what happened to DRAGONS?" If he had pearls, he'd be clutching them. He sides steps from under the crocodile, giving it a somewhat mortified look, careful to take the inkwell with him.

Mikani laughs softly. "I have been looking for a table and chair set for my house. How much for this set?" She asks. "It would be perfect." Mika exclaims looking at Odan.

Lou notices the obvious nervousness and attempts to step in the way of Odan to prevent him from grabbing the ring. "I wonder what the Faith would think of someone keeping a relic of theirs away from them? Most assuredly, you'd want a good citizen, a Voice of House Grayson even, to purchase such a piece and see it returned to them, so they might sing your praises? Or, perhaps I could write to my cousin, Prince Laric, Master Questioner, about your unwillingness to part with such a piece? I'm sure he and the Inquisition would be quite happy to have a go at someone involved in such an establishment as this." Lou doesn't hold any punches. As an Explorer, she has an ethical code she follows, and asks that her Explorers follow, when it comes to pieces of history. "Mistress Bawing here stated you were the one to sell the King Alaric II Grayson ring as well...." she leaves that lingering there. "I wonder how you came by such things?"

Delighting in Vitalis's reaction to the crocodiles, the young Marquessa's lips twist into a little grin. "Oh yes. One day I'll come by the hall and I will tell you the story of Crocodilio, the most feared crocodile in all of the Saffron Chain," she promises. Then she looks back at Odan, listening to him and then watching how he reacts to Lou's question with curiosity.

Jan steps forward and barks "Stop!" then with less volume but in a firm tone, "Release it." her chin lifts and a granite-colored eye openly size up the shopkeep making it clear there may be Consequences with failing to comply.

Jan checks command and intimidation at normal. Jan is successful.

Vitalis fades back fanning his face at mention of Crocodilio. "I think I'm going to take some air." And with that he turns, and in passing Jan, gives her a significant look.

Vitalis checks wits and investigation at hard. Vitalis fails.

Vitalis checks wits and investigation at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Odan is about to cheerfully answer Mikani, "Fine pieces, that, only recently obtained them..." as he closes his fingers around the ring but then Lou steps between him and the display case before he can scuttle away. His grey eyes widen as names drop like bombs. "OH! THOSE COINS!" He says it loudly as memory SUDDENLY returns to them. It's clear he's trying to shift the focus. "Yes, yes, the coins. Someone brought me a safe deposit box of them, hated to part with them, but it was a family heirloom and their grandfather had taken sick," he babbles. When Jan gives her command he hurriedly holds his hands up in surrender and the ring tink-tink-tinks to the wooden floor.

Lou casually leans down and picks up the ring that fell to the ground, checking to make sure it is, in fact, the Gild ring. "Hmm," Lou remarks in response to Odan's commentary. "Did you have the coins verified to ensure they were real before selling them to folk and making such claims?" the Grayson princess asks. "And, are there any other artifacts such as the Gild ring laying around here?" she looks around the ship once more, squinting as though she might have identified other things. She hasn't, but he doesn't know that. "I'm sure the owners would be quite relieved to get them back, or their families."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lou before departing.

Lou takes a moment to receive a message shortly after Vitalis leaves, then she squints at the shopkeeper, "Who is Uncle?"

Jan crosses her arms and continues to stares at the man. That gaze assures him if he does something stupid like tries to run she WILL catch him-and be annoyed when she does.

Lou checks perception and streetwise at hard. Lou fails.

Jan checks perception and streetwise at hard. Jan fails.

Mikani checks perception and streetwise at hard. Mikani marginally fails.

Cassiopeia checks wits and streetwise at hard. Critical Success! Cassiopeia is spectacularly successful.

What does Cassiopeia know about the mean streets of the Compact, who knows but something catches her eye and she looks over at the door, knitting her brows together. The young woman is studying something before her warm gaze falls on Odan and she calls him out while crossing her arms over her chest. Tsk. Tsk. "I think you are lying, Master Shopkeeper. I think that, if I were you-- I would start talking to the lovely people in your shop that asking very nicely. Because, if you don't-- there will other people in your shop and more and more and they will ask a lot tougher questions. So, be a dear and tell the nice woman here," she gestures to Lou. "The truth," she says simply. Then Cassiopeia leans in and whispers to each Lou, Mikani and Jan the same thing, but it's quiet enough that Odan can't here. "This is a black market shop. This man specializes in rare goods. He's a fence."

Lou suddenly beams a bright and chipper smile at Odan. "Okay! So, the Inquisition it is! They specialize in this sort of thing."

Jan says, "Want me to sit on him until they get here, Princess?"

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Mikani checks composure at normal. Mikani is successful.

The old man falls to his knees in front of Lou, grabbing at her foot. "Please, milady, don't call the Inquisition!" Then Jan says 'Princess' and his eyes go wide as he gets a closer look at her signet ring. "Highness, I mean, your highness," he stammers. "I didn't steal it! A girl brought it in saying she -found- it. Along with a few other things. I take my clients by their word." He looks at Bawing when he says that, a moment of anger flickering in his eyes when he looks at the narc. "But I authenticated them myself. Pure gold, that ring. And silver on the coins. I wasn't lying, they're really quite old. WHERE Kalli got them from, she'd know - she didn't tell me."

Lou checks composure at hard. Lou is successful.

Jan gives Lou an apologetic look and shrug. Sorry but not really sorry at all, or so says the look.

For some unfathomable reason, the princess who hates to be called princess does not seem to care about the title tonight. There's no flinching. No grimacing. Nothing to from Lou to show her displeasure. "Allow me introduce myself," she says in a very, very mild voice. "I am Princess Loucia Grayson, Voice of House Grayson, Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers. King Alaric III Grayson is my cousin." She pauses to let that sit with Odan. She's not giving him a harsh look or anything. Rather, she's using the sort of voice one uses when they are very, /very/, extremely disappointed in someone. "The coin used in the ring of Bawling's you vetted yourself is a fake reproduction made from the finest of materials. The Gild ring you received, however, is quite real. Likely stolen. As I'm sure many of the items in here are. So, I'm sure you can understand, given who I am, my quite remarkable interest in everything here of a sudden. And, who this Kalli is and who your other people are." She casually leans against a counter. "I'm sure, however, if you are cooperative we can strike a bargain of some sort, should your information lead to capture of those swindling others out of their goods or their silver."

Jan is overheard praising Lou: Took one for the team like a real team player!

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