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Crimson Blades

Words: We will find a way, or make one.
Sigil: A black sword with a crimson line down the middle.
Nickname: Black Blades. Blades. Crimsons.

The Crimson Blades Mercenary Company is made up of highly disciplined and trained sellswords who specialize in small unit tactics, infiltration, sabotage, and precise military operations. The organization is formed from career soldiers, veterans and talented tacticians who thrive on the stratagem of warfare.

Founded originally as a Noble's pet army, they have since abandoned all ties to the previous Lord-General and follow their own edicts and codes of conduct as military contractors beholden only to their own ambitions.


Name Rank Title Description
Genevieve(RIP) 6 Lieutenant Diamond Company Scout
Henrick 9 Private
Holt 9 Private New Recruit
Tobias 10 Associate Founder of the Crimson Blades