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Vassal of Riven

Words: "Always soaring."
Sigil: A white hawk flying above a golden sun on a blue field
Nickname: Whitetails, Leafwalkers

A recently created Barony carved out of a stretch of Grayson lands southeast of Bastion, nestled deep within the Gray Forest. Its citizens are mostly farmers, hunters, and woodsmen who have settled the land and lived there for many generations.


Name Rank Title Description
Silas 1 Baron The Hawk Baron
Evonleigh 2 Voice The Silken Hawk
Elora 2 Voice The Silver Hawk
Bedivere 3 Noble Family The War Hawk
Gaius 3 Noble Family The Gold Hawk
Farrah 3 Noble Family The Lady Hawk
Jaufrey 3 Noble Family Sword of Hawkhold
Emele 4 Trusted House Servant The Dove
Rhue 4 Trusted House Servant The Swan
Kenna 5 Married Family Lady Acheron
Delilah 5 Married Family Duchess Shepherd
Tabitha 5 Married Family Lady Ashford
Sapphira 5 Married Family The Songbird
Sabella 6 Ally Her Highness
Mina 7 Known Commoner

Ruler: Silas

Minister Category Title
Emele Upkeep Minister of the Forge
Bedivere Warfare Minister of War
Rhue Farming Minister of Agriculture
Evonleigh Loyalty Minister of Petitions
Gaius Productivity Minister of Writs
Jyri(RIP) Population Minister of Population
Eshken Income Minister of Coin

Land Holdings


Description: The new seat of House Whitehawk is located where the idyllic Whitehawk Hunting Range once stood, and has been built within a deep part of the Gray Forest. It is subject to attack by shav raids, but thus far the villages which reside there have remain steadfast and have managed to repel them under the protection of House Grayson, and now their new baron.

Landmark: The Garden of Creation is a 10-acre park located near the center of the White Mountain plateau, close to Hawkhold, in dedication to the deities of creation: Lagoma, Mangata, and Petrichor. The gardens hold various flowers, herbs, and fauna -- some of which are acquired outside of Whitehawk lands -- each year and the park features a magnificent fountain, a sun dial, and twin stone towers with a chapel at their base. The towers are inscribed with notable quotes about mercy, kindness and peace. Outside of prayer, it is also a place that inspires appreciation and the improvment of environment through horticulture, education and conservation.

The Great Road connects to Hawkhold.

Trade between Hawkhold and the Northlands has increased since the marriage between Lady Kenna and Lord Riagnon.