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TORnament of Roses I

A grand tournament hosted by Lady Calista Fidante, The Rose of Tor, to include Food and Entertainment (Combat, Jousting, Fire-Dancing, Rousing Costumes!) and prizes up for grabs!


July 8, 2016, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Talen Hadrian Harlan Acacia Fergus(RIP) Niccolo(RIP) Arianwen Victus Silas Edain Freja(RIP) Isolde Alrec(RIP) Deva Alis Kima Nadia(RIP) Bliss



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log


I did not fare as well as I had hoped to in either the joust or the melee which followed it, but it could be considered a painful learning experience of sorts. I am perplexed at why Talen had decided to cheat in a tilt he could have won, and in the open no less; it riled people against him, and made his chances of winning the melee slim. Not sure if he's masochistic, crazy, or a mixture of both - I suspect he isn't stupid, though my mind can be changed.

I don't think I harmed Prince Fergus at all in our duel; I simply wore him down. He blames me for his loss against Alis because of this, but perhaps it's a valid point. I wasn't paying attention to any of the other fighting.


How do I begin? Eloquently? Do I praise Calista Fidante of Tor for hosting a superb tournament? Of course I do, there are times when skirting the truth is simply unacceptable. I'll be addressing truth here today, and how it is often a hard, ugly thing.

The tournament. Jousting; a melee; rich food and fine wine; rich men and women betting in the stands. It was a great day for getting your fill of the decadent cuisine of the Lyceum as well as slaking your thirst for action, if not blood. I watched the melee from a private point, which will get to later, it was phenomenal. In a way, I am glad I choose to sit it out. I believe, that day, I would not have been in the right state of mind while in combat to truly appreciate the participates. From my perch within a lonesome booth, however, I had the chance to play spectator, and examine the combatants with a cooler head.

Ah, did I not mention? I won the joust. What was that? I don't sound entirely thrilled about it? Hearken back to my mentioning of the truth...and hear now my displeasure. I won by default. I won because the Sword of Lenosia cheated, but that isn't the sole reason my victory tastes of bitter ashes in my mouth.

What burns me so is my own foolishness, pure and simple. Talen, after all, clearly asked me if we should show our spectators how things are done within the Lyceum. The point goes to him, for reminding me that, just maybe, I've been away from the south for too long.

Grey Death is being tended to by Prince Edain Valardin's own personal trainers. The man's generosity is most welcome, and I readily confess to my relief - they assure me that Death isn't nearly as bad off as I had feared. The idea of that noble creature being lamed leaves my stomach in knots.

I ended up a champion, to the cheering of some, and some small part of me wishes I could have accepted it with a true graciousness, rather than one feigned. Yet I cannot help but feel as though a win by default is still a loss.


Haven't had as much fun at any tournament that I can recall. Usually I don't like them, at least not the ones with jousting as their center pieces. I find them to be an opportunity for self important shitstains with a knighthood to prance around on their fucking horses and show off. But something about this one had me in a roaring good mood. The wine, the company, the momentary threat of a bloody fucking riot, the fact that my purse was a couple of thousand pieces heavier at the end of the night. All of it was a fucking delight.

How about Talen cheating, though? Did he think Calista was going to ignore it, knowing Kima's a Southport vassal and Southport and Tor being hardly friends? Perhaps. Heh. It would've been funny if she had, even if Kima nearly drew her sword on Talen as it is.

Don't see why anyone was so surprised, though. Didn't he pull off some dirty tricks against Viviana, too? Sure fucking did. This time it worked better, even if he got disqualified.

I wonder what it's like having a little sister who could beat you up? Almost makes me feel sympathetic for Edain. Almost. Should've seen him flinch when I asked if she bullied him on the training field the way she bullied the others in the melee.


I did not expect cheating at an exhibition. It's gauche and shows poor priorities.

If Lady Kima's steed survives, then there may be no permanent damage to anything but Talen Artiglio's reputation. House Velenosa's trust in him would be more damaging had Princess Isolde not offered a reward for anyone who downed the Sword of Velenosa in the melee and Duke Niccolo not interceded to pay the wagers of those who had bet on Artiglio.


    I finally met for business with Princess Isolde. We spent a little time getting a feel for each other. Seeing if things would be a good fit. Surprise: we are an amazing fit. She hired me to act as her Champion in a tournament, providing a token for me to bear. I didn't participate in the joust, obviously. Talen, the man I danced with not that long ago, threw down caltrops and was disqualified from that. The Princess put a bounty on him for whoever took him down. I did, with the mediocre aid of the woman who would eventually win the melee. Alis, or something to that effect. I took all the beatings (without armor, I might add!) and then when Talen went down, she turned on me, relatively uninjured while I had been bearing the brunt of the fight. Had it been her against I in single combat, I'm fair convinced I would ahve won. Still, my patron for the day was most satisfied with my work, and she tended to my wounds herself. A good day.


I held my first tournament since arriving to Arx and it was not without scandal. Shocking, I know. There were entertainers; Minstrels, dancers, scantily clad vixens handing out imported red roses from Tor. There were even some fire walkers and fire dancers around. I thought I would have been more invested in the entertainers, but as hostess, I had to make sure my participants in the sporting events were taken care of. It was certainly a rousing event. First we had jousting; Sir Silas Mercier versus Talen Artiglio with the Sword of Lenosia besting the Iron Guard. Then Prince Edain Valardin and Lady Kima Saik. The lovely lady took the price on the second event but Edain proved to be a true equestrian when it came to riding his prized horse, Sir Arugula.

Things were certainly going to be interesting at this point since both Talen and Lady Kima are from the Southern Lycene City-States. It wasn't until their tie breaker that things became complicated for me. Talen openly threw caltrops onto the field causing Lady Kima's horse, Grey Death to become injured. It was a blessing that neither Lady Kima nor her horse were critically injured. I saw what Talen did with my own eyes and had to disqualify him. He did however join in the melee and it was interesting to see how his previous actions laid the foundation for the battle royale. Princess Alis Valardin, Prince Fergus Redrain, Whisper Bliss, Sir Silas, and Talen Artiglio all competed. One by one they all started to fall either from fatigue or laid out unconscious from the crushing blows. The victor was none other than Princess Alis.

I'd say all in all, it was a great success. I cannot wait to host another spectacular event.


While the Sword of Lenosia technically bested Lady Kima Saik in the joust, it was through no subtle means of underhandedness that this was accomplished. The first and second passes were evenly matched; each struck true and no individual was unhorsed. On the third, however, Talen saw fit to employ the use of caltrops to spike and unsettle the steed of the Lycene noblewoman. In answer to his motives, the sworn swordsman claims that the inherent thirst for victory-- at any cost-- is a southern trait just not appreciated quite the same in Arx. It did not seem to concern him one iota that due to his actions he was disqualified, however, so it must be concluded that unhorsing his opponent was the only competition the Artiglio man cared about.

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Alis is being the showy-armored one today, replete with dragon's flame to encourage Edain from the sidelines. She will have plenty of time to prove her own mettle. "I just know you'll do us proud!" the short knight encourages, excitedly. To Sir Arugula she says this of course, not her brother. Not yet at least. "And you have the best name. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Did you need me to hold anything for you, Your Grace?" She might be teasing him by using the title. But they are in public and all.
Niccolo arrives to the tournament grounds accompanied by a few of his usual guards. He gestures for the guards to find their own entertainment while at the grounds, while the duke continues on to find a place to settle at. He looks around, searching for familiar faces with those dark brown eyes of his lingering on those he happens to recognize.
Silas was as dressed up as he could be for a commoner, clad in a simple suit of steel armor - it's design likely a popular one among the masses. He quietly walks onto the tournament grounds, leading his bay gelding by the reins as he leisurely plods along. He pauses to await directions from the event coordinator.
Nadia arrives.
Isolde makes her way in, her arm linked with one of the lovlier intended combatants, looking around at the grand tournament grounds. Her entourage follows them, and she motions to the field, and then looks at Bliss. "Win for me today, my Champion, just do not hurt my Sword too badly, all right? Anyone is fair game to fall before you." She laughs lightly, offering the Whisper Champion a handkerchief to keep as a token, leaning up to kiss her cheek, before making her way to find a seat.
Acacia had certainly slunk into the Tournament Grounds with a casual posture apart from Niccolo, but she seemed to have no qualms attempting to attach herself to the very back of his guarded retinue for the brief time that he was among them. The distinct lack of Velenosa House colors, against her common darker leathers makes her at best - conspicuous, and at worst, exceptionally suspicious. "Is his horse really named Sir Arugula?" Striking up a conversation with one of the trailing guards, who seems less than receptive aside from a look which hints familiarity, she adds an additional query after a short pause, "You have a lot of friends, don't you?"

The Tournament Grounds have been lavishly decorated with garlands and wreaths full of bright red roses that are native to the city of Tor. They are known for their crisp crimson color that never seems to fade and their sweet, intoxicating scent. It has been said one 'whiff' of these roses could induce amorous feelings for a short duration of time. However, this has never truly been proven. The titillating fragrance welcomes each and every guest as they enter the Tournament Grounds.

The Tor Roses are not the only things to further draw spectators and competitors. Patrons and participants are treated to the best Lenosian wines one could sample along with mouth watering cuisine that is often popular in the Southern city-states; Fruit and cheese platters, charcuterie, fresh roasts, all in perfect bite size morsels. Servants dressed in traditional Lycene attire also weave through the throngs of people offering the decadent amuse-bouche.

Minstrels gather by the spectator's benches, playing lively music to help lift the spirits of the Arxian citizens. Their uplifting tunes should be able to get more than one toe tapping. As people enter, they are greeted by various entertainers such as jugglers, dancers, performers walking around on stilts. There is certainly a carnival feel to the tournament prior to the actual events.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
Talen strides down into the field toward the tournament grounds to wait along the edges, in the side-lines. With other potential competitors present, the Sword of Lenosia's attention upon each is equally rapt. Steely, pale grey-blue eyes beset on each as he lingers. A hand is idly resting atop the hilt of the ancestral Mirror Blade, but one can expect he only carries it as his badge of office. Carrying a secondary, longer and wider blade, the longsword completes the martial attire. One of the passing servants is reached for, an elbow snagged, then he pulls the man closer to grab one of the goblets of wine to busy himself as he waits.
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For reasons that are known only to him, Sir Arugula looks at every single juggler and gives them a distrustful glare. They guys on stilts however? Yeah they are ok, and he nods his hiead and winnies at them. As he starts to part ways form his sister he says, "I fear I am terribly out of practice, Princess Alis, but I will labor to do House Valardin proud." He says as he leads Sir Arugula down to the field.
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There is not much fanfare or pomp regarding Freja's appearance nor her entry as she makes her way into the grounds and begins searching for a seat. The surprisingly tall woman, clad in simple but well made leathers, makes her way quietly through the throng to find a lofty seat to spectate. Any she passes or meets eyes with is given a silent and respectful nod of greeting.
Alis gives Sir Arugula one last scritch behind the ears and beams a huge smile at Edain before he leads them both further into the field. "You'll do wonderfully. Don't eat any jugglers, Arugula!" she admonishes, in a surprisingly serious tone, and then makes her merry way towards the stands so that she can watch the goings on. Not before lifting a glass of wine and a treat from passing servers though. Because it would just be rude not to partake of the hospitality.
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Eager to observe, Deva arrives with a spring in her step and a smile on her lips as she winds her way through the crowded grounds. The Redrain Princess wears a dark green gown in the style of the north, wild red waves loose and flowing past her shoulders in a manner that might make a proper hairstylist wince. As she moves to settle into a good seat, she gives Edain a quick wave from across the way as he joins the soon-to-be contestants. All the merriment seems to put her at ease, her posture relaxed as she looks around.
Nadia takes her time in manuvering through the thick of the crowds, relishing the palpable excitement and good cheer of commoners and high-born alike as fine wines and platters of candied fruits and delicately sliced cheeses are peddled left and right. Moss green eyes are bright with unbridled delight as her vibrant laughter rings out at the quiet, undoubtedly morose commentry, of a well-armored guard accompanying the young duchess. "At least try the wine," she beseeches him, leaving the reluctant man with little choice as she procures two glasses of wine, one for herself and him. She surveys the stands for familiar faces, her gaze finding the no-nonsense Freja in her search for a seat. "Princess Freja?" she calls out, after a moment's pause, slowly ascending.
"Must you glower so at my steed?" Kima asks Victus as they enter the tournament grounds. She's leading her horse by the reins, a sleek grey beast with a snowy mane and tail and eyes black as the pits of hell. Eyes which may, now and again, roll towards the big Thraxian as if the animal could possibly think thoughts deeper than: poop; eat; stomp heads in; sleep.

Kima herself is dressed martially, sword belted at her hip while her helm dangles from a strap off of her mount's saddle. Her blonde hair is braided, then further twisted up around her head in order to keep it from her eyes. She points somewhere further down the field. "Hm...There, do you think?"
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"It's glowering at me," is Victus' gruff response to Kima as the horse does indeed look in his direction. Perhaps sensing the quiet antagonism rolling from the hulking brute of a Thraxian that's walking warily at its side. As if Victus suspects that at any moment the horse might try to kick him or bite him or just run him down. Unlike Kima he's not wearing any kind of armor, just a plain shirt over some pants, his sword hanging at his hip as usual. He scratches his beard thoughtfully when she gestures further down the field, then just shrugs.

"I'm going to sit in the stands," he tells her. After a moment, and another grimace, he gives her armored shoulder a rough slap with his heavy palm, the kind of slap that says he doesn't quite know his own strength (or he just wants to pummel her). "Good luck."

Then he's making his way towards the stands, not so much weaving through the crowd as expecting it to part for him.
Lady Calista Fidante turns up from somewhere. Has she been here the whole time? A glass of Lenosian white is in her hand while she nibbles on a ripe piece of fruit. She moves through the people with an undeniably brilliant smile on her face. As the patrons decidedly take their seat or their place in the field, the Fidante steps up to the judge's booth. Once she settles in, she stands close to the edge and addresses the crowd. "Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to the Tournament of Roses. For those of you who do not know me, I am Lady Calista Fidante of Tor. We will be starting the evening in just a moment. Would the Jousters please take to the field!"
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(OOC) Calista says: For Jousting, we're going to do an @check of Dex + Riding (even if you don't have riding). You could also do Luck + Riding.
Harlan plops down onto an open seat, and kicks his feet up onto the seat in front of him. "This should be interesting." He murmurs to himself, emerald eyes scanning the field to make note of who's participating. He glances in the direction of Calista's voice when the young woman introduces herself and announces the joust. "Jousting." He grunts, shaking his head.
(OOC) Kima says: Sounds good!
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(OOC) Edain says: works for me!
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"Does it really eat jugglers, your Highness?" Acacia had snuck away from her entry-level group of temporarily taciturn guards, not hers, to loiter after Princess Alis upon her parting farewell towards the horse itself. Without looking, she reaches out with her right hand, snapping off the stem of a rose from one of the wreaths and then twirls it between paired fingers in clear view upon her excessively bold attempt at half-conversation. "And are you fond of roses?" Of course, this is all coinciding with her attempt to meander her way into the general seating among the rest of the throng.
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(OOC) Silas readies his stick.
That slap from Victus sends Kima stumbling forward just a few steps before she straightens herself...and proceeds to give his departing back a rather annoyed frown. Grey Death just stares, unblinking.

Maybe promising murder.

But then the pep is back in Kima's stride and she properly joins the field as if nothing had happened at all!
Finding a place to sit at, Niccolo catches Acacia engaged in a conversation with one of his guards before she stats on her way to the stands. He dips his head, amusement showing on his features before his attention turns to others arriving and making their way through the crowds and entertainers. A series of polite nods and looks and smiles are offered by the duke, from Nadia, to Victus and other familiar personalities. His attention then falls on Calista and off her announcement, his gaze finds the field and the jousters there.
Arianwen Grayhope arrives within the tournament grounds with a skip to her step and a smile on her face. She wears an opulent new dress today, a cherry red and gold ensemble with extravagant brocade, beaded straps, low neckline, bare shoulders, and voluminous skirts. Lifting those red skirts causes the fabric to part down the middle, revealing a pristine golden underskirt. She does so now, gliding through the area as long brown-blonde tresses flutter elegant curls down her back. When starry eyes spot Kima and Victus, her expression brightens and she hrurries forth. She meets Victus halfway to the stands, moving to curl a hand around his closest arm and state, "good day, Lord Victus. You've decided not to fight yourself?"
(OOC) Calista says: Also, just to let you all know, we're going to do the 'fighting fighty stuff' first, then any social stuff like dancing, making out in corners, whatever, afterwards.
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At the call for the jousters, Edain grasps the horn of Sir Arugula's saddle and places a foot in a stirup and pulls himself up with a smooth motion. He unslings a simple heater shield from his back, blue with the white Valardin, Dragon painted up on it. and finally takes one of the jousting lances from the rack near the runs, "Lady Calista, Fidante, thank you for graciously hosting! Prince Edain Valardin, here to ride in the name of my family!" he says.
Freja visibly winces at being found, but it seems to be in good humor more than anything. Drats! Discovered. "Over here." She places herself, raising a pale hand as indication to Nadia of her location in the stands. Her smile is kinda and bright, though her eyes are easily torn back to the event as those intending to compete begin to take their places.
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Alis flashes a somewhat impish smile at Acacia before she gives her head a quick shake. "Not really, no. But I feel as if it makes him feel especially fierce if I pretend he does." she admits, patting the spot beside her for the other woman to sit down. "Oh of course. Roses are lovely I think. I don't think I've ever seen quite so many gathered at one time though."
And so Bliss arives as well, arm-in-arm with Isolde, giving a playful nod of the head and a bright smile towards her. "Your Highness, I will endeavor to put upon a worthy spectacle for your gaze, rather than simply trounce any poor soul who gets paired against me," she answers with an airy mood, displaying absolutely no humility whatsoever. She then accepts the token graciously, tying it loosely about her hair so that it remains on display. Her attention goes towards Calista, listening to the announcement. Upon hearing that the joust is first, she moves to sit near to the field for when proper foot begins.
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(OOC) Calista says: Everyone who is Jousting on the field?
Isolde moves up to the Judges' booth, greeting Calista with a kiss to the cheek, settling into the seat beside her. Even if she wasn't invited, she claims one of the best seats for herself, watching the field with sparkles in her eyes, her mask reflecting the lights. She murmurs, not interrupting Calista, "Everything is lovely, darling, you are doing a fantastic job."
Nadia returns Niccolo's acknowledging smile with a brilliant one of her own, a glance cast down to the fields as jouster enthusiasts take to their mounts. She glides toward Freja when that pale hand catches her attention, gracefully settling in beside the princess. "It's good to see you, Your Highness. I must admit, I'm surprised to see you in the city," she says, a bottle of Velenosan white procured from the hands of a servant tasked to the duchess. "Have you tried this vintage before?"
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Victus glances down at the hand that slips around his thick arm, but he doesn't dislodge it. He doesn't stop either for ARianwen's greeting, just continues to make his way to the stands and dragging her along if she means to stay attached. "Eh," he grates out, squinting in the direction of the tournament field. "Naw. I ain't much for horses. They ain't much for me. Works out best for everybody that way." Up, he finds himself a seat while waving down some refreshments. As he plops down, he catches Niccolo's nod and returns it, along with a guttural grunt in the back of his throat.
(OOC) Calista says: It would be 'Join #2'
Silas hums thoughtfully as he listens to Calista from where he stood on the field. He gives his horse a playful ruffle to his mane before retrieving a lance and nimbly saddling up. He unstraps the small shield anchored on his back, brought with him specifically for this event. His gaze briefly flits over the other competitors and some of the louder spectators, but his focus soon shifts to fiddling with his helm to make sure it was securely fastened.
"I saw a small child selling roses at the entryway to the Grounds and I bought them all--," Acacia conversationally tells Alis, a return grin spared before she settles herself upon the patted seat near the Princess with a suitable distance between them. "But I gave them all away to those lacking festive color, or I would've saved you one." The rather merry expression broadens to expose the partial jest in full, before she eyes the stolen, torn-stemmed rose once more and then queries towards Alis, "If not jugglers then, your Highness, does he, as the fierce steed he certainly sounds like he is, at least eat roses? I hear there's plenty around here--" After a survey of the bountiful display of roses, she imparts in a lower whisper, "It might just be a rumor though."
Not far from where Edain had just mounted Sir Arugala, Kima arrives with Grey Death. She swings herself up and into the saddle with graceful ease - the sort of which makes her appear only too story book, even more so when she dons her helm wrapped in red and black silk. It should be criminal! She also possesses a simple shield, bearing no stylization. She'll wave for someone to bring her a lance whenever turn order is decided.
Acacia's eyes travel up towards Niccolo, timed coincidentally to catch his look and recognition, before she winks back at him and then inclines her head in a respectful nod. All focus is then once more presented either upon Alis, or tracking wherever the Princesses focus goes thereafter.
Arianwen indeed remains attached to Victus, leaning against him as merrily as can be. With a light chuckle, she states, "perhaps it does at that, Lord Victus. We should allow the others at least one or two sporting moments of glory. I just wish I could see you fight again." A nonchalant shrug of her shoulders, "no matter. At least I get to sit and watch with you." She lets the man lead them along upwards across the stands, until she settles beside him and peers out curiously at the people below.
The First round will be Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia versus Sir Silas Mercier! Jousters, take your positions!
Freja shakes her head slightly, replying to Nadia, "I can't say I have. Any good?" She spares a glance of her somber brown eyes to the bottle in the hands of the Duchess before looking back once again to the horses, sizing them up along with the riders. "There is only so much solace one can find in snow. I came to check on and pester my brother." she informs, tacking on the end, "I am still learning the city as it were. Care to be a guide?"
There's amusement in Niccolo's eyes at Acacia's wink, and his gaze is drawn to her company in Alis. After a flash of curiosity, the duke turns his attention back to the field. Or he tries to, at least, as in doing so he spots Isolde, and offers a small incline of his head to the woman as she joins the judge's booth. The duke's attention mostly goes to the field again, although there are brief glances offered to those at the stands.
Speaking of people who lack festive color, Harlan's attire combines an earthy green with an earthy brown, he appears to be quite comfortable right now, applauding softly as the first two contestants take the field, eying each man appraisingly. He grunts, and then turns his attention to the stands, listening to the chatter of the other bystanders.
Alis makes just a subtle moue of disappointment that Acacia thinks she lacks festive colors. "They are Valardin colors. //Stately//." she sinsists. "... even if not entirely festive." she admits, rushing all those words together quickly. So she can pretend she didn't say them later. "Oh dear. Well, I hope he doesn't eat any of //these// roses. We would most certainly have to compensate our esteemed Hostess were that the case. We would feel just awful about it." Just in case Acacia wasn't entirely sure this was a Valardin woman or not. She is certainly paying attention to her surroundings as well though, darting a glance at Niccolo and then over towards the judging booth where she smiles in recognition of Isolde up there. But then, her gaze is drawn to the announced contestants. "Ooooh, this should be good."
Silas looks somewhat startled at being among the first pair of jousters, though the field only has four apparent jousters. He stops his helm fiddling and wheels his steed around into position opposite of Talen. He hefts his shield and nods politely to his opponent. "Good luck Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia." There's a slight flicker of amusement in his eyes, but otherwise he appeared placid.
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Down from the entrance-way, a Lycene teen runs full-tilt toward Talen, leaping over a few obstacles to get there with the reins of a horse clutched in his hands. The steed which had followed briskly in a canter is seemingly well-built, the animal's fur a blend of grey. Only light armoured in rich, obsidian black pelts, the beast matches the rider's own dress. Dressed in the purple hues of House Velenosa, the servant reports to the Sword with a hoarse, "Sorry!"

With the stableboy slash squire given only an off-hand glance at first, Talen shakes his head mildly and marches for his horse. A dull, steel toe-capped boot is lifted and wedged in the stirrup then he swings himself up, giving his first words since he arrived, "Get me my lance quick, lad. I don't want Grayson knight over there," he points to Silas upon hearing the announcement, "waiting." When he's given his polearm, ankles pinch tight on the animal's hindquarters and he rides out, up and down in show, as is proper. Then, Talen navigates to the other side of the field and takes his position. "To you as well, Sir Knight," is boomed in a call, across the way. Then he leans to the side and accepts the only full metal piece of equipment, a shiny mirrored, almost purely ornamental helmet that he slams the visor down upon.
"Oh, Princess, Princess-- questioning your colors?" That derisive scoff, the effortless way that the earlier-stolen rose is discarded over Acacia's shoulder so immediately, and potentially landing somewhere upon Harlan's earthier-hued boots occurs in a blink of an eye. "No, no. It was an offering merely because you liked roses. I mean, really, your Highness, you practically gave out all those roses to the unfortunates yourself." But she's swift to attempt to employ the lead of Alis' focus towards the field, "I'm sure a steed of Sir Arugula's standing would show discipline to suit him. -- Any favorites between these two?"
The interest of a certain Champion Bliss Whisper is caught at the announced names. Her attention goes primarily to Talen, apparently intrigued by this match. While she had been actually wearing a dress earlier in the day, she has come to the tournament dressed as a man. Light, loose-fitting shirt and better fitting trousers with laced sides, sword sheathed and no armor visible. She waits in anticipation for the pair to come to clash.
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Donella arrives.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
Isolde offers a wave to Niccolo, Alis, and others from the Judges Bench, seemingly amused, in a mischevious way.
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The Sword from the south is a blur of monotonous shades, everything from bone white to inky black briefly seen as he gives a wicked kicking to the flanks of his beast, unnecessarily brutal in his fear-mongering of the animal. As it spooks-- and that's the only way to put it-- the Velenosan representative on the field hunches forward, riding his steed with great haste toward his oncoming opponent. The large lance provided to him is angled perhaps 45 degrees until there are moments before he passes Silas. It's then that the lance lowers the rest of the way and the dark wood splinters in a resounding crash, sending violent impact into the defenses of the knight.
Unable to help herself, Alis outright laughs. "Come now, surely I don't strike you as the type to require social coddling. I take no offense at the staid reputation of our House. Or the lack of mmm, festiveness our colors evoke." she assures. "Whom do I have the pleasure of conversing with, if I might ask?" An eybrow raises slightly in question, before she tugs a messenger aside, to give a message to the messenger that just paid Edain a visit out on the field: No distractions!!! There, all better now.
Silas urges his steed forward with the heels of his boots, eager to meet the challenge speeding towards him in a flurry of hooves and evidently very monotone colors. His horse, by contrast, wasn't frightened - which may or may not have contributed to his lackluster performance (at least in his eyes). His lance merely grazes his passing opponent, and while he is hammered by the splintered lance, he remains in his saddle as gallops past. Winded, but not terribly injured. Maybe bruised. He wheels around again, brows furrowing in mild consternation.
The first pass comes with a hard and heavy crunch against Sir Silas Mercier. The man is nearly knocked off his horse. The crowd collectively gasps, waiting to see if he can hold it together for the next pass. And he does! Sir Silas is still in the game!
"No, you don't, unfortunately, your Highness," Acacia confides towards Alis, the exhale sighed sans dramatics this time. "You also don't seem like the type to completely buy into fanciful stories, no matter how marvelous, or to be won over by a single immensely-gorgeous flower, but sometimes you have to at least make the attempt, don't you?" While she doesn't stand in a manner that might impede focus towards the tournament herself, she attempts some semblance of a bow of her torso, "Acacia Culler, your Highness, without great titles, I'm afraid." The messenger is given another look at the reprimand with a quirk of her lips in mirth at the words spoken, "You look out for him well." The action upon the field calls her attention once more, avidly this time, eliciting a low appreciative whistle, "First pass. I don't suppose you-- gamble?"
When Talen comes back around, the glancing blow he received barely noticed, his horse has a moment where it kicks angrily at the ground, stirring up a cloud of sandy dust. Apparently it's pissed off, either by nature or due to its riders treatment of it. "Hyah!" he snaps, barely managing to grab his next lance before he's off again. The hastiness is perhaps a poor choice because the weaponry he wields now can only be partially steadied. While he hits a second time on the knight, the impact against him is a good deal greater and there's clear favour in Silas' court. Tossing the remains still gripped in his gloved hand, Talen raises his chin and looks to the judge's stand for an indication and confirmation he's to ride a third and final time.
is barely noticed*
"And what is it you would like to win me over for?" Alis wonders, appearing truly befuddled by the idea as Acacia introduces herself. "Oh, of course I do. He is my brother, and I shall always look out for him." Her stubborness is nigh legendary among the knights she trained with, and now she's showing at least a hint of it in her voice. "Strictly speaking, gambling is not what one would consider a knightly pursuit." And her voice, it stumbles there in awe at that first pass. And she's well silent as the second happens too. "But a friendly wager between acquaintances to build the spirit of camraderie during a festival might not be entirely amiss."
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The next exchange between the Grayson knight and the Sword of Lenosia is notably more favorable to him. The jolt he received at the end of the last pass was enough to attune his focus further and he puts the point of the lance just where he means to put it. Unfortunately, it does not have the momentum behind it to fully unhorse Talen. He grunts in disappointment but pulls the reins of his horse to direct him towards Talen once more, for the final pass.
The angsty equine below Talen is given a brief glance downward, an adjustment of the horse's bit briefly occupying him. Then, leaning heavily to one side, the leather-armoured Lycene collects the final length of fashioned tree and shoulders it, the glove he wears creaking as he tightens his grip of it. When Talen rides next, he lifts seconds before the collision. This prompt lift, steadied by tensed thighs means he can gain just that few extra inches and a complete punch of lumber to Silas that will make it brutally hard to remain unhorsed from, or at least leave one smarting so badly it's possible they'll yield, shoulders momentarily numb. "Tch!" he hisses at his horse then, as it wants to run a circuit of victory. Steering it out of the frantic kicks, he transitions to the side with a side-ways yank of the horse's head, leading it to the attendees who will help calm it like he is incapable of doing. Clearly he just rides violent horses like a demon.
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"For the rare opportunity of your company, of course, for this tournament, as you've granted it thus far. That's fair, isn't it?" Acacia faultlessly answers towards Alis, paired with an easier smile when she'd studied her subtly from the side. But she can't fully suppress the grin which arises at the continued words, abandoning the process soon after as she suggests, "Well, in the spirit of camraderie, if you didn't want it to be coin, we could wager something for the good of the popul--" Whatever she had intended to say is prematurely cut off, with her gaze veering back towards Donella with a respectful inclination of her head and then a division of her focus between the two women. "Your Highness," she greets, pausing, before very carefully putting the question back onto her after Alis' response, "When do you think wagers cease to be friendly?"
Fergus arrives.
Silas himself doesn't do much else to prepare, figuring what worked before might just work again. He replaces his broken lance with a fresh one and he is off without a second's pause. His position remains unchanged, and the clever shift Talen does right before impact is sensed far too late for him to respond. He's swiftly knocked from the saddle, though at least he seems to roll with the momentum to advert a more serious injury or being trampled upon by any panicking hooves. He huffs, but slowly climbs to his feet and moves to let the other competitors take their places.
And with the last and final pass, Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia takes the first round of Jousting! The crowds cheer, some throw roses towards the victor. Sir Silas is also given a round of applause for his powerful comeback!
Edain cheers for Talen and Silas each in turn as the third pass ends, and sees, The Sword of Lenosia victorious. Riding out to the field, Edain raises his lance and gives it a good solid *thwump* against his shield, "may Gloria guide your Lance, Lady Kima!" he says to his opponent in the wake of his salute, and promptly sets his lance. Sir Arugula's hooves pad the ground with impatient dull thumps as it anticipates the command to charge.
Prince Edain Valardin and Lady Kima Saik are now escorted to the Jousting area. The crowds begin to cheer again, waving roses or little banners to show their support.
Alis is going to be utterly obnoxious, of course, and stand to clap for her brother when shows up. At least she doesn't whistle, or hoot, or holler though. That would be too much.
Bliss watches the first round of jousting with a keen eye, giving little nods or frowns where she spots successes and failures. Talen's success gets a thoughtful, perhaps even impressed nod, considering the victor.
There's a youth attending Kima; someone she's kept around the training center with her other students, but is obviously neither a paying student or even a son of nobility. Today, apparently, he acts as her squire in all but name. When she is called to take the field against Edain, the lad is there to present her with her first lance.

She, too, cheers for the win the Sword of Lenosia has earned before trotting Grey Death towards the proper place and opposite Prince Edain Valardin, all the while waving to the crowd - even nearing the stands briefly in order to accept a flower from some adoring fan. A salute is given him in turn, white teeth flashing brightly in a smile. "May we do Her and our Houses great honor!"
Talen pulls himself from the horse with a sudden extraction, legs thrown over to one side and then he falls with grace to the ground. Talen's boots thud as he crouches enough to spread the impact, rising a second later. It's then that the Sword pulls his shining helmet free and tucks it under an arm, taking one of the apples from the nearby bag of horse-treats with the spare. As he twists around, backing up toward the benches again, Talen tosses it toward the tardy squire who had arrived with the beast. "Feed it," he bids the teen, moving to walk in Silas' direction, boot crunching one or two of said roses indiscriminately. "Sir Silas, you made a respectable showing and can certainly hold yourself well. Very honourable," he drawls, lips twisting crookedly then. "Let's hope the honour shields you from dangers to come in the next round a little better, hm?" An arm is extended, in offer.
Harlan is overheard praising Silas for: Representing the Iron Guard well. Made a real go of it.
Hadrian arrives.
Acacia falls verbally silent to aid the cheering applause herself, hands clapped with sincerity, with as much focus upon the crowds as to Talen and Silas themselves. She similarly keeps that in check, watching Alis with a growing mirth, and then remarking, as she rises alongside her to merely join in -- a little less enthusiastically, but with decent synergy. Donella's words don't go without notice, an additional study given, before she merely replies to both women, "That's certainly something. Perhaps the two of you would like to wager against each other then, to be fair, your Highnesses? I'd feel a little guilty for attempting to bet otherwise against her brother, considering. And if you're feeling exceptionally generous, either one of you, later, perhaps you can entertain me a request, at another time, for the good of the populace."

And Edain spurs, Sir Arugula forward, and his hooves report against the earth like a low rumble of thunder. Both jouster's are on point. And lances connected with shields. Edain's explodes against Lady Kima's shield. But while Edain's blow is good, Lady Kima's is perfect. Hit his shield just so, it is driven up into Edain's helmet and he barely keeps his balance and himself in the saddle. Getting his balance, even as Sir Arugula snorts and a squire runs out a fresh lance to the Valardin Prince as he turns for his next pass.
Silas sits his bruised rump on a bench and fixates his gaze on the next match, but his attention is briefly captured by Talen as the man comes closer. He looks far more bemused than he was at the beginning of their joust, but he cants his head in the other man's direction and shakes his extended hand. "I should have done better, but your victory was well-earned. You ride well for a non-Sir." The corner of his lip tugs slightly to form a wry smirk. "I think I prefer a good suit of armor over honor in such contests, but I appreciate the sentiment."
"I would always be willing to entertain a request for the good of the populace. But we can speak on it anytime, if you feel more comfortable doing so outside of the festivities here." Alis' smile remains warm, as it turns back to Donella. She is a little distracted though, watching Edain nearly get knocked off of Arugula. "Is there something specific you would like to wager?"
Kima spurs her mount into a run, her lance couched just so - much like Silas and Talen before them, it is held at a particular angle until a certain, critical moment. Then it is lowered, to strike the Valardin prince, where the wood explodes is a marvellous shower of splinters and a resounding impact. He strikes, true, too. Or, rather, mostly true, and as they rush past one another, the lady-knight is busy righting herself within her saddle while tossing away the now-useless handle of her lance. Back in place, a new one is rushed to her, which she hefts with seeming nonchalance.
Again the crowd hushes just before a loud audible crunch signals gasps and cheers alike. The Second Round is underway and Lady Kima proves to be the victor of the first pass.
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Alis nods once, and firmly at Donella. "As my return wager, I shall do the same if my brother wins the match. It seems only fair." she offers.
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After the makeshift squire had attended to the Velenosan grey equine possessing a violent-streak, the young man runs over to linger by Talen as unobstrusively as possible. "Ah, a man after my own heart - yes," the Sword himself agrees of Silas, nodding at the last comment. "A good suit of armour like yours was probably your failing, however. I was able to move just a little more, I think," is opined. Seating himself not far, the steely gaze shifts to the joust at hand and then down over the benches, any remaining comments lost to the sound of the arena and thus confined to his seating area.
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There are whispers among the spectators that the Champions Round, Winner takes all will be between Talen Artiglio and Lady Kima Saik. People are already speculating because you know, they gotta collect silver for those bets!!
Victus looks quite satisfied when Kima wins. A wolfish smile occupies his grim features, showing a bit of pearly white teeth. From the stands he lifts his cup of wine in the blonde knight's direction in a wordless salute. Even if he still doesn't engage in applause.

The Prince of Sanctum is nothing if not tenacious and he turns the powerful Sir Arugula and sents him back into another charge. This time his aim is again, true, and he leans into his strike, trying to put a little extra shoulder behind it. It is a powerful strike, but it is not enough to send Kima from the saddle. Quickly, the Prince tries to turn and heads right into his next charge. He turns to quick and leaves himself off balance in the saddle. He gets his lance up in time to connect with Kima's shield, but she hits him flush this time, the force of her charging steed sends a shockwave through Edain's body and sends him tumbling from the saddle. The prince hits the ground with a CRASH and his helmet rolls off with the force of the impact.

Sir Arugula stops, slowly turns and goes to stand over his master, just snorting in dissapproval, "Yes, yes I know." Edain says, "It was my mistake that cost us the bout, not yours." And then, as if accepting the apology, the horse starts to graze on Edain's hair. Edain for his part just sighs, as if this is not the first time this has happened.
Silas seems to consider Talen's suggestion as his eyes fall to armor he donned. "Maybe. It does feel a bit like being in a can, at times." Steel is not very flexible! He shrugs ruefully and looks up again. "It stops deadly stabbing, at least. Perhaps I'll be able to afford a better set eventually." Whether or not he is actually heard among the ruckus of Kima versus Edain doesn't seem to matter much to him, attention returning to the next tiebreaker but not truly rooting for one over the other.
After giving Grey Death a chance to circle and burn off some of his energy, Kima approaches the fallen prince. She dismounts, nearing the man before kneeling and extending him her arm. "It was a close thing," she says to Edain with a smile, and will help him to his feet if he accepts her hand. "I look forward to facing you again in the future, your highness." That said, Kima will return to her own mount, and lead the animal away in order for the field to be hastily cleared for the last, and final bout.
Alis sends someone with an apple, over to Edain so he can feed it to Sir Arugula and the horse won't try biting him when he gets up. Yes she is -always- supportive.
(OOC) Nadia means Talen.
When the runner arrives with the apple, Edain looks to his sister, and then to the servant and just mutters something out of his breat. He snatches the apple from his hand and offers it to Sir Arugula. THe big horse promptly inhales it and trots over to the side of the field to chew happily. He pushes to his feet and bows to Kima, "Thank you Lady Kima, I indeed look forward to our rematch." and that said he retires from the field.
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With Lady Kima as the Second Round winner, Talen Artiglio prepares himself for the final Winner Takes All pass.
As the call goes out for him to retake to the field, Talen climbs upwards from the bench and treads in direction of his picketed horse. In the time it takes for the steed to be readied, Talen has lifted his helmet and sunk his head into it, twisting it left and right slightly in the process. A deft haul of his frame up and over, then into the saddle, is taken next. When he leans to collect his lance he assesses the woman in the distance, the esteemed noble Kima. "My lady," he calls down the way, "are we to make a fascinating display of how it is done in the Lyceum provinces then? Come!" Then he's ducking forward, striking his horse with not only his heel but a thump of his rein-gripped fist. When he collides with Kima it's another splintering mess, but they both sway in their respective seats as he comes back around.
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"I'll take this as the dance I missed with you," Kima shouts in answer to Talen. Even from afar, it's clear that she's smiling broadly before she kicks her horse into motion. Both riders and their respective mounts are a blur, and the thunderous CRACK of their lances as they connect against one another seems to deafen those that listen. This time, however, those in the stands can tell that, between the two, Talen was obviously the victor.
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Hadrian nods to Duchess Nadia in the stands, looking out at the first impact between Talen and Kima. He purses his lips, watching Kima far more closely afterward.
Victus looks intently at the jousters as they prepare for the second pass, his stony expression giving way towards anticipation and actual investment, no longer here for just the idle amusement of entertainment. He drains the last of his wine in a long swig.
"Ah, you were yearning for a dance from me? That's a tragedy, my lady. Let this rectify it," he insists, unable to keep the beast under him still as it stomps in semi-circles, first left and then when corrected, to the right. Brushing his hands down over his splinter-covered attire, Talen fetches another lance and hefts it, twisting it slightly to inspect... then, unsatisfied, he tosses it down and demands a second. Happier with this one, the man then urges his horse back onto the field proper.
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Nadia perches on the edge of her seat, shoulders rolled back gently under the warmth of a thin cloak draped around her shoulderes. "I can only hope Talen's luck doesn't run out now, of all times to," she calls down to Victus, her lips pursing to affect an expression of anxious expectation as the riders prepare for the second pass.
Tending to Sir Arugula, Edain rubs his neck and says, "You did well..." And pats the horse one last time, before feeding him a second apple and retiring to the stands to watch the rest of the event. There is presumable sword action coming up soon.
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Silas raises his brows at the banter between the two jousters, but he watches in attentive silence. How each of them move is particularly interesting to him, stashing away such knowledge in his mind for future reference. His reverie is interrupted only by an abrupt sneeze, likely in response to the dust being kicked up paired with the odd flowery scents wafting in the air.
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Talen unstraps his arm once he's freed of his lance, unbelting the heater shield he's been carrying. With a Tehom-may-care attitude he instead opts for a heavier-grade lance and then rides up to the start of the rail. As his weight is juggled side to side from the pounding of hooves in the sandy turf, Talen looks down to his steed. "Save it, you," he orders it, visor briefly lifted to narrow his gaze and study the condition of the ground ahead. With the call out to the competitors to go, he launches into his gallop and the thunder of the moment is enough to cover the sounds caused by the following nefarious display.

With a free arm, the Lycene male grabs a small pouch at his hip and tosses it forward hard and low, sprinkling the ground with jagged metal caltrops that sprawl themselves over the floor. The collision is a roar of sound, the shower of wooden chips raining down like confetti for a moment as the rest of the moment plays out in full view of the audience.
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It should have been exactly what Kima expected. Which maybe, in her head, was her emerging victorious...but none of you are in her head, and nor should you be! However, one can easily surmise that cheating from the Sword of Lenosia was not what anybody may have anticipated. Even though she /saw/ the man throw the items down, it was too late. They were too close, and it was sheer chance that didn't see Kima thrown from her horse, or worse. Still, the beast bellows something fierce, and the blonde is left reeling after the last...and final pass with Talen.

Kima all but immediately slides from her saddle, to check the hooves of her beloved Grey Death. There's no thought to the crowds, indeed, she seems not to hear them in this moment.
It almost happens too quickly for Silas to notice, but given how closely he was observing the joust, he inevitably does notice the movement with the pouch and watches the aftermath of Talen's dirty trick along with the rest of the audience. His expression is stunned blankness at first, and he looks over his shoulder towards the crowd behind him to see if he just imagined that.
Bliss stands in her spot, at that, no longer sitting in her seat. She doesn't call out, but she does squint to try and get a better view of what happened, shocked as anyone at what happened.
The last pass is for Winner Takes All. The people are so engrossed in this jousting bout that some do not even notice what happened. There are many people in the crowds and those that are sitting further back definitely did not have the eagle eye view those in the front seats had. Did that just happen? Did the Sword of Lenosia just throw the pass in his favor? What was that exactly that flew out from his hand, if something did fly out of his hand. There are whispers on the benches. Some who believe what they saw try to convince others. Suddenly someone shouts. "He's a dirty cheater!" then another voice that tries to shut that first voice down. "Blasphemy! The Sword of Lenosia doesn't need to cheat! You're a filthy liar!"
Hadrian's fingers, steepled in front of his face, as he watched the final approach, abruptly fold down in front of him. His eyes widen for a moment, following Kima's motions exclusively - and as she checks her horse's hooves, he rises slowly to his feet, mouth set in a firm line, looking towards the judge's stand, he leans to one of his guards, speaking rapidly and nodding towards where Calista and Isolde sit.
Victus doesn't seem to see exactly what happens, but he does throw his cup at the ground when by all appearances Talen looks to have won and he's out a good thousand silver knights in the process. "Bah," he spits out, growling in the back of his throat. Then when Donella shouts at foul play, and more and more voices take up the chorus, he looks around with furrowed brows. "People are saying he fucking cheated," he drawls towards Arianwen, frowning. A look then is thrown towards Hadrian, then too, the other man who looks likely to have come out of the exchange rather short handed if the current result is allowed to stand.
Isolde looks at the field, concerned, a slight frown on her face. She leans forward, looking at Talen behind her mask, intensely.
Edain stands and walks down to the end of the stands and grabs a messenger, "Go now and fect my trainers, and have them come here immediatly to help Lady Kima examine her horse and make sure he is ok." He turns t hen and slowly approaches Kima, "Lady Kima, is Gray Death alright?"
Large, huffing snorts of the beast below Talen are given, the last of the angry stomps given before he parades closer to the side-lines to hand off the chunk of wood that he'd blitzed against Kima. While any keen eye or front-rowed individual could get a great view of his malicious trickery, the confusion is clear enough. When the calls start being shouted out, Talen's armoured head swings in the direction of one call, then the next. Then, as he peels his mirrored helmet off, there's no clear expression of guilt, amusement or otherwise. A look down the play toward Kima is given, his head tilting slightly as if check if she's still alive. Satisfied, he pushes his helmet into the arms of his retainer. "Go fetch the sword now, I believe it's the melee."
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"It's an... incredible name--," Acacia had failingly tried to express towards Alis, though she was clearly helplessly distracted. Rather than join in the raucous atmosphere, to one or the other, she merely leans back a bit, for the attempt at being relatively inconspicuous, knuckles pressed in concealment of any play of expression upon her lips and sought to merely watch Talen with ill-suppressed interest.
Silas frowns when it seems his suspicions are confirmed by at least a few individuals. The blankness is replaced by perplexedness and his eyes go to regard the ground the caltrops were tossed upon. Should any remain intact, it would be pretty damning evidence, but he wasn't going out to step on them himself. Not yet.
An attendant comes towards the Judge's Booth and murmurs to Lady Calista. The young woman glances over to the field and nods. She thanks the attendant and slowly rises from her feet. "Your Highnesses, Lords and Ladies, esteemed guests, it has come to my attention there has been a bit of foul play in this last jousting pass. It is my mistake for not having given proper instructions prior to the event. As such, I will have to disqualify Talen Artiglio from the event and name Lady Kima Saik Champion of Jousting for the Tournament of Roses. Thank you." The young woman gives a little nod to the participants and reclaims her seat.
For a moment, the only expression upon the lady-knight's face is one of distress. A knight and their steed formed a bond that few people could understand; or else why did men starve while a knight's mount was fed fine food ove them? Because the beast carried them into battle, were very nearly the same as their fellow comrades in arms. As she continues to examine Grey Death, it's obvious that her panic grows.

A lame horse is a dead horse, after all.

"I'm not sure," Kima answers Edain, her voice cracking somewhat. She straightens, only barely maintaining the facade of control while inside she raged. Her attention diverted by the Valardin Prince, she never even sees Talen's casual...disregard. She clenches her fists at her sides, in an attempt to stop herself from shaking visibly. "I'll need someone to look him over. I'm too..." Too close to drawing her sword and giving into apoplectic anger. She doesn't even hear the announcement from the Judge's Booth.
After the incident, Niccolo's gaze found its way to Lady Calista, from where he sits at the stands. It remains there now, his face showing very little emotion in response to the calls going on all around by different parties. The only reaction is when Calista makes her call. The duke rises to his feet, drags his gaze to Nadia and simply says, "I'll cover your bet with Duke Hadrian," the words are delivered with a wave of his hand and in a matter of fact tone. He looks to the field, dark brown eyes now on Talen. "And let the melee begin." The man sits back down, gesturing a servant for a goblet of wine.
Victus is overheard praising Kima for: Victorious in the Tournament of the Roses.
Talen wraps his leather-clad fingers around the scabbard of the longsword that he's handed, fox-themed pommel on display as a result. With a vaguely interested listen to the judge's declaration, he seems to accept the fate of his victory as it's explained and then he lingers on the side-lines, amongst teh rest of the competitors. It seems despite his apparently violation of the rules for the jousting he expects to take part in the next component. The sing of steel is heard as he draws his weapon free, tossing the sheathe to the teen attending him. There's a mild clap of a gloved hand to his thigh, joining in with the applause for the named winner, Kima. "It seems Arx is a very different place, my lady," he muses aloud.
Talen wields a narrow, high quality steel longsword with a grooved tang and silver fox pommel.
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Alis wields Bright Blue Flames Steel Longsword.
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Edain nods to Kima and says, "My trainers are some of the best, and I can attest to how powerful of a charger he is. Once anything is pried free of the hoove and he has some time to heal he should be able to be reshoed. I have faith he will be fine." Edain says as he looks to Hadrian and bows hi shead, before looking back to Kima, "Where do you stable him? If it would help, I will send my trainers to look in on him over the next few days." He looks in Talen's direction but has nothing to say, instead he look to his sister as she joins th field and frowns.
Fergus wields crimson flame handle steel long sword.
There was no rioting, thus far, so Silas did not have to slip into guard mode. The confusion seems to have worked and the outrage was muted at best. He still looks conflicted as he unsheathes the blade strapped to his waist, but he momentarily banishes his confusion from his mind as he moves to join the others on the field once more.
Silas wields a sleek long sword with cruciform hilt.
While others gather to the field for the sword, Bliss also joins, expression a bit more grim than before as she notes Talen there among the rest. As blades are drawn, she draws hers as well, wiping down the blade to ensure it gleams. A handkerchief is tied into her hair, a token given to her by Isolde earlier. The judge's box is not yet looked to, however.
Edain is overheard praising Kima for: She became a jousting champion, through skill, perserverance and honor.
Bliss wields a steel rapier with a swept hilt and red grip.
Alis is pretending her brother isn't frowning. She walks to the field with a determined smile and dons her helmet before unsheathing the blade Ida wrought for her. "Best of luck to us all." she intones politely, as they all ready.
People continue to talk, to shout. They are not happy to see Talen also participating in the sword fight. How can they let him fight if he's outed himself as a dirty cheater. But is he a cheater? What if someone else is actually to blame? Someone in the stands is convinced they saw someone from the other side, cleaning the field before the pass, they could have cheated and laid blame on Talen. All sorts of theories now start to come about.
Isolde stands up at her place on the Judges' stand and she calls out. "I am betting 250 Silver on Champion Bliss of the Whisper House. Who dares match me?" She blows a kiss to the Whisper and then looks directly at Talen. "And I shall put forth 250 silver for all who fell the Sword of Lenosia. He will be... dealt with when we return to the Estate. I offer more motivation for our fine combatants to indulge in some healthy competative Vengeance."
Freja stands with a distinct air of pride on her pale face, applauding Fergus as he wields his sword and steps onto the field. A smile flashes pearly white and for a moment the otherwise wintery expression of the Redrain Princess seems radiant and jovial before she takes her seat once more.
"Ah...thank you, your highness, I keep him stabled at..." And Kima names the proper place in order for Edain to send the aforementioned trainers to attend to the animal. "If you'll forgive me, I must needs excuse myself." She gives a stiff bow to Edain, and then, along with the lad Athas, who was stepping in as her squire, Kima gingerly leads Grey Death away.

And presumably goes somewhere to sulk, which, one must admit...isn't very knightly.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kima before departing.
Moving out onto the field, that borrowed sword in his hand, his haunted grey gaze moving to Talen. "Well you kept things interesting, let us hope you didn't use all of your tricks on the jousting field." Fergus motions to a young Redrain servant who carries over his helmet, he places the helm upon his head, holding the sword in his hand and testing the feel of it in his hand.
Nadia shifts forward in her seat, her slender hands cupping around her mouth to amplify her girlish cheer of Fergus as he takes to the fields with her sword in hand. "Show them how the Redrain fight, Prince Fergus!" Something Freja says steals her attention, expression turned contemplative.
Edain bows to Kima as she makes her way out makes his way over to his sister and places a hand on her shoulder and leans over to whisper something to her before returning to his place in the general benches.
Acacia's focus ascends the Judging booth as Isolde rises, her brows twinging slightly upon her announcement. There's a small check of her gaze which falls upon Niccolo, before they return back towards the field.
Talen measures his pace as he crosses to the bidden area of the field, now due to perform under the intense scrutiny of hundreds of judges, not just the two. Swiping his blade in a semi-circle through the sand, he then adopts his high-guard, ready to fight in seconds. Fergus' words catch his ear and he bows his head for the Redrain man, "I shall certainly try to match you, your highness. If you find me out there, let the gods decide who wins."
(OOC) Calista says: We'll be doing coded combat. Those who want to watch it's @spectate_combat
(OOC) Acacia says: Sorry, excuse me.
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Acacia has left the game.
"Like you let the gods decide the joust?" Edain says as he passes where Talen and Fergus stand as he returns to the benches.
Talen says, "I am certain the gods had an influence on the outcome. It would be wrong of me to doubt their power, your grace."
Hadrian turns at Niccolo's announcement. "Generous of you, Your Grace." He raises an eyebrow, and clasps his hands behind his back. "Given the call, shall I take that as a promise of a new steed for Lady Kima Saik, if the worst comes to pass?" There is an edge to his voice, but with that one upraised eyebrow a blank expression that isn't normally on his face.
(OOC) Calista says: Fighters, prepare for combat.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hadrian before departing.
(OOC) Bliss says: Is it all vs all...?
(OOC) Calista says: Ya.
(OOC) Calista says: Unless you guys want to do it separate.
(OOC) Talen says: It's faster to do it all at once and we'll get to see if the multi-combat explodes.
(OOC) Bliss says: Just clarifying!
(OOC) Talen says: Tehom, STAND BY
(OOC) Calista chuckles.
(OOC) Isolde says: Let us pray.
(OOC) Silas says: It might take forever otherwise.
(OOC) Calista agrees.
(OOC) Alis says: So it'll be +autoattack? Sorry, this is my combat debut here XD
(OOC) Alis says: And I do so love to break things!
(OOC) Calista says: No worries. I believe so, Alis.
(OOC) Victus says: You can pick who to attack.
(OOC) Talen says: To initiate combat, 'attack <target>'. That
(OOC) Calista says: I can't be sure. There you go :) This is a learning experience for me, too.
(OOC) Alis says: Okay.
(OOC) Silas tests. :P
(OOC) Fergus says: Don't we need to +fight <list of people> first?
(OOC) Tehom says: Other people enter combat with the same syntax. You should be able to pull them in with +fight, or they can with +fight. Assuming you want to do one big multi-combatant brawl
(OOC) Silas started a fight with Alis so... you can probably just +fight?
(OOC) Talen says: "fight <target>" - initiates combat

"attack <target>" - sets who you're attacking this round

"pass" - do nothing this round

"stance [<stance>]" - check what stances are available or change stance

"continue" - move on to the next round
(OOC) Talen says: Just for a quickie.
(OOC) Talen says: There's more but we can't say it all here.
(OOC) Tehom says: Yep. Use +fight to enter if you want to participate
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Hadrian before departing.
"I said I'd cover the bet," Niccolo calls out to Hadrian with a lift of his shoulders. "If you wish to use that money to provide Lady Kima with a new horse, I'm certainly not stopping you, my lord," the duke notes, his attention returning now to those immediately around him at the stands.
(OOC) Hadrian unfortunately has to leave OOCly. Be back soon!
Talen darts for Bliss at the outset of combat, blade raised high.
(OOC) Kima says: Glad you could drop in, Hadrian!
Alis bows, striking her armor with a fist resolutely, before she straightens and does the only honorable thing. Go for Talen, obviously.
Calista reclaims her seat with the look of professionalism on her face. It's not the young woman's usual appearance but the mask she wears does not let any emotions to pass. Swords come out on the field, the fighters take their positions and are given the signal to commence.
(OOC) Tehom says: It allows you to queue in an attack order if you'd like to make things a little speedier, to do poses between rounds, or you can just do an attack on your turn if you prefer. Alis, just 'attack <whoever>' when you're ready
Alis rolls 16 to attack, Talen rolls 42 to defend.
Talen rolls 40 to attack, Bliss rolls 51 to defend.
Talen rolled 6 damage against Bliss's 1 mitigation.
(OOC) Bliss says: When do stance changes take effect?
(OOC) Talen says: Next round.
(OOC) Talen says: If you changed this round.
As Talen darts off for Bliss, the Prince scans the other combatants, waiting a moment to see who pairs off with whom, after a moment, he motions to Silas. "You, let us fight"
(OOC) Bliss says: and going until KO?
(OOC) Talen imagines you can also yield IC.
Donella is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
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(OOC) Victus says: Or yield. I'd probably do yield. Also, remember that if you get double your health in damage, you risk death. :P
(OOC) Talen says: Though I note that might be hard to remove yourself from the combat... you might have to pass until the end.
(OOC) Talen says: Since +End_combat requires a vote from everyone, Tehom?
(OOC) Kima says: This is true.
(OOC) Tehom says: Right. So people would just need to ignore them until all vote to end
Watching the others predictably dogpile on the man of the hour, Silas seems content when Fergus's issued change and raises his blade, saluting. "Lets. Good luck, your highness." He advances accordingly!
Bliss rolls 19 to attack, Talen rolls 30 to defend.
Bliss rolled 3 damage against Talen's 38 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 38 to attack, Silas rolls 51 to defend.
Fergus rolled 3 damage against Silas's 24 mitigation.
Silas rolls 34 to attack, Fergus rolls 63 to defend.
(OOC) Talen says: Remember to hit continue.
Alis rolls 17 to attack, Talen rolls 50 to defend.
Swift, long strides bring Talen out of reach from Alis' incoming attack and directly along Bliss. When he's hit in turn, it fails to breach the fine hide of his armour. "Good day, Champion Bliss Whisper," he utters with full, drawn out formality. "Is this the next dance we'll have, then?" he wonders aloud.
Talen rolls 16 to attack, Bliss rolls 43 to defend.
Alis is obviously small, but determined! She's going to be the apparently unefective thorn in Talen's side for now.
Calypso arrives.
Champion Bliss Whisper salutes the judge's box just before the start of the match, passing a wink that direction as Isolde is placing bets. She's not quite settled into her stance when Talen is apparently charging her. She blocks most of the blow, but ultimately her guard is pierced and arm is nicked. She attempts to return the strike, but she has little luck. "It seems it is, though I'd have thought you man enough to do so without hiding behind that armor of yours," she taunts, apparently undaunted.
As Silas accepts his challenge, the Prince advances, it has been a long while since he's fought with anything other than a training sword, and so he swings, his attack barely making it's way past SIlas' guard, but it is deflected by the armor the man wears. Fergus easily parries Silas' own attack. "Nicely done." He grunts to the man before moving to swing again.
Fergus rolls 23 to attack, Silas rolls 23 to defend.
Fergus rolled 13 damage against Silas's 14 mitigation.
Silas rolls 28 to attack, Fergus rolls 41 to defend.
Silas rolled 8 damage against Fergus's 33 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 14 to attack, Talen rolls 27 to defend.
Bliss rolled 5 damage against Talen's 35 mitigation.
Silas emits a surprised grunt as the prince's blade manages to hit him across the chest, though his sturdy tin can armor absorbs the potential harm. His own swing of the sword is parried aptly. The next slash is only marginally more successful, banging uselessly on Fergus's own armor. "Hrm..."
Bliss rolls 22 to attack, Talen rolls 43 to defend.
Talen rolls 19 to attack, Bliss rolls 49 to defend.
Getting a dinging hit to his armor, Fergus gives an approving nod. "Lets quit dancing, shall we?" He asks in a growl, his sword raising high and swinging in before coming in low with a downward arcing attack.
Fergus rolls 31 to attack, Silas rolls 41 to defend.
Fergus rolled 15 damage against Silas's 21 mitigation.
Silas rolls 27 to attack, Fergus rolls 46 to defend.
Alis rolls 26 to attack, Talen rolls 25 to defend.
Alis rolled 18 damage against Talen's 38 mitigation.
"I am surprised you're not wearing anything, are you so sure you'll be okay when you face those men with muc, much larger swords than I?" Talen expresses with a voice tinged in humour. Each collision is bruising him, but glancing off him somewhat. "Ah, we have company," he says, when Alis swing her weapon his way. "Your highness," he says, quickly swiping away what assaults he can.
Alis rolls 38 to attack, Talen rolls 45 to defend.
Alis rolled 6 damage against Talen's 54 mitigation.
Talen rolls 22 to attack, Bliss rolls 64 to defend.
"Forgive me. I am trying my best to actually hit you, your Highness, but your armor seems to have other ideas," the Grayson knight admits sheepishly after another round of parrying and hitting armor from both himself and his opponent. "But I do enjoy dancing!"
Persistence pays? Alis finally does more then swing her sword and miss. Not that it causes much harm... okay, it causes none. "Greetings. I'm afraid honor dictated I must challenge you first. I am sure you understand." And then she nods towards Bliss. "Champion."
Looking slightly annoyed at the fact he cannot really get past Silas' guard, Fergus backs up, giving a quick look over of the man, his breathing is low and shallow, trying to keep it steady. Fergus presses an attack suddenly, his large frame rushing forward, pretending a swing with his left fist and striking down at the intersection of Silas' neck and shoulder.
Fergus rolls 32 to attack, Silas rolls 44 to defend.
Fergus rolled 14 damage against Silas's 24 mitigation.
Silas rolls 41 to attack, Fergus rolls 25 to defend.
Silas rolled 25 damage against Fergus's 44 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 19 to defend.
Bliss rolled 18 damage against Talen's 39 mitigation.
Talen rolls 33 to attack, Bliss rolls 48 to defend.
Talen rolled 5 damage against Bliss's 5 mitigation.
Alis rolls 25 to attack, Talen rolls 41 to defend.
"Naturally," Talen permits in complete understanding, easy tone unoffended. Deft side-steps common to the footwork of those from the Lyceum provinces can be seen but it's at odds with his slightly larger longsword, not quite the rapier he's got strapped to his hip.
The trading of blows continues between Bliss and Talen, with her narrowly dodging one, "Unlike the Sword, I am not a coward." She gives another wink. A quick flick of her rapier sees Talen's armor come closer to failing than before. Alis gets a nod, but no quips.
Acacia has entered the game.
"Sir Silas, you are my first opponent, other than a training bout in many months. I am proving to be rather rusty." The Prince seems to be offering his brand of compliment before shoulder rushing at Silas, moving to slice his sword under the man's armpit in the process of drawing back.
Acacia has joined the General Seating.
Fergus rolls 29 to attack, Silas rolls 35 to defend.
Fergus rolled 10 damage against Silas's 20 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 23 to attack, Talen rolls 17 to defend.
Bliss rolled 29 damage against Talen's 50 mitigation.
Silas rolls 18 to attack, Fergus rolls 24 to defend.
Silas rolled 4 damage against Fergus's 36 mitigation.
Alrec arrives.
Alis rolls 41 to attack, Talen rolls 38 to defend.
Alis rolled 13 damage against Talen's 53 mitigation.
Talen rolls 15 to attack, Bliss rolls 72 to defend.
The fatigue both men seem to be experiencing doesn't seem to be improving their uselessness. Silas's footwork fails him, but his armor again deflects the blow. Then Fergus repeats the same routine! "Rusty, but strudy," Silas retorts to Fergus's aside.
"Sticks and stones," Talen breathes in prompt reply to Bliss' accusatory name and in a sudden backward slide, his downward strike pitched in the courtesan's direction. The weapons clash, a shower of sparks sprayed around in front of Alis.
Silas rolls 34 to attack, Fergus rolls 28 to defend.
Silas rolled 19 damage against Fergus's 27 mitigation.
"Sturdy may win a fight, but I must harm you to drop you." Fergus retorts to Silas and swings his sword from left to right across Silas' midsection, a grunt of the power behind the attack is heard.
Alrec has joined the General Seating.
Fergus rolls 22 to attack, Silas rolls 21 to defend.
Fergus rolled 32 damage against Silas's 31 mitigation.
Alis inclines her head towards Talen, as if they're having conversation over tea instead of at the point of swords. Though she has to admire his skill with a sword, dastardly he may bee. She slips away from the sparks, changing her stance before she comes in for another attack.
Bliss rolls 34 to attack, Talen rolls 30 to defend.
Bliss rolled 14 damage against Talen's 32 mitigation.
Talen rolls 23 to attack, Bliss rolls 35 to defend.
Talen rolled 5 damage against Bliss's 9 mitigation.
Nadia has left the General Seating.
Nadia has left the game.
Alis rolls 44 to attack, Talen rolls 24 to defend.
Alis rolled 37 damage against Talen's 33 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 39 to attack, Silas rolls 23 to defend.
Fergus rolled 21 damage against Silas's 19 mitigation.
Silas rolls 23 to attack, Fergus rolls 27 to defend.
Silas rolled 9 damage against Fergus's 39 mitigation.
Nadia has entered the game.
Bliss rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 17 to defend.
Bliss rolled 18 damage against Talen's 44 mitigation.
Alis rolls 25 to attack, Talen rolls 26 to defend.
Alis rolled 11 damage against Talen's 35 mitigation.
Talen rolls 26 to attack, Bliss rolls 36 to defend.
Talen rolled 3 damage against Bliss's 6 mitigation.
"Sticks and stones," Bliss repeats after Talen before adding her own twist, "May break your bones, but my blade is what'll bleed you." Her stance goes a little more aggressive, and she continues to land hits on his armor over and over, but she never quite pierces it. Her defense, however, seems to do better than his more often than not.
Then, like a switch, Fergus's attacks begin to nick him. It is regarded as little more than a nuisance, but at least the cycle had been broken. He jostles his armor in slight annoyance before he engages Fergus again. "It seems you found the solution, your highness."
(OOC) Silas puts his name in there.
Managing to inflict some damage in two attacks together, Fergus clears his throat, he is beginning to show the pretty decent sheen of sweat. The Prince manages to keep Silas at range, while still pressing a harder attack. "Well things just got interesting, hmm?"
Fergus rolls 45 to attack, Silas rolls 25 to defend.
Fergus rolled 28 damage against Silas's 15 mitigation.
Silas rolls 33 to attack, Fergus rolls 14 to defend.
Silas rolled 11 damage against Fergus's 48 mitigation.
Talen lets his smile turn up at the corners of his mouth, a clear indication of his amusement. "Ah, indeed," he hisses, glancing to the wound she'd secured before looking toward the princess. "This is, I would say, any man's dream." Clang, pang! The weapons collide with one another openly, in artful display.
Bliss rolls 35 to attack, Talen rolls 18 to defend.
Bliss rolled 23 damage against Talen's 30 mitigation.
After a decent dinging hit to his armor, Fergus gives a cough at the blow, but he manages to give out a serious blow, and moves to try and follow it up with an attack coming low and arcing diagonally to knick at Silas's upper chest.
Fergus rolls 27 to attack, Silas rolls 16 to defend.
Fergus rolled 13 damage against Silas's 17 mitigation.
Talen rolls 56 to attack, Bliss rolls 49 to defend.
Talen rolled 24 damage against Bliss's 16 mitigation.
Alis rolls 22 to attack, Talen rolls 20 to defend.
Alis rolled 9 damage against Talen's 41 mitigation.
Silas rolls 7 to attack, Fergus rolls 16 to defend.
Silas rolled 4 damage against Fergus's 38 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 36 to attack, Talen rolls 21 to defend.
Bliss rolled 24 damage against Talen's 27 mitigation.
"You really should've worn armour," Talen says with not so much concern but a healthy degree of sympathy for how Bliss will feel in the morning. At the very least he turns his weapon to the flat, bruising instead of lacerating where possible.
Fergus rolls 36 to attack, Silas rolls 34 to defend.
Fergus rolled 14 damage against Silas's 19 mitigation.
Alis rolls 27 to attack, Talen rolls 8 to defend.
Alis rolled 38 damage against Talen's 57 mitigation.
Talen rolls 32 to attack, Bliss rolls 36 to defend.
Talen rolled 11 damage against Bliss's 3 mitigation.
"Somehow, I doubt that." Alis drawls. she can't help it. The next clash of metal produces more sparks, but no damage.
Bliss rolls 39 to attack, Talen rolls 4 to defend.
Bliss rolled 42 damage against Talen's 16 mitigation.
Silas rolls 8 to attack, Fergus rolls 14 to defend.
Silas rolled 8 damage against Fergus's 33 mitigation.
Two blows hit Bliss hard, and she winces a little. Still, her bravado is all there, grinning broadly. She steps back, moving the tip of her blade in a distracting circle. She lunges low - but it's a feint - then strikes for under Talen's arm, where the joint of the armor is, "I don't know. Didn't seem to help you much." She pulls back, recklessly delaying before she does so.
Bliss rolls 34 to attack, Talen rolls 4 to defend.
Bliss rolled 31 damage against Talen's 15 mitigation.
Talen rolls 32 to attack, Bliss rolls 18 to defend.
Talen rolled 44 damage against Bliss's 8 mitigation.
Silas rolls 10 to attack, Fergus rolls 28 to defend.
Fergus rolls 20 to attack, Silas rolls 26 to defend.
Fergus rolled 4 damage against Silas's 31 mitigation.
Alis rolls 18 to attack, Talen rolls 12 to defend.
Alis rolled 20 damage against Talen's 27 mitigation.
Fergus manages to get the first serious hit on him. The stinging pain shooting through him immediately prompts him to take a defensive posture and raise his guard. His armor stops Fergus's blade once again, but he was breathing heavily now. "Not... bad." His counter is parried, much to his growing irritation.
Alis whistles low, when Bliss lands a serious blow. "Well done, Champion." Credit where it's due. Since she's not doing nearly as much damage. Hardly any.
Talen rolls 12 to attack, Bliss rolls 28 to defend.
Silas rolls 17 to attack, Fergus rolls 4 to defend.
Silas rolled 18 damage against Fergus's 37 mitigation.
When Bliss and Talen exchange continous hits, there's a hiss of sand as it sprays the air, his sudden movement to get away from Alis for his own self-preservation, indeed.
With sweat pouring down his face, Fergus lets out an exhaled breath, charging in recklessly, but he is slowing down considerably, the sword is slower, even when he loses much of his defensive stance, he still manages a parry before attempting to attack.
Fergus rolls 18 to attack, Silas rolls 23 to defend.
Fergus rolled 25 damage against Silas's 21 mitigation.
Alis rolls 24 to attack, Talen rolls 12 to defend.
Alis rolled 23 damage against Talen's 23 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 47 to attack, Talen rolls 1 to defend.
Bliss rolled 39 damage against Talen's 15 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 21 to attack, Silas rolls 24 to defend.
Fergus rolled 24 damage against Silas's 36 mitigation.
Talen rolls 23 to attack, Bliss rolls 19 to defend.
Talen rolled 16 damage against Bliss's 13 mitigation.
Silas rolls 10 to attack, Fergus rolls 1 to defend.
Silas rolled 9 damage against Fergus's 40 mitigation.
Alis rolls 56 to attack, Talen rolls 6 to defend.
Alis rolled 30 damage against Talen's 13 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 65 to attack, Talen rolls -5 to defend.
Bliss rolled 18 damage against Talen's 0 mitigation.
The battle suddenly turns gruesome with serious inflictions on the combatants. People are still grumbling about Talen. There are shouts from the stand cheering on Bliss and Princess Alis to take him out.. Take him out! Others who are devoted to the Sword of Lenosia and believe he's been framed cheer for him. The other combatants are just as fierce. Sir Silas proving he's fit for fight and Prince Fergus showing him the North isn't frozen.
Alis rolls 43 to attack, Talen rolls 1 to defend.
Alis rolled 32 damage against Talen's 17 mitigation.
Talen rolls 29 to attack, Bliss rolls 23 to defend.
Talen rolled 19 damage against Bliss's 8 mitigation.
Nadia has left the game.
Nadia has entered the game.
Fergus rolls 26 to attack, Silas rolls 21 to defend.
Fergus rolled 36 damage against Silas's 22 mitigation.
Nadia has joined the General Seating.
Bliss rolls 29 to attack, Talen rolls 8 to defend.
Bliss rolled 15 damage against Talen's 34 mitigation.
Silas rolls -9 to attack, Fergus rolls 13 to defend.
Pressing forward as fast as he can manage, Fergus bull rushes, his sword has been parrying or his movements have been just fast enough to absorb the damage to relatively unsensitive spots. He manages another strong hit and backs off.
Alis rolls 26 to attack, Talen rolls -9 to defend.
Alis rolled 29 damage against Talen's 24 mitigation.
Talen rolls 21 to attack, Bliss rolls 28 to defend.
Talen rolled 10 damage against Bliss's 1 mitigation.
Silas rolls 15 to attack, Fergus rolls -7 to defend.
Silas rolled 25 damage against Fergus's 35 mitigation.
However, from the stands there is a bit of laughter and that laughter continues to hit a few others, sporadically. Laughter is contagious they say!
Fergus rolls 53 to attack, Silas rolls 17 to defend.
Fergus rolled 25 damage against Silas's 13 mitigation.
The exchange of blows continues, but finally it seems Bliss is starting to give more than she's been taking. "Are you going to yield?" pretty brave, even as she takes another blow, wincing in pain. It's starting to effect her, but she looks a long way from out. This Whisper can take a bit of a beating.
Bliss rolls 21 to attack, Talen rolls -4 to defend.
Bliss rolled 15 damage against Talen's 24 mitigation.
Talen is aquiring a good number of wounds on his form and for the most part, his defenses seem to be confined to the rapid flick of a weapon left and right, smacking aside Alis' and Bliss' away. As the wounds begin to stack up however, he takes on a more reckless approach, tiring much quicker than the two lightly armoured women. There's even a clutch of his spare hand to his side where he feels the puncture from weaponry. "You are both fine swordswomen," he acknowledges simply, his ability to say much more impeded by every incoming blow that proves his compliments are not unfounded.
Hadrian has left the General Seating.
Hadrian has left the game.
Prince Fergus was now consistently hitting the Grayson knight, try as he might to parry. Silas remains on his feet, but he was now red and blue, metaphorically speaking. "Well this has been... enlightening..." He suspects he needs a bigger sword.
Alis continues pressing her advantage, holding still when Bliss asks if Talen will yield, however. The question has been asked, and so she must give him the chance to answer. "Do you yield?" She won't make another move until she hears.
Fergus rolls 30 to attack, Silas rolls 9 to defend.
Fergus rolled 24 damage against Silas's 20 mitigation.
Talen rolls 12 to attack, Bliss rolls 74 to defend.
Talen says, "I do not yield, no. Please, make an example of me if you would. It is was the audience craves, is it not?"
Bliss rolls 46 to attack, Talen rolls 6 to defend.
Bliss rolled 20 damage against Talen's 27 mitigation.
Silas rolls 10 to attack, Fergus rolls 1 to defend.
Silas rolled 10 damage against Fergus's 46 mitigation.
Talen rolls 34 to attack, Bliss rolls 28 to defend.
Talen rolled 33 damage against Bliss's 2 mitigation.
Silas rolls -5 to attack, Fergus rolls 15 to defend.
"A knight fights with honor. I will not do otherwise." Alis insists, though she will ackowbledge his words and begin attacking again.
Alis rolls 34 to attack, Talen rolls 1 to defend.
Alis rolled 58 damage against Talen's 24 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 23 to attack, Silas rolls -2 to defend.
Fergus rolled 33 damage against Silas's 26 mitigation.
Bliss rolls 14 to attack, Talen rolls -15 to defend.
Bliss rolled 40 damage against Talen's 22 mitigation.
Talen falls unconscious.
Arianwen lets out a sigh, "you're amazingly knowledgeable about battle. I envy your combat intelligence. I could never understand a portion of what you likely know by heart." She blushes ever so faintly at that, only to wave a hand, "anyway, Talen -deserves- to lose. He deserves to have been disqualified from the event in its entirety, but he may yet have a chance to earn a prize like nothing ever happened. He casts a shadow over the entirety of this event." She tries to take Victus' cup of wine for a sip of her own, but if she fails, she simply waves someone down to let her gulp down some more. She could seriously use a drink after all of this. In any case, as the match continues, she laughs and claps to witness every single wound placed upon Talen's body, booing when he hits someone. Like some crazed sadist, she sneers and grins to witness the progression of Talen's injuries, like they were the most delicious thing she's ever been blessed to see.
The Prince has found the openings that he had missed in the start of the fight, and despite the flowing sweat down the visible portion of his face, Fergus continues to press his attack, inflicting little damage here ant there.
Silas rolls 26 to attack, Fergus rolls 11 to defend.
Silas rolled 18 damage against Fergus's 36 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 21 to attack, Silas rolls 19 to defend.
Fergus rolled 14 damage against Silas's 35 mitigation.
(OOC) Talen has fallen. Unless you want to kill me (aiee!) then you can change targets now.
Well. Acacia's expression had been schooled. That filtering of Talen's words has her rather clearly rolling her eyes, jaw gritted just moderately as she leans back. After Alis inflicts another blow and he manages to keep standing, she had just opened her mouth in general outrage before he finally fell unconscious by the secondary attack. "Fucking--," she breathed, despite the current company.
(OOC) Silas says: FINISH HI-yeah try to hit Fergus it's fun. ;)
It seems that Bliss is not unopposed to providing that example, either. Another flourish to distract, then a final blow to strike Talen and knock him out of the melee. She then turns to Alis, "You and I? Or shall we continue this impromptu alliance?"
Alis turns towards Bliss, when it appears Talen has fallen - and bows towards her before moving to strike.
Alis rolls 36 to attack, Bliss rolls -1 to defend.
Alis rolled 47 damage against Bliss's 0 mitigation.
Bliss falls unconscious.
(OOC) Kima says: Get over he- I mean.
(OOC) Alis says: I didn't realize you were down, Talen XD I promise! lol
"Let's have another," Victus demands of the nearby server, who comes to pour his cup full once more. Abruptly he leaves his seat, standing up with a cup in a hand and making a rough wave towards Alis and Bliss. "See?" He asks of Arianwen, laughing, his earlier dark mood gone and replaced with a good cheer of watching a blood spectacle. "There he goes, felled by a pair of fucking women at that." Which seems to amuse him to no end. His shoulders hitch and his head rolls on his shoulders this way and that in a slowly loosening up motion. An intense gleam has started to grow in his dark eyes, a vivid glow of enthusiasm. "Fuck, suddenly I wish I was down there, too. Should've brought some gods be damned fucking armor, I should've."
Talen sinks to his knee and is forced out, unable to stand with the beating he's taken. As runners come onto the field to drag him free to the medical station, he seems to have lost track of his sword. It remains in the ring, until such a time as the combat concludes. Demanding wine, he looks on to the melee with a slightly distracted interest, grunting roughly as he gets a wound bandaged by a Valardin maid that is WAY too rough with her tightening of the knot, clearly not a fan.
Fergus rolls 17 to attack, Silas rolls 9 to defend.
Fergus rolled 36 damage against Silas's 29 mitigation.
Silas rolls 34 to attack, Fergus rolls -2 to defend.
Silas rolled 22 damage against Fergus's 26 mitigation.
Alis cannot possibly feel.. good.. about this whole situation. It hardly seems right to intervene in the fight between Silas and Fergus. Not can she exactly rest, because that provides an unfair advantage. What is a knight to do!!?? Gauge the health of her other two opponents, and slide over towards Fergus and Silas. "My apologies, gentlemen. I doubt either of you would wish me to catch my breath so I'm afraid I must join you."
Alis rolls 25 to attack, Silas rolls -19 to defend.
Alis rolled 28 damage against Silas's 5 mitigation.
Not noticing the fact that two of the other competitors have dropped, Fergus presses another slicing attack. And then suddenly Alis is there and hits Silas hard. The Prince looks to the woman and gives a nod. "He's a tank."
Niccolo watches the Sword of Lenosia fall, his face impassive. However, his dark brown gaze follows Talen as he is dragged away from the field. It lingers on the young man for a few moments, before his attention seems to return to the still ongoing fight and the conversation with those around him.
Fergus rolls 49 to attack, Silas rolls -26 to defend.
Fergus rolled 44 damage against Silas's 0 mitigation.
Silas falls unconscious.
(OOC) Silas says: whee
(OOC) Fergus says: great job
(OOC) Talen fist-bumps Silas.
(OOC) Silas bloodily fistbumps back.
Alis bows toward poor Silas when he goes down; he deserves it - and then, turns to Fergus. "You and me, then. Best of luck to us both." To swords clashing again.
Alis rolls 25 to attack, Fergus rolls -23 to defend.
Alis rolled 31 damage against Fergus's 21 mitigation.
One by one they start to drop! The sword fight that started somewhat slow took a quick turn once passions began to burn. Princess Alis and Prince Fergus remain. Will it be the honor for House Valardin or House Redrain! Place your bets ... if you're betting.
(OOC) Calista says: Wait, it's just Alis and Fergus, right?
(OOC) Victus says: yes
(OOC) Alis says: Yep.
(OOC) Edain believes so!
(OOC) Calista says: Okay, whew.
(OOC) Talen says: Silas, be sure to pass.
It was bad enough that he couldn't land a scratch upon the prince in spite of his doggedness, but now Alis descends upon him. Being heavily fatigued by his efforts to dent Fergus's armor and moving to avoid the prince's wrath, this does not bode well from him, and he falls to the ground like a sack of wet potatoes. "Oooow...."
Alis rolls 13 to attack, Fergus rolls -1 to defend.
Alis rolled 46 damage against Fergus's 29 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 9 to attack, Alis rolls 23 to defend.
Fergus rolled 14 damage against Alis's 25 mitigation.
Alis rolls 5 to attack, Fergus rolls 11 to defend.
Alis rolled 2 damage against Fergus's 34 mitigation.
Calypso is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
Fergus rolls 12 to attack, Alis rolls 19 to defend.
Fergus rolled 5 damage against Alis's 32 mitigation.
Acacia is overheard praising Alis for: The Princess put up an incredible fight, presenting herself well alongside her incredibly affable demeanor. The glory of the win is certainly hers.
The prince has exhausted himself in his back and forth with Silas, but he continues to press the fight with Alis. "Well, first blood to you then." He says with a pained sound, but presses forward, slower and more guarded.
Alis rolls 10 to attack, Fergus rolls -16 to defend.
Alis rolled 37 damage against Fergus's 51 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 14 to attack, Alis rolls 31 to defend.
Freja jumps up and cheers Fergus, a peal of jovial laughter escaping her lips as she applauds. She reclaims her seat, well at least the edge of it.
Alis has a boatload of determination in that compact frame of hers. And despite her breath being short, she continues to fight as hard as she did at the beginning of the match. "My thanks to you. I am sure we'll put on a good show for them."
Alis rolls 23 to attack, Fergus rolls -15 to defend.
Alis rolled 23 damage against Fergus's 23 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 4 to attack, Alis rolls 3 to defend.
Fergus rolled 29 damage against Alis's 38 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 20 to attack, Alis rolls 14 to defend.
Fergus rolled 30 damage against Alis's 48 mitigation.
Alis rolls 17 to attack, Fergus rolls -8 to defend.
Alis rolled 40 damage against Fergus's 44 mitigation.
Despite the rowdy combatants, whispers start to build around the Tournament Grounds that the Lenosia wines are exquisite. They are so refined and sensational, people are making reports of feeling 'euphoric'. Could a wine really be -that- good?
"Princess, you are a hell of a swordswoman." The Prince breathes out heavily, his attacks have gotten a bit more successful, but he has yet to inflict damage on the Princess. "Lets have fun in this dance, yes?"
Fergus rolls 27 to attack, Alis rolls 22 to defend.
Fergus rolled 47 damage against Alis's 32 mitigation.
Alis rolls 17 to attack, Fergus rolls -20 to defend.
Alis rolled 17 damage against Fergus's 34 mitigation.
Victus waves in Edain's direction, quite enthusiastic all of a sudden. He shakes his head. "No, no. I've already taken the fucking bet now. I'm a man of my fucking word. Most of the time. Sometimes, anyway." The latter added with another chuckle. His eyes focus, a frown as he hears people talk about the euphoric wonders of the wine. Which, by his expression, is what he's experiencing right now. So he grunts and peers down into his cup, thoughtful. Then he shrugs, and drains the last of his cup carelessly. "Feel free to cover my loss if your sister ain't up to snuff, though."
"As are you, your Highness." Nnnf. Okay, that one hurt. But she smiles past it, grits her teeth, and even nods. "I believe we shall."
Alis rolls 12 to attack, Fergus rolls -11 to defend.
Alis rolled 53 damage against Fergus's 27 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 13 to attack, Alis rolls 1 to defend.
Fergus rolled 35 damage against Alis's 26 mitigation.
Fergus rolls 17 to attack, Alis rolls 19 to defend.
Fergus rolled 23 damage against Alis's 43 mitigation.
Alis rolls 19 to attack, Fergus rolls -25 to defend.
Alis rolled 36 damage against Fergus's 23 mitigation.
"Prince Edain, please remind me never to upset your sister. Gracious!" Isolde watches the fight intensely calling from the judges' stand.
Slowly, but surely, Silas picks himself and relocates himself to the bench he previously occupied. He wrinkles his nose in distaste as he shifts around uncomfortably in his armor, not yet deciding to help himself to the wine. Required movement.
A grunt of pain is heard, and then another as the Prince is just too tired to raise his sword arm up to parry the coming blows. "Well, those hurt" He then moves to rush his shoulder into her chest and slice up with his right arm to catch her with a slice in the side as he draws back
Fergus rolls -7 to attack, Alis rolls -1 to defend.
Fergus rolled 6 damage against Alis's 24 mitigation.
Alis rolls 32 to attack, Fergus rolls -32 to defend.
Alis rolled 47 damage against Fergus's 5 mitigation.
Fergus rolls -7 to attack, Alis rolls -16 to defend.
Fergus rolled 27 damage against Alis's 40 mitigation.
Edain is watching the fight very focused, equal parts proud and concerned. Isolde calling out to him brings him out of his distance and he looks to the judges stand, "I have been telling people this for years! Maybe people will finally start to listen to me....." And just as he says this, Alis' rebated blade slames into Prince Fergus. Hard. Prince Edain reflexively flinches...
"Well, aye, they are meant to Yoru Highness. Though I do feel somewhat disturbed that you had already been pounding on by Silas here before I came along. You are an excellent swordsman though. This is a bout worthy of any Knight, Champion, or Sword." Alis wheezes out, because okay.. .talking is becoming more difficult.
Alis rolls 10 to attack, Fergus rolls -16 to defend.
Alis rolled 25 damage against Fergus's 35 mitigation.
Alis rolls 16 to attack, Fergus rolls -44 to defend.
Alis rolled 21 damage against Fergus's 3 mitigation.
Fergus rolls -3 to attack, Alis rolls 0 to defend.
Fergus rolled 23 damage against Alis's 45 mitigation.
Isolde is overheard praising Alis for: Utterly amazing against a field of swords! Don't upset her. No really. Just don't.
Hadrian has entered the game.
Barely able to remain standing. Fergus has moved to a completely defensive stance, the last blow has staggered him, but he remains standing and swings out, but without really any heart behind it. He wipes his free hand against his face, but the gauntlets really don't get the sweat out of his eyes.
Isolde is overheard praising Bliss for: The most beautiful Champion in all the land. She's mine. Back off.
And every guard near by just said, 'I'm gonna be in my bunk."
(OOC) Calista says: Hahaha.
(OOC) Bliss says: oh. oh dear.
(OOC) Isolde says: Can't... stop laughing.
Alis pauses as her sword lifts. "I mean no insult, but honor demands that I ask if you yield." She saw there was no heart in that last swing.
"Given you a few of those, has she?" Victus asks Edain with another laugh, its a loud sound, rich, resonant, filling the space around him with warmth and humor and character. Quite unlike his usual rough rasping chuckles. Impatiently he ensures that his server keeps filling up his cup. His dark eyes shine. "Saw that fucking flinch. I bet she's been beating you around the fucking courtyard, eh? Hehehe."
Talen is overheard praising Bliss for: The most bittersweet encounter I've had in Arx yet. Beware her rapier.
"Just finish the fight, a Champion of the North does not yield." Fergus gives a bow to the Princess. "Next time I will try you when I am fresh." He raises his sword back up and takes in a ragged deep breath.
Alis nods firmly, and presses onward.
Alis rolls 8 to attack, Fergus rolls -37 to defend.
Alis rolled 50 damage against Fergus's 17 mitigation.
Fergus falls unconscious.
Edain looks at Victus and says, "Maybe." he says almost defensive.
Silas is overheard praising Fergus for: Like trying to stab a glacier.
Isolde is overheard praising Alis for: Champion of the TORnament of Swords! I'm not lying. Really, really don't make her mad. Someone buy her something pretty. Stat.
Scantilly clad dancers and entertainers move through the throngs of people randomly handing out long stem roses; Edain, Acacia, and Nadia are among the first recipients. Careful not to prick yourselves!
Edain is overheard praising Alis.
Silas is overheard praising Alis.
Isolde is overheard praising Kima for: Champion of the TORnamanet of the Joust! A pinnacle of fair play and excellence.
Alis feels kind of bad when Fergus goes down. And of course, bows more deeply for him then any of the others. "Incredibly well fought."
Alis is overheard praising Fergus.
Hadrian is overheard praising Alis for: She went straight for Talen. Also, she won, so there is that!
Edain pinches the rose between his fingers and holds it slightly away from his body, as if he is not quite sure what to do with it. He looks out to the field and calls out, "Well done Princess Alis! Well fought Prince Fergus!"
Edain is overheard praising Fergus.
Kima is overheard praising Calista.
At the end of the fighting, Calista rises from her seat, cheering enthusiastically, waving her glass of wine in hand. Maybe she's feeling euphoric, too. Princess Alis is our Tournament of Roses Champion of Swords!" Thank you to all who competed in such a rousing bout!"
Isolde is overheard praising Calista for: Only a Fidante can host a Tornament as exciting as she is beautiful! Roses will never smell as sweet!
Nadia loses a delighted laugh when a scantily clad dancer delivers a rose to her. She raises it to her nose, savoring the scent with a faint smile. "It's really quite pretty," she says, careful of the stem's many thorns.
"Maybe? Here I thought knights didn't lie. Ain't fucking honorable." Victus drawls to Edain, a sly glint in his eyes as he says it. He shakes his head, then, drawn away from the Prince to the field itself as Alis lays down the great big Northern champion. He is all grins, teeth showing amidst his dark beard. His hand reaches out to ruffle the top of Arianwen's head, making a mess of all those pretty blonde locks of hers. "You're out a 1250 silver to me, girl. Ain't often I take a courtesan out and end up her owing me money. I think I like the experience."
Edain is overheard praising Calista for: For hosting a rousing tournament, and for seeing that justice was done throughout.
Alis is overheard praising Calista.
Patrons from everywhere shower both Alis and Kima, the Tournament Champions with roses and petals alike. It's seriously raining roses up in here.
Talen claps his gloved hands together as he watches the tail end of the fight, his healers allowing him to peel away from their care just enough to sit upright and drink the wine handed to him. "Go fetch my sword and then return the horse to the stables," he tells the attendant he had with him then, moving to stand, his movements impeded.
That provided rose is graciously accepted by Acacia, though she hardly leans forward to do so. Placing it across her leather-clad lap, thorns damned to do their worst, she applauds heartily for the two final combatants. There's a skeptical squint at the floral-acclimated weather before she attempts to utilize the distraction to carefully slip to her feet and skirt towards the edge of the stands.
Nadia is overheard praising Fergus.
Nadia is overheard praising Alis.
Calista is overheard praising Kima for: Jousting Champion! She proves to be sensational in every aspect.
Calista is overheard praising Alis for: House Valadrin is a force to be reckoned with. Princess Alis is a true Champion.
Isolde is overheard condemning Talen for: Just you wait until we get home, Mister.
Hadrian is overheard praising Calista for: Calling foul play on her liege's champion? Honor and courage from the Judge and Hostess.
Alis is looking up and around at all the roses and rose petals. And much like her brother... she has no idea what to do with all of them. So she alternately tries to send word to Kima of congratulations, and then head over to the stands so that she can accost her family. "Whatever we pay Ida. She deserves a raise. This armor and sword held up a-maz-ing!"
Arianwen simply laughs when she learns of Alis' victory, despite the fact that she has now lost a thousand silver to the Thraxian Lord. She seems to enjoy hearing Victus let out so much bright mirth and obvious elation, practically beaming to the rich warmth found in that pleasant sound. "It appears you have become a thousand and a quarter silver richer because of a woman, My Lord. Congratulations. This was a quite entertaining match." She feels her features warm when a heavy hand falls over her carefully curled locks, cheeks going pink at the contact. Despite the marring of her tresses, she replies, "don't get -too- used to it, Lord Victus. I'll be sure to earn back all that silver before you even know it." She cheers for the winners, raising her wine glass in a merry toast.
Alrec remains sitting, waving the flower girl away with a smile and hand. He continues to nurse the potent drink and chuckles, his attention drifting about his surroundings.
Silas mutters a bewildered 'huh' when he sees Fergus finally go down, defeated by the princess. He is unsure of how much of an impact he had in tiring the poor prince out before Alis gave him a taste of her blade, but he gives her a few heavy claps for her hard fought victory, likely drowned out in the celebration. It's the thought that counts, right?
Kima, though she had sequestered herself from the crowd during the melee (which she watched avidly), nevertheless accepts the praise and the shower of soft flower petals with an air of graciousness. If it's not exactly in line with the Lycene's typical demeanor, then at least she hadn't stormed off earlier in an epic display of a foul mood. She never had any of the wine, by the by.
Arianwen is overheard praising Alis.
Arianwen is overheard condemning Talen.
Alrec is overheard praising Calista for: It was like being back in Setarco. The tournament was an event not to be missed, especially for the drink. I wish I had that recipe.
Talen soon gathers his affects and after a bow for the judges booth-- abelit stiff-- he heads out in a shower of boos and condemns. Cool guys don't look at... expletives?
Calista is overheard praising Fergus for: A Glorious Warrior!
Calista is overheard praising Silas for: Sir Silas...Hello!
(OOC) Talen says: Thank yo ufor the scene, Calista! And for Kima for being a wonderful sport.
Hadrian is overheard praising Kima for: Self-control. Talen should be glad he lasted until the melee.
(OOC) Calista says: thank you, Talen <3
(OOC) Hadrian says: <3 Talen
(OOC) Talen says: OH WAIT
(OOC) Talen says: I'm still unconcious.
(OOC) Talen says: NEVERMIND
(OOC) Acacia says: LOL
(OOC) Kima says: And thank you, Talen! Quite bold, and quite fun!
(OOC) Isolde laughs.
(OOC) Kima says: Lol!
(OOC) Alis says: Oops XD
(OOC) Acacia says: Rofl.
(OOC) Silas pats Talen unconsciously.
(OOC) Talen says: I have like 3579 seconds apparently.
Acacia is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
Acacia has left the General Seating.
(OOC) Silas says: I suspect we're not bleeding out on the field, at least. :P
(OOC) Fergus says: How do you know that, Talen?
Niccolo rises from where he's been seating. He inclines his head to Nadia and Freja. "Thank you for the company, my lady," he says to Nadia first, then to Freja adds, "Your highness." The dark brown eyes of the man linger in Isolde, then move to Talen, but his face shows very little. "I'll see you both soon," and with those words, he steps away from the stands, his hands clasping behind his back. There's a side look to his guards when they rejoin him and he adds, "Fetch him," nodding in Talen's direction, before he continues walking.
(OOC) Talen says: After the second time you type wake it tells you.
Silas wakes up.
(OOC) Talen says: Oh nice, there's a recovery test whenever you try 'wake'.
Isolde nods to Niccolo, looking back at him evenly.
Calista is overheard praising Edain for: There's a certain fierce quality to him that is unbridled. Get it, because he rode a horse.. unbridled..
Nadia makes to rise from her seat, cradling her newly acquired rose in a hand. "The jousting and fights didn't disappoint," she praises to Niccolo and Freja, smoothing the dark silk of her skirts beneath a sweeping palm. When the Velenosan duke takes his leave, she watches him briefly before her eyes fall upon Fergus down in the fields. "We should probably get him a strong ale. Maybe whisky," she reasons.
(OOC) Fergus says: Can we log off while uncon without any worries of screwing up the code?
(OOC) Tehom says: Yeah, it won't mess anything up
(OOC) Tehom says: Eventually I'll need to put in a way to drag people off
(OOC) Talen says: Can someone pick my body up?
(OOC) Fergus says: Ok, because I need to head to bed, and cant try waking for an hour
(OOC) Hadrian says: Niccolo told his people to handle it
(OOC) Talen says: Ah, alas. In the mean time, can you way us so we can be dragged away?
(OOC) Kima says: Think Niccolo has yo-yes.
(OOC) Hadrian ;)
(OOC) Calista says: I'm going to end the event.
(OOC) Niccolo says: My guards are ICly dragging you. OOCly. Can't do much.
(OOC) Alrec says: Quick before Malavaunt appears

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