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House Velenosa Dinner

A dinner to be held by House Velenosa for family and honored vassals. Come drink wine and enjoy the best in Lycene cuisine. There may even be some entertainment if the House jester decides to show up.


Jan. 28, 2017, 3 p.m.

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Talen Luca(RIP) Costas(RIP) Jaenelle Niccolo(RIP) Cassius(RIP) Belladonna Lianne Angelo Sylvie Isolde Inigo(RIP) Felix Deva Blacktongue Valencia



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Dining Room

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"I'm always nice, this is me being nice," Talen insists before rising upright at the arrival of various individuals he, at least today, seems to be respectful to. Deva's arrival on Luca's arm is assigned a bow, his thrum of bass easy: "Princess Deva Redrain, welcome to our home. I am sorry you arrive on a day where we are so somber," he laments mildly. "Still, you'll drink and be merry and if Luca somehow manages to not annoy you through the evening, we'll call it a success."

Duchess Sylvie Zaffria arrives alone, sans her usual escort of her usual cohort. She is also not wearing, notably, the usual black diamond on her left hand. It has been exchanged instead for the sapphires that hang from her ears that match to a softly layered gown of sapphire silk, left backless to reveal sunkissed skin. As she steps inside the Velenosan dining room for the second time today, her gaze sweeps the tables and those already gathered. It catches and lingers on Luca, sliding over Deva searchingly for a moment, but then she moves to take a place at one of the tables for those not family, offering only a soft smile to Eleyna as she claims a place.

It is not often that Belladonna Pravus wears something that is not white, but today the fairly simple silk dress she wears is dark colors -- not quite wholly black, there are bits of dark grey and blue there, but still. Her hair is up in a simple arrangement, and she's wearing very little jewelry. She arrives with Cassius and several from House Pravus, nodding towards the table Sylvie seems to have chosen in indication. There, yes.

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Yes, that is Deva in a dress. With more skin showing than probably anyone has ever seen her reveal in public. She looks decidedly uncomfortable, lighting plucking at the fabric to cover maybe a fraction more of herself, but there's little hope of that now. "Good evening," she greets the room at large, experimenting with an awful mix of somber and friendly that just really isn't working. "Thank you for having me," she opts for a stiff curtsey for the gathered Velenosas instead of what would be a most -dangerous- bow if she tried. Talen's words in particular make her lips twist into a wry smile. "That would be a most miraculous success indeed."

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"Oh, my dears, there's plenty of space at the main table here. It's simply terrible and awkward to have such a separation for what is, essntially, the family of the Lyceum together. Please, by all means, join us up here. We'll have some chairs moved, if necessary." Isolde looks over at Belladonna and Sylvie, offering her warmest smile, as she settles back, taking up a glass of wine.

Cassius Pravus enters besides his wife, looking as stern and stony as ever. He's dressed in a grey jacket with silver trim: Knights of Solace uniform. He stays close to Bella, moving with her over towards Sylvie. He pulls out a chair for his wife, pushes it in just so as he sits, then takes his own seat. He remains quiet.

Once again, Felix is the tallest person in the room. The smith is remarkably out of place among the Lyceum, but he's wearing nicer clothing at least. It doesn't change the evidence of recent soot cleaned from under his nails, but he's wearing a clean red shirt and comfortable breeches. As he makes his way into the dining room, he takes note of Cassius and Belladonna both, nodding to each in turn with a warm smile on his lips. After looking around a bit, he considers before finally taking a seat over in a relatively close vicinity to his lieges.

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Valencia enters the room with a flash of a smile and a glint in her eye that says she is most definitely home.

Luca casts a smirk at Talen's words, lopsided and easier-going than he's been since Essie's disappearance, more relaxed in the fiery redhead Redrain's presence clearly. "You're just being polite because of the cleavage, Talen. Don't even try to pretend otherwise." He can't help but quip back to the man, grinning aside to Deva's nervousness, casting a wink her way and adding to her own comment. "I'll do my best. But at least we all know you can wrench my arm out of socket if I misbehave too much, so you'll keep me in line." He's grinning that rakish lopsided grin still brighter as he's moving towards the main table, past Eleyna, who he leans to give a kiss to cheek of and whisper something, then onward to the table proper to speak there to Isolde, whom he seats near to.

Lianne is not far behind Belladonna and Cassius, her own dark blue dress a compliment to the duchess'. Her mood seems light despite all the city and, in particular, the Lyceum face right now, an easy smile bowing her lips. As the others settle at that separate table, she moves to do so as well, though the inquisitive arch of her brows at Isolde's words accompanies a moment of hesitation.

Sylvie and the Pravus pair's arrival is studies by steel hued eyes, the Sword's attention on the two following them until they are closer. "Duchess and Duke Pravus, Lady Zaffria," he murmurs. With his hands reaching out to the nearest goblet, he looks over the table at Luca and gesticulates with the as yet still empty cup. "I'm supposed to be on my best behaviour, so I'm trying. It might not last very long, so make the most of it," he near threatens.

Niccolo steps into the dining room, the duke dressed in silks rather than the more martial oriented leathers he's known for wearing. His hands are clasped behind his back, and he is followed by his usual retinue of guards. The duke's features are as schooled as ever, although there is a thoughtfulness that is visible in those dark brown eyes of the man. Seeing those already gathered, he inclines his head to everyone present. "Greetings and welcome all," he offers, making his way to the head of the table. He pauses, right where he would usually sit at, to the right side of the chair reserved for the Great Duchess. His eyes linger on that chair that usually sees his daughter sitting at, a flash of nostalgia crossing his face. His head lifts, and he looks around once more. He steps around that main chair. "Not often do I sit at this chair," he offers, as he steps in front of it. "In fact, I can think of two times," he notes. "Today is one of them."
    He looks at those avoiding the main table and lifts a brow. The man exhales. "The tables were set up so there would be enough space for everyone. However, everyone is welcome to sit at the main table as they come in. That includes all of you," he speaks directly to the table. "Let's set the right tone for this dinner, right now." He remarks, his eyes on Sylvie, then Belladonna. "I already have enough pain in my heart with my daughter missing as it is."

As family and guests begin to enter the dining room and seat themselves, servants begin to unobtrusively circulate, offering a section of wines to those who indicate interest. On each table are trays of olives and cheese to nibble on until the other courses are presented. Eleyna offers smiles to those that enter, but lets other members of the family to handle greetings as well as she murmurs a few last minute instructions to nearby servants. Luca gets a smirk and a brief pat on the arm as he passes her.

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"I don't know how anyone is expected to move in these things," Deva remarks, fingers plucking at the sleeve of her terribly Lycene dress. Her eyes narrow at Luca and his words for Talen. "This has given me a new perspective, and I have the utmost respect for those of you who manage this fashion on a more regular basis." She sounds completely serious! There's a big smile for Eleyna as she nears, and then a respectful nod for Niccolo as the man arrives. All cheer falls from her expression. Her hands fold in front of her, and she pauses to bow her head solemnly before claiming a seat. Fingers wiggle at Isolde.

Starting to settle herself down into the chair Cassius pulled out for her, Belladonna pauses when the others speak up. There's a look towards Isolde and then to Niccolo, a smile offered along with a bow of her head. Then she's straightening back up again, smiling wryly towards Sylvie and then turning to head to the main table, gesturing for her family to follow her. There is a shadow beneath the Pravus Duchess's eyes that is not usually there, some usual bit of her spark just...missing. But her smile is warm enough, all the same.

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Cassius looks to Niccolo. Talk of tables. He eyes the man, then Bella, then back to Niccolo, and somewhere along the way he catches sight of Deva. He blinks. Then stares for a bit longer than would be polite. His staring is broken by Bella's movement, and the duke of Setarco clears his throat, and rises up, to move tables. "Don't know how this game is played," he murmurs, in a quiet confession.

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With Sybilla's presence within the room lingering, the courtesan retainer sees about depositing the serpentine helmet previously worn by Talen somewhere out of the way. The dark knight adjusts the mantle worn askew until comfortable and then he drums his fingers against the base of the cup. Turning his head to the right, where he sits beside Niccolo, he purses his lips at the grave topic. "Perhaps Blacktongue can assist in lightening the mood, or we're absolutely fucked. Where is my uncle?"

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Sweeping into the room, Valencia couldn't look more happy or more radiant as she approaches the head table, blood red silk skirts rustling about her. She stops to give Elyena a little hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, sweetest Eleyna. You look beautiful tonight. Thank you for reminding me." Another affectionate peck is given and she takes her placae at the table, sitting gracefully down and smoothing her skirts..

"Of course. I just did not want to displace anyone of the family by claiming a spot prematurely," murmurs Sylvie, her own smile meeting Belladonna's as she rises with the other duchess in a graceful movement. She moves to claim a spot at the main table, one of the last two.

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Felix looks up and around quickly before getting up and lumbering on over towards the main dining room table. He flashes a warm smile to Isolde and then plants his large self in a chair near Belladonna and Cassius once again. Luca is also greeted warmly with a wave of one large hand. "Prince Luca. Good to see you," he pipes up in his too-loud speaking voice.

Deva does not look at Cassius. At all. She's not very polite, either. Her fingers curl around her glass, lifting the wine to her lips for a most needed drink. Her shoulders lift in a light, casual shrug for both Isolde and Luca. "Riiiight," she replies, allowing a small smile. There's a nod directed across the table as Valencia sweeps in.

"And is that heavy weight to fall entirely on me?" Blacktonge asks in his characteristic rasp of syllables, the intonation glass dragged over silk in its own way as he just kind of...appears when his name is mentioned by Talen. "It is a futile business to cheer the masses if they are so deadset and determined to keep it dour." The Harlequin of House Velenosa is in his usual blacks and silvers, his hands clasped behind his back as his languid, graceful gait carries him until he stands just behind his nephews chair. His cheshire smile is only accented further by the venomous green of his neatly trimmed beard.

Isolde motions for the staff to DO HER BIDDING, but really, she helps out where she can, moving, making space, so everyont can sit comfortably. "There. Now it's settled. Ahhh, more wine." She pours her own glass, shaking her head a little bit.

Luca's settled in with his arm draped around Deva of the immensely plunging neckline, smiling down to Talen's quip about behaviing, then to Deva's own at his his attempt to play off a joke. And finally to Felix as the crafter and Champion is approaching. The two-handed sabre recently made for him by that man is resting at his back tonight, despite the casual decor, just as his more utilitarian rubicund sabre is at his hip. "Glad to see you again, Felix. Luca though please. This is practically all family and friends. At least as far as my lazy ass is concerned. I finally got chance to put the blade to test today. Beautiful balance both one and two-handed. You did superb job."

Eleyna is busy speaking with servants, making arrangements for more chairs and the shifting of settings if needed. She returns Valencia's kiss on the cheek with a smile and murmurs, "Go ahead and sit down. I'll be there momentarily."

Jason, a well-groomed blond gentleman-usher arrives, following Angelo.

Talen turns his chin over his shoulder and looks up at Blacktongue, as though he just -knows- when he asks that question the man will be summoned. "It's a dour day, uncle. That doesn't mean you cannot help to try and combat against it. How you'll manage that though, I have no idea. No pressure," he says with an effort of lightheartedness. Leaning backward, he starts to slouch, losing the will for etiquette -pretty fast-. The Sword places his fist under his cheek and watches people settle themselves. "Are you eating tonight, uncle? Sit beside me, if you would like. Or go and play with our guests."

More wine sounds like the right answer. Nevermind that Lianne hasn't had any wine to start with. More than nothing sets her off on the right trajectory, the glass more frequently at her lips than is her usual habit, more time spent drinking than talking. She considers the others over the edge of her glass, evergreen eyes flitting this way or that as she shamelessly listens in on others' conversations.

Isolde settles back in her chair, quiet, watching the goings on, the back and forths, the choices of seating, and just how her wine is refilled. She keeps her expression neutral, a quiet smile on her lips, fairly removed from the group around her.

Valencia nods politely to Deva and offers a sweet smile to Luca, then turns away to survey the crowd, dark eyes gleaming. She leans back in her chair, a delicate hand toying with the silver knife at her place setting. She offers a respectful nod to Niccolo as she catches his eye, but otherwise seems continue for now to sit quietly and watch things unfold like a cat in the corner.

"Contrary to some of the superstitions regarding my tongue, I can taste in some slight regard and still require nourishment. I can't subside on wit alone." Blacktongue opines as he claims a seat beside Talen, "Though if that were the case I would have long ago starved in some settings. I'll play once I get my measure of them." That measure is taken as his piercing eyes slowly sweep over the guests and hosts gathered, the wry twist to his lips stubborn in fading.

Standing around rather awkwardly as the seating is worked out, Belladonna eventually plants herself in a chair. There's a glance up towards Cassius when he stares at Deva, but she doesn't seem to react to it. The little blonde folds her hands together in her lap until there's a glass of wine nearby -- it's taken and one hand curls around the glass as it rests on the table.

Felix's smile is bright and warm to Luca, though he lifts a hand to wave to him a bit. "Oh, come now, sword-brother. How do you ever expect to nourish your ego if you bar me from using your proper title in polite company?" Laughing at that, he gives then man an upward nod of his head. "That blade suits you very well, Highness. Your design choices worked very well with the actual forging, if I'm honest. I am glad you're enjoying it." Still smiling, the smith shifts in his seat before looking Valencia's way. "And Princess Valencia. You're lovely as ever. It's nice seeing you."

With Jason next to him, Angelo walks into the dining room, led by one of the servants of the Velenosa Estate. His midnight-blue silks trail behind his straightened shoulders, a solemnly sober expression on his goateed guise as his wintry-emerald eyes flit from face to face in quest for recognition -- recognition which he's easy to come with, so many familiar faces. To them all, he gives an almost imperceptible smile and bows his head, arching himself back up then to announce: "Apologies for being late. I was caught with some duties, but here I am." Noting as some guests are not yet even settled, this at least puts his intent to ask for forgiveness at ease.

Ariadne steps forward to taste Sylvie's wine as it is poured, only a sip, before she fades back and away. Her own gaze slides between Cassius and Deva curiously, subtly, before she turns her attention towards Eleyna to offer, "Thank you, your highness. For hosting this party. If I may toast to your calmness and fortitude in such a time, to provide an evening to gather in unity."

Blacktongue drops an enticing apple the hues of dusk.

Talen raises a gauntleted hand and a finger extended, the appendage's lofty signal meant for his retainer. As Sybilla arrives, he turns and takes from her the snake she carries. Hiss, a perfect specimen of a Lenosian viper, is unwound from where he had up until then remained coiled on the courtesan's arm. "Then sit and fill your belly, even if the tastes are muted, Blacktongue. Don't starve, I will be displeased." Raking claws against the scales, he idly turns with the harlequin's gaze and considers the guests.

Once Cassius is back down, sitting at the main table next to Bella, his focus is again his food, his drink, his wife. He lifts his wine, sniffs, then sips. He leans aside, to murmur to Belladonna and Sylvie.

"You make weapons?" Deva straightens, eyes alight as she looks to Felix as Luca exchanges words with the man. "He doesn't need any more ego," she not-whispers to Felix, giving the man an impish smile. "Gods, so... this is a much quieter family dinner than I am used to," she explains, glancing around at the various faces down the table. "Ours tend to have a lot more yelling. I'm not complaining!" she insists hastily, looking to Eleyna and then Niccolo.

"Thank you," Niccolo offers to Belladonna and House Pravus, as well as Sylvie when she moves over. "I don't expect you all to be glued to your seats, let me clarify. As the dinner continues, by all means feel free to mingle. But I felt it was important to bring you all together for the beginning of it," he notes. "Also, I'd like to take the time to thank Princess Eleyna for putting this together," he says.
    "I have no news to share in regards to the Grand Duchess. Duke Valkieri asked to help in searching for her, and I asked him to coordinate efforts with the Iron Guard, which he did. He reports that the Iron Guard has not found a single clue about the disappearance. It is unlikely she was taken from the estate through conventional means, something that Duke Valkieri and I admittedly suspected."
    He looks around the table, eyes settling on Deva. "There was some yelling at the last dinner we hosted here, I assure you." He looks to the others. "In any case, I wanted to take a moment to share what I just did. Please, eat, drink and Blacktongue, by all means, cheer us all up," he gestures to the man, finally sitting down.

"Someday perhaps I'll manage to see you reforge it as diamondplate. It does suit me well though, I agree." Luca offers back to Felix's assessment of the blade rising off the Champion prince's back with viper-head pommel. He's then going about leaning in to whisper something to Deva with a laugh. At her comments and hasty correction, he can't help but laugh and look down to Eleyna with a wink. "Give us an hour or two of drinking and there'll be yelling, possibly a few stabbing attempts. Maybe even a mild poisoning or three." Ain't no party like a Lycene party.

Once people seem settled wherever they choose to sit, be it at the larger table or one of the smaller ones, servants begin to bring out the first course of a seafood and vegetable soup, spiced in the Lyceum way. Eleyna takes a seat at the table, but seems to content to let Niccolo and Isolde manage the social aspects of the evening as she sees to logistics. The blond Velenosan offers Sylvie a distracted smile and offers, "It's important that we remember that we do stand united, especially in times such as these."

Sylvie's lips quirk into a smile, her fingers twisting at one of her sapphire earrings as she glances to Deva and Luca, and then offers her own humorously light comment quietly to Belladonna and Cassius before she turns her attention to Niccolo. She nods, simple agreement for the Duke's words.

"Duke Niccolo," Cassius says, looking up and raising his voice some. "I've not gotten any information beyond what was been made public. If you wish it, the Knights will do all they can to aid in this search. We are not the Iron Guard, but we also have reach outside of Arx. I simply... cannot act without a request. Times are tense."

Smiling as Eleyna takes her seat, Valencia's eyes seem to drift from face to face. She offers a polite and warm nod to Cassius, "Good evening, my lord. I am glad to see you. Congratulations again on your wedding. I wish you all the love and light in the world. You are certainly missed at Redrain, sir."

A broad smile is offered from Felix to Deva in response to her words. "I am among the best in the Compact," he claims, though more as a matter of fact as indicated by his tone. "Not to mention the prettiest." There's a broad grin for the woman before he once more looks to Luca and gestures with an open, upturned palm. "You just bring it buy when you like and I will continue to work on it."

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Isolde looks at her glass as Niccolo speaks, keeping her expression neutral, controlled, but her eyes continually glance to where her sister should be, and she drains her glass quickly, motioning for it to be filled again. She says nothing, but watches the expressions and faces of those gathered intently.

Belladonna clears her throat, offering that subdued to both Cassius and Sylvie. She gives an easy shrug, but doesn't reply, her attention turning to the head of the table and Niccolo when he speaks. When Cassius makes his offer, she nods her agreement to his words. Has she said a single word since arriving? She does at least have a glass of wine that her hand is curled around, and when food is placed in front of her it certainly...moves around on her plate.

"I can have some of our best trackers and hounds ready to join the search. The Grand Duchess is one of the strongest people I have ever known. Anything we can do to help, it is yours," Deva tells Niccolo gravely, offering a slight bow of her head. "Cheer. Yes." Leaning back, she squints at Luca for a moment, and whatever he whispers. Before he can finish, she lifts a hand to cover his mouth as she looks away in a most casual fashion. "I think we need a refill, thank you kindly," she tells a nearby servant with a grateful smile. "A smart man knwos his best qualities. Excellent," there's even a dimpled grin for Felix.

Blacktongue clicks his namesake, the black tongue making an audible hiss as he olds out his black gloved hand for Hiss, the viper in a fond way. "I'll eat then I'll be merry, since you all seem to be doing the entire opposite." The man's eyes stop wandering and then settle on Deva before shifting in a flash to Cassius. "Now, there is a tale that goes unsung. Whatever did you do to kindle her ire?" He asks of the man, one side of his smile widening while the right brow angles down. "She is doing everything in her power to avoid you."

Talen lets the creature slither into Blacktongue's care before he reaches for his goblet. Twisting it in place, he sips and stares past Niccolo to study Isolde's quiet nature. "Your highness, you're not drinking fast enough," he says in mild remark, before turning his attention to what his uncle is asking after, from Cassius. There's a mild tilt of his head, steely gaze left there to stare in unspoken interest.

"Heh, more like when I can afford, but indeed I will. Wouldn't have another hammer touch it at this point. It's a fine blade." Luca offers back to Felix with wry grin, then aside to Deva as he's laughingly pushing free her covering hand. "He really is one of the best I've ever seen." When Luca hears talk further down about the Knights helping the search for Esera, he gives Cassius a thankful sort of nod, even if Niccolo hasn't asked for the aid yet to make it official. It's clear the Languid Prince is eager to see his cousin returned. Gods forbid he ever get sent to War Councils or other things again in place of Essie and Niccolo. That was terrible for the lazy duelist. Of course, that's when Blacktongue's catching sight of Deva and Luca's eyes are widening a little, the arm around the redhead Redrain perhaps fractionally tightening as he leans to whisper something.

"She is strong, as are we. I feel certain that strength will see us through this crisis and return our liege safely to us," Sylvie agrees, simply, with an easy confidence in the words. Her gaze goes to Luca in a question, and she explains to the table lightly, teasingly, "We were just noticing that you'd managed to convince the Princess Deva into our styles. She looks radiant in them. I'm sure you could convince her to wear-- anything."

Mostly unseen, Angelo lingers for a few moments after announcing his arrival before he quietly makes his way to the table. A dip of greeting is given from afar to Niccolo, another one in the way of Eleyna. He circles around the table, issuing a wan smile of greeting to Valencia as he passes by her, greeting her in a soft-voiced "Your Highness," and then notes Lianne. "My Lady." It seems as if he has chosen to sit next to the Lady Pravus, though the topic of conversation sobers him further. He pulls the chair for himself and sits down next to her, lacing his hands one with the other. He can be seen leaning to his chosen neighbor to say something.

Isolde smiles up to Talen, lifting her glass. SHe meets his eyes and drains the glass, quickly and efficiently, holding it out to him with a shake. She sticks her tongue out him and goes back to watching the others, the quiet and the chatty with equal interest.

Valencia turns her head to offer polite and warm nod to Lord Angelo as he passes, calling out, "My lord, a moment, if I may?"

Eleyna eyes Blacktongue as he speaks and lifts her brows, murmuring something quietly to Talen. She bites back a sigh and signals for a refill of her wine glass and actually pays attention to the food in front of her. She returns Angelo's greeting and says, "Lord Angelo. Please have a seat." She nods a servant to go ahead and serve the Fidante the first course.

"Times are indeed tense," Niccolo offers to Cassius, looking from him to Belladonna. "And I appreciate the offer. Perhaps we can get together after the dinner to discuss this," he says to the man. "Or I can send a messenger with some details. I shared with the heads of the Lycene houses what we know, but let me share then here as well. The only thing we know for sure is that the Great Duchess went to the library, then her chambers. The servants report a man arriving to see her, but being unable to describe said man. That was the last time she was seen." He looks then to Deva and dips his head. "Thank you. Lord Sigurd is also helping as well. But I'll send you a missive with some details," he offers to the Redrain princess. He starts enjoying the dinner and drink, and lets conversations happen naturally as they would.

"And apparently someone thinks I could use MORE ego," Felix says to Deva with a wave of one large hand followed by a laugh. "You'll make me insufferable, Highness. Really." Thaat broad, toothy smile is beamed her way again before he looks to Luca. Once again, his voice booms briefly in laughter. "Ah! Two someones. At this rate, I won't need a compliment for a year and a day, I think. Thank you for your kind words."

Angelo turns his attention from Lianne to Valencia when she calls for him. "Of course," he can be overheard telling her, leaning to her to speak in a lower tone of voice, seen giving her a faint curl of his lips that doesn't seem devoid of warmth, and his voice is melodious even if it might be hard for those afar to decipher.

Talen nods resolutely at Isolde, mollified. With that, he drinks heavily from his own goblet and continues until he spots Angelo, his attention for some reason -riveted- on that man. "Don't I know you, my lord?" he calls out, with a suddenness. Even he, however, seems uncertain in that moment where names and memories linger just beyond reach.

Luca's giving Sylvia a pained half-mirthful, half-glaring look even as he's overly cheerfully declaring. "She does look exquisite in them. But all I did was provided the silks and the praise. She's a woman to make her own mind certainly. One of the reasons I love her." Wow. Just openly declared like that. Luca's not at all the type, but the words rolled out without thought or resistence, and he went on just as casually to take up at the wine being served, smiling over to the Redrrain.

Lianne offers a warm smile, a soft murmur of, "Lord Angelo," when the gentleman settles beside her, potentially the first words she's uttered since arrival, content as she seems to sit back, sip at her wine and listen. She tilts her head toward him slightly, dark brows arching curiously. When his attention is drawn away, however, she lets it go. Her own focus flits to Niccolo at the mention of Sigurd, gaze flitting between the others engaged in that particular thread of conversation, more curious now.

Sylvie only grins brightly at the open declaration, raising her glass with a tip of a toast towards the Velenosan prince and then to Deva. She adds warmly to the woman, "Well, Princess Deva, you look wonderful." And she leaves it at that when she turns to her soup.

Cassius listens to Niccolo's response, before he dips his head in a nod. "Please send me whatever you can. I've also opened a new line of contact with men of... less repute. My resources are yours, my lord," Cassius says to the man. He then turns to Blacktongue, and lofts a brow at the man. "If Deva has ire for me, you can ask her. She's fully capable of speaking for herself," Cassius says to the man. "Though I'll admit, It's... not a sight I've often seen. Princess Deva in a lovely dress," he tells the man. There's a glance to Deva, and Luca, and a tight smile. He then looks back to Niccolo, to see if there's anything else he might need to know.

"I'd like to think I'll try anything once, Duchess," Deva gives Sylvie a smile, then briefly lowers her gaze to the green of her gown. "And then sometimes, once is enough. But I'd like to think no one would say I didn't try." She doesn't really respond to Luca, or Blacktongue's inquiry for Cassius, and instead focuses on the drink and food before her. Gosh, it's just -delicious.- So much so she doesn't look up from her plate. Of course, it's a little hard to chew when her jaw is so tense.

Belladonna's attention shifts to Blacktongue when he questions Cassius, and she does chuckle; not that she interferes, smiling again once he has fielded the question. Her attention does shift over towards Felix and that smile of hers grows a touch, pride flickering briefly in her expression before she smoothes it away.

An "oh" can be heard from Angelo as he leans into speak with Valencia, his tone sounding warm -- saying two or three sentences before he leans back and smiles to her. His gaze is thieved by another voice, so sudden, and his attention is redirected to Talen. Is he speaking to him? Oh, yes, he's speaking to Angelo. "Ah-- allow me to introduce myself. I am the Lord Angelo Fidante," he says with a hand pressed against his chest, "son of Eduardo Fidante and cousin of Duke Leo Fidante. We... haven't met I believe. I've seen you --" Of course he has. "-- but we've never been formally introduced.

Deva is SO FOCUSED on eating properly that she completely misses anything else Luca says. Or anyone says. There could be plates smashing and she'd probably miss it.

"That is a philosophy that I approve of heartily, your highness," Sylvie offers lightly in turn, her smile still caught in the corners of her lips. "And one that must be hard to indulge in often, with all of your duties. Her attention draws away to Angelo, though as he introduces himself to Talen, watching the Fidante from the length of the table.

"Brazen, the balls on this one, complimenting a woman that he has vexed front of his new wife no less. Marriage, that old joyful tune, it makes me wonder if the newly found was much too soon?" Blacktongue muses to the viper he holds as it twines up his arm and then moves on, curled about the Harlequin's shoulder. It is quite startingly, the small deft flick of the wrist that the man performs until that slight of hand produces an odd colored apple he just drops into the center of the table before he leans back in his seat, feet resting on the table and hands behind his head. His raspy tones are traded for velvet as he sings out with a pleasing lilt, "Oh it's fine when you're romancing,/And he plays the lover's part,/You're the roses in his garden,/You're the flame that warms his heart,/And his love will last forever,/And he'll promise you the moon,/But just wait until you're wedded,/Then he'll sing a different tune..."

Isolde glances at Deva and looks over at her, a quiet grin across her face. She waves, to get the Redrain's attention, then grabs something on her plate, and just pops it in her mouth, eschewing all the propriety one might expect. She lifts her glass and drains it once more, motioning for the bottle to be brought to her and she just keeps filling her glass.

"No, I am certain I have seen you. Multiple times, I think I've even spoken to you extensively on matters I don't even recall. Didn't you regularly go to that Dust den somewhere around Tor?" Chewing on the inside of his cheek a moment, he then shakes his head. "It does thing to the mind, no matter. Talen Artgilio, as you know. How are matters within House Fidante?" he asks while turning his eyes, from time to time, back to Blacktongue and his chosen victim for the evening.

Valencia smiles graciously at Lord Angelo, "Thank you, my lord. You are most gracious." The little raven-haired princess does not seem all that interested in food, and picks at her plate at best, seeming more interested in watching and listening, and occasionally chatting. A small smile curls her lips as Blacktongue sings, "Do you really belieave that, my lord? That marriage sours the romance and love in one's heart?"

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Felix gives a quick smile both to Belladonna and Cassius as well, but then he's once more looking to Luca. "Oh! I'll tell you what. If you bring it by while I'm about, I give the Champions a good break on refining fees. No one knows better than I how expensive it can be to maintain a good, solid weapon." There's a curious look between Deva and Cassius and a brief furrowing of his brows, but he doesn't make any comments. All seems normal to him! Luca then gets his attention once more. "I might kick a little more in for your rather bold claims as well!"

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Oh. Belladonna sits up, shifts in her chair to lean a bit closer to Cassius, rest the fingers of her free hand against his forearm. He's given a reassuring smile before her eyes shift to Blacktongue and she does finally speak up, "It is hard for me to be concerned by the truth, in such a case. She does look lovely, doesn't she?" There's a look towards Deva, and then back again. She even laughs, for the song.

Eleyna's icy gaze sweeps over those gathered, judging when it is might be time to clear these plates and have the servants bring out the next course. She does manage to get distracted by both Talen and Angelo's greeting and exchange, barely stifling her laughter with a gulp of wine. Well, then. Maybe Blacktongue's song will be better. Nope. No. Eleyna takes a page from Isolde's handbook and just keeps drinking.

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Isolde lifts her glass to Elenya, motioning for a bottle to be brought to her as well.

Cassius does, then, finally swing his attention back to Valencia. "Princess Valencia," he says, with a soft nod. "After my last message to you was not answered, I assumed I was not missed. By you, at least," Cassius says to her. He addresses Valencia,, then his eyes shift back to Blacktone. He watches the man, curiously. A loft eyebrow, an unamused expression on his face. It's the same expression he wore coming in, and he doesn't look any different now. He glances to Bella, and gives a small nod, and then back to Valencia, for a response, if there is to be one.

"Thank you, Lord Cassius. I'll send you a letter with some information for you and the Knights to look at," Niccolo offers to the man with a dip of his head, bringing his glass of wine to his lips. He watches everyone eating, and drinking, and engaged in conversations and listening to Blacktongue, the jester getting an approving nod from the Voice of Velenosa. The duke then rises and steps towards Belladonna, standing behind her chair. He puts a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Come, join me for a moment," he says, tilting his head towards one of the tables, he offers his hand to the duchess.

Sylvie's smoky gaze lifts to Blacktongue as he sings that song, studying him. But her lips curve into a smile and she invites, warmly, "Blacktongue, my dear, please. Sing a song for me, next. Where would your words cut for me?" It's a challenge, lightly made, even as her brow curves upwards.

Lianne's dark lashes dip at the commentary and conversation passing between Blacktongue, Cassius and other associated parties. One might, briefly, catch a faint sharpening of her smile, but that edge is gone by the time her evergreen gaze lifts to catch the attention of a servant and get a refill to her glass. Whatever other curiosities might tug at her attention, especially with so many drawn to the man seated beside her, the full weight of her attention turns to Niccolo and Belladonna, studying the pair as he asks for a moment of her time.

Drink drink drink. What do we do? We drink! Or at least that's the song that's going through Luca's head apparently rather than the one Blacktongue's singing. The languid prince pouring back wine without the commensurate amount of food. Whatever's going on, apparently he's taking tact of really, really interesting alcohol.

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It's finally enough. Deva can tune it all out no longer. She abruptly smacks her palms to the table and pushes herself to her feet in a rush. "Thank you for your hospitality. Please excuse me." Her tone strains to be polite over what is clearly a whole lot of anger bubbling underneath. Soup and chair abandoned, she departs with long strides while deftly avoiding colliding with any of the poor servants.

Isolde stands then, racing after Deva to try to catch up with her. "Darling, hold up a moment. Let me walk you out?" She nods to Eleyna. "I'll be back in a moment."

Angelo looks satisfied with what Valencia answers to his whisper, what she says in more formal tones and gives her a warm smile, before those eyes shift to Talen, the curve of his bowed lips lingering even as he speaks to him -- how could it not? His words manage to draw a faint chuckle. "I mean, I certainly must've been in Tor -- but I... don't particularly recall being able to link you with any dust dens." Yes, it makes him play a smile of cordial amusement on his lips, before he politely bows his head to the man. "I have heard, of course. Your duel with my lord cousin was most honorable and gracious. It is a pleasure to meet you formally." On the question of how House Fidante is faring, there's a blank pause, of course. "Well, terribly saddened, as you can imagine, Mister Talen," he decides, "worried and trying to help as much as we can. But we're faithful as I am that everything will go well. As I've heard, the Grand Duchess is strong and resilient." His eyes do get distracted by Deva when the smack on the table and the abrupt rise comes, fluttering his eyelids a couple of times and instead deciding to bring a forkful of food as if to put the mouth to ease where it might run loose.

When Deva stands, Belladonna looks that way only briefly; when Isolde races after her she watches. Those eyes go to Blacktongue, and then to Niccolo as he approaches. His request earns him a bow of her head. "Certainly, Duke Velenosa," she answers. The hand on Cassius's forearm is squeezed, and then she rises. The offered hand is certainly taken, and she follows him to the other table without protest or resistance.

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Felix is woefully confused by the whole situation, but he does cut a glance over towards Blacktongue. With a shrug of his broad shoulders then, he shifts about on his chair once more before leaning over to murmurs something to Belladonna.

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"You're so popular this evening, uncle," Talen says with the kind of dry amusement that he inherits from the Artiglio line. "Don't you see the Pravii laughing?" A gentle tsk, then a lift of his hand and he pats the jester's shoulder. When Sylvie's asks, he looks so very interested in the result, his gaze sweeping back to Angelo from time to time as he maintains that conversation. "Naturally. Do send my regards to your sister, Lady Calista, yes? It seems our schedules never align these days; I know she has been terribly busy."

Luca let out a small sigh and managed not to spill his drink as he startled fractionally at that smack on the table beside him. He started to rise up then in fluid ease, only to be beaten to rushing after the redhead by Isolde. For a moment he's frozen there by his seat, looking between the departing Redrain and his family, finally rushing along in turn, murmuring something to Niccolo in passing, casting an apologetic sort of expression towards a few, then he's on his way out in turn.

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Blacktongue places a hand over his heart and feigns a gasp, looking between Valencia and Talen. "Did you hear that?! No longer am I the Blacktongue, I am a Lord!" And with that his feet raise and the chair he was leaning back -slams- forward, the two front legs connecting loudly with the floor. In that single motion he had moved his legs to cross them, sitting indian-style with his palms resting on the edge of the table now. The viper has shifted to coil about his neck, but for all of that bite his song may have had, Blacktongue's smile seems only infectious rather than malicious. To Sylvie his smile only sweetens and he offers, "A song for a smile? Certainly. Simple let me bask momentarily and find the words."

Valencia signs sofly and looks up at Cassius, "Then you are misinformed, my lord. I do. But you do not have to believe that." Her eyes follow Cassius' to Blacktongue as he sings and then back to Cassius again. "Though if I have missed responding to you I owe you an apology, which I am all to happy to provide. But I somehow do not think it will be enough. Howver this does not change the fact that you are indeed missed Cassius."

Belladonna gives a tiny nod Felix's way as she follows Niccolo away.

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Eleyna starts to rise when Deva excuses herself, but exchanges a look with Isolde and resumes her seat to let her cousin handle it. She reaches for her wine glass, taking a large drink, before she reached up to pat her hair and signal for the servants to start removing the soup bowls in preparation for the next course.

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Sylvie's gaze follows Deva and Isolde, and Luca as well, curious. Her attention draws back to Blacktongue, however, and her smile brightens and warms for the man as she tips her chin patiently, waiting.

Niccolo dips his head to Luca, and pats the man on the shoulder as he takes off after Deva. He sits with Belladonna at one of the other tables, speaking quietly to her.

With the two chairs between Talen and Eleyna emptied, he leans across them in a languid motion, twisting and turning until he can utter a few hushed words to her. They don't quite make a whisper, however. "Do you regret organising dinner yet, your highness?"

Lianne mouths the word 'Pravii,' with a modest measure of amusement without looking toward either Talen or Blacktongue. No, there are more interesting things to watch, like the fleeing Redrain or the quiet conversation of her fellow Pravii, as it were. Or the exchange between Cassius and Valencia which only makes her smile widen farther. All the more reason to drink a touch more, to hide that growing amusement.

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Cassius looks as Deva goes up. This draws a reaction from the man, a faint frown. It's followed by a glance to Bella, as she gets up, and a nod sent her way. Then before he can get back to Valencia, Blacktongue slams his chair. His eyes narrow at the man for a moment, but he says nothing. Back to Valencia. "I think I agree with you, that I am missed," Cassius says, with a glance back towards the exit. "But... there's no amount of time that can pass that would have me rejecting a missive from you, your highness," he says, as he looks back to Valencia. "Not unless you've slighted me woefully, which you've not," he says, his voice stony and unfriendly. "Write back at your leisure, if you wish to."

"Oh, yes, terribly busy -- it is hard to find her even in our estate sometimes," Angelo comments to Talen with an idle smile on his lips -- his voice paced much slower as he continues to throw peeks towards the entryway. At that whisper, there's a weak cough -- a wineglass brought to soften sore throats or what-have-you's. His eyes turn to Lianne, his mouth seen moving to comment something -- perhaps start a conversation too.

Eleyna just eyes Talen, her wine glass cradled firmly by the bowl. She lifts a brow and for a moment, appears to be debating something. Her hand twitches ever so slightly, as if maybe, just maybe, she might throw that glass of wine in the Sword face for looking so smug. She resists and murmurs coolly, "No. It's going about as I expected. No weapons drawn yet, though. I consider that a win." She looks sternly at Talen. "That is not an invitation."

Talen had -just- moved a hand, then he lowers it, sighing heavily. Slither, slither, he slides back into his seat with only a light clack of the wooden feet against the floor. "Uncle," he confides to the same, "nobody appreciates us," he laments. Angelo's returned words cause him to bow his head, a reflection of an understanding and acknowledgement.

Lianne's evergreen gaze slides toward Talen at his lamentation, eyebrows arched high in silent challenge to those words, but she offers nothing which might actually pass for praise of appreciation. Not at any volume anyone but Angelo might overhear, anyway, her words soft and obscured by the high, lazy lift of her wine glass, kept aloft for frequent sipping.

With Talen's retreat, Eleyna sits straight in her chair, alone on her side of the table now as anyone who had been sitting near appears to have decided to leave early. She eyes her wine in silence, signaling both for another refill and for the next course to be served; some sort of roasted pork with vegetables. Not that anyone appears to be eating. But the wine is certainly popular!

Valencia doesn't seem particularly surprised by Cassius' stony demenour, though she does not seem partucularly happy about it, "If that is your wish, I am happy to comply. But if you drown letters from me it's your own fault, sir." She turns to Blacktongue and smiles, "My apologies if my words casused distress. I shall hold my tongue if it serves. I was moved by your words. But you did not answer my questions, sir."

"No one does. So sad, but perhaps it is that they do and they haven't the freedom to speak such as I? It is unpardonable conceit not to laugh at your own jokes. Joking is undignified; that is why it is so good for one's soul. Do not fancy you can be a detached wit and avoid being a buffoon; you cannot. If you are the Court Jester you must be the Court Fool. But oh, how oft the jester proves to be brother to the sage." Blacktongue departs that little sliver of wisdom before giving Cassius a bright and melodious laugh before his voice lifts in song again, this time in praise of Sylvie apparently as he sings to her. "Her eyes they shone like diamonds, I called her the queen of the land..." As the song concludes he simply winks. "Not that you would steal our silver, though I can't speak for our hearts." (( ))

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Talen does recognise Lianne and, since she's looking in his direction, he calls over: "Lady Lianne, how do you do. How's your lover?" he wonders, the identity of whom that might be apparently in his mind and not spoken aloud-- if only because of a neglect to do so rather than any intent on adding mystery. With the arrival of food, he takes up the dinner knife nearest and turns it over his knuckles in a slow steady spin, awaiting the servant to be done fussing. "Princess Valencia," he voices then without looking up, "stop apologising. People need thicker skin if they're not to be offended by our humour."

The Mirrormasked Woman arrives, delivering a message to Blacktongue before departing.

Valencia smiles over at Talen, "I am a creature of honour, my dearest Sir Talen. I will pay my debts if I have erred."

Angelo murmurs something in the way of Lianne with a warm smile in his lips, sipping from his wine-glass afterwards and setting it on the table. He reaches for the fork and the knife to saw through the second course's meat, bringing the bite-sized portion to his mouth as he eavesdrops for a moment on Blacktongue, his reflections earning a taciturn trail-off of his gaze.

Talen rubs his forehead and sighs, "Not you too. I'm sorry."

The Mirrormasked Woman arrives, delivering a message to Blacktongue before departing.

Jaenelle is covered in splotches of blood, the red drying liquid along her arms, covering her hands, and all over her dress. She moves through the dining room, perhaps forgotting that there was a dinner scheduled. This causes her to look around with wide eyes.

It's not true! Sylvie is eating. Distractedly, certainly, and slowly and with Ariadne checking her meal casually, but she is eating. "An interesting choice, darling Blacktongue," murmurs the duchess for the mn's song, tipping her chin towards him even as her smoky gaze drags over him thoughtfully, curiously. "I had thought I would certainly get something more cutting. Or perhaps I am not looking closely enough for your meaning." She looks to Talen for that casual question, her brow curving upwards, then to Lianne. She will name it, lightly, "Do you mean Count Darkwater?"

Valencia supresses a little laugh and smiles sweetly at Talen, "Oh, Talen. I have missed you so much. "

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"I'll not drown, I promise," Cassius says, to Valencia. "Or, at the least, I'll tell you to fucking stop writing, if it's a bother," he says, with a grunt. His eyes then shift to Blacktongue, and he listens to the song that's played. The stony Duke's expression goes a bit softer. Faintly amused. When Blacktongue finishes, he dips his head to the man. "Well played," he says. Then a pause. "Could you not see me laughing?" he asks the man, his expression just as stony as ever.

Angelo's eyes have trailed off-- towards Jaenelle. The sight of blood makes the nobleman's eyes widen and startled. "Ah, Gods -- what happened?" he's forced to call in a voice that has briefly shattered his masks of melodious placidness.

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Lianne's smile warms a touch at Talen's words, her wine glass given a little wobble which sees the dark liquid sloshing shallowly therein. "I am well, thank you. Wine, food, entertainment--" As Sylvia asks that bold question, her smile grows all the more. Still, she keeps her eyes on Talen and indicates that, "He--" whoever he is "--is burdened, as seems the fashion these days," as if bearing all these troubles were a matter of choice or onesupmanship. Her smile dims only a touch as she follows Angelo's curiosity toward Jaenella, staring at the blood-spattered woman.

Niccolo rises from his quiet conversation with Belladonna, eyes on Jaenelle as she enters in the state she does. "Jaenelle?" He looks over to Talen.

"Do you want something more cutting? My black tongue can be as vilifying in the visceral as it can be kind?" Blacktongue raises his brows then, but his smile widens so that it is a surprise his lips don't split the skin further up his cheeks. A glance aside to Niccolo and Talen there. "Take note, that she is giving permission and that no political snafu can be pinned on me by means of her allowance of it." That is when Cassius speaks to him and the Jester's eyes shift slowly to him. "Thank you, and I could see you laughing at a jest in poor, low hanging taste. You did not laugh at your own misfortune." A pause then as he moves on, "Is no one going to comment on the impeccable timing of Princess Deva's departure and Princess Jaenelle's arrival, covered in blood? I'm not sayint they aren't related, but I'm not saying they aren't either."

Belladonna turns in her chair when Niccolo catches sight of Jaenelle, his reaction cluing her in. She's looked over from head to toe, and the sudden obvious tension in her shoulders fades away when she at least doesn't immediately see the source of the blood. For all that she started to rise, she settles back into her seat, staying where she is for the moment.

On her end of the table, Eleyna is able to watch the proceedings with detachment. That is, until Jaenelle enters covered in blood. She rises smoothly from her chair and murmurs something to Talen as she passes his chair before moving her way to Jaenelle to take her very gently by the arm and try to guide the woman out of the dining room, murmuring as she does.

Valencia turns dark eyes to Jaenelle, setting down her glass, and glancing to Niccolo and back to the woman.

Talen is just about to speak with Lianne and Blacktongue both but, like Niccolo, rises immediately. Spotting Jaenelle -mortally wounded- he jumps over the large table, plants a heavy solleret onto a platter and launches off the other side. The run is uncharacteristic of him outside of battle as he nears her. "Are your hurt?" is the Sword's first question to the princess, his eyes for the door that soon enough Eleyna seeks to lead them through. A high sense of alarm, no doubt, considering the recent dramas.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tails, the arctic fox, 5 Velenosa House Guards, The Mirrormasked Woman arrive, following Isolde.

"Perhaps, jester, I should laugh louder for you," Cassius offers Blacktongue. But then there's talk of blood. So wrapped up in conversation, Cassius had missed Jaenelle's entrance. He looks now, sees just that, and then rises up to his feet and starts for the entrance to the dining room. Clearly the man is looking for whatever trouble might be found. Well, Isolde is back! Is she the trouble?

This is-- a lot. A lot going on. Sylvie has stopped eating now, her gaze finally catching on Jaenelle and the blood, even as Talen leaps over the table. She places her fork down, watching quietly.

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Jaenelle opens her mouth, closes it, and shakes her head. There might be too many people, "I was looking for a servant. For wine. I needed a drink." Her attention shifts towards Niccolo, "My Duke" and she curtseys as is proper despite everything. Talen's sudden movement beside her, as is Eleyna's causes the woman to shake her head quickly, "I am fine, it is not my blood. I am ok" because she feels the need to repeat this. "Duke Niccolo, I am going to wash up, but there is something I need to tell you. There is a new High Lord of Thrax."

Fezzik the Hawk, Costas arrive, following Inigo.

Felix blinks at the woman covered in blood, his silver-grey eyes wide for a moment. And then he looks a touch playfully disgruntled and asides to no one in particular. "See, I was informed I had to bathe..."

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"You could laugh louder, Lord, but I know a poor performance when I see one." Blacktongue quips to Cassius, though Jaenelle has his attention more for the High Lord tidbit and not for the blood

"Jaenelle! Are you ok? God's breath, what the fuck happened?" Isolde rushes in after whatever the conversation was, clearly having noticed Jaenelle's state of being, her eyes wide. "Has she been looked after? Darling! What is going on?" Either Isolde is the most amazing assassin hiding in pixie strength and frame, or obviously she's not the cause of Jaenelle's state of being. She relaxes as the woman says it's not her blood and she puts a hand to her bare cheek. "Gods breath."

If Niccolo is worried, it's hard to tell. There is a glint of concern in those dark brown eyes, however as they find Eleyna moving to Jaenelle's side, the duke relaxes, he dips his head in the princess' direction. That gesture repeats when Jaenelle dips his head to him. "Well then, not surprising news I suppose. But go, change, and come join us for some food, so you can share your tale," he adds to the woman, gesturing to the others. "So who is the hew High Lord?" He does ask in Jaenelle's direction.

Since Jaenelle seems inclined to remain, Eleyna steps back to let the others handle it and instead sends a servant to fetch Jaenelle something to clean off the blood. A little. The princess follows the servant into the kitchen in the chaos, but only the servant returns with the towel, offering it to Jaenelle with a little bow.

Mention of the new Thrax highlord has Bella closing her eyes for a moment; when her lashes lift again her expression remains placid. "Highlord Victus Thrax," she says as she rises, moving back towards her spot beside CAssius.

Sylvie's gaze slides towards Belladonna, lifting there as the woman speaks it. Her gaze slides back to Jaenelle, before asking simply, "Is the blood Prince Dagon's, then?"

Angelo keeps his fork in his mouth with that bit of meat inside. He gazes at Jaenelle, following her words, the curse from Isolde managing to garner a curious peek from the studious lord. For now, he remains watchful, sentinel for what ever other tidbits of information could be shared by the princess. As the name is revealed by Belladonna, his fork slips out of his mouth and sets on the edge of his plate with a tiny sound of silver on ceramic.

Cassius has no time for flapping tongues, black or otherwise! He eyes Jaenelle up and down, then Isolde. Nah, not enough blood on the Mirrormask for her to be the cause. He then continues forward, to the entrance, to look outside the dining room at anyone that might be following Jaenelle. There's a look up and down the hall, then he turns, to look back into the room.

Valencia sits up a little straighter as the news comes about the Thrax. She turns eyes to Belledonna, "Victus?" she asks unsure is she heard correctly.

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Talen steps back when far fairer individuals attend to the dress' mortal state, his moments spent trying to check for the grievous wound soon finding him without one. "Well," he utters finally then, an exhaust of breath given. Turning his eyes to Belladonna as she confirms the news, he simply looks forlornly back to his dinner for only a moment. "Victus has been busy."

With all eyes toward Jaenelle as she explains her current state--sort of--Lianne sets her wine down and starts in on her second course, gaze frequently flitting back up among the others, particularly at Sylvie's rather compelling question. A murmur from Angelo has her breathing out a faint laugh, barely more than a breath.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassius before departing.

Always one to be fashionably late... perhaps not this late, but still... Lord Inigo strides into the room with Costas in tow. His half-cape billowing out behind him at the speed of his movement, realizing that some haste to arrange themselves at the table should be taken. The lord steps quickly up to Elenyna, his lips drawn in an apologetic smile. "I'm terribly sorry for our late arrival, Your Highness... matters arrived that could not be ignored. Nevertheless, we are pleased to be able to attend if just for the end of the evening ceremonies." The young blade master folds at the waist, bowing respectfully to her.

Blacktongue is the picture perfect image of resolve, composure, and etiqueet as he rises slowly and says with all dead seriousness. "Darling dove, have a spot on your dress and that is terrible for company and dinner. Do we not have a spare? I know there is a lack of silk to clothe women in the Lyceum, if the scant designs are to be evidence, but surely we can find her something bigger than a dinner napkin to wear that doesn't have any stains?" Leave it to the Harlequin to make light of the literally bloody situation.

Jaenelle does not have to answer Niccolo's question, looking towards Belladonna as she answers for her. Her brow arches, news traveling fast. "It is" she confirms towards Sylvie, turning to smile warmly towards Isolde, reaching for her hand to more comfort her sister in law than herself. "Dagon lives, very wounded, but he still breaths. He will survive." Though her smile faulters, "forgive me though, this is not the place. I will be in my bedroom." She glances towards Blacktongue, "/MY/."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.

Isolde shakes her ehad. "My darling friend Victus. How wonderous! Let's drink to the new High Lord and then we'll worry about tomorrow when it comes." Isolde makes her way to slump back into her seat, looking to Jaenelle. "Do you need help, love? Company?" She looks relieved as the report of Dagon comes through. "Good. Let me know if you want company, dear."

There is no elaboration on Belladonna's part; she spoke the name, and she settles back into her chair for all that her husband has left the table. Her hand goes back around her wineglass (though it still does not even touch her lips), and she watches the others quietly.

Eleyna returns out of the kitchen just in time to greet Inigo and smiles, "No bother. There is food and wine. Things are just a little... chaotic." Eleyna chuckles and gestures at the tables. "Please and welcome. You've arrived just in time."

Question answered, Lianne looks to Sylvie and asks, "Do you know what all these changes in House Thrax mean for Count Darkwater and those charges set against him?" Were she smiling, she might sell it as casual curiosity, but there's no bow to her lips, her attention all too intent.

Angelo looks over at Lianne with an appraising look and the ghost of a smile when she breathes out her laughter, commenting something to her before looking back towards Jaenelle when she departs, his fingers lacing on his lap. When Isolde suggests to drink, he gives a faint hum of acknowledgment and reaches for a wineglass. "Hey--" he quickly traps the attention of a servant, practically shoving the wineglass to him, "--fill it to the brim, if you may."

Blacktongue settles back down into this chair, pointing at Jaenelle with two fingers. "We already settled that argument and if I remember correctly you keep the apple and I sup with you. I consider the matter closed."

"He is clear, and he is safe," Belladonna answers that question too, offering a little smile Lianne's way. "Whatever it is that was going on; I have not been privvy to those details."

Valencia looks down as the new of the Thrax pours into the room. There is no celebration or sorrow, just quiet assessment. "Gods," she breaths and closes her eyes and sits back in her chair.

With no one needing stabbing (at least, no one needing it in relation to Jaenelle's state), Cassius heads back to the table. He drops himself back down, next to Belladonna, with a huff. He's almost settled, until... "Charges against Count Maximilian?" he ask, aloud. Belladonna already has an answer, and so Cassius gives a stiff nod.

"I do not, but I hope to find out," murmurs Sylvie in quiet assurance, except that Belladonna answewrs. She tips her chin in a nod to the other duchess, simply. She is frowning, not eating, now.

"A fight for power, your grace," Talen tells Belladonna, "which will inevitably mean a shuffling of people in their positions and a few-- if not many-- people mysteriously dying. Though," he says with a look directly at Niccolo, "that's two High Lords in as many days. This does not bode well."

Blood comes out of leather easier than cloth, and so the only signs of Costas' own involvement in the day's strange turn are the remaining flecks of blood beneath his nails, which he picks at idly as Lord Inigo makes his introductions. His dips his chin in respect to Eleyna over the swordmaster's shoulder, and then his dispassionate gaze sweeps over the assembly with reserved interest.

Jaenelle lets out a light mhming sound, squinting towards Blacktongue before she nods towards Isolde, "thank you. Enjoy the rest of dinner, we will speak soon." With that, she slips out of the dining room but not before reaching towards one of the many opened bottles of wine on the table, taking it with her to wash up.

Lianne reciprocates Belladonna's smile in kind, small but warm. Maybe even grateful. Though she casts a look back toward Talen at his observation and dips a shallow nod toward Angelo at something said, her voice drops a touch lower as she tilts toward the others near her end of the table.

Inigo beams brightly at her before making a bee-line to the table, his eyebrow lifted to Costas, a nod indicating two open seats. His deep blue eyes sweep over those assembled at the table, nodding and murmuring 'Hello' to the guests he recognizes while he moves to his intended seating.

Niccolo listens to the news and the report and makes no attempt to stop Belladonna leaving his side, although he does gently reaches to touch her arm when she walks by. He himself returns to reclaim his spot at the main table. "It will be an interesting time in the upcoming days," he muses, with a glance to Talen. He finds his glass of wine, and brings it to his lips. Seeing Inigo and Costas, he dips his head in their direction.

Once Inigo and Costas are properly greeted and being plied with wine and food, Eleyna drops into a seat, watching in silence now.

"Highlord Victus Thrax," Felix speaks out loud after an extended bit of silence from the large smith. He can't help a quick, amused snort, but he doesn't say anything further on the matter. Smiling once again, he leans back in his chair and shifts about in it again. "Speaking of Thrax...really shoulda' brought my own chair." A small, subtle wince touches his features.

Fezzik the Hawk have been dismissed.

Fezzik the Hawk have been dismissed.

The Jester is not moved in the slightest, his mirth as bright as ever. In jovial jest, Blacktongue raises his voice in another song upon the news of this new death and dire news, "Nor crown nor coin can halt time's flight/ Or stay the armies of the night/ King and Villain, lad and lass/ All answer to the Hourglass."

Isolde has joined the Main Dining Table.

Inigo has joined the Main Dining Table.

Isolde slumps back into her chair then, rubbing her cheek and grabbing a bottle of wine. She pours a glass, full to near the brim and just drains the whole thing, exhausted and cannot be bothered to keep up the fascade for the moment.

Blacktongue checked wits + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 54, 39 higher than the difficulty.

"Given Setarco's proximity to Darkwater, the Dark Water Deeps, and the...situation there," Belladonna glances around at those who look towards her. "It is very important that I follow what occurs in Darkwater and Thrax. Problems in Thrax will likely impact Setarco a touch more directly than most of the city states." There is an easy shrug of her shoulders.

Niccolo has left the Dining Table.

Niccolo has joined the Main Dining Table.

"Of course. If there is anything that touches you, Duchess Belladonna--. I am sure Duke Niccolo would agree that the Lyceum will rise to help," murmurs Sylvie to the other duchess, tipping her chin towards the woman. She picks back up her fork, but doesn't take another bite yet.

"And very wise," Niccolo observes to Belladonna, after she speaks. "And if there's anything you need from House Velenosa, from me. You just have to let me know," he assures the duchess, with a softness in his usually unreadable expressions. "For obvious reasons, Setarco is dear to my heart."

"Not just Setarco, however," Talen does say, "but the whole of the Lyceum depends on their vessals to see their goods protected up the coasts. You will, as ever, have our support in protecting your islands, I'm certain. What is happening across the sea is not something we can toy with." Wandering back to the table, he takes his glass of wine as well and follows in suit of Niccolo. Though, in contrast, he drains it. "Uncle," he calls to Blacktongue, "where's Hiss gone?" The snake is, notably, not on the man's form anymore. There's a look left, then a look right, then under the table. "Not to alarm anyone but if you see a Lenosian viper near you, do try not to move overly fast and vex it." A pause, "It's mostly harmless," he says if in lie.

Costas sweeps the abyssal-black longcoat from off his shoulders and drapes it over the back of his chair before pouring himself into it. Food is waved off but the wine most certainly is not, and he settles back comfortably with a glass after pestering the server to fill it more than is properly called for. A cross of his legs brings his scabbard to cant just slightly forward, the pommel of his blade making a fine perch for one rough hand as he leans aside to Inigo and murmurs some comment in low tones.

Inigo tilts his head to nod at Niccolo as he slips into the plush seat, arranging his sheathes to hang to the side of the chair, the tips just barely in foot traffic area. A wide smile is given to Valencia, with a nod and a grin to Felix. As he reaches for an empty glass and a bottle of wine, the lord turns his gaze and humor to Sylvie, "My Lady, it's nice to see you again! I still have as of yet to schedule our outing... interruptions continue to arise, as it were."

"Mostly harmless? Pah! He has bitten me thrice and I still stand, unphased!" That isn't so reassuring coming from the man immune to any and all poisoning attempts as Blacktongue stops his song and gives a glance around. "Has he been fed lately?"

Talen says, "Uh, I thought you fed him and milked his poison?"

Blacktongue says, "That was last week."

Eleyna checked composure against difficulty 25, resulting in 18, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Felix lifts a hand to wave to Inigo in return greeting, his own smile broad. Inigo manages to catch him shifting in his chair. "Lord Inigo, always a pleasure." Finally, he manages to get himself at least somewhat comfortable. "Confound it," he utters. "Lyceans are so...narrow."

Inigo tilts his head to Costas as he speaks, a pensive look crossing his features. His lips pull into a thin line before turning his head to speak into Costas's ear.

Isolde drinks, returning her eyes to watching those around her, her expression more masked than even the mirrors allow for.

Valencia nod back to Lord Inigo and offers him a warm smile, though she still looks rather distracted. "Well, then. That is done. So very done," she says softly to herself.

A loose viper seems enough to tip the scale for Duchess Sylvie Zaffria. She rises slowly, carefully. Her chin is tipped towards Inigo, his humor met with only the softest of smiles as she promises, "Soon." To the rest of the table, she offers a simple, "If you will excuse me. Thank you, Princess Eleyna, and for Velenosa for hosting us." Then she moves to leave, with hopefully layers of floating sapphire silk not enough to set off any snakes.

Cassius stays quiet now. No more Blacktongue poking at him, no more offended people, just talks of Thrax and politics. He'll just eat and drink.

Leaning over, Belladonna murmurs something to Cassius, and then she's looking back to all the others speaking of support. The laugh that escapes is sharp and bitter, pain clear in her expression for a moment before she brushes it away. "I had already recalled my fleet, due to the trouble brewing there; we are well positioned to defend ourselves if needed. Still, if anyone has ships not engaged elsewhere, a bit more of a buffer until...the new Highlord's positon on Setarco is clear. I am sure that my concerns are unfounded, but I would rather prepare unnecessarily than not do so, and need it."

The snake was the last straw. "Oh, for fuck's sake, Talen! You brought the snake here unfed and unmilked and you -let him go-?" Eleyna rises fro her seat and, in an angry swish of skirts, she starts to talk to the servants to be on the look out for the viper.

Talen shouts from nearby, "SEE WHAT YOU DID BLACKTONGU?E"

Yip!Yip!Yip! Suddenly a white fox comes darting in, chasing something around the different chairs.

Angelo checked composure against difficulty 20, resulting in 19, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Angelo checked dexterity against difficulty 15, resulting in 12, 3 lower than the difficulty.

Lianne looks directly at Angelo at something he says, her expression walking a line between bemusement and sternness. With a delicate shake of her head, she answers back in similar low tones, her expression certainly reading that she's explaining something. Sylvie's departure catches her curiosity, a look cast after the duchess, but she offers no parting words of her own. With critters slithering and skittering underfoot, her feet are lifted, casually tucked up on the rung of her chair.

Blacktongue holds up his hands in mock surrender, "I hardly see how it is my fault that you can't control your snake, Talen."

Cassius leans aside, to whisper to Bella. He then looks up again. Oh! Now there's zany antics once more! Animals loose, people yelling. "If someone breaks out the whiskey, we'll be back in Redrain's hall," he says aloud.

Valencia causually looks down, lifting her skirts to look for the little dear.

Belladonna's attention follows Sylvie as she goes, and then she's looking back down to push food around on her plate a bit more. She nods to what Cassius tells her, offering a briefly grateful smile his way. Relieved. His outloud statement has her chuckling, shaking her head.

Valencia says, "Take care you don't harm it. It's not it's falt it's off and about."

Sylvie has left the Main Dining Table.

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Sylvie.

Felix looks thoroughly confused by the fox running around the table and he once more wrinkles his nose, taking a long look around. "I don't get it. Do the cooks release the second course into the dining area for capture and slaughter?" His brows furrow a touch and he flicks his eyes to Belladonna qith /questions/.

Angelo seems to be comfortably murmuring something to Lianne, looking quite confident with a pose over the backrest of his chair too. He listens to Lianne and gives a confidential nod of agreement -- until the moment the moment he hears something trotting through and brushing against his legs. Something hairy. "Ah, Jayus' brows!" he yelps, trying to quickly rise from his chair with that wineglass grasped in his right hand, but he gets entangled in the rushing animal and... the animal suddenly trips one of his legs. The next sight for everyone is midnight silks as he falls on the chair, and the shatter of a wineglass on the ground.

"You took him from me!" Talen insists before studying the fox in its sudden rush. The bolting motion, the way Angelo reacts, it's all hilarious to him really. Having the good grace not to laugh, considering he's being blamed, he clasps his hands to signal all staff. "Find the fucking thing before Eleyna has my head!"

"Oh, the new High Lord's position on Setarco will be very clear, I assure you," Niccolo suddenly says, his words firm. "He will not lift a finger to touch it. Not the city of my birth, not a city state of the Lyceum," he adds with a faint smile. "My daughter made it clear. A threat to any city in the Lyceum, is a threat to Velenosa. That remains, and will always remain the case."

"Or before Tails eats it. I've been training her, after all." Isolde looks utterly calm as her fox starts darting at the snake in the smaller hiding places. "Tick tock, Talen, darling."

Fuming, the icy mask gone to reveal Eleyna in full irritation mode, she calls out as she sees the fox streak by, "Let the fox eat it! Will serve him right."

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts serious damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts moderate damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts minor damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts moderate damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts serious damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts minor damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts moderate damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts minor damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts serious damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts moderate damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts moderate damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts minor damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts minor damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts moderate damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts moderate damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Tails, the arctic fox inflicts minor damage to Hiss, the Lenosian viper.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper inflicts serious damage to Tails, the arctic fox.

Tails, the arctic fox falls unconscious.

Valencia checked wits against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Cassius watches Angelo's flailing, and he barks out a laugh. "By the Gods!" he calls out, sending a grin over to Felix, as well. "I don't know that I want to eat fox, but I'll have a taste, at least," he says. His eyes go back around the room. "I'd like to thank you all for being so inviting..." he starts, and stops, as there's... some really unpleasant noises.

Inigo is yanked from his quiet conversation with Costas at the commotion happening about Blacktongue. With his ears picking up the words, 'Viper, snake, loose' etc, he pulls his feet up, searching carefully to ascertain his safety. Once satisfied, he lowers his feet and releases the unconscious grip on his sword. His eyes peer about the room for the snake before leaning in to speak to Costas again.

Isolde checked composure against difficulty 30, resulting in 20, 10 lower than the difficulty.

"TALEN IF YOU KILL MY FOX THAT EOS GAVE ME I AM GOING TO KILL YOU SEVEN TIMES OVER." Isolde shrieks and runs over to her fallen fox. "No no no no nono."

Angelo checked composure against difficulty 20, resulting in 27, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Angelo checked composure + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Niccolo's response has Belladonna looking to him, but after only a moment she dips her head to him. No words are spoken in response. She does set her fork down when Angelo falls over, looks past him to the fox, and then leans over to murmur something to Cassius. Once she's done that, she looks to Niccolo once more and offers him a brittle smile. "May we be excused, Duke Velenosa?"

Blacktongue checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 47, 32 higher than the difficulty.

The chase ensues, the fox and the snake, they don't quite battle as slither and skitter. When the yipping gets louder, the snake lifts and strikes. Its poison-- unmilked as claimed-- takes quick effect. The fox is likely to flail, twist and move until finally it falls unconcious.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan leave, following Talen.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan arrive, following Talen.

Blacktongue moves slowly over to Isolde and holds out his hands for the poor thing. "Let me see what I can do to help? I am familiar with the viper's poison, after all." He says, his typically harsh tones and cheshire smile traded for a genuine and kind one.

Felix smiles to Cassius and lifts those broad shoulders of his in a shrug. "If they get et, it's their own damned fault. They're made of meat." He looks absolutely delighted as the animals start fighting each other. "Dinner anda show? The show is dinner. I love these southern customs!"

"Please, Blacktongue, please." Isolde's face is drawn, pale, and suddenly totally unamused with the whole affair.

Rolling her eyes, stands up, "Dear gods. Talen, would you mind please retrieving Hiss and keeping him in hand lest he cause more trouble? Really?" She frowns at the poor fox. "Could someone please get healer for the Tails, this won't due."

Niccolo watches the antics of the antics with the snake and the fox and exhales, shaking his head. He drinks from his glass and looks over to Belladonna. "Of course, thank you for coming today," he says to the woman, rising and walking over, aiming to kiss her cheek. "Let me know what you need," he says.

Angelo's quick to snap to his full height after the shatter of the wineglass, part of his face dripping with wine, some of it upon his midnight-blue sliks. "Ah, for the Gods above," he complains as he quickly snatches his handkerchief to begin wiping his face from the liquid, looking with irritation towards the fox -- though when the snake drops it unconscious he decides to focus on himself.

Cassius hears the whisper from Belladonna, then the screaming from Isolde. The man rises, quickly, then. He offers his arm to Belladonna. "And now it's time to go," Cassius grunts out. "Before more are bit by a loose viper." He glances aside. He means Bella. Before Bella is bit by a loose viper. He looks back to Niccolo. "Thank you, my lord. We'll speak soon," he says.

Hiss, the Lenosian viper have been dismissed.

Eleyna just stands there as the fox finds Hiss and the snake, likely already agitated, strikes at the fox. "Seriously." Luckily, Blacktongue is there to hopefully keep the fox from dying. Under her breath, Eleyna mutters, "Not enough wine in the fucking world." She eyes Talen and says between clenched teeth, "Have Sybilla take the snake back to your room, maybe?"

Talen's steps take him steadily in the direction of the serpent, his crouch bringing him low enough to snatch it and wrangle it. It's a small snake and with its poison expended, rubicund gauntlets to protect him, the dark knight takes hold of it. "It wasn't my fault the stupid animal tried to eat it. In fact, it was encouraged if I do recall," he says with a breath before looking to Sybilla. "Come along, Mistress Sybilla. It seems we're still appreciated even -less- now." And so, the ward leaves to do as Valencia and Eleyna propose.

Felix's lieges are leaving, so that does seem to be his cue. There are ledgers waiting for him at home, after all. The battle of balancing books is sure to leave him bloodied and mangled. The large smith lifts himself up from his slightly too small chair and he stretches his arms out to his sides. "It was a lovely and very entertaining meal," he says. "Vipers and all." He smiles to Isolde then warmly. "I had a wonderful time. It was very entertaining, your Highness. Thank you."

Felix has left the Main Dining Table.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan leaves, following Talen.

Turning her head to accept the kiss to her cheek from Niccolo, Belladonna nods once he's drawn back away. "I will let you know if I need anything," she answers him, moving to take Cassius's arm as she walks with him back towards the doors. When she spots Felix standing as well she does slow her pace long enough for the big smith to catch up with them, and then it's time to go.

With Angelo entirely capable of righting himself, Lianne spends a moment looking at the play of dark wine against her own dark blue silk, spattered along the side afflicted by the spill. She looks far more thoughtful than bothered, distracted by that consideration as she asks of the nearby gentleman, "Are you alright, Lord Angelo? Nothing wounded too badly?" She lifts her attention to Belladonna and Cassius as they move to depart, a slight shift in her posture suggesting she might follow.

Angelo checked luck against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

With the snake safely taken in hand, Valencia offers a sympathetic smile to Eleyna. "Keep heart. No one has died yet, my sweet cousine. I call this a victory considering all the happenings lately. But true... not enough wine in all of Arx," she agrees taking up her glass again.

The Jester takes the small arctic fox in his arms and bends a knee, allowing the thing to rest in his lap as he removes his gloves. Blacktongue's weathered hands are stained black and purple in certain places, but leave no stains on the pristine white fur of the small creature. He checks Tails' conditions before procuring a small vial from one of his sleeves, the bright purple concoction eased slowly into the fox's mouth and head tilted back so it travels down the throat. The small thing blinks its eyes in a few moments, its breath labored but there all the same.

Isolde knees by Tails, stroking her head, her ears, as Blacktongue looks her over, and doesn't hear or see anything else at the moment, trembling.

Angelo looks down at himself to see if the shattered glass might have left any sort of cuts, on his wrists, on his hands? None, just wine falling on his face. "Yes, my lady," he answers in a tone that comes slower and lower, clearing his throat and setting the handkerchief on the table. "I am going to be departing, Lady Lianne," he informs the noblewoman in a voice that cannot hide an edge of irritation, "would you like me to escort you?" He extends a hand, the palm upturned in offer should she decide to follow him.

Costas watches the commotion between the loose animals and then comments aside to Inigo, "There was a suggestion we might open family dinners with a bit of bloodsport but it was thought to be too scandalous. Perhaps the Duke will change his mind now that the precedent has been established in loftier halls."

Inigo takes a sip of the wine as he lifts a shoudler in a shrug to Costas, the matter of discussion appearing not to matter any longer. The Malvici lord watches everyone quietly, finding the dinner to be a very curious one. He raises a hand in a friendly wave of farewell to Felix, Belladonna, and Cassius as they depart, eyes moving to the situation resolving itself in the corner of the room.

Blacktongue rises and then offers the alive, but weakened fox back to Isolde. "She'll live, but let her rest. And here, more of this in roughly 3 hours." He presses the vial into Isolde's right hand.

Cassius dips his head to the crowd, a small farewell, and then heads out, slowing only so Felix can catch up.

Valencia offers an incline of her head to Cassius as he prepares to depart, but no further words.

Isolde takes the vial and sshe nods to Blacktongue, cradling Tails in her arms. "I'll make sure she's all right. She has to be all right." She kisses Blacktongue on the cheek, glares at... Talen who is gone and she rushes off to her room.

Isolde has left the Main Dining Table.

Tails, the arctic fox have been dismissed.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, 5 Velenosa House Guards, The Mirrormasked Woman leave, following Isolde.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, 5 Velenosa House Guards, The Mirrormasked Woman arrive, following Isolde.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, 5 Velenosa House Guards, The Mirrormasked Woman leave, following Isolde.

Angelo lianne=Don't worry! Are you going to be up for RP after it or do you want us to just FTB that they left her at her estate and departed in each other's way?

Niccolo inclines his head to Belladonna. "Very well, my niece," the duke replies to Duchess Pravus and sits back down, watching everything happening with a thoughtful expression and letting himself get lost in his thoughts while he drinks.

Belladonna has left the Dining Table.

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2 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida, Cassius, Felix leave, following Belladonna.

Eleyna sits down at one of the empty tables, staring at the aftermath of chaos as people start filing out and the servants begin to clean up the mess. Once of the servants approaches and asks the princess, "Would you like us to serve dessert now?" Eleyna just -glares-.

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