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Golden Decathlon XII - Day III

Hosted by Princess Alarissa Valardin, the final day of the Twelfth Golden Dacthlon takes place on the tournament grounds where visitors and fans can enjoy free refreshments as they watch the competitors fight and compete on the grounds. Three events are scheduled to take place on the day with steel trophies promised for the runners up, gold for the champions. All who participate earn points towards winning the one of a kind Iridecite trophy of the Grand Champion.

Joust: Best of three tilts or until one rider unhorses the other. Riders only to use provided lances to try and unhorse their opponent.[Roll dexterity+riding for first tilt, strength+riding for second, stamina+riding for third. Result 20 higher than your opponent is an unhorsing, otherwise whoever scores higher wins that tilt and is best 2 of 3.]
Archery: Best of three shots into the target from behind the line using any bow.[Roll dexterity+archery three times, competitors ranked by highest results]
Single Combat: Any armor or weapons allowed, no allies or mounts. Fight until submission, knockout or disarmament[Combat code]

(Important! Anyone wishing to participate in the joust or single combat events must contact Lady Viviana Pravus by the 18th in order to be placed into brackets and fight qualifying rounds in the Training Center)

(See +bb/read 6/4 for more information about the Decathlon)


July 30, 2016, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Viviana Alarissa


Jaenelle Talen Aurelian(RIP) Gerry(RIP) Ailith Lydia Edain Margot(RIP) Fiora Nadia(RIP) Alis Deva Ophelia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


The Twelfth Golden Decathlon has come to a close. The final tally was;

Lyceum: 3 Gold, 7 Silver
Valardin: 3 Gold, 1 Silver
Thrax: 3 Gold
Redrain: 1 Gold
Crownsworn: 1 Gold

With Lord Victus Thrax taking overall champion of the event, followed by Talen Artiglio and Alrec Magaldi.

Results by event:
Swimming: Marquis Gustave Blackram in first, Lady Viviana Pravus in second.
Skiff Racing: Lord Victus Thrax in first, Alrec Magaldi in second.
Grand Regatta: Lord Victus Thrax in first, Alrec Magaldi in second.

Sprint: Talen Artiglio in first, Princess Freja Redrain in second.
Discus: Lord Victus Thrax in first, Marquis Gustave Blackram in second.
Wrestling: Alrec Magaldi fighting with the favour of Princess Jaenelle Velenosa in first, Talen Artiglio in second.
Marathon: Marquis Gustave Blackram in first, Princess Freja Redrain in second.

Joust: Prince Edain Valarding jousting with the favour of Princess Alarissa Valardin in first, Talen Artiglio jousting with the favour of Princess Isolde Velenosa in second.
Archery: Gerry Crownsworn in first, Lady Fiora Malvici in second.
Single Combat: Lady Viviana Pravus fighting with the favour of Lady Lydia Redrain in first, Talen Artiglio fighting with the favour of Archduchess Esera Velenosa and Princess Ophelia Velenosa in second.


After missing the sprint, much to my dismay, I made sure I could at least attend the one event I was confident I could win. I have been proficient with a bow since I was a little girl; I am far more talented at archery than I am with a blade.

I did not win. The victory went to a commoner, Master Gerry, whose last two shots were truly remarkable. It was not an undeserved win, but I believe my own poor performance helped him win just as surely.

I was rewarded with a trophy nevertheless. I am not sure where to put it - I admit to not having thought that through before the event. It looks like my trunk will have to do.

I also received a flattering figurine of myself, crafted by Master Enzo, apparently as a gift. It is a clever way to get the nobility in his shop, no doubt. I visited shortly after receiving it and bought myself a splendid choker and another pair of earrings which go nicely with my favorite shade of red.

The figurine compliments my nightstand quite well.

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"Oh, it's so pretty today!" Ophelia is tailed by a single attendant tasked with her bow and lone guard of Velenosan livery with prematurely-graying hair, wearing a brilliant smile as effortlessly as the token bound upon her upper arm today. It's a purple silken ribbon stitched with a fox that a few might recognize as her very own favor. The Princess is clearly favoring herself for this particular event. Clasping her own crystal goblet of wine, she decadently sips at her glass as she lightly pads towards the seating.

With massive wooden stands circling the elongated oval field, the stands are designed to hold thousands of spectators watching the Golden Decathlon XII, day III. Those stands are decorated with some flowers not just to reflect the summer time, create a celebration mood, but also to give some serenity to the Tournament Ground.

The servants are lurking among the crowd, serving snacks and refreshments as well as fixing the afore mentioned decorations, making sure that everything goes well. Princess Alarissa Valardin may be found standing in the center of the stalls where she can be seen and heard by everyone. The young woman is wearing a marvelous new white gown of Sharp Lines and Robed Silhouettes full of elegance and modesty, but still beautiful.
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Viviana comes striding into the tournament grounds and looks around briefly before making her way into the stands, hands resting casually on the hilts of her swords. She finds herself a seat as she waves off one of the servers with the wine.
When Talen rides in, it is on the back of the same warhorse he's been jousting with the last few brackets. Today, however, it is armoured in part with reflective steel-- its facemask a horned, silver-inlaid piece of headgear that compliments the mirrormask-inspired helmet that the Sword of Lenosia wears himself. As he rides down towards the field, it is with the heavy tromp and stampede of angry hooves.
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Nadia sweeps across the grounds and up towards the accumulation of benches serving as general seating for the masses, a small retinue of guards and servants alike not far behind the Rosy Gold duchess. Upon her arm is her younger sibling, Lydia, to whom she murmurs hushed words to as they move to find prime real estate on the first rows overlooking the center of the field.
Deva arrives.
Alis waves enthusiastically to both Alarissa and Edain and Aurelian before she strides over to the general seating to find a likely place from which she can watch the proceedings. There's no wine in her hands tofay. But, she is definitely going to partake of whatever food is being served. She forgot the last meal, ok?
(OOC) Alarissa says: I hope participants know how to use commands/system to duel? Because I have zero knowledge on the matter ;D
(OOC) Talen says: It's checks, I believe.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Never did that. So, I dunno ;d
(OOC) Alarissa looks at Viviana?
Gerry is in the stands, with the common people. The grizzled trader and leatherworker sits holding a leather cup of very cheap wine between his hands, while he leans forward and eyes the spectacle with interest. "What do you think?" he asks the nearby person. "I've got my bets on the Prince of Valardin. If a Valardin knight can't beat a cheating Lycene, what's the world come to, eh?!"

He has an apprentice with him who is selling leather cups to the nearby crowd: "Superior to glass or earthware! Won't break if you drop them! Get your leather cups here!"
(OOC) Talen says: You could copy pasta them into the event roomdesc if you want quick reference.
(OOC) Talen says: It's in Vi's post.
(OOC) Viviana says: I can help people out if they don't know what to do, should be np.
Jaenelle arrives.
(OOC) Alarissa says: I can add roomdesc?
Lydia looks out over the tourney grounds with a face alight with excitement, even if it does seem that the walk here winded her just a little. As they reach the seats and she starts to settle she looks up at Nadia. "You'll have to tell me who the Northmen are among the competitors. I don't know them all yet and I want to cheer for the right people."
(OOC) Talen says: Type: @cal/changeroomdesc #=Joust: Best of three tilts or until one rider unhorses the other. Riders only to use provided lances to try and unhorse their opponent.[Roll dexterity+riding for first tilt, strength+riding for second, stamina+riding for third. Result 20 higher than your opponent is an unhorsing, otherwise whoever scores higher wins that tilt and is best 2 of 3.]
(OOC) Talen says: Where # is the cal event.
(OOC) Viviana says: I did it.
Margot is settled into the benches, ready to watch the event, curious and quiet in her seat while she sips her wine. Her hand lifts to wave to Jaenelle when she spots the familiar princess.

The Valardin High Lord rubs, Sir Arugula's neck and calms t he big horse. Drapped in barding that is stained and taned in colors of white and blue, the colors of the White Dragons. "Steady old friends. We will ride soon." Edain says. as he takes his helm from the horses saddle horn. His armor is of white steel, with accents of lacquored blue. Those that are afficianados of such things might reconize it as the work of Ida Ferron.

Prince Aurelian joins the others among the general seating silently, dressed in casual attire by noble standards, the scholar-prince simply attempts to sit near to his family as best as the crowd permits in silence for now.

"A little wine is good for the heart, Lady-Cousin," Ophelia chides towards Viviana as she elegantly squirrels herself in beside the woman, consuming a lot of her pale gold vintage. She barely gets seated before she bounds over as if ricocheting off the benches to try to air-kiss Viviana and settle again, "You look gorgeous, as ever." Her lower lip juts outwards when she catches wind of Gerry's words, looking to her pretty crystal glass and back to the man with a slow blink of her lashes, "... His leather cups are superior?" She hardly has time to contemplate the matter before her free hand shoots up in amiable wave towards Nadia, perking, "Sweets?"
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Once most of the stands are filled, fanfares sound attracting attention toward the Princess Alarissa. It's a way to ask for attention and silence. The former Grayson stands up and sends a warm charming smile to all the gawkers and participants before speaking out: "Welcome to Golden Decathlon. Today is the last but certainly not the least day of a marvelous event. Many of the best knights and warriors, and other talented people showed their talents in small separate duels or other events. Today we will see the single combat and joust finals, and the full archery competition. Those who would like to participate in the archery tournament, please, give your names to Master Harold," Alarissa gestures toward the man by the table near the entrance. "However, now let's start the joust finals, where Prince Edain Valardin will meet Master Talen Artiglio. Support your favourite with loud applause!" Fanfares echo in the Tournament ground again and are followed by music. Encouraging music will sound until participants will be ready to duel. Then a servant will give the needed start.
Gerry gets off his rump and starts to head towards Master Harold who is taking the archery signups. His apprentice bounces after him full of enthusiasm, forgetting for the moment his sales pitch about the superiority of leather cups. He blabs instead about the how wonderful it would be if they could have a Golden Trophy in their store. Undoubtedly they'd sell ten times as much many goods!
Deva slips in just barely in time for the fanfare and announcements. Deva is quick on her feet, dodging through the gathered crowd while managing not to smack anyone in the face with the bow strapped to her back. Skidding to a halt and pausing to catch her breath, her fingers quickly busy themselves with pulling her hair up into what just might be the messiest ponytail ever.

As there is a call for the Jousting Finals, Edain pats, his war horses neck, and swings up into the saddle deftly. He settles in the saddle and takes the reigns in his sheild hand. A blue heater, with the white Valardin dragon emblazoned across it. With high proud steps, Sir Arugula trots to the start of the run. He looks down at the blue ribbon tied around his wrist and absently adjusts it as he waits for one of the pages to bring him his first lance. He looks across the field to his opponent and offers a polite bow of his head, "Good Luck Master Talen."
Fiora arrives.
One of the Velenosa house servants makes a bee-line down toward the field from the sidelines, clasping something in his hands. When he approaches Talen, it is with no small amount of ceremony that he presents the Sword with the favour of Princess Isolde Velenosa. The silk favour is clutched in taloned, steel gauntlets while he reaches out to take the lance presented to him by Ty, the Lenosian teen that often attends Talen. With some effort he wraps the strip of cloth to the flared hilt of his polearm, right before where his hand grips it. Lifting the long spear of lumber, he then pinches his heels and rides up to the starting area.

"And to you, your royal highness." When he leans to take his shield, a blackened steel hunk, his words seem to have concluded. With that, he looks to the booth of the judges.
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(OOC) Alarissa says: Sword of Lenosia?
(OOC) Alarissa says: Talen?
(OOC) Talen says: Yes?

Once the royal highness Edain valardin and the Sword of Lenosia, Talen Artiglio are ready, one of the judges stand up to give a sign of the start, allowing the pair to ride against each other and show who is the best or the luckiest one.
Deva checks in with Harold to scribble her name down. With a smile, she peels away to get a good seat to watch the joust.
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As the joust sets up to start Aurelian turns his attention there, a solemn, reserved expression on his face as he watches the approaching crash of bodies and horses.

(OOC) Talen says: I think that's an immediate unhorsing, correct? Or is it more than 20?
(OOC) Viviana says: I said 20 higher, so yeah unhorsing.
(OOC) Talen says: BEWM
Fiora arrives late, but the lack of her immediate presence was unlikely noticed. Glancing at the joust currently in progress, she slinks up the stairs and seats herself in the general stands, where she may get a clear view.
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(OOC) Aurelian says: need to head out for a bit, back later. good luck to those taking part.
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It's the kind of event that would be spoken about for weeks and months, if not years later. When the furious rage of Talen's horse drives forward, the man atop the horse aims his lance with true intent. It crashes into Edain's heater with a vengeance and in turn, the opening he leaves is perfect for Edain to capitalise on. The collision he'll take seems to knock not just his shield back but his torso and the full force of the effort produces a single, unmistakable cry of anguish from Talen. Whatever pained him is unseen-- it could simply be his ego smashing to pieces. Either way, he ends up unhorsed, landing in the sand and kicking up dust as he remains on his side, a slow hiss exhaling as he tries to retain his composure and fails for the briefest time to do anything but remain there in a heap, shield abandoned, clutching his ribs.

And as the Judge gives the signal, Edain spurs his horse, and Sir Arugula thunders down the track. The mighty beasts hooves report like thunder against the sodden earth. Edain lowers his lance and aims for the center of Master Talen's shield. As he collides with his opponent his own shield absorbs the blow from his lance, rocking him in his saddle, but he holds strong and leans forward, putting just a little extra force into his opponent as his own lance explodes into a thousand pieces. Prince Edain gnashes his teeth and holds himself in his saddle, not seeing Talen has fallen until he reaches the end of the run and turns.
Gerry erupts into an enormous cheer as Edain unhorses Talen. "I won! I WON!" Which is far more important than the fact that the Prince of Valardin won. He grips his flabbergasted apprentice with both arms and they dance around singing: "I won, I won, I won!" Around and around and around. Its only some time later that he realizes, with some disappointment. "I should've bet more! I knew he'd win!"
Viviana stands from her seat and applauds as Edain unhorses Talen.
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(OOC) Alarissa says: I saw Gerry last. ;)
(OOC) Edain says: that was the last pose.
(OOC) Alarissa says: I would be grateful if smeone could pose;)
Ophelia stood so mesmerized by the fearsome steeds and their riders, and conversation might've been promptly lost upon her. At their savage collision, she sharply gasps, drinks languorously of her golden wine, and then gasps again for better effect. She slowly stands to applaud beside Viviana, telling her cousin, "But he's very useful. Is he okay?"
Alis is always anormously proud of her brother. But when he does //this// good, she stands up and whistles loudly along with her applause. Plus, since Talen beat her at swords, this feels like a teensy bit of payback. Ahem.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Oh, good. Sorry for my connection.
Fiora's applause is slow and soft, but it's there, at least!
Nadia rises from her seat abruptly when Talen is knocked from his horse. She stares at the Sword, drinking in the scene of his armored form sprawled in a heap. Her lips set themselves into a faint line before exhaling a bated breath, her hands rising in genuine applause for the Valardin prince afterward.
Margot claps, politely though from her seat for the Prince.

When Talen falls from his horse and fails for the briefest time to do anything but remain there in a heap, shield abandoned, clutching his ribs, a healer runs closer to check out if the man is alright. Yes, the healer is present. Just in case.

In what is probably a small miracle, Sir Arugula does not throw his Prince for once. Perhaps the horse somehow reconizes they won, and seems to be happy basking in the cheers. Edain slides off his horse and pats, the charger's neck, then approaches where Talen has fallen. Approaching the sword of Lenosia, the Prince says, "Masterfully struck, Master Talen, you nearly put my shield arm out of it's socket." he says offering him a hand up.
Ophelia is overheard praising Edain for: Yay! Horses, blood and victory!
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Margot is overheard praising Edain for: Handsome and skilled!
Alis is overheard praising Edain.
Alis is overheard praising Talen.
Edain is overheard praising Talen for: A masterful strike! I nearly put my shield arm out of it's socket!
Deva is overheard praising Talen.
Deva is overheard praising Edain.
Fiora is overheard praising Edain.
Fiora is overheard praising Talen.
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A hand comes up, glinting in the light from the shining steel of that gauntlet Talen wears. It seems to be an indication he doesn't need aid from that healer, but Edain's offer is nevertheless taken and he drags himself to his feet-- even if when he is helped up he doesn't cease clutching his ribcage. A long, tense breath inward is taken before he strides off the field with a paler than usual expression but-- to his credit-- nothing quite indicating the kind of pain he hinted on previously. "You have a gift, Prince Edain. I expect to see you at every joust from here until Tehom calls you, so I might someday best you and call it an achievement in life."

With that, he calls to Ty bluntly. "Get me something a little stronger than wine, this time-- my rib has been broken twice in two days," before he reaches to tighten every gunmetal buckle and obsidian leather strap upon his vest, binding the jacket viciously tight. It seems he'll need its support for the coming melee.

When the Sword of Lenosia stands up and there is no need of the healer's services, fanfares sound in the Tournament Ground again, followed by the clapping of the crowd. Princess Alarassa Valardin stands up once more, "What a wonderful final. I am sure it will be remembered for a very long time. I ask for those talented men to come to the stage now," She points at a small stage and moves herself there.

While the participants of the jousting is asked to come on a small stage to take their prizes, servants run out to bring the rounded targets to the middle of the field. Preparation for the archery. Servants make sure that everyone could see the results of the archers from their seating areas.

During that time most of the people should keep attention to the small stage, on which Alarissa stands up together with a servant, waiting for Edain and Talen to come.
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Once Talen is on his feet, Edain gives his forearm and firm clasp and says, "And I look forward to each of those future Tilts, Master Talen." And that said he lets steps away from the Sword, and returns to Sir Arugula and swings back up into the saddle and starts to ride him from the field.

As he does he guides the charger over to the judges stand and stops, looking up to Princess Alarissa, "Princess Alarissa, my brother love you with all his heart." he says letting his baritone voice carry. He bows his head and then reaches to the ribbon tied about his wrist and offers it up to Alarissa, "Thank you for your favor, Princess Alarissa, so that I might ride for your honor and in his memory. They inspired me to victory." He says offering his sister in law a gentle smile, and then he guides, himself and Sir Arugula from the field.
A simple, curt nod is given to Edain in reply. As soon as Talen gets his harsh alcoholic remedy, some kind of rough Thraxian beverage, he gulps it. Pointing at the call from the servant, through that gesture he then silently orders Ty across to fetch the trophy. Apparently he's not fussed by whether he receives it or not and certainly not enough to do it in person.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Eeeedain ;(
(OOC) Alarissa says: I want to give you prize. I asked to come on a stage;(
(OOC) Alarissa says: Talen too;(
(OOC) Talen says: Please read my pose.
(OOC) Talen says: Basically he said 'fuck that noise, I'm getting drunk, my servant will go for me'.

Once Talen is on his feet, Edain gives his forearm and firm clasp and says, "And I look forward to each of those future Tilts, Master Talen." And that said he lets steps away from the Sword, and returns to Sir Arugula and swings back up into the saddle and starts to ride him from the field.

As he does he guides the charger over to the judges stand and stops, looking up to Princess Alarissa, "Princess Alarissa, my brother love you with all his heart." he says letting his baritone voice carry. He bows his head and then reaches to the ribbon tied about his wrist and offers it up to Alarissa, "Thank you for your favor, Princess Alarissa, so that I might ride for your honor and in his memory. They inspired me to victory." He says offering his sister in law a gentle smile, and then he dismounts and stands at the stage.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Ah. Sorry;D
(OOC) Edain fixes his pose, "Sorry I missed that."
Ailith arrives.
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When the men are on the stage, Alarissa takes a steel trophy with a redwood base from the nearby servant. She approaches Master Talen Artiglio servant Ty and offers him a trophy. No words are offered. It's a servant. Then the servant gives her a golden trophy with a redwood base. The princess smiles broadly. She takes that favor of hers back, "It was an honor, Prince Edain Valardin. Thank you for a wonderful victory." Then she gives him the golden trophy and allows all the fans to clap and praise their favorite, before continuing, "Now I shall ask for all those regestered for the Archery tournament to take their arrows and line up by the targets brought," she gestures toward those rounded targets.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Archery: Gerry, Ophelia, Deva? Whom I missed?
(OOC) Fiora raises hand.
(OOC) Talen raises also. Because medical professionals are liars.
(OOC) Fiora says: Though I forgot my bow. Go me.
(OOC) Gerry says: That's fine, we're just using skill checks anyway!
(OOC) Edain thinks it's just checks so I don't know if you need a bow item.
(OOC) Talen says: I'm sure they're provided.
(OOC) Fiora says: Cool.
Jaenelle has been here the entire time, a small white bunny in her arms that she pets with bandaged hands. She observes Talen, almost waiting for Ty to hand over something shiney.
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Ophelia beams a dimpled smile towards her familiar trio of women before sliding up to her feet, applauding warmly for Edain's words towards Princess Alarissa. "Excuse me." Once free from the bustling rigors of the stands, she drinks delicately of her wine in lasting measure and exchanges goblet for bow and quiver. A light breeze flutters through her curls, breathing energetic life towards both her self-favored ribbon tied to her arm and the ones tethering her locks as she cheerfully pads towards the field while strapping an archery guard upon her hand. "The Gods Bless you," she brightly says towards the other competitors as they approach.
Edain bows to Alarissa as he takes his trophy and says, "Thank you Princess Alarissa." And that said he slips out of the stands and leads his war horse away. Getting him to the stables and himself to the audience stands where he is on the oppossite side of the archers.
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Gerry hastily runs off to retrieve both his bow and his arrows from where he had stashed them. The bow is an old but well cared for ash hunting bow, and comes free of its leather holster once he's down on the field with the rest of the competitors. Sinewy muscle flex as he bends and strings it. Looking around to find that, aside from Talen who, let's face it, almost dresses as fine as anoble even if he isn't, he is the odd commoner out, the graying trader looks noticeably nervous. He glances over his shoulder at the crowds, and then quickly looks back at his bow. "Fuck," he breathes out in a quiet hiss. Quite obviously second guessing his decision to participate.
The steel trophy for Talen remains in Ty's hands right up until he returns to Talen. It's the aid who whispers to Talen as he prepares for the archery by collecting his bow, then he's waved off, encouraged to rush up the row of benches toward Jaenelle who-- for whatever reason-- is the one who gets the sculpture.

"Princess Ophelia," Talen greets his family when he approaches the targets, using the stave off the bow as a crutch of sorts, as though he were too lazy to stand. "If you take gold today I promise you my undying assistance in encouraging Luca to fight at the next Decathlon."
The archery competitors are called upon, and Fiora slowly lifts herself from her seat in the stands, dusts her bottom off, and makes her way down the steps and onto the field proper. She takes a nearby, generic practice bow instead of opting to bring her own.
Deva joins the others on the field in a languid stroll once done applauding for the jousters, her boots treading lightly on her path. "Good luck," she bids the others simply, a smile on her lips. There's a nod for Ophelia and Talen, faces she seems to recognize, before her attention shifts to the judge in the stands.
Ailith arrives wearing her white and gold Seraph's robes, too late for the previous event but apparently in time for the next, she makes her way toward the stands, pausing a moment to see whom she recognises, then heading Edain-wards.
Gerry very respectfully knuckles his forehead, and bows deeply to each of the nobles participating. Talen gets one that's only a touch lesser, and then you have to squint to tell the difference. "Good luck, m'ladies, master," he says in his rich voice. He straightens his overcoat, then sucks in a deep breath, before exhaling all the tension out. Or at least trying to. HE's mostly failing.
(OOC) Alarissa says: Everyone ready? :D
(OOC) Talen says: Aye.
Ophelia bestows a pleasant, dimpled smile towards Talen, sliding one of her feathers free. "I'm a little tipsy, delightful and painfully injured Sword of Lenosia. This is a competition and not true hunting. But I should very-very much like for your undying encouragement." Turning back to measure the distance to the targets, she comments, "I hope that you would help me regardless out of the best wishes for Prince Luca, even if I do not shine."
(OOC) Fiora is.
(OOC) Deva says: Yup.
(OOC) Ophelia says: Yes!
Jaenelle smiles as she takes the trophy without discussing the matter further. She sets the small object beside her on the bench and watches the archers begin to prepare to kill the targets, her attention moving between them and feeding a carrot to the white baby rabbit.

When all the participants of the archery are lined up in front of their targets, one of the judges stand up to give the start and allow for the participants to release their arrows.
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Gerry lets his first allow fly, and though he strikes the target its far to the left of the bull's eye. He curses under his breath, and then reaches up to his brow to wipe away some sweat. How much of that is due to his nerves and how much of that is due to the heat of summer, is anyone's guess. He picks up a second arrow, looks down it, then discards it. He goes through three more until he decides on one's worth shooting with.
Deva shifts her focus from the others lined up and stares only at the target, now. Bow at the ready, she fires when called to do so, arrow flying fast but not as true as she'd hoped. Steeling herself through disappointment, jaw tightening, she reaches for another to aim and try once more.
Ophelia nocks her violet-fletched arrow with a practiced hand, her countenance thereafter set with a grim determination as she draws back the string with a firm grip. Just before she might've been able to strike the target, there's a tiny shadow which flits across the field and she's abruptly scaling her aim upwards. Instead of scoring a well-aimed strike upon the painted surface, there's a cut-off squawk from above when a small feathered form tumbles dead from the sky to bounce lethargically upon the grass. Ophelia watches with the utmost care and then frowns, "Oops. I missed."
Fiora simply nods indifferently to any courteous bows sent her way, her eyes fixated on the target standing in front of her, before the contest starts. The nimbly sets and knocks her first arrow, which embeds itself squarely into it's prey with a harsh thud.
Talen's aim is not perfect but he does hit an inner ring with the first arrow, the twang of his bow near silent-- indicating he did everything right bar one thing; power. Without the full use of his muscle, it dips just a touch low to be a bullseye. The Sword's gaze has strayed from Ophelia to Gerry in that time, the performance of the common man seemingly of interest. "Calm down," he schools the man, "when you are loosing arrows, the aged ancestory of the blood you're spilling doesn't truly matter. You have to aim true. Take a breath," he advises, as if sure that Gerry's nervousness with the company he keeps is the cause for his wider shot than the rest.

It's then that the fallen bird lands and Ophelia's antics secure his attention... and he laughs, openly but only a single time, a rare sight indeed. "HAH!"
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Ophelia's second shot lands much more smoothly, scoring a solid strike upon the surface but well towards the outer ring. She looks unprecedently delighted though, her dimpled smile incredibly pronounced throughout the act itself. "I was not made to shoot targets," she tells Talen, cheerfully.
Deva slides a look from the deceased bird to Ophelia, unable to hide a smile or fight back the quiet laugh that follows. Eyes still mirthfully crinkled at the corners, she makes her second attempt. This time, the arrow pierces very near the center of the target. Satisfied, she nods to herself and reaches for the third and final arrow.
Gerry bobs his head gratefully in Talen's direction. "Thank you, good master." Then his focus takes in the task at hand. He breathes in once, then breathes out again just as slow. Meditative. With a single motion he places the arrow on the bow, draws the feather to his cheek, and then releases. The arrow hits far closer than it did last time, but still nowhere near as close as some of the others have. He blinks, and doesn't look all that satisfied with his efforts.
The second arrow that flies loose toward the target is less admirable and Talen's attention for the competition seems to have wandered, choosing instead to study Ophelia in her games. "This is too true, your highness. You have my blessing to try for something harder next, if it pleases you. Perhaps someone's apple, in the audience." It's a dangerous suggestion, because -she just might-.
Another arrow is swiftly knocked, but embeds itself in one of the outer rings. A slight hint of displeasure creases Fiora's brow. She finally pauses to regard the dead bird, slightly impressed that Ophelia managed to hit a moving target instead of the stationary one.
Half a dozen people by the ringside suddenly toss their snacks, apples, on the ground.
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Talen's suggestion has Ophelia looking towards the stands, the taut string of her bow unpulled where her arrow sits against it. Her brown eyes narrow thoughtfully and there's a small jerk as if one of the half-airborne apples caught her fancy. Instead, she turns back towards the targets, deciding in an all-inclusive nature which brings out her natural smile, "We should do that next time! All of us." Ophelia's focus returns to the less-violent displays, the feathered projectile hitting the outside of the inner ring. She breathes comfortably as she lowers her weaponry without threatened cases of assault, "That was fun."
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"Next time," Talen offers in solemn promise while he aims with one eye slightly closed and watches how Gerry's rushes right into the bullseye on the last. "Ah-hahhhh," he issues, a long, curious exhale as she notes the quality shot. "Much better, Master...?" and he leaves it open ended before passing off the bow, reaching then to claim his whisky back from Ty, who lingers an appropriate distance away. Promptly he drinks, enough to help quell the pain a little more.
Consistent. Deva is, at least, consistent. Her shots haven't been the most spectacular, but they've been steady. Her disappointment is evident in the way her shoulders drop, face creasing into a thin-lipped expression. "Damn," she whistles out loud at Gerry's final shot. With a bow of her head for the others, she takes a step back in the direction of the stands.
Gerry lets fly that last arrow, and it strikes true. Right into the very heart of the straw target. He blinks once, then twice, then three times, his mouth opening. Then closing again. Then opening. He looks towards the other targets to try to measure just how well that final arrow hit compared to theirs. "Uh," he says to Talen when he's addressed. "Taken. Master Gerry Taken, of uh, the most honorable Crafters Guild of Arx."
Diminishing returns! The next arrow lands even further from the intended bullseye, and Fiora heaves a disappointed sigh as she lowers her bow. She turns to observe how well the other competitors did, and Fiora arches a brow when she observes Gerry's arrow-addled target. "Huh..."
Ophelia's bow, quiver and glove are delivered into the waiting arms of her youthful attendant, in exchange for a refilled goblet of wine. The whistle of appreciation is granted at Gerry's shot also, with a toast provided to the common man along with a warm smile. Untying the ribbon upon her upper arm with a smooth motion, she dangles it front of Talen as she steps away from the field, "Add this token to your collection, Sword of Lenosia. My Lady-Cousin Viviana wore it when she secured her last victory. She had it made for me. Perhaps it will bring you luck! Or more pain. Who knows!"

As the tourney continues Prince Aurelian simply stands and silently slips his way out of the stands and the grounds, trying to avoid to much disruption in the process.

Aurelian is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.

Fanfares sound in the Tournament Ground again, announcing the end of the archery tourney. Some of the people in the crowd clap joyfulluy to praise their favorites, some are displeased, especially those who lost various bets. Once more Princess Alarissa speaks out, "Marvellous," she claps slowly, "Perfect. You all showed up very well! However, the winner is just one. Congradulations, Lady Fiora Malvici who came second, and apploud Master Gerry, the winner of the archery tourney! Though, of course, all participants are worth of your love and cheers!"

Alarissa may be found on that same small stage and she invites, "Please, Master Gareth and Lady Fiora Malvici, join me here for a short moment." A steel trophy with a redwood base will be given to Fiora once she will come to the stage. Alarissa will leave time to all the fans to shower lady in their praises before offering a golden trophy with a redwood base to Garry. His fans will have enough time to praise the man too.
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A single, curt nod is given to Gerry and then he's dismissed, as if that's all the information he needed for now. Then, wordlessly, he moves off the field to collect his gauntlets and helmet, readying for what will be the inevitable final-- the melee.

Ophelia's offer of her favour is taken and he smoothes the ribbon out before he returns it to her, "Would you mind? Please," he says, indicating for her to tie it to his arm, just below a stunning array of black gold links that clutch an amethyst fox, a token of the Archduchess of Lenosia. "You flatter me, princess. I'll wear it alongside the Grand Duchess' own favour."
Talen ^
Gerry plucks off his hat, which is quite the cool wide brimmed leather hat, with a raven feather in it. He clutches it to his chest along with his bow as he heads towards Alarissa and the trophies. He bows his head deep and respectfully to the Princess. He certainly doesn't correct her when she utters his name wrong. Such is not the place of a common man, right? "Thank you, thank you." He says when he gets the trophy. Finally he cracks a grin, quite bent, and some of the humility is replaced with pride as he looks out across the crowd.
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Fiora chews on her inner cheek once the results are announced and she apparently placed second, equal parts impressed by the strange commoner and disappointed that she didn't actually win! She moves when Alarissa requests her presence on the stage, with a slow but sure stride. Once there, she accepts the trophy with a gracious bow, regardless of her true opinion on the matter. "Thank you, Your Highness. It is an honor." A pause. "And good work, Master Gerry. Well-deserved."
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"... Why... I would be delighted." Ophelia applaused heartily and warmly for the chosen victors, her crystal goblet provided towards her attendant as she delicately roped the ribbon about Talen's upper arm herself and ties it off with a pretty bow of balanced loops. Leaning in to impart an air-kiss to his cheek, she claims with no small amount of mischief, "I'm so glad you decided to pledge your undying encouragement to Prince Luca even though I didn't win. Fight to win!" As she departs for the stands, her squee towards Nadia and Lydia can be heard shortly after.
(OOC) Jaenelle says: Is anyone else reminded of the Disney Robin Hood where he takes off his hat after winning and is revealed to be none other than the man himself? Yeah Gerry, you take off that hat!
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While Princess Alarissa gives trophies to the winners, the servants move rounded targets away from the field, creating more space for the last competition. When the winners of the archery tournamnet leave the stage, Alarissa announces, "Now, the last but not least - finals of the single combat. Please, welcome warmly Lady Viviana Pravus and Master Talen Artiglio to the center of the field. As you all know Lady Vivina Pravus is the one who arranged and created these three marvellous days full of events while Master Talen Artiglio is the person who participated in the most events of the Golden Decathlon. I am sure that we can expect a lot in this final!"

While the pair is preparing, encouraging music will keep the mood up. Though, once Talen and Viviana are ready, one of the judges will give a start for the pair to show their talents in single combat.
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Viviana stands from where she's sitting and offers a hand to Lydia. "My lady, would you be so kind as to bequeath a token of your favor for my fight?" She asks.
Gerry bobs his head again to Fiora, as deep as he gave Alarissa. "Thank you, M'Lady." Then he collects up his apprentice and heads back towards the general seats to watch the last of the day's bouts.
Alarissa says, "cal"
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"What?" Gerry asks his apprentice with a frown. "They did what? But we've promised the order for tomorrow? FOR TOMORROW!" His voice becomes a roar of frustration. Then he pipes down as he looks around hastily, guarded against making a scene when he just won a trophy. "Fucking hell. Always something. Always something ruining on my parade. I won the damn archery trophy! And all you can do is bring me bad news." Muttering, he clamps his hat back down over his head, then stalks off out of the tournament grounds, apprentice shamefaced in his wake.
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Seemingly satisfied, Fiora meanders back up the stairs towards the seat she previously occupied. She inspects the trophy in her hands as she does so, gaze occassionally flitting up to regard the next set of fighters.
"It would be my honor, my lady." Lydia responds to Viviana with a bright smile pulling a small ribbon trimmed with white fur on either end from the pouch she carries and passes it over to Viviana while giving the woman's hand a squeeze and a warm smile.
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Talen accepts the transient kiss from Ophelia with dutiful ease and only tracks her with his grey-blue gaze when she all but commits him to something on terms she produced from thin air. There's a skyward look, as if he embraces his fate, then he turns his focus to see Viviana. As he watches, Ty approaches and passes him the helmet he had on earlier in the joust and the gauntlets he removed for archery are likewise donned once again.

Drawing his sword then, a steel blade with muted monochrome accents that match the rest of his attire, Talen advances to where he must wait for the fight to begin. A few idle swipes to the air, a twist and turn, he seems to be considering the way his can move despite his injury. All in all, his grit to proceed despite the pain is clear-- the whisky clearly having helped to some degree. "When you are ready, Lady Viviana, do me the esteemed pleasure of your company in the sinister dance of blades, won't you?"
Viviana accepts the ribbon and ties it around her forearm as she jogs quickly down the stairs. Once she reaches the ground she raises a hand to wave to the audience and then jogs forwards before throwing herself into a cartwheel and then a backwards somersault before landing once more and flicking out both her swords, she sends them flying up into the air, flipping end over end before catching them once more and smoothly sheathing the alaricite one. She grins at Talen, "Of course dear Talen, do try not to fall over from repetitive injuries before I have a chance to stab you though."
Viviana wields Daybreak's Edge.
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Talen would likely bow at full tilt but there's little hope for that, if not because of his injury then because how the cinched straps on his torso are wound to nearly the tightest notch. When he accepts a shield from the sidelines, it's a remarkably different flavour of combat than Viviana is used to fighting him in, specifically. "I opted for a little more today, especially for you. You should feel flattered, Sword of Setarco." With that, he looks to the judges booth before kicking the ground in a lurch forward, to begin.
Talen rolls 11 to attack, Viviana rolls 78 to defend.
Viviana rolls 23 to attack, Talen rolls 43 to defend.
Viviana rolls 36 to attack, Talen rolls 87 to defend.
Talen rolls 8 to attack, Viviana rolls 42 to defend.
Talen rolls 29 to attack, Viviana rolls 56 to defend.
Viviana rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 37 to defend.
The squaring off between Viviana and Talen is naught but a clash of steel and rubicund, sparks flying. Parry, parry, parry; the trio are smashing each others quickly flicked weapons out of the air in a mutual display of skill and speed. The only change in pace is the use of Talen's shield, raised hard and fast, to keep from being cut when the incoming attack comes from the angle he can't deflect using his blade.
Viviana comes in slowly at first, sending out several light probing attacks at Talen, it looks almost like she's expecting his sore ribs to be faked from the way she's not taking advantage of any drop of his guard on that side. As the steel flicks back and forth her blade finds nothing but air and the parries of her opponent and she takes a few steps back, eye's narrowing. Then after a few moments she moves to engage again, moving more aggressively now.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.
Talen rolls 34 to attack, Viviana rolls 51 to defend.
Viviana rolls 41 to attack, Talen rolls 37 to defend.
Viviana rolled 35 damage against Talen's 24 mitigation.
Talen rolls 18 to attack, Viviana rolls 47 to defend.
Viviana rolls 34 to attack, Talen rolls 21 to defend.
Viviana rolled 56 damage against Talen's 33 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 40 to attack, Talen rolls 25 to defend.
Viviana rolled 58 damage against Talen's 39 mitigation.
Talen rolls 30 to attack, Viviana rolls 31 to defend.
Talen rolled 60 damage against Viviana's 23 mitigation.
When Viviana's aggressive stance buys first blood, Talen's looking warier for a time. The dip and slap of high quality steel allows him to keep the weapon incoming away for just long enough that he can retaliate but then he's promptly punished in reply. A low hiss is given and he backs up, reassessing, waving his blade in a snake-like dance to keep his opponent away for long enough to recover.
Viviana comes on in an aggressive blur of steel and is rewarded with a light cut along Talen's forearm, and then a deeper gash along his ribs. She seems to push her luck too far though when her third strike against his shoulder is replied with a slash that cuts through the armor over her thigh. She backs off again, slowly circling the other man and twirling her blade to send a few drops of crimson flying before she comes in again, less aggressive than before but aiming to keep herself on his more wounded side.
Viviana rolls 42 to attack, Talen rolls 31 to defend.
Viviana rolled 32 damage against Talen's 45 mitigation.
Talen rolls 8 to attack, Viviana rolls 33 to defend.
Viviana rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 9 to defend.
Viviana rolled 20 damage against Talen's 36 mitigation.
Talen rolls 24 to attack, Viviana rolls 27 to defend.
Talen rolled 64 damage against Viviana's 40 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 19 to attack, Talen rolls 7 to defend.
Viviana rolled 27 damage against Talen's 22 mitigation.
Talen rolls 42 to attack, Viviana rolls 23 to defend.
Talen rolled 62 damage against Viviana's 34 mitigation.
Talen's reward for playing sheathe to the tip of Viviana's blade is that he can lure her closer with his wounding, the angle perfect for him to snap the side of his blade in and reduce down the impact of her attack. As the sound of grating steel fades into the smack against leather, Talen shoves Viviana back and exchanges lovetaps-- his so remarkably more impassioned, it seems, as it cuts across the lower-belly of his foe. It widens the diamond navel gap, once a fashion statement, across her stomach. A witty quip coup come here, perhaps, but he's far too serious for today-- his brow knit in concentration, eyes dark and hard, gunmetal in their appearance; to Viviana alone, perhaps.
coup -> could
Viviana seems to be having trouble getting past Talen's shield as her blade dips up and then down, and then side to side to try and find a way past, but her only success draws a line across his forearm in exchange for two wounds of her own.
Talen rolls 34 to attack, Viviana rolls 26 to defend.
Talen rolled 34 damage against Viviana's 37 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 18 to attack, Talen rolls 5 to defend.
Viviana rolled 11 damage against Talen's 35 mitigation.
Talen rolls 21 to attack, Viviana rolls 31 to defend.
Talen rolled 34 damage against Viviana's 40 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls -6 to defend.
Viviana rolled 29 damage against Talen's 25 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 48 to attack, Talen rolls 20 to defend.
Viviana rolled 33 damage against Talen's 40 mitigation.
Talen rolls 20 to attack, Viviana rolls 20 to defend.
Talen rolled 23 damage against Viviana's 40 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 44 to attack, Talen rolls 2 to defend.
Viviana rolled 53 damage against Talen's 24 mitigation.
Talen rolls 10 to attack, Viviana rolls 19 to defend.
Talen rolled 56 damage against Viviana's 39 mitigation.
The promise to wound is in every swing, delayed only by the clever maneuver of man or woman, sword or shield. "It bites," is said then, out of nowhere, through grit teeth. What exactly Talen is referring to when he emits those words is unkown but it matters little. Thick lashes guard his gaze in the instant when he's wounded again, only a small token returned to Viviana in retaliation before he inhales heavily. There's an intense violence growing in his gaze now, pain bringing out the desire to hurt-- and his defenses grow sloppier.
For a few seconds the pair exchange blows back and forth, Viviana still obviously reeling from the previous cuts but then suddenly out of nowhere her blade finds an opening and stabs deep into Talen's shoulder before she pulls it free and skips back, breathing hard as she circles him once more, dripping blood from almost as many wounds as him as they move to re-engage.
Viviana rolls 16 to attack, Talen rolls -7 to defend.
Viviana rolled 32 damage against Talen's 44 mitigation.
Talen rolls 33 to attack, Viviana rolls 5 to defend.
Talen rolled 37 damage against Viviana's 25 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 14 to attack, Talen rolls -32 to defend.
Viviana rolled 47 damage against Talen's 13 mitigation.
Talen rolls 14 to attack, Viviana rolls 12 to defend.
Talen rolled 82 damage against Viviana's 38 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 32 to attack, Talen rolls -32 to defend.
Viviana rolled 34 damage against Talen's 3 mitigation.
Talen rolls 31 to attack, Viviana rolls 8 to defend.
Talen rolled 45 damage against Viviana's 36 mitigation.
Ailith stands up now as she watches the fight, not yet moving, but certainly looking as if she is planning to.
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It seems the prefect opportunity to yield, really. It seems, even, that Talen might consider doing so in the brief instant he's left skewered on Viviana's weapon and his gauntleted hand comes closing in around it, yanking it forward into him just that much deeper, to gain the extra inch he needs to puncture the inky shadowmeld of Viviana's jacket. As he looms there, their moment locked together, his lips move in a hushed tone to his opponent only-- the distance to the nearest soul to make out what is said. Then he shoves her back and drops his shield, clasping both clawed hands around the hilt of his sword and lifts-- with a low growl of pain from his punctured shoulder-- to keep a high guard, ready to make his last stand.
Crimson flies as the two combatants exchange blows, their wounds and fatigue making parries seem always just a second too late, Viviana seems to have the edge, moving with a little more control than her opponent but it doesn't seem as if there's much in it, blood runs down her arm and over her gloved knuckles, dripping onto the tournament ground as whatever Talen says makes her give him a fierce grin and then she's moving forwards again, almost as if running towards the embrace of a long lost lover if not for the razor sharp sword dripping blood that leads her advance.
Talen rolls 22 to attack, Viviana rolls -18 to defend.
Talen rolled 46 damage against Viviana's 23 mitigation.
Viviana rolls 8 to attack, Talen rolls -7 to defend.
Viviana rolled 64 damage against Talen's 44 mitigation.
Talen falls unconscious.
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(OOC) Talen spits out all the vile things force fed by Ailith.
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(OOC) Ailith says: You both need to eat these beetles, it is essential.
(OOC) Viviana says: Tis just a flesh wound.
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Ophelia is overheard praising Talen for: Let no one say the Sword of Lenosia can't tolerate pain! All the pain!
Jaenelle slips from her bench away from the others, stepping forward against the railings as Talen makes a last stand and drops. She politely covers the baby bunny's eyes as Jae holds her breath in concern.
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When Talen advances, he runs-- nay, he /charges/, towards Viviana. With her fierce grin and his stern, close-slipped shadow of a near-smile he seems content to embrace the possibility of fatality. When his sword cuts through Vivana's armour, his lack of a shield leaves him open for that piercing rubicund, the crimson of the steel wet by the sanguine of his blood. When he is cut, he lowers his head and loses his balance, finding his knees. The clatter of his steel boots and gauntlets is head, his sword toppling out of his hands as Viviana is given the opportunity to perform her finishing move.
Ailith winces as it ends, then immediately starts to walk down from the stands, exploiting her excessive height, long legged strides eating up the distance as she moves from the seating and toward the tournament grounds. On the way she speaks urgently to a priestess who was watching, then continues fast toward the two as the priestess in question follows with a medical satchel. Then to Viviana. “My lady, congratulations on your victory, again, though you look as if you need my attentions almost as much as your opponent.” She crouches down then as she moves to inspect Talen's injuries, immediately producing a razor sharp knife as she does so, quite merciless to the straps of his armour.
Viviana meets Talen's charge head on in a flash of blades that is almost too fast to follow, there's a pair of crimson sprays as both warriors are wounded, but then it's Talen who goes toppling to the ground, Viviana left standing over him, leaning slightly to one side, and panting hard as she lets the tip of her blade fall to rest against the ground.
Talen wakes up.
Talen is roused quickly under the ministrations of Ailith's godawful attention-- but it's no doubt something that's in his best interests. As the cutting of his armour begins, he reaches blearily toward it and murmurs something in a hoarse tone to the seraph, his violent clawing at his helmet only meant to lift his visor so he can suck in air and breath, the act particularly hard, forcing himself to keep from passing out a second time.
Ophelia immediately rises to applause thunderously, or at least energetically, towards the two combatants, the fallen and the victor. "Wonderful, wonderful finale."

"That was... That was amazing, thrilling, scary, dangerous, painful, skilful right?!" Alarissa encourages the crowd to go wild. People clap and shout, and some even trample loudly to express their various mixed emotions. The Princess makes a long pause, allowing for the crowd to calm down, "I am impressed and I will not forget this fight for quite awhile. I am sure that Sword of Lenosia will be alright after competing in so many events in a row and enduring so much pain." This time her servant and she approach the pair who was competing. The steel trophey is given to Talen's servant Ty.

Then the young princess turns to Lady Viviana Pravus. There is a small pause before the crowd calms down once more. Then former Grayson gives the golden trophy to Viviana together with a gentle shake of a hand, if accepted, and quiet words of congradulations.

Ailith raps the pommel of the knife she was just wielding on Talen's helmet, a sharp tap. “Hold still, please.” This is not said aggressively yet does have the tone of a command, given in response to whatever he just said. As the priestess arrives next to her she then sets about applying poultices then binding the, quite numerous, wounds. “You did not have any major organs punctured but you are going to need a great deal of stitching within the next day or two if you want to retain full function, you have some significant muscles severed.”
Viviana limps over to Alarissa to accept the trophy with a pained smile, she even makes the effort to lift it up to show the crowd briefly before letting it drop back to her side and leans in to murmur something to Alarissa before she limps back up to the front of the stands and tugs free the ribbon Lydia gave her, which is now entirely soaked in blood as she offers it back. "Thank you for your favor my lady, apologies for getting it a little bloody."
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.
Talen grabs one of the nearby, discarded straps of leather and lifts it roughly to his mouth, biting on it when the priestess' fingers apply poultices to the punctures on his body, so close to a dozen other scrapes, bruises and lacerations The bell-ringing in his ears fades soon enough but whatever it was he had said doesn't continue now he's focused on doing as told by the healer. Ty's guardianship of the trophy is brief, again the item turned over to the guards of Jaenelle in the crowd while she busies herself with warding the eyes of her bunny from the bloodsport's aftermath.

Only once he's begun to be bound and the worst of the ministrations are done with does Talen spit the leather out and exhale hotly, tense throat squeezing out his claim, "Whoever decided to make Dust illegal in Arx is a fool, that would do the trick," he laments to Ailith, claiming the outlawed opiate would be just /perfect/.

Once the winners of the single combat have tropheys in their hands and the crowd calms down after praising them with attention, princess Alarissa Valardin steps forward, "That is all. The most amazing Golden Decathlon XII is over. I hope you all had a great time. Thank you all, dearest and most talented participants. It is important to participate and have joy in it not to win even if it is, of course, very pleasing. Thank you all, dearest spectators. This event wouldn't be so great if not you. All participants needed your applouse and support. Though, I shall inform you that Champion of Decathlon overall is Lord Victus Thrax followed by Master Talen Rtiglio and then Admiral Alrec Magaldi. Now off you go and celebrate, meet your favorites and shake their hands, and let those wounded to rest. Thank you!" And fanfares sound in the tournament ground for the last time announcing the end of the Golden Decathlon XII.
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After all the fanfare and noise, which Alis cheerfully participated in, a messenger arrives to murmur something at her. And, she up and leaves after saying goodbye to all the lovely people!
Alis is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.

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