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Rite of Gloria - Edain vs Niccolo

Prince Edain Valardin and Duke Niccolo Velenosa will be facing each other in a Rite of Gloria at the Tournament Grounds. They will be fighting with no armor and with simple weapons in order to best showcase skill and prowess in combat and honor the goddess Gloria in doing so. Everyone is invited to attend and watch the two men honor their Houses and the gods.


July 27, 2016, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Niccolo(RIP) Edain


Acacia Jaenelle Belladonna Marcas Ida Arn(RIP) Audric(RIP) Talen Nadia(RIP) Alis Deva Isolde Luca(RIP) Kima



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log


What a genuinely awesome Rite of Gloria! Of course I favored Prince Edain and, yes, I'm utterly biased. However, considering Duke Niccolo's age and likelihood that his skills might be more practiced, I'll also admit I was a little nervous about it. What I think was the best part was that they did not wield their personal weapons, but instead each had the same exact type of sword. To me, that evens the playing field better than anything. A blade of exceptional craftsmanship or material can sometimes turn the tide in favor of one over another. When each person comes to the grounds with the same exact type of blade, what we see in the trial is purely a match of skills. I'd love to see more such fights as that.

Luca looks at Audric, unconvinced. "What makes you say that?"
Talen arrives.
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Ida makes her way up a few more steps and then settles just a couple of benches behind Princess Alis, likely to aide in the Valardin cheers. Espying Isolde, she sends a dip of her head in the Mirrormask's direction and then, shortly after, sees Acacia, who gets a nod and smile as well. The famed and grisled general and Duke is hard not to notice, but Ida waits to offer her respects until Arn seats himself, or so it appears.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
"Interesting enough for a bet then, Audric?" Acacia tugs free a bit of leather tethering her rebellious curls from over her shoulder, binding it instead carelessly about her wrist as she trundles more comfortably into the stands. "You should woo someone for drinks, by the way. There clearly has to be some." She ends up reclining upon one of the bnehces nearby, a respectful dip of her head shared towards both Princess Alis and Ida with a flash of a genuine smile thereafter, "... Did you also give your token to your brother, your Highness?"
Alis may have indeed just suffered a momentary loss of thought. Did Isolde just grab her brother and kiss him? Please excuse her while she outright stares rudely for a moment. And then clears her throat. Sorry Niccolo, you're a handsome older man and all. But she's not going to duplicate Isolde's actions. To Arn, when she sees him, she smiles brightly and nods. "I wore my tiara with my armor for him. He seems to get a kick out of that." is replied to Acacia.
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Marcas enters in, this time a turkey leg in each hand as he makes his way into the general seating. Looking about on just where to sit. One smoked turkey leg is for eating now. Maybe the other one is for sharing? Maybe the other one is for later? Looking so cultured and refined, the Captain makes his way to a seat by some familiar faces.
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Isolde offers a bright grin and a wave to Alis. "Princess Alis, it's good to see you again! The match should be extremely exciting, shouldn't it?" She takes a seat nearby, clearly having a hard time keeping from laughing to herself.
When Talen arrives he does so in the company of Nadia, the duchess upon his arm. The opposing limb is curved around the shape of a steel helm, tucked against his forearm and pressed to his hip. Much like the mirrormask-inspired headpiece, polished sollerets and gauntlets adorn the southern Sword, a direct contrast to the obsidian black of his usual dark leathers. "Choose your favoured seat, your grace and I shall follow," he encourages the northern woman, grey eyes wandering the field first, then the crowd. "Somewhere I can watch closely. I would bet on the defeat of this Valardin prince."

Prince Edain is in the center of the field, stretching and preparing for the fight to come. He's looked up to nod to spectators as they arrive, He is turning greet Duke Niccolo, when Isolde, like a freakin' ninja pushes a ribbon into his hand, to give her favor to the Valardin Highlord, "Your favor. But I'm. Fighting your...." he manages to stammer out but Isolde is already well on her way to to sit primly in the stands, and Edain, despite his best efforts looks a bit flumoxed. He eventually clears his throat and says, "Thank you Princess Isolde, I shall fight in honor of your favor...." He says, trying to sound confident but sounding incredible uncertain.

Taking a deep breath, Edain ties the ribbon, she has given him around his forearm and makes his way into the center of the field to greet Niccolo, "Duke Niccolo, It is my honor to test my skill against yours to please Gloria and honor our houses." He says with a bow to the unflappable statesman.
Edain wields rebatted arming sword.
"Because, my good man, everything is interesting when you look at it from the right perspective," Audric says, cheerfully. "Every outcome is potentially very interesting, and it gives me a chance to see these two fight." He grins brightly, producing a flask from somewhere and taking a long drink.
Jaenelle enters and climbs up towards the gathering crowd. She takes a seat, leg crossing as her elbows rest on her raised knee and her chin sits on her upturned hand. Her eyes are focused on the center area, waiting for the rite to begin.
Luca leans forward. One might think him interested in the duel about to occur, now that the combatants are making ready, but instead he keeps going until he's bent over and can rest his chin in a hand with an elbow propped on his knee. "Yeah?" He repeats, still unconvinced. "You're right, in that you have the chance to see a fight."
Kima arrives.
(OOC) Luca says: Jaenelle stole my pose. Is that like wearing the same thing to a party?
"It is beyond a magnificent tiara," Acacia acknowledges genuinely, her gaze slipping up towards the white-gold wrought curled dragon with a comfortable smile curving her lips. "That's certainly honoring enough." But her lips were struggling with that composure by the time Isolde had joined the benches, the dip of her head respectful in greeting, as she remarks, bemused, "You've blessed him, your Highness."

Marcas recevies a look, only to be followed up by a second one, her grin instantly fuller, "... Double-fisting, Captain? Or do you expect it to be that long that you need one in case you wave the first around too much?"
(OOC) Jaenelle says: I wore it best!
Alis recovers quite admirably, thank you. "Very exciting, yes. I fear you may have just distracted my poor brother on purpose though." is quipped, an eybrow raised in jest at the mirrormask. The amusement in her expression is obvious.
Niccolo lifts a brow as Isolde plants a kiss on Edain. There's a single amused chuckle, and those dark brown eyes regard the Valardin prince. "Seems like you have a fan, Your Grace," the duke tells his opponent with a quirk of his lips. He gestures to his guards, and eyes still on Edain, removes the regal looking sword, handing it over. He also removes his shirt, giving it to the guard who carefully folds it in turn, leaving the man bare-chested, wearing trousers and boots.

"Oh, it is my honor, Your Grace. To test if you're worthy of my daughter's favor," he glances over where Isolde sits, before his attention turns to Edain. There's the bow then, done so that his gaze remains on the Valardin.

And as Niccolo rises from it, he unsheathes his sword, simple like the rest of his garments. "Let's test our mettle before Gloria then, Your Grace."
Niccolo wields rebatted long sword.
The usually dour expression on Arn's face fades into a smile upon reaching Alis. "Prince Alis, that tiara is simply perfect on you." He inclines his head in respect to the woman as he settles in near Alis and Ida. To the former, he nods politely but says nothing. He then turns his attention on tournament at hand unless otherwise interrupted.
"I'll confess that I'm unfamiliar with His Grace, Duke Niccolo's skill. I heard he is rather good though," is Nadia's musing commentary upon the opponents of the match before she looks up to the stands, idly drawing forward a few short steps ahead of the Velenosan Sword to lead him on a path to the front rows where she sequesters a stretch of the bench for them with ease. A delightful smile crests her lips when her eyes catch upon Alis and other familiar faces in the crowd, finger-wiggling should they meet her eye.
(OOC) Luca says: Ehhh.
(OOC) Arn says: Aaaand Acacia, sorry My House is out of control so I miss minor things.
Isolde smiles at Acacia, affecting a dreamy, wistful look upon her face. "Have I? I -do- hope so. He is rather fetching, isn't he?" She takes a quick glance around. No Esera. She looks relieved, and then puts on that same dreamy-schoolgirl expression behind her mirrored mask. She looks at Alis? "I am -certain- your brother is well acquainted with the favor of the female masses, Princess. I don't think I did any undo harm?" She grins at her, leaning over to murmur to the Valardin Princess.
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Marcas has both hands full of turkey leg. Double-fisting indeed! Looking over to Acacia he just smiles. Waving the second, untouched one at her. "Jealous? Ye want one?" he offers. "I can't stop eatin' these things. I think they add in a secretive spice. I jess smell 'em outside the grounds and me mouth starts droolin'." he professes as if it is a clear addiction.

Is looking to the stands and then back to Niccolo, the fact The Velenosa Princess, his daughter, just planted one on him and gave him her favor, to fight her father. Let's just say it leaves Edain feeling very awkward. It is time to start the fight and Edain raises his sword to salute, Niccolo, "I will do my best to be worthy of the favor, your Highness." Edain says as he lowers his sword, and shifts his feet getting into a a stance and readying to fight.
The formidable sight of the turkey leg has Acacia swaying just slightly to aside, narrowly avoiding one of the drippings which splatters upon the bench beside her. With an amused huff of breath, she flicks her hand towards him, eyes brighter when they attend to his features. But from there, she merely angles her torso backwards, providing that purer visual passageway when she gestures with a sweeping hand towards Ida, lips quirked with her own ill-suppressed mischief, "Well, since you're in such good spirits, Captain. Let me introduce you to Master Smith Ida Ferron-- Mistress Ida, love, this is Captain Marcas. I believe he mumbled something in your general direction once."
Kima had arrived and seated herself all unobtrusive-like some time ago! But she's distracted by the food and drink within her hands - well, distracted enough that she isn't talking all that much. She is paying attention to the field below.
Ida can't help but smell the turkey legs Marcas boasts, the scent likely wafting a bit along the benches. She makes no remarks, but smiles and perhaps makes some note to herself about bringing snacks and a flask next time. Her musings are interrupted when Arn takes his seat. "My lord," is offered in the same respectful tone she uses with everyone above her station, which tends to be a lot of people. There's a faint smile, however; likely as he's House Valardin as well. Acacia's familiar voice soon tugs her attention and she smiles before glancing next to Marcas again. "I recall. It is good to see you again, Master Marcas."
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"No, Edain," Niccolo says to the man, using the familiar form of address as he twirls his sword in one hand, before he offers a salute. "You will do more than your best. Because that, is my daughter we're talking about," hints of a grin touch the duke's face.

The words lead to Niccolo circling Edain, looking for openings, as the dance of swords begins.
Edain rolls 23 to attack, Niccolo rolls 61 to defend.
Niccolo rolls 60 to attack, Edain rolls 82 to defend.
Talen is overheard praising Niccolo for: #FatherOfTheYear. Yes, I hashtagged.
Isolde clasps her hands in front of her, letting out a sigh that only a young woman could possibly manage with any sincerity.
Niccolo rolls 25 to attack, Edain rolls 95 to defend.
Edain rolls 8 to attack, Niccolo rolls 61 to defend.
Niccolo rolls 21 to attack, Edain rolls 61 to defend.
Edain rolls 21 to attack, Niccolo rolls 43 to defend.
The turkey leg brandished at Acacia continues to do so. A very much 'not touching you' game for a moment with Marcas smiling crookedly for it. "Oooh, well then. Good to meet you as well. Formally, rather than me smilin' at ye like a creepy bastard." he nods his head firmly. The untouched turkey leg that was in danger of touching Acacia is offered out to Ida. "Here. I ain' one fer flowers to begin with." he suggests to her. Glancing to the side, double taking upon seeing Kima who he smiles and waves his other turkey leg at her in a silent hello. Then the duel is on and he shuts up, munching on his turkey leg as he watches on.
"Mistress Ida," Arn says as he nods slightly to the woman before turning his head to Nadia and thusly missing the beginning of combat. "Duchess Nightgold, yes? I arrived just yesterday evening." The sound of combat starting causes him to peel his attention away.
Alis cannot help but giggle at Isolde's statments, trying her best to present a straight face and not look like she is causing mischief. "I will meet your bet, Sir Talen." she offers, looking back up and over her shoulder at the Sword. She supports her brother, obviously. It would be unseemly if she did not do so in this case when the stakes are offered. And when she turns back around, winks at Isolde before paying attention to the fight again.

"More than my best then." Edain says, and his sword meet's the duke's. Blades meet, blows are turned aside, as the two fighters feel each other out. Circling slowly as his blade flashes, when Niccolo side steps a blow deftly, instead of parrying it outright, it surprises the prince. "My father always said you were one of the quickest men he's ever seen." Edain says as he gets his blade back and tries to get ready for another pass.
Ida manages a laugh and dips her head a moment to Marcas. "You are too kind," is remarked as she takes the proffered turkey leg. Holding it up almost like a toast, she then takes a few bites. "Mmm. Quite good. Better than flowers anyhow, I'd imagine." At Arn's acknowledgment, seriously, she inclines her head yet again. That's her thing. She doesn't say anything, mouth occupied with turkey for the moment. Her gaze focuses on the grounds and the fighting.
Belladonna arrives.
Nadia focuses her attentions upon the ensuing fights, nary a clash of dulled blade or flurry of feints missed from the duchess' scrutinous gaze. "Who do you think will make the first strike," she inquires of those immediately around her with a distracted air, something of a charming smile gracing her lips when she spares a glance to Arn next. "I'm sure Lord Commander Everard is more than happy to have his brother return to the city. He mentioned you fondly, last we spoke. Perhaps, after the battle, you'll allow me to treat you to a round of drinks for proper welcoming to the city?"
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It truly is like a dance. One that is marked by the constant clanking sounds of each parry, as metal meets metal. While there is a certain flourish to Niccolo's moves, they remain rather efficient, soldier-like. His is not a style meant for show, but rather for brutal dispatching of enemies.

But Prince and Duke remain matched, until that last blow that Niccolo sidesteps. There's that twirl of the sword, and the duke allows hints of a grin. "Your father would be proud of seeing you fight," he points out, just before he moves into another series of furious trading of blows.
Niccolo rolls 30 to attack, Edain rolls 80 to defend.
Edain rolls 39 to attack, Niccolo rolls 71 to defend.
Edain rolls 23 to attack, Niccolo rolls 76 to defend.
Niccolo rolls 32 to attack, Edain rolls 43 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 73 damage against Edain's 2 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 19 to attack, Edain rolls 62 to defend.
Edain rolls 47 to attack, Niccolo rolls 49 to defend.
Edain rolled 32 damage against Niccolo's 0 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 13 to attack, Edain rolls 58 to defend.
Edain rolls 28 to attack, Niccolo rolls 55 to defend.
Isolde gasps at each blow, puts a hand to her forehead when Edain gets hit. She cheers as he lands his own blow, and the whole time, she's seconds away from bursting out into raucous laughter.
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Duke Arn was just about to respond to Nadia's inquiry when the first hits are scored. Whatever he would have said looks to have soured in his mouth. He adjusts himself slightly to take in Nadia while eying the fight. "I have not had the opportunity to meet with my brother. He was out when I inquired about him," he says a little distractedly. "Though, I am sure we would be honored by the invite." Talking nice to Redrain. That's good for everyone, right?

It is like a dance but, with each move, it becomes a more desperate pace. Precise footwork, measured strikes, and it is a crack to his ribs as Niccolo lands the first strike. These weapons are blunted, but they are still slabs of steel, and that is going to leave a welt. Edain stutters back a step and regains his balance, and he strikes back, connecting to the Niccolo with a return blow. Blows trade both men seem to shore up their defense, and refuse to give an inch to either as both men turn each other's blows now.
Choosing the high booth for a better view, the large group that accompanies the Duchess of Setarco dusts the seat and lays flower petals down for Belladonna's visual enjoyment, sitting only when a large silk cushion is brought forth for her comfort. The shrewd cast of her tilted eyes take in the crowd, with most of her attention falling on Isolde and Niccolo, the latter where her gaze stays once the violence begins.
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The return blow from Edain catches him across his back, landing solidly, and sending the duke into a stumble forward. Rather than fight it, Niccolo follows the momentum, pivoting from an almost crouching position, and bringing his blade up, then down, the across. The duke's gaze is intense, fixed on Edain as years of skill and experience make their return in the arena.

Taking a moment to catch his breath after a little step back, the duke cracks his neck along with a quirk of his lips, then throws himself back into the fight.
Niccolo rolls 14 to attack, Edain rolls 58 to defend.
Edain rolls 38 to attack, Niccolo rolls 48 to defend.
Edain rolled 24 damage against Niccolo's 0 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 34 to attack, Edain rolls 35 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 12 damage against Edain's 14 mitigation.
Edain rolls 22 to attack, Niccolo rolls 49 to defend.
Niccolo rolls 23 to attack, Edain rolls 39 to defend.
Edain rolls 23 to attack, Niccolo rolls 43 to defend.
Alis nudges Arn just a little with her arm when his expression sours like that. "They are both doing quite well, are they not?" Her smile brightens, even, when eyes rest on Nadia next. "We should meet again soon and try to finish an entire cup of tea this time. I felt our visit was cut far too short." is admitted. ANd of course, she will be -quite- disappointed to have missed her brother scoring a hit as she was talking. That will teach her!

Quickly the Prince of Sanctum tags the Velenosa Duke, with a quick strike to the side, There isn't much out of it, and the nimble Lyceum Lord seems very little effected by it. He tries to press the advantage, but he is stopped at every turn.
That tag, though. It lands across Niccolo's face, since it catches him in the middle of a spin. The duke is forced to spit some blood, rolling with the blow. But rather than lament the situation, or ponder it, Niccolo continues on, letting fighting instinct take over.
Edain rolls 26 to attack, Niccolo rolls 29 to defend.
Edain rolled 24 damage against Niccolo's 1 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 26 to attack, Edain rolls 16 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 44 damage against Edain's 6 mitigation.
Edain rolls 17 to attack, Niccolo rolls 30 to defend.
Edain rolled 28 damage against Niccolo's 5 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 16 to attack, Edain rolls 17 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 43 damage against Edain's 11 mitigation.
Arn turns his attention away to acknowledge Alis. "They both are, yes princess." A beat. "They are very evenly matched. Though I hope the winner is our Prince Edain, the end result will be the same. A very good match." ... And then the hits start rolling in.
Edain rolls 39 to attack, Niccolo rolls 60 to defend.
Niccolo rolls 15 to attack, Edain rolls 16 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 29 damage against Edain's 10 mitigation.
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Niccolo rolls 21 to attack, Edain rolls 8 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 12 damage against Edain's 13 mitigation.
Edain rolls 25 to attack, Niccolo rolls 17 to defend.
Edain rolled 49 damage against Niccolo's 1 mitigation.
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And now the fight is becoming less of a dance and more of a strait of fight. Steel sings against steel as blades, cross, but then, something happens. Edain makes a mistake. Overextending a little too much, and as such the song of steel against steel turns to a cacophany of steel against flesh. Solid, meaty *fwumps* report as the Duke is able to take advantage of Edain's misteep and just unloads a vicious series of strikes on him. In truth the Prince looks pretty rough, but make no mistake, Edain is no where near as refined in his fighting style as the vastly more experienced Duke, but the kid can take a hit. He weathers the onslaught and answers with an upwards swing that finally connects. With a authority.
Each time Niccolo lands a hit, there's polite applause from the high booths and silk favors come raining down in various shades of vibrant purple. When that becomes boring for Belladonna, she sends down servants with glasses of wine for the audience and relaxes with a bottle of her own and a bowl of candied fruits fed to her by a scantily-clad manservant with a myriad of bunching and flexing muscles.
Deva arrives.
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It connects with enough authority that it sends Niccolo staggering back, having pushes past the duke's attempt to block and dragging the blunted blade across his chest, to then hit him with that slab of metal right on the chin. Clenching his teeth after the blow, the duke shakes his head to clear it. There's that twirl of his blade, a little slower than before, but still there. There's a small side glance over at Isolde at the general seating area. Short, swift, just like the offensive press he tries to unleash on Edain.

The duke feints left, then right, then lets the blows rain.
Edain rolls 44 to attack, Niccolo rolls 26 to defend.
Edain rolled 53 damage against Niccolo's 10 mitigation.
Niccolo rolls 12 to attack, Edain rolls 12 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 54 damage against Edain's 12 mitigation.
Isolde is watching with baited breath. Really. She's not playing pokemon at all.
Niccolo rolls 8 to attack, Edain rolls 18 to defend.
Niccolo rolled 28 damage against Edain's 18 mitigation.
Edain rolls 5 to attack, Niccolo rolls 17 to defend.
Edain rolled 25 damage against Niccolo's 1 mitigation.

And now the fight is getting to a more brutal pace, each man is just trading blows at this point. Edain's swordarm has gotten so heavy, that he is having trouble raising it in time to block, the Duke's blows, and so he grits his teeth and tries to keep the his balance when he is hit and answers back with a quick strike, trying to push the Duke back.
Heavy or not, that swordarm still delivers heavy blows. Niccolo remains fast on his feet, looking barely tired at all compared to the now slower Edain. Quicker blows find openings in the Valardin's defense, but for each one, the duke starts paying dearly. That last one sends him stumbling a few steps. The duke licks at his lips, bloody and swollen as they are.

He uses the back of his hand to wipe at the blow, his chest bruised all over. He twirls that sword, but this time rather than attack he brings it up in a respectful salute. "I yield, Your Grace. Your father would indeed be proud of your prowess, Edain," and there is a certain respect in the familiar use of the name, warrior to warrior. The respect there in the bow that follows, with the duke then putting his sword on the ground to help keep himself up. "Well fought. Gloria blesses you."
Luca says, "Or I could be wrong. It's known to happen."
Luca puts his hands together in a few slaps for the duelists!
Talen tightens his grip just slightly, shattering the wine goblet in his gauntlet and letting the remainder of the fluid splash to the floor in a tinkle of glass. Nothing is said as he hands over the coins to the respective parties-- Alis and Luca.
Audric leans over to give Talen a consiliatory pat on the back. "Don't worry, my friend," he says. "Everyone loses bets from time to time."
Alis inclines her head respectfully towards Talen when he rather immediately makes good on their bet. And then she is rising to clap for both Rite participants. "Extremely well fought."
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Kima looks on with an expression that can only be considered sterile. Soon enough, however, she joins Alis in getting to her feet and clapping for the duellists. The blonde even sports a polite smile by that point!

As Niccolo yields, Edain draws a deep breath, and lifts his sword to salute Duke Niccolo and says, "And my father did not understate your ability your Highness." Edain's words are measured as he tries to let air fill his lungs again, "Do not for a moment think, that I doubt which of us is the more skilled savvy fighter, A few lucky blows are all that kept me from eating the dirt." And as he lowers the salute, he offers, Niccolo a respectful bow.
Duke Arn's version of cheering is standing up and nodding as if he did not expect the outcome to be much different. He looks over and down at Edain's sister, again with softness in his eyes. "Your brother fought well today and was graceful as always at the outcome. He does great honor to House Valardin, princess."
Luca eyes Deva. "I'm not sure I ever look like that. Too good? Is that a thing?" He looks around, for backup.
Audric rises once the applause is done, stretching. "Well, that was a lovely fight," he says. "I should get back to work, however. Do have a good evening, everyone!" He grins at those he knows, then heads down and out of the stands.
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"Perhaps Her Highness means she favors a more rugged, roughed up version of your image," Nadia supplies to Luca unhelpfully from some rows down alongside Talen, barely masking the tinkle of her laughter as she rises from her seat. She looks out across the fields once more, looking between the duelists post-fight curiously.
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Nadia is overheard praising Niccolo.
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Deva glances between Luca and Nadia, eyes narrowing slightly. She rests a hand on Luca's shoulder as she studies his face with a very serious expression etched on her own. "You'd probably look good either way, but we won't know until we can confirm."
"It's a thing, your Highness, if she says it is," Acacia slips in near whisper, needlessly defending Deva or merely agreeing. An additional wink is granted towards Ida upon her departure, before she cuts a look up and over Marcas and adds, "You and your grease-slicked hair can trade drinks with me another time, Captain. You can recount a tale about how your life was once saved by a wielded turkey leg."
Niccolo coughs and narrows his eyes at Edain. He glances at his sword, and flipping it in his hand tosses it at the one guard that was attending him. Bloody as he is, the duke crosses the few steps to then stand by Edain, patting him on the shoulder. "Don't sell yourself so short, Your Grace," and that said. He turns to the crowd, bowing, and doing a good job of not stumbling while doing so, before he gestures then to Edain, presenting the winner to the crowd. The duke bows before Edain. "Thank you for the fight, Your Grace." He steps then toward his one guard waiting for him.

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