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They Shall Rise: Grand Melee

House Grayson presents They Shall Rise, a team melee tournament to take place at the Great Tournament Grounds of Alarice.

This event is a free for all team melee. There is no bar to entry, commoners and nobility alike are welcome to register, and all may come to observe and cheer their chosen champions. Teams of up to three individuals will be facing each other in open combat, with the team to have the last member standing being declared the winner. All types of weapons are allowed including bows and throwing weapons. Individuals are eliminated when they are unable to stand or they announce that they yield.

Attempts to finish off downed competitors who have yielded will be considered an attempt at murder and will be persecuted as such. Eye gouging and attempts to permanently maim or disable other competitors are also barred but other injury is to be expected. Mercies of Lagoma will be on hand to provide treatment to those injured on the field of battle.

All participating teams will receive a purse of silver from House Grayson. In addition, each member of the winning team will receive one of three matching commemorative blades fashioned by the crafter, Mistress Ida, and be named champions of Arx for the day.

Interested parties should submit a list of their team members and weapons of choice to the Lady Dawn of Grayson and his highness, Prince Calain of Grayson. Team names are optional but welcome.

Refreshments will be provided for those attending to watch the melee.


Sept. 2, 2016, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Dawn Calain(RIP)


Dagon Brianna Silas Acacia Laric Edain Donella Victus Olivia Niccolo(RIP) Joscelin Margot(RIP) Leo Gibson Luca(RIP) Selene Isolde Lydia Darren Rainier Deva Kima Audric(RIP) Talen Reese Marcas Larissa



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


The melee was fun. Five teams, thirteen warriors. I ranked fifth. Deva was still standing when I went down, but the melee went to a team of Velenosians.

Still, the North made a great showing between the four of us who participated.


The Grand Melee was fantastic. It's amazing that as many combatants were able to stay standing for as long as they did, with a couple of those hits nothing short of brutal.

I put my wager this time around on House Velenosa, though that was more out of note for my patron and even then, I wasn't entirely convinced they were going to win. I don't think I've missed one of Duke Niccolo or Sword Talen's fights yet, but watching Prince Luca was a rarer treat. He'd advised me a couple times while watching other matches and while I would've enjoyed his expertise in the stands, it was better to see him enact those same lessons.

Mistress Ida has essentially become one of my favorites to sit with, but Mistress Joscelin is swiftly earning favor. She has enough enthusiasm to provoke a crowd by herself-- really, someone should probably hire her to do just that sometime. I briefly saw the Radiant herself and Courtesan Larissa; both women who call attention in their own right. There's occasionally people who mistake me for various things, but when in direct contrast with those practiced, their polish is evident.

Lady Kima, Lord Victus and Captain Marcas' team were an easy favorite, with their prowess between them quite known and many bets and cheers seemed to head in their favor. Clearly this is known by the way they drew the direct focus, but Lord Victus truly wouldn't go down in the beginning, no matter how many swords (or whatever else there was) cut at him. I've seen Marcas fight and the way he unleashes and he was no less formidable this time around.

Prince Darren, Princess Deva and Lady Brianna were equally as intense. I hadn't counted on Prince Darren being a target so quickly, but he also held his ground with remarkable resiliency. I would've bet at least three times that he would've gone down at those blows, but he hardly took a knee and kept on swinging. The Redrain women were a glory to behold though; let no one talk poorly about their ability to both drink and fight, eh?

I don't know much about Duke Leo or Prince Laric, but they held their own. Prince Edain was as impressive as the first time I saw him, though I want to say he complimented a table during it? Must've been some fucking table. But Sir Silas was the one who stood out for me. I'm not used to really complimenting the Iron Guard, but again, the blade he bought from Mistress Ida was put to good use. He scored some heavy-handed strikes, enough to renew all senses on being glad I'm on his better side-- relatively speaking.

Overall, it was incredible. But really. No alcohol for the commoners? Tch.


The Grand Melee was a vicious, entertaining evening. I was a late entry, but had conscripted the might of my sister and the Lady Halfshav to fight along side; we were as ferocious a team as any.

Myself and Lord Victus Thrax were the first to be targetted - I by the Lord himself and his entire team, him by everybody else in the match. Most of the fighters that took on Lord Victus eventually dispersed onto other foes, but the team of Lord Victus, Lady Kima Saik, and Master Marcas Aodh were unrelenting in their pursuit to put me in the ground. I held fast - a bear of the North does not go down without a fight, no matter how many foes he is up against. Master Marcas impressed me with his might, and it was him and Lady Kima that got most of the more serious blows against me. I had the satisfaction of watching Lady Kima go down first, though. I'll be sure to send Mistress Eithne quite a bit more work, as her steel armour was impressive.

Though none from the North managed to secure a win, Deva and Brianna made an impressive showing. Fourth and fifth place, respectively. It was a fine and impressive showing of what us Northmen can accomplish.

Surprisingly, it was Prince Luca who came away with the win. Without wearing any armour, to boot. I saw how he tore into Lady Kima, and I'll give the Prince this - he impressed me this night. I suppose I'll allow him to stick around for awhile longer.

I did not get a chance to stick around to enjoy the rush that comes after the battle, as there was quite a bit of business to attend to. But I am reminded, as sometimes I still do require reminding, that words and gestures both in the battlefield and out hold weight which are incapable of being measured.


Is that sympathy I see lurking behind your eyes, scholar, or just indigestion? Spicy food will do that to you. Ah, but I note the crease that begins to form that predicts a frown. No, friend, I do not mock you today, but I would ask that you not pity me. My face, after all, remains remarkably unscathed!

I did so look forward to the melee, and was more than happy to participate even if - and I confess this with the utmost chagrin - my showing was rather poor. Nobody likes to lose, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. They're either a liar or a deviant (or both). More than that, though, I had truly astounding team mates and do not regret for a second having either of them at my side. I think we put on a good showing for what the might of combined Houses can do, and I hope that others saw it as well.

All of the competitors were worthy, though, and should be the pride of Arx. I'd fight beside any of them against a horde of screaming Shavs, and be happy to do it.

Prince Darren Redrain
Princess Deva Redrain
Lady Brianna Halfshav

Duke Niccolo
Prince Luca
The Sword of Lenosia, Talen Artiglio

Prince Edain
Duke Leo

Sir Silas Mercier
Crown Investigator Laric Grayson

And finally,
Lord Victus Thrax
Captain Marcas Aodh

I salute you, in pride and humility.


How do you describe the indescribable? Every time I think I have seen something beyond splendid here in Arx, I see something to top the last. Granted, I do not attend many events, as that just isn't my thing, but the fights? Who would miss such a thing? Especially when I was so graciously, never mind generously, honored with the task of forging the blades that would go to the winners?

Mistress Joscelin and I went together and were quickly surrounded by more cheering observers than I may ever have seen. Mistress Acacia was near, who I am forever glad to see at these things. I swear she's as fluid as water and just as refreshing to everyone around her. Master Audric caused me some laughter and it was lovely sharing the benches with Princess Reese Grayson. I did not speak much directly with her highness, though she felt like part of our little merry group while I was there, truly.

The fighting impressed me beyond measure. His Grace, Prince Edain, fought so well and honorably, as always. It makes me so proud. Everyone, truly, had something to be proud of out on that field and I enjoyed it all very much. Sadly, I lost the bet I had placed and owe Mistress Acacia a high quality weapon of her choice, for which I can't even be upset over! The evening, while I slipped out a bit earlier than I had wanted to, was another one of those memories I will hold for a long time.


Overall I'm quite happy with how this event played out. Lady Dawn was good enough to handle all the announcements and rewarding of the winners so I could simply sit back and watch.

It is interesting to see what these sorts of situations bring out in people, what it reveals about their characters. Not only the participants but also the spectators. Who they cheer for, what they remark upon. How they fit events to suit their pre-existing notions. Among the participants it is interesting to see who they team up with, who they target, who they protect and how they fight. Who loses their temper, or is upset if chance turns against them versus who takes it in stride.

Interestingly I think tactics played a fairly small role in the conflict, most people seemed to choose who to hit based on interpersonal relationships or simple availability. I wonder if that says something about human nature, even when ostensibly fighting for a prize we claim to want, our inner natures quickly overwhelm our rational ones to dictate our actions. Abstract goals like winning a tournament can never overpower our emotional, animal instincts when in the thick of it.

Kima arrives in the company of Victus Thrax and Marcas Aodh. Each were tall, well-built and powerful men; one dark and stormy as the sea, the other a man of fire. Then there was Kima, a lick of white-gold between them, and no matter the outcome of today's events, this simple fact alone was enough to make the blonde inordinately pleased.

The Lioness is equipped simply, in serviceable steel armor and bearing her favored weapon. She's been talking with her team mates, but conversation falls away the further into the tournament grounds they progress. Smiling, the knight raises an arm in order to wave to those within the crown. About that time Kima is interrupted by none other than princess Isolde, and before Kima can do or say aught - smooch!

Laughing, Kima reaches out in order to take Isolde's hands within her own. "I shall wear this with great pride, your Highness."
Silas blinks when Laric grabs his arm. "Oh, you're here already!" Sheepishly, he turns to face Laric and gives the man a friendly smile. "I suppose you're as ready as you can be, Prince Inquisitor?"

Joscelin grins at Acacia as she sits nearby, gesturing for her to come closer if there's space. She glances at the sellsword, Audric, with the odd reputation and the rumors that abound around the man. "Not to disagree, I like the whole thing! The event itself is spectacular, why just focus on one?" She looks around at Acacia's mention of drinks, suddenly thirsty. "I hope so." And then she eyes her. "'re talking wagers beyond coin. Skills?" Jos intones, just as innocently, winking at Acacia. She spots the sudden activity around Kima and Isolde, cups her hands over her mouth and hurrahs, shouts joyous, obscene things, and laughs at Audric's betting decision. "I think you've made a good choice, sir," she snickers, delighted.
Larissa arrives.
"Far more might kill us, but it'll be so worth it," Deva claps her brother Darren on the shoulder, and then squeezes Brianna's too. "Good luck." Her fingers waggle briefly at Luca across the field, but then her attention shifts up to the stands as the Grayson retinue arrives. She resumes a straight, respectful posture. Shockingly.
Gibson walks in following not far behind Isolde, the affable mercenary looking this way and that. At Isolde's long kiss with Kima, Gibson quite nearly walks into one of the walls while watching but then cathes himself and turns towards some place convenient and unoccupied. The Lower Boroughs sellsword moves up to an unoccupied area and sits himself down in a place clearly not quite right.
Gibson has joined the Judges Booth.
"She might still make it," Niccolo tells Talen, idly adjusting a bracelet he wears, his eyes again scanning the other combatants along with the crowd gathered to watch them. "A good showing," he then says, when his gaze falls on Talen and Luca once more.
One hand then drops to rest on the pommel of his sword. He looks at the people still filtering in. Or maybe not."
Larissa arrives, greets, cheers and stands.
The axe she wields is gripped just under the head, with Brianna finding a place beside Deva to wait patiently for Lady Dawn to speak to the competitors.
The call to order is performed with a flourish of long golden trumpets, twenty of them played by more attendants wearing the Grayson colors of grey and green, snarling griffins decorating each tabard. It summons the attention of the ground and is intended to summon the presence of the fighters as well, whose place is marked by a field of red before the high booth where Lady Dawn and some few others are seated.

Dawn has smiles for Margot, and one for Calain as well. But she does not sit for long. With the trumpets call, she rises from her seat and steps forward. One hand lifts to call the multitudes in the stands to silence-- and give the fighters a few more moments to arrange themselves below before she begins to speak.

A breath is taken. When addressing thousands, it's important to project. "Welcome to the tournament field of Queen Alarice the Great, and to the grand melee where we will see who will rise, and claim their right to serve as Arx's own champion for the day! Here, Arx, welcome those who would do battle before Gloria for that honor!"

Which is, of course, the crowd's cue to scream their heads off.
Laric gives another little friendly wave of greeting to the newcomers to the Grayson booth, though as fully bedecked in his armor as he is, they likely don't even know who he is. Still, the Inquisition's colors are exhibited very well in what appears to be untested and very finely polished armor, so, that's not creepy or anything.
In the company of Kima and Marcas, Victus moves with an air of calm and steady confidence. Its a quiet confidence, unassuming rather than flashy, and if he wasn't a hulking brute of six and a half feet, he might just pass notice. But of course he is a big eye-drawing brute, grim and scarred, and with a preceding reputation. So so much for that.

He wears a set of armor of a grey and matte hue, scaly leather reinforced, and of a distinctive Thraxian style. The helm is steel, though, currently held under his arm as he walks. A two handed sword's hilt lifts up above his right shoulder.

The crowds are ignored by him. Instead his even dark eyes scan the competition on the field there with him, from the Redrains and Brianna, to the Lycene contigent, to the Graysons. He makes a thoughtful grunting sound, scratching at his thick dark beard.
Lydia watches the field fill up with competitors, her neck craned and head lifted as green eyes scan over all of them. When she spots the northern team, the lady's face lights up in a broad, glowing smile and she lifts a hand, polite first. This, of course, is followed by the hand being lowered and her leaning forward for a loud, unladylike whooping holler.
Luca lifts a hand to return Deva's wave. "I'm glad you're not wearing a helm; I wouldn't have recognized you." He tells her this, knowing she definitely can't hear him from way over there. He asks Talen and Niccolo, "Don't you hate when you think someone is waving to you, so you --" and then the crowd goes wild.
Laric immediately stops waving at everybody and claps, making his gauntlets creak over and over and his half-cape shake as he does.
Leo arrives.
Marcas looks like he should be in the north, fighting in deep snow and maybe riding a bear into battle. Well, okay maybe not a bear since he is wearing that cape of bear fur. Isn't he hot? Probably. He walks alongside Kima, his wrist resting lightly on the hilt of his sword that marks him of some member of rank within House Halfshav in terms of their military forces. The rattle and chime of his chainmail along with the chainmail attached to his boots does little to really push away any thoughts that this man is a hardened soldier from the north. Barbaric in appearance from his main of reddish brown hair, the bear pelt he wears like a cape and his sturdy boots. A few spikes here and there in his lamellar armor that he wears over his chainmail, matching the ones on his boots that lend him a bit more of a ferocious, menacing air. Not something clean and noble in appearance by far.
"I talk wagers of all types, love. Nothing's excluded-- well, mostly nothing." Acacia sips off the flask, wetting her lips, in answer to Joscelin, before she's quick to amend, "Okay, there's some things excluded, but you'd probably have to come up with something absurdly creative to do so. Shall we start between you and Mistress Ida and go from there?" Her gaze is stolen admittedly by someone in the crowds, trailing up to the Judge's Booth, but she seems to lose sight when the crowds promptly being roaring and people stand up to block her sight. Ascending to her feet languidly, she drinks once more, before adding heartily to the applause, leaning towards the two nearby, "But if you're against that, well, with the assortment of free drinks, we can just ... drink to the winners then? -- And you're on, Captain-General."
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"Alas," Talen issues, "and alack. I shall no doubt see her fight again but not today, it seems." The southern man and one of the younger Lenosians soon reaches to throw his cloak over one shoulder, the weight of it a good counterbalance for what will be his sword arm. It unveils the glittering amethysts, the House Velenosa sigil and the favour of the Archduchess of Lenosia in turn. When the trumpets sound he presents himself alongside his family, ready to be inspected by the judges. "I never assume people are waving at me, your highness," he tells Luca, "it's normally for one of my charges." This is thrown out after the crowd quiets somewhat. While others may lift their hands and present themselves for the attention of the audience, the Sword is somewhat more reserved and simply adjusts his sword belt and the way it sits.
It's Reese's way not to push too quickly through a crowd, but, rather, to exchange greetings, distribute good wishes, and, of course, smile at everyone she can manage. The down side of this habit, of course, is that she tends to be a bit slow to get where she's going, and, when the crowd roars in answer to Dawn's declaration, she's only halfway to her destination. But, laughing, she opts to find a seat where she is, rather than continuing on upward -- albeit she does dart a curious look at her eventual destination, seeing, or perhaps not seeing, something up that way.
Silas directs his smile up at Dawn and Calain when Dawn beckons for their attention. He awkwardly claps too alongside Laric, but he stops after about the third. The gauntlets were heavy and noisy. He finally moves to face the field with the rest of the competitors and steps onto it.
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Like Talen, Niccolo is rather served. That hand remains on the pommel of his sword. However, as the presentation of the combatants takes place, he lifts his head and allows a marked nod towards the crowd, his gaze then falling on Dawn and Calain. He leans in toward his companions, eyes still on the hosts. His hand drops from the pommel of the sword, and he tests his wrists, then flexes his fingers and follwos that by a roll of his shoulders.
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"What? I can't hear you!" Deva yells at Luca, confused, but she's definitely drowned out by the roar of the crowds. Darren might hear her, though, because her head is conveniently turned in his direction. Shrugging in an exaggerated fashion, she lets her attention drift back high to the hostess.

Joscelin laughs with Ida, then tilts her head as she listens to Acacia and Audric banter about bets. The jeweler considers the field, eyes drawing to the peculiar moreso than the hard to miss, like Victus. "If I didn't bet on Kima, I'm certain I would regret it. So just for her spirit... A fine piece of jewelry by my hand, custom made. And if she wins... hmm. A favor perhaps?" She grins at Ida. "I don't bet often enough to understand how the rules are played." She pauses to listen to her Lady Dawn, then watches the others that take the field, calmer and quieter for the moment to listen.

Managing to unsheath his sword just prior to the sound of trumphants, Darren stands straight and well-postured, eyes trained upon Lady Dawn as she speaks. Upon her declaration, he raises a fist in the air, bellowing a woot to rise along with the cheers of the crowd. "Do us proud, ladies," he intones to Deva and Brianna both, though if he's heard whatever it is Luca had said to Deva, he was pointedly ignoring it.
Darren wields peaks of Farhaven white steel falchion edged in scarlet.
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(OOC) Talen says: We'll all be the red team at the end.
(OOC) Dawn says: Ohh, sure thing. One person from each team, page me your team, please.
(OOC) Marcas says: Right?
(OOC) Kima says: Red team, best team.
(OOC) Brianna has a team all dressed in red and black.
(OOC) Darren says: Thanks Kima, my team is the best, you're right :)
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Luca nods amiably at Darren across the field. He stretches his arms, then, lazily. He rolls his ankles a few times, and then rolls up an errant, slipping sleeve. Of his shirt.
As Leo joins the field, Edain approaches him and bows politely, "Hello Duke Leo, ready to fight in honor of the alliance between Tor and Sanctum?" he asks as he lets his spear fall into his hand and adjusts his grip until he seems pleased with it.
(OOC) Brianna isn't sure what her colors are. Definitely red...
Edain wields Handsome Valardin Winter Knight's Steel Spear.
Niccolo wields a remarkably regal longsword forged from a blend of violent purple-crimson rubicund.
Silas wields silver hued steel long sword wrapped in carmine leather.
Kima wields Longsword.
Talen wields a narrow, high quality steel longsword with a grooved tang and silver fox pommel.
Laric wields blood red steel rapier accented with twisted gold handguard.
Victus wields Plain Sword.
Marcas wields Redrain Broadsword.
Deva wields exquisite two-handed glaive with wildfires wooden handle.
Leo makes his way through the pageantry of the tourney, the sounds of his armored movement drowned out by the cheering of the crowds for various combatants on the field. Just another armored figure, he pulls up short at Edain's approach, a precise bow of the same formality offered to the other man, "We'll see how far our steel gets us this day, shall we not?" There's an easy smile on his lips as he wields his weapon, preparing for the melee.
Leo wields steel longsword.
Once the fighters have an opportunity to arrange themselves, Dawn raises her hand again and waits for the crowd to quiet to a dull roar. It was wise, perhaps, to offer wine only to the noble sections of the galleries. Onto the benediction. "In Gloria's name, we hold this tourney and we ask her now to watch, to see how we honor her! May she guide their weapons and steady their arms!"
She leans forward and smiles down at the warriors arrayed below, hand lowering to draw a handkerchief of white silk from her sleeve. "If you are ready, warriors, take your places, please."
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Brianna swings her axe once when the go is given to take their places, casting her eyes aside to Darren briefly. In silence, the Shav-dressed noblewoman prowls along the field, finding a position she considers pleasant for herself.
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Upon Dawn's command, Darren will utter a few deep, low growled words to his teammates before popping his helmet onto his head. He fans out, making vague hand motions to both Brianna and Deva to arrange them in a way that would be beneficial, Darren gripping his sword afterward as he studies the field.
(OOC) Dawn says: I think that did it. Bless you, Talen.
(OOC) Talen says: Ahh it burns
Edain nods to Leo with a smile, but as Lady Dawn begins the benediction to Gloria he places his spear over his shield and bows his head. As she finishes he utter's a soft 'amen.' and moves to take his place on the field, looking to the faces of the other fighters. "I am sadly uncreative and did not come up with a clever team name for us Duke Leo, I don't suppose you have anything ready?"
(OOC) Marcas says:
The Iron Guardsman smoothly unsheathes his weapon and holds it in front of him, though he does lean over to whisper to Laric in a hushed tone.
Deva holds her glaive a little higher, her attention briefly distracted across the way. Then she responds to Darren and Brianna in kind, bowing her head briefly as the handkerchief emerges. There's a quick glance up, and she holds herself still. "Ready."
Something that Darren whispers causes the blue eyes of Brianna Halfshav to light up in a display of delight, adding a look of frenzied excitement thanks to the shape of the plate worn over her face. She grounds her feet, gripping her axe with both hands.
Olivia settles herself into a seat, her satchel clutched carefully on her lap, leaning back to get more comfortable. But as Lady Dawn speaks, she leans forwards, intent on the woman's words, examining the combatants more closely. Still, she's not making anything obvious, just observing.
Kima motions to both Victus and Marcas before gesturing towards a spot upon the field. Before withdrawing her weapon from its scabbard, the blonde holds aloft into the air Isolde's favor, then salutes, Southport style, fist to chest.
"Kima's team is pretty fearsome though," Acacia is forced to admit moments later.
Niccolo unsheathes his longsword, swirling it in his right hand and testing its weight. He looks at Talen and Luca, with a lift of his brow. "You both know the plan," the duke says, before looking at the crowd once more. His expression is somewhat pensive, his lips forming a thin line. He lifts his sword, then with a snapping step makes his way to take his place along with his team.
Also falling silent at Dawn's declaration to the goddess, Leo surveys the other combatants once she is done. At Edain's question, he grins, "We are simple men, my lord. We will let the will of Gloria and our weapons speak for who we are and our strength together."

Joscelin promptly gets red in the cheeks and elbows Ida. "OY. Not so loud-!" she squeaks.
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Talen swipes his sword left and right, a languid motion of the longsword in front of him. Whistling sharply to get the attention of a nearby aid, he points to the side-lines. "Get me that," he demands of a buckler. The metal and dark wood is added to his arm and he hefts it, looking across at some of the opponents. "Yes, your grace," he reports automatically for Niccolo. "Kill them." A pause, then he remembers, "I mean knock them unconcious."
(OOC) Kima says: Leo and Edain, team Honor.
"Isn't she -marvelous?-" Isolde swoons at her place on the benches, blowing another kiss to Kima.
Olivia has joined the Quiet Booth.
There are marshals on the field as well, keeping to the edges. These judges will be present to ensure that the minimal rules in effect are followed: no intentional maiming, no eye-gouging, no deaths. As the Lady Dawn raises her handkerchief, closely watching the fighters find their chosen places on the field, they step forward as well, at the ready.

The moment draws out... and then that embroidered scrap of white silk flutters towards the sands.

Let the game begin.
Gibson starts to applaud wildly when Talen says 'kill them' then slowly realizes no one else is clapping and tappers off and glances around nervously, clearing his throat with a cough.
Victus stands still as Dawn leads the benediction, saying nothing, doing nothing, his eyes fixed on the bastard Grayson host. When she is done he calmly reaches up over his broad shoulder and with a hiss of steel against leather the Thraxian draws his two handed sword. Its a plain weapon, utterly without any kind of decoration. The helmet he had tucked under his arm now goes over his head, an open faced bit of Thraxian craftmanship that allows a wide field of vision even as it yields some protection of the face. Then again his carved up face isn't exactly a stranger to the bite of steel anyway.

He takes his place together with Kima and Marcas, the right flank. His gaze briefly rests on Brianna, before sweeping over the rest of the competition in a steady measuring stare.
Luca draws his sword and holds it limp at his side, tilting an amused look at Talen. "Easy, Tiger." His eyes go to the fluttering handkerchief.
(OOC) Brianna reminds everyone to use +fight and whatnot.
(OOC) Laric says: What, right now?
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(OOC) Kima says: Also, good luck to all!
Laric seems to nod his bizarre helmet a couple of times once he hears Silas' whisper, and he draws his own strange and curiously colored red rapier, cradling it from the bottom at the pommel with an open hand for a moment.
(OOC) Dagon says: How do we watch the fight?
(OOC) Laric says: am i in it
(OOC) Brianna says: @spectate_combat.
(OOC) Brianna says: You are, Laric.
(OOC) Silas says: Yep.
(OOC) Gibson says: If you wanna see the rolls- if you just wanna see the emits/results, don't spectate
Marcas had unsheathed his sword in a sort of lazy fashion at the 'blessing' that was given. Blade pointed down, held in his fist, both hands held to his heart in a burial style. Perhaps to signify some old custom that he is ready for death. When Kima and Victus moves, so does he, of course. He doesn't wear a helmet which is rather common for the lower ranks of soldiers of the North. Hard to look fearsome with half your face hidden. Doesn't let the hair flow wildly, crimps the beard up...
Rainier arrives.
"Habit, sorry," Talen says without much enthusiasm behind his words. They come from behind the shining, polished silver-steel of his Mirrormask visor. When they begin, he ventures in the direction of Lord Victus and his team. "My lord, my lady, captain," he greets, "it's like a menage a trois of worthy opponents. Do not mind if we fuck you overly enthusiastically." The glint on the amethysts, the steel, it winks in his fluid motions as he keeps ahead of the far less armoured Luca.
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The handkerchief signals Brianna's first movements, releasing a fierce warcry into the air that resembles the cry of a bear - only made by a buxom Northern soldier instead. She digs her heel into the earth, darting across the field.

Darren pushes the heel of his boots into the ground, eyes steadying on Dawn there in the stands. He'll wait until he sees that hanky drop before he launches, a furious growl upon his lips, the white steel of his falchion glinting dangerously as he sweepts towards his target.
Niccolo twirls his sword again. He moves with deftness, his body somewhat lowered and his weapon kept high as he approaches along with Talen and Luca. "My lady, my lord, Captain," the duke greets, with a faint grin. Other than that, he offers little else, circling.
Dawn steps back and takes her chair, hands folding in her lap. She leans a little forward to watch the fighters as they begin and even at a distance, it's evident there's interest in her expression. Now that she's gotten through the smiling mask and loud speech part of the festivities.
Rainier has joined the General Seating.
The Prince Inquisitor, in his red armor and with his golden half cape trailing behind him, takes a wide stance once he rushes near his target, to minimize the target that he cuts by turning his shoulder towards him, and shuffles forward with his blade high.
(OOC) Luca says: Ok so you will need, I think, to type in an action to take your turn. Such as "attack name"
(OOC) Brianna nods.
(OOC) Brianna says: Or use +autoattack.
(OOC) Gibson says: Right, you can just give a list of names if you wanna have one be automatically selected
Tehom arrives.
(OOC) Brianna says: Awh. Tehom wears hairpins.
(OOC) Talen says: Awhhhh.
(OOC) Victus says: This is when you realize it should say who people are targeting in the little combatwindow. Seems an essential piece of information when its not just 1v1
(OOC) Gibson says: Yeah, good catch Vic
(OOC) Talen says: Yeah, there'll be lots of things we notice. This is the largest fight ever.
(OOC) Brianna sneak-attacks everyone.
(OOC) Talen says: If you think of something, write it up.
(OOC) Luca says: Hurray for testing!
(OOC) Talen says: It might get considered after the code freeze.
(OOC) Kima nods.
(OOC) Laric says: Question, is there any other type of action besides attack?
(OOC) Darren says: Protect, heal. I think
(OOC) Brianna says: +coupdegrace, if they're unconscious. Catch, cover, flank, flee, stance...
(OOC) Marcas says: There is no way to wield two weapons correct?
(OOC) Luca says: Marcas, no.
(OOC) Brianna says: Not currently.
(OOC) Talen says: No, Marcas.
(OOC) Laric says: What is catch?
(OOC) Talen says: You can switch though.
(OOC) Laric says: Oh, for flee.
(OOC) Luca says: Catch is for if they run.
Rainier must have arrived at some point but made little effort if any to announce himself, for despite the presence of armed men taking the field today there is at least one who is not; a leaf-green cloak trails after this one as he approaches, casting first a careful look at the combatants first as he ascends toward the seating areas. He, too, wears a sword on his hip but it is a slender blade held in a clever scabbard whose hilt seems far too plain and unadorned to be decorative, as well a long knife on the other side of his belt in a deerskin sheath. There is a sober bearing about this one, a quiet demeanor as he finds himself a chair to rest in so that he has a decent view of the tournament itself but not so close to its edge that those within it may easily spot him in the crowd.
(OOC) Marcas noddles! "But totes legit to pose having both but of course only striking with one at a time or deflect with one and attack with the other?"
(OOC) Kima says: And cover is to let another flee as you perform a glorious last stand
(OOC) Talen says: Yep, Marcas.
(OOC) Laric says: You're scaring me Marcas.
(OOC) Talen says: Do what's /fun/.
(OOC) Marcas thumbs way up!
Silas eyes his opponents standing in front of him as he finishes his whispered conversation with his teammate. His gaze inevitably finds the largest man on the field. He shrugs at Laric again - it appears he's far more casual about the whole thing than the Inquisitor - and approaches Victus. Not in any predatory stalk, mind you; he makes his choice as clear as day.
Dagon excuses himself from his current seating to go and join the quiet box up in the stands. His guards follow him, though several stand outside as only two join him inside.
Arik has left the General Seating.
Arik has left the game.
Dagon has joined the Quiet Booth.
Arik has entered the game.
(OOC) Luca says: Might need the text when it's your turn to be more attention grabbing, too. I think people are missing their turns.
(OOC) Leo says: It's my turn, but it told me to wait for poses.

The Prince of Sanctum holds his heater shield high and rests the haft of his spear across the top. Steading it as he slowly turns to face the other fighters. He retreats a step until he is back to back with Duke Leo, His hazel eyes narrow, his gaze determined as he waits to see where the flow of the melee goes with everyone's opening salvo.
(OOC) Luca says: Oh, good.
(OOC) Silas just puts his on autoattack.
(OOC) Victus says: just go ahead and type attack!
(OOC) Brianna says: People will pose when they pose.
(OOC) Talen says: Yeah don't wait for poses.
(OOC) Brianna says: It'll take forever if we wait.
(OOC) Brianna shifts into short-pose mode.
Victus inflicts moderate damage to Darren.
Talen inflicts moderate damage to Victus.
Darren inflicts minor damage to Victus.
(OOC) Kima says: Lol.
(OOC) Talen says: Victus got a new asshole.
(OOC) Silas says: rip
Olivia's hand lifts to wave at Rainier as he enters the area, it could be simply an acknowledgement or an invitation, it's hard to say. She barely looks away from the combat, wincing as wounds start to happen.
(OOC) Luca says: Oh I forgot to wield.
(OOC) Talen says: Ahahahah.
(OOC) Luca says: Woops.
(OOC) Laric says: Sometimes being so good doesn't pay, huh?
(OOC) Talen says: You're that out of practice.
Luca wields saber.
(OOC) Luca says: OK MAN HERE WE GO
(OOC) Dawn says: You guys are awesome.
(OOC) Victus says: Jesus, talk about ganging up on a feller! :P
(OOC) Brianna snickers.
Whilst Marcas is distracted, Laric knicks him with the tip of his rapier - but it slides over his armor and might as well not have connected at all.
(OOC) Talen says: The price you pay for being famous, innit.
As Dawn declares the start of combat, Leo falls into a natural place at Edain's back as the other does the same. His steel sword comes up at the ready, giving his partner enough room to maneuver while still covering him from unexpected strikes.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Well you're the biggest dude in the yard, Victus!
Deva sees a weapon going toward her brother, Darren. Gaze snapping to Kima, she charges forth and tries to prod at the woman with her blade, but misses in the fray of it all.
Luca forgets his sword for a moment, distracted by something. Maybe he'll live to tell the tale of what it was.
Brianna is quick, bolting in towards Victus. When her axe is parried, she slips off again, leaving him open for others and ducking under blows not meant for her.
(OOC) Luca says: you can just turn on +autoattack and then you just have to type ready at the start of the round.

Launching into the frey, Darren turns to clash swords first with Kima, then Marcas, parrying their attacks without hardly breaking a sweat. He growls at Marcas, before swinging his sword at his target, catching Victus with a swing but taking one of his own in turn. He doesn't bellow out though, and instead turns on his heel to go after Victus once again.
Marcas rushed forward, sticking to the plan his team had devised in secret. Right hand he wields that Broadsword that symbolizes his status in the Redrain military structure as a Captain. The left? A traditional Northern Bearded Axe. Knocking aside a... fist?! That came out of nowhere while his blade seeks out Darren... of all people.
Talen pounces on Victus and it is a surprise he doesn't cut right through his flesh. Between the scrape of steel, rasp of leather and the clash of the rest of the combat around them he's left only marginally wounding Victus. "My lord," he greets, "you hold your own rather spectacularly. Your prowess shows itself."
Gibson provides commentary to the other people at his section of the stands, which are non-existant, as he talks to himself, "Well Gib it appears the other teams are all trying to gather around the hulking behemoth from the Mourning Isles, much like a pack of well armed fish attacking a particularly surly shark. Let's see if it works out for them."
Niccolo had intended to test Victus, defenses. What he wasn't counting on was that everyone else and their mothers would want to do the same. So, while he tries to land a blow, he finds himself looking for space to move in.
(OOC) Laric says: Jesus Victus are you a god
(OOC) Brianna says: He's not, he's just in exotic leather.
(OOC) Talen says: All defensive too, probably. As he should!
(OOC) Marcas says: He's a tiny dancer, a dancer for money.
(OOC) Luca still chooses to worship him.
(OOC) Joscelin says: NO. When someone asks if you're a god, you saaay:
Victus squares his feet as the first surge of combatants all seem to go straight for him. In that first rush its impossible to dodge or parry every single attack, though his sword moves in a blur to ward off the aggression. He backs off, shifting his stance, grunting in effort, sweat bathing his forehead.
Victus inflicts serious damage to Darren.
Luca inflicts serious damage to Marcas.
Darren inflicts minor damage to Victus.
(OOC) Joscelin joins Luca.
(OOC) Laric says: How do I check everyone's status?
(OOC) Laric says: Also why didn't mine go
(OOC) Laric says: Oh.
Luca remembers his saber this time. No more trying to companionably pat someone's shoulder. He lays into Marcas through his chain armor, a rib-rattling blow.
Silas didn't -quite- expect to have a good portion of the field also pile on his target, but so far his own attacks have been ineffectual. The first is deftly parried, while Victus's armor takes the full force of his next slash. He arches a brow and pauses as he lets the others go, somewhat impressed.
Kima ignores the veritable storm of weapons that seek out, and find, Victus. Instead, she focuses her own attack alongside Marcas, attacking Darren; movements swift and decisive.
Talen inflicts minor damage to Victus.
Leo stays near Edain, the swirl of chaotic melee drawing someone near. There is no calculation or predetermination in his selection, his sword merely strikes out at the closest figure.
Laric continues to harry Marcas unsuccessfully with his red rapier, but he might as well be tapping him lightly on the shoulder to get his attention as his blade is effortlessly turned away by Marcas.
Marcas swings the axe about, deflecting and parrying swords and whatever else that comes his way. Once more he takes a swipe at his liege. Opening an attack that Luca takes advantage of. Marcas is heard to roar in pain that makes him look downright feral for that moment before he turns to face Luca, eyes wild and sword ready.
"Feck off, Marcas," Darren shouts at the man, parrying his blow before turning into Victus. His swing was low, catching Victus across the side, but he'll get a taste of steel himself. This time, he growls out in pain, piercing blue eyes narrowing to thin slits as he twists away, and then lunging back for Victus once more.
Luca salutes Marcas, a nod behind his blade.
Brianna takes the back roads, slinking through the battlefield untested for now as she seeks out weaknesses in the stance of the tri-House team.
Kima inflicts critical damage to Darren.
Brianna inflicts very serious damage to Marcas.
Victus inflicts minor damage to Darren.
Dagon lets out a cheer as Victus avoids a number of attacks to then deliver a violent counter of his own. "It takes more of a concentrated effort to fell a leviathan at sea!" He slams down a fist on his knee, grinning with pride as his cousin represents Thrax well. He returns his attention to his booth-mates.
Talen flicks his blade into Victus again, the sting of his weapon noted in the way it cuts. When Edain's barrage is incoming he raises his buckler and spins to square out with the man. "Your grace," he grunts, shaking his arm out somewhat, "we meet again."
Luca inflicts very serious damage to Marcas.
Niccolo inflicts minor damage to Victus.
Seeing Leo move in on, Talen, Prince Edain turns and levels his spear towards, Luca, trying to force back another on that team. It surprises him when, Talen slips between them and turns his blow, Edain turns to stab towards, Duke Niccolo only to have his spear turned asside. Squaring up to the Talen then he nods, "Master Talen."
And though Marcas moves to defend against the perceived weakness that Brianna believes she's found, she strikes a heavy blow against his back, grunting with the effort. "Down you go, precious."
Talen staves off Leo, Marcas and Edain with some skill; but he's designed for this. The visor he wears guards his face but he can be heard giving a pleased sound, an almost growl of approval. "Ah, friends."
It was the staggering blow from Kima, not Victus, that causes Darren to howl out. He stumbles, but there's no knocking this man down yet. "I'll be back," he promises to Victus in a low growl, before he turns to swing his sword towards Kima.
Niccolo continues his dance, moving between the combatants and keeping his pressure on Victus. Any weapons coming his way, he either parries aside, spinning or ducks out of the way. Unlike others, the duke doesn't engage in conversation, his focus fully on the fight itself.
"Thought you fucking Redrains had some kind of balls," Victus growls under his breath at them as the REdrains join with the rest of the teams all focus on the single team that is multi house. He keeps taking blows, consistently. Then again its all but impossible not to when he remains the target.
Donella arrives.
6 Thrax Guards arrives.

Joscelin's screaming cheer for Kima gets her scowls and glares and embarassed looks from the people around her in general seating.
Darren inflicts moderate damage to Kima.
Brianna inflicts serious damage to Marcas.
Marcas doesn't do spin moves and anything fancy, he is out to try and deal some sort of damage but this has become a bit of a nightmare for the Captain. He tried again of Luca and was paid in full for it with a deep strike to his thigh that hobbles him somewhat. Joined by Brianna's backstabbing that has him bellowing out in pain again. Blood leaks onto the dusty field as he staggers back. Axe and broadsword raised and ready as he looks between Luca and Brianna, "Ye fookin' cow!" he bellows at Brianna, "Thisi s between me an' the bloody silk fooker!"
Silas inflicts moderate damage to Victus.
Marcas inflicts minor damage to Brianna.
Leo lashes out once more at random, but with Edain and Talen now more seriously engaged, he shifts focus to his fellow Lycean. Have to keep up appearances when it comes to the loyalties of the infamous city-states of the Lyceum. He offers a small salute to the Sword and moves in, testing the other man with measured swipes of his longsword.
Deva inflicts critical damage to Kima.
Oh ho ho. Marcas' bellow is met with fury that rages in Brianna's pretty icicle eyes, and she cries out an enraged, "I AM NOT A COW!" before slamming yet another fierce blow into the poor carl.
Luca tells Marcas graciously, "I can find another dance partner." And he gestures toward Brianna in invitation before making a testing slash towards Kima. A failing testing slash.
"I'll show you fucking balls!" Darren spits back to Victus, clanging swords with the man as he parrys the Thrax's blow. Then it was Kima's turn, dancing away from her swipe before he moves in to swing his sword, aiming low to rake the blade right across her.
Kima cannot be said to maintain the same sort of demeanor upon the battlefield as she does off it. Maintaining her assault against Darren, Kima squares off against the Redrain prince. The tables turn, with the man scoring a good strike against her! Then there is Luca, and the blonde is forced to switch from an all out attack to one of studious defense.
(OOC) Laric says: Q: can I change my move?
Donella has joined the High Booth.
"Cheers," Deva sounds positive, for the most part, spinning around in the crowd and trying to hit here and there. She manages to hit Kima, eventually, striking hard and fast with her blade.
(OOC) Silas says: You can try?
(OOC) Talen says: Yes, you should be able to.
(OOC) Talen says: Unless you have +Autoattack on.
(OOC) Talen says: It normally takes a turn to change.
(OOC) Laric says: Okay.
(OOC) Laric says: Shit!
"Tch!" Talen issues to Leo, a brief glint of his steely eyes given through his Mirrormask, "Lord Fidante," he returns easily, smacking aside the sword with his own. "Not so soon." That is all he says, raising his weapon and kicking backward, trying to separate himself from Edain but only receiving a blunt whack in return. A grunt is bought from the Valardin's efforts but it doesn't impede his attack against Victus. "You have fine armour, my lord," he quips, looking the length of it for an opening.
Selene arrives.
Isolde has joined the High Booth.
(OOC) Leo says: It sure will be nice when I understand combat. This is certainly great practice!
(OOC) Laric says: You said it...
(OOC) Brianna says: This is my first time really fighting. <3
Niccolo inflicts minor damage to Victus.
Leo inflicts minor damage to Talen.
Marcas inflicts minor damage to Darren.
Selene has joined the General Seating.
Brianna inflicts minor damage to Marcas.
Victus inflicts serious damage to Darren.
Silas inflicts serious damage to Victus.
Luca inflicts moderate damage to Kima.
Gibson points down from the stands, "Hey the northmen are looking wobbly. Wobble wobble."
Laric switches his tack for a moment and instead whirls to become just another part of the human grinder that Victus has found himself in the middle of.
Victus inflicts minor damage to Darren.
The Velenosan team's defense is to to solid, and so, Edain turns away from them, and finds himself face to face with Sir Silas. With a shrug, he lunges forward with his spear and says, "Sir Silas, have I thanked you for the table yet? It was exactly what I wanted."
The Velenosa duke continues to look for openings against Victus, Niccolo is always moving, never staying in one place. Yet the movements aren't flashy, but really, very efficient. He stays just outside the range of others, his parries are just enough to deflect. With eyes narrowed, he continues to dart around the battlefield.
Luca is trying to persuade Kima to turn her attention from Darren, it seems. This time, she is not so quick with the turn of her attention and he edges past her guard.
Unfortunately for Victus, he trades slashing for stabbing, and this difference seems to be key in punching through that tough armor of his. Silas stops to gauge Laric's performance, and once satisfied, simply continues his assault on the sole Thraxian on the field. Mind you, he is a very large, skilled, and well-armored Thraxian... until Edain engages him. "Glad to hear it, Your Highness, though you have a strange way of expressing it!"
Talen's words come too soon and Leo's cut against him is brief, nicking him between forearm and elbow. "First blood to the noble Fidante," he reports aloud, in regards to himself. "I shall owe you my sword." In the least pleasant way possible, one can imagine. When Edain backs off, he squares up and moves to replace himself in Luca's vicinity. "How are you doing, your highness?" he quips, "don't be afraid, use the full force of your blade. They will not touch you. Let loose, for once."

Darren takes it from both Marcas and Victus, getting slammed in three directions while trying to catch Kima with his sword. It's certainly caused a bit of an issue with his ability to hit. "GET THAT FUCKER," Darren shouts to Brianna, pointing his sword at Marcas to indicate, before he spits blood at Kima's boots. Then, he'll push off from the dirt, lunging right back into her.
Gibson gestures down at Kima's boots and the blood splatter, "First blood against fashion goes to the highlord of the Northlands."
Late to the event, and fashionably so, arrives the Radiant Selene Whisper. Attired a fine blue dress, her mahogany hair pinned up in a pleasing manner she takes a seat in the general seating, her attention soon on the proceedings on the field.
"Hi," Deva tells Luca brightly, because they're now attacking the same target. The words might distract her, because her next hit is not nearly as good as the last. She weaves around, light on her feet and avoiding attention it seems.
The accumulation of assaults is paying its toll on Victus, who keeps having to face off against multiple opponents, always under threat of being overwhelmed. He uses his sword in great big sweeping arcs to try to keep as many of them off him as possible. He growls at Silas when the man hits him square, a painfully hard blow, but he keeps standing. Determined and stubborn.
Luca inflicts moderate damage to Kima.
Kima inflicts serious damage to Darren.
Marcas inflicts moderate damage to Darren.
Talen inflicts moderate damage to Victus.
Deva inflicts serious damage to Kima.
Laric inflicts moderate damage to Victus.
Talen's comment draws a wider grin from the Fidante duke and another swipe of his longsword, though at a the abrupt shift by his partner, Leo flows away from the Sword. Gaze skipping to Silas and his partner, he falls back from Talen, "I wouldn't have it otherwise!" But then he is away, moving to help his partner as his sword crashes against Laric, skimming off the other's armor with no harm.
The more recently sloppy attacks by Lady Halfshav against the Halfshav's carl cease as she regains some of her composure, losing a bit of the fury she'd presented after the 'cow' commentary.
"Aye! Yer throwin' all yer fat arse into yer arm!" Marcas barks at Brianna, his axe smacking away her attack to him. Seeing an oppening on Darren he cuts low at his thigh in an attempt to hobble him before he draws back up his axe and broadsword in a defensive stance. "... that's it, daddy's girl... on me.." he spits blood off to the side. Perhaps this was part of the plan all along? Draw heat off his team and be the sacrificial... bear?
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
Kima's lips peel back in some manic mix of snarl and smile as Darren spits blood at her feet. "I think they're hurt," Kima calls to Marcas. "Perhaps feeling a bit short-changed that they had to settle for Brianna rather than you!" But her sword wasn't landing blows with the same sort of ferocity, and Marcas was looking the worse for wear. More to the point, the assault upon Victus wasn't letting up. Nor was she able to find a true opening, what with Luca there, his sword licking through her defenses with an almost embarrassing ease. Even so, she manages something of a laugh before shouting for all to hear, "Wish I'd realized before hand this would be like a back alley scrape against sellswords, I might have prepared for today differently."
Kima inflicts moderate damage to Darren.
Luca inflicts critical damage to Kima.
Kima falls unconscious.
Talen inflicts very serious damage to Victus.
Silas inflicts minor damage to Edain.
Victus inflicts serious damage to Darren.
Darren falls unconscious.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dagon before departing.
Niccolo inflicts critical damage to Victus.
Gibson holds a hand over his heart, "As a completely unbiased commentator, it is my duty to point out Team Honor And Justice And Whatnot, made up of Leo and Edain hasn't taken any injuries. This could be time for a plot twist."
"I know where you sleep, boy," Brianna barks back at Marcas, slamming another blow from her axe into him before losing interest in the defensive position he holds.
Having managed to draw a little bit of blood from Victus, Laric's wild strikes are reigned in as he seems to switch tactics - he rolls his sword in his hand as he repositions himself and makes his stance much tighter. He slides towards Silas and joins him at his shoulder, his arm out along the sword blade to protect after finally drawing some more blood.
(OOC) Kima salutes Luca!
A dubious look crosses Luca's face at Talen's words. "You're a gentleman as always," he calls back. Deva gets a quick flash of his teeth. "Hi, you." Over Kima's shoulder. He quickly apologizes: "Sorry! terribly rude of me." Maybe seeing Deva gets him too hyped up, he coils and then lashes out with unfettered speed at Kima, battering her to the ground.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Olivia before departing.
"Aye, I know where you sleep too, Dutch-ass." Marcas retorts. Could be the heavy Northern accent or it could of been intentional, how he said that. Regardless, he shrugs off her blow against him, his blade strike parried to the side easily.
(OOC) Luca pats. I'm sorry I slashed you!
(OOC) Kima says: It is okay, I would have slashed you in turn.
Donella says, "Stay on your bloody feet, Leviathan!"
Leo inflicts minor damage to Laric.
Luca inflicts very serious damage to Laric.
(OOC) Laric says: Dang.
Brianna inflicts minor damage to Marcas.
Silas inflicts moderate damage to Leo.
Talen inflicts minor damage to Victus.
Victus falls unconscious.
Deva manages another very successful hit against Kima, and she peels back just in time to see Luca deliver the final blow. "Gods, you're good," she gives the man a terribly bright smile. With that, she whisks off, whirling around just in time to see her brother Darren drop. Then she rushes for Victus.
Or not.
"Princess Deva," Talen calls, lunging forward and slanting his blade into Victus harshly, "will you save a dance for me? I would be so terribly honoured." With this he backs up, jumping away, trying to keep from being hit. When Edain finally disengages he's left home free and finishes Victus off with a sudden run through of his blade. In the brief moment he falls, Victus' body is knelt over and he gives a low murmur, smacking the man on the shoulder roughly.
Deva inflicts serious damage to Marcas.
Gibson squints down at the field, "Ninety... seven slashes later, the juggernaut from the Mourning Isles is down."
Leo continues his measured stabs at Laric, green eyes attentive to the rest of the field as he scores a minor hit against the inquisitor.
Margot grimices slightly when Donella yells, her attentin close to the battle below.
Niccolo continues with his dance, and then twirls his blade as he ducks, spins and slashes up at Victus. The duke then brings his weapon up, in order to try and keep any attacks that might come his way away from him. The man becomes movement, and turns his attention to his next target Deva, testing her defenses.
Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Deva.
Luca grins back at Deva and turns, finding his next target in a big red, shiny motherfucker. "Hello!" He calls. "Have we met?"
Kima never gets the chance to yield, which is, arguably, the better thing. Too busy trying to press her attack against a wounded Darren, Kima fails to guard herself against Luca. It's lights out for the Lioness.
"Ah, the Velenosian champion!" Laric shouts cheerily as he takes a massive, brutal hit from Luca which sends him reeling. He nearly seems to fall on his ass before he stops himself with his heels. "I suppose I should be honored by your assault!" Off to his side he stabs at Edain, whom he was hoping to catch flat footed, but there was no such luck.
"Anytime!" Deva yells back at Talen with a laugh, watching as Victus falls then too. Glancing around worriedly, she then joins Brianna in swiping at Marcas. She does not miss. And then Niccolo smacks her with his blade, drawing blood from her arm. "Already, Duke? My, my."
As Victus goes down, Brianna quite literally steps on the large body to get over him. Is it kind? No. Is it chivalrous? Not at all. But it lets her adjust as she faces on Marcas further.

Darren would be the one to fall next, though at least he had the satisfaction of watching Kima drop to the ground before him. It took all that he could to last the blows from Victus, Marcus and Kima both, though it would be Victus who lands the final blow. And then there he is, dropping to the ground in a heap of black armour.
Luca shakes his head, jerking a shoulder towards Talen. "Oh, no - he's the Sword of the Velenosa. I'm Luca Velenosa."
"So you're saying I should be less honored, then?" Laric says cheekily through his helmet.
Victus' defense finally fails, as he grunts under just the last little love tap from Talen that pushes him over the edge. "I am not going to give you the.. fucking satisfaction.. of putting me.." down. Yeah, he goes down. HIs knees buckle, hitting the ground while his sword slips out of his fingers, and his head bounces off the dust churned ground. He rolls towards his back, staring up at the sky ceiling without much of anything left to him. Then his eyes close, too.
Edain inflicts minor damage to Laric.
Brianna inflicts critical damage to Marcas.
Marcas falls unconscious.
Silas inflicts serious damage to Edain.
Gibson is overheard praising Victus for: And it took roughly eight hundred and seventy five people to bring him down. Give or take.
Leo inflicts moderate damage to Laric.
Luca inflicts critical damage to Laric.
(OOC) Luca says: Oh I typed pass, it will pass next go round I think?
And this final attack sends hulking Marcas down, Brianna letting out a primal yell followed with a fierce, "I am not a COW!" She spits on him, the poor man, and stalks away to find another target instead.
Talen brings his arm up against his visor, then moves in short, sudden strides toward Deva in the wake of Niccolo. "Company, your grace, your highness?" he calls in wonder.
(OOC) Acacia says: Yeah.
Dagon Thrax steps to the front of the box he is sitting in, his eyes cold, his hands clasped behind his back. Victus has fallen, he's seen it, so has everyone else. Sucking in a breath, he raises his voice and then bellows, "DO YOU SEE WHAT IT TAKES TO CHALLENGE THE LEVIATHAN? HE IS BUT ONE OF MANY, FOR WE ARE THRAX AND FOR US TO FALL, IT REQUIRES US TO DROWN. BEAR WITNESS AS LORD VICTUS THRAX DROWNED IN FOES AS THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT HIM." He turns his attention back to the two ladies who share the box with him, a pleasant smile returning to his features.
Luca laughs. "Undeniably so." He tells Laric, then looks aside where Niccolo and Talen are moving to engage the Redrain princess. Distracted from Laric, he calls over, "Perhaps there are more entertaining targets!"
Getting sideswiped, Marcas reels and he smiles through bloodied teeth at Brianna, "Your Lord still fell, -cow-. Let this be a le-" WHACK! Night night, stinky.
Talen shouts from elsewhere, "Luca, just have fun. Hurt them /all/."
That's fun for Talen, apparently.
"Gentlemen, please, there's time for you both!" Deva muses as Talen and Niccolo corner her. She strikes at the latter, blade swooshing through the air in a miss.
Talen has left the Field.
Talen has left the game.
Talen has entered the game.
(OOC) Talen says: Yeah I mean okay ISP just fail me now.
Rather than quip back at Deva, Niccolo offers her a hint of a smile. He keeps his sword up, and when she moves in, rather than parry, he steps back, just enough out of range. Immediately, the duke is spiraling around to swing a slash at her left flank.
(OOC) Talen hopes it persisted.
(OOC) Talen says: Yes~.
Laric takes a strong hit across the head, and then another swipe from Luca hits him in the knee. "Guh--!" he says, his general banter stripped from him in a single moment's flurry of attacks from Luca and Edain. He reels back and then straightens his back, raising his sword much higher as he rushes in to take a reckless stab at Talen, whom deflects his attack. "Have at you, Talen the More Honorable than Luca!" he shouts, attempting to bloody him without regard for his own safety.
Brianna approaches Niccolo and Talen as they come toward Deva, gripping her axe beneath the steel head. Rather than say anything, she merely takes up position with the Princess, winking one ferociously blue eye at the Duke in his fine leather armor.
(OOC) Talen says: Tehom your code is merciful. Well done. <3
The roar from another box sees Dawn tilting her head to study the source. The Lady has been conversing quietly with those seated around her, but her eyes only stray now from the action. Just for a moment, though, before she scootches to the edge of her seat and leans forward to resume watching.
Silas inflicts serious damage to Leo.
Luca inflicts critical damage to Laric.
Talen has joined the Judges Booth.
Talen has left the Judges Booth.
Talen has joined the Field.
Dagon is overheard praising Victus for: He was surrounded by foes and and faced them like the Leviathan that he is. Thrax is honored by his performance.
(OOC) Luca says: I typed pass. Oh, you have to turn autoattack off?
Donella is overheard praising Victus.
Talen is overheard praising Victus for: Tough bastard. Leviathan, you say? I believe it.
(OOC) Brianna says: +autoattack/stop
Edain inflicts serious damage to Laric.
Laric falls unconscious.
Brianna is overheard condemning Marcas for: I am not a cow.
Leo inflicts moderate damage to Talen.
Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Deva.
Almost immediately, Laric is battered by another assault from Edain, whom he'd ignored at his own peril. It'd come to cost him greatly.
(OOC) Leo says: Can you not change your attack?
Brianna is overheard praising Victus for: Don't you look good all covered in blood, lover? Nice fight.
Kima is overheard praising Victus for: The Leviathan was /my/ team mate, and he withstood an onslaught even the gods would cringe from. I couldn't be prouder to have stood and fought at his side.
(OOC) Luca says: not with autoattack on
(OOC) Kima says: DAMN IT.
"Brianna! How wonderful of you to join me," Deva makes a kissy face at the Halfshav after failing to hit Niccolo, again. She dances around with the Velenosan crew, at least, taking her licks in stride. "Good one, Duke," she tries to shake it off.
(OOC) Kima says: I screwed your praise, Victus. Typed up a nice one, too.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
(OOC) Leo says: I turned mine off. Hrm.
Laric is overheard praising Edain for: A brilliant tactician! Or perhaps, that is merely an excuse for myself.
Talen calls across the field, "Luca! Prince Edain and you have just taken out the poor Inquisitor but now you're left with him; doesn't he look appetising? Valardin shall fall."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dagon before departing.
Luca doesn't look like he's having fun, despite Talen's suggestion. He knocks aside a stray blade in the fracas between Laric and Edain, striking the man a few times. When the prince is pushed onto his back foot and looks unsteady, Luca stops. He nods his head and tries to back away to take Talen by the arm.
Laric is overheard praising Ida.
Laric is overheard praising Eithne.
"Bears stick together," Brianna assures Deva, her tone jovial as she seeks to find an opening in the Duke's lovely armor. "Bit of fox-hunting should be fun, anyways."
In between Edain's and Leo's swap dance, and Laric batting away incoming attacks at his side, the flurry of movement has Silas confused about just who he was attacking! But as long as he was hitting SOMEONE, it was okay, right? He decides to finally move to repay Laric for his help... only to watch the Prince Inquisitor get struck down spectacularly. "Ah, damn it!" He's distracted, momentarily, as he stops to make sure Laric is at least still alive!
Kima is overheard praising Marcas for: A Bear from the House of Redrain, ferocious in battle. I'd hunt Shavs or Silks with him any day.
The opening, Laric gives him, Allows Edain to swing the butt of his spear against the back of Laric's helmet. Just enough force to send the man down. As he falls, Edain reaches out his sheild arm to catch the Inquistor to ease him into the dirt. Just in time to hear Talen's goading of Luca to attack him, The Prince of Sanctum gets his shield back up quickly.
Laric is overheard praising Silas.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
Silas inflicts moderate damage to Edain.
Luca nods and steps back, turning around to Edain. "Your Grace?" He invites.
Silas is overheard praising Laric for: Best shield!
Ida has left the General Seating.
Ida has left the game.
Marcas is overheard praising Kima for: Ferocious and deadly, worth her steel in any situation especially when the tables are turned.
Deva inflicts minor damage to Niccolo.
Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Deva.
Talen inflicts very serious damage to Leo.
Victus is overheard praising Kima for: Stood her ground.
Victus is overheard praising Marcas for: Stood his ground.
Talen is snagged by the arm when Luca pulls him away from Deva and, with a glance toward Niccolo and the princess, he hisses to the prince of his own family. Still, taking the instruction, he replies to Leo's earlier slice with a violent collision to the man's head. "Rargh!" The wounding is pure, painful.
Lydia is overheard praising Darren for: Faced by opponents on every side and still he fought on!
Joscelin is overheard praising Kima for: KICKING SO MUCH ASS.
Deva looks on as Luca drags Talen away, eyes wide in surprise. She's too busy gawking, because - again - she fails to hit Niccolo entirely. "He's very wily," she points out to Brianna, giving the Duke a chipper smile.
Talen's passage doesn't go unnoticed, the Sword's words drawing Leo's attention as his sword glances off the man's armor. The return strike forces a sharp his from his lips in pain, "Looks like I was happier than expected to meet with your sword."
(OOC) Leo says: hiss*

Joscelin is besides herself, arms flailing and screaming wildly- EXCITE!
Deva also cringes as Niccolo strikes again. "He also hits very well," she points out.
"He is. Almost handsome, too," Brianna replies, her mouth not able to be seen behind the bear's maw. "For a Southerner," is added on, circling around Niccolo in the hopes to find a good opening.
"It is often the case, Lord Fidante, but you are a man of your own talent. It is rare someone hits me so soon," he snarls, shoving a heavy hand into the Tor man's chest, sending him backward and offguard. Twisting he spins, lashing out, his violent streak giving him less of a defensive maneuver now that the combat nears a middling to finish. Talen's visor is mildly dented and will need retouching but overall, it holds, his face hidden.
Harlan is overheard praising Laric for: Fighting well, honorably, and wisely for our liege.
Talen inflicts very serious damage to Edain.
Silas inflicts very serious damage to Edain.
Leo inflicts moderate damage to Talen.
Edain inflicts moderate damage to Talen.
Deva inflicts critical damage to Niccolo.
(OOC) Laric says: Oh wow.
(OOC) Brianna says: BOOYAH.
Gibson looks down at Edain, "Being assaulted by multiple men with swords is, as we call it down in the Lower Boroughs, some rough chuckles."
(OOC) Donella says: Il Magnifico
Luca looks a little uncertain, a little like a lost lamb for a moment after a halfhearted step towards joining in against Edain. Instead he catches sight of the woman circling Niccolo and whistles. He advances towards Brianna.
Edain's spear swings in a wide arc trying to force people back, he even catches Talen as he does so.. but people simplely weave back and then come back in and heavy blows rain down on the Prince of Sanctum, his armor reporting loudly as metal clangs against it!
Olivia has left the Quiet Booth.
Olivia has left the game.
Olivia has entered the game.
A faint smile touches Niccolo's expression, and as Brianna manages to cut at his armor, he side-glances to the spot the blade touched. He dips his head in acknowledgement, however he doesn't address her words, instead turns his blade again against Deva. He pays dearly for it mind you, with the woman landing a blow that has him staggering. He chuckles once, through gritted teeth. No words leave him still, keeping his guard up, he continues working on the princess.
Brianna inflicts serious damage to Talen.
Talen inflicts serious damage to Edain.
Leo inflicts minor damage to Talen.
Talen sensed the spear and replied, the joust into his own armour promptly given back to the Prince of Sanctum. When Leo and the Valardin close in, he sets himself up in a guarded fashion and waves his blade, snake-like, trying to ward off assaults as he gathers his ground; tiring, he is coated ina sheen of sweat. "Luca," he notes, as the man advances on the prince, "the Duke might need your help soon," he also recognises, spotting Niccolo in the distance being squared up on.
As Luca nears, Brianna lets Deva have more of Niccolo to herself, swinging her axe in a loose arc. "Bit short, aren't you?" she queries, giving him a wink before lunging towards him, only to give a low to Talen instead.
Deva inflicts minor damage to Niccolo.
Niccolo inflicts serious damage to Deva.
Edain inflicts serious damage to Talen.
Silas inflicts critical damage to Talen.
Once Deva hits Niccolo, she HITS. Hard. Her weapon is large, and her blade is sharp, and she drives it into Niccolo with gritted teeth. The glaive is drawn back slowly, and she just smiles brightly at the man. They exchange more blows, and slowly her energy seems to gradually wane.
Luca prods at Brianna, missing but catching her attention. Looking wounded, he notes, "I'm about as tall as I'll ever be, though. I'm the tallest."
Leo doesn't seem to be particularly fond of goodbyes and his sword reminds Talen not to leave, "Why not join me for another moment? We've spent so little time together!" He's obviously in pain, but this is the very nature of such a tourney, and as Edain and Talen both manage to fight through the sweat, fatigue and blood, he can't help but smile a bit, "This is how it should be."
Talen is suddenly assaulted by a trio and staggers, brutalised by every direction. He quickly exits, backs off and then dives for Edain, full and bloodthirsty!
(OOC) Laric :o
After trading more blows with Edain and Leo, and noticing they weren't paying much attention to him, his eyes drift over to their chosen prey. He murmurs under his breath - to himself or to someone else, who knows - before turning on his heel and directing a crescent slash at Talen's unsuspecting shoulder.
Edain sees Talen coming for him with blood in his eyes and quickly points his spear at the ground and draws a line in the dirt, before raising the weapon again. Bring it.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margot before departing.
"Lady Margot?! Lady Margot! Lady Margot? OH THERE YOU ARE LADY MARGOT."
(OOC) Talen says: I'm so sorry I couldn't help it.
(OOC) Leo laughs.
Niccolo dips his head to Deva during their exchange. However, something catches his attention. Something on his left flank. His gives Deva a thin lipped smile. "Sorry, princess," he speaks, for the first time since the match started. He even offers her a salute and then, the duke breaks into a run. "Talen... NOW!" The duke slides, and that slides ends with him in front of Talen, his sword high, standing protectively in front of his ward. He inclines his head to the younger man's opponents.
(OOC) Margot says: lol
Leo inflicts serious damage to Talen.
Talen falls unconscious.
Silas inflicts very serious damage to Edain.
(OOC) Talen says: Odd. Defensive must be a check, then?
(OOC) Brianna says: And there goes all of Niccolo's careful planning.
(OOC) Talen says: Hahaha.
Talen collapses on the floor in a heap, on command, apparently. It's their master plan.
(OOC) Luca says: lol
(OOC) Darren says: haha
(OOC) Dawn hahaha.
"Oh. Well uh-- bye!" Deva blinks as Niccolo dashes off, and she's left standing uncertainly for a long, lingering moment, looking around for someone to hit.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dagon before departing.
Edain inflicts minor damage to Niccolo.
Luca inflicts serious damage to Brianna.
Edain smiles as Talen comes charging right at him after he's drawn his line in the sand. Sadly it can't be seen how bright his smile is when a flanking Leo comes out of know where and smites the young Lenosian right into the dirt. "Well fought Master Talen!" Edain says as he salutes him with his spear and turns to Duke Niccolo and moves on the now fractured team.
"Men get taller in the north," Brianna comments thoughtfully, before she takes a blow from Luca's sabre, gaining a bit of her ferocity back now that Talen has fallen.
Talen clutches the sand, his hands gripping the grit and his head lifts to laugh, a pained sound, collapsing shortly after through the pain. Twisting onto his back, he clutches the wound Leo has left, blood on his gauntlet. His spare releases his sword and lifts his visor, wiping at his face, his breaths short and unhurried, trying to be measured. Soon after, he's dragged off the field to be tended to and likely falls silent from the cork given as he's stitched closed.
Battle is rarely fair and it is a quick slice from Leo's blade that pulls Talen up short of his prey. He gives a quick salute to the unconscious sword before carrying the fight onward, a few words on his lips for Edain, "We fight on, brother!"
(OOC) Margot says: brb phone
Brianna inflicts serious damage to Talen.
(OOC) Silas says: uh
(OOC) Brianna flails.
(OOC) Talen says: I love you too, darling.
(OOC) Luca says: whoah
(OOC) Brianna says: He's still defending Luca.
(OOC) Joscelin says: OW
(OOC) Darren says: Bad Brianna!
(OOC) Silas says: better stop bro
(OOC) Kima says: Defending, unconsciously.
(OOC) Talen says: There we go!
(OOC) Joscelin laughs
(OOC) Brianna says: If you're unconscious, stop defending!
(OOC) Kima says: You're super dedicated, brah.
(OOC) Brianna doesn't wanna kill anyone!
Deva inflicts critical damage to Laric.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isolde before departing.
(OOC) Leo says: It's only fair not to zombie up the field!
(OOC) Audric says: Niccolo picks up Talen and uses him as a shield
(OOC) Edain says: Now /that's/ a body guard!
(OOC) Luca says: That goes for laric, too
There are white-robed Mercies on the field now. Like vultures with the best of intentions, they await those moments when the battle shifts before darting in to drag off each fallen combatant. On the sides, care is offered, in the form of treatment and water. Or something stronger, for those who rouse enough to demand spirits.
(OOC) Talen says: I'm just so good at my job.
(OOC) Acacia says: Brutal women.
(OOC) Deva says: Dammit
(OOC) Niccolo says: Going unsconscious should probably just drop it, yeah.
(OOC) Silas says: LARIC STAHP
(OOC) Brianna says: Who else is unconscious?
(OOC) Darren says: That's what you get for screwing with Northern women
(OOC) Joscelin says: Kickin' em while they're down!
(OOC) Luca says: Yeah. Don't worry, if anyone dies we will bring them back,
(OOC) Joscelin says: Oh well. Good. @_@
(OOC) Laric says: W-why did u hit me im unarmed
Rainier is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
Rainier has left the General Seating.
(OOC) Luca says: No one is getting murdered during combat testing. Laric, stop defending.
(OOC) Leo says: You're still protecting Silas!
(OOC) Deva was trying to hit Silas.
(OOC) Laric says: Oh
(OOC) Joscelin says: Because you're a bad person
(OOC) Laric says: How do I turn that off?
(OOC) Brianna says: +defend/stop
(OOC) Laric says: Sorry, nobody told me :(
(OOC) Deva says: No worries.
(OOC) Brianna thought it dropped when unconsciousness hit.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Don't apologize, you're the one leaking everywhere
(OOC) Niccolo says: Go ahead.
(OOC) Laric says: Me too :(
(OOC) Niccolo says: Kill him.
(OOC) Niccolo says: He failed.
(OOC) Silas says: LOL
(OOC) Leo laughs.
(OOC) Luca says: Hey, hey.
(OOC) Laric D:
(OOC) Darren says: hahahaa
(OOC) Brianna says: Esera might be a /little/ mad.
(OOC) Silas says: bringing shame upon the house
(OOC) Luca gingerly slides Talen under a carpet to hide him.
(OOC) Kima says: Niccolo is still dad.
(OOC) Brianna says: Yeah, but she's the one in charge.
(OOC) Laric couldn't seem to turn it off :(
(OOC) Talen says: I mean technically dad failed in protecting me but ok.
(OOC) Kima says: True.
(OOC) Talen also shushes. FIGHT GUYS
(OOC) Brianna keeps Niccolo's clothes for herself.
(OOC) Laric tries to hold his guts in
(OOC) Leo says: I saw the output saying you turnedi t off, Laric.
(OOC) Kima says: What a horrible father figure.
Brianna inflicts moderate damage to Luca.
(OOC) Brianna says: There we go.
(OOC) Joscelin tosses Laric superglue from the stands- and shushes. FIGHT.
Luca inflicts moderate damage to Brianna.
Leo inflicts moderate damage to Niccolo.
(OOC) Laric says: ughhhhh
Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Edain.
Edain falls unconscious.
(OOC) Donella says: Finish him.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Faatallity!
(OOC) Silas (
Deva inflicts serious damage to Silas.
Luca inflicts minor damage to Brianna.
Deva's red hair is a loose tangle now, and some of the strands get in her face. She tries to blow some of them out and away. Squaring her shoulders, she just flashes a smile at Silas before charging towards him with the blade of her glaive pointed in his direction.
Luca continues his evolving duel with Brianna, but his barely even makes contact with her clothing. He's distracted, just realizing Talen has gone down, and seeking for Niccolo curiously, to see him standing over Edain.
Niccolo watches Talen fall over, and lifts a brow. "Well then," that's like the second time he speaks. He watches Luca, and then Leo and Edain, grinding his teeth. The duke springs forward, weapon in hand, he spins, and slashes at Edain's torso while aiming at Leo's gut, just throwing himself at the fight.
Leo inflicts critical damage to Niccolo.
Deva inflicts serious damage to Silas.
Brianna presses closer to Luca, taking the blows with the ease of someone familiar with the battlefield, though it begins to wear on her all the same. She swings her axe in a high arc, though it's caught by Luca's saber, sending her in a circle around him.
Silas is distracted by the man on the field with no armor! He winces when he's parried, then feels an eruption of pain in his side as Deva's attack strikes true. He immediately turns his attention to the immediate threat, but the Redrain expertly parries his counter. "Not bad..."
Deva inflicts minor damage to Silas.
Luca inflicts moderate damage to Brianna.
Niccolo inflicts serious damage to Leo.
Silas inflicts critical damage to Deva.
Leo inflicts minor damage to Niccolo.
The Prince of Sanctum see's Niccolo coming for Leo and he throws himself between the Duke's blade and his partner. He can't get his shield up in time, and the Duke of Lenosia's blade slams into his chest with a thunderous report. Forcing all the air from his lungs and sending the Prince down into the dirt.
"Hi! I'm Deva, sorry to meet like this. You're good," Deva compliments, while trying to continue stabbing at Silas. Then he dishes out an attack that sends her reeling backwards. "Dear gods, man," she yelps breathlessly, blood dripping on the ground.
"Huh?" Luca catches Brianna's axe and deflects, turning with her as she tries to flank him and taking advantage of how no one has really bothered to murder him to pivot quickly and catch her witn his blade in the side.
As Edain falls, Leo is unable to dodge or parry Niccolo's attack, but his armor holds up and he returns a vicious slash of his own to the Velenosan duke. It is a heavy strike that falls true, a grunt of effort escaping his lips as he connects.
Luca inflicts very serious damage to Brianna.
Niccolo inflicts critical damage to Leo.
Luca inflicts serious damage to Brianna.
Silas inflicts serious damage to Deva.
Donella cups her hand, and leans forward to whisper to Dawn as the clash on the field continues.
Niccolo inflicts very serious damage to Leo.
Leo falls unconscious.
Luca inflicts very serious damage to Brianna.
Brianna falls unconscious.
(OOC) Kima says: So...
(OOC) Kima says: The man with no armor has won the day?
Not in the right mindset, Brianna is caught off guard by Luca and soon sent to the ground, blood caking her leather armor.
(OOC) Brianna says: I'll laugh.
(OOC) Dagon says: hahaha
(OOC) Brianna says: He's come out of it with the least damage.
Dawn tilts her head to listen and though her eyes don't leave the field, a smile tugs at her lips. She murmurs back to the Thraxian princess.
(OOC) Kima says: I mean, you took me out, Luca, at this point I need you to win. WIN.
(OOC) Silas says: Yeah he's doing good lol.
(OOC) Kima grins and shushes.
(OOC) Luca says: Who is still up? I can't tell in this :(
Darren is overheard praising Brianna for: A worthy companion in a fight! She did her House proud!
(OOC) Luca says: Niccolo, Deva, Silas..?
It seems to be a bit too much for Olivia to stay seated, and with a nod at her boxmates, and a half mumbled farewell, she starts to make her way to the exit of the box. Her satchel is clutched in her hands as if she's carrying the royal jewels, a frown turning down the corners of her lips. She starts to make her way over along the edge of the field, careful to not get into combat range, towards the direction any injured parties were taken.

Joscelin has changed direction and tactics and is now wildly screaming for Luca.
Last woman standing. Deva cringes as Brianna topples, teeth gritting as she swings for Silas yet again. She's splashing a mess of blood everywhere, now, with every movement she makes.
(OOC) Brianna says: Yeah.
(OOC) Victus says: It should probably also have a field that says 'conscious' or 'unconscious', to go with 'attacking X/protecting Y'
(OOC) Kima says: Agreed.
(OOC) Tehom says: I might just color their names red if they're unconscious to prevent wordwrap from too many columns
(OOC) Victus says: That makes sense, Tehom
(OOC) Kima says: Oh, that would be nice, too.
(OOC) Joscelin says: 'Bleeding' 'Eviscerated' 'Molding'
Luca actually winces as Brianna crashes to her knees, stepping back. "Sorry," he says awkwardly, and then looks up. He sees Deva. Niccolo. Silas. Luca is definitely not having fun. With a sigh, he moves to engage the unamiliar Silas with the others.
(OOC) Leo says: Or maybe not quite such a dead color. :P
Niccolo inflicts serious damage to Silas.
Silas and Deva trade fierce blows, and the guardsman seems to be gaining the upperhand now that he was truly focused. He notices Lucas advancing and furrows his brow. This did not bode well.
Deva inflicts minor damage to Silas.
Silas inflicts serious damage to Deva.
Deva falls unconscious.
Luca inflicts serious damage to Silas.
Niccolo is relentless in his assault against Leo. The man has truly become a whirling dervish, spinning, and seeking for places to land his wicked blade at. When Leo finally goes down, the duke offers a small salute and turns toward Luca. There is no hesitation, with Niccolo doing a final spin and bringing his blade in an upwards slash at Silas.
Talen would nod approvingly but he's busy necking a bottle of spirits and kicking a healer in the face.
(OOC) Lydia says: Could you color the whole line, Tehom? I color people's name in Potato.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Talen that's the sexiest thing I've read in minutes.
(OOC) Larissa says: lol
(OOC) Tehom says: Oh sure, Lydia. I was just going to do the name, but I hadn't thought of that
Annnnd down Deva goes, crumpling with one final, excellent hit from Silas. She's just a red pile on the sand, with her hair and blood and metal.
Niccolo inflicts very serious damage to Silas.
Silas inflicts critical damage to Niccolo.
Niccolo falls unconscious.
Luca inflicts serious damage to Silas.
Silas falls unconscious.
(OOC) Silas says: WELL I TRIED
(OOC) Joscelin says: You did great! Everyone did!
(OOC) Victus says: Luca, last man standing. Is kind of epic. Hardly touched at all, hardly out of breath.
(OOC) Kima says: For sure, it was a lot of fun!
(OOC) Deva fans her face.
(OOC) Acacia says: That was amazing.
(OOC) Brianna waits for it to be less hectic so she can do a task.
(OOC) Donella says: Filthy Luca.
(OOC) Laric vomits blood appreciatively.
(OOC) Silas says: gg luca XD
A painful end to the day as Leo ends up eating some turf, geen eyes glancing over toward Edain to see how the Valardin is holding up now that he has so much more time on his hands. There's a small lift of his fist in the other's direction before he lets it fall in exhaustion.
(OOC) Marcas was the only one to hit Luca! Wooo!
(OOC) Kima says: Go, Marcas!
Harlan is overheard praising Silas for: A great warrior for the Graysons! Well done, sir.
(OOC) Luca says: Niccolo went down, too? Is it just me? Who is up??

Joscelin continues to embarrass the people around her, cupping her hands around her mouth and yelling for all she's worth.
(OOC) Deva says: Yes.
(OOC) Darren says: You've won, Luca
(OOC) Audric says: Luca, slightly confused and basically uninjured
And then there was one. The Mercies descend on the fallen, a white-draped flock of healers. Dawn laughs at something whispered by Donella and shakes her head. "Not all, your highness. But most, yes." And with that she rises. "If you would excuse me," she offers to those in the high booth, before she picks her way down to the field. There's a winner to reward. Winners, really, but Niccolo and Talen will need to be back on their feet before they can receive /their/ swords.
Luca pauses in his advance when Deva goes down. Just a moment to look at her, maybe check her breathing. He frowns slightly at Silas, and lunges, past Niccolo in a full body thrust. Silas strikes down the Duke, but Luca's aim is true. After, he stands up and looks around, blinking in confusion.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Aaaand the crowd goes wild! Llluuuuu ca Lluuuuuuu CA!
(OOC) Marcas says: Luca atm
(OOC) Luca says: So. No armor to earn you fatigue is a REALLY GOOD strategy if everyone ignores you.
(OOC) Niccolo says: I hit Silas, he struck me down, you brought him down. Win.
Silas was now forced to go up against two alone, which wasn't really anything unusual in this fight. He decides to take his chances with Niccolo, seeing how he was more injured, in hope of making it at least one vs. one.

Alas, this does not go as planned. The Duke inevitably defends himself, and they both end up stabbing each other into unconsciousness, handing the victory to Luca the Unarmored.
(OOC) Luca says: Yeah that was an epic finish.
(OOC) Joscelin says: That won't happen enxt time. Next time someone walks in unarmored he's gonna be the first person to get an arrow to the- ..all the things.
(OOC) Kima says: Right, especially if a certain Leviathan is in the room.
(OOC) Edain says: actually I tried to attack you quite a few times, but Talen always intercepted me :P
(OOC) Luca says: Aww, good meatshield! Ok, I'm sorry for hijacking your event with so much ooc, Dawn.
(OOC) Marcas claims the 2nd Highest Sustained Damage award home.
(OOC) Brianna says: +end_combat, Luca.
(OOC) Dawn says: No sorries! This was a test as much as it was an event. :D
(OOC) Brianna had more sustained damage than Victus.
Dawn gets gold-veined They Shall Rise steel blade with emerald crossguard from An elaborate ivy-draped wooden weapon rack.
(OOC) Dawn says: A test that comes with pretties.
(OOC) Laric says: Are we all like, actually fully unconscious or something?
Niccolo comes at Silas with little regards to his own wellbeing, he goes in swinging and swinging hard and when Silas seeks to take his revenge on Niccolo, the duke eats that blow like boulder to the face. He stumbles past Silas, and as he collapses, he glances in Lucas' direction with a marked smile on his face. Aaaand he's out. Thud.
(OOC) Laric is not sure how to act right now.
(OOC) Kima says: I think we are.
(OOC) Dawn says: They've been dragged to the sides and are being tended.
(OOC) Laric says: What are all these mails I'm getting.
Edain has left the Field.
(OOC) Silas says: People wanting support.
Deva shakes her head groggily, trying to look up. Moving hurts. Anything hurts. "Luca," she laughs for the briefest of moments. Then she stops, because it hurts. She drops back down with a groan, holding still until assistance arrives.
(OOC) Victus will hold off on the task stuff until later, since they don't expire.
(OOC) Kima nods.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Good call, Victus.
(OOC) Talen says: Yeah, they're tasks. No rush to answer them.
(OOC) Leo says: That was a lot of fun.
Acacia brandishes a grin aside towards Audric and Joscelin, but she's already instinctively rising to her feet, flask tucked away in order to fully extend applause and cheer. "Completely worth it to come. Completely." Shaking her head a bit, with a bit of awe upon her features, she pins two fingers into her mouth to whistle, merely to add to the noise. "Blessed be. The lack of wine was a pain, but the fights themselves? They'd render someone sober."
(OOC) Victus says: Also I'm pretty sure we need someone to wake us up with medicine to wake is up?
(OOC) Kima says: That was what I thought.
(OOC) Victus says: erm, that didnt come out right
Silas is overheard praising Dawn for: For House Grayson and stuff!
(OOC) Dawn says: Olivia is on it!
(OOC) Kima says: Anastasio was on earlier. Not sure now.
Darren is overheard praising Deva for: A true showing of Northern might! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from my sister! You kicked their asses!
(OOC) Dawn says: I think. Maybe.
Olivia is overheard praising Dawn for: House Grayson represent!
Lydia is overheard praising Deva for: Showed true northern strength!
Lydia is overheard praising Brianna for: Showed true northern strength!

Joscelin is back on her feet, shrieking like a hawk and applauding both victor and vanquished. Well done!
Laric gasps and wheezes on the side of the field, an attendant or two having divested him of his armor and chainmail and left him in a sparatan tabard and breeches. He has taken an incredible beating and it might be very lucky that he hasn't broke an arm. He's barely conscious as he hears the crowd roaring for a champion, but he barely knows where he is. Blood is running down his temple and is being dabbed at. "Hahhhh," he breathes, turning his head a little as he sits up. "Hahh?"
Isolde is overheard praising Niccolo for: You punks got your butts handed to you by my old man. That's right. I said it.
Lydia is overheard praising Dawn for: A great fight and a great event!
Isolde is overheard praising Luca for: HE DID SOMETHING! AND IT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD!
Dawn pauses to collect the handkerchief that had fallen, giving it a flick to clean it of sand. Likewise, she detours to the weapon rack to extricate one of the swords from the grip of metal ivy. The weapon is held ceremonially before her, while attendants run out to tug at Luca's sleeve and urge him back towards the Lady of Grayson.
Silas looks dashingly handsome as he's crumpled in an unconscious heap. Yep.
Isolde is overheard praising Talen for: At least -someone- listens to me.
Edain is overheard condemning Isolde for: For crassly calling her father Old. For shame!
Isolde pouts at Edain.
Talen is suitably groggy in the corner but when he hears the victors are called for he sits upright, grabbing a runner by the neck of his tunic and sending him over toward Luca.
Edain is overheard praising Isolde for: But dammit that pout is kinda cute, I can't be mad.
Brianna's fingers twitch idly against the hilt of her axe, the fierce redhead still unconscious.
Isolde beams.
Luca has taken off his jacket and is waving it at what crowd there is, displaying a sigil of a...mangled bird? That he has pinned to it. It has bloody wings, at least. Then he's tugged. "Oh!" Luca stops waving his coat and ambled over to Dawn, wrapping an arm over his waist to bow. "My Lady."
Olivia makes her way over to the injured, speaking briefly to the attendants that dragged them off to determine triage sequence! Her first visit is to Laric, probably he has the noisiest attendants or something. And she crouches beside him, murmuring softly to him, questions about where it hurts or something. She's logical, and shows more confidence at this task than she has the whole night, waiting for him to answer with a no nonsense look on her face.
(OOC) Margot returns finally
Marcas had requested whiskey upon waking up. Bloodied, sore, he sits there with a scowl on his face. His armor having been removed to better attend to wounds. Revealign he is covered in scars and tattoos of Northern design. Knotwork and beasts like ravens, bears and wolves. Taking off one of his fingerless gloves at the request of an attendant. Letting them work as they will. The look of anger on his face makes for a good mask to hide any discomfort or pain.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margot before departing.
Selene is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
Selene has left the General Seating.
Audric rises, stretching. "Well, Acacia, I'll have your silver to you shortly," he says. "Quite a good fight." He grins at the stands, before heading out.
Audric has left the General Seating.
Audric is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
"Your highness," Dawn answers Luca, allowing herself a brief grin as she steps towards him. Then the ceremonial mask is back on, her smile deep and warm, the sword lifted and held across her hands in offering to him. She raises her voice again so that as many as possible hear. "Arx, your champions! Prince Luca Velenosa of the Lyceum! Duke Niccolo Velenosa of the Lyceum! Master Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia, of the Lyceum!"
More quietly, to Luca, she says, "Take this sword as mark of your victory, Prince Luca. That was well fought."
(OOC) Dawn says: Also all the fighters are gonna get a purse. But. Y'know. Heal first.

The roar of the crowd and the energy from the people is enough to make Joscelin grin, and crow! And laugh and applaud with the rest of them.
(OOC) Brianna says: Yay, money.
(OOC) Isolde says: OOH! I can heal! I forget!
(OOC) Brianna puts her 5th place on.
(OOC) Isolde says: How do I see who needs to be woken up?
(OOC) Talen holds his booboos to Isolde.
(OOC) Brianna says: Everyone does.
(OOC) Joscelin says: Isolde go heal Kima! xD WIth KISSES.
(OOC) Isolde says: That's the only way I heal.
(OOC) Kima snickers.
(OOC) Tehom says: If you look at people it'll say whether they're unconscious or not
(OOC) Tehom says: At least it should
Larissa stands next to the exuberant Joscelin and cheers for the winners!
(OOC) Darren says: It's basically everybody that's not Luca lol
Brianna wakes up.
(OOC) Brianna says: Awh. Isolde loves me.
Darren wakes up.
One of the guards wearing Velenosa colors has made it to the field where the duke was lying at. He helps the duke up, and Niccolo, barely there uses the man to pull himself up. "Thank you, Lydus," he says and spits some blood. "Help me," he tells the guard and without a question, Lydus assists the duke, for all purposes dragging him out of the field. The announcement has him trying to look in Luca's direction, but the duke seems quite out of it.
(OOC) Edain has like 3000+ seconds before he can wake up so I wouldn't mind a little help when you get the chance to make rounds this way Isolde!
Marcas wakes up.
Reese is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Valor Bedroom #2.
Reese has left the General Seating.
Victus wakes up.
(OOC) Isolde doesn't kiss Victus though.
(OOC) Talen says: Isolde is bossin' the healing rolls.
Kima wakes up.
Deva wakes up.
Lydia has left the Quiet Booth.
Lydia is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.
Silas wakes up.
Laric wakes up.
Leo wakes up.
Luca smiles blithely at Dawn, and then blinks and realizes he should sheathe his sword so he can take the one she is offering. He does that, careful when he lifts the lovely gold-veined blade out of her hands. "On the sands, we are as dangerous as asps, and I am honored to test the skill of the Velenosa for Gloria!" He lifts the sword for the crowd to cheer over.
Talen wakes up.
The Prince Inquisitor Laric reaches out after his wounds have been dabbed, smelling salts have been applied, a bucket of water has been dumped over his head. He might be a little concussed. He grasps Olivia's shoulder as he looks around, trying to get his bearings.
Arik is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Honor Place.

Dragged off the field, Darren has also requested whiskey upon waking up, the bottle weakly clutched in his hands. "Did she win?" he's mumbling to one of the attendants or another, while taking gulps of the stuff straight from the bottle as he's stripped of his armor. When he hears who -did- win, though, he groans inwardly and collapses back onto the cot. "I should've hit him first, Deva!" he grumbles to no one in particular, considering Deva's not around him.
(OOC) Leo says: Thank you, Isolde.
(OOC) Laric says: Thanks Isolde!
(OOC) Kima says: Ditto!
(OOC) Darren says: Thanks Isolde :)
Isolde goes ahead and leads a fleet of Mirrormasks to administer healing, because nothing says creepy like a fleet of black clad mirrormasks.
And the crowd goes wild.
(OOC) Isolde says: Let me know if I missed anyone.
(OOC) Niccolo coughs.
(OOC) Niccolo -_-
(OOC) Laric cheers!

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