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Prodigal Games

Like many Prodigal houses, House Eswynd has a proud tradition of festivities featuring games of skill and prowess. Join us for food, drink, merriment, and compete in the events to win fabulous prizes!

By my hand,
Marquessa-Consort Norah Eswynd
(Ivan Helianthus must be destroyed.)


Dec. 29, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Norah Medeia

GM'd By



Felicia Haakon Ryhalt Wash Oskar Yrsa Drake Thea Maya Samira



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

People are making their way down the path and staking their spot to watch the Prodigal Games on this fine summer afternoon. The beach has been transformed with three distinct challenges that competitors will have to face. At the end of the beach closest to the path, a row of old ship masts is being stood upright into the sand by a few Prodigals. A large stretch of the beach beyond the masts hosts several dozen lightly armed warriors wielding blunted weapons. Some of the warriors are in mid-warmup, stretching and preparing for the event. Others are talking amongst themselves. Further down the beach, an Eswynd longship has been brought close to shore for the final challenge. A group of medics, led by Medeia, is slowly dwindling as she stations them one-by-one at strategic points along the course in case they are needed. Other last-minute details are being handled by Norah, who is delegating the remaining tasks. Once everything is in place and ready, a horn is blown signaling Medeia and Norah to come to a central point to start things off.

"Hello and welcome to the first Prodigal Games! House Eswynd is proud to host a series of challenges to test the physical prowess of the competitors. I am Lady Medeia Eswynd," Medeia starts, smiling as she looks over the crowd. Her outfit of red-purple honeysilk and cupridium accessories glitters in the sun. "I have the great privilege of standing beside Marquessa Norah Eswynd, who will describe the prizes the winners of today's games will be taking home! But first," The shorter Eswynd gestures to the challenges along the beach, "An explanation of the challenges: The first is a mast carry, in which competitors will pick up the mast however they can and carry it across the sands to the indicated point - this is both a strength and speed test, with the first person to deliver their mast to the finish line being the winner. The second is a warrior's gauntlet - survive the field of warriors attacking you, and be the first to the end, to be the winner. The last is running the oars, a speed and agility challenge, where competitors will be taken out to the longship and made to run across the oars. Make it all the way to the end, leaping into the water in the end, to win! Any games that require tie-breakers will be determined by spear catching."

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Maya.

Felicia has already been... indulging, in liquor long before she makes it to the beach, at least to judge from the rolled up shirt sleeves, slightly dishevelled looking outfit... oh, yeh, and the bottle dangling loosely from one hand. She's at least sober enough to (mostly) be walking straight as she meanders down the beach towards people and noise, a bandage on her right arm and an angry redness to her skin in parts like healing bites. The redheaded Harrow stops in her meandering to listen dull-eyed to the announcement, craning her head at an angle towards the masts as if contemplating.

Haakon has dressed up for the occasion, inasmuch as he has taken off his armor and shirt. The reaver looks quite at ease drinking from a flagon of dark beer in boots, trousers, and sword belt. When Medeia speaks up to greet those present, he shouts his approval, helpfully.

Not dressed in his typical finery, Ryhalt strides down the beach, apparently intending to compete today. He listens to Medeia's introduction and nods, chuckling at the description of the various events. With a curious smile, he looks to Norah.

Wash comes out of the dockyard trailing his daughter down to the beach. For her part, Cirella is excited by all of the activity on the beach. She's dressed in sailing clothes trimmed in Kennex colors. Wash is indulgently giver her a long leash to see what catches her interest on the beach.

Oskar is dressed in comfortable clothes, the kind fit for both some practice and a more casual gathering. He moves to join Haakon once his final checks at the preparations for the event are completed. "Will you be competing?" He asks his near brother, "To show the mainlanders how they should do it?"

The line has been dismissed by Medeia.

The Marquessa of Eswynd steps forward, clad in a green gown, her pale hair swept back in a neat bun. Her hands are clasped serenely before her, a small string of prayer beads hanging from one hand. The beads appear to be made of some sort of unusual stone -- pitch matte black, but bursting with iridescent sparkles when the light hits them. "Thank you, Lady Medeia. Eahc of the games will have prizes for first place. We ask that all of our winners are gracious and sit out of all subsequent games." This last bit is delivered with a meaningful edge that wouldn't sound out of place coming from a no-nonsense governess. She continues, lightening her tone. "All of the prizes today feature Deeplight Coral," Norah explains, raising her hand with the prayer beads aloft so the assembled crowd can see the coral with its rainbow glimmer. "It is an exceedingly rare coral that washes up only on the shores of Eswyndol, the large central island in our lands after which our Arx hall is named. Those who wind prizes today will be the very first non-Eswynders to carry or wear Deeplight Coral, which is one of our islands' many gifts, and certainly the most beautiful."

Having meandered on down to join the goings-on, Yrsa looks around, listening to Medeia's explanation of the event and the contests to be attempted. She glances down at her attire - basic leather armour over a light underlayer - and frowns. "Uh, do you know if we're supposed to be in regular clothes or is wearing armour okay?" she asks a couple of the people closest to her, voice quiet.

Drake always enjoys the possibility of feats of strength and dexterity... but the real reason he's here is because he was also invited out to drink. At first, Drake isn't sure what he's gotten into, but, he's still here for it anyway. Someone hands him a beer as soon as he arrives. He's still wearing a loose silk shirt, but that's about to come off. "Oh. There's prizes. Well, I can't pass that up."

Haakon sniffs aside at Oskar, "Not if there's enough folk to put on a good run without me. Give the Arvani a go, let them win the coral, aye?"

Of COURSE Thea is dressed in her leathers, but at least she's just in a tight fitting vest. Her arms bare. Jogging down the beach with Finn, the Malvici waves for a moment,"I came for drinks mostly. But games are good too.."a slight smile appearig.

Drake has joined the line.

It took Maya -so long- to find her way to the Beach. You'd think a Redreef would be better about this but NO. She got horribly turned around and once again: her guards had to step in and save her and make sure she made it to her destination. That's the real reason she has them, because otherwise she'd end up two day's walk from the city and have no clue how to get back. But! She's here now and sort of curiously gathering up with the other attendees. Unfortunately, this does seem to be leading to her getting gathered up with the competitors. Oh dear.

Felicia tips back her bottle, and from the squint and frown at it, apparently finds it a little light in its offering. Which means it gets deposited on a tray so she can grab a fresh drink even as she elects to line up with the others... sobriety be damned.

Ryhalt has joined the line.

Current events being what they are, any distraction is welcome. And so, Samira Culler joins the gathering on the beach, clad in her usual set of leathers. Lifting a hand to shield her eyes, she watches the preparations curiously while listening to the explanation. A small smile curves her lips as she turns to survey the crowd, on the hunt for familiar faces or perhaps sizing up the competition. "Oughta be fun."

Felicia has joined the line.

Samira has joined the line.

Thea has joined the line.

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Maya has joined the line.

Oskar smirks in response, "Good, we should spread some proper fashion to them." He folds his arms, gazing into the crowd, "Besides, it will be entertaining to watch inexperienced hands have a go at our traditions."

Medeia smiles over at Haakon when he shouts his approval, then listens as Norah speaks. She holds up one of the prizes as it is described for the crowd to see. Once the initial introductions and explanations are over, she points to the masts and calls out, "Competitors! Make your way to the masts! The games will begin shortly!" Then, she's in search of a full cup, likely to be found near her husband and Oskar.

Wash has joined the line.

After people start lining up, Wash looks like he's just going to watch, but then Cirella starts asking him questions, and he is badgered into stepping forward.

A few burly Eswynd sailors bring out a log. It's more of a tree -- a proper ship's mast. It's set down on the sand and the sailors head off for a drink. The mast is no longer their problem.

Norah has called for a check of strength and athletics at normal.
Critical Success! Felicia is spectacularly successful.
Drake is successful.
Yrsa is marginally successful.
TIE: Samira is marginally successful. Wash is marginally successful.
Maya is marginally successful.
Thea marginally fails.
Ryhalt fails.

Haakon eyes Oskar askance. "Thought I were already showing proper fashion," the half dressed reaver claims, deadpan. He is placed near an oaken cask in the sand, presiding over the flowing stout. So of course he has a cup for Medeia. Circella gets a cheer of encouragement as the girl daughter-forces Wash into having a go. "Show the admiral who's in command, little Lady!"

Norah gives Haakon some serious side-eye. "Is there some problem with your shirt, Lord Haakon?" she asks him. Judging.

The cup offered by Haakon is taken gladly, and Medeia looks over at Norah. "The problem is, it's hot." She's not judging. Instead, she is watching as the competitors head on down to the masts. "GO SAMIRA AND THEA!" She doesn't have favorites.

Ryhalt stares at the mast for a moment. For some reason he looks around as if paranoid something dangerous is coming. By the time he looks back to the mast the others have already picked it up and are carrying it down to the next event. Fail! Does jogging after yelling encouragement or directions count? Worth a try... "A little left! Almost there!"

Haakon side-eyes Norah right back. "As Deia said. It's too fucking hot." Then the mast carrying is underway. The Prodigal shouts encouragements to each contestant in turn.

They can pry Felicia's drink from her... well, okay. There's instructions, and she's actually going to need both hands for that lump of wood. Which just means that she has to gulp fast to maximise how much she consumes before her turn comes around. Off comes the protective leather corset, dropped into the sands while the redheaded knight makes her way over to the deposited log with a heavy expellation of breath and eyes it critically. There's no hiding that she's mostly muscle, especially with the way she hoists it up with an ugly grimace... but maybe the staggering works in her favor... or the alcohol's loosened her muscles... numbed the pain? Who knows. The expression is grim with which she trots down the beach with it hoisted like she was born to it and drops it with a WHUMP into the sand at the end of the line.

Taking her place in the line, Yrsa looks around and notes the lack of armour on the other contenders. She quickly strips off her cuirass, breeches and bracers, kept modest by the thin, off-white fabric layer below - though that's not in the best state of repair. Still, she'd rather look scruffy than cheat. Her armor gets tucked out of the way somewhere that it won't get too sandy, and she waits her turn.

When she's up, she eyes the log for a long moment before taking hold of it near the centre, with the balance slightly forward. Her time isn't fast, but she makes steady progress across the sand, choosing stability over speed. At the other end she drops it down, lifting one hand to the sky in a silent cheer before moving on to wait for the next event.

Wash isn't as strong or athletic as the other competitors. He hangs back to see how others get a grasp on their logs before he does so with his own. He picks it up moves about five feet and then nods, that's far enough in his mind. At least his daughter applauds his effort. Wash raises both hands over his head in triumph, leaving the mast barely shifted from it's starting point.

It looks like it's time for the race to begin, so Drake puts down the beer, and takes off the shirt. He'll find it later. He heaves up the mast no problem... and carries it well enough, though he does not, it seems, have the fastest run of all as it's absconded with by the end.

Thea takes one end of the mast and well, she has no set plan. And no drink yet. Hearing Deia, Thea adjusts and waves one-handedly, grunting. Weeeelp, grabbing that mast like it's nobody's business, Thea slowly drags it. Having to adjust every feet or rwo. "I need a damn drink,"she calls with a huff.

"You, no." Oskar assures Haakon, "Though I think the Arvani will look prettier with some coral." He explains, clapping at the first stage of the competition. "We can throw him in the water," The Eswynd Marquis tells Medeia, "I bet it's cooler there."

Samira flashes a wide grin toward Medeia for her loud support. When it comes time to move the mast, she takes a deep breath and heaves the log with as much effort as she can muster. It's not particularly pretty, this attempt of hers, as she groans and staggers under the weight. In the end she resorts to a strange mix of carrying and dragging, but the fact that she can get it to budge at all seems to please the small artist.

Oh, oh dear. How did she end up in line here? Maya looks left, looks right. There are a lot of far more capable-looking people and everyone is -staring- at them all. Of course they are. It's a competition. The strength displayed by some of the others makes her balk just a little, but the woman swiftly realizes there's no way out and so she -tries- with her mast. But there's just a bunch of pushing before her foot slips out from under her and she ends up in the sand. Shockingly, she gets it further than some! But not nearly far enough or fast enough.

"Well done, Dame Felicia!" Norah applauds politely. "Well done, all of you. Get a drink, collect your wits, then make your way to the next event." The gauntlet is being set up as she speaks. The gauntlet is comprised of three dozen Eswynd warriors with blunted weapons, an intimidating sight even without sharpened edges. "Your task: make it all the way to the end. That is all. Best of luck!"

Norah has called for a check of stamina and survival at normal.
TIE: Ryhalt is successful. Thea is successful. Wash is successful. Samira is successful.
Yrsa marginally fails.
Drake marginally fails.
Maya fails.

Clapping loudly, Medeia cheers for Felicia when she makes it with the mast. "Congratulations!" She looks over everyone who competed, smiling, "You all did great!"

Seeing the gauntlet ahead, Ryhalt grins wildly. Without hesitation he charges into the fray, his height deceptive for his lean body. Nimbly he evades what attacks he can, but grunts when he can't avoid a few, but they don't stop him from getting through.

Felicia manages to scrape together enough knightly etiquette to offer Norah a respectful bow, even if, from the slightly puzzled expression she'd missed the whole 'winning' part. She goes and finds her leather corset, and a drink, then finds a place to plonk herself down and work on her drinking skills.

Wash strips off his jacket and stoops to put it in his daughter's hands, making her swear to take good care of it. Then he waggles a finger at the 'army'. "Not in the face, right?" Regardless of their response, Wash uses his forearms to cover his head and runs the gauntlet. At least a few of the hits land slightly late because Wash charges ahead at full speed.

Taking a drink, Thea catches her breath for a moment. When it's time for the gauntlet, her gold-flecked green eyes narrow a moment. "So a bunch of Haakons, got it,"the Malvici declares and darts off, long legs quick. She dodges best she can, wincing as a few jabs land.

Drake seems to get an okay start, but... eventually, he gets a few hits to the chest and abs. Maybe he should've left the shirt on. It's enough to slow him down, finaly disorienting him to the point where he's pushed out the wrong side. Thea sprints ahead the right direction, while Drake rubs at a bruise.

There's a certain confidence about Yrsa; she's been beaten on plenty of times, she's no stranger to bruises and breaks, and pushing on through pain. So when she comes up to the sight of those hardy Eswynd warriors, she gives them a salute before heading down through the gauntlet. She almost makes it to the end, only three or four more cudgels to pass, when one of them catches her at an unexpected ankle and she crumples to the sand, crying out more in frustration than pain. Still, she's quick enough to crawl to the side so as not to be in the way, taking a moment to sit and get her bearings before pushing back up to her feet and walking the remainder of the way.

Sputtering out some sand, Maya gets to her feet and starts brushing herself off. She does make her way over to procure herself a drink. Because drinks are good. And a drink will help her prepare herself for the next event... or will it?

The answer is no, the drinking doesn't help AT ALL. In fact, after the first couple jabs, Maya just full out panics and nopes right out of the turning into a little ball of Maya on the ground until it's all over. Maybe she just needed more to drink? Or perhaps yess. Hard to say.

Samira quickly gets herself a drink, hastily downing its contents before turning attention to the next event. Her eyes gleam with eagerness at the challenge ahead as she eyes the field of warriors. "Let's see what you've got!" she yells with a sudden grin, dashing forward. This time, she's able to use her small size to her advantage, ducking and weaving nimbly around the warriors and weathering a few blows with her jaw clenched in determination.

Haakon offers Maya a fresh drink after the noping out of the gauntlet. "Drink more, mends all." Louder, he shouts acclaim for those sti in the running.

The audience whoops as each participant attempts the gauntlet, cheering even louder when someone gets smashed. From her spot, Norah smiles beatifically. "Four of you made it through? More's the pity," she says with a wicked grin. "You four have to try and make it back to determine the winner."

Norah has called for a check of stamina and survival at hard.
Thea is marginally successful.
Ryhalt marginally fails.
Wash fails.
Botch! Samira is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Medeia watches in surprise as Ryhalt, Thea, Samira, and Wash all make it across at the same time. "How is that even possible?" She laughs joyfully, though, excited to see how this gets cleared up.

Felicia cheers the competitors, it's unbiased, really, and loud, because well, she's definitely not sober. But she's universally gleeful for every one that makes it through and sympathetic for those who drop out.

Wash's daughter Cirella actually gasps and screems. "Don't hit my daddy!"

While they had mentioned something about spears in the event of a tie, Ryhalt did't seem to have good luck dodging the spears as he had the people in the gauntlet. He gets hit and staggers off to the side, having a moment while he collects himself.

Wash is catching his breath and checking his bruises when it is revealed that they will have a tiebreaker by 'going the other way back'. He shakes his head and walks away. "Oh no. No no no. Once was enough. He takes the long way around the gauntlet, and catches Cirella who comes to meet him. He picks her up and rests her on his hip, even if she is a little too big for that.

The drink from Haakon is accepted and oh! someone she recognizes! "Thank you," Maya says in a tremulous voice. She looks warily back to the gauntlet. "They poke hard," she says in a not-so-quiet whisper to the man. But the drink does seem to be helping and she sits back to watch the others as they finish out their competition.

Drake wasn't still in the running, but at least that means he has another beer. And that also means he has a good view to applaud at Thea's performance in these games. He laughs loudly enough that she can hear. "I suppose that you just invited me out to see you win!"

And it's Thea who reaches the other side first. Damned good legs on that one. "Well done, Lady Thea! Our women are putting up an excellent showing today!" Norah says, more than a little proudly. "For our last event, I would like to ask our competitors to swim out to that longship," the Marquessa instructs, gesturing to a ship just offshore with her hand holding the beads. "Once you are there, our sailors will help you onboard, at which time you will run the oars, which is exactly what it sounds like: you will balance on the oars, running from oar to oar along the length of the ship without falling off."

When instructed to go back through the group of warriors as a tiebreaker, Samira squares her shoulders and hastens back across. Her luck has run out, it seems, her fierce grin is quick to fade as she realizes - too late! - that she has caught the eye of two huge warriors. Watching them lunge at the same time, she drops to the ground and begins crawling out from between their legs, yelling as she scrambles, "Alright, alright. I yield before you break me."

Norah has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at hard.
Samira is successful.
Ryhalt is marginally successful.
Wash is marginally successful.
Maya marginally fails.
Yrsa fails.
Drake fails.

The medics that were on hand swoop in to attend to any injuries incurred in the gauntlet.

Thea winks at Drake as she downs her drink. Plopping down next Felicia, she catches her breath. "Hey..."

Drake honestly thought that he was completely out of the running. The fact that there's another challenge... and he's still involved, takes him by surprise. He's still drinking beer. So... he gets a bit of a slow start on the next challenge, hitting the ground, running slower than he thought he would, and not ever really catching up. Oops.

The longship bobs offshore, the sailors having fixed the oars rigidly out from the sides of the ship. Should an oar-runner's balance slip, a harmless plunk into the sea (and great laughter) results.

Ryhalt rubs the last of the pain from the second failed gauntlet away and laughs at Norah saying literally running along oars. Running, he tosses off his shirt. He dives into the water and swims over to the longship. Being a sailor he doesn't need much help getting aboard and he laughs again before making a go at running across the oars. It's best his wife isn't watching since he dashes across the oars with surprising agility. Still, he's glad to get to the otherside even if he'd been a bit wild there at the end and almost lost it. No barked shins, whew!

Wash is an excellent swimmer, and the weather is suitable for it, even if it is cold ocean water. He gives his boots to his daughter before splashing into the surf and diving into the water. Once there, he takes his time catching his breath again, then balances with generally good agility across the oars. He doesn't really understand the challenge and can be seen waving his hands energetically at the crew after each successful jump. He's pleading with them vociferously about something, but at that distance it isn't clear what he is upset about.

Felicia offers Thea an upnod, and a squint, only belatedly offering," gave me the flask. Thank you." with something resembling a tired kind of smile. Distracted by the next leg of the competition, she can't quite help the shudder she gives. Grateful to not be trying to swim.

Not being from one of the coastal lands, having really only swam in rivers, Yrsa makes slow going as she heads out into the sea, not owning much knowledge of things like tidal movements and ocean currents. So it is she's fairly exhausted by the time she gets as far as the oar run, doing her best but falling off not even halfway along, simply backing off and floating there in the water for a while to watch as others compete, then swimming back to the shore when they're done.

Samira seems only too happy to jump into the water to escape a bit of the summer heat. Swimming out to the longship, she pulls herself aboard and manages to run nimbly across the oars before diving back into the water for an invigorating swim back to shore. No surrendering in the midst of the challenge this time, since there are no hulking, muscular warriors involved.

Thea cheers on both Drake and Samira, a whistle coming from her lips. Taking a drink, she lowers her voice to Felicia ,"I know how it feels. You experienced a lot. You didn't need another medic telling you anything." That said, Thea waves over to all the Eswynds with a brief smile.

There's one very specific thing that makes this terribly difficult for Maya: she has only one eye. So the surprising thing isn't that she fails to finish... it's that she makes it as far as she does. But then, she's a Redreef. A daughter of the Isles. She ought be able to handle swimming and ships to -some- extent. But when she makes it back to shore, it's a bit damp and exhausted... and defeated looking.

Haakon cheers for every runner, even those who go kerplunk. The running is the point, not the success. Still, each who do manage the fun length of the ship are hailed with the thudding of his fist on the half empty cask, with the longest acclaim for Samira. "Fine run, Culler!" A glass bottle greets Thea.

Wash is the last to finish, but he does finish, stopping on each oar to talk to the crewmembers. Then he dives back into the water and swims to shore. "Jayne! Fetch me a..." Oh. Jayne is already there holding out clean dry clothes, having hurried over to the dockyard and back for some dry clothes for Wash.

Felicia gives a wobbly and appreciative nod of her head towards Thea, signalling for more of that booze with a deep kind of sigh,"It was the other two, who were hurt worse. Lady Stahlben was burned, and the captain got his own lumps. I just..." she trails off, eyes on the competitors with a wince at the whistle and seemingly forgetting to actually finish her sentence.

Medeia watches the last challenge with interest, she hasn't seen this particular activity before. Each one is impressive, even those who fail, because she's pretty sure she couldn't do that. Samira's win pulls an exuberant yell. "CONGRATULATIONS SAMIRA!" Her eyes land on Maya though, and she grabs a towel and steps forward to greet the Redreef with it open to wrap her in it. "Hi, I'm Medeia, you're the newly arrived relative of Baroness Ember, right? C'mon and get dry." She tips her chin up the beach to the observers.

Staggering somewhat out of the sea onto the beach, Yrsa simply flops on the wet sand for a few minutes, getting back her breath and her wits before going in search of a drink, grinning somewhat despite having not done terribly well on the second and third parts of the challenge.

Norah presses a drink into Yrsa's hands. "Well done, on all counts. You've put forward a valiant effort."

Drake gets out of the water, but he's already getting sloshed and gets another beer. "...I've never been good at the sailor part of stuff." He raises his glass to Yrsa, who is about at his speed here right now. "Cheers," he says.

Cirella remains at the shoreline until Wash is there then she runs up to him but doesn't touch, since he's all wet. Wash towels himself off, then takes the clothes Jayne offers and changes, right there on the beach. Jayne provides a wall for him to hide behind, holding out the towel to shield him from eyes on the beach.

"Oh-" Maya looks up at Medeia as she fixes the (now soaked) cloth covering her eye. "Thank you." She accepts the towel and gets to her feet. "Yes, I am," she says with a dip of her head. "Maya Redreef." She scrubs at her hair primarily; the platinum blonde locks sticking out at odd angles from her braid.

Samira emerges from the water, wringing her hair and clothes out as best as she can. She sends a triumphant grin toward Haakon and Medeia, a finger held aloft to signal a moment is needed. Once she has somewhat recovered her breath, she calls out approvingly, "Is this the Eswynd way of life? 'cause it's invigorating!"

Norah waits until Wash is done changing and then approaches them. "Lord Wash! Impressive showing. Who is the lovely lady on your arm?" she asks, grinning at Cirella, bowing her head politely to the little girl.

"Cheers, ladyship," Yrsa thanks Norah as she takes the drink, her accent quite strongly Northlands. She lifts the vessel slightly towards Drake in kind before taking a few long gulps, then exhaling slowly. "Never been in the sea before. Or on a boat bigger than a river barge," she agrees with Drake. "Still, it was fun. Those Eswynd boys know how to hit."

Haakon sniffs sharply at Samira's question. "It's a way to pass a day, aye. Fit for a drink?"

"That was fun,"Thea agrees with Samira. She realizes then and introduces herself to Maya,"General Thea Malvici. Pleasure to meet you,"as she smiles over to Medeia. "NOW I can drink all I want." She turns to Drake too, a grin,"Told you I could run..."

"Nice to meet you, Lady Maya. Welcome to the city." Medeia smiles once Maya is setled and grabs another towel for Samira, going to greet her friend. Heedless of the wetness, she wraps the woman in a hug before offering the towel. "It is, and since you're family," she winks, "You can enjoy it any time." The now damp, petite Eswynd lady makes her way back to the crowd and makes the following announcement: "Thank you all for coming to see the games, and an especially big thank you to all of our fine competitors!" There's a pause for cheering. "Congratulations to our winners: Dame Felicia Harrow, Lady Thea Malvici, and Mistress Samira Culler!" A glowing smile at the all-woman slate lights up her face. The prizes are distributed to the winners. "Fomr House Eswynd, to you, please enjoy the beauty of Deeplight Coral from Eswyndol."

Jayne holds the wet clothing while Wash does noble stuff, greeting the Baroness. "This is my daughter Lady Cirella Kennex. She was touring the Promise when we heard this event starting." Wash explains. "Cirella? This is Baroness Norah Eswynd. Do you remember when I took a trip to Eswynd Rock?"

Cirella starts to curtsy, but she is in trousers, so she pats her hips and looks confused. "I'm very pleased to meet you." She says perfunctorily, trained well by her nannies. "Is that when you lost one of your juggling knives?" She asks her dad. "My dad lost one of his juggling knives on your island. Did you ever find it?"

The line has been dismissed by Medeia.

Ryhalt applauds for the winners, not looking too disappointed he'd lost. It had been adventure trying. He collects his shirt and gets himself a drink while his hair drips all over his shoulders.

"Thank you, Marquessa Eswynd." Felicia offers with a seated bow,"This is lovely, and... a good reminder." the Harrow offers softly, fingers playing absently over the beads and lingering on the one for Death as she lowers her head.

"You did amazingly," Drake says to Thea, giving her a slight poke on the shoulder. "Congratulations on a great race out there." As he was speaking with Yrsa, he adds, "Drake Wyvernheart, by the way."

Norah looks utterly puzzled. "Juggling knives?" The Marquessa looks over at Wash, curious. "I can't say anyone has found a juggling knife, Lady Cirella, but I promise we will put our best men on it. If your father's knife is anywhere to be found, we will find it."

"I'm never one to turn down a drink," Samira assures Haakon with a wry grin. She slings an arm around Medeia in a return hug, her expression one of gratitude - both for the towel and the sentiment. As prizes are handed out, she takes a moment to admire the beautiful coral prayer beads, running her fingers reverently over their surface. "Beautiful. Thank you."

"A pleasure, General," Maya says through the towel in the wake of Thea's introduction. "Thank you," she answers Medeia before the other woman goes to aid Samira. The blonde Redreef starts picking her way toward the drinks, still clutching the towel against her. There's nods to others as she passes before falumph: time to sit with a drink.

"I've already had a replacement crafted." Wash assures Norah. "I sometimes entertain the children with feats of juggling in the nursery. But never with knives. Well. Not any more with knives." Wash pauses to clarify. "In the nursery."

A ghost of a grin spreads across Norah's face and she chuckles softly. "You might not have been Isles-born, Lord Wash, but you seem to have adapted better than most."

Norah is overheard praising Medeia.

Norah is overheard praising Haakon.

Norah is overheard praising Felicia.

Norah is overheard praising Thea.

Norah is overheard praising Samira.

Maya is overheard praising Medeia.

Maya is overheard praising Norah.

Medeia is overheard praising Thea: To the victor, the spoils! Coral spoils.

Medeia is overheard praising Felicia: To the victor, the spoils! Coral spoils.

Norah is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Norah is overheard praising Wash.

Norah is overheard praising Maya.

Medeia is overheard praising Samira: To the victor, the spoils! Coral spoils.

Norah is overheard praising Yrsa.

Medeia is overheard praising Yrsa.

Wash says, "Thank you Marquessa. But can I ask, what is the walking the oars challenge for? Do you actually use that tactic for boarding? I can see how it would be an advantage in boarding, but it would drastically reduce maneuverability."

Medeia is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Medeia is overheard praising Wash.

Medeia is overheard praising Drake.

Medeia is overheard praising Maya.

Norah is overheard praising Drake.

Drake is overheard praising Norah.

"Yrsa of the Frosted Hills," the Northlands shav woman responds to Drake after draining the remainder of her drink, her grin remaining. "You did well too. It was a hard challenge, as well it should be. I'm looking forward to the next already."

Drake is overheard praising Medeia.

Samira is overheard praising Medeia.

Samira is overheard praising Norah.

Drake takes a moment to praise their hosts and game runners... and then addresses Yrsa again, raising his ale. "Cheers to that. If there's a physical competition, I'll try to be there. You might see me at the Valardin tournament next. Training grounds... less often these days, but we're getting some put up at our own house so I don't have to walk as far."

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