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PRP: Bravura Masters Part 2

How Lottie got her groove back (maybe?)

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Jan. 16, 2021, 3 p.m.

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Ripley Samira Caprice Lottie Apollo Vitalis



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Bravura - City of Bravura

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PRP: Bravura Masters Part 2 has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Bravura - City of Bravura.

Lottie checks perception and artwork at easy. Lottie is successful.

Vitalis checks perception and investigation at normal. Vitalis marginally fails.

Samira checks luck and artwork at normal. Samira marginally fails.

Samira checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Samira is successful.

It's been 3 days off the boat and everyone has had a chance to explore the city. Ripley has gone and hob nobbed with jewelry smiths and asked to watch them work. Apollo has done the same with tanners.

Lottie has met less hospitality with bakers who are reluctant to reveal secrets, but she sneaks and watches from bushes near food carts and on boxes outside of windows to see just /how/ these Bravuran rolls are so melt in your mouth buttery good.

Samira has spent her time sketching and going to various inspired locations. The people of Bravura talk a lot about inspiration and being inspired by Jayus, and direct her to several popular spots in the city. On day two, chance has it that a local opinion leader catches her drawing by the cliffside. He soon exclaims that the picture is so realistic he feels he could jump of it. A crowd is gathered, and now Samira can't walk more than a block or two without being oogled as she becomes some sort of over-night celebrity.

Caprice has found some sort of inspiration of her own and has been quietly ruminating about a new project she has in mind.

And Vitalis? Well, he's there.

Tonight is the night of the grand party where Caprice's painting is to be put on display. It is stressful at the estate as Duarte's ministers and stewards flail and freak out over how to handle this forgery problem.

Thankfully Lottie's 'hobo' attire helped mask that she herself was an affluent baker that first day ashore and with the ability to observe, simply the act of watching inspiration at work started to replenish her supply of internal sunshine. By day two, rather than the riotous darkness of the day before the clouds of Lottie had begun to gradually part and little smiles and the occasional laugh fell from her lips. Day 3, just a few tangential clouds floating across the skies of Lottie, but she actually bathed and put on a dress now so things were looking up! By now she was returning to the estate with an armful of pastries, a fairly cheery demeanor and the knowledge of just HOW these fluffy masterpieces were made.

Apollo, listening to the flailing and freaking out, murmurs aside to Vitalis as they drift down a hall. "You haven't caught any chatter about what might have happened to her painting, have you?" He enjoyed his time preparing deer hides with the best in Bravura; it's among his favorite skins to work with. Bewildered at the state of the craftsman's tools, perhaps, but that didn't dampen his love of the craft itself. But now he's turned his attention to the grand party, the mysteries - and sizing up the entourage that they've traveled with, who've hovered around their belongings. And desserts.

"You're looking good today!" Ripley's clean, trimmed, in high spirits having spent time learning at the knee's of others and demonstrating his own methods and tricks to the smiths. He's eyeing one of the pastries in lotties hand. "New recipe's when you get back?"

The time spent exploring a new city, revelling in its beauty and the artwork on display has been a delight thus far. Embracing her newfound recognition, Samira has begun eagerly drawing the locals into discussions about art and inspiration and life in general. As she drifts down from her room to join the group for the party, she offers a smile to the others. "This is sure to be an interesting evening. Wonder if they've sorted the issue with the painting?"

Vitalis renews an offer to those gathered that they're welcome to keep their mysterious gift boxes in his quarters. He promises 'no peeking!' because of course he can. At Ripley's greeting, Vitalis smiles, "Thank you. I even dressed myself." Small victories. Vitalis shakes his head to Apollo's query, "No. I did hear some household gossip, but nothing bears on the painting." His lips purse, pondering. Maybe it's not relevant? He shakes his head again.

Lottie began passing out what she'd brought to anyone who may have wanted one of those delectable buns (heyo~), "Hello, Ripley! Thank you. I'm starting to feel a lot better. Actually, not so much a recipe, but a technique! It can apply to so many things. They measure differently than we do in Arx and it's really interesting. Plus, sifting? TOTALLY different, but I can see how it might better aerate a smoother blend and keep your hands more focused on an even mix." When Samira arrived she turned and handed her a roll. "I saw you all but mobbed, Samira! Looks like things are going great."

The bun. It's like gold to him. He takes it, taking a huge bite out of it and looks to Vitalis. "You look good too!" He exclaims to the man. "You match! Good job! You'll get the hang of it" he assures Vitalis.

Apollo, too, snags one of the buns. Oh, no, two of the buns, one for Vitalis, too, juuuuuust after he has a taste. "I'm glad to see everyone finding a little something to bring back. Inspiration, technique, new contacts - a smile." He smiles at Lottie, as if in demonstration, indeed glad to see her happy. "These are good! But I'd expect nothing less."

Samira's smile widens with Lottie's offer of food, a grateful nod given. "Really great! I've found the most beautiful places to sketch, and the most interesting people to talk with about art techniques and interpreation and all sorts of things, really. Everyone's so nice. Sounds like you're all enjoying yourselves, too?" Unable to wait a moment longer, she takes a large bite of the bun, eyes widening in apprecation. Her words are muffled as she speaks through the mouthful: "Mmm, Lottie, delicious!"

Vitalis caught a whiff of the buns and perks, attention drawn that way. He smiles, "Apollo came up with a clever solution to sorting the colors. Button shapes to indicate color. Very helpful." And oh, he has a pastry. Flaky. Yes. Smells great. Definitely. He takes a bite, crumbs everywhere in his beard, on his chest. He chews, turns loose of Apollo long enough to fish a handkerchief from his vest and swipe at his beard. Bright-colored glass prayer beads wink from his wrist - his acquisition from the Shrine of Jayus. "Delicious." Chewing thoughtfully, "The gossip. Thinking on it, there was one voice among them gleeful over the trouble this will cause the count." Huh. That probably IS related.

Lottie moved to linger at Apollo's side though her focus remained more so on Ripley. "Thank you, by the way." And she added to the group on the whole. "All of you. I know I wasn't myself and I appreciate the patience and help. Happy to have a smile back and I think without all of your gentle coaxing I'd probably still be wallowing on the ship." Then to Samira, "Aren't they?! I'm going to unlock their secrets and try my own spin on them when we get home and I have my own kitchen back. I already have an idea on how to set up a sifting device like the one used here. May finally be able to get rid of my way too old sieve." Her brow then arched when Vitalis expanded on the gossip a bit. "You think all the snafoos are some attempt to undermine Count Duarte? I know FOR SURE we did not add horseradish to the cream and with the painting debacle it all really does seem like something orchestrated. Or I'm just seeing ghosts in a barnyard. I dunno'. It's weird. That's what it is."

Vitalis nods and adds after Lottie mentions the Cannoli Debacle, "It was familiar too, but I couldn't place it. Maybe someone on the ship?"

Lenore Aspis, the House stewar/d/, comes marching into the hall with a couple of Amadeoan (?) guards. The doors are closed and the exits are blocked.

The severe man is particularly austere today. He informs everyone that "Tonight's presentation will not be canceled. But you are all leaving immediately." He nods to the guards who bring in a wrapped frame. It's......


"This was found on the boat. Wrapped under the bed of the tanner." The whole room /looks/ at Apollo.

Duarte drops a seascape on canvas, roiling ever more ridiculous.

So many eyes.

On Apollo.

Shocked. Disappointed eyes.

"You no what? NO! You, sir, are out of line." Lottie turned to face Lenore, her brow furrowing. "You /kept/ me out of the kitchen after a debacle I was not the cause of and as far as I'm aware made no effort to find out how or what happened. You have treated us with a strained tenor since we have arrived. Now you accuse the Guildmaster of Arx of sabotage to one of our own painters? I want to speak to an /actual/ Amadeo. Or would you rather me share my increasingly distasteful opinion of you and your assertions with the Count who /invited/ us here? I'm not going anywhere."

Apollo checks perception and empathy at easy. Critical Success! Apollo is spectacularly successful.

Apollo's brow draws. "You know, it's funny - I know Count Duarte come from humble origins -" he pauses, caught on the announcement, reaching for Lottie's arm to stay her ire. "Lottie, no," he says. A hand on Vitalis' arm squeezes, and he steps forward, speaks quietly. "My good man," he says, "I've done lots I'm not proud of, but I didn't touch her painting. Not at any point." He turns to look at it, brows lofting. "Who's had access to the boat? To our rooms?" A moment, face falling, and he says: "Who seems pleased when they think I'm caught?" His face - despite the denial - takes on a sullen shape, perhaps clearer when he says - louder: "I didn't - please, Caprice, believe me!" Then to Leonor: "/They/ didn't do anything! Don't punish /them/."

'As if Duarte took it. He doesn't eat in the bed, much less get crumbs in bed." Ripley admonishes. Ripley stands there with arms folded across his chest. "That he prefers a different kind of cookie." Ripley shakes his head.

Samira wears a pensive frown while mulling over Vitalis's bit of gossip, although the frown turns into an outright scowl upon hearing Lenore's accusation. Having stuffed the remainder of the bun in her mouth, she spends a few moments frantically chewing, gesturing to Lottie to show she wholeheartedly agrees with the baker's remarks. Once her mouth isn't stuffed full, she crosses her arms over her chest and snorts, but realizing Apollo's ploy to draw out the real culprit, she stays silent. Her glowering expression may even make it appear to those who don't know her well that she's rather cross with Apollo, rather than simply at the situation itself.

Apollo checks charm and empathy at easy. Apollo is successful.

Lottie was ready to tear off this stewar/d/'s face. She grunted slightly at the touch to her arm, death-glare breaking from Lenore to spy it was Apollo's touch. She gave a single nod to the tanner, shoulders forced down rather than hackled up with all the hair on the back of her neck like a cat about to pounce (or maul). She gave a sharp nod to Samira in a silent acknowledgment to their mutual opinion of events, but then went back to staring daggers at Lenore. Just say the word, Apollo... just say the word. Her body was ready. Well as ready as she thought it could be, the reality being she was a tiny baker who'd never been in a fist fight in her life.

Leonor is not particularly moved by Lottie's fuming and threatening. There isn't so much as a reaction or look her way, in fact. But he does seem to soften by Apollo's plea. "First the dessert and now a remarkably similar painting in the same style, but forged, the original in your cabin. You must at least see how it looks from my view."

He sighs as he assesses the group. "Fine. Get dressed for this evening." He turns and waves the guards out.

A passing maid, who waited sheepishly for the commotion to calm, gingerly approaches Samira and ask if she'll autograph her apron.

Apollo sends eyes around the room at those in attendance, and steps back, giving Leonor a bow. "Thank you for your graciousness. I'm sure this will all get sorted out. Perhaps you'd like to personally escort that painting - or leave it with the artist herself, until it's needed to be hung? That way we don't have any further incident with it." And he steps back, re-collecting Vitalis' arm, squeezing. "I'm already dressed, but I think I'll like a drink before dinner."

Vitalis checks wits at easy. Vitalis is successful.

Lottie was /not/ going to bow to that man. She was not near as diplomatic as Apollo and was still fuming over the whole ordeal. She stuffed a roll into her mouth and simply angrily chewed while crossing her arms in a puff-cheeked huff.

Lottie does that, but then is whisked away to the kitchen by a few of the attending servants to start work on the dessert intended for the evening. Her attitude eased for those who directed her. Wasn't their fault that guy was a piece-o-work.

Vitalis tips his head listening to the voices lift and fly with accusations, defenses. Lenor's acceptance of Apollo's plea. Request for a signature from Samira. There's something... he, nods at Apollo's suggestion of a drink, but it's distracted. Something... there's something. He murmurs to Apollo, brow knit.

Caprice has been quiet, somewhat loosely associated with reality though the tense (if short) confrontation as pulled her focus more in line with the here and now. She's not much help with Leonor - or perhaps she is, by not stepping in? Keeping to the back, one hand over her mouth, eyes subtly widened.

Samira scoffs, muttering sarcastically, "First sabotaging the dessert, now planting the real painting under our Guildmaster's bed. Can't wait to see what's next on the agenda." The maid's approach offers a decent distraction and sees the return of a small smile from the artist as she graciously greets the woman, still unused to receiving such attention. "Those of us on this trip have experienced Count Duarte's incredible generosity. I can't imagine a man like that has many enemies?" Not so subtle, but perhaps the maid is too starstruck to notice, or so Samira hopes.

Apollo gives his arm a squeeze, then lets Vitalis go. "Alright," he says. He turns to Samira, shaking his head. "You know what's funny? The tanner I met yesterday - he never even met the Count. Isn't that strange?" A little quieter, he offers: "I wonder if his very fine treatment of his guests rankles. That tanner had skills every bit as fine as mine. Better, maybe."

Vitalis begs off to find a servant to help him to the kitchens, maybe the woman with the newly signed apron.

Lottie checks perception at easy. Lottie is marginally successful.

Ripley's just frowning, and staring at the painting and at the accuser who then gives up so easily. His nose wrinkled like he smells something fishy that he doesn't care for.

Vitalis checks perception at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Lottie checks dexterity and artwork at easy. Lottie is successful.

"You don't steal. You're our Guildmaster. It smells" His nose wrinkled and no small amount of vehemence in his words. Like he finds the accusation disgusting. "Why would you have done that? You have nothing to gain. Someone does though." The smith points out. "Someone's trying to disparage the crafters coming from the city. Someone doesn't like that you don't hear of crafters like Aurora or Dame Ida, or Caprice." Ripley responds to whatever Apollo seems to have whispered to him. "Someone is -doing- something and trying to shame and blame and disparage our works!"

"Really?" Samira frowns at this new information from Apollo. She lowers her voice, nodding solemnly. "There's something to that. Watching others have care and finery lavished upon them, when you feel you've been working just as hard but have never received that level of recognition? That's likely to breed discontent."

The evening has begun! The ballroom is opulence plus! Works hang all over. Some of the entry is even decorated with these toss-off sketches Samira had drawn earlier.

Contrary to what you may expect, you are not all seated together. Each are at a different table with highly revered local peers and patrons of each's respective craft. Ripley is near the door in the back. Samira to the side. Caprice is front and center. Apollo is also at a front table.

The story of Caprice's painting is endearing to the crowd. Particularly how Duarte paid for it 'with a favor'. It's viewed as the perfect mix of lycene pragmatism meets total neonoble cheapskate.

Once the painting is revealed, there is silence. person claps...The another....then the whole room! BRAVO!!!!!

Vitalis checks wits and investigation at easy. Vitalis is marginally successful.

"Well - I intend to have a word with Count Duarte when we return," Apollo tells Samira. Before he drifts off to find a drink - and watch the comings and goings around the lavish guest quarters. By the time the evening is underway, he seems like he might have to some degree resigned himself to another incident, but it settles itself as wariness and fatigue more than anything. At his table with the local tanners, he gives a smile, anyway. "I'm so glad I've had the time to properly see a bit of the work you do. I'll be passing along to Count Duarte that he's overdue to look within - there's such talent here." And he turns his attention to the painting, and applauds along with the rest, very pleased for Caprice, indeed.

Caprice has dressed to match, something nice brought from home paired with a piece or two she's picked up in the Patchwork city. Some time is spent admiring Samira's work, discussed with others looking. An aside here or there noting that the Culler is among her own instructors, how lucky is she?

She does attempt to be discreet about it but while settling in to her assigned table, Caprice takes the time to mark exits and the locations of her fellow aristes-under-suspicion. When her painting is revealed, she is initially looking it over to see if the cookie is still a cookie. The opening silence of its reception has her bracing for something considerably less pleasant than the applause that grows; that, it seems, leaves her genuinely surprised.

Apollo's intention to discuss the disparity with Duarte seems to appease the Lowers-born artist as she returns to her room to prepare for the event. As the dinner begins, the seating arrangements have her glancing over the room to locate where the others have been placed before attention turns to her fellow artists. "It has been such a pleasure roaming the city these past few days and viewing the works of art you and the other artists of this city have created. It's been illuminating; I've learned so much," she remarks with genuine gratitude to those at her table. When Caprice's painting is revealed to the crowd, Samira beams with pride for her friend, applauding loudly along with the others.

Caprice checks composure at easy. Caprice is marginally successful.

Vitalis makes his way back to a dinner in full swing, the painting revealed, and conversation afoot. Apollo will note the set to his shoulders, intensity of his attention: Vitalis is in pursuit. When bid, the servant escorting him directs him to Apollo and bows before going on her way. "Guildmaster. A word?"

As the presentation ends there seems to be a hold up. What's taking so long for dessert? Whispers start swirling...

Ripley, for all his grumoiness, is trying his best to be a better man at the table with his peers. Managing to work his way from the outside, in, with regards to the cutlery and the glasses. Though there's looks to Caprice and flashes of a worried smile and then to Apollo. It seems to pass pleasantly enough and the painting looks like it's caprice's real one. Cookie and all. But the delay at desert has Ripley antsy and there's a worried too toward the kitchen.

Apollo bids the others at his table a pardon. "What is it?" he asks, taking his feet and threading an arm.

Ripley checks perception at easy. Ripley is marginally successful.

Caprice checks perception at easy. Caprice is marginally successful.

Vitalis checks perception at easy. Vitalis is successful.

Samira checks perception at easy. Samira is successful.

A hooded, ballroom-masked figure emerged from the same doorway Vitalis left on his way to Apollo. The figure slinks along the perimeter of the room trying to disguise quick steps with event-appropriate composure on its way to the exit.

Vitalis circulate through the room, visiting each of his compatriots with the help of guests and servants.

Apollo checks perception at easy. Apollo is marginally successful.

Vitalis whispers, and Ripley's looking to the man who's passing close by. Without hesitation, without a modicum of smartness about him that quite possibly Vitalis might be wrong, or that this might be terribly inappropriate for a dinner party, Ripley's flinging his lean self out of his seat to throw himself at the figure, full body. "MISCREANT!" He screams.

Ripley checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Ripley is marginally successful.

Caprice isn't close enough to do anything about that; she doesn't even know what's going on from over there at one of the center tables. But a masked figure potentially being taken to the floor is hard to ignore! Eyes widening, she looks away - scanning the room for anybody else who might be skulking in or out in the confusion of a crowd.

The masked figure is easily tripped! He struggles but Ripley is too ... on top of him!

"Ripley's got him!" Apollo exclaims, sweeping with Vitalis toward the very successful smith. "Least I /hope/ that's him." That's quieter.

Samira narrows her eyes at the figure she spots moving hastily toward the door, the hood and mask enough to convince her that this person is up to no good. When Ripley flings himself at the figure, she hikes her dress up around her knees and stands on her chair for a better view. "Get 'im, Ripley! Sit on 'im! PUNCH HIM IN THE NOSE IF YOU HAVE TO!" She has managed to remain on her best behavior throughout the entire trip thus far. It was bound to end eventually.

Hopping down off of the chair, she hurries toward Ripley, happy to help ensure the so-called miscreant doesn't escape.

If Lottie was present for this display and not still in the kitchen, she would definitely be going for a fork to stab this saboteur with and huffing her way toward the fray. Granted that was IF she wasn't still in the kitchen, which she totally might be as I afk'd!

"better be him! Or her!" Ripley's listening, and with a swing, or an elbow, is making sure that the person stays too busy trying to protect themselves from blows, to escape.

Lottie is still in the kitchen as clarified!

The crowd is stunned at sudden tackling and boroughs-level jeering for elbows and punches to be thrown! They crowd around the Ripley and the miscreant on the floor.

Leonor muscles his way forward and demands, "What is the meaning of this!"

Vitalis goes with Apollo, attention slewing everywhere it might as chaos erupts. He is tense at Apollo's side, listening sharply at those near and hoping them friends.

Apollo... takes a gamble, and turns to Leonor, answering Vitalis' question first. "Ripley's got him. He's in a mask." Then to Leonor: "We believe this man was up to no good - and trying to sneak out, masked. See for yourself who it is."

Samira doesn't quite know how to answer Leonor's question so she remains silent, arms folded over her chest. Her gaze never leaves Ripley and his target, watchful for the need to jump in and assist if it looks like it's needed.

Caprice is essentially part of the audience for this, though - assuming everyone else isn't in a panic, or crowding in too aggressively, she's attempting to move closer to figure out what's going on.

Seeing as how no one jumps at the anagnorisis, Leonor takes matters into his own hands - as every good stewart does! He reaches down and unmasks the mystery miscreant.

Gasps flow through the room! Who could it be?!

"Fausto Amadeia!? Just what are you doing?!"

The minister of loyalty apprehended by Ripley sneers! He points eyes at Vitalis, "And I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for this blind man!"

Once people have gathered, Ripley's pulling himself upright, straightening his hair - but leaves his clothes askew - and watches now.

And NOW Lottie came barreling out of the kitchen, rolling pin in hand ready to murder a saboteur. She just had to make sure everything tasted right hence the lingering behind when Vitalis had returned to the ball. "Lemme at 'im!" she bellowed at the crowd in her way, knuckles white with her grip on the end of the rolling pin. "Who was it?!" That probably should have been her first question.

"Hey, now, pay attention, that still don't answer the question," Apollo says, impatient. "What's all this nonsense you were up to? And why?" Maybe, if he's stern and accusatory and demanding, he'll get a /monologue/. That's how this works, right? Otherwise they'll have to let Lottie at him with that rolling pin and her horseradish rage.

Lottie checks command and intimidation at easy. Lottie is marginally successful.

Oh, Lottie was ready. She shouldered her way through the people who had stood to observe the fray and soon was standing beside Apollo, slowly thunking the rolling pin against an empty palm. Thug life.

Samira turns to Lottie, a broad smirking curving her lips. She clearly approves of how the baker operates. Arms still folded over her chest, she turns attention back to Fausto and glares at the man. "Seems to me you'd better start talking."

Vitalis can feel Lottie's anger rolling off her, edging next to her in solidarity. Vitalis flares his hands, helpless, "You've got a distinctive voice." And it's the voice indeed.

Fausto's cowardice is no match for a rolling pin wielding Lottie! The man cracks easily. He explains how he is not Fausto Amadeia, but Geraldo Seguro - whose father was executed for loyalties to house Malgentilega! He's waited nearly 9 years to exact subtle revenge.

He is hauled off. Leonor assures everyone he will be 'judiciously cared for'.

Dessert is served and it is the perfect distraction. Lottie's dish is loved by all. Her name is praised! She is begged for the recipe!

The final presentation of the evening is the ceremonial key gifting, where everyone is given the key to open their chests.

"We appreciate our esteemed guests and hope they never forget us here, and tell one and all of the glories of our humble city," says Leonor.

Apollo takes a celestial wooden chest from a black backpack with two pockets.

Apollo takes a celestial wooden chest for Apollo from Delivery Bag - Please return to Apollo Oakwood.

Apollo puts a celestial wooden chest in Delivery Bag - Please return to Apollo Oakwood.

Caprice gets a celestial wooden chest for Caprice from a sleek leather crescent bag hung from a long thick strap.

Lottie aimed her rolling pin at Leonor (which at this point she'd tucked into her belt JUST IN CASE). "I think you /also/ owe Guildmaster Apollo a very large apology." Granted, it wasn't a bellowed thing meant to gain the attention of the room and humiliate the steward, but that wasn't to say she wasn't on the verge of making another scene.

"/Lottie/," Apollo says, rubbing his head. "It's /fine/. I think the facts speak for themselves."

Lottie glanced to Apollo and gave a little shake of her head, though her tone softened for him. "No it isn't. He insulted you. He insulted the integrity of the Arx chapter of the guild."

Lottie takes Another box lol no peeking from a celestial wooden chest for Lottie.

Lottie takes bag inside a box - NO CHEATING from Another box lol no peeking.

Ripley takes Another box lol no peeking from a celestial wooden chest for Ripley.

Lottie takes a goldenwood rolling pin from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Samira takes Another box lol no peeking from a celestial wooden chest for Samira.

Ripley takes bag inside a box - NO CHEATING from Another box lol no peeking.

Samira takes bag inside a box - NO CHEATING from Another box lol no peeking.

Vitalis was curious, "What had he done to your dessert, Lottie?" Attempt to divert or genuine interest? A healthy mix! And then here comes Lottie's redeemed dessert and it is delicious. But now -- keys! Vitalis has been itching to learn what was in these boxes.

Ripley takes a pair of black, form-fitting fireweave gloves from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Lottie wields a goldenwood rolling pin.

Samira takes a star iron palette knife with a goldenwood handle from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Lottie takes The Clue Bag from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Lottie takes a festive favor bag from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Caprice gets Another box lol no peeking from a celestial wooden chest for Caprice.

Caprice gets bag inside a box - NO CHEATING from Another box lol no peeking.

Caprice gets diamondplate cutting shears from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

Apollo takes Another box lol no peeking from a celestial wooden chest for Apollo.

Apollo takes bag inside a box - NO CHEATING from Another box lol no peeking.

Apollo takes diamondplate stitching awl with goldenwood handle from bag inside a box - NO CHEATING.

"Pissy former rulers..." Ripley frowns. "I guess.. yeah, I guess that makes sense." Ripley looks to the steward and then pilfers a dessert from a passing servant, ignoring any need for forks or the likes and just having at it with fingers. "Lottie's right. It's not okay." Speaking with his mouth full. "But I guess, you'll handle it." Apollo will handle it, he's sure. But there's keys, and Ripley takes the key to his box, hooking it around his pinky finger.

"I'm honestly not sure." Lottie replied to Vitalis and it seemed his mission was successful. That was until she pulled the absolutely beautiful new rolling pin out of the series of boxes and bags. This put her mind right back on its former track, glancing from it to the steward.

Apollo gives Fausto a look, and shakes his head at his fellow crafters. "That sort of betrayal will be up to the Count to decide what to do with," he says. "And nobody believed him anyway. No harm done. Perhaps we can get an adventurous bard to write a song about how very ineffective he was." That's like, a death sentence, in Bravura, right? Art of your defeat? He takes a deep breath, and accepts his key, and - once he's got the box open, he pulls out a beautiful goldenwood-and-diamondplate awl. "Oh, this wood is /gorgeous/," he says. "This is lovely. I'll have to thank him properly."

Caprice is perhaps still a bit confused by the sequence of events, but she's caught enough at the end to be satisfied for now...and there's a decent group of people moving on to happier things! The boxes, the keys...the containers within containers..! Caprice's laughter brightens with each new layer until she's lifting some very shiny shears in display - and offering effusive thanks both to those present and for the Count who invited them.

"It/ was/ very rude, flinging accusations like that," Samira points out in agreement with Lottie and Ripley, although Apollo's suggestion earns a laugh. The handing out of the keys serves as a decent distraction, however, dragging her attention from the steward. At long last their curiosity about the contents of each chest will be answered. She opens the newly unlocked chest, pulling out the gift from within and admiring it with a smile. "This is sure to be the finest palette knife I've ever owned. Beautiful, and it'll get plenty of use."

"And we're sure I can't just /knead/ the apology out of him?" Lottie joked. Well half-joked, glancing to Ripley and Samira with a little smirk. She wasn't as focused on Lenore anymore, though. Instead admiring the gifts the other received while she covetously embraced her rolling pin. "I guess a song to live on through eternity is just as good." She finally conceded.

Vitalis smiles and will gladly handle any of the very fine gifts -- carefully. Most of them are very sharp. VERY SHARP. Just how sharp... one wonders...

Sharper than Tehon's nipples in the everwinter.

The night moves on to revelry and partying with copious libations. The Arx guests are applauded and lauded by all present. Especially Samira! (But not Vitalis)

In the coming days, they are invited to the trade schools of their respective crafts and asked to give lectures and hold master classes for the students there, as well as audit some of the classes given by local masters.

A week later, they return to the Rising Sun and set sail back for Arx.

PRP: Bravura Masters Part 2 has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Bravura - City of Bravura.

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