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Redrain Welcome Autumn Bonfire

Summer has finally loosened its grip on Arx, which is a great excuse to have a bonfire! Come share drinks and stories while cooking various foods on sticks. Or not - prepared food will be available for those not inclined to roughing-it.


Jan. 24, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Merek Grimgar Mabelle Audgrim Emberly Jaenelle Lorenzo Ivy Kritr Deva Rosalind Kenjay Gaspar Rowenova Sorrel Gianna Bianca Cirroch Tarik Patrizio




Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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Comments and Log


I am so very grateful to all of those who came by the ward for what was a rather short-notice bonfire. Getting together casually to just catch up with people or make new friends is something I always like doing, and bonfires seem perfectly conducive for as much. I am so thankful, especially in times of crisis, for such amazing family and friends. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and now, it seems, we've a dessert gathering to plan for next!

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Dodgy, a brown rat arrives, following Audgrim.

It is a near perfect time for a bonfire, no matter what the stupid weather emits say! Not the early fall, when there is barely a chill in the air, nor the deep cold of winter, which chills some right to the bone. The elegant architecture of the Redrain Villa paints a handsome background, the glow of the bonfire casting dancing shadows on it and around the grounds. Plenty of seating is available - many places around the fire and others a bit off for quieter conversations. Playing hostess, Gwenna stands near the front of the grounds, dressed in warm autumn hues, welcoming people as they enter. "Greetings! Come in, come in. There is plenty of food and drink, as well as some bottles of whiskey for everyone to take home. Find a seat and enjoy!"

Gwenna drops regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant, Hypoluxo, a black and white borzoi pup arrive, following Lorenzo.

Merek walks along to the Redrain Grounds while he takes a look to the place, adjusting his potion belt nodding to people he knows while he finds a place to settle about.

Grimgar is here having just arrived. Dressed in a shirt of golden honeysilk with hints of orange to it and dark red leather breeches and boots, he looks like the autumn trees around them. The giant Prince approches Gwenna with a grin. "A fine event Princess Gwenna. Well done. If I might impose after you are done greeting your guests, I need to talk. Please?" He bows his head politely.

Ooo whiskey. But Mabelle is mainly here for her cousin. "Gwenna!" Mabelle beams at her and steps over to kiss both her cheeks twice. That's not Oathlandery. Who cares. "I could not miss an excuse to finally see you, such a lovely gathering. Do you know Lady Ivy Blackram?", she introduces her companion and bows her head to Grimgar as he enters.

Audgrim has just arrived and as he's walking by the welcoming Gwenna, he bows deeply to her. "Thanks for hosting this, your highness," he says simply, and steps aside to let others greet the hostess. There's a bow to Mabelle, a familiar face.

Emberly comes to join the bonfire she is dressed in very little, perhaps she was not sure what or how to dress, for she was in a summer gown with thin straps the color is a orangish pink color She has a small flower tucked into her hair of a orange gold color and she looks around at those gathered and she moves into the gathering a little more deeply.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Mabelle takes Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Emberly gets Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

The petite spidersilk clad High Lord arrives to the Redrain estate grounds with her usual small army of protectors, which all but one are dismissed to enjoy the festivities with the Redrain guards as they see fit. Jaenelle moves towards Gwenna first, a bright smile given to her cousin as well as a gentle incline of her head in greeting. "Truthfully there is never a more appropriate place to hold a bonfire than right here. One of my first memories in the Capital was attending the one in memory of Sherrod."

Grimgar smiles for Mabelle and Ivy as they approach. "Lady Mabelle. Good to see you again. Nice to meet you Lady Ivy. Grimgar Redrain." He dips his head before looking back to Gwenna. Emberly's arrival is noticed and he glances that way a long moment. Longing shows in his gaze deep and intense. he smiles for Emberly and lifts a large hands to wave lightly inclining his golden haired head low. Then he looks back to Gwenna once more to see what she says.

Audgrim gets Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Keg, a warhorse arrives, following Kritr.

"Of course, Grimgar," Gwenna replies with a couple nods of her head. "And thank you for the kind words." Mabelle's familiar voice makes the Redrain smile wide. "Cousin! And no, I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Welcome, Lady Ivy, and so very nice to meet you!" Audgrim gets a welcoming dip of her head. "Be sure to take a bottle of whiskey from the chest, if you'd like." She continues to wave people toward the various places to sit around the fire. "This is mostly a little social gathering to welcome autumn and enjoy some food." Jaenelle gets a much deeper bow from Gwenna, and she beams a smile at the High Lord once she straightens up. "It is so good to see you, Archduchess. I do hope Darren might make an appearance so that you can tease him," she says with a chuckle. Sobering a bit, she nods again. "I wasn't here in Arx for that, but bonfires are a find Northern tradition."

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, Avalanche, a fluffy mountain pup arrive, following Deva.

Keg, a warhorse have been dismissed.

Mabelle smiles amiably to Audgrim, "Nice to see you again, Master" and then a deeper curtsy is offered to Jaenelle, "Arch-Duchess, Good evening". She chuckles at Grimgar, "Apparently I failed to introduce the other side, but it is a pleasure to see you as well, Prince Redrain". Mabelle then beelines toward the benches as Gwenna turns to greet the rest of her guests.

Mabelle has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Emberly smiles softly to Grimgar her eyes flicker his way before she looks back over the other Redrains, her attention moves to the Archduchess and she gives a little bow deeply and sweetly before she raises gracefully.

Lorenzo has a habit of arriving fashionably late, even to events run by his lovely wife Gwenna. This habit could be considered annoying, except because it's Lorenzo, hardly anyone ever notices. "Hello, dear. I love those autumn colors on you," he comments, greeting her with a kiss on the cheek. He gives a smile and nod of greeting to other friends and cousins, as well.

Emberly has joined the courtyard benches.

Ivy follows along with Mabelle, dressed less like a noble and more like a stablehand in her common leathers and cotton shirt. She turns towards Grimgar and Gwenna, bobbing a nod towards them both and offering a fleeting smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Your Highness... and Your Highness." She keeps her hands clasped together in front of her, an effort to not fidget in public despite the urge to do so. Audgrim gets a flicker of a smile and a wave before the Blackram turns to follow Mabelle.

Ivy has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Grimgar approaches Emberly his eyes locked onto her small frame with devotion and what appears to be strong affection that he is trying to contain. "Lady Emberly. I am glad to see you. We never finished our conversation. It would be an honor to help you host an event for Redrain if you want. Perhaps an autumn hunt and picnic or masked ball? As for your research? I can offer my resources both social and militant if that would help you?"

Kritr comes in carrying a small keg over one shoulder. It's beer. He comes prepared.

Grimgar has joined the courtyard benches.

"Who's a good girl? You're a good girl." Deva is carrying a fluffy white puppy who is already too big to be carried. This is a dog that is going to be massive, as mountain dogs are prone to be. "Remember to behave like we talked about, Ava." She slips the dog a bite of meat off a stick plucked with a mouthed 'thank you' from a passing household staffmember. Crouching, the wayward princess settles the dog onto the ground and straightens -- well, sort of, in her languid and slouchy and tutor infuriating way.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior leave, following Rosalind.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

Mabelle waves a greeting to Lorenzo and to Kritr as he enters. And there is a puppy. Oooo hello. Mabelle is utterly distracted. Its not like she has three puppies standing next to her. Oh no wait. One of them is a goat.

Emberly looks to the large bear Prince, she dips her eyes slightly and quietly in reverence. "A hunt?" she asks "now the people of the north might very well love a good hunt, your Highness." she pauses "as for the research, I will send you information on that if you are intrested in knowing about it." she tells the large man with a little smile of her lips. Deva captures her attention before she looks over to Grimgar "you need a puppy."

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

Audgrim nods to Ivy and sketches a quick bow to her too, a hint of wry humor for a moment on his expression. "Thank you," he tells Gwenna and is not shy to grab one of the bottles, lifting it up to look at it. "Nice," he murmurs and tucks it away into his backpack for now, before he starts a mingling stroll around the area, to grab some food and drinks. He ogles Jaenelle and her entourage with open interest for a while, standing close enough to the bonfire to take advantage of the warmth without getting too hot.

"I can only hope Darren decides to come out of the house before I have to go in and get him" Jaenelle says, eyes shifting from Gwenna towards the estate within the shadows of the fire, the smallest of grins curling the corners of her mouth. "Lady Laurent" another dip if her head is given towards Mabelle, "I hope you are well since the last we saw of one another?" Jaenelle does not know Emberly, though her name has been mention, so she offers the woman a smile, "ah Lady Emberly. A Lycene at heart" she gently teases, her smile blooming a bit more. It is Deva's escape of the Redrain Estate that has the woman pause, and there is a softness on her features, her smile becoming gentle. "Excuse me" she says gently to those she is speaking with, separating from them for the moment to approach the puppy wielding Princess. As she peels away, she notes Audgrim and winks towards the staring man. She is used to it.

Darting quickly through the gardens, literally through, she ran passed it then hurries back, is Rosalind. Red hair flying behind. "Am I late? Im so so sorry,"waving a lot. She smiles at well-EVERYONE, as she hurries to the whiskey. "Hi Gwenna! Hi Lady Belle and people I dont know!"

Gwenna, of course, lights up when Lorenzo arrives. "Hello, darling," she offers him and then glances at her outfit. "Do you truly think so? I wanted to try to do something a bit in theme," is explained. "I can hardly wait to try some of the food. The kitchens outdid themselves." Kritr's arrival with a keg makes her laugh. "Brilliant, my lord! You know, the very first bonfire I threw when I first came to Arx, Lord Sigurd did just as you are now. Brought a fine keg that, I think, nearly outshone the whiskey." Espying Deva and an adorable fluff of white, Gwenna waves cheerfully in her direction. Jaenelle's words draw a quick laugh. "Maybe he's hiding, though I suspect you wouldn't have much trouble finding him." Rosalind gets a wiggle of fingers before she waves to the chest. "There are bottles of whiskey to take, if you'd like one!"

Grimgar nods to Emberly in agreement. "I think they might like it yes. Maybe make it a day and a contest? Whoever gets the biggest catch gets a prize of some kind? Leather armor or a bow? I could purchase a bow for a prize perhaps? Also we could have a picnic where we cook the meat caught by our hunters and have mead and wine and pies?" He blinks at the mention of puppies. Then he laughs warm and deep rumbling happily. "Did you read my mind? I was just thinking I might look for a war dog pup to raise. Some kind of large dog? Bear like of course." He grins warmly for her, his eyes sparkling.

Mabelle chuckles at Rosalind, "I know most of them and I still feel the odd one out with my black hair", she winks to her, "You've been well, Lady Rosalind? Do you know Lady Ivy Blackram?", she introduces her companion as if it is her duty for tonight. Jaenelle's attention does not get unnoticed and Mabelle flashes her a warm smile, "I have been busy, as always, but who hasnt? I trust you have been as well?", but with her incoming distraction, Mabelle does not really expect a response. Audgrim is invited to share the benches as well a Kritr, "Krit!", she calls him over in the most refined way possible.

Kritr crosses to the table of prepared food and drink and busies himself, with the help of whomever is in charge of that station, tapping the keg and pouring himself the first mug. "THIS is not as fine Princess." Kritr says with uncharacteristic modesty, though the modesty doesn nothing to moderate his volume. He might even speak louder than usual since they are out of doors, and she is across the fire from him. "It is strong enough for MY liking though." He's really just a bring your own type of guy that doesn't realize he might be coming off as snobbish toward the offerings already present. He fills his empty hand with fingerfoods, even if they weren't intended as such and heads over in Mabelle's direction. "Lady Laurent. You have a goat."

Deva waves in a friendly fashion at all those looking puppyward. "She's as mischievous as she is cute!" she warns with a waggle of her finger, but her smile betrays her amusement on the matter. Gwenna gets a cheerful grin, and then she catches Jaenelle approaching out the corner of her eye. Her reaction is surprised at first, wide-eyed, but then she resumes a sudden smile and offers a graceful bow at the waist. It's probably the most polite thing she's done in ages. "Archduchess," she greets, her tone warm. "It's so, so good to see you." She's an expressive woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, and the most dominant emotion on display at the moment is hope.

Rosalind takes Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Kenjay arrives quietly and without fanfare, despite the eye-catching scarlet and orange of his Eurusi-style silks and the peculiarity of a few pieces of armour never designed by an Arvani smith. He seems to consider himself entitled to be here, though, and the two Redrain-liveried guards at his heels don't seem to disagree. He offers polite nods of greeting to one and all as he arrives, and a warm smile as well.

Emberly looks over to Kritr as she hears him speak and she smiles his way offering a slender wave before she looks back to her companion and her eyes glitter slightly more, "Well look everyones mood s good around a puppy" she laughs a bit before she looks over to the goat. Her attention wanders as she offers Grimgar a drink she picked up from somewhere.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Audgrim looks quite chuffed getting a wink from the high lady herself; neither abashed nor shy, he cracks a quick grin at her, and nods respectfully before he walks over to join the benches where Mabelle and Ivy are seated.

Audgrim has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Ivy looks to Rosalind with a brief smile and a quick bow, "Lady Rosalind. A pleasure to meet you." She settles in at the benches and seems content to go largely unnoticed, instead pulling her mandolin to strum a bit of a tune for the pups.. and goat. The next call out has her looking up to give a nod to Kritr, "A golden fainter, to be specific. We breed them. I expect her antics will be quite amusing in this sort of a crowd. She's not used to so many people." When Audgrim heads their way, she gives him another nod, "Master Audgrim, a pleasure to see you again. How are you?"

Mabelle nudges Kritr amusedly when he gets closer to her, "I have a goat! Look look!", she signals something to Toffee and the pupper gets behind the goat and yaps. The goat promptly stiffens and falls over and Mabelle just giggles merrily while the goat rises promptly, "Poor goat, this will never get old! Her name is Cotton Candy". Once settled from the laughter, Mabelle inclines her head and offers a warm smile to Kenjay in greeting, if he might look in that direction, but her eyes turn curiously to Deva, the one with the puppy.

Lorenzo gives a smile and a wave to Mabelle as she passes, before he grins back at Gwenna. "Of course, dear. I would never lie to you. I think that's in our marriage contract." He gives her a mischievious grin, then he steps aside to hunt a glass of whiskey. "Oh... there are puppies?" he says, noticing people with one or another fluffy, wriggly creatures. "Oh wait, that one's a goat," he corrects with a frown.

Grimgar is focused completely on Emberly completely, devoted. He nods. "True. Puppies are sweet, the goat is cute though." he glances to the creature in question breifly then smiles to her again accepting the drink with a warm smile. "I miss you. So much..." He looks deeply sad now." A large hand gently reach out to touch her cheek softly, like it was fragile glass. priceless

"Im good,"Rosa tells Mabelle with a smile. Her large hazel green eyes look to Ivy and a look of genuine friendliness flashes. "Hi! Im Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. But everyone calls me Rosa or Ros." Well most do. Seeing Kritr she waves to him too, before getting distracted. "There's puppies and goats?"

Emberly frowns a little looking to Grimgar, she touches his shoulder and draws a breath before she raises from her seat near him, "Excuse me Highness." she says quietly "I think... Kritr might have need of my notes on the Goldsteel?" she asks him

Jaenelle never makes any apologies for being a hugger and when she gets close enough to Deva, puppy in arms or down on the ground, the woman gets a squeeze. When she releases, and a step is taken back, she grins towards Deva. "The amount of women who have held the title of Archduchess that have returned to life recently has been high" she informs the woman with a straight face, just the barest twinkle of amusement showing in her eyes. "I am so glad to see you have returned and that you are safe and well. You were so very missed, and it is not often that someone gone returns so I have grown to appreciate these moments more than any other."

Kritr says, "I doubt that very much." Kritr rumbles, crouching to get on the goat's level and look it in the eye. "I do not understand your penchant for naming animals like they are something you will eat. It would make sense if it was named Mutton." He wraps large hands around either side of the goat's head and stares it in the eyes like he were communing. A communion he ends when Emberly approaches. It wasn't a pleasant experience for either of them likely. "Lady Emberly. Is it proper to call you Lady Emberly Crovane? This is new to me, adoption is a strange concept.""

Grimgar looks sad but nods politely to Emberly sitting up straight and letting her go. He sits there staring at the bonfire intently he summons a messenger and pass a note off.

Still near the entrance of the grounds, Gwenna ushered guests toward the bonfire and tables of food and drink. Kritr's words make her chuckle, and then Kenjay gets an equally warm smile as she dips her head in greeting toward him. "I'm so glad to see you," is said earnestly. The Redrain laughs again, this time at Lorenzo's remarks. "I'm almost certain it's in the contract," she says with amusement in her tone, and then she grins. "Deva has the fluffiest puppy I think I've seen in an age. Maybe we should think about another." As it seems most people have arrived and been properly greeted, she moves next to inspect the tables and other sort of hostessing things.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gwenna before departing.

Rosalind has joined the a comfortable wooden treehouse.

Mabelle grins toward Lorenzo, "Its a cute goat though!", she defends her goats and then looks at Kritr, "I am -not- going to eat her. Or her milk or her cheese", she informs Ivy while at it. "She's a companion for my pets. She is a pet! And she faints when Toffee barks at her, its hilarious"

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Grimgar smiles to Emberly gently but stays quiet and still watching the crowds and fire with a thoughtful gaze. His eyes stray to Gwenna breifly questioning.

Of all the places one might expect to find the marquis, a bonfire was surely near the bottom of that list. And yet, here he was with dark umbra wrapped around his frame and a subdued smile on his lips. Gaspar looked at the many people gathered and offered a nod to each of those that met his gaze. Several were familiar and that smile was likely to grow at spotting them. But he made to blend and found a relatively empty arc of the flame to settle.

As Jaenelle gets closer, Deva steels herself for something other than a hug. But when it -is- a hug her whole face crumbles into something more emotional than she would ever, ever, EVER admit to. You'll never see this again in public, folks! Her green eyes are suddenly puddles, and she blinks rapidly in an attempt to hide it all. The hug from the Archduchess is returned fiercely, and her hands linger near the other woman's shoulders as Jaenelle takes a step back. "So I hear," she bubbles out a laugh as the tension melts right out of her. "I am so glad to be back. Thank you." Her tone bleeds sincerity. Then her expression falters, and she shares a more somber look with the blonde. "It makes us appreciate those moments all the more, doesn't it?" The fluffy white puppy, meanwhile, sits near her boots and stares at all the party happenings around them.

Ivy looks to Lorenzo with a nod, "A golden fainter from Blackram, Your Highness. We breed them for both function and form. Their coat makes the softest, most breathable wool. They produce plenty of milk.. and yes, they have an amusing habit of stiffening up and falling over when startled. Its perfectly normal, for them. Doesn't hurt them at all."

Emberly nods her head a little as she looks to Kritr, "it is yes." she says quietly "I was wondering, if you have heard of the new steel Lou brought into Arx?" she asks him, "It called Goldsteel have you heard of its appearence?" she asks as she looks over to Mabelle as she speaks about the goat. She smiles softly as she mingles moving from person to person a drink in hand

Gwenna offers a wave of welcome to Gaspar as he enters and then is caught by the look Grimgar gives her. She makes her way toward where he sits in order to speak quietly with him.

Kenjay returns Mabelle's smile, but stops at Gwenna first. "Your Highness," he smiles to her, a tinge of Eurus still at the edge of his Arvani. "It is good to see you again as well, and thank you for the invitation." He offers a fluid Eurusi-style bow to Gwenna and Lorenzo, then looks around before commenting, "It seems as though there are many others here also." And when Gwenna goes to talk to Grimgar, it's Kenjay who turns to do the whole welcome-to-the-party thing in Gwenna's place.

Showing up with none other than Sir Floppington the soulful hound is the Halfshav scout Rowenova. The familiar duo opts for the the human among them to send forth waves all around (since it might be harder for the canine to do whilst they are in motion). Tables of prepared food and drinks set off away from the fire are where they direct their course. Nova notes the exchange between Deva and Jaenelle, and she smiles softly within the frame/shade of that wolf pelt that is always worn by the scout. "Good seeing you!" says she to the Lycene among us. Both of them.

Audgrim sits eating with focus but every now and then, sharp amber eyes lift up to take in the crowd of nobility that has been drawn here for the autumn event. He does talk now and then with the company at the table, but nothing about this man suggests he's going to become the center of a party.

Mabelle purses her lips at Ivy, "You know, maybe I should take her to assessment in Artshall", she eyes the goat's coat now, or wool as Ivy refers to it, "Hrm." She waves toward Gaspar, "Marquis Tessere, if you're heading here, can you get me a cookie?"

"No." Kritr answers Emberly. "It is possible to mix gold and iron together to make steel?" He asks, his volume indicating surprise, even if his face is largely uninvolved with that expression. "Goats taste good. This is well known fact."

Grimgar offers Gwenna a faint smile and meets her gaze as she approches. he waits paitently for her to speak. His eyes stray back to Emberly eevry so often and he fights not to smile fondly. looking back to Gwenna he lowers his voice.

Rosalind perks up at all the well--"Oh hey! Are we hugging people,"the Ravenseye is already asking. "Who needs one." Spying Nova, she's already waving. "Are we cooking goats at this party,"peeking at Kritr.

"Another... puppy?" Lorenzo clarifies, arching a brow at Gwenna. "I suppose we could consider it. Jorah would probably love having a little ball of fluff like that to hug." And saying this probably means that he'll come home one day soon and there will be another puppy in the house. He grins over at Mabelle and gives a little shrug. "Yes, of course, a very cute goat. I'm sure she's lovely to have as a pet." He says so quite seriously, too. At Ivy's remark, he gives her a curious look. "So, it faints? I suppose I haven't considered the qualities of specific breeds of goat." He gives a warm smile and a nod to Kenjay as the man arrives.

Nova veers off from the path to the food and drink that she seeks to go and wolfy hug Rosalind real quick, since she asked. That is the answer of course.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Mabelle points out to Kritr, "You're not eating my goat. Maybe you will one day get a jacket out of it though", she seems thoughtful but not for long, as she decides to encourage Lorenzo, "Yes! Scare it!", such an evil patron.

A polite nod and smile was given to Gwenna, coupled with a wave in return as he turned to Mabelle and...her insatiable desire for sweets. He chuckled softly and nodded. "Of course, my lady." Gaspar grabbed a napkin and /three/ cookies before heading Mabelle's direction in offering. "Are these your own creation?"

Emberly laughs a bit at Lorenzo and the puppy, she smiles a little before she looks to the goat "they are so cute dressed up in pajamas." she says amused before she looks over to Kritr "its still being tested but it is to make weapons and armor yes. Could you tell me when looking at steel what is most important?" she wonders before she looks to Mabelle "They make good cheeses."

Emberly has left the courtyard benches.

Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

"Traditionally it is pig at autumn, and goat in spring, at least in Clearlake. Because you cull the herds at different times of year." Kriter tells Rosalind. "What is the tradition in Ravenseye?" He asks. His attention is split, trying to follow all three at once. "Looking at steel is unimportant. All that matters is hardness and sharpness." Yeah, he misunderstood that question.

Looking to Mabelle, she lifts a brow, "Assessment? Oh, you mean for her wool? You absolutely can. I've been hoping that someone with more experience in textiles would take an interest in the fainters. That topcoat is practically created for a woolen blend. Warm, soft, and with that golden coloring.." SHe lifts a shrug and looks back to Lorenzo with a nod, "Anything that startles them, they stiffen up and fall over. Just briefly, but you can see why we felt the need to domesticate them. That sort of idiosyncrosy could see the extinction of the breed if left in the wild. They've taken very well to domestication." Turning towards the benches, she offers a softer spoken comment.

Ivy ^

Kenjay is not far from the entrance, apparently greeting new arrivals. For all that he's dressed in a Eurusi style and has an edge of Eurus to his Arvani, he seems to think he belongs here. "Welcome to the Welcome," he smiles to the new arrivals. "Please, join us as we celebrate the arrival of autumn."

Mabelle grins amusedly at Gaspar as she collects the cookies from him, "I do not bake. We've been over this. Now are these yours? Should I have them tasted?", she winks to him before leaning to greet him with a kiss on the cheek as suitable for Lycene. She spares Kritr further confusion and nods briefly to Emberly in agreement. Ivy does capture most of her attention then, "Lets do that. I'll take her to the college. Perhaps for next winter".

Acting as an escort for her cousin Legate Bianca Wyrmguard, Princess Sorrel Thrax nee Wyrmguard leads the way into the bonfire looking of good cheer and laughing with the religious woman. "Yes," she says brightly, grinning to the blonde. "Ever since Lady Jan Kennex gifted Lilah the dissectible fishy, we've been finding fewer and fewer fish parts in the nursery. And I don't think any of the fish in the pond have met unfortunate ends at the hands of small Thrax princesses lately! It's really a boon!"

Gianna arrives in dramatic enough fashion that a few heads turn. She inclines her head to Kenjay and says, "Thank you so much. What an intereting accent you have. I don't suppose there's any cider available, is there?" She undoes a few buttons on her coat to reveal her sweater and the gleaming mirrorsilver necklace she's wearing. It's very cozy, really.

Grimgar looks to Bianaca as she arrives and smiles offers a incline of his head and polite wave of a large hand. "Mother Bianca. Good to see you. My apologies we did not finish our previous conversation."

The amusement does grow when Deva steels herself for a more forceful approach, and when she becomes emotional, Jaenelle reaches up to squeeze the woman's hand that is resting on her shoulder. "It happens far less than the leaving does" Jaenelle agrees, and there are far few people who might understand as well as Deva does than Jaenelle. "Rowenova is blown a kiss when she passes by and greets the pair, though her attention quickly returns to Deva. "Much has changed" clearly, if judging by titles alone. "But much has remained the same, and the Lyceum will always be exactly as you expect it to be. I see" she motions towards the Estate, "you have stayed here, which is understandable, it is familiar and we all need that comfort. Just let me know if you also wish for a room in the Velenosa estate. You deserve at least four rooms in various houses. I will inform Thrax and Valardin they should prepare your quarters."

Lorenzo considers the goat for a moment, then looks back at Ivy. "Goodness, that seems like a poor quality to allow for survival in the wild. All a predator would have to do is take one by surprise. And creatures in the wild almost never get dressed up in pajamas, either," he adds, a teasing look back at Emberly. He takes another drink of his whiskey, which may help his understanding of this goat business.

"What a creative teaching method." The holy woman mused as she walked arm in arm with her cousin. Bianca reached to trail her fingertips across the brightly hued seasilk of the false fishy. "I'm glad to hear it's sated her curiosity. How has Jan been since she returned, by the way? I saw her briefly at the Coral Ball, but did not have the opportunity to say a proper 'hello.'" Her voice was its usual gentle thrall of subtle intones, aeterna flowing about her. When Grimgar offered his greeting she looked up to him with her usual soft lilting smile. "Blessed be, your highness. That is alright. It was a bit chaotic and to be honest, after all the libation testing earlier in the day I fear my mind was not as acute as it should have been."

Gwenna gives a nod to Grimgar and pats him on the shoulder, their conversation apparently drawing to a close. "Prince Kenjay! Thank you for taking up greeting our guests. You continue to be a treasure." She makes her way to rejoin Lorenzo and reply, if belatedly. "I think Jorah would love a big fluffy puppy like Princess Deva's. He's nearly old enough to even name it himself. Surely something like 'dog' or 'pup' or 'no' but..." There's a shrug and grin at that. Both Sorrel and Gianna get cheerful waves of greeting as the Redrain sees them. "Please take a bottle of whiskey from the chest, if you'd like!"

Gianna gets Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Audgrim turns to look at the new arrivals, raising a hand to wave at Bianca when spotting the legate, and double-takes on Gianna who definitely draws the eye there.

Emberly looks over to Gwenna as she finishes her talk to the prince her eyes move around and she slowly leaves the gathering.

Grimgar bows his head to Gwenna gratefully. Looking to Bianca he smiles warmly. "If I recall we still have business of the faith to discuss? I think?" He smiles to Emberly and rises approching the Legate with slow strides selecting some mead as he goes and taking a drink.

Kenjay offers Sorrel and Bianca a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "Your Highness, Legate," he greets them politely. "Welcome." And then there's a smile for Gianna. "I will be very surprised if there is no cider," he says, "But whiskey is the Northlands' drink. Your necklace is very lovely, my lady." And then there's a smile for Gwenna. "You are more than welcome."

Satisfied that he's not ignoring anyone for the moment, Kritr resumes eating and drinking and looming. He can't help the third one, it's just something about how he stands, always directly behind someone and to their left, in this case, Mabelle.

"Which is precisely why we've domesticated them, Your Highness. Now they have no predators to fear. And what was a potentially dead quirk is now an amusing antic to delight people," Ivy gives a nod to Lorenzo, smiling faintly before adding. "If you'd prefer, I can fetch one of the direhorns to even things out. That would be our other breed of goat. Vastly different." Looking back to Mabelle, she smiles, "Excellent. I'll send along shearings for them as well. So they can experiment with it without having all the goats underfoot."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

Gianna brightens a little when Gwenna greets her and tips her chin toward the woman. "Whiskey? I certainly shall." She looks for the chest and stoops to collect herself a bottle. She asides to Kenjay, "I suppose I get along so well with Redrain because whiskey is my favourite, too?" Where can she put this bottle. Who even knows. She peers about for her assistant to pass it off to, inclining her head to Sorrel and Bianca as well and offers the briefest hint of a ghost of a smile to Audgrim. And there's Madialaena, her assistant, so she gets to hold the whiskey.

Bianca's pale gaze strayed briefly from the Redrain prince she had just addressed, a small nod and smile offered the mercenary's way in greeting though Gianna garnered an admiring look for her avant garde apparel to the point that she squeezed Sorrel's arm and inclined her chin toward the Nightingale to be sure the Thraxxian princess also noted the artistry. "I believe we do, yes." She replied to Grimgar. "Allocation of donations, yes?" And then to Kenjay she dipped a low bow of her head. "Thank you."

Mabelle peers upwardly at Kritr, "How have you been, oh protege of mine? I've been out of the city quite a lot, do forgive me for not meeting with you sooner". Rounding her eyes at Ivy, Mabelle smiles, "Shears, perfect, I'll stop by next week, I'm riding there anyway", and by riding, she means sleeping in the carriage.

It takes Deva several long moments to remember that she and Jaenelle aren't just chatting somewhere privately. Her gaze awkwardly sweeps around -- no one saw anything, right? Right?! Nodding several times, she resumes a more relaxed stance that leans more to one side than the other. "After five-- six years? I think it's been six? I'd be shocked if things -hadn't- changed. So much did those first few years we were here," she recalls, glancing around the grounds with a distant memory in her mind. "And so many gone now. It still hasn't completely sunk in yet," she admits, while nervously adjusting her wedding band. "Darren and my dear cousin insisted I have a room here," she cracks a smile, nodding toward Gwenna. "There are a few quick things we should speak about soon, when you have the time," she adds in a lower, more serious, tone of voice. Her gaze basically screams 'seriously, there's a lot.' Poor Jaenelle. "Four? I may as well go for rooms in all of them, at that point? I'm sure Grayson will oblige, and I've yet to see the ward of the latest addition." Then she spies familiar faces in the crowd, fingers wiggling at Bianca, then Gaspar, and even Kritr.

Grimgar nods politely to Bianca. "Correct. Also if I can aid in the project of restoring the cathedral or help the faith of Gloria or Limerance with anything, I would like to offer my aid. Be it rasing funds or resources, anything that I could reasonablly do for the faith." he smiles

"She seems to be doing fairly well," Sorrel replies with a pleased smile to Bianca. "Ah, yes, the Nightingale is always fantastically dressed, isn't she?" She nods politely to Kenjay when he addresses them. "Thank you, thank you. I'd love some Northlands whiskey, yes. It's quite a party you have here," she says brightly.

Sorrel gets Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Kenjay gets Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

A beautiful songbird have been dismissed.

Nova certainly catches that kiss blown her way by Jaenelle and half grins before turning back to back pat Rosa a whole bunch, then she finally lets go.

"I have been in town mostly, but doing patrols with the Iron Guard." Kritr tells Mabelle. "It is more like work now though, it does not seem new or interesting. But I am learning."

Nodding to Mabelle, she offers, "We still have plenty left over from the yearly shearing, I'll have it bundled for you for easy transport." Ivy looks up to lift a hand towards Sorrel with a smile, then again to Gianna. See? She's being social! Ish. Sort of. Okay so she's staying in one place and chatting with a few people about goats but she's waving!

Audgrim finishes his meal and sits back to enjoy something sweet for dessert, while studying people that mill about, sometimes chatting with Ivy there at the table.

Gaspar graciously accepted the friendly kiss from Mabelle and shook his head. "No, my lady, I can assure you that I had nothing to do with baking these either." He turned back to the fire and rubbed his hands together near the flames as he spotted a wave from Deva, flashing her a quick wink before turning from the fiery-femme to his archduchess.

Lorenzo gives Gwenna a warm smile as she rejoins him. "That's true enough. And one that he grows up with, is patient and good-tempered, would certainly be a good companion for him into boyhood. At Ivy's comment, he laughs and holds up a hand in surrender. "Oh no, I expect a direhorn would vastly change the environment of the party. Though... it wouldn't surprise me if a few Redrains would consider that to be a kind of party game."

Bianca's free hand lifted in a wave toward Deva, though attention quickly turned back to the small group she lingered near. "I am glad to hear it." She nodded to Sorrel to both the answer on Jan and the comment to Gianna's stellar fashion sense. Silvered hues returned to Grimgar. "Sir Porter Kennex is leading the restoration project, your highness. I would recommend extending your offer directly to him as he would know best what aid is needed and in what capacity. Out of curiosity, what is your draw to specifically the discipleships of both Gloria and Limerance?"

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Emberly moves back in with some papers in her fingers she puts them into her posket and she smiles brightly before she looks over to Kritr, her eyes flicker over to Bianca as Dicipleships are mention and she smiles softly to the other, the disciple looks kindly her way before she turns back and mingles as she sips upon the wine. Happily mingling. Her attention looks over the faces here and she seems relaxed

Kenjay's smile broadens at Gwenna's words. "You are more than welcome," he says to her on her return, and then he's looking around again. There's a smile for Gianna and another for Sorrel and Bianca, and then a thoughtful look cast towards Jaenelle and Deva.

Mabelle grins at Gaspar, "Wonderful!", and finally she enjoys her cookies, "Thank you for the delivery, Marquis", she gives him a fond smile, thanking Ivy with the same breath, "Lovely!". Her hand rises to greet Sorrel from afar and she mentions to Kritr, "You need a project". She knows all about that.

Spying Ivy, Giana strides on over toward the woman to say something to hear quietly. In passing, she tries to catch Rowenova's eye to incline her head to the scout, too.

Sauntering back to the food table, Nova opens up a box on the side into which the vittles go until every partition in said box is full up. Only then does that wolfy-clad woman pick out her own plate and fill that up with goodies. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington wiggles through those who have attended, doing his sniffing thing to check out everybody here. Seems he has met almost everyone except Audgrim he does not know so well, and so he looks him over as though perhaps assessing whether this human might pet him.

Grimgar smiles and nods to Bianca in understanding. "Sir Porter. I will reach ou to him then. As for why those specifically? I have always placed a high value on the virtue of honor and chivlarous combat. I train with my weapon to be strong but strength does not mean i should be agressive or brutal. It means I have a responsibility to protect my family I those I care for. My crown and faith too. I must act with honor and virtue when i draw my blade and I have respect for my enemies and opponents as long as they fight with honor as well. Barbarians get less respect but are treated with caution not cruelty. That is why I favor the Templars and Gloria I relate I think? Limerance? I may be noble but Limerance represents something special somethng I will one day aspire to and seek with all my might. Love, pure and sweet, untainted true love and devotion.

Kritr nods to Emberly, beard thoroughly tamed by the grease from whatever he was eating, he still holds the gamebird's leg in his free hand, nibbling to make sure none of the meet is wasted. "My project is your project. Orphanages. I have made sure to look at all of them in Arx."

Quite perceptive, Nova spots that gesture from Giana and then smiles her way before giving a dip of her own wolf-framed/shaded visage back to the bardess.

Audgrim glances to the side and spots a dog sitting there. "Sorry, I ate it all," he says as if he suspects the dog is begging for scraps. But, he does reach out a hand to let the canine sniff his hand first before he scritches behind the ear. "Good dog," he murmurs.

Emberly smiles as she looks to Nova she waves her way, before she looks to Kritr "your project is my project?" she asks with a little "what have you found out?" she asks him before she looks over to Cirroch and she offers him a little wave

Sir Floppington simply blinks after being told that all the food has been eaten, but he does not seem to be too bothered besides that brief expression before leaning his long ears into the pets that have been offered.

Mabelle mentions to Kritr, "Oh my, you might have checked one too many. I'm only doing the Oathlands", Mabelle chuckles at him and notes, "Either way I meant something of your own leading"

"That people run orphanages for MONEY." Kritr replies, unable to hide the distaste in his response. "The raising of children for coin. That is a hard thing to stomach." He clearly understands the reasons for it, but that doesn't mean he likes it.

Sorrel returns the waves of people who are waving to her as she gets herself a glass of whiskey, and she looks curiously to Grimgar as he addresses Bianca. "Just because others do not fight with honor does not mean that you should not. Be cautious in your discrimination," she says with a small smile.

Gwenna gives Lorenzo's hand a squeeze and it's wholly likely there will be another fluffy puppy running around the Redrain Villa very, very soon. "My thoughts exactly, dearest." She then turns to walk around the grounds a little - making sure everyone has a drink in hand or something to eat, and chatting with whoever decides on as much.

Tarik has joined the a patch of whimsical coppery orange poppies.

Cirroch is not late, he was simply tied up in trying to explain once again as to how cake ended up in the rafters. And is now out walking the large dog that many may mistake as a bear. As he comes up to the bonfire, he's nodding to Kritr, Rosalind, Mabelle, Emberly, and a couple others. "A lovely time for a bonfire! Is it big enough?"

"This week, I am yours" Jaenelle promises Deva with a grin. She might have forgotten there were people around as well, until there is finger wiggling and other people are being greeted. "I have taken up too much of your time for one event, and seeing as how our conversation needs to shift to more detailed and serious matters, I will slip away before I kidnap you any further so you can speak to people who arent me" Jaenelle says with another grin. "And I am sure if I dont say hello to Gaspar he might never forgive me for my offense." Her tone drops in a mock whisper, "he is rather high maintenance."

Emberly ooooohs a little and she laughs realizing that Kritr was talking to Mabelle before she appoligizes to her "sorry for misunderstanding M'lady" she laughs easilly before she takes a step over to Cirroch to speak to him quietly

Gianna nods to Ivy again before moving on. She eyes the bonfire, and the things to cook on the bonfire, warily. Still, she makes her way there, boots crunching a few leaves that have already fallen. She picks up a stick suspiciously and grabs a morsel to jab it into. What was it? Hard to say. She holds it out over the fire and the tidbit promptly drops in. Gianna's eyes narrow. She is not the best person to go camping with.

Bianca is a perceptive thing and so Emberly's subtle acknowledgment by way of soft smile received equal response. A subtle dip of her chin and smile returned. Her attention however returned to Grimgar as he went onto offer his reply to her question. "As the princess says, we do not act with honor and integrity only when we are shown honor and integrity. To truly emulate the ideals that both Gloria and Limerance teach us is to stand above the failings of others and to stand firm in our convictions despite whether or not our enemies or even friends may in fact follow the same. We, each of us of the Faithful be us the Dominus or a disciple are representations of our Faith and what it is to be faithful. We are walking examples and we teach those around us by not only our words, but more so our actions. I implore you, your highness, to remember that always on the battlefield no matter the enemy you face. 'Walk the Path' always." She then smiled a bit broader. "You may wish to reach out to the discipleship leader of the Devotions. Blessed Ilvin has been busy as of late, but Lady Esme may be able to help direct you if you are looking to aid that discipleship."

Mabelle waves her hand to Cirroch, "There is always enough fire for everyone. A pleasure to see you, Marquis", she casts him a warm smile, "My apologies for escaping the last cake battle before I got all messy", she's not sorry in the least. Mabelle then informs Kritr, hushed, "I promise you, the people running them in the Oathlands are hand picked by me"

Spinning around from the food table, Nova has her togo box all full up with those securing straps buckled up around it as well as a couple plates which precariously balance upon her arms but she handles those expertly like they 'ain't no thang'. In her gloved hands there is a tea. She suddenly spots the newest arrival... "TARIK!" she calls out rather suddenly and loudly there!

"And I've taken too much of yours. I'll see you soon, and I look forward to it. It's not all grim," Deva promises Jaenelle. "High maintenance, really?" An amused look slides between the Archduchess and Gaspar. "Good luck with that," she laughs, eyes crinkled at the corners with amusement. With one last gentle pat of the other woman's shoulder, she begins to step away and wave Ava on with her. She's on her way to talk to Gwenna and Lorenzo, but the puppy is is suddenly distracted by Bianca! It dashes toward the Legate to sniff her shoes, and the redhead sighs in exasperation and trails after. "Sorry, sorry, we're still working on our manners. Both of us," she adds cheekily to those in Bianca's company.

Lorenzo returns Gwenna's gentle squeeze of his hand, and he goes to find another splash of whiskey for his glass. "My dear cousin Jaenelle, it's always lovely to see you at an event," he calls warmly, giving a wave of greeting over to both her and Deva. "Oh dear, the puppies are running amok," he remarks, amused, as Deva's fluffball escapes her.

"That works in small communities." Kritr agrees. "There are a million people in arx. That is a number so big that I had to learn it existed." Kritr announces, unashamed of his one-time ignorance. "I have learned that there are thousands of orphans in Arx. So many that some live without homes at all!"

There was a gentle squeeze to Mabelle's arm as he slipped further away and closer to Deva and Jaenelle, shaking his head all the while. "I should have known better than to allow the two of you time to conspire against me." He grinned broadly at Deva as she slipped away and looked over Jaenelle carefully. "You look as though you're ready for spring, archduchess. And, as always, you look gorgeous."

There is a flicker of alarm that passes over Gwenna's features when she hears Cirroch's voice and inquiry. "Marquis! I am so glad you could join us. We have a number of staff making sure the fire stays at a proper, not-burn-down-the-trees-nearby size," she tells him with a laugh. "Though no cakes for fighting. This time. I'm so glad you could come join us for a bit of casual getting-together," is said in a warm tone. The Redrain then circles back toward the tables before looking around to catch sight of Kenjay.

As Audgrim pets him, Sir Flop seems to be in bliss whilst gently wagging, but then there is Nova shouting like she sometimes does, and he must recognize the name mentioned because he wags a lot more and even more than that after finally spotting the person named, too!

Grimgar smiles to Sorrel and nods. "Very wise Princess. Just because my opponent does not follow my rules does not mean I should abandon them nor my honor. You are right. Thank you for that wisdom. I try but sometimes it is hard. I will pray that my honor remains even during these struggles. It is not victory that is important, it is how we fight and conduct ourselves." He smiles and nods to Bianca.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Leonel.

Emberly shifts her dress slightly over her legs as she nods her head to Cirroch, she gathers her papers she left to retrieve and she hands them to him. A tilt of her head and she moves closer to Nova. "hello you" she says quietly before she looks over to Grimgar as he mentions honor and she looks back to Nova "how are you doing M'lady?"

Gianna is back at the stabbable food for the fire and is making a very sad attempt to spear something new. Some Redrain youth or another jabs some meat on a stick and gives it to her with a pitying look. Gianna eyes the child, who eyes her back. Then Gianna gives a solemn nod and returns to the fire to gingerly ease the stick out toward it.

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Mabelle smiles warmly to Kritr, "Then lets make that your next project", she suggests to him, "We'll talk about it at length. You know I love building. But for now I must retire". She rises from her bench and calls, "Candies!", which makes at least two of her animals flock to her, the goat is too new. "Princess Gwenna, dear cousin, lovely gathering but you still owe me and Alessia tea!". Wiggling her fingers, she bids the rest, "Have a pleasant week everyone!"

Kenjay isn't difficult to find; he's mostly standing in a clear space, looking around him with a warm smile. Part of the gathering and yet not part of it, he turns to smile at Gwenna. "A most wonderful welcome to the new season," he says.

Being drawn to the bonfire by the smokey aroma floating throughout the Redrain district, Tarik makes his way to the gathering. Upon arriving, his eys quickly peer over the crowd before making his way to find a place to sit.

Leonel has joined the shaded garden grotto.

Bianca unraveled her arm from Sorrel's so as to dip and simply lift the little floof into her embrace without a second thought. A bit of a silly sight perhaps, a woman bedecked in the colors of her station and known for her poise suddenly getting all the chin licks from a squirming and excited puppy. "That is very true, you highness." She confirmed to Grimgar. "We are the light of the Gods should we choose to be in all facets of life. 'Walk the Path.'" She repeated a line from her first response with an affirming nod, but then another little smile touched her lips as she lifted her head to avoid some licky-licks. "But also do not be too hard on yourself when you are faced with doubt. We are human as well."

Mabelle has left the benches under the oak trees.

"Good dog," Audgrim says - that's just what you say. He does put his plate down so the floppy-eared dog can lick some crumbs off, at least, all the while scritching, and getting hair all over his cloak. Not that he looks like he cares.

"I am glad you think so," Gwenna replies to Kenjay once she joins him. She looks over the grounds and the people speaking in their smaller groups, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Sometimes we wait until early winter to do these, when the chill is a bit colder in the air, but...I don't know. I didn't want to wait this year, you know? There are so many new faces and family in the ward, I wanted a reason to have everyone come together for a bit. Especially with war looming, as it does. You and Bahiya are well, I hope? And comfortable here still?"

Bianca then turned a small grin to Deva as she ruffled the pup's ears, careful to keep a firm enough grip so it didn't fall amidst its squirming. "Is this your baby, princess?"

Blinking as Mabelle leaves her to head off, Ivy glances around before finally just looking to Audgrim and lifting a shrug. Pulling her mandolin over once more, she starts to play a lively little tune.

Kritr looks at Ivy and shrugs. "She is like that, many things to do, but needs to be everywhere."

Grimgar sips his mean and dips his head to Sorrel and Bianca. After quietly excusing himself he smiles warmly for Emberly and dips his head before looking to Gwenna. he bows respectfully and smiles. "Thank you for hosting us Cousin. I enjoyed it. For not though I shall be on my way. Have a wonderful day everyone." he waves and departs with a smile.

Grimgar has left the courtyard benches.

"Do puppies ever run 'mok' instead of 'amok'?" It's a silly question, one Deva asks Lorenzo with a laugh in passing before she skids to a halt. There's a measure of relief that escapes in a sigh as Bianca scoops Ava up before any further chaos can be had. "Thank you, Legate," she says gratefully. "It is probably the only baby I will ever have, and doubtlessly the world is relieved to hear it. Darren and poor Donella are the ones who get to continue the family line. -I- will simply terrorize the city with puppies. Let me know when you tire of her, and Jasper will help take her off for a nap."

"I dont suffer the same anger towards the colder weather that most of the Lyceum does" Jaenelle informs Gaspar with a grin once Deva slips away. "And I do believe gorgeous might be underselling it, Marquis Tessere" she uses his formal title. "I expect so much better from you than such simple terms of beauty. Breathtaking, perhaps? Exquisite is always a nice one to slip in here and there." Then she can't help herself and giggles, eyes rolling, "you are too kind though, thank you for the compliment. Also I have recently donated a million silver to benefit House Tessere, though I had meant to reach out to see if further assistance with economic ventures or army enhancing was needed."

"Ah, I was... escorting her. I'm not very... uhm, good, at socializing on my own," Ivy lifts a shrug to Kritr before turning back to her playing once more, falling into performing over having to say anything.

Kritr points to the keg he brought. "There is beer." He tells Ivy. "If you are drinking, people can't expect you to be talking."

Emberly looks over to Ivy and she smiles gently "you are not on your own .. You have others near."

Cirroch moves over to Gwenna, "Princess Gwenna. It is good to see you. And you as well Prince Kenjay." He then looks over to Kritr, "That is an excellent point! I should get a drink."

With swift strides, Nova makes her way toward the coppery poppies and Tarik, easily carrying all this food she gathered for her and hers and doing so without spilling any! She half grins to Emberly on the way by. "Greetings!" says she. "Quite well now that my Love is here." she jerks her chin toward where Tarik is before earnestly joining him and sharing her plates with him. "Hey, I am glad you could make it! I loaded these two plates and a togo box, please feel free to nab whatever you want from these. Do you want anything to mayhaps drink? I can go get that for you."

Rowenova has joined the a patch of whimsical coppery orange poppies.

Dimples, a Kite of the Cloudspine arrives, delivering a message to Ivy before departing.

Gianna gingerly holds the bit of meat on a stick toward the fire. It might cook in maybe five hours at that rate.

Gaspar laughed softly and bowed his head to Jaenelle. "How foolish of me, as it's so painfully obvious now. The fault lies with me indeed, for not realizing the extent of what I was seeing. And as for the injection of silver, I can only thank you. I'm sure you know where we plan to use the majority of that, but in the coming days if you have the time, I would like to schedule a bit of time to detail just how I intend for us to go about doing that." He angled his head a bit and leaned just a little closer.

"Thank you for not making me suffer through snow," Kenjay replies to Gwenna with a smile. He shudders. "Hopefully winter this year will be better than last year was, and I will not need to resemble a heap of fur so often. Lady Bahiya and I are doing well, thank you; she may wish to move to the Embassy at some point, but I will keep you informed if that comes to pass." He offers the arriving Cirroch a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "My lord Marquis."

Bianca was happy to hold onto Ava a little longer, dotingly murmuring something to the animal as she might a child. "A gaggle of puppies terrorizing Arx certainly sounds like no terror at all." She chuckled, shifting so that Sorrel could pet the excitable animal if she'd like. She booped the little animal's nose, drawing back quickly before any needle-point puppy teeth could claim purchase on her fingertip.

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Dodgy, a brown rat leaves, following Audgrim.

Sir Floppington looks grateful as the plate finds its place down on the ground where he can lick the crumbs up. He seems to be practiced at 'dish washing' and so cleans that plate up real good. Wags abound!

Emberly nods her head a bit as she smiles to Nova she lifts her drink in her hands and she smiles softly, gently before she draws a breath "parties are always good with those you love, it is good to see you and your faithful one." she reaches down to pet sir floppington before she smiles to Ivy "Hello, I am Lady Emberly Crovane" she introduces.

Lorenzo gives a laugh at Deva's question. "I am not sure, but I expect I'll be able to tell you once Gwenna comes home with a new puppy for our son." And as he steps close enough, he says something quietly to her.

Sir Floppington lifts his head up after finishing the 'dish washing' and then wags for those pets into which he leans from Emberly. After accepting those with thankful eyes, he moves to go greet Tarik like Nova is doing, too.

Ivy offers a fleeting smile to Krtir, "Thank you but I prefer to keep a clear head in case I'm needed. But I suppose I could see if there's cider or the like..." She sets the mandolin to her back, then pauses to look at Emberly, "One doesn't have to be alone to necessarily be alone. I don't know anyone here." She clears her throat and offers another brief smile, then intercepts a messenger, looking over the missive. "And there it is. If you'll excuse me, it would seem I'm needed. And its a pleasure to meet you, Lady Emberly. I'm Ivy Blackram." She offers a quick bow to both Emberly and Kritr, then makes a hasty retreat.

Gwenna makes an 'oh' sound and points toward the chest. "Marquis Cirroch, there are bottles of whiskey as gifts. Please be sure to take one for your estate. Or to drink now, if you'd like, though there should be plenty of other whiskeys available," she tells him cheerfully. Kenjay's remarks makes her laugh a bit. "Well, the nice thing about the snow and a bonfire is that you don't really feel the snow much. Each winter feels a little less harsh than the last, the longer you are in the city. It's not a fast process, but one all the same." There's the briefest of pouts before she says, "It will be a dimmer villa without Bahiya here. Will you go with her? I feel like we just got you back."

Kritr's gaze lingers on the retreating Ivy until she is out of sight and then he shrugs. "Guess I should have introduced myself."

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Cirroch takes Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

"Oh, I have plans. They're terrifying. Don't worry," Deva tells Bianca with a straight face, her tone overly matter-of-fact. She cracks a smile between the Legate and Sorrel, nodding politely to the Thrax princess. When held, Ava is a playful angel. The problem is that Ava will not be holdable for much longer. As Lorenzo leans in to ask her a question, her expression slips into something more serious before she responds lowly in turn.

The same youth from earlier comes up to Gianna and has a short conversation with her. She ends up stepping closer to the fire with her meat, which will now cook more quickly. She still looks very suspiciously at it.

Emberly smiles to Kritr and she shrugs a little "Maybe, who knows." she grins softly "so I want to do a Northern hunt as an event, maybe find a stag and tie a ribbon to its horns and the one to bring it back wins, do you like the idea?" she asks.

Jaenelle turns towards Lorenzo when he greets her with a bright smile, "sometimes I forget how to open the door and find myself wasting away in my bed chambers. I just need a little nudge once in awhile to remember that there is an entire world outside out of my office." Then she turns back towards Gaspar, "when I am free to travel again, I hope you will accompany me to Fortezza di Iriscal so I might see the wonders from someone who loves their people and is passionate about their lands. That is my repayment."

Kenjay inclines his head to Gwenna. "That is my hope," he replies, then smiles. "We have been training more people; if Bahiya goes to the Embassy - if - I will not need to go with her. I will stay here regardless, if you will have me. I am finding more and more kin with every passing week, and I do not intend to depart from you all again so soon."

Bianca moved to pass the puppers off to Jasper as Scholar Duran crept within her orbital sphere to murmur something to the holy woman in all of his dour and put-upon glory. Even with the creep of the robed man to the Legate's side, his murmur heard and a brief nod given to him, a chuckle fell from her lips at Deva's promise of future terror via puppy. "Unfortunately it is time for me to depart," she spoke toward Sorrel and Deva, Lorenzo given an acknowledging bow of her head as he also had joined their social circling in proxy to the Redrain princess. "The Days of Libation are at hand and I have... countless more libations to taste. Granted, I did just learn that you are not supposed to /drink/ the testing glasses." There was a pause, "Which would have been stellar knowledge to have /yesterday/."

Kritr takes his tankard back to the feast table, disposes of the bones where dogs won't get to them, and gets a refill. He joins those gathered around the bonfire to enjoy the heat. "I enjoy a good spear hunt. I'm not much with a bow." He tells Emberly, resuming where they left off. "I'd suggest a boar, but how do you let him tie the ribbon on?"

The marquis smiled once again and leaned to Jaenelle to kiss one cheek and then the other. "That's trivial compared to your aid, your grace, but I would be delighted to. And I will ensure we have a wonderful time from start to finish. Just make sure you allocate enough time to see everything that our holdings have to offer." That smile grew a bit once more and he dipped his head politely.

6 First Legion Centurions arrives, following Patrizio.

Lorenzo smiles warmly at Deva after their quiet exchange. "That's good to hear. Please do let me know if I can assist in any way." He grins back at Jaenelle and nods. "I understand completely. Sometimes I have the same trouble myself. Perhaps you should hire a fellow to open doors for you." Of course he's joking... but all the same, doesn't it sound like a good idea? He gives a nod and a smile to Bianca as she takes her leave, just a bit regretful they didn't have the chance to talk.

Gianna draws her stick back from the fire and pokes the meat at the end a few times. Seems okay? She raises it to her lips and tugs the meat off the stick, chewing on the morsel. That done, she passes her stick to someone else. A nod for Emberly on her way past --- 'do drop by the College' --- and she inclines her head to Gaspar, too, before making her way toward the exit.

Emberly mmms a little thoughtfully "well I have not quite figured that out yet, maybe ask one of the trackers." she laughs quietly as she speaks to Kritr she moves to find a seat near

Cirroch nods to Gwenna and takes a whiskey from the chest, taking a healthy swig from it. "Sasha will at least get to enjoy the bottle being added to her collection." He smiles as he raises the bottle again. Over hearing bits of the conversation between Kritr and Emberly, he drifts in their direction, "Would the hunt be for the animal? or to simply capture the ribbon?"

"Oh, but you were great fun yesterday! I'd say it was totally worth it," Deva grins mischievously at Bianca. Jasper indeed strolls on over with a sigh to accept the puppy Ava into his arms. He hides a grin into the pup's fur though, because he secretly loves her too, he just won't admit it. Then assistant and puppy disappear somewhere into the Villa proper, to wreak havoc no more. "Have fun," she adds to the Legate. "I like anything with the word Libation in it, so I might stop by later after this." Lorenzo gets another smile and a nod of affirmation. "I will, thank you. I look forward to it."

Kritr boasts, "I think the real trick would be bringing the deer back ALIVE! STILL wearing the RIBBON!"

Emberly looks over to Cirroch, she grins a little "well, what do you think the north would appreachiate Lord Cirroch?" She asks him

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Gwenna gives a nod of her head. "That is good to hear, about the training. As for Bahiya, I would love for her to stay with us, but would understand if she needed or wanted to move to the Embassy. As well, I'd understand if you needed to be with her there as well. Whatever comes to pass, though, your room here will remain yours. You're family, after all." She smiles and lifts her glass in a sort-of toast toward him and then grins toward Cirroch. "Please do give your lovely wife my regards." She glances at the grounds again, which allows her to espy a somewhat familiar Pravus entering. "Welcome, Prince Patrizio," she calls over to him and then waves toward a chest. "There are bottles of whiskey for everyone, should you wish to take a bottle."

Cirroch starts laughing to Kritr's idea, then after another drink from the whiskey. "Bringing the deer back alive sounds of a good practice of skills for a hunt. No need for senselessly removing an animal from the land under the term of sport."

Bianca reached to give Deva's shoulder a squeeze, "Have fun with the rest of the festivities. I wish I could stay longer and to be honest, I am a bit disappointed there was no 'wrastling' contest this year." A coquetish little smile curled her lips before she moved to draw back, bowing her head in proper farewell to Lorenzo, Sorrel and Deva. "Blessed be." And then she was turning in quick pace to begin the long trek to the beaches!

"You could tie multiple ribbons, to multiple deer." Kritr explains. "Then only eat the ones needed to feed the group." He's enjoying the process of fleshing out Emberly's idea.

Bianca takes Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

There's little that Patrizio /can/ do, ostensibly, to hide when he arrives, with the entourage that's following after him, though the noise that they make is probably less disconcerting to him than the cold - he's still looking like the weather in Arx, come the end of summer, is less pleasing to him than having the attention of guards behind him. But Gwenna's greeting gets a warm smile from the Pravusi prince and he inclines his head warmly. "Thank you for the offer of it, and the greeting," he says with an easy smile. "Thank you for having this affair, your highness."

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Patrizio takes Northlands Autumn Cinnamon Whiskey from regal wooden chest ornamented with Redrain red leather.

Emberly listens and she nods her head a bit looking to Krite "maybe different colors for points?" she wonders and she smiles deeply enjoying how the others have put input in on her idea

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"Many thanks," says Kenjay to Gwenna; his smile, warm and open, says more than the stiltedly-formal words do. And then Gwenna's greeting Patrizio, and Kenjay turns to offer the man a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "Your Highness." There's another glance over towards Jaenelle, then Deva, and then Kenjay's smiling to Gwenna and politely detaching himself from the conversation. "I will hope to speak with you again later, your Highness."

Gwenna dips her head to Patrizio. "My mother would be distraught were she to hear I wasn't being a good hostess," she remarks to him. "Thank you for joining us. There is plenty of food and drink, as well as exceptional company. I highly recommend the tarts." She bobs her head a few times and smiles as Kenjay moves off to engage in new conversations. "I'm certain we will. I'm almost inspired to soon hold a family dinner after the quiet success of this bonfire, in fact."

"I think that if you want different colors, then the deer must also be of different breeds. Skittish or quick deer, older bucks perhaps which have more stamina and guile at eluding trackers." Kritr muses.

Emberly smiles a little to Cirroch and then to Leonel, she speaks quietly in the grotto with those there while turning her eyes onto Patrizio and she smiles his way gently allowing her fingers to wag in there direction.

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Curious, Deva approaches Kenjay now with confident steps and a curious gleam in her eyes. "We probably should've bumped into each other by now," she jokes. "I'm Deva." Aside, she not-whispers loudly at Gwenna, "You are a -wonderful- hostess and you know she's the most proud of you." After a pause, she asks, "Can we please have pie at this dinner? I miss it a lot."

Emberly nods her head to Kritr "that sounds good now to catch them.. or find people that can wrangle ribbons on them." she laughs

Patrizio smiles at the words from Gwenna, though there's also a bow offered fluidly, respectfully, back to Kenjay at the greeting. "It's good to see you as well, highness, and for once away from the training centre." The jade eyes dance at the implication of the thing, the ease of his manner when he's grinning too about the matter of hosting. "I'd not know of family dinners. We've also been remiss, in my family, from hosting, and I've enjoyed being able to meander about and catch the sights from each fealty - it might be a good thing for us to be offering up to encourage more unity in these trying times."

"If there is pie, I am invoking my Redrain side and inviting myself to this dinner" Jaenelle informs Gwenna, giving her a wide-eyed look and nod to follow. "And you are correct Lorenzo, I should!" she joins in the teasing, "I have twelve guards that follow me around and another army of them to guard the ward. One of them should just open doors when I say so."

Kenjay grins at Gwenna, then turns a warm smile on Deva. "Princess Deva," he greets her, with a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "Sister to the Highlord, yes? I am Kenjay. Your father Sherrod was my cousin, and I grieve with you for your loss." Which may be a strange statement in Eurus-flavoured Arvani, but there you go.

"Perhaps you can find someone who can talk to the ungulates. That is the right word, yes? Ungulates? I learned that word at the menagerie. That is also where I learned the word menagerie." Kritr flinches at the word pie for some reason, looking around in case one comes flying.

After exchanging hugs with Tarik, Nova packs up her second togo box with her own plates, so they have both boxes. She swigs down her whole tea before then getting up and waving goodbye to people here before they head off and away!

Lorenzo steps up beside Gwenna, probably following in Deva's shadow. "Family dinners always get a good turnout, don't they? Everyone has to eat, at least, and some people just stop in for a drink. It's probably only to the good if people don't go overboard with organizing it." He certainly isn't trying to pile more work on Gwenna. He grins at Jaenelle and nods. "Twelve guards? That many? Yes, surely one of them can open a few doors. You can give that one a fancy hat and an extra job title to go with it."

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"See? Jaenelle wants pie too." This is as good as done in Deva's mind. She grins knowingly between the Archduchess and Gwenna. "That's me," she confirms, watching Kenjay bow with some curiosity glimmering in her eyes. It falters as he speaks of her father, and the sudden stiffening of her posture is not subtle. The grief she bears still hangs heavily. "One of the worst days of my life, if not -the- worst," she recalls quietly, idly twisting a too-big band worn on her thumb. "Thank you," she straightens up again, composing herself once more. "I heard you're a relatively recent return as well? Do you find the big city to your liking?"

A grin quickly tugs up the corners of Gwenna's mouth again. "Hopefully my mother is proud, though you know how particular she can be," is remarked with a chuckle. "And of /course/ we can have pie, Deva! I'm sure we have enough summer fruit still in store that we can have just about every variety you could wish for. I'll speak with the kitchen matron directly after the party," she promises her cousin. Turning back to Patrizio, she bobs her head. "I've attended no few wonderful affairs in the new Pravus ward, truth be told. Family dinners, and those that include friends, tend to be a bit more rare these days. The preparation for war, surely. Sometimes it's hard to feel like you should be relaxing at home and making merry just a few paces from the war room, hmm? Prince Sebastian and I spoke about a joint event, but then the world went a bit...well. South, almost literally." Jaenelle's words draw another laugh from the Redrain. "You, of course, have a standing invitation to any Redrain family event, Archduchcess. Especially if there will be pie." There are a few more nods of her head, this time as Lorenzo speaks. "I'm sure it shouldn't be too much trouble to arrange, really. I'll check everyone's schedules and hopefully something works well. We can do a family and friend affair, where everyone can bring someone from another House."

Kenjay inclines his head deeply to Deva. "My apologies for reopening old wounds," he says. "It seems as though there are precious few of my generation left - but I have returned to find that of the next generation there are many, and I am glad of it. I have been trying to find and meet with you all; should you have need of it, your Highness, I can stand as an uncle for you." His gaze flickers sideways, to Jaenelle, and he offers her a fluid Eurusi-style bow. "And that also goes for you, Highlord."

Emberly looks over to Kenjay from the grotto, then she returns her conversation to the grotto. She drinks and looks relaxed as she speaks to the others there.

"It's not a problem, Kenjay. Just a memory buried deep. We need to remember them from time to time, else we forget what matters," Deva tells Kenjay, dipping her head to him in a respectful fashion. "I would love to have an uncle, and I apologize in advance for all the things you're going to end up having to help me with now. I tend to find myself in a scrape or five." Her expression is full of mischief, buuuut she's not kidding either. "Yay! Thank you," the wayward princess beams, hooking her arm into Gwenna's briefly so she can lean into her cousin and press a kiss to her cheek. "Pie it is. A family and friends dinner! Lovely. Would you like to come and witness Northern hospitality, Marquis?" she asks of Gaspar. No pressure.

Cirroch is in quiet discussion to the side of the others around the bonfire when Ansgar comes over to have a quiet word with Esben. There's an exchange of information and then Ansgar dashes off again. Esben looks over to the Marquis with a nod of needing to go.

There's a pensive look on Patrizio's features when there's the discussion of events, and going south and the like, before he murmurs dryly, "Not that it might not still make sense to have something more subdued, down in the South, with all that's going on," he offers in return, even as he's listening to the back and forth of it. "And it's not a frivolity, to think of such things - it's a manner of trying to make sure that we've tight bonds between us, that we remember that we /are/ a Compact as we go off to the field of battle." The jade eyes drift over the others as he's considering the matter, and then a faint inclination of his head. "That might just be my thinking there's also good excuse for a little release of pressure while we wait for what the gods will set before us."

"Far be it from me to turn down your invitation, princess." Gaspar eased her direction and bowed for the second time to Gwenna. "Your Highness, it's been far too long. You look gorgeous, as I last remember." He turned to Deva once more and there was a more secretive smile then, not at all in a hurry to turn away from the northerner. He did lean in to grant a cheek a single kiss. "Now, is this hospitality in the way of pie or...?" He lofted a brow, half-expectantly now.

Lorenzo becomes distracted a moment, then finishes off his whiskey, looking ready to step out. "It really was lovely to see you all. I'll see everyone at the dinner, right?" he says, casting a smile to Deva, Jaenelle, Kenjay, and the others. He gives Gwenna's shoulder a little squeeze and says quietly, "Enjoy yourself. I'm just going to check on Jorah."

Kritr nods to Cirroch. "I hope all is well Marquis." Kritr intones.

Emberly nods her head a little to the Lord, "of course, if you come up with questions I can ask the other resherchers do let me know." she says before she looks over to Gaspar before her attention moves over the others she stands and moves from the groto "thank you all for the lovely conversation."

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Gwenna beams right back at Deva. "Maybe we'll be truly decadent and have dessert before dinner," is said with a chuckle. Patrizio's words appear to get her pondering a bit, which eventually leads to another nod of her head. "A very good point. It's such a hard balance, isn't it? Not just duties, but to keep our people happy while still appearing to be serious about those duties. I hope you might attend ours, if I manage to get it arranged. We've barely had a chance to really speak since you came to the city." She watches her husband head back into the villa and can't seem to keep from smiling. "I suppose I should join him soon myself. And Marquis Gaspar, it /has/ been forever! It is so very good to see you. Such kind words! I will have to let my tailor know that she has once again managed to flatter with her designs." She looks over those still gathered and lets out a contented sigh. "It has been really wonderful just catching up and having some food and drink with everyone. I'm so grateful all of you came to attend."

"Pie and probably a drinking game of some sort," Deva suggests gamely, tilting her head so Gaspar may indeed kiss her cheek in the Lycene fashion she grew accustomed to eventually. "Truth or Dare is always fun. Or the one where we toss the little balls into cups of whiskey. That one always ends with heaps of people crashing on our very comfortable couches." Fondly, she crinkles her nose at Gwenna. "I love the way you think. Dessert first is the best way to approach almost everything in life. It was a beautiful bonfire, Gwenna, thank you. It has reminded me how much I missed home."

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Patrizio's head bobs easily at the mention of his not perhaps having been around as much to chat since coming to Arx. Deva's suggestion about games gets more of a grin. "I think we'd best be mindful of how many rounds of such a game we're having, in the times we're in," he says with a chuckle, and a slow, teasing shake of his head. "Desserts and drinks, after we've had time for some planning. Make it a little bit of everything, and we could easily enough have an affair that makes all comfortable with attending, mmm?"

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Gwenna points her finger at Deva. "I nominate you in charge of party games! To be honest, I am dreadful at running them. I never want anyone to lose or feel bad," she admits with a roll of her eyes and laugh. Growing a little serious, though, she smiles at her cousin. "As we have missed having you home. I'm so glad we got to do this all together." Her eyes widen a little and she's nodding yet again. "That's a fine idea, Prince Patrizio. A little bit of everything, with a little bit of everyone. Acknowledging what we face and yet not letting it shadow us so much that we stop living. I'm quite excited about this idea now," she says in a genuine tone. "Which, I think, I may head to the kitchens and start doing some planning about before catching up with Lorenzo. Again, thank you all very much for coming and I look forward to gathering again very soon."

Kritr stands too. "I am just glad to be done with summer. To stand between the wind and the fire is to know that you have the strength and wishes of your home behind you, to hold your purpose in your hand, and to lead your life with choice." He holds aloft his beer. "To the North!"

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Kenjay inclines his head to Deva again, then looks over towards Kritr and raises his own fist, since he's got no beer to raise. "To the North!"

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